25-year-old Li Yiping is an unforgettable beauty, slim, well-known, and a woman’s charm.

Li Yifen’s father is an ordinary police, because of the sinful black society, was killed in the home, and the mother was also killed. That year, Li Yufen was 6 years old, and Li Shuping, Li Shuping, was 2 years old. The two sisters have grown up by grandmother and aunt. The beautiful moving beauty of the sisters is a beautiful woman. 4 years ago, Li Qifeen inherited his father and became a policeman in C.

Li Yifeen broke a lot of cases in just a few years, especially several transnational smuggling, drug trafficking cases, made her a short-term promotion, already the three-level police of C City Police Supervise. This year, Li Yifen is already 26 years old, but in order to take care of his sister, she has been refused to communicate with men, and after entering the police station, it is called “police flowers”. In the face of numerous pursuits, Li Yiping is always a laughter, so she has a “Iceberg Beauty”. Colleagues impressed her: cool. Many people can’t help but spread Li Yifeen. Li Yifeen is a homosexuality, but Li Yifeen’s excellent performance and rigorous style makes these rumors do not attack and disappear.

22-year-old Li Shiping is Li Yipen’s sister, studying in B City Medical University.

27-year-old Jin Huifen is Li Yipen’s partner, which can say that Li Yipen can have a direct relationship with Jin Huifen. Jin Huifen is an undercover, with his own mental skills and smart talents, in recent years have repeatedly fight. But she didn’t know what she was in the case. When she arranged her undercover, the police station arranged a fake accident. Jin Huifen, who just participated in the work, “Defliction” in that accident, I am in Jin Huifen is an orphan, and the province has hidden The trouble of family family. After a few years of fighting, Jin Huifen is now a big sister in C city a small gang.

Wang Jianzhong, deputy director of the C-Municipal Public Security Bureau, in fact, is a black society boss in C, and eats in black and white.

Liu Rentang, C City Pharmaceutical Tycoon, and Wang Jianzhong are the core people in the production of drug transactions in Wang Jianzhong Group.

Qiu Dexi, the core people of Wang Jianzhong Group.

Wang Xinchun, Wang Jianzhong Group’s Legal Adviser.

Cao Xiaodong, Wang Jianzhong’s most effective bodyguard, extraordinary.

Sun Honghong, Wang Jianzhong’s driver and hand.

Sun Kai, deputy director of the Public Security, is not a black society, but it is color.

★ ☆ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ Part1 first spring, a black Nissan car slowly stopped In the blessing of C-city, a nightclub, the co-pilot immediately jumped to open the latter, a woman wearing a gray suit set, took a deep colored sunglasses. The woman is approximately around 170, and her face is full of fragrant powder, painted with dark red lipstick, and has a black leather bag, neutral dress covering the body of the wind.

This woman is Jin Huifen, the C-city prudimental brigade of “Jinfeng”, is now a five-line helper in C. She indicated that two bodyguards left, alone into the nightclub. Bite a cigarette, twisting the waist into the box. She is coming to collect money.

“Hi! Dragon brother!” Sitting in the box with a fat man with a whole meat, it is the left and right girrf, and the girl is licking. Jinfeng loudly greeted, high heels “” 笃 “walked forward.

“Feng Sister is still right -!” Dragon Brother Haha laughed, pushed two girls around, “You go out.”

I touched a few hundred yuan banknotes, stuffed into two bosses with the wine girl, and sent them out.

“Do you have money, can you be allowed?” Jin Feng face did not change color, the cigarette knocked on the ashtray, sat down, and lifted the Erlang legs.

“This is 500,000.” Long Ge lost a bag in front of Jinfeng, “The last time your brothers have worked hard, it is very smooth.”

Jinfeng sucked a smoke, then back to the sofa, open the bag number with money, said, “Last shipment, I heard that the value of 100 million yuan! Is it less than 50,000?”

“This is the case, the goods are not my own, I am also helping people. How much big boss is divided, I can only share you!” Dragon brother smiled and drunk the beer in the glass. The eye angle has been oblusively at the chest of Jinfeng drum.

“The number is right.” Jin Feng did finish the money, throwing the bag on the bus station, picking up a cup, I don’t know who I have already drinking, a drink, “But the fifty thousand is less. Dragon You also know, that night, I dispatched twenty brothers, the batch of goods was transported more than this price! “” I am also hard to do! “Long Ge is laughing, but the ass moved to the side of Jinfeng , “We are not the first time to cooperate, the rule you don’t know, say good five hundred thousand!”

“But you said that the batch is worth 3 million.” Jinfeng hurts him, his mouth is a big, cold and smiled, “How, Long Ge is going to talk to the big boss, how is it? “

“This is very difficult, he has already received it.” Dragon brother has a ball, making a helpless gesture. It’s moving again, the body is almost sticked to Jinfeng.

“Is it? I don’t want to face it?” Jinfeng smiled. The opponent’s strong tobacco and alcohol and somatic odor are in the nostril, and Jinfeng’s belly is secretly cursed.

“Hahahaha …” Long Ge suddenly laughed, the arm slowly extended, getting it to the shoulders of Jinfeng, “Then we do a good friend!”

Jin Feng wore frowned, and the hand was blocked with his shoulders in the clothes. Jinfeng bite the teeth: “That Dragon brother is saying that a good business will take care of me?”

“Of course, Of course!” Dragon brother saw Jinfeng did not dodge, the palm is more arrogant, move down the shoulders of Jin Feng, touch the slim waist, gently stop there, laugh: “That Feng Sister wants What business do you do? “

“White Powder!” Jinfeng is gently flashing, reaching out, avoiding the prostitution of the dragon.

Dragon brother turned, laughed: “What? What white powder?”

“Don’t use the mold.” Jinfeng coldly said: “If you don’t even know your white powder business, I am blended more than ten years!”

“Hahaha! Feng Jie is really a fast life.” Long Ge is smiling, the palm is simply stretched into the shoulders of Jinfeng on the other side of Jinfeng, covering her body within his arm, “But you know this but kill Head business, people who believe in … Oh, 嘿嘿 … “

“Dragon Brother is not me?” Jinfeng did not escape the hug of Longge, but he did a smoke. “I am not willing to get together, I don’t have much business, I don’t want to see it. How? Don’t you count? “

“In the past, I didn’t know each other …” Dragon Ge gradually tightened his arm, almost in his arms, “as long as we are integrated … Haha … We are A family, what are you divided? “

Talking is getting more and more bold, the palm is getting more and more, slowly climbing the chest of Jinfeng. For this beautiful big breast beauty, Dragon brother has long coveted, but the other party has always paid a cold ice or inviolability, I don’t dare to try this idea. Now the time is good, this color is the old ghost to let go of the opportunity?

“That’s it, I know that you will have a batch of new goods next to …. Jin Feng sits up straight, so that the palm of the dragon brother leaves his chest.

“Feng Sister is really news! Next, I will notify you!” Dragon brother smiled. The arm is tightened, pulling the upper body of Jinfeng to his arms, and the other hand immediately dispatched, exacerbating from Jinfeng loose suits, walking through the white shirt, directly drilling into her bra. The skin that is slippery is not slippery, and it is really pore. The drums were full of flesh, and they went down as if they were massage their palms. When they were pinched, they flexible.

Jin Feng’s face became popular. The rough big hand touched her soft and smooth, flesh, could not be taken by a whole body.

“Feng Jie rarely touchs men?” Long Ge proudly laughed, and the other hand also stretched into it, push Jin Feng’s bra to the breasts, and holds a breast in his hands and play hard. Rao is that his palm is already very huge, but it still can’t hold full breasts completely. “It is definitely more than a D cup!” Dragon brother’s heart is dark.

“Feng Sister, your tits are really big, and it is big, it is really a rare good product! I have already played so much tits, I haven’t played Feng Sister so good!” He appreciated, listened to Jinfeng’s ears, but Mercure very shameful. This is a proud breast before his chest. Under the other side, a slight pain brings a hint in the slight pain. The red clouds on Jinfeng face have been red to the ear.

“Where is the three worships going to get the goods?” Jin Feng smashed, try to keep the mind calm.

“I don’t know now, I will notify you again.” Where is the heart of Dragon now still trading? Simply put the clothes of Jin Feng, push the bra on the breast, let the big sister in front of this black and extremely full of breasts to the air.

“Hey!” Jinfeng snorted, and quickly reached out and pulled the clothes again, and his heart was secretly thinking about it.

“Feng Sister is really shy!” Dragon brother smiled.

Suddenly, I went in the mouth, in the lips of Jinfeng, and the hands of the hands and killing the big breasts of Jinfeng. From the lower edge of the fruitful breasts, it is slightly rubbed, spirally, a circle The circle is upward, but it is no longer up, but the finger is lighter around the nipple of Jinfeng, and when I met the nipple, I found the lovely little cherry. Hard and stand up.

Jinfeng’s heart, the singular plenary, a wave of rush, constantly impact her systemic cells. Jinfeng is biting with his teeth, and sometimes it is twice, and does not let yourself send more snoring.

If you don’t have a long time, you will have a bigger cheap to give this guy, and Jinfeng brain is in a hurry, thinking about the excuse of getting out.

Dragon brother is in excitement. White Powder Business Multiple partners are not a bad thing for him. Although Jinfeng acts strange, it is undoubtedly a human in the same way, and it doesn’t matter to cooperate with her.

It is tightly the body of this beautiful woman. Every time I want to be high, if you can bring her a woman, it is really beautiful. The brothers under the dragon brother have already given a respectable tribute, and the woman who wants to put this big tits.

When the next hand slowly left Jin Feng’s breast, explore her waist, gently unlock the button on her trousers, slowly stretching.

The genitals are suddenly touched by the man’s palm, and Jinfeng is sitting up, pulling the Hand of the Dragon Brother from his own pants.

“Who is me ?!” Jinfeng exchanged the face of the cold.

“Don’t worry, no one will come in.” Dragon brother has been tied.

“No !!” Jinfeng turned to flash, her skills were better than those of this obese man. Turning to Dragon Brother: “Who are you? I am not a woman who likes men.”

“Baby, what does this mean, do you like a woman?” Dragon’s face is getting more and more obscenity, even “baby” is called.

“If you are right.” Jinfeng looked at him coldly, while the side of the clothes were tailored.

“Do you lie to me?” The dragon brother looked at Jinfeng’s waist from behind, and the hot breath sprayed in Jinfeng’s ears.

“Do you want to try again?” Jinfeng a light turning from the dragon brother, and the right hand twisted the left hand wrist.

“There will be happytime. We still have a lot of business to cooperate, isn’t it?” Turned around kissed on the face of the dragon brother, picking up his handbag and putting a $ 500,000 bag, and the Dragon brother put a hand , Walk towards the door.

“Hey, the smells are still very powerful.” Dragon brother has a painful left hand.

“Sayonara!” Jin Feng returned to a smile, gave the dragon brother a kiss, opened the door.

Only a man in the dragon brother is in the box, taste the finger just from the wet body fluid from the woman’s lower body.

Going out of the nightclub, the breeze blows, and the body is only a little uncomfortable.

Jinfeng deeply took a cold air, life is like this, and must first pay first.

Although some colors were sacrificed, they were close to her goal.

Jinfeng drove directly to the residence, which is a small villa area in the suburb. In the home, Jinfeng took a mobile phone from a hidden crypton box behind the wall, and sent a text message to Li Qifen: “There is a transaction next Wednesday, and the location is unknown.”

Jin Huifen has been holding body as jade since mixing into the black society, has to protect himself as a lesbian, so that many black society is difficult to retreat. Nowadays, it is not small, but the daily contacts are all kinds of social slags, or the devastation of the appearance, there is really no way. Today, in order to set out this community, Jinfeng is also the first time that people are so cheap.

After being touched by Long Ge, Jinfeng felt very disgusting. She came to the bathroom to put water in the bathtub, then pulled a thick curtain in the house, took off her jacket and threw it into the washing machine. Wearing through the lingerie through the living room, take a bottle of red wine from the wine cabinet, and take a high cup. Jinfeng took off her underwear, exposed a mature sexy body, slowly sliding into the big bath of your own bathroom, warm hot water immediately inclusive, just the good hot water like countless double temperature, generous Stroke make Jin Huifen feel very comfortable, let Jinfeng feel very comfortable from my heart.

Lying in warm water, she slowly shakes the beautiful and full breasts, the snow white skin is filled with flexible, and there is no hint of fat on the tempting body, and two slender thighs are straight.

Jinfeng couldn’t stand out a pair of jade hands and gently held their own two soft and beautiful breasts and looked down at the bottom.

The snow-white breasts are so smooth and elastic, the small lack of small and exquisite nipples like cherry blossoms like a beautiful pink, not a lot of bruzzy colors, light and elegant dissolved into the breasts in the breast.

That slightly into the nipple in the light pink, when the finger is gently bumps.

Jinfeng knows that his nipple is very sensitive, and it will be hot, so, then, I can’t help but masturbate in the water.

The heart is sighing, and Jinfeng put his hand down. When he saw it in hot water, the black haiol on the roots of the thighs was swayed like a seaweed. Jin Feng’s hairy is soft and short, forming a beautiful inverted triangle in the white belly.

Jinfeng put the whole body in the water, reach out of his left hand, poured a glass of red wine, then slowly swaying the wine glass, the faint aroma was filled, she slowly drunk.

Every day, only back to your home, Jin Feng only feels safe, and truly feels that he is the scholastic policeman Jin Huifen. Once you go out from this home, you will immediately tighten each nerve, you can’t let anyone see a little flaw, otherwise the consequences are unimaginable.

If this case is smooth, you can end, return to normal life, that is what she yearning, she will take the undercover after graduation from the police school, I originally expected half a year, the result is unfold One is more than three years, and the woman is the best for a few years.

Unconsciously, most of the bottle of red wine, Jinfeng is already slightly, she began to clean her body, when she saved a soft incapacity, I took two fingers with two fingers. Gently separate, reveal the pink delicate petals inside. When her finger is gently touched to a soft petal, a sensuality is generated.

“It’s so comfortable!” Jinfeng has a mature body, but there is no boyfriend, she is eager to care for the two love.

“Golden Phoenix’s body, all men are eager …” There is a black big brother to say that, but in that, the police will take the person according to the clue provided by her secret.

I thought about the eyes of those men in love, Kim Fengyu smiled.

(I hate, how can I become so sensual, even the disgusting man who is like Longgang, will make it under wet.) Jinfeng wants, the hand is, the hand, one hand holds a fullness from below. The breast is gently smoked, just this way, you will have a sweet pleasure in the body, and it also generates the desire to continue to touch the breast.

(Ah … I am … “The body becomes so strange …) Jinfeng’s brain is almost unable to think, know that this will be bad, the finger still starts to fill the nipple. Just in this moment, a strong stimulus is straightforward.

(Ah … so comfortable …) Jinfeng is more fiercely with a mulberry, and the labiness of the lower body is getting stronger and stronger, and the right hand that is not self-grabbing the right hand of the breast, and begins in wet On the petals, start rubbing slowly with your fingers.


I heard my snoring because of my pleasure, Jin Feng’s gods woke up a little. However, Jinfeng’s sensitive and full of flesh is not a desire to be dissatisfied because she has been accused of men in many years. It is difficult to go out once it is ignited.

Jinfeng will bend his fingers and stimulate the sensitive granulation, and it has stopped it.

(Ah … I can’t stand it …) Jinfeng whole people intoxicated in the whirlpool of sexual desire, the suretoprope raises slim waist, big separate two legs, hold a full breast, dreaming, one side When playing with the nipple, put the hard nipple in the finger, her breathing is more urgent, while frowning. The whole body is shaking for happiness, and the thrust inside the body replaces the cerebral thinking, rubbing in the petals, slowly inserting the wet flesh.

“Oh ah……”

Sweet impact Mercure the body tremble, can’t help to bend your body, can’t restrain your meat.

Although I don’t think so, I still use another finger to touch the meat bud. I didn’t explore the fingers inserted into the meat. I met my thin female film, Jin Feng heart, the finger rotated in shallow, then changed Use a finger to dial the meat bud.

“Oh … oh … I can’t … um … um … I have to … ah … ah ~~~~” Along with loud 呻吟, Jinfeng finally reached the climax, the snow white body suddenly straightened The whole body has begun to tremble, while crazy swaying, the vaginal mouth is strongly contracted, and a lot of honey juice is also sprayed, and her eyes become a blank, what is her eyes? I don’t feel, Jinfeng is so sleepy in the pleasure of the pleasure. .

The next morning, the C City Police Bureau. After Li Wei fen, he came to the director’s office and reported to Jin Huifen report. In view of the previous previous results, it is very unsatisfactory. The Secretary agreed that the plan is preliminary, deploying action next Wednesday, before the notice of the task, the participants confiscated mobile phones, and the action began to limit the action.

On Tuesday, Long Ge did not know Jin Feng to his factory to interview related matters. After Jinfeng, Li Yifeen came to the factory of the Dragon Brother with the two of the AC, and the Anggang.

Jinfeng took A Cheng and came to Longgang’s factory. Leave an Agang defended outside the door and took a into it.

“Feng Sister, it’s really right!” Dragon brother bite a cigar and smiled at it.

“Of course, the big business that makes money is not on time.” Jinfeng’s face is cold.

Fortunately, I have already used her to make my face, I still don’t blame, still 哈哈: “Feng Sister looks better today,”

Jinfeng has wearing a round neck shirt of a bunch of bouquets today, and a tight black trousers, her exquisite, the body, is strikingly prominent. Especially the drums stand out, it seems to have a towering small peak like a towering hill.

“I am coming to talk about business.” Jinfeng still does not rhetoric, sit down on the chair. A bage is standing next to her.

“Of course, of course, Feng Sister can eat so many goods, and it is also a big busy. This is what I talk about?” Dragon brother laughed.

“Why can’t you talk about it here?” Jinfeng blocked.

“Here people are miscellaneous, and the office is good.” Dragon brother smiled. Indeed, the hall is not far from the factory in the factory, and the machine sounds, and the strong plastic flavor is coming.

“Well!” Jinfeng stood up.

“Feng Sister, please!” Dragon Geyo pose a very gentleman’s posture guidelines, “Come on, the pot is good tea, take this big brother!”

Jin Feng one listened, stopped before. She is bringing in. One of the reasons is to avoid eating tofu to this dragon brother. Now Dragon brother is actually talking to her in the office!

“Oh, not I believe in your brother, Feng sister. Just talk about this business, be careful!” Long Ge is laughing, but the look on the face is not suspicious.

“Well! Then you are waiting for me here!” Jinfeng also knew the reason why Dragon brother said, I had to have a road. Anyway, there is no fear with the talents of the Dragon. So in advance.

“Okay, now enter the topic.” One sitting, Long Ge immediately said: “This time, Feng Jie can eat much, despite the opening.”

“How much is this money enough?” Jinfeng one listened, immediately realized that the number of this batch will certainly not be less.

“Reassure.” Dragon Brother.

“I at least one hundred kilograms! Heroin!” Jinfeng sinking for a while, come to a lion.

“At least? I want to know how much can you?” Dragon brother smiled: “Honest to tell you, tomorrow this batch is too big, we are not eaten.”

“One hundred kilograms are earned?” Jin Feng began to raise the cold sweat, “How much do you want me to eat?” “This is …” Dragon Brother, keep moving to Jinfeng, said: “That is to see how much money do you have. The other party is a big drug lord of Colombia. You have to pay all the goods in half a month. In terms of deposit, we have already paid more than one billion …”

“Ten billion!” Jinfeng out, the heart jumped straight, light deposit is billion!

“Oh …” Long Ge simply took the feet to the table, staring at Jinfeng’s chest.

“Honestly …” Jinfeng sucks a breath, “” Colombia’s big drug lord, I am afraid that I don’t quit. “I want to withdraw!”

“What joke!” Long Ge jumped up, “Now say to exit now? Want to play me?”

“Don’t dare!” Jin Fengxia is not moving, cold and cold: “Tomorrow is going to deliver, but I even have this batch, who is the other party, where to deliver, I don’t know how to transfer goods into these issues How do you call me to go to this blood? “

“What do you want?” Dragon Ge sat down again, “You know this is the business of the kill, the first time we cooperate with you, we can’t prevent it.”

“I have a blood book, I don’t want to have any mistakes! When I will deliver the goods tomorrow, I have to personally! You don’t feel relieved, I am not too reassuring you! Either shoot two scattered, or, you must let me participate!” Jin Feng talking is very tone.

“Well!” Long Ge is a slightly sinking, his face smiled slightly, went to Jinfeng to sit down, laughed: “It seems that our relationship is not close enough, then close a little …” The arm is honestly Take it on the shoulders of Jinfeng.

Jin Fengbai gave him a look, on this bones, it is not good to attack, endure: “We are talking about business …”

“It’s talking about business …” Long Ge laughed very fascinating, “But if it is intimate, it is easy to talk about it …” The uneasy palm touched it on the hand of Jinfeng smooth.

“What do you mean?” Seeing him, he is a prostitution, Jin Fengxin inner boring, but as long as he can set out his trend time and place tomorrow, sacrificing a little color phase is expected. Now, he must also achieve full trust.

I heard Jin Feng’s tone is a bit soft. The Dragon brother’s heart is full, and the palm of her neck is slowly touched, arriving at the high tall peak tapped before Jinfeng.

“What are you doing!” Jinfeng fraud is a bit intoxicated, “” It has made this big business, and it is not too late! “

“But I am in a hurry! When I see you, I will want to fire!” The dragon brother talking to the sorcerer never covering, and I took the hand of Jinfeng and touched my crotch.

It is already hard tied! Jinfeng has a non-nameful fire, her consciousness, one of her heart, a shock, and quickly let go.

“Wow! Feng Jie, you want my old life!” Dragon brother deliberately called.

“Not told you that I am not interested in men!” Jinfeng said.

“Haha, the original Feng sister likes women, but I have to touch them to promise you.” Dragon brother’s stimulation of Jinfeng Fengfeng’s meat. A piece of Jin Feng’s slim, one hand quickly unlocked the top two buttons of Jinfeng Top, and the furry a big hand immediately reached into Jinfeng’s underwear, and grabbed a full breast.

“Let’s talk about business and then play …” Jin Feng is not struggling, soft words. No matter how to endure this.

“You can also talk …” Dragon brother relieves Jin Feng rich breasts, now the food is in the mouth, how to be willing?

“How do you deliver it tomorrow?” Seeing Longge put his attention on his own breast milk, Jin Feng did not lose the opportunity.

“Time has been changed to 11:30 this evening, the moss pier is taken. It is always there. The police will generally not go there. At that time, I have to go to the brothers. Let’s go there.”

Seeing Jinfeng has already shown full “sincerity”, Long Ge also thinks that this cooperation should have not hindered, so no longer hide. Moreover, this coveted long-standing meat, looking at the hand, he can do not want to annoy in front of this big breasts.

“Tonight Moss Terminal? Are you not saying on Wednesday? Do you have not been ruined for a long time?

Thanks to me, I sincerely cooperate. Jinfeng. Heart is anxious, intending to inform Li Qifeen as soon as possible.

“How many goods do you have ?!” Dragon brother asked, while squatting the button of the golden blouse. The hand who is only playing with Jinfeng’s breasts is always reluctant. The other is completely explained, immediately pushing Jin Feng’s bra to her two huge breasts, one grasping another breast. “Don’t be, shy and dead …” Jinfeng Napi has been proud of breast milk, now exposing the shameless man’s eyes, let it play.

The dragon brother smiled slightly, and the palm of the palm was rude to Jinfeng, the rich breasts. Such a perfect breast, he still played in the first time, could not help but rise, his crotch was highly drumped. When I can’t help but, I buried my head, and a nipple contained a nipple to my mouth, excitedly sucking.

“Ah … don’t …” Jinfeng played a cold battle, and a drum is rising from the heart of the heart to the brain, and the body is like a bit gentle. The most important thing is the legs of my tightly, a strange itching feeling is slowly elapsed, and Jinfeng himself clearly feels that he is a bit humid.

“Feng Sister seems to be really rarely hit the man … don’t tell me that you are still a woman!” Dragon brother discovered Hongxia blooming on Jinfeng’s face, conquering this woman’s desire is even more high. He looked more in the snow white peak, the tip of the tongue passed the hillside through the hillside through the hillside, and then slowly climbed another snow-white smooth peak, surrounding the pole tip NS.

“Yeah …” Jinfeng could not help but gently send a snoring.

“It’s very comfortable, Feng Sister!” Dragon brother smiled.

“Oh …” Jin Feng snorted, suddenly sat up straight, red face: “I … I went to the washing room …” I broke free from the arms of the dragon brother, holding your own handbag, stepped into the toilet .

“This mother must be wet ……… It seems that she really didn’t touch the man, this time I developed!” Dragon brother thought about his lips. Turned to open a small cabinet, which is a small monitors. Usually, this is used to monitor the score of the poison in the toilet.

But now, this monitors can be used to peep. When I think about it, I can see the beautiful black gang sister’s head like a toilet, and the dragon brother is excited to go straight.

“Li Yifen.” Jin Feng a lock door, immediately touched the phone, dialing Li Yufen’s phone. Time is urgent, it is not as good as a dedicated mobile phone to send the news, “Time is changed to ten o’clock tonight, the moss pier …

… Yes, don’t say so much, bye! “

Jin Feng said, caressing his nervous heart nest, rule the head, washed a face, put it out if you don’t have something wrong, open the door of the toilet.

A door that stepped out of the toilet, Jin Feng horses discovered a few black bodies, and the right to match her brain. Dragon brother is full of face, and the fork will take the hand in the four holds the gun. Look at her in angry.

“What?” Jin Feng does not move, and said calmly.

“You really, Jinfeng! It turned out to be sold in us ?!” Dragon brother seems to be a little boys who have been deceived, and rubbing eyes. “I will take out both people!”

Two hands took a back shoulder of Jinfeng, and pressed down.

“What joke!” Jinfeng called. I didn’t think that things were actually exposed, she rapidly thought of countermeasures.

Her body was tightened on a chair, and the Dragon brother was standing in front of her face, and I saw him: “Who have you just notified? Say!”

“I notified my hand, told them to prepare for it …” Jinfeng compliant, was put on the handbag, pressed the quick dial button, and filled the pre-setup Number.

“Want to lie to me?” Dragon brother a slap in the face of Jinfeng, hot and spicy hurt. “Mom, Laozi hates people to lie to me, I will kill you today!”

“Hey! I am coming to work with you, what do you mean!” Jinfeng vignetted with the phoenix, drink.

“What do you mean? You …” Suddenly, the dragon brother turned to uncovering the curtains. I saw a man driving a motorcycle whistling, carrying a submachine gun around. In front of Antai, I lost a gun from the bag.

Agang is here! Jinfeng’s heart is happy. When Dragon Brother is a little bit of his hand, the body will flash down, and the legs are sweeping down, roll on the ground, roll to a desk, rapid from The boots touched a small revolver and opened a shot out.

“哒 哒 哒 哒 …” The office in the office sailed in the direction of Jinfeng, and the woods were flying, and the things on the table were shot. Just a gun in Jinfeng’s hand, the dragon brother did not dare to approach, one by one, just, just gamed to the table of Jinfeng hiding.

“Feng Jie, are you nothing?” Agang shouted outside.

“Nothing! You are going out.” Jinfeng called. Suddenly, several bullets also whisped to her. Jin Feng did not dare to pay attention, carefully hide his body and pay attention to the movement of each other.

The outside is screaming, and I don’t know how the battle is. The dragon brother seems to have a little hidden, Jinfeng heard a slight footsteps is quietly approaching.


Jin Feng lived in the first line, biting a bite, suddenly explored the head, “呯呯”, two hands under the sound. The gunshots in the room are also masterpiends, and the emblem is deafening, and Jinfeng has already retired.

The small revolver in Jinfeng has no bullets. She will give a sense of God, from the side of the table, pick up the gun who has just defeated by her.

Jinfeng these clean leaves, Dragon and the rest of the rest have hesitated, Jinfeng has put the gun in the waist, and pick up a gun to shoot them. It is also two hands-on-hand. Dragon brother was scared to take a short, “what is dry, shoot it!”

The rest of the remaining people remembered, and angry scanned a bliss-fen who didn’t cover the bliss, Jin Huifen’s eyes did not blink, pulled up the body on the ground, and then Jin Huifen pushed the bodies. go.

After reaching out from the body, I extended the hand, and Jin Huifen killed several guns, and then she pushed the body of the hand like the garbage, blocked the opponent’s line of sight, and a few gunshots, kneading a few guns, Jinfeng It’s another rush, hiding behind the cabinet.

“Fuck!” Heard the dragon brother.

There are two people in addition to Dragon Brother and yourself in the room. Jinfeng settched the body and saw the sun behind the window. He saw that there was a shadow. It was slowly climbed, and it was intended to attack her from behind.

Jin Feng slammed the gas, and left hands holding his hand. The other hand in the back of the chair. Immediately dropped the gun, and opened a shot of the black shadow that approached.

The guy has just been divided by the file, hasn’t returned, has been screaming, blood is blown from the neck, and the sound is in.

“通!” I saw the Dragon brother fell to the ground, immediately climbed up, quickly opened the back door in the room, and hurried out.

Can’t let him escape! Jinfeng saw only a few people in the bloody room, and immediately jumped out, followed by Dragon Brother. Beng came back to AC and Agang: “How is Fengjie, how are you?”

It’s almost what they haven’t finished, and Jinfeng is running around: “I am fine, you get it!”

Behind the factory is a hill, far away from Longge, has already ran to the hills. Golden love is not stopped, flying directly.

Dragon brother looked back at Jinfeng chased and ran faster. When the gun in your hand, you will shoot a few times, try to stop the speed of Jinfeng.

But this is obviously in vain, and the fat body of the dragon brother has ran away, and it has been panting. Where is Jin Feng’s steps? I haven’t run to the half-mountain waist, the collar is pulled by a fiber-optic jade hand, and it is pulling. Long brother yelled, the servant fell, and the hand fell to a few times.

No waiting for Jinfeng again, the dragon brother climbed up, and he was hit by Jin Feng. Don’t look at him a fat, rolling on the black dozens, but the brute force is not small. This punch can be regarded as his killer, and it is fast. According to his experience, the middle of the people will vomit the blood, and it is climbing for a while.

When Long Ge is like a scream of Jinfeng, he immediately found that he himself is herself. I saw a flower in front of my eyes, and there was a pain in my lower abdomen. I have given Jinfeng’s legs and suddenly hurt to squat.

Dragon brothers don’t know that Jinfeng is a woman actually have such a hand, not helpful. I didn’t wait for him to stand up, Jinfengyi’s boxing is coming again, putting the dragon brother only with the work of the horn, and there is no strength.

The dragon brother is messy, and it is a few steps, and the red eye is coming again. But he is helpless, although there is a brute force, how is Jinfeng’s opponent, not two, give it to the ground, a gun tube topped on the brain, a fat pork is suddenly rising, no matter how never Thinking of the red hand is in a woman, how can there be a movement in the world? So good woman? “Gold … Feng Jie … forgive …” Longge is made, immediately opens for mercy.

“Isn’t you very proud of me just now?” Jin Feng a shot of the dragon brother’s chin.

When I thought I was shameful by this guy, Jinfeng could not help but blush his face, even said “I” I didn’t seem to feel it.

“Next time no … I don’t dare … I don’t dare …” I stepped on my belly to Jinfeng’s legs, hurting cold sweat.

“Is there a next time?” Jin Feng angered, slammed a slap in the dragon brother, “This is also the record you just played with me!” Hand hit it on thick fat, I don’t know each other. Past pain, but your own jade hand is not very comfortable. Jin Feng evil stared at him, “咔嚓”, gave the pistol.

“Don’t … don’t kill me …” Dragon brother scared his old face.

Just then, a big helper is directly screaming from the foot of the mountain.

“There!” There is a little Ronald to take the lead in front and find Jinfeng.

“Save me!” Dragon Ge suddenly found the salvation, and he saved soon.

“Bastard!” Jin Feng looked at the scene, at least more than 20 people, pay attention to the dragon brother, open a shot to the mountain, and flying.

“How is A Cheng and Anggang?” Jinfeng thoughtfully and walked straight to the top of the mountain.

“Don’t let her ran!” Dragon brother is half dead, still biting his teeth.

This hill is also too small, and it is basically no longer long, Jinfeng rushes to the top of the mountain, but the other side of the mountain has been smashed by the quarry, forming a small cliff, and there is no way. What is done is that there is no wood to be slid. Her figure has been exposed to the opponent’s vision, and the sporadic miles will come to her position from time to time.

Jinfeng then turned the direction and rushed toward the sidewalk. But this hill is really too small. More than 20 people under the mountain have already been enough to block the retreat of all, and they are slowly forced to come up.

If you jump from the cliff, the following is the hard and uneven rock, and it is sure that nine will die.

Rao is Jin Feng as used to the wind and waves, this moment can not help but have a sweating back. The only chance is that the other party is more popular, it seems that I want to catch myself, I don’t just shoot myself …

“Jin Feng, surrender!” Dragon brother cheered loudly on the mountain.

“The thief first smashed the king!” Jinfeng hated to bite his teeth.

But if you can catch the dragon brother ……… Jin Feng fierce this thought. Next to Dragon, a little is talking to him, and it seems that the gesture seems to be called Long brother to avoid danger. But see the dragon brother put his stomach, and the throat was going to drink loudly.

“Hey!” A bullet quickly raised from Jinfeng’s pistol, straight to the dragon.

“Long Ge screamed, the whole body stood, his ears, he had been shredded, and suddenly scared a frightening urine, and fell to the ground.

“Ah! How can I shoot so far?” I have lost his voice with Long Ge, and I’m busy.

Jinfeng immediately flew down, and she ran up for a few seconds.

The other side is chaotic, and someone goes to the dragon brother, there is a gun in his hand, immediately lifting guns in the direction of Jinfeng.

The scattered bullet wipes from her and wants to stop her footsteps. However, Jinfeng has only taken this insurance, speed up the footsteps, the foot is full of foot, stand up, and the right hand is a claw shape, and the left hand is holding the pistol. Holdly hold the hostage.

Holding the dragon brother, the dragon brother turned and ran, Jinfeng did not chase, reach out of the left arm, put the dragon brother in his arms, holding the dragon brother to retreat to the side, more than 20 people slow Slowly come over, Jinfeng uses Dragon Brother to slowly go to a small door of the factory in his body.

The black muzzle arrived on the Longcho’s temple, and the Dragon Brother had to say that in the weak opponent: “Don’t come over!”

“The gun threw it to the feet, the hands and heads turned!” Jinfeng shouted.罗 罗 还,,,,, 做 做. 做 做 做 做 做 照 做 做 做 做 做 道 道 道The 罗 immediately threw away the gun in his hand and turned it.

At this time, the police reported that Li Yuxian received the brigade was surrounded by the policeman who took the brigade. The dragon’s hand suddenly made a group, four times fled.

Jinfeng took a car parked on the small road on the factory. Jinfeng launched a car. It is about to leave, and the dragon brother Jinfeng did not leave the car and ran to the factory. Jin Feng wants to do not think, raising his hand is a shot, Dragon brother falls into the ground, then roll into the thorns of the road, disappearing in the night.

Jinfeng drove on the dark national road, found no one to track, so she returned to the gang headquarters after a bib, and found that Ajia and Agang have returned, and Agang hangs, but there is no problem. She cares about the people of the dragon brother to fight, then each to avoid the wind, go home alone.

The police did not find anything illegal substance, just arrested a few people holding a gun, and these handed one of them, did not bring more gains for the police. The President of the Group, Dragon Brother and a group of backbone are unknown.

In fact, in this anti-drug action, the police also lost heavy losses, and a senior policeman was dereal. He is the second-level warrior Guo Yongtian, arranged Jin Huifen to perform undercover action. After Guo Yongtian derelicted, the C-city police station knew that Kim Huifen had only Leefen. According to the confidentiality, Li Yifen should transfer Jin Huifen’s information to Guo Yongtian’s successor, and the newly promoted Qiu Dexi police supervisor. However, Jin Huifen notified Li Yifen after the case, said that the police station must have a high-level leader and the black society, which is the safety of Jin Huifen, Li Weifen has temporarily retains Jin Huifen’s archives, and Jin Huifen will stop performing undercover task, return to the police as soon as possible Renovation.

Jin Huifen’s reply is to use the time of approximately one month to find out who is involved inside. If the investigation is not eyebrow after a month, stop performing the undercover task. This is the decision, so that they have fallen into the territory.

Far away from the C-City Police Station for a moment, Jinfeng turned to leave, this boring undercover life, she is already enough, sometimes I can’t figure it out is black. She has now got a blacklist of the C city police. This is the first to find that the police involved in the black is more snow.

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