Sunray came again, this article is on the car on the way, suddenly thinks. I hastily in a laptop. Do you like it? Please respond more.

“Dud … Dudi …” Pan Wei opened his hand on the recognition machine, and immediately showed a three-dimensional screen.

“Welcome to the virtual banking service, Mr. Pan, do you want to transfer the 20,000 earth currency to the following account?” The screen flashed a beautiful face, and a flashing bank account number code.

Pan Wei opened his head, and a man who was extremely embarraided by a question next to him.亵 人 眼 straight, 20,000 earth coins! Even today, today, this is a large number, enough to live a year of luxury vacation in Mars. He said in mid-to-face: “Rest assured! Mr. Pan, must teach you satisfaction!”

Pan Wei has opened his mouth, and the brain has been unexpected.

That was fourteen years ago, his little daughter was full of age, giving friends and relatives at home. A man-made satellite has fallen from the sky, and it is unbiased to hit his home. All relatives and friends have died, only herself, wife and little daughter left. However, his spinal cord is severely injured and the lower body is paralyzed, while losing its performance. This rare door news is shocking around the world! Ironically, Pan Wei opened the engineer of the company to develop this satellite.

In addition to compensation for Pan Wei, the company also appointed him as a member of the board of directors as compensation. But his beautiful wife, but after a year, he ran with his driver, and he left him with his little daughter.

Over the years, he worked hard, and taking advantage of the expansion forces, and has fully controlled the satellite company and become a number of people in the city. The newly developed mechanical limbs make him actions, but physiological needs are always unable to meet. He tried a lot of methods; in the end, this man found him.

“Mr. Pan, please confirm the bill!” The computer’s moving voice on the virtual screen, wakes him from the contemplation.

“Confirm!” Pan Wei said.

“… … … Sound confirmation … Pass! Pan, 200,000 land currency has been transferred. Thank you using virtual banking services.” “Beer”, the screen disappeared. A man hurriedly put it in the clothes bag, and took a hologram.

(Note: The photo of the 23rd century can record stereoscopic images, sounds and smells.)

“This protagonist is a purebred globe. It will never be more than sixteen years old, and … it is a woman!” The man is particularly emphasized. He press the small button on the photo to show a stereo naked body on the paper. In addition to the blurred face blur, the whole body is flip. Her body is very good, unevenness is defined; there can be blushing that is contaminated between the two legs. Pan Wei did even smell a special aroma of a woman.

“Is she beautiful?” Pan Wei asked. He knows that the rules are not allowed to expose the protagonist face, and the user can put anyone’s face.

The eyes of the obscenity of the man flashed in the eyes: “It’s just the best! No matter what kind of appearance, the body and there are the best women I have encountered.” He said with the mouth of the mouth.

“Then she now …” Pan Wei couldn’t help but ask.

“Mr. Pan, you know our rules. It will only be used once, and then you will be able to get rid of it immediately. Otherwise, the cavalry can find us with a mening film. Then you will enjoy it later. “The man said:” Although it is a bit! “

(Note: This is the most cruel murder method of the third century. It is entirely controlled by ultra-high heat laser, and does not leave a trace. It is strictly prohibited by the universe patrol. Once found, it must be a death crime.)

“Well, you can go. When I need it, I will play advertisements in the virtual newspaper.” Pan Wei finished, and he handed over a piece of CD to his arms and got up the park. After going back to your car, drive home.

The car is controlled by computer, it is completely automatic. Pan Wei was only told: “I am very fast.” He really wants to try this beautiful girl.

Bright moonlight, through the crystal sunroof of the air cushion car, take photos on Pan Wei. “It’s a woman!” He couldn’t help but close his eyes. He remembered his wife is also a woman.

Pan Wei looked up and looked at the moon, tonight is the full moon. The moonlight is round and big, and it is exactly the same as that night before fifteen years.

That night, he graduated from the Xintan University Electronics Engineering in the Moon Surface, and the score is medium in the rules.

(Note: Justu University is the most famous academic government in the moon in the moon.)

That night, Jia Xin, his wife was elected as the school flowers of Jindu University.

That night, at the graduation dance, the deception of the university gravitational team of the university gravitational team gave her, and chefully went to the satellite park on the moon track.

That night, he was in the satellite park, raped Jia Xin, captured her virginity.

He clearly remembers that night, every detail remembers a clear two.

When he saw Jia Xin, he fell in love with her. At that time he was a student in the fourth year of the Electronic Engineering Department of Jindu University; and Jia Xin was only a new life in the first year. She is reading ancient literature, and Pan Sui often makes laughing how she is far away from the moon to study the literature of the earth, every time everyone is angry.

But soon he knows that Home Xin is not him, but the beauty of the gravity ball – Niu Dehua. Jia Xin is getting colder, but Niu Dehua is Xinxin, but there is no dream of God. At the evening of the graduation ceremony, Pan Wei used the last chance to say that Niu Dehua wanted to date her, lie to the satellite park on the moon track.

(Note: A football movement in an inactive environment, in the madness of the madness of the third year.)

They use short-range injectors to reach satellite parks. There is a satellite park running on the low orbit of the moon, which is huge, and is the main base for supplying oxygen to the city. This park is a sightseeing place in the day; but in the evening, it has become a distant resort of youth men and women.

That night, most students stay in the school’s dance, the park is cold and clear. At the time, Pan Wei opened the true face of the colorful wolf. He torn the pure white low-cut evening uniforms of Jiaxin, and the home is struggling, but how can he be enemies but the boy’s strength. Finally, crying in Jia Xin’s cry, Pan Wei opened his large mask, and did not accompany the girl’s film. That night, he had a total of his hind. At the time of Deniang, the lower body of Jia Xin had given a high high, he almost back home to home.

After that, the home is fascinated by his big hook, I would rather drop out of school and married him back to the earth, and I have a daughter for him a year. Just that the accident, he lost his performance, and Jia Xin was dissatisfied between the bed, and later he ran with the driver. Every time I think of this, Pan Wei has hated the teeth, he has many women, and they have also raped a few female students. Among them, there are earth people, the moon is born, but there are Mars to mixed, but Jia Xin is the best, and the only thing that makes him pay. But she, this woman, there was an abandoned him, and he was eloquence with a humble driver!

The air cushion slowly entered his luxury home, and Pan Wei opened the bus immediately and walked into the bedroom. He put on a virtual head cover, lying on the bed, and opened a virtual realistic recorder.

(Note: This is a new thing for the third century. Users can experience the story in the video in the virtual environment. Users can see, hear, even stroking like a real-oriented image. Advanced virtual video recorder, It can even use the computer to change the appearance of the protagonist in the play. The most popular video, of course, is porn.)

Pan Wei’s virtual realistic recorder is unique. It is manufactured using the lost emperor Mars Civilization Technology. It is a man who is smuggling with a super high price. You can let the user “feel” to the real feeling of the video, which is completely like personally translated. The user can even “feel” to the photographer’s body every of the slight feelings; or it is part of the photographer body (for example, a finger, mouth, or the mask.) This technology is also illegal, once found, It is also a sin.

Three years ago, when Pan Wei, when ordering pornography on a virtual network, this man cut into his secret channel and went to him a new video that must be satisfactory. He is addicted under his trial. This kind of ultra-real feeling can make him regain the greenery in the women’s group. So he used a quarter of the family of money and purchased this recorder. At first, the man provided by the man is normal sex video, but gradually Pan Wei can’t be satisfied, he wants to try the taste of violence. Therefore, he raped a high price to raped a girl for him, and he had hurt more than a dozen women in this year. But the young people are still a head.

“Beep”, Pan Wei opened into the virtual reality.

In virtual reality, Pan Wei has entered a dark alley. The red big moon on the head is “Titan”, here is Mars! He continued to go forward, Pan Wei sniffed a faint Tiaolian. That is the favorite flower of Jia Xin!

(Note: Tianling flower is a plants unique to Mars. It is full of flowers in the past four seasons. It is very common in Mars Mountain.)

The photographer (that is, a wretched man) continues to go forward, the goal is there. Pan Wei finally saw a beautiful back. It is a girl, wearing a suit. Mars is warm than the Earth, so her clothes are very thin. Through the weak street light, Pan Wei can almost see the lace bra in her shirt, and only the butt pants. He felt that the photographer’s mask has begun to erect. Confirmed, the appearance of the wretched man is really caught up, but his hood is indeed large. So Pan Wei specially specified by him.

The more and more close, Pan Wei has been smelling the girl’s body mixed with the fragrance. “Xiannu 99” is your price. From the wretched man stuck the reflection of the small mirror on the shoe, Pan Wei opened the spring under the skirt to see the girl. This is the special request for Pan Wei, and is also his hobby. From the wide boat tube opening, he can see the girl’s lace underwear, is a pink girl model. The slightly concave beautiful petals is clearly visible on the bumps, and there are several shame to convex from the lace fine holes, and a little girl is emitted.

The girl seems to find that the tracker doesn’t care, she began to speed up the footsteps. A pair of mature breasts, going to the steps. Pan Wei felt that the blood gas rose, the mask under the arm was harder. The girls obviously saw the physiological changes of the photographer, she screamed and turned to run. Blindly rushing in the narrow alley in the Mars Ghost Domain. (Note: Mars is the new colony of the earth, where the rich and poor is very serious. The rich people are more living in the oasis of the sea; and the poor, most of them are miners or escapies from the Earth, they are in the mine. Side of the slum. As the mine is completed, they will give up the shabby waste houses to move to the new mining area. These waste-up slums become a variety of sinful black spots, so known as horror Ghost domain.)

Pan is like a way, and she caught her before she arrived at the alley. He hides the girl’s little mouth and took her pink neck and pulled her into a waste house. The girl is desperately struggling, but the neck is tight, soon, it has been unable to resist.

Pan Wei opened the control button, and he posted the face of Jia Xin on the blurred face. He loves this most, because he is the most forgotten, or that is stunned.

He opened his hand and the girl was crazy to struggle. He punched his girl’s abdomen, she immediately hurts to the ground, and she is constantly drinking. “Don’t … I beg you … Don’t …” The sound is quite like Jia Xin. Pan Sui opened a hand of her shirt and torn, the girl’s top is torn, showing the snow white skin. A young girl is fragrant, and Pan Wei is like a beast. It’s on the girl’s body, kissed in her neck and chest.

The girl is desperate to struggle, and they will catch a chaotic kick. “Oh!” She hit her knees, and he hit the lower yin of Pan Wei. He screamed. “Shit!” Pan Wei is booming, the next time I call him to delete the feeling of these fragments. The girl has a hand, and she can’t take care of the clothes, and I will take the door to escape. But Pan Wei opened a breath, chasing it again, playing in her belly. The girl screamed, falling in the ground, and no longer resist.

He pulled the girl’s body and pulled off a half fading cream. “It’s a first-class breast!” The girl’s breast is perfect pear shaped, very full and strong, but also stunning, compared to the breasts of Jia Xin. Pan Wei opened one hand, pinch her beauty. He kissed the girl’s pretty, the girl can only avoid his lips. He is hard to kiss on her lips, and the nose is full of girls. The girl closed his mouth and endured the photographer is full of roots and mouthful. Pan Wei opened his girl’s milk, she opened his mouth, he took the opportunity to put his tongue into her mouth and seduce her little tongue, sucking her sings.

“Oh … 唔 …” The girl is sealed, and it can only make a mist, but also attractive. Pan Wei opened his viewpoint to the hand of the photographer, and a freshly skilled virgin was reflected in the eye. The girl’s skin is like a silk, and it has emitted a fragrance. Pan Wei opened the buds on her peaks have begun to react, pink uli is expanding rapidly. Ah! There is a trace amount of milk on the nipple, like the home, no wonder the photographer is the best.

The photographer contains a raised nipple, sucking sweet fragrance. It’s really delicious. The girl began to take out the soul of the soul, the photographer’s crying caress, provoked her green lust. Her hand starts unconsciously on the top of the photographer.

The viewpoint with the photographer’s hand, explored the inside of the girl’s thigh. Pan Wei opened the skin of the girl with the older skin, and his hand was lightly passed through the pants, and he fell on the girl’s underwear. The girl is desperately tightened and not let the hand go deep. Pan Wei stopped on the girl’s underwear, isolated on a thin fabric, and stroked the girl’s fresh flower petals. He saw a few ciliadriars penetrating the panties, a full shiny, filled with the girl’s unique smell. He knew that the girl had been emotional, because he saw the wetprint of the lace fabric, it is slowly spread. Finally, like a pearl, a dripping a virgin love liquid seeps slim fabrics, presented in front of him. That is a unique special aroma! Pan Wei found the appropriate adjective found, only know that he is willing to smell forever.

The finger picks up the rubber band with the edge of the underwear, touching her pussy. Pan Wei felt that the girl is now a strong tremor. She tightened my legs, but now I have to stop the invasion of your fingers, it is no longer tonic. The honey sauce is out of control from the middle of the petals, and Pan Wei opened the point of view, and the girl’s tight flower buds were separated as the finger. In front of you, it is two fresh red beautiful petals. He can clearly see that the clitoris that has been emotionally expanded is dramatic in the lip. And from the core, it is constantly secreting the fragrant sputum.

The finger is forced to open the muscular mouth in the mouth, inserted into the sacred place where you have arrived. Surrounded is shallow tender red, very warm! Very narrow! Pan Wei can’t help but praise the god of the winner. The finger is wrapped around the tender meat, the front of the tender meat is a hymen! It’s amazing, the Creator is a label for women, is it to increase the first value of women?

The finger slowly pumped in the vagina filled with honey, and the girl did not consciously moved the little butt in cooperation. She has already given up the resistance and lost in the extreme pleasure of sex. The photographer pulled down her dress, crazy, sucking her delicious girl love liquid. The girl is out of control, a strong sex, hit her beautiful and pure virgin, full of cherry red.

The photographer will make the big mask close to the girl’s mouth, although she is not willing, but finally being invaded. Pan Wei immediately called the point of view to the penis. Just feel that the glans crossed the girl’s white shello, wrapped in a warm tongue, hit on the girl’s throat. That feeling is indeed unparalleled! The girl continues to use the tip of the tongue on the glans, and the movement is still hard but still the same stimulation. Her mouth is too small, the super large mask is not enough, and it is full of support. The photographer pumped in the girl’s Tan, on the one hand, he continued to suck her honey, and the two portraits were stimulated, and the girl could not fight. Pan Wei felt that the girl was full, and the rhythm was trembled, and the nose was angry. Finally, the girl’s petitude is shocked, and it is fainted in the connected plenary.

The masher be horses in the girl’s mouth, finally in her surprised eyes, sprayed a large amount of hot slurry, direct into the girl’s throat. Pan Wei felt the most striking climax,

I want to really value what it is. A lot of white semen quickly filled the girl’s little mouth, she wanted to vomit her desperately. However, the big mask in the mouth is still not swelling, only forced to swallow a hot and slurry semen, but there is still a lot of overflow along her mouth.

Pan Wei opened the naked body of the girl on the ground. Separate her legs with hands, put the weapons that have been swollen, close the girl’s pussy. In the confused, I feel that the honey is in the giant, she is afraid to have the whole body shake the war, and the hand is tightly grasped the ram of the arms. The door is hard to bite the lower lips, a pair of beautiful purposes, tightly closed. The appearance of the appearance, like the appearance of the family before the family.

Pan Wei opened his eyes to the glans. He felt the big glans of the egg, and used force to move the vaginal mouth of the tightening. Ah! More than compact with your fingers. The masculine is ruthless, the surrounding meat is like a copper wall iron wall, clamping the glans tightly. This feeling, Pan Wei has not tasted for a long time. The masher continued to open the mountain, and they had done it to the female film. The girl is painful, and the lower body is inserted into a huge fire rod that is burnt into the burn. She rooked her head, and her finger had deeply caught in the arms of the ram. The mouth can only be great, but it does not have a half point sound.

Pan Wei opened another point of view, he had to feel the feeling of tearing the female film, and also appreciate the girl’s painful expression at the same time. The Yangry is retreats along the way and retreats to the vaginal mouth. The vaginal mouth is tightly hoop with the shallow gitch under the glans, and it feels uncomfortable. He saw the girl opened a pair of beautiful eyes, and the big eyes with tears made a doubtful look, she didn’t seem to understand the reason why this fire rod retarded. The rammer laughs and smirk, so that she suddenly woke up. Her eyes flashed strong panic, and the mask was unrecognized. Pan Wei felt a strong oppression that was strongly torn, and the glans heavyly broke the fragile defense, torn the mark of her virgin. Blood like a peach blossom, falling on the glans, with long blood marks, hit the end of the vagina.

With the out of the hook, the girl made a scream. The beautiful face has been distorted, and the tears flew out from the closed eyelid. Optimably when you get melons.

Too beautiful, the entire oversized mask, was wrapped in a small vaginal vagina. Pan Wei blocked the violent bloody flavor of the women’s melon, he still saw the wound of the female film to be torn with blood, and reddish the whole penis. The drama of the girl is shaken, constantly massaging his glans, his mask, his whole body, his soul.

He began to take the mask, and the mask trags the treasted vaginal tender meat, bringing another wave of pain to the girl. She began to cry, the godged nose and the tears were full. When the mask is once again vigorously inserted, she has gone.

Pan Wei did not stop, he has begun to thrive. The girl’s vagina automatically secretes a lot of love, enough lubrication to alleviate the girl’s pain. She woke up, and the violent attacks were screaming, and they made a complicated 呻吟 呻 呻 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 呻

As the mask is inserted, Pan Wei has enjoyed the incomparable pleasure. He knows that the endurance of a wretched man, plus just launched once, this time, at least half an hour, enough to do “death” this delicate virgin ten times. It is said that the girl has shocked the whole body and feels another climax.

“Titan” red moonlight, through the tattuff in the waste house, reflecting the rape in the innocent virgin. In the moist air in Mars, it is full of mourning and girl who is full of raw gasping and girl pain. I started to lower the rain in the sky, and the tears of mourning like a girl’s tragic fate.

(Note: Mars under the reclamation of the artificial oxygen generator, the atmosphere has been restructed. The water vapor mixed the red dust of Mars, so the rain of Mars is light. “Fire Hostwater” is more famous One of the ten scenes of Mars.)

The beast has been raped for more than forty minutes. The girl’s wedch is crying by the beginning, and it has become irritated when it came. She is already in wood, the pain and pleasure of the lower body have become used to it, like a part of the body. The girl is like a coupling, with Pan Wei, unintentional twisting the body. But for violetors, this is interpreted as a ridiculous impact of strong, mighty and sexual superman. Pan Wei has experienced the most satisfied in more than ten years. The girl is suffering from a sharp convulsions in the body, came … Come … The flood semen high-speed sprayed out, hot gay girl in the whole body. The strong male odor is emitted from the semen overflowering over the vaginal mouth. Take it, two times, three times … Pan Wei will fall on the girl. Too comfortable, it is the best time ….

Outside the house, the rain stopped. The water point is “ticking, ticking …” on the red soil of the ground from the hole in the sky. Surplug the trace of red dust. The photographer took a shrinking mask and appreciates the reddish red on the glans. Girl’s naked body, weak roll on the ground. Not long ago, the perfect body of Jade and ice is now filled with semen and blood. The delicate flower bud has been displaced, and the high swollen is swollen. Although she did not send any sound, Pan Wei knew that she was crying.

The magnesium light flashes, the photographer takes the photo of the girl with holographic camera. The girl was quickly turned, she didn’t want to see this face again. This wretched face, took her most precious chastity, completely destroying her beautiful romantic first night dream, destroying her life! The tears are not controlled again, she cried.

The girl is brighter, in the sobbing, slightly shaking; a plump hip one bomb. Pan Wei felt that the mask under the arm was again reacted, he couldn’t help but surprise this wretched man’s performance. Like a monster, a big hi, has point to helpless prey. Another round of earth-shattering and starting again.

The photographer wipes the dense semen on the body of the girl, and the girl is not moving. Anyway, the most precious thing has lost, what other things! Until the rammer inserted her anus with a finger, she was surprised to be tragic fate, still did not let her. Fiber chrysanthemum wheels are ruthless intrusion, making her unable to call themselves. She desperately twisted her body to avoid, but the violetors were more hot. Pan Wei has always been unverified to anal sex. Although AIDS is finally in the treatment method in the third year, but human beings have given up the habit of anal sex, it is a barbaric and dangerous love.

The photographer obviously disagreed, he used to grasp the girl’s waist, ignore her sharp scream, and put the glans on a small ass. The chrysanthemum wheel is tight, from the tight muscles on the girl butt, you can know how she is scared now. Pan Wei opened a strong desire in his heart, this beautiful girl hooked his animal. He has never done the back court of Jiaxin, and now let this girl, replace home Xin to hear!

The viewpoint is immediately transferred to the glans, and Pan Wei drives to open the jig to the girl’s ass. it hurts! The glans are too tight. The girl’s painful shock, the top of the head is on the ground, and a black hair is covered with Mars. Although the mask has been filled with a slurry, the anus is too small. Pan Wei must use the whole body to push it before it will be forced. The girl’s ten hand fingers have inserted into the red clay, she has been fainted.

The masher is in rect, it is another completely different feeling. Pan Wei did not smell odor, only a kind of strange, it is difficult to describe the smell, not annoying at all. He spent ten minutes before you couldn’t finish the horses of the girl. The girl’s ass hovering this monster, and the blood is constantly flowing from the cracked chrysanthemum wheel, and the snow white buttocks are red.

The photographer began in the dry rectal, the outer skin of the masher pulled the rectal wall, and Pan Wei felt very painful. But in a narrow anus, there is another pleasure. He got a better, less than five minutes, it was launched in the anus of the girl. This time is not much launch, but the feeling of vulnerability when the climax is strong! very nice! Pan Wei was opened, he changed his anal diplomatic.

The narrow anus will shrink the mask forced into the body, the ass is still the biggest, mixed with blood, and turns a pink semen, full of girls whitening buttocks. Pan Wei opened weak volts on the back of the girl, she was still very fragrant. Dissatisled long hair, pushing on the shoulder. Pan Wei couldn’t help but dial his hair, deeply kissed on her neck. Home Xin’s favorite people kisses her neck, there is her sexy belt, Pan Wei has remembered very clear. The back neck of Jiaxin has a small red print, which is a birthmark. This Lian Jia Xin did not know that Pan Wei found it when it was raped. Later, he told Jia Xin, two more than to watch this little red print, carry out numerous fierce sex.

Pan Wei kissed in the girl’s neck, and a little red screen suddenly drifted into his eyes! Is home Xin! impossible! Jia Xin will not be so young!

The photographer has standed up, and Pan Wei wants to see it again, but it is impossible! “Put”, the video is aborted! This is Pan Wei’s habit, he doesn’t like to see a paragraph of gasification human body. Although the wretched man spent many times, how exciting the killing, but he can’t accept it. He only likes to rape a woman, don’t want to kill! So the wretched man simply deletes the section.

Pan Wei opened the virtual eye mask, and he suddenly had a strong uneasiness. He knows that only another person has the same birthmark. But it is impossible! “Dud … beep …” computer tube household soft female voice said: “Mr. Pan, the moon Jianjin High School Chen President’s urgent electricity, do you have to answer?”

(Note: All houses in the twentieth century have been equipped with automatic computer housekeepers, responsible for all housework.)

“Access it immediately!” Pan Wei felt that the heart jumped out.

“Beer!” The screen that flashes the video phone in front of the bed, a man who appears on the screen appears on the screen, a look that apologies.

“Mr. Pan, I am sorry! Your daughter Pan Xiaoxin is missing. She used this robot to deceive us.” He pointed with his finger to an unbeatable manner.

“According to her in the same room, she received the news a month ago, saying her own mother appeared on the Mars, so she secretly fleached to Mars.”

“Mr. Pan! Mr. Pan!”

Pan Wei opened in the brain, only a blank.

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