The weather in the early autumn, the temperature is not so stuffed in the summer. Plus the window outside the window, the people have a cool and clear feeling, I only wear a white shorts, holding a cigarette, laying the legs, looking outside the window, looking at the rain point by the sky Falling, squatting.

I thought: I came to this female school for a year. It is far from the principal of this school. I have never used the young male teachers, and I don’t know what to do. This time, I have a break, I have a truth, I have a high three B. The tutor of the group, parallel to their English class, old von is a tutor and mathematics of high school groups, and we are hired by the school.

“Teacher Hong, our ‘Mun President’ never invited the young teacher, so strange that this time I will ask you and Feng.”

When I first came to this school, a classmate asked me like this.

The principal does not hire a young man, and her old man’s heart is not difficult to think of, but the 189th year old girl is the first time of the sinus, I heard that the school students, most of the boyfriend. I said that Li Wenzhi in my class and Wang Yizhen two, leaving a Hermat, becomes a chewing gum, wearing a big white costume, the pork balls in front of the chest can be true, especially walking I don’t know whether it is born or deliberately, a fat buttock is awkward, it is really a feminine, seeing their body’s development, I believe that they have been boyfriend.


The 咚 门 咚 声 门…..


“Lao Hong is me.”

“The door is not locked.”

Open open, then old von followed.

“Why, I thought you were going to the beater.

I handed a root cigarette to the old von, and I asked him.

“What is said, this kind of ghost weather, it seems that today’s good weekend will spend this boring dormitory.”

Old Feng took my cigarette and took a firewood and sucked a bit.

The sky is gradually darker, I have a dinner with him to the school’s food group, and the old von returned to his room. I still look at the rain outside the window, I am going to God …

“Lao Hong, let’s go, bored cafe go.”

Lao Feng changed an outwear, with a root smoke, and stepped into my room.

“How? This weather really wants to go out? Who is rain outside!”

“External exchange of clothes, find the show warmth of the show.”

“Walking, no need to do anyway.”

We call the taxi in the Office.

The taxi stopped in our destination, paying the car, two steps of the stairs of the cafe.

“Your mother, don’t temptation!”

Old Feng looked at the “Red Leaf Cafe” and a pretty neon light, low.

And the old von brought the train seat on the third floor, the waiter came to wait.

I want to have a cup of milk coffee, and I want to have a cup of coffee.

“Call Xiu Xiu and Qian Qian come.”

One thing in a while pounced into the nostrils, two people squeezed our seat.

The light is very dark, almost reached out, I don’t see the five fingers, I think there is a soft, like the cotton body, sticker.

“Is Qian Qian?”

“Hey – I don’t have to come to me for a long time, and hurt people miss.”

A great nose sound, really, first come to a soup, wait for you to spend generous, this kind of family woman has a set.

“I really want to die me?”


The whole body wrapped up, a mouth rubbed in my ear, my arm didn’t feel a soft meat ball.


Qian Qian was soft.

“No! You are necrosis, hero!”

It is a low voice of Xiu Xiu.

The opposite old von can guess at this time, and it is showing his stunt to make a show …

“You don’t want to be, come one …”

It is the voice of old von, holding a slight asthma.

“Oh … oh …”

Then it is a silence.

I hugged each other with Qian Qian, I think she is like a fire, my nose is asthma, I am strange how she will be like this today?

“What’s wrong? Can’t help it? I will try it.”

I said, put together her skirt, directly explore her mysterious zone, and smashed with thin underwear.

“Well … oh … hate …”

Qianqian twisted her waist and injured.

“How are you wet?” “It’s not your death.”

“I am harming you? What are my east?”

“Is your east.”

Under protection, she fierce my … I can’t hold it straight.

“Is it good? Go to the room!”

Qian Qian stared at my somewhere.


I took her, and the two walked to the room.

Although the area of ​​the room is small, all the layout is very luxurious, the flange west, the snow-white sheets, the pink wall panel, the end is extraordinary.

Qian Qian twisted out the sunlight in the room, leaving only a faint light of the bed, shot a short light, the atmosphere is so soft.

I held the body of Qianqian, kissed the four-piece lips and secretly retrieving a tongue in her mouth, I can’t help but …

For a long time, we have been separated.

“Quickly take off your clothes”

I said to Qian Qian, one-sided undressed, only a short panty, and Qian Qian also took off only one bra, and a trip.

I looked at Qian Qian’s moving curve, and the charming deceity, the thing of the law can not help but come.

“Hong, holding a tightness.”

She said with her eyes and said softly.

I hugged her, and went to the flange wheeled bed, and the things were tightly arrived at her trip, with the fastest to take off her bra, and suddenly two fertile fat and unparalleled breasts were present. Before my eyes, the deep cleret, and the red nipple …

Put your mouth up with her nipple, knead another nipple, and put it into the underwear, explore the jungle belt, bite her nipple with her teeth, and pull it slightly, play with her mysterious area. Directly push that the already flooded is smashed, pinch …

“Hong … I …”

A yaw of the yards flow from the deep area.

She also stretched out the jade hand to hold my own erect, kept the kit, a burst of junior insurance was blended by her, and slept and quiet, she did not have her own.

Flying quickly removed her trip and her underwear, the two of the two were light, ready to come to a big meat war.

With your finger, she has been hard, I blink, I saw Qian Qian, she was full of body, and a flood was flowing again.

“Hong, fast … don’t tease me …”

I tangled straight into the pussy, she quickly opened her legs to open her little cave, two legs thick black and red labiao lipped, she took my dick with my hand, guided It, I will guide her, but the ass will, a cock has not entered a third, and a glans can feel around the tightly meat.

It is actually like a child to eat milk.

She is a pair of jade legs in the automatic circle of my butt, my hands hold me, whispered:

“Good people … fast forward … hard …”

One side is more in the hips, and it is more than two inches.

“Qian Qian, how are you so much? Long time didn’t give men?”

I said, put the chicken Palestin and squatted with her yuki, and she was soaked.

“Hong, fast force to save … Little Laozi, you are really fun …”

Looking at her lascivious model instinctively aroused me how much wants to fire, and then, the chicken Barce is in her point, and it is not fun, and I started working.

“Hey … brother, you are so worried … this is going to do … dead … 哟 … this kisses it. ….. “

When my dick is inserted, I accidentally encountered her nucleus, causing her pleasure, making her crazy called.

“Don’t worry about for mercy, today I have to clean up this Sao Niang.”

Said, I mentioned that I was angry and inserted, sometimes in her yin outdoors, in the case of she did not pay attention, every time she was shaking.

“Brother … You really … stop … Let your sister have breathed … Today, I die … this …. .. “

“Dead, you are swaying, you will have a small hole, you will be killed in the world, today I am not inserted.”

Whether she is dead, I am like only a crazy tiger, crazy on her point to make life sowing work …

“Oh … stop … You are so embarrassed … 哟 … you have to break … The little girl’s small hole … .. 喔 … I lost. “

Said that she hit a cold, the lower body is desperate, the two legs on the arrival of the mutters have been harmed. She has answered a red and hot in the depths of her vagina. DC is on my glans, four walls The inner ring is constantly contracted, putting my east and west, the two legs are unable to put down, and the two hands are also weak, and the chest is also a vol. Are you over so fast? I haven’t yet. “

Then there is a hurry to extract, the next top to the root, two labians have a turbine, the fine water is brought out, in order to let her know that it is powerful, busy out of the top, more than one Heavy, finally she woke up in my crazy offense.

“Brother, I am so powerful, I almost let me last day ……. I have no relationship … this is enjoyable …”

Her ass gradually twisted, catering my offensive.

A good goods, just lost it now.

I hugged her waist tightly and used darkness to interactively with meat sticks.

“Brother … good husband … sister … you are so heavy … Bright things … your ability is really big … “

“Hey … The sister flows again … The sister is going to die … brother … take a break … Let ….. “

“Tessic brother … I really came out … I died …”

I would pay attention to me, I will have astishing the cow, I only know how to try my best, insert it to her, she died …

“Brother … you …”

Her ass is already slow, and I can’t say clear words in the mouth, just a lip to breathe.

After more than ten minutes of rushing, her butt is no longer twisted, and the whole body is lying in bed, and I am in the mouth …

“Oh … oh … dead …”

It’s not moving, it’s a shadow of hot and gloom, and it’s constantly absorbing my glans. I know that I have to lose, and I will join yourself.

“Shi … day …”

I only feel that my cock has risen, and the glans shoot the stock liquid.

“Oh … Your good hot …”

Qianqian was hot by me, tightly, I also hugged her, detailed it, and I just got the taste.

So hanging half, we woke up.

“Qian Qian, you just have fun …”

I gently smashed her two breasts.

“Sao? All your death.”

She said, tapping my hand with my hand, I have already slipped out of the cock.

“You listen to the next door!”

I looked at Qian Qian, indicating that she didn’t speak, listening to the sound of the next door.

“Dead phase, every time this time.”

It is a female voice.

“Oh, it’s okay, come, I still say no.”

This time is a male voice. I know that I will know that I am old Feng, the woman is a show.

“I don’t hurry to take your hand.”

It is a voice of Xiu Xiu.

“Then you will promise me.”

It is the voice of old von.

“Don’t … Rao once, promise you next time.”

“You come again …”

“No … I can’t eat … Every time you …”

He gradually … he is gradually …

Lao Feng said again:

“Hey, you see, so hard, I have risen so bad, you will give me a fire.”

“I will give you a fire every time, I will call me for three or five days afterwards.”

“Come on, this time you will not, hurry …”


“Open the legs, where?”

“Death, you are not looking for, so monkeys?”

Only listen to “Zi”.

“Hey! So fierce.”

“Small point, why do you call it.”

“Hey, you have to die …”

Then, the shortness of silence, there is only an intermittent breath … “Hey … death, this …”

It is the delicate sound of Xiu Xiu, holding a slight asthma.

“Don’t feel painful, I don’t eat your set.”

“You are a dead ghost, who is painful? I met your big chicken unlucky.”

“I met my big cock bad luck? Look at you, please call your brother.”

“It’s just, 哟 … the dead, every time it is so heavy …”

“You have to die … you have to hurry … Don’t die … Grind … hurry …”

“I just don’t want to make it now.”

“Who told you … hurry up, just like this … I have flowed …”

“Don’t come to the water, let the kung fu are displayed.”


“Right, rehabilitate.”

“Brother, is it comfortable?”

“Fortunately, you are so cute.”

“Don’t come, who is it? Hey … you … top to others … The lower abdomen … “

“Dead things, I am flowing again …” flowing out … “

“Why do you want to grow water?”

“You are bad, people can’t help, 哟 …”

“I see that you are not for a long time, is it?”

“Go to you, brother … hurry up … Reothermn … This is going to break … Sister’s heart … “

“Oh … you have a family, light, you … big things, this … you have to die, this is too heavy …”

“Oh … my pro … my brother … I don’t dare … you spare me … you tonight .. …. Preparation to put me … Dry dead … I … 嗳 … my flower heart really broke ….. Focus … “

I only listened to the voice of the show, and I smoked the beautiful movement in the mouth.

“I didn’t lie to you, just don’t, now I can’t help it now? Let your legs open, the benefits are behind.”

“Brother … I really can’t … I lost …”

“If you lose it, just lie down, let me …”



It is a quiet …

“Brother, I am just good!”

“Hello, I am not good yet.”

“Really, I almost almost dismantled by you, why are you so … I still can’t come out … I’ve been over.”

“You don’t have to pay yourself, no matter what I am.”

“Hey … I can’t do it, I can’t take me out of the water … Oh … I came out again … I’m all your dead … “

“嗳 嗳 … I really … Sadmobile … I am really … I will die, this … very nice……”

“嗳 … The sister is so beautiful … The little sister’s small hole is bloomed in you … I dear brother …”

“Oh … I have been getting to … my sister’s heart … You really want to die me … Good brother … fast Stop … The sister is going to be … you died … I really … I have to lose … I’m lost .. …. “

“Come, you need it hard, I have to come out …”

“Happy, I also lost … I lost it …” “Oh … brother, your good hot …”

Everything is dead to be silent. At this time, I was gone by Lao Feng and Xiu Xiu, and their flesh will lead me.

“Qian Qian, I …”

“What do I know again, this?”

Qian Qian said that the left manual finger was circled a small circle, and the left hand circle circle was inserted with the index finger of the right hand.


I can’t help but marry her.

“No, I just lost too much.”

“No? I can’t let you do it.”

I said that I extended my hand to explore her jungle. I touched it above. I saw that Qianqian was touched by me.

“No, it’s … …”

I put it in her pussy, slightly tuned her hammer.

“Your Mao is really much, people say Mao’s people, the sexual desire is strong, it seems right, like you, the dragon, live dragon.”

“Go to you, it is not for you to pick up, men every one is color ghost.”

“Don’t talk about it, open, so you can’t get in …”

“Tell you can’t say it.”

“You can’t do it.”

“Well … don’t lick.”

“No … answer … should …”

“Good … you don’t agree …”

“Hey! Hey!”

A burst of knocking on the door.

It turned out that the old von him has finished, ready to go home, I am hateful, let us have a difficulty, there is a blessing, I have to get it.

“Sao Niang, it is cheaper you.”

“I played it on her yin house.”

“Hey! See you really hate, play so heavy”

Draw clothes, lost two hundred yuan to Qian Qian, as I gave her.

The door of the “Red Leaf Cafe”, Xi Xiu, I have already called a taxi waiting for us, the taxi is rushing, I look at the “Red Leaf Cafe” girl in the “Red Leaf Cafe”, I can’t help but low. ……

“Your mother, don’t temptation!”

Last night and Lao Feng was also too lazy to take a shower, poured down and walked to sleep until I was awake in the glamorous sunshine. Some trees outside the window were raining last night. Wash fresh and cute, the sparrow of the rapelled sparrow is in the corner of the house, the tree is awakened, you think: this is a good weather! The clouds outside the window are spoken very quickly.

The rush of brush is finished, and the room to the old von, the door is still close, thinking: your old color ghost, it is too tired last night.

He still slept, I didn’t take him, I still have a lot of homework, I haven’t changed, I will go to the office.

After entering the office, I saw the training director called “cold noodles”, and is looking at the jade legs in the newspaper.

“Director is early!”

I bottled her, I was too early, and I said that my face was red. This sentence is not the time, it is already near noon.


She only said that the sound was so cold, the sound was so cold, usually she is in front of people, always boarding the face of the cold ice, is that we have no good face in front of our teachers, and a frosty frost, calling people I am terrible, I am so surprised like her so young, it seems that I have a lot of people in the age of seven or eight, 34 or five, how is it? Or is it a metamorological psychology that is not married? I am thinking about it. It is said that she is still not married now. This is a difficult fans, the face is so beautiful, the body is so full of moderate, slender thighs, snow-white skin, everything is so attractive, saying that two of her chest Plus-towering breasts, I really want to enter, I don’t want to touch it gently on her towering chest, just gently, then I die without resentment …

Collapse my evil spirits, barely calm the spirit, spread the thin son to change the operation, but I can’t always look at it … I will always see her – a double snow. thigh.

Just as I saw God, she said:

“Master Hong, ‘Tom Jones’ What do you think?”

The sound has become clear and pleasing, as if the rigor is valley, and the lips are still in two wine vortex, which is slightly smile.

“Hey … is really good, ‘Yanping’ is not being staged?” “Well … Hong teacher, did you see it? I want to see it tonight.”

Ok, you really have the heart, the woman’s heart, I will not know:

“Hey! Director, I also prepared tonight, how? Tonight?”

“Also, see the front of the eight points.”

Said that she lost the newspaper film, swaying her fat butt out of the office, looking at her rushing, no heart, throwing the work, smashing a light tone, stepping on the light The pace, returning to the room to prepare the “dating” at night.

Today, she wore a tight cheongsam, the fork opened to the top of the thigh, looking at that if there is no thigh, especially the night wind blows, slightly set off a corner of the cheongsam, It is also an eye, the breasts before the chest come out.

“Director Li, you are so beautiful tonight.”

“There words there, call me Cui Hao.”

“This is wrong, that is no polite.”

“Master Hong will laugh, why will it be so restful?

“Good, Li Lord … No, Cui, taste this Japanese chocolate, taste good.”

I gave her two “chocolate candies”. This chocolate candy is not the kind of sale on the market, but I have sent my Japanese friends. This is to give a woman, even the three true and nine Women, I have to take a spring wave, and take off her pants.

“Thank you, Mr. Hong tastes good.”

I thought:

“You know that Hong Teacher is good to taste, wait for the next thing.”

It is a good film, and the plot is a person who is in place. When the movie is played on the shot of warm meat:

“Teacher Hong, I … hot …”

Cui Her, the whole person gradually gave me, the mouth exhaled in the mouth, two breasts fluctuated with her urgently breathed down, I know that the two chocolates have gradually played the utility, I put the circle on her waist right hand. The movement is slow, gradually moved to the protrus, I am in the stuff, the stuff, the savory taste, my wishes, it seems that I have to reach tonight.

At this time, Cui’s uneasy twists, but the two jade legs were tight, but from time to time, they kicked out, like strong pain, sticker in my face hot, from The weak light of that movie, I saw her, the face was pink, a cherry, a little mouth, a snone, because the people who were afraid of the neighborhood, the great patience, because of the like.

“Hong … I am uncomfortable … go home …”

I confsed that the effect of chocolate candies was playing to the extreme, and he was so deep that the drug disappeared, so it was eager to return to the dormitory.

“Okay, let’s go.”

“I … weak …”

I walked out of the cinema under my half-helier, and called a taxi and saved back to school dormitory.

I poured her to enter her dormitory, serving her lying on the bed:

“Li Director, you may be uncomfortable, rest quietly, tomorrow is not suitable, then I will help you please fake.”

I said, “prepare” go out of her room.

“Mr. Hong … you … don’t …”

When I was going out of the door, she said.

“What else, what else needs me?”

“Hong … I am hot … take off again … Cheongsam …”

I thought, hey … I have a good play.

I went to bed on the edge of the bed, I couldn’t take the cheongsam for her. When I opened her pull practice, I showed a big white skin. At this time, I really want to … good. It is easy to take off her cheongsam. I saw her leaving only a piece of milk, and a white tripper, the snow-white tribed pants, but there was a stains, and the roots were wet.

Her whole body is white, tender, and the size of the three is more standard, God puts all the beauty in the world in her.

“Hey … …”

She is very hot, she takes off her breasts, and the snow-white crisp is long. It is so petty, cherry, the cherry granules are a layer of pink, white chest. Seeing a thick fine hair, golden.

“Well … Hong … I …”

She closed her eyes, she was in his mouth, and a pair of slender thighs were boomed, and the small abdomen shakes, and the wet is even greater. “Hong … take off you … clothes … I am uncomfortable … hot … I want you …”

I listened to her, soon took off all my clothes, because I couldn’t stand this spring again.

“Take your triangle pants, you wet a big piece.”

“Well…… “

She also bowed her leg and took the triangle pants.

I hugged her on the bed, kissed her lips, and kept sucking …

“Oh … oh …”

Time has long, so that she is almost exhausted, and I will send out the sound.

I stroked every place in her body, pinched it, and touched it, I touched her to shake.

“Hey … Hong … I want you … you are below … insert me … I itching it …. .. “

I have a rising thing that has long, and I have a few down on her little belly. She uses my legs to clamp my cock.

“Hong … Your dick … so hot …”

My dick was more comfortable by her, I can’t help it.

“Come, let go, I want to insert you.”

She listened, even busy his legs, the pussy was fossil, and I could clearly see her small hole in clear.

Her pussy is very low, two labips are particularly fat, because the relationship of the meat, the pinear is high, very thick haired is full, but the hairy is flourishing but it is soft and soft, her yinhouse is very small, yin gate The inner meat is red, slightly, it can see the nucleus of the nucleus, and the trendy is also excreted with her one-in-one covered gates …

“Your life is so low, put your leg tray on my waist.”

I gently pat her fat buttocks.

“Don’t do this, don’t do it …”

She puts the legs on my waist, the small hole is more prominent.

I have a rumbled cock, and I am in the pussy of her, I can’t do it, I haven’t done it for a long time.

“You help.”

From her guidance, my dick is very smooth inserted.

“Oh … oh …”

Didn’t cost more, my dick has been inserted, I found that she is not a woman, because she is not painful, but there is no comfort.

“Hey! Beauty is dead …”

Because of the lubrication of obscene, I will don’t worry about it, and the meat and meat have the sound and the sorrowful sound of the prostitute, become a crazy movement.

“Hong … is dead … hurry to save … 喔 … this is almost … 喔 … 喔 … 唔…… “

I am constantly being switched on her crisp, and finally open her nipples and keep it on her nipple.

“嗳 嗳 … Hong … You don’t lick … I can’t stand it … Next … I quickly smash ….. . I’m dying…… “

I saw her crazy, I didn’t care about her nipple, the following cock stood tight – she has been hard.

“Oh … so hot, so numb … you quickly put it … 嗳 … I am saddened …”

I see that she is a flood, I am not laughing, she is cold, and she is flexing my cock.

“Good Li Director, you, I want to save, you are ready.”

After saying, my ass, such as Run Horse, such as Thunder, down, I just smashed her swaying, a snort to twist, I think her depths are deeply Forces, sucking my dick, making me feel very comfortable.

“嗳 嗳 … The beauty of the dead … harm … You really died me … I was inserted by you … this is too All right……”

I continued to save my dick, straight into the straight, and her ass will meet my movements, and the river, such as the decissete, and constantly flow from her depths. Standfall to the bed.

“嗳 … Hong … well … slow … Mrs. … Heavy … don’t … … too embarrassing … “Waves taking out with my federation.

“Director Li, your water is really …” also came out … “

“Oh … this is not your thing … tease people … Surdery … Hey! Tap … this is too heavy NS…… “

As a diligent old cow, keep my pumping action, shallow depth, turning again, obliquely straight, her two big labs with my plug-in turning through spit, her Two hypertrophy is flushed out. The meat of the inner wall is red, and the two pieces of meat are followed in. The whole pussy is simply shaped, and she is going to die, and the bed is turned.

“Hey … Hong … You are really embarrassed … My Little Lave is dead … I have to kill you …. .. I didn’t dare to waste anymore in the future … I really … I really have real … I don’t dare … “

“Director Li, have you been with a man’s cock before?”

“Hey! Only once, call! This is really … well.”

“Only once? Then, why don’t your acupoints are so tight like a woman?”

“Really only … only once … is a boyfriend by the university … I only feel very painful, but afterwards … but I feel still Not enough … just he lost it immediately … your man is really not good. “

“Who said that men are not good things, you see that this is not only a good thing, or it is a baby.”

“Hey … a good person, parent, don’t … spare me …”

“Since it is only by the man, how is this?”

“Maybe it’s a wide …”

“How do you get yourself?”

“Put … The fingers are stretched in, keep the tale, the deduction from time to time, the dinner is buckled, then I will lose, when I lost, I will shake the whole body … “

“It’s just every time … After it is over, I feel emptiness … unlike now, you have to go there ….” Yulin. “

My glans grinded in the uterine mouth, and she was trembled.

“Hey … good people, don’t grind …”

My cock is in force, then put the dick in her uterine mouth, straight, straight mill, straight to three kung fu, straightily, I don’t know if it is sour, it is hurt.

“Oh … you have to die … Hong … Don’t … Don’t … hard … I have to crack .. …. “

“Big cock … Hong, people below … you have to get died in you … Hey! This is top … That capsule, You have done me to die, hurt … Stop stop … I can’t move again … Oh, I can’t do it again … I No … I have to lose … Hey! Dead … “

I really didn’t have been to be so dry. I really want her to die. I only felt a hot hot and intensive to my glamor. After she was discharged, the hostel of the yin house also took me. The whole glans packaged, like a child sucking milk, a sucking, I only feel that the whole body is so comfortable, the 36,000 pores have opened the flowers, the spine is a hemp, I can’t stand it again … …

“Director Li … Cui … I can’t …”

The relationship between ejaculation, my dick is quite ahead, and I touched her pussy a few times, and I was tightly entangled.

“Hong … Wenshan, you are really powerful … …”

“Cui, your hole is flexible, I have never met.”


“Sleep! Time is not early.”

“Good night, I still returned to my room.”

“Good night.” I dragged the tired body to my room …

Sleep in the sky overnight.

In the morning, I met with her on the playground. When she saw me, a beautiful face rose red, slight smile, but when she stepped up the seriousness, she made people I believe she takes off her pants.

Thinking: Last night and her inverted the phoenix, it is really afraid, especially her little hole who will eat cock …

Today, the three-day classes don’t know how to go to the students. It is only her shadow. It is only her shadow. It is the same as the pants. Two pieces of the wandering and the black hairy … The lips, the heart decided in the heart Let her have a one more …

“How do you do it, you will see you in a good thing for you today.

Lao Feng can really have a heart, seeing me, and asking me abnormally.

“Hey? You don’t know … ‘cold noodles, a woman …”

“What’s up with her?”

“She and me last night …”

“Okay, the old flood, you really have one hand, did you do her last night? I don’t think of you, haha ​​…”

On the first day of this school, I saw the Cui Hao from the first eye, and we would also think about it, and we will go online.

“Well! Lao Feng, she can really, how do you want to taste?”

“Fuck, is you enough? How can I not want?”

“If you want to try, you will lean your ear, I tell you … Just do it, you will have a good evening, haha!”

“Ha ha!”

Lao Feng walked away from his mathematics lesson.

Full of the flag, the teachers returned, I deliberately stayed in the office to read the newspaper, when I only had me with her, I walked her:

“Director Li!”

“What? Master Hong.”

Her head does not return to the body on the table, organize some of this table, so it is revealed out the whole hip.

“Director Li, I …”

I put her on her, put the dick against her butt on her butt:

“Li Director Li arrived at my room at 8:00.”

I deliberately put the dick more force.

“Um…… “

Her body plays a slight shake.

“Goodbye, Director Li.”

I made my hand beat my ass.


She still sorted out the document on her table.

Time seems to be very slow, it is very difficult to look forward to the sky, I have a look at the time is 7:40, really want to wait for 20 minutes, I am already ready, wait for cold noodles Square to taste her sizzling.

The poor is not good, simply went to the old van’s room, and I went in and saw that he was closing his eyes:

“Lao Feng, wait for you in my house, when I came out, you turned off the light, then … Do you know?”

I took his shoulder.

Old Feng Zhang opened his eyes, smiled at me:

“I know, this will be forgotten, why is it so anxious, only wear the underwear.”

“Wear simple points, wait for a good action, 嗳, remain five minutes, I will return to my room, wait for her to enter my room, you are outside the door, etc.”

Said that I am busy back to my room.

Shortly after sitting, I heard the “咚咚” knocking.


“it’s me.”

It is the sound of the cold noodles, very small.

“Come in, wait until you are seen, the door is not locked.”

She entered the house, the whole body glandsdate wide pajamas, the material is very fine and can see the carcass inside, the hair is still not fully.

I immediately puff, put her into his arms and kissed.

“Hey … don’t, people … um … don’t …”

At first, she was still in the face, but how did she resist my fierce offensive, and finally she is tightly entangled, and kissed me tightly.

My pair reached into her pajamas, touched, search, slowly sliding into the full ass …

In the tribut, I scratched on her ass trench:

“Well … …”

She twisted the butt, tightened her little belly, just with the cock, I was withdrawal, I deliberately forward: “Oh … … you are bad .. …. “

I gently pushed her body:

“Go off your clothes.”

“do not want…… “


“You look at people.”

I am really ridiculous. I have been seen by me last night. Now I don’t dare to take my pants, the woman is really strange.

“Then I closes my eyes.”

“No, you will peek.”

“Then I am going back to you.”

Said that I turned around:

“Quickly take off!”

“Well … not allowed to turn.”

“You can rest assured, despite quick release.”

“are you done?”

After a while, I haven’t heard it, I am not resistant to:

“Take off the pants for so long, come, I will help you take it off.”

“No, no, you can’t turn it.”

After another time, I didn’t listen to her. I couldn’t help but I can’t help it. I didn’t care about her taking it out. I turned around. I saw that I am very fast. She has already taken it out, put pajamas. , The cream, the tribed trousers put on the table that I just sat, she used my quilt, surrounded her body, sleeping on my bed, and constantly moving to me.

“Okay, you take your clothes, I am lying on the tube, and I am waiting.”

“Hey, this is the big sister’s fine brother just not honest.”

She laminated her, this laughter was extremely.

“Waiting for the younger brother to lose to the big sister.”

“What do you use to pay for me? Shantou?”

“use this.”

I took off my underwear and pointed to the hard dump.

“Go to you, death.”

She is going to climb up, so that the cover is slippery on her, revealing half a breast.


She screamed, both hands guarded in the chest.


I pulled a single corner, I took it hard to pull it up from her, and I suddenly stayed in front of my eyes.

Plenty of white carcass, tall towering double peak, a round slender jade leg, black hair four cloth on her yin, slightly, a cheap rolling crack, full performance, sexy beauty Everywhere, I am boiling, I want to boil, she can’t shy with her hands to cover the powder face, I leaned on the bed to see her, glance on every sexy part of her body, and finally, I put my eyes Stocked in that inch of the crack …

Her two lips are tight, I opened her legs, her crack also opened a mouth, slightly revealing a small hole, the depths of the cave were wet, I went down the waist with my fingers Gently pressed in her delicate pussy.

She fierce her husband and sent a sound from the nose.

I gently touch her hair, gradually put it in, or pick it up in the jerk, or turn her labipings …

She is also a slight shaking, and she is a few twists, and she is desperately broken down with her fat butt.

But she doesn’t shrink, this is a lot of pussy, making the finger into a bit.

“Hey … What are you doing? People are sad …”

I took a few in her vagina, I went to her butt and turned again. I smoked and felt interesting. When I was a little bit, I went to change, I will change the change, I only feel that I can’t hore. Slide, gradually, a bright crystalline lascitation.

At this time, she is not arbitrarily frozen, her eyebrows are tight, the nose is constantly emitting, and the powder is constantly chaotic, and it is messy in the pillow.

“Hey … You have to kill me … soon with you … with you … below it … good people … I can’t eat … “

The sound is such a low slice.

I see her, I have a hand, I took out the hand playing in her pussy, climbed into the bed to defend the cock, facing her wet purse:

“Flane it.”

She quickly held my dick with her hand, using the other blinking her labipings, guided my cock, put the butt high.

My ass is one pressure, the whole dick is not rooted: “Hey! I am killed in me …”

After my dick entered her yin, I felt very hot, and her pussy was like a child, and I felt that I felt great pleasure. I feel the smell of the middle:

“Faster … people want you to move …”

After this reminder, I remembered that Yan Feng was waiting outside the door, so I slept, I thought about the grass. …

“Hey … this is so heavy … Hey … it’s so heavy … 嗳 … you have to break my little hole. …… “

“Good people … I can’t stand it …”

“Slow down … I really can’t eat …”

She can’t stand it straight, can’t eat, but a buttock is more powerful.

“Kiss your big … you will do it …”

“This is … Rao … the dead is asking for you …”

“Lovers … good people … hurry to stop … beg you.”

Her legs are like a snake style hiented my ass.

I was called by her, I still didn’t want it. I still breathed like a cattle, the cartilage on the cock, collided with the bones on her wonderful hair, so I couldn’t care so much, and I lost it. More than 300, on the back, I think it is to vent:

“I want to come out … I came out.”

“Lovers … Parent, I haven’t … I have been addiction … don’t lose …”

She is entangled in my legs, I am afraid that I have escaped.

Why, I don’t want to endure anymore, because there is an old von, I am waiting for me.

“I can’t … Li Director Li … I lost it to you …”

I am desperately pressing down, I am shaking, I will vent it.

When I was discharged, she suddenly smoked.

“Director Li, I am sorry.”

I slowly pulled out the cock.

Suddenly, I know is the masterpiece of Lao Feng, I am crying to wear a pants, walk out of the room, he is standing there, a cock straight underwear, taller.

“Why, can’t stand it?”

I hit him hard, and I said low.

“You are like, I am not Liu Xianhui.”

He also said.

“Go in to comfort her, now she is very empty.”

He has anxious to enter the room.

I put the ear in the door, and I listened to it.

I only listen to her still crying, I said:

“You feel comfortable, no matter what others … I lost this time …”

I think he probably hit the bed at this time, and she thought it was me and saved him.

“Hong, people are in the beginning, but you … no matter people … how? Is hard? That’s so fast …”

“Uh hu … people have not come yet, people want you fast …”

“Uh huh … Yes, you are now … How is it bigger than just?”

It turns out that his thing is better than me, and she will be strange.

“Well! Hong, hurry … again … Yes! Comfort …”

I know that Lao Feng has already taken a gun to fight with her meat. I pressed the electric light switch, and the room was shining.

“Ah You?…… “

I heard the sound of the cold noodles.

“Director Li, you!”

It is the laughter of the old phon.

“You and Master … oh, light …”

“Lao Hong said that he didn’t force from the heart, told me to serve you.”

Um! Good kid, say that I don’t want to be my heart, I am letting you!

“Li Director, you are good, I listen to the ear red outside the door.”

“Do you want to eat me?”

“We are specializing in serving you, how about this?”

“Hey … this is too … too heavy …” “What about this?”

“Dead … this is more exciting …”

“Open your legs, I am more exciting.”

“Well…… “

“How is this?”

“Well … Dead … You and Hong Teacher … two are all the ball … 嗳! You hurry to pump, don’t grind the grain .. …. It is dead … hurry … I’m itchy … I drove … “

I know that Lao Feng is to show the leather sugar, listen to the “cold noodles”, so that I have a soft thing …

“Hey … You are the king of eight eggs … faster, force …”

“Okay, your bastard is deceived … actually advocates him …”

“That’s … this way … … this is blooming with big sister’s heart … …”

Her waves make people feel uncomfortable, although I repeatedly suppressed, let’s let the fire broke out, I kicked the door, immediately took off the underwear …

“Ah! Master Hong …”

She saw that I took off my pants and said that I can’t say it.

Lao Feng joked at me and continued his work.

“Yeah … Feng teacher … do you really can’t stop? … slowly … this is really … 嗳 嗳…… “

“Dead … died again and kissed … You have so heavy every time … My labi is turned out again …”

“I really can’t … soon stop … You want my life … I have to crack … my little hole is ….. . Cracked…… “

“Small point, I am fine …”

“Good people … you done me … good people, pro … can’t move again … I lost ….. I lost it … “

I saw her legs tightly, and a buttock did not live up, one, no more, not moving.

“I am done…… “

A leg is weak.

I am really … just that he is tight, I can’t drag him down, change me, do it.

Old von’s ass is crazy, such as the rain is falling:

“Hey … I …”

She was hot, such as being contaminated, the limbs were tightened, and the old man slowly slipped away …

This will be used to send it.

Talried a hot cock, it can’t be fired, it is really uncomfortable, and the old von has been taking the troops, but I am the big flat.

I looked in the “cold noodles”, the hole, maybe I have just done last night, the original soft pussy, now there is a slight redness, two labiaries turn to the outside, yin and yang The fine and waves are slowly overflow.

I found a few health cotton yarn paper, and wipe it clean with her.

I climbed up to put her body, I felt lying on Zhang Mou soft and flexible sofa, I used the chicken to find the destination:

“no, do not want…… “

She struggled to turn a big butt and escaped my cock forward search.

“Can you not be able to look at it, you’re going to see it.”

I put her big butt force, and then make her legs. “

“Hey! You two gang gangs …”

“How is it? How about rape? Anyway, it is not bad!”

I can’t keep her opposition and struggle, I will give a dick to her yin, and I will send it in.

“Hey! People don’t … don’t …”

I really want to gain, and a cock has inserted her cute and hateful little point, I feel very comfortable.

I took the glamor to the deep side, enjoy this affinity enjoyment, her spending sucking force is stronger than anyone, but also not here, will surround the entire glans, hit it on the horse, this The taste is really difficult to describe!

I don’t consciously, I have a deep feeling deep:

“Hey … you …”

“You put it again … I, out the waves come …”

I think a wave of warm temperament, from the four walls of her vagina, flowing out, the whole bubble is dipped in my glans.

I feel good, I deliberately grind again in her flowers, because men and women are sexually intercovering, if they don’t cause the woman’s sexual desire to be a taste, the woman will not feel comfortable, that is, the man is also Didn’t mean, and I deliberately play with my heart in “cold noodles”, so that she mentioned spring love, because she has already leaked her body, really, after a few times of grinding, it gradually mentioned her The desire is coming.

I slowly took the dick, and the glans stopped and gently sent it, no longer directly.

Soon, I saw her frowned, squinting, but the ass is stunned, and I want to deepen the cock.

I deliberately put the dick, don’t plug it.

Her teeth were bitten, and finally breathed:

“Good people … beg, dry … hard …”

I opened her labi again and rub her joy.

“Hey … itch is dead … a good person, ask for you …”

I know that her spring love has been high.

“Well! The younger brother is former sister.”

Immediately, sluggish.

She can’t live, Dad called Mom:

“Baby younger brother … good thing, really can do … big sister is so comfortable … You are there …. Learn to do your holes ….. “

With her waves, I tighten more, I hit her heart, I’m.

“Hey! This … … into, big sister’s small hole … how to play with you … 喔 ….. “

Since her waves make me want to hide, there is no hundreds of pity in the heart of the jade, and I will do it, I will have a breath, I want to die.

“Good younger brother, you are so fierce … The small hole is to be smashed by you …”

“See you still, this time I can smash you.

“Forgive the little hole, come slowly, 嗳 嗳 … Waiting for the small hole will make you smash … The small hole can’t stand it …”

“You have already got, don’t be like a prostitute.”

“嗳 嗳 … good younger brother … I really do … I can’t stand it … Don’t worry … The small hole has to split … “

“嗳 … good younger brother, pro “

“Hey … My good younger brother … this is dry … The little belly of the big sister … Dry water wave is DC …. .. “

She called, one side of the legs, I am afraid that my big cock has slipped out of her hole, a ass returned to the twist, turn, and grind.

Because she has a leg, her holes are more smaller, my cock is very comfortable, and it is done.

She couldn’t live in the pussy at this time, and she said loudly:

“Good younger brother, your glans is really big … The small hole is really going to be crushed by you … oh … I can’t … I have to lose it. NS…… “

She is a lot of movement, and she has a convulsion, hugging me tightly, a butt straight, the uterus is constantly contracted, and I put me the whole glamor, a hot hot The semen flows to my glans.

I can’t help but I can’t help it, and I will put my butt down, try my best, a burst of flooding, I also ventilated.

We both warmly hug, I still warmly in her point, tightly, slowly, my dick slipped out the hole, the two consensus, the source is constantly there from her point Flow out. The haired hair is also wet.

“Big sister, you just have good sang.”

“Tell me again, you and Mr. Feng can get me tonight.”

“Why don’t you talk to you.” “I think it is very painful.”

“It doesn’t matter. It’s good to get up early.”

I don’t want to clean up this battlefield, and we have slept.

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, it is a student who is in the school. The entire Tai Po Street is crowded. Tai Po Street is located in front of the school, so the Qing Dynasty is a female student of the school. There are only a few foreign students must Hit here.

“Hey! Li Wenling, wait for me!”

In the student group, there is a chewing gum, riding a very high sports car of a seat holder, a full-time female student, saying to another female student in front of the front.

“Hey! Wang Yushen is so! I am waiting for you.”

That was called Li Wenling, he heard Wang Yuzhen, looking back to her.

That Wang Yuzhen slammed the car, and a car flying quickly in a crowd and opened to Li Wenling.

“Hey! What is Yushu?”

“Which! This looks at this.”

Wang Yizhen looked at it immediately and lost her, a face straight to the ear, and his mouth:

“Go to you, I see that you are more like, from there?”

“What do you ask this?”

“Who looks at you?”

Although Wang Yushen said not, but when Li Wenling handed the things, she could not help but come over. It turned out to be a few photos, inside the actions of men and women, some women separated the legs, and revealing the wonderful Taoyuan cave, men’s head and fingers playing, the woman squinted, wrinkled It’s not a painful look, some men use the tongue to lick around the woman’s pussy, the woman is even more helpless, put the butt empty, some men’s legs on his shoulders, a big The cock is inserted in the yin, and the woman seems very happy …

“Fairy fight!”

“What is the show in Xiaoyuan?”

Li Wenling hides the book.

“He called me in the past.”

Wang Yu said too much.

“He? Who is it? Hey, is it small black?”

“Go to you, know if you know.”

“Is it going to comfort him?”

“What do you say? Every time you go out with you, it is comfortable to be!”

“Yeah, how?”

“No wonder two buns are getting more and more bigger, hero!”

“Don’t be a hundred steps, you can see yourself, I see how much than Sophia Luolan, really, have you touched him?”

“Um…… “

“What do you think when he touches you?”

“Dead, do you ask?”

“Talk, what is the relationship?”

“Every time he starts, I am somewhat nervous, but soon, I feel a pleasant pleasure.”

“anything else?”

Li Wenling asked.

“He touched, I feel that the breast seems to be hard, the nipple is also hard, he is embarrassing around the nipple of people, finished, you said.”

Wang Yuzhen said that this stopped, reminding her.

“When he touched me, my nipple also rose, he didn’t only pinch it, he also had to suck on my nipple, so that sucking made me too comfortable, but I feel very uncomfortable. , Especially if he uses his mouth to absorb my nipple, then pull up, it is true … Every time I come back, I will change my underwear. I don’t know how to suck the nipple every time, I will below. It is not coming to the autonomous like a small flow of water, yes, once he also reached into me … inside. “

“How to reach you?”

Wang Yuzhen asked.

“Pants…… “

Li Wenzhen’s powder face can not help but say red, whisper.

“Hey! What is it?”

“He is really annoying, in my top, I have been caressing, squatting, harming me, but he laughs, I will not take your pants!”

“What is it compared to your nipple?”

Wang Yuzhen asked curiously.

“At that time, I really can’t hate … I just thought that my inside was more sour. If he wants me to do that with him, I think I will promise him.” “Ha! You It is necessary to taste the taste of life. “

“Xiao Zhen, what do you see my mentor and a math teacher?”

Li Wenzhen turned the topic and asked Wang Yuzhen.

“What is good? Is it difficult to see them?”

“Hey — Really, tutor and Mr. Mr. They look more tasteful, and I am sometimes naive, or he can give me happiness, I will smash him early.”

“Hey! Tiandu is dark, I have to go back, I will meet with Xiao Black, if it is late, he is not happy without touching me, hey! I am gone.”

Wang Yushen said out of her bag.

“Xiao Zhen, so comforting him at night.”

Li Wenling said in the ear of Xiaozhen.

“Go to you, do you want to find him?”

“No, wait for me to see the ‘idyllic spring dream” of Nandu! “

“Good! Goodbye!”


When I step into the South Du Cinema, the movie has already been opened. In the dark, by the road to the ticket, I found my seat.

Just when I got the movie of the movie, I suddenly said to me by my girl’s voice next to me:

“Teacher, do you come to watch movies?”

“Oh … you are … Li Wenling?”

By weak light, I see the girl who is sitting next to me to my teacher, is that the development of a semi-cooked Li Wenling in my class.

“Teacher, don’t you bring a girlfriend?”

She asked me on the side.

“Ha! Look at your little ghost, my girlfriend comes?”

“Teacher is like this … I don’t believe there is no girlfriend?”

I looked at this little Nizi 80% of the cat called spring, and she could eat her tofu.

“Don’t come, the teacher is not going!”

She also told my thigh in my right hand, I grabbed her hand, her palm was very tender, and I didn’t think it was touched above.

After she was caught by my palm, she couldn’t grab it, even when I was touched in her palm, she did not oppose it.

Justually I have the two of Li Wenling, Wang Yizhen, there is a non-division, and the next day is in the past, the teacher is very distinct, but now there is this good opportunity, I will never Will give up, I will detain the taste of her soft palm, and I have a good movie on the side. Although I am playing a good movie on the screen, I am very unhappy.

When the scene in the theater was slowly fell slowly, I hurriedly pulled up Li Wenling’s hand and walked out to the Taiping door next to it.

“Wen Ling, sit in the ice fruit room, time is early, the teacher is invited!”

I am implementing my preliminary plan.

“No, ten o’clock, wait until the home is late, my mother will be.”

She played with the corner, revealing the teenage of the teenage.

“It doesn’t matter, sit in a meeting, how much time doesn’t spend!”

“Um…… “

And her side of the “dream ice fruit room” opposite the south, the dream ice fruit room is a noble ice fruit room, the light inside is very soft, the third floor is full of light, it is a couple of love The place is there, there are rooms nearby for those who are reluctant to rest.

I took Wen Ling on the third floor of the tea seat, and I had two pudding to the waiter.

The tea seat on the third floor is really suitable for men and women, the size of the sea cotton sofa chair is just two people, but also rest lying slightly.

Due to the narrowness of the sofa, let us take a shoulder, butt, butt it is tight.

“Teacher, I am afraid …”

She said with me.

“Silly girl, what is terrible in the ice fruit?”

I used the teacher to the students’ tale, and the big brother got her little sister, and she gently took her hair, and the other hand with her small waist.

“Teacher, I have to go home …”

She said that she is looking forward, I quickly put her into his arms, by her hair, cheeks, so her neck, frequently silent kiss.

The other hand gradually moved to her breast, it was soft and incomparable, no longer have elasticity, I know that she is a touched virgin, in fact, my wife, I still don’t dare, maybe she even Touching, today’s female students can not be insured.

“Teacher, don’t …” can be sure, she is never first encountered in this occasion, but seeing her can’t afford to tease and excite the appearance, it is really awkward.

My movement has already dissolved her, dissolved into a beach water, with the excitement of the sense, she was moved by my enthusiastic touch, the whole body was uncoured, and I played a slight trembling, a pair of hands tightly holding me, Two cheeks are hot and red, cherry small mouth spit the silk hot:

“Teacher, I am cold … Hold me … …”

I am hitting a fire, I first sucking her lips, then stretched with her lips. My kiss will cooperate with strokes, form a crazy movement, a rhythm set off a hot flow, hot flowing into her lower abdomen, causing her to shake:

“Um…… “

I stood a lot of ambition. At this time, her breathing became very urgent. She has been intoxicated in my caress, I warmly kissed her, when I solved her first button, she once Pushing me to struggle to stand up, my lips, moved from her lips to her breast, frequently sucking, suddenly put her into the whirlpool of desire, she could not breathe, in the expected arrival The wind of the wind.

My hand slipped down her lower abdomen:

“Teacher, um … can’t … I am afraid …”

The layer of heat waves surrounded her. When her pussy was touched by me, she couldn’t help but hit the cracked, and a water was discharged from her uterus.

“Teacher … don’t touch, I stream … flow …”

Li Wenling called low.

I know that I have introduced this girl’s spring love to the highest peak, this time she must have an urgent instinctive need. At this time, violence is absolutely effective.

“Wen Ling, the teacher took you to the room to rest.”

So I took the opportunity.

“Um…… “

I helped her and weak, I got a very kindly room, put her in bed, and crushed it.

“Teacher, don’t … your hand …”

My hand raised a few incident in her hi-moon, licking, pinch, squatting, two fingers were buckled to the itching, it ticked into the heart.

The gently handle opened her two labips, and slowly put the fingers in, only the heat is hot, very narrow.

“Teacher, quickly smoke, I hurt …”

She frowned, biting the roots, I know that she is still a woman.

I took my finger to the action of the cock up and down, and I kept inserted in her narrow yin, a slippery lascivious water flowed out.

“Teacher, 喔 … the man’s finger …”

Slowly, she twisted the butt, the girl’s spring is one but being ignited, it is unstoppable, very fast, I am stripping her, and I am so fast.

I across her two legs, her legs were all open, and her small hole was trying to let.

I used my fingers to explore, and I crushed on the jerki of her tremble, she hit a chilly, and she drilled in my chest.

“Old … teacher … I …”

Even the cold, the voice does not sound.

She is confused, I am placed, when her little hand touches my hard cock, my heart is a small deer, and I have a sound:

“So big … I am afraid …”

“Don’t be afraid, will not hurt you.”

I walked the glans in her narrow hole. She trembled, although it had urgent needs, the girl’s instinct is ashamed, so that she said:

“Don’t, don’t, you are big, bad …”

She twisted a small belly that I was pushing, it was so delicate and weak.

“Well … Teacher Don’t … I am afraid …”

I bite the sucking of the soft breasts, sucking up by the lotion, spit out, reaching the rounded cherry … I will use my teeth to bite her teat, just right, just bite , Slowly retreat again …

“Um … it is uncomfortable …”

She is very taking, and the yin is like a wave of fountains.

“Wen Ling, you open your hand below.”

“Um…… “

“With another hand with my dick.”

She is afraid of being treated, as being ashamed.

I hit her waist, the glans were aligned, but the butt was sinking, got a half of the day to put the glans, only paind her tears: “喔 … pain … Tap, hurt … I don’t come … “

I think the glans caught her little hole, as if the hoop is in a soft ring, because her lascivious flow is much, the oil can slip, she is very tight, and it is very tight, and it is good. The buttocks are also ambiguous, and it is more than two inches.

She frowned:

“Good pain, can’t go down again …”

I didn’t hear it, but the buttocks were sinking. The coarse mask has entered half, only hurting her to die, and there is frequent taint in the mouth.

“Teacher … hurt, quickly pull it out.”

She has a long breath, and her whisper is low.

I kissed her cherry, the tongue stared against her incense tongue, and gently pumped below.

At this time, her spring love is the most ker, I only think that the lower body has never had a feeling, first is hurt, and then embarrassing.

I am afraid that her excessive pain does not dare to insert deep, only in the mouth, just this does not make her reduce pain, but itchy, so that she can’t be autonomously twisted, turn my butt, head body Trend the glans, and urgently want to go deep into the whole cock …

I slowly put the dicks, I saw her frequently screaming, biting her tip of the tongue, biting her numbness.

Only in the mouth of her, I really failed to meet my needs. Holding her waist, she knows that I have to go deep, busy:

“Teacher … Just like this, only half, I hurt …”

She closed her eyes and bite the root.

I will gently get a few times, kiss her little mouth, the dick is fierce, “Zi …”, all the end.

“Teacher, can’t … can’t stand … Don’t …”

She shaken, tears Wang Wang’s appearance, called people really can’t bear, she is probably painful, and her face is cold and cold, tears flow.

I walked off the sweat and tears, but the buttock turned the glans to turn the heart, but after a few minutes, she made a cold, only grinding her obscenity DC, a small pussy was stuffed tight, It turned to the heart of the heart, then the house was hot, and a slight shake, I knew that pain has passed, now she has triggered spring love, letting down, not stopping.

“Oh … Teacher, don’t you use force, light … light … slow a little … 喔 …”

The air spreads her voice, her two elastic soft breasts, with her oscillated figure, in front of me.

At this time, she has been awake. She knows that it is being used by her teacher’s original instinctive action. From the book and from the classmates, she learned the kind of thing. She is experienced, she doesn’t know this. It is painful or enjoyable.

The woman is not as good as a woman, she has been in my crazy, and she has revealed the peak pleasure, and I can’t help my sprint, I will reveal the way to eat, I can’t stop the body. Avoid my offensive:

“No … Teacher … I can’t stand it … Tap … Teacher … 哟 … I can’t stand it. ….. Wen Ling’s small hole … crack … Teacher … slowly … … stop … … Oh…… “

“嗳 … Teacher me …”

“Teacher … I can’t … you are so embarrassed … 哟 … you touched me … dry over .. …. Teacher I can’t eat … “

“Teacher … You will do it … Rao for me … don’t move again, can’t knead …”

“You … that thing … I have to die, I am going to die … 嗳 … Tap … I will flow in the following .. …. “

“Teacher, hurry up … I grasp me … 喔 … I am cold … oh … this is dead …. .. Really … Expand … “

I can’t stand the fierce plug, she has gradually brought me to the peak of life, and the whole body has grown, and I hold me closely.

“Oh … Teacher … I am below … pee …” She shakes his two legs, tightened and straight, and there is a loose arm. The homework is open, and a hot girl is yinjing. From her womens: “喔 … I …”

I know that she has already vent: “Are you coming out?”

“I am weak …”

My cock was poured by her yin, a more shape and long, holding a glans to the palace mouth, a pussy was full, both stinging and pleasing, a sputum is full, she can’t help but be coma Woke up, I will breathe again and again: “Teacher, you … I am afraid of people, harm me just now … so comfortable.”

“I will let you feel comfortable again?”

“Well … no …”

I am closely and weak, and I don’t care about her life. I have a hard work. Let’s go in, the big turtle avatar raindrops hit her flowers, and the waves are brought into a sound, from The yin house is wet on the bed to wet a large piece.

She breathed a side of the refusal, but she didn’t help but greeted my offensive, so that she once again surrended me.

“Oh … you … I am dead …”

Her ass, keep up, grinding, this lascivious movement and voice, stimulating me, I have a trip to my ass, the masher is aligned with her one-in-one pussy, inserted She is happy to be half closed, hugging me tightly …

Her soft buttocks keep twisting, rotate, I don’t stop inserting, breaking you this is too small, seeing your small salary will still sell it again? See you in the future, will you deliberately spend your breast, shake your ass?

The big talents turned around the small and sluggish hole cavity, she was numb, and each time the glans and yukina contacts, her whole body will be treated from the coma: “Ah … teacher … … I really can’t … I can’t afford you … Teacher, you take me … “

“Your dick … put my little hole … Really … you smoke the hole … I really … I can’t afford it. NS…… “

“Teacher … You don’t want to go to top … people can’t eat … You go up again …”

When she was like a leather ball, she opened a little mouth, her eyes were semi-closed, and the lower abdomen took the rolling, the two legs were unable to open, let me be a meat, like into There is no one in the unmanned situation:

“Teacher … I can’t … oh … Xiao Daogao is smashed by you … smashed … The following is a broken. ….. “

“Hey … you don’t worry … I can’t stand it … I am not live … Today … small hole will break .. …. “

“Wen Ling, okay?”

“Well … Teacher … Don’t use it again …”

“Teacher … you rare me … beg you … Otherwise … I ask you … Tap .. …. “

I stopped crazy offense and let her breathe a lot of emotions.

“Teacher, hurry, let’s … itch …”


I put the butt forward, and the whole cock was stuffed.

“Oh … this is dry to your belly …”

“This is true … this is too heavy … oh … big cock … so thick … and top .. …. “

One of my meat sticks is like a knife, it is like a big squid, the gradually meat stick is numb, and there is a shares in the laborary.

“Oh … broken … below …”

“Hey … 嗳 … no hurry to stop …”

I saw her screaming:

“Teacher … I can’t …”

“嗳 … Teacher … I pee again … Hold me …” said that the ass is trying to top, a yang again. From her uterus, I was shaking. The whole body trembled. The cock was sucked for a while, and I couldn’t stand it anymore. I know that I want to ejaculate, I will put the butt and put the butt. The end of the uterus.

Like a crazy two, warm hugs:

“teacher…… “

“Wen Ling …”

I am like a burst and exhausted a bury, really I am a burst, buried the head in her chest, her chest is full and soft.

“Teacher … you killed me … I would like to see people in the future? … pure body … is you … 呜呜 … “

Her lips are getting more and more powerful, and if they didn’t say it.

I hug her tightly, sucking her tears, with the smoother sound of the mood, in her ear:

“Wen Ling, forgive the teacher, the teacher is sorry for you.”

“Sorry, just …”

She said grievances.

The hot kiss blocked her from talking again.

“Will there will be children?”

“No, get up, wear clothes, 11 o’clock, go back late, will your mother be?”

“No, um … people are weak!”

“Come, I will pull you!”

“喔 … …”

“What’s wrong?”



“Below, asked, you are all your colorful teachers!”

She speaks.

“What about you? Sao students.”

“Dead, I don’t care.”

After the last bus, I returned to the school was twelve o’clock. I went back to the room and took off my clothes and went to the bathroom.

The school’s bathroom is next to the dormitory. The school hires a worker to burn water for the teacher and the genus, and everyone is sleeping, and the whole dormitory is cold.

The bathroom is a large room, divided into two halves, intermediate wooden plates, due to time, the separated wooden board has been caught in a hole, the woman’s side, because they There are things that others (especially men), so they use a group of newspapers, put those small holes, so that we can’t appreciate the spring …

When I went to the bathroom, I heard the sound of the next door, obviously someone was taking a bath, or not to wash clothes, but the sound is not like washing clothes, but who will be at this time, in this bathroom Taking a bath? ……

I really guess, I want to take the newspaper of the small cave, take a look, remove the doubts in my heart, but I am afraid that the other party will find it, if I have been open, I lost it, I don’t tighten this bowl. The upper sailor, for the losses of the reputation, but can not be able to make this gourd, take off my clothes, and take a good job.

But when I went to the pool to drown in the pool, I heard the woman’s snoring, the voice was very fine, I can’t help but listen, I didn’t hear the sound, but I can’t hear the sound, I think maybe I have been wrong, but, I have come, it seems that I have a lot of pain, I seem to have a sorrowful voice, this I conclude is a woman’s pain. The brain nerve tells me that the next door will definitely occur. , Suicide to the drug? Or? … I also can’t care much more. I opened a hole with a large newspaper with my fingers. I tetiled to see the next door …

OMG! A woman …

My nerves suddenly became nervous. It turned out that Mrs. Zhang, Mrs. Zhang, the thinbabble, and the half-horitocity can be blown down.

At this time, Mrs. Zhang is naked, and the whole person slashes on the wall, put a pair of flildms, revealing the charming Taoyuan Cave, both hands are not stopping with her black and sudden pussy, half-eyed, I have a mouth, I know, Mrs. Zhang is doing that.

“Oh … oh …”

She shook his head and spit it.

Why do she do this kind of thing? I think 8% is that Mr. Zhang can’t satisfy her, so I have to cancel the fire, but it is no wonder that she is so Peugeot, is married to the sick husband. Really, I have a few of my teacher. How can she meet her of the wolf tiger?

The figure is enough to look at her charming, although both breasts birth to two children, but not sagging, bulging or fullness, but because of the large number of nipple granted relations milk, than the “cold nun” to, dark for its abundance of fresh elasticity can not be bad to go there. And then further down is the lower abdomen, perhaps because of the relationship she had a baby, there are purple circle pattern, her slender waist can also be very, then down ……

Ah! Is the play to make the world a fascinating Taoyuandong heroes, her pubic hair looks very lush, dense mass of a large, she is known to be a strong personality who, labia out Zhang, because she kept Nianzhao, is there sexual secretion drops down the thigh shed ……

“Well …… die ……”

Her trembling body, speech vague groaned.

Then she wear the other hand Nianzhao their breasts, especially that two dark red nipples are hard twist abnormal, twisted body while chaos ……

“Why God …… …… die ……”

Here she covered with soft and thick black hair Taoyuan hole, then continued to surge out sexual secretion, downy Soke stick intertwined.

Her resignation touched even touched, pound pound also vain, she did not know in the end that place unwell, restless body twisted, a quiver of white meat, grind it, twist it, but it seems still itching to hand straight to have been flooded cave destroy ……

She bent body, two winks at his half open pussy-closed, again it would only have been in touch to breast hands in pussy, clutching two leather with two fingers, black and red labia Zhang opened it turned out, and then again the other hand fingers into his cave Taoyuan, learn dick pumping the way, continue playing with their pussy ……

Her fingers smoke a delivery, it is clear whether the thrill, I saw her face with a lustful smile from her womb Chung smoke sexual secretion, and out along the finger was brought out, two labia also a close over the pages of her first pink swinging the ……

Oh Well, gone out loud mouth:

“Well …… oh …… oh ……”

I was that she shares Saolang kept stirring up my libido came up big dick too slowly, I can no matter what the consequences will happen, I’m out of the man entered the bathroom door fast female bathroom, toward Mrs. Zhang Meng jumped, hugged her:

“Ah? You …… you …… Hong teacher ……”

“Mrs. Chang, do not say anything, I’ll …… make you happy.”

I kissed her lips, her body while twisting, struggling in my arms.

“Well Hung teacher …… …… …… do not.”

Resist ignore her, she was such a warm welcome to resist, to me, is nothing more effective kind of encouragement. I quickly suck her breasts.

“Do not …… I do not ……”

Her mouth repeatedly said no, but a butt tightly against my ass, her pussy facing me have an erection dick, non-stop around and from the friction, I felt a heat from her lower body, spread to my body.

I suddenly put her on the bathroom floor, the body pressed up.

“Hung teacher …… What are you doing?”

“Make you happy!”

“Ah …… you ……”

I tried hard to separate her legs, making her wet creamy pussy, before my eyes, shook my being a dick to her hole a plug, not join, then hold positive, and then plug, it is not in, anxious I see stars ….

“Mrs. Chang, where the thing?”

“Find himself.”

She said automatic sheet legs further apart, freeing up a hand hanging out my dick into her hole, I hastened to plug into it.

“Oh … oh …”

Her legs tray on my ass, her efforts to reach the more prominent, are inserted whenever my dick touched her bother, but she body tremors.

“Oh …… United States is dead ……”

I think she has a cave wall layers of meat, a stack of stack, dick horse eye feel very comfortable, can not help but keep straight draw fierce send.

“Oh …… Hong teacher …… You really would do …… so comfortable …… This time the United States is dead …… oh …. .. “

“This time the United States is dead …… and ……”

“Well … heavy … you will seriously … Hong Teacher … You are so embarrassing … all breaks me … … Yes, bad … “” Good cock … Hong Teacher … 嗳嗳 … Mei Di me … Heavy … I will seriously … “

“Hong Teacher … You gave me out … Water came … this … I have to die … 喔. ….. “

Under the lamination of Mrs. Zhang, I took more than two hundred in a breath, and I still suppressed the fire and put a big glans in her juling.

“Master Hong … 哟 …”

She couldn’t help but play a trembling.

“Hey … I am so uncomfortable … Sour … The following …”

She called the waves of a trembling, one side of the fat butt touched up, put it up, and the two sides were more open, and they opened the door.

“Is acid? Mrs. Zhang!”

“Well … people don’t want you … don’t you be in people … That …. .. Master, you … you … you are a babard … 哟 … ask you … don’t …… “

“Okay, you are a bastard, you should die.”

I said, fierce my butt is a few times, I have a lot of money, and I stand the heart, my butt and one right come back and forth, my wife turns to live, the waves have a burst of from the uterus Overflow.

“嗳 … Hong Teacher … You want me to die … hurry up … I itch in the point … You are really .. …. “

I ignored her still grinding her yukuclear. She was trembled. The limbs were curled like lobster, and a butt was thrown up, revealing the peak pleasure, and got angry. Two glance, the powder surface is red.

“Master Hong … how can you pick it up … Well … Hurry … It’s itchy … Don’t top … 嗳 嗳 … You come on top … Yeah … don’t … I want …. “

Like a windmill, a buttock is not turning, you have to put the butt on the top, hugging my body.

“Well … I … come out …”

She layered her meat and surrounded my dick, surrounded by eight squares, her uterine mouth like a child sucking like a child …

She shouted out of a shaft, poured on my glans, her meat gradually surrounded the glans, I only felt a good burst of hot, the cock was tight by her meat. I almost lost it, I am so prepared in my heart, but I can lose.

After stopping, she was broken, surrounded my meat and slowly separated, she took a long breath, open his eyes looked at me to satisfy!

“Teacher Hong, you are so powerful, then I will get me out soon.”


“Um … I haven’t lost too much, and my head is fainting!”

“Mrs. Zhang, you are comfortable, I haven’t yet, you look hard.”

I said that I deliberately put the dick forward two.

“Bad … you are bad …”

“I have to be bad, you feel comfortable, is it?”

I took my mouth to her ear whisper.

“screw you!”

She was twisted on my dick, I was twisted.

“Hey, you are so heavy, see how I will repair you.”

“Who told you to say, you are careful tomorrow, I will tell you to rape!”

I can’t help but laugh, I deliberately put the dick forward.


Her ass is awkward.

“Tell me to rape? Hey! I have to tell you to seduce!”

“Tell me to seduce?”

“Yeah, tell you that this show, lure me this man,”

“Go to you, I will induce you, do you say it?” “Tell? You don’t want you to be a lot of soul when yourself, it seems that there is no cock in the man in a lifetime.”

“How do you tell you?”

“The Sao Jin of yourself, I am not Liu Xianghui, whoever will want, harm, I can’t help but run, this is not to lure me?”

“I have a ugly, have you seen it?”

“You are bad, peeking people …”

I blocked her mouth, and for a long time for a long time, I said to her:

“Mrs. Zhang, I am going to start.”

“What start?”

I used action to answer and put the butt quite two.

“Okay?” I asked.


She automatically put my butt on my leg tray, and I took it again. Whenever I picked it, she toldly, with my movements, benefit sex.

“Hey! Mr. Hong, you … also put me on the water …”

“You are so many, don’t blame me!”

I will continue to work hard.

“Oh … Hong Teacher, this … this is really good … dried to the top … comfortable … Re-use …… “

Slowly, she started a whispering called some surpass.

“Mrs. Zhang, how are you so much?”

“It’s all you make me, the dead … How do you get to the capsule every time … I will soon … come out … Do not…… “

“Mrs. Zhang, how do you flow again, your waves are much more.”

“I know there, it’s coming out, there is … What kind of means … I have flowed … Hong teacher, your dick is much more than my death … … your glans is big … Whenever you touch the yukikin … I can’t help … I want to tremble … 哟 … .. You look at this … Touch … Touch … 喔 … “

“The cock is bigger than Zhang, what is the hard work?”

“It’s you … more than him …”

“Right, how are you still taking a bath so late?”

“He just … crazy …”

“What is the relationship with him crazy and your bath?”

“He said … what is from … His friend taking … What pills … eat it without vent … …… The whole is a buddy … 嗳 嗳 … this is really good … too comfortable … “

“I am teased by me … I want tonight … I can enjoy it … Who knows by me, he … came out. ….. I also said that I have to die … I pushed him away … I came … I rushed out of the body … “

“Just now, I can’t get satisfaction, I will get it … 喔 … 喔 … He often wants to be a cute, you don’t promise, you will have a cute. … tease people, show him a little longer, but he … that is so good! “

“Mrs. Zhang may be that you are too fierce, he can’t stand it!”

“Every two days will be once, this will be too crucifix? You don’t know … Waitao, the lady we are in the murder, once she lost, immediately want to be Mr. Lin … Once … and every day … you want … “

Woman is such an unfoundation, it is not enough for two days …

The woman only knows her own comfort, they think that their husbands are iron-hit gold, in this regard, however, I don’t know how people spend more spiritual exchanges in men! But the woman doesn’t seem to die in her husband, and I don’t stop.

I said that she is dissatisfied with her face:

“Mrs. Zhang, if you want, you can always find me, I am always spend, but I am worried that I don’t have to worship, I am afraid I will also like Mr. Zhang.”

She said very dissatisfied:

“Listen to you, we … women every … it seems to be … 喔 …… … Top to my little belly … 嗳 … I have to die … 嗳 … I am fine … good Comfortable … Fast … hurry … Heavy … Heavy plugged me … 喔 …… “

My ass doesn’t forget to put down the thrust, crazy, hard work, both hands are not self-playing her big breasts.

“Hey … Hong Teacher … Tap …”

She turned over a white eye, it seems to be complained.

“Teacher Hong … soon, how do you remember it … I forgot the following … …”

Zhang Taizai said that it is very difficult.

I listened to her, and I was busy with the top and grind it in her jerk.

“No … Hong teacher, you want my life … I have to die … you really want to live …. .. “

I took her a tall-round breast. The sucking of even-linked, started to suck it by the lottery, spit, reach the scorpion cherry granules, change my teeth, whenever she was bitten She trembles in the whole body.

“Ah … Hong Teacher … … 嗳嗳 … can’t stand … I don’t dare … Rao me … I don’t dare … I can’t eat … 嗳 嗳 … I … I want my life .. …. Oh…… “

She is comfortable.

Her two legs on my ass is tightly trayed, and both hands hug me, I see her, which is a smile, and the smile of victory.

Because in action, the revenge means of winners, but the butt is still inserted, and the teeth bite her nipple …

“Ah … death …”

She gave birth to the tone, Yumen was ascended as a wave of waves.

Her cock is on her joy, and it is a burst, grind.

“Hey … Hey … Hong Teacher … You don’t worry … I can’t stand it … I haven’t lived ….. Yeah … I have to give you a grind … can’t … you have grind … “

Her mouth is called a dead, the body twisted and shaken, and the fine meat is everywhere, and the jade hole is sprinkled.

I asked her with red:

“Mrs. Zhang, are you comfortable?”

She smiled and said:

“Comfortable, comfortable to die … 嗳嗳 … hurry up … hurry to do it … um … I am so beautiful … You can done me … Dry me … Dong … no one … uncomfortable. ….. 嗳 嗳 … Today, I can … beautiful dead … 嗳 嗳 … I want to go to day … “

Her screamed!

Suddenly, she plays a strong trembling, two legs, and a hands tightly circled me, two eyes blurred, and Zhang Dazhao gasped atmosphere.

I only feel that there is a hot and hot yin, put it on my glans, from her homework, take it out … She is finished.

After she lost, her meat lived again, and I received it, it seems that the child eats milk, surrounding my hot glans.

I couldn’t help but stay this kind of comfort, my ass is sour, my body is a hemp, I know that I have to come out, I am busy.

“Mrs. Zhang, clamping … I have to lose … 喔 …”

I haven’t finished it, I will shoot in the uterus of she is still shrinking. She is poured by me, can’t help but cheer:

“Ah … hot … you are so beautiful …”

I crushed in her body, I took the little 余, I have been a long time, and the cock is soft and slipped out of her hole, yin and yang and waves have spilled out …

I said to her full of spring: “Mrs. Zhang, thank you!”

“I also thank you!”

Mrs. Zhang also said.

“Hey? What happened, discouraged? Just now Yao Wuyangwei’s death is alive, now it is not angry?”

She looked at my soft dick, and I looked down at it and said:


Time has fallen as fast, one semester has passed, followed by the winter vacation, Taipei’s aunt wrote to ask me to live for a month.

After graduating from the University, I haven’t going to Taipei for two or three years. I have a memorial for this ten years.

Especially the cousin – age.

Write a letter to the cousin to call her to Taipei Station, when I step, my cousin came to me, I ran it right away:

“cousin…… “

“Beauty …”

At first glance, we got the brothers and sisters, I can’t say anything. At this time, the cousin is long, no longer three years ago, it is really a big 18th.

“Beautiful age, you grow more beautiful.”

Walking with her and walking through the bridge and walking to the exit of the station.

“How can I shoot a horses?”

The age of beauty said.

Her naughty has not been changed for three years, and a mouth will satirize.

“Haha! Your mouth, wait for me to tell my aunt, ask her to sew it, ask you no longer chew the tongue again.”

I laughed and said to her.

“Don’t lift your baby aunt, I am not afraid of her, how, want to walk back or we call a taxi?”

I walked out of the station, and the cousin asked.

“This is no opinion, the passengers will come with the Lord!”

I don’t care.

I looked at Zhongshan North Road in front of the station, come and go, the pedestrians, the endless car, I think Taipei is more lively than three years ago.

“Still calling a taxi, wait after going home, you have to tell you the baby aunt, say that I have a slowedant.”

She said with a self-discovery, no longer soliciting my consent, she recruited a taxi, straight to the Nansheng East Road.

After having dinner, I proposed to the cousin:

“Beautiful age, is it good to the botanical garden?”


The cousin is refreshing.

I looked at her, and the two wandered on the streets of Taipei.

“Um…… “

The two came to the botanical garden, and the trees of the botanical garden were more big, that is, the sun in the tree is also shot during the tree, let alone at night?

A piece of paint in the botanical garden, under the thick tree, you can see a pair of men and women, doing things that are not good at people …

And the two of the ages picked up a thick darkness, and it was not easy to sit down on the grass found.

I immediately can’t wait to hold her, and then close her lips, unlock the clothes behind her, and smash it in the back of her, slowly slipped, until she is round Type of buttocks.

“Table brother … is not …”

She struggled to avoid my offensive.

The age is constantly symbolic resistance.

“Well … don’t you …”

When she didn’t pay attention, I was cleverly unlocked her milk. The tape was loose, the whole milk was lost, the two elastic breasts were prenatched in front of my eyes, just the light is too dark, not seeing the top Red cherry grain.

“Table brother … you … you are necrosis …”

She slammed me with her hand, and I have to re-wear a milk in one side. I have to get her, buried my head in her two soft breasts, and Zhang has a nipple, around the nipple. Skate, or gently bite the nipple, pull up next …

“Table brother … … you don’t bite …”

She couldn’t help but shake, I pressed her on the grass, her hand hugged me tightly, a face was hot against me.

“Table brother … open your mouth … I can’t stand it … I can’t … I can’t … I am below …. .. Water … “

“How following, I see!”

I said, I extended a hand to copy the beautiful skirt, and I only felt that I only felt that the long-winged clouds were long, and one of the two labips. The entire boy is like a buns just out, I have a pair of flesh to push down the meat, and unplug her hairy. “Table brother … can’t … you put your fingers in …”

She wants to die, and she puts her fat buttocks.

I listened to her, and insert my fingers into her yin, I took a pinch to the juicy nucleus, and I took my mouth to her nipple, gently suck, bite.

The immediate small nipple is very hard, I simply take off her thin tribed trousers, and move it upstream.

Sometimes it seems like a small ant, sometimes like a fine snake, then that the unidentified finger is inserted into the vagina, smash, get it, you! Directly got the cousin, the whole body was shaken, and her whole fat is tall, and it makes the attack on my fingers.

“Table brother … itch … inside …”

“Do you want me to miss it for you.”

“Well … what is … is fast, I want …”

She said that she reached out to open the zipper of my suit pants, and then took out my baby from my baby.

I rub the dick on her labi, I only provoked she was odd …

“Table brother … hurry up … I put your plug in …”

The whole glans did not work, she only felt that the small cave below was fulfilling, can’t help but make a happy sound.

“Oh … so comfortable …”

She is satisfied.

The cousin was slammed by me, I really want to die, but also because of her swearing, it makes my desire.

I have no pity, the heart of the jade, the sloppy sloppy, straight into her up, and Yin first mess.

Mom, but the butt is fast, twisted, my dick is also harder, it is like a iron rod, and it is like a small squid.

Gradually, I am numb, I am numb, and there is a shares hot in the laborary.

“cousin…… “

The cousin is lying in my arms, caressing my cheek, saying infinitely:

“Um…… “

“Is it hard? You!”

“It’s not hard, it’s comfortable.”

I gently knead her breast.

“No … don’t … hurry home, don’t let the mother wait.”

The cousin said that she climbed up from the grass. After we wore it, I walked towards the goggles and walked toward the garde of the botanical garden.

“Beautiful age, you see!”

I pointed to the darkness of a shade, called a cousin.

She looked at it, I got disdainful, and the head is low down and the sound:

“Um…… “

“They are just like us.”

It turned out in the darkness of the shade, and there was a pair of lovers. I did a move that I had to do with my cousin. The woman’s 呻 娇 声, faintly passed out, so that I can’t help but fell into the just and cousin Crazy dreams.

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