At 12 o’clock on midnight, I was dragged from the office building to the underground garage. The garage is very large, and the three buildings are public, because the off work is empty, and the dilute lights have a few cars, dim light make my brain. Also groggy, I can’t wait to have a bed, I can lying down and sleep.

I feel that I heard the roots of the Ocean, as if I came from the corner of the globlock, maybe it didn’t know where to run the wild cat! Belt the psychology of the world, I occasionally feed it to it.

I took the fish dried down from the car and followed the voice. I saw the scene that made me bravey. The two masked men were holding a woman, of which one was taken. The bright fruit knife, the eyes of the brothers stared at me.


I am a spirit, don’t hesitate to race, the hero saves the beauty? Just kidding, I will not win the white blade, but this kind of thing can’t see death, “Robbery! Robbery! Security is coming, I have already reported.” The empty parking garage floating in my wild dog The roar.

Two gangsters fled to another export, but fortunately, these robbers were small, this small businesswoman only had security, and the management map saved money. This underground garage is not arranged, and the sound of the sound is rooted here. Can’t pass the security booth, and other policemen? The place outside the Six Ring, it is not bad to come within two hours, but the drama must be enough. After all, I just saw a victim!

I pulled my throat and continued to hurry. After a while, I was sure that the robbers really ran, I set the god, mentioned the wrench, and the young woman who was scattered was shrunk, and the hand was hit by the rope. The head is covered with a silk scarf in the brain. The coat is pulled, the pink bra is skewed, the chest is boiled, the short skirt is pulled into a few petals, scattered on the ground, Black suga stockings wrapped in hips irregularly.

“Hey, good, put it into this foreign country to live in the middle of the night.” I silently evaluated, staring at her stockings, said: “Miss,” Miss, okay? “

After helping her to unlock the scarf, I stunned, Zhou bottle?

Buying these three commercial buildings is the three brothers. Everyone will open their own companies, and we always have it. Three companies have a certain degree of cooperation, so there have been several associations, and Zhou bottles are another The beauty of the company, because the work is just twenty-sixth, it has become the management of the company, some people suspect that she is the second milk of the old, but after the time, no one will look at her.

Zhou bottles are not only beautiful, but the ability is also informally. There is a year of love, I also bought a bundle of roses, I was rejected by the week bottle, I got the title of iceberg beauty.

After unrestrained, the horrified week bottle was crying, comforting a half day before letting Zhou bottle’s emotions stably, I proposed to send her home, Zhou Bot, I went back to myself and still half naked, see I am sighing for an embarrassing week bottle, I have to do it. I took off my coat and said: “Put it first, I will help the alarm first!”

“Don’t alarm!” Said the bottle reflex.

Also, the woman suffers this kind of thing, especially like her, the strong woman, this matter is all over the company, I don’t know how many rumors will come, and the two robbers are cheap.

When I went to the community in the week, I stopped the car after the week bottle wrapped my coat said: “Thank you, the ocean, I am relying on it tonight.”

I am making a hopping and saying that I don’t have to be polite, first send her home, Zhou Bao euphemism, know, avoid it.

Week bottle was wrapped in my jacket, and only stockings were also in stockings. The pink small underwear was vague. The week bottle was buckled with clothes, and he went to the handbag and hurried into the building, but did not take the elevator. Instead, I turned into the stairs, and the monitoring in the elevator. If I shoot this, I am afraid, I am not clear, but I am very quiet, or if I have an acquaintance, it is estimated that she will have suicide.

I closed the door, secretly laugh, I think about this button, I can meet the iceberg, I have been in the door, I get off the door, I also entered the stairs. Of course, not what I want to do, but to determine if the week bottle is safe to go home.

Just arrived on the 5th floor, I took the opening and controlling the light, I was jumped, and I was sitting in the stairway. At the horror, I was obviously me, and the week bottle was obviously loose.

No! Also encountered bad guys? I didn’t hear anything! Nothing is not enough for a small ten minute! I didn’t wait for me to open the week, I was tears. I told my original committee. It turned out to be too hasty. The stairway fell to wrestled the foot, and then sat in a hurry. This button, usually look quite exercise, really doing it with a young and green, climbing the stairs, wearing a high heel, walking so fast. This time I went back to the week bottle couldn’t refuse my help. I took off her high heel, I took the stockings below the calf, and the left foot was red and swollen. I have to sell it. I squat down the body. I asked in the back of the week: “How many floors?”

Zhou Baoji Answer Sound came: “16.”

I hit it, maybe I feel my obstacles, and the week bottle smiled on my back. When a woman, I just seem to have collapsed the whole country, and I can spend an eye.

I feel the arrogant body of the week bottle, I took my body, my hands were not polite on the beef butt of meat, um, very light, Zhou bottle was not awkward twisted, hips in stockings Soft flesh, hands feel good. I feel faster and faster, my blood is brave, I don’t dare to make this button again.

Fully climbed to sixteen layers, alone, is really good. Let me go down the bottle, I will be relieved this time, and I greeted and left.

I didn’t take a few steps, I came to cry behind, my head is big, what happened?

Zhou Bao is turning out in the bag, I took the forehead, and I can’t find a few keys. Sure enough, the week bottle is crying and saying that the key is not found. I feel that the scalp is numb, on this level, usually the practice of the whole culture.

This yard is not found to wear when the week bottle is 壹, never give me my pants! There is no way to enter this hotel, I propose: “This Ocean, let’s contact your friends to make clothes clothes, and then live in friends.”

Week bottle is not talking, just crying, finished, it seems that even the friends who are relieved! I can only propose to my night. This is refreshing, I agree, I am sorry, and I am a good person’s feeling.

The road has no words to the car, enter the room, the week bottle is shrunk to the sofa, holding the pillow to protect the important part, I have a mouth, I have seen it for so long, now in pouring it, handle it Week bottle rod blanket, gave her a room, telling her to the location of the bathroom, I won’t worry, I have been tired of the dog, and I’m so sleepy today. It is also good to give a holiday, otherwise it will be late tomorrow.

I just closed my eyes, and I came to the sound of the week bottle. I got up and got up, I saw the bottle wrapped in a blanket in the bathroom. The tears, I heard that she explained that I almost didn’t nake the past: “” My big lady! Can this small place to be more than you? Is there a water is not bad, still count on 24 hours hot water? “

Week bottle spitted the tongue, and the whole country is very beautiful. If you don’t want to have hot water, I have to give her a hot water, I am hungry for a long time, getting a piece of instant noodles and knocking an egg. The aroma is overflowing. I gave a side of my side, and I was sitting in the sofa in the sofa, I stared at me, okay!人 壹,, 看 我 哝,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

Sanding, we sat in the sofa, talked to the sky, Zhou Bao said with the chest, tell me: “Ocean, thank you.”

I don’t care about the swing: “Stharing to raise your hand, who will help you!”

Zhou Bao smiled again: “I have done a lot, I am really thankful, I will definitely repay.”

I stretched a lazy waist: “Let me sleep, I don’t have to ask.”

The week bottle stayed, when I was ready to go back to the house, Zhou bottle got up and kissed my lips, the blanket slipped in the side, revealing the wonderful posture of only underwear.

At this time, the soft chest, lower abdomen and pubic bones are completely close to my strong body, and they feel the fast heartbeat between each other.

I even started the micro bend, deliberately reduced the lower body, and slightly rose the cereal bottle, and the old two of the boiley bloods and the vaginal mouth of the week bottle was soft, and the top of the next time Wipe.

Week bottle stayed, and the reaction did not respond, I constantly boldly put the big boy’s genitals into the cavity of the two-legged gap, and close my most privacy zone and the usual most taboo male organs. Wipe.

Since the physiological period will come in a few days, the week bottle is connected to the thinnest, and the least small sanitary pad is useless, and the close-fitting trip is very thin. So the week bottle can directly experience the high elasticity of my swollen penis and glans sea cotton body, feel comfortable. At this time, I and Zhou Bao’s eyes were again reached again, my eyes were full of pleading, and the week bottle was unfair, cold and cold.

Under the no agreement, since the most privacy is constantly caught, the Zhou Bot has only installed outsider, just waiting for the end, and there is no happiness. However, the facts in vivo have been gradually warmed, so that the bottle is full of heat.

I put the palm of your hand to the lower abdomen, then fell to the weekly bottle swollen out of the lips, isolated on a thin leggings, and started the small cracks of the two lips, and let the week bottle The body is like electric shock.

This straightforward movement week bottle is not unexpected. It seems that there is a feeling that it will be a feeling of this. Maybe it is a female instinct expectation, but the week bottle is trying to stop using both hands, but my ethical arm is too big. .

“Don’t do this! Don’t!” “Week bottle started with pleading tone.

The gradually perime bottle feels, and it has begun to spread from the vaginal port to the chest, the spinal cord is then the brain. Week bottle tightly bite the lips, and strive to restrain the lust of this 壹 波 波.

The more the weighing bottle is, the tighter the thigh clamp, the more powerful, the more powerful, the more exciting the vaginal mouth, the gradually consciousness of the week bottle is getting more and more blurred, and the will force is getting more and more fragile.

Time finally let the week bottle relaxed the strength of the thigh, letting me let me love, and love liquid is also wet a small panty in the week bottle. “Don’t worry, I will not let you get hurt, and never leave you.” I started to commit commitments. Week bottle silence is right, but both hands have begun to relax.

Soon, my hand came to the knee of the week bottle, stroked by the inside of the thigh, and the week bottle still tried to block with both hands, but the strength has been small. My eyes and the eyes of Zhou have come again at this time again, and this week bottle moved quickly, because it was shy. And I also touched the wet leggings and swelling genital lips.

When the bottle feels that my fingers have already touched their own tribed trousers and the lips, they began to relax their hands, just tapped my wrist, let me breathe, and thin pants, Use the middle finger to gently walk with the two lips, and the back and forth.

When the bottle gradually lifted the heart, it began to dissolve, intoxicated in my caress, at this time, I put the soft and humid double lips to the weekly bottle of the lips of the bottle, suffering, in a confused Naturally, I will open the lips, let me breathe myself, and I will explore.

Week bottle is in an unknown, let’s go to my waist, I will guide the week bottle to sit down, but the week bottle is a bit hesitated and shakes his head.

After sitting down, you will take a guidance week bottle to lie down. However, the week bottle was hosted with my hands, gently pushed, and ended this deep kiss. At this time, I and Zhou bottled tips were stare with each other again, and the week bottle still gave me a passage of the pants in the swelling genital lips, and came back and replied.

When the week’s bottle decision accepted my gradual guidance, after the soft lying down, I will give me the body completely, let me not suffer from the restrained kiss.

Soon, I finally moved my fingers to my navel, then slipped into the underwear, and slowly approached the vaginal mouth with a sparse coil. When the bottle bottle realized that I extended my hand into the bottom pants of the last defense, I looked at me. I was a little uneasy, but I didn’t want to stop it, but I used my hands to gently hold my wrist, feel it. My middle finger slowly slipped to the labia.

My middle finger finally touched the vaginal mouth of the week bottle. I naturally followed the little cracks of the two lips and touched it. Although it has been full of love liquid, it is straight but straight. Tightly closed by the week bottle.

The week bottle is completely obedient, there is no resistance, even take the initiative to open the thigh, let the swelling drums and drums, and cater to the impact of my elastic penis.

“I am really impulsive now.” I whispered in the ear of the ear.

“I know!” Zhou Bot also loudly answered, “But now give it now, it is too early. And Dan Dan is pregnant, our two will stand down.” Zhou Bao said again.

“Will n’t be so pregnant, and we can contraception.” I said.

“How to contraception? Is it ready?” Zhou Boti once listened to the students to say that the life period is the safety period, but it is deliberately said.

“As long as you don’t shoot in the body, you will not be pregnant.” I positively explained. Week bottle is silent, because the shooting is in the body, the week bottle is just about guess, but it is not very clear, but this is a bit fever in the body.

“Still not!” Zhou Bi shook his head gently.

“Don’t worry, I really will not shoot inside, I just rub it outside, and I will insert it in the point, I will be very careful, very careful.” I said my tone.

After the silence, I swallowed and said: “Otherwise … can you … let me … shot on the undressed underwear?”

“Please, please!” I played a ghost face at this time, and I was cute.

Week bottle remains silent, it feels that this is a strange requirement, but it should not be pregnant is that I have seen the week bottle is not available. When I get my hand, I will put my hand to the thigh, and the covered skirt will pine it.

The soft vulva in the evergarers of the two lips is still visible. At this time, it is completely presented in my eyes, so beautiful and seductive, fragrant, I can’t help put the face, like a film , Very devout deeply.

The female fragrance of the love liquid exclaimed every one of my penis “Even if there is no tomorrow, I have this moment this moment, I don’t want to live.” I murmured.

When the bottle is observed to take the sideline, it is quite embarrassing when he smells his genitals. It is quite embarrassing, so that you will hurry to hold my head, so that the truth will be barely stopped. But when I also worked in my head, I wanted to take the opportunity to take the opportunity of the small panties of the week, but I found that I was fade my leggings, I quickly returned to prevent.

Although the trippers are small, they are very flexible, but they have been pulled to the bottom, and they will be broken.

I slowly squatted, separated by the two legs around the bottle, and the bottle took my intention, let me put my own thigh, I am in the right, but I still have fun in the underwear to prevent me again. Sudden movement. Soon the bottle feels that the talents are filled with flexible talents, they are separated from their own vaginal mouth, and thin underwear seems to be broken. The cotton body in the big glans is powerful, and the elasticity continuous caress, the week bottle gods gradually be a bit awkward, and there is a woman’s instinct to be entered into the body.

At this time, I was trying to support the seams of the trip pants, pulled to the side, so that the vaginal port of the week bottle can be completely exposed, so that the impulse penis can have the opportunity to insert. In the case of the intention, I want to know my intention, I want to be a safe period. Even if I entered the body, I should not have to do it inside, so my heart is very struggling and desired, I don’t know if I need it to stop.

The love liquid has been continuously overflow, and the whole vagina is slippery, and it is again prepared to enter the body. Finally, the week bottle felt that my glans had passed directly to their own labipings, and the upper and lower and slided, and I was trying to pull my fingers more powerful, so that the sewing of the trip pants is greater.

Just as the bottle feels that the finger has been weak and weak, I suddenly accelerated, followed by a lot of stock, the thick and warm semen were directly shot on his underwear and the outer vulva.

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