My name is Aucheng, because it is a bit fat, all have a high one, I can’t make my girlfriend, my heart is not, I always like a female classmate called cherrie, the eyes of the water spirit, a good figure (look like 30b), long hair, not very high (163cm, is the favorite height of boys), can be fascinated by many boys, people are as good as their name, like cherry is sweet, and people can’t bite her.

The first time I saw her in the first time of the country, almost every night, I fantasy, I made love with her, while playing a pistol. But such a girl, how can I have my fat?

This summer, the opportunity is coming.

The classmates who are about to be class will be proposed to get to the Holiday play in the summer vacation, and meet the classmates who are about to go.

I am refreshing, by the way, the rest of the students, the rest of the students will continue to attend on Facebook, the focus is, Cherrie will also go.

That day, I came to the bus stop of the holiday camp as soon as you call. I saw Cherrie, smoking quickly.

Wear a white short-sleeved shirt, faintly seeing the black bra, wearing a hot pants of denim, showing a long legs, beautiful.

I looked at her and stunned for a while. My friend is shakes me: “Hey, it’s okay, why is it in the mouth?”

I have come back, hurriedly, I should say: “Nothing is fine … have a car, get on the bus!”

Our group of people took the bus to the holiday camp, and the convener I assigned a good job, because these two-day holiday camp, so we can go to a small camp for one person. Under my “careful arrangement”, Cherrie’s camp is next to me, Tianxians and all, I decided to start this night, not succeeded.

In the afternoon, it is a ball activity time, and the evening is BBQ, then you will chat together.

In the past 2 am, the classmates scattered, go back to the rest, and Cherrie also returned. Start !!

I took out the ornaments that I took this morning, knocked her door. She quickly came out.

Cherrie: “Is Atrie? Is there something?”

Me: “(Take out the ornaments) Is this yours?”

Cherrie: “Yes, right! Thank you very much … You are full of sweat, come in and drink the glass!”

I: “Ok … ok …”

I sat on the chair, she took a glass of water to me, I drank a bite, put down the water cup.

Me: “Cherrie … in actually … I have something to tell you …”

Cherrie: “What?”

I: “Actually … I like it …”

Cherrie: “How to Sudden …”

When she is full of red, I don’t know how to react, I suddenly fell to the ground, hold her hands, kiss her pink neck.

Cherrie: “Don’t … Ambron you …”

I: “Give it to cherrie … I love you …”

Suddenly, Cherrie stopped struggling, the slightly moved, the lips were tapped, because my right hand was attacked her lower body.

I have been set up with this cherry.

I took her journey and opened her bra. I contained her nipple. The left hand cares for her soft breasts, and the right hand unsailed her hot pants, and continued to attack her lower body. .

Under these three-wave serial attack, Cherrie “ah” called, started, the lower body was wet, my right hand is all her love.

I am very excited, erected the index finger and middle finger to put her lower body, smash her G point, the left hand continues to catch her milk, and kiss it with her.

Suddenly, a warm current was poured to my right hand, and the cherrie climax. I think it’s time, take off your panties, show 18cm long younger brother, to the vagina of 凖 Cherrie, plug in.

“Ah!” A blood is reddish, and it is still a virgin Cherrie hurts in the eyelid.

But the blissful bliss quickly forgets the pain of the break, in my strength, and Cherrie continues to squat, but also a lustful. “Ah … honest brother … insert it … so cool … give me … ah …”

The cherrie that usually fell is so lascivious, and no one will come.

I turned over and entered it later. I grabbed her butt, and I smoked the beauty of the body.

Her ass was blusted by me, making my sexual desire.

Then I came to the pose under the male, and Cherrie tossed on me. The left hand grabbed my left milk, and I walked, I put my left hand to her right milk, and the snoring is bigger, I am Gretted her breast, and stimulated her charming nipple with his fingers, let her snoring high and low, causing a sensuality.

I feel that I am going to shoot, so I push her down, and have done a traditional man in women’s posture and continue to force it.

Cherrie squats his beauty, squeezing more love, catering my throduction, I will continue to double-line to attack her vagina and chest.

Another warmth, this is the fourth climax of Cherrie, spraying my glans straight hair numb, I can’t help, put the younger brother, spray the fine liquid on the face of Cherrie, after shooting Falling on the ground, breathing is very urgent.

Cherrie lick some semen next to his mouth, while dialing the other semen on his face to his hand, eat together, and the picture is good. She climbed up, including my younger, clean the residual semen and some pus, then she took her a small mouth with my younger brother, starting a new round of fighting.

Finally, I did three times and Cherrie, and the legs of the next day were soft.

The vacation camp for two days and one night is coming soon.

The next day, I received a call: “Is Cheng … I am cherrie … My dad and my mother is abbever … Do you want to come to my home … do …

Walking, it seems that it is a beautiful and lustful girlfriend.

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