A black and white police car rushed in the North Second High Inside lane, “003” on the side door is still clear, in addition to the windshield clearly, the remaining four windows are flattened to close the dark insulation sticker. Chen Caiyin’s war was gripped in the steering wheel. The noise in the carriage made him unable to drive, but he didn’t dare to look at it. He was afraid that his eyes were accidentally floating, and the work of the next half of the life was also drifted away.

“- … Sumrite … Sow … Su …”

“Very good, great, the team leader’s mouth is really famous … Haha … call, a little bit, right, very good ……

On the right side of the rear seat, sit on the top of the middle-aged man, see the appearance of the four, 50 years old, is next to the head of Chen Caiyin, is affiliated to the Municipal Police Bureau Diligent Command Center. ” The sixth group “secret organization is long.

The middle-aged man’s chest hangs, the high level of the right, even Chen Caiyu does not know the other party, and he has heard this is one of the highest candidates of the next Police Department. The leader of the six groups was accompanied by person.

Since the last time I participated in the ridiculous, even after things, even the people of Chen Caiyin could not believe that the “real” “Central Association”, Chen Caihu’s mouth seems to be trusted, officially became a member of six groups – – These ridiculous tasks, which will then come back.

Like now, the Municipal Police Store issues the six groups of officials to find the leader of the police, and the important thing is important. This driver’s treasure has fallen into the most vegetable birds in the group. I heard that this is Zhao Gui. work.

Before the police car opened the highway, when the road in the urban area, the two chiefs of the latter were really discussing some people who sounded very important, enough to shake more budgets; just the car is on the north, it is different. .

**** “That thing is in trouble …”

The six groups of groups said, putting the information in the hands into the briefcase, and touched the right hand in the brain. It was originally harmonious and rigorous, such as the waterfall rising, and the soft roll Brown long hair is scattered on the shoulder.

As a woman can do it in the police, it is rare, of course, it is not easy.

As a policeman, the elder officials of the police are wide, and such services are of course experienced, but like the six groups of team leader, the difference is not much amazing woman, and there is no silver in the first second. Frame glasses, old-fashioned bag head, sound tablet report business, next second, turn into a crisp thread micro-dew, milk wave.

Leader unlock gray uniforms buttoned only solution to the waist, did not put in a tie uniform inside mini skirt hem to pull out of sight so that the abundance of white breasts burst out from among clothes, set off a more subdued tone soft white The police uniform curve that has not been destroyed is more likely willow waist.

More importantly, this kind of woman who took the initiative to chest milk is a female police. This feature is also very excited, and the black and white is going to stop. What woman didn’t play? This traity is too great.

“Then I was rude.”

Yu Bi, slender skinny hand covering Executive groin, a buckle skilled unlock, latch release metal, nylon zipper pull the same color and uniform pants.

Underwear stroking fingers across the to and fro of the inside of the dignity of man, more and more obvious protruding crotch, fingertips designated circle on the fabric underwear, sir trembling cramps, middle-aged fat belly also followed jitter.

In order to understand the urine separately designed slot, the head of the penis Flanagan color deep dig out, exudes a temperature baking out of the thick stench, she stuck out his tongue slowly licked cock careful everywhere, at the same time watching all reactions Executive, looking for where the root of this sensitive.

Executive leader looked quite confident sucking own penis, he played every woman said to him: “Well, ah, ah good strong, good Meng ah, my friends …… dry out and die.”

In addition to the yellow face his family. Just look at the woman with his humble service of her second child, he was a kind of father superior sense of conquest.

Leader dark cock erection of his mouth, squinting up at the chief’s face, when the two men staggered line of sight when the woman just smiled meaningful, more charming small splayed to the limit, with the rear side of the penis get swept uvula , breathing slowly with Xingsao cock.

“Ouch …… ah …….”

Executive do not know when to touch on a six-team leader tight mini skirt uniforms, ferocious twisted Bottom, let her without exclaimed, but still let the gentle middle-aged man manipulate.

Try the water temperature as a woman, the act of bald, the act of the bulls is more arrogant. His right hand presses the six groups of heads, forcing her to swallow more, and even the old two of their own baby, left hand to touch women , Touch it again in a plump woman, and pull the nipple. “Ah … Sumish …” The rude play can not help but call, but it is not struggling, still doing the best service.

Then bypass the big body, pick up the whole uniform narrow skirt, pull to the waist, dark pantyhose wrapped in soft hip flap, the lace dite underwear, tightly in the portions from the waist, Soft flesh.

The coarse short black finger is moving in the woman’s private place, and it is necessary to poke in – *** “Their official, report two sanctuary … The front is ● Tan toll station …….”

Said this sentence, almost the courage of Chen Cai’s half-generation, during this, he was attracted by the voice, as long as the road conditions license he sneaked, and of course, I know how the lattice is developing! The time-time truck is also driving the driving responsibility of this “003”.

“Ok, the chief is embarrassed, please let me get up.”

The six groups of groups recovered the calm tones, and they were pressed against the salted pig hand of their own head. They got up to clean up, the congestion of the stiff meat was hard to give her back to the crotch, and they began to organize their own dress.

“Oh …” Although I am not willing, I am also a person with my face. Bald is a hard-hurting old second, face iron green.

“Do you, your mother’s brain, is not!

A complaint is nowhere to release.

“Yes, yes, the chief said that …” Chen Cai Bird wants to cry without tears.

The side faces of the six groups of the six groups in the rear mirror are still good, and the cold expression does not look at themselves. Chen Caiyin holds the steering wheel and feels that he is not from the hard pants that are hard, silently put the car into the destination.

Old days … Who said that the police were very dry …


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