The dull lamb house reveals a dim light. It’s hard to calm down the tide of the Zhou Shenyuan, just hiding in the eaves, just hiding a smoke, just listening to the housing to pass the houd and snoring sound.

In the case of the window, there is only one oil lamp in the house, and it is barely to put the house within a few feet. It was originally the poor family. There was no arrangement in the house. There was only one bed, and the bed is put a dressing table. It is the oil lamp on the stage.

“Oh, no … don’t like this, don’t ………” Search I only see the bed along the front of the four legs, the thick and very hairy on the top, the delicate and smooth, the delicate struggle, the one of the hair It is pressed by the casino; the four legs continue to look back.

After a while, the above moved a few times, it was dead, and said: “Don’t move, hey, the girl … Dad shot in …” The one under the bottom is not moving, but Put the foot tip straight, slightly, I can’t hurt, drive the whole cockroach and sway a burst of ripple, and it will be bent in the edge of the bed.

At this time, the bed is opened, and the thick and very hairy original is a middle-aged man, beard pulled, and the face is yellow; that delicate and smooth is a 167-year-old girl, moth eye your eye, the face is covered with tears. The two people are not hanging, and although the mess is in a mess. I saw this week’s servant smiled slightly, and I thought about it.

At this time, the middle-aged man on the bed still fell, and the brother’s thighs were slowly rubbed between the girl’s legs, and the girl’s neck, another hand stretched into the girl’s top. Touching the soft chest; the girl is only sobbing, but the legs can be clamped, but they don’t naturally let go, and both hands are weak.

“Silly children, not the first time, today your mother can’t come back, our night is still too …”

When I said this, the middle-aged man took the girl’s mouth, the girl turned his face to one side, helplessness was taken back by his father, just spit out of his father’s tongue. When the two bonded to the two oral cavities, the daughter’s tongue struggled, the more the heart of the animal, and finally she didn’t move as the dead, she made a tongue, whichever.

Seeing her daughter, the father hit the hand into the thigh of the daughter. Si Ping will clamp the legs, but it is preserved by his father’s thigh, helpless, there is no tobacked to dodge, but where to live with a furry big hand put the private place of the girl.

Si Ping only felt a wind, there was a rough thing inserted into the vagina, first referring to a finger, and then a finger. Before and after three fingers entered and out, knead pressing – the shame was already touched. One of the water seeps in his father’s hand, and even the semen just shot, the red and the lower part of the red, the darkness is sticking to a piece, and it is also a bit bubble.

At this time, with a rich experience in sex, Lu Lao said that his daughter had a feeling. The tempting body of Snow White began to red, there was a slight jitter, and there was also a snoring of exports in the throat, and was pressed inside the oral cavity. Shou Ping was teasing in the elder, and the short-on-body crisp quickly spread to the whole body. The desire of emptiness was also hypnotized her ambition. It would have a thick thing to hold full. That desire is gradually eroding the gods of Tuiping. The slowdrawn from the red stream.

The father saw a daughter’s pink tender meat out of the love liquid, and the shares in his heart suddenly broke out. That big hook, green gluten, the horse’s eyes have flowed out of the transparent desire solution, and it is looking for a humid hole. I don’t do it, do my father’s squatting, looking forward, look at the stem of the smell, “Zhang Wang … … …”

The bucket of the crockery, the blush, the blurred blurred, and the red mouth is open, especially the breath. The father put the glans on the red lips of her daughter back, and the viscous prostate was brought to the mouth of Tour.

When I saw a daughter’s mouth, I opened a hand, and Lu Lao took the glans into my daughter’s mouth, I gave a few coughs when I got it. I don’t want to think too much, I am filled with her mouth.

Lu Laojia looked at his hook slowly inserted his daughter’s cherry. It felt the tongue inside the tongue, and his heart was awkward. He tightly grabbed the head of Daughter, talked hard to move his butt, forced her to do relative exercise with his ass.

Suddenly, his body could not be trembled with autonomously, and he felt that the scrotum was severely contracted, and the heat stored in it began to boil. The ass slaps his daughter’s mouth, the glans touched the daughter’s tongue, there is just a nest. Rubao Han is unsatisfactory, and he will stamp the daughter’s mouth. Si Ping also only had a copy of it.

The whole bed is shaken again, and it will take it. Si Ping’s two hands patted his father’s ass, the body was twisted back, but the Laohan did so much more piston movement. The mouth is full, and the Tatong who can only make a snoring snoring only hope that the father will shoot quickly.

“It’s shot! … 喔 … shot ……” Lu Laohan slammed a few ass, just put the pill outside, the whole branch of the big chicken in the daughter’s throat. At this time, everything is still stationary, only the rain outside the window …

Hey, Zhou servant’s hand was burned to the smoke butt, woke up, looked at this incest drama in the house, he gradually forgot time. A look at the table is overnight. Fortunately, there is no pedestrian on the rainy night. Zhou servant felt bursts of coolness, could not help but wrap it on the windbreaker, and then went to the window.

The bed is still the two father, and the Laohan did not take the daughter from the daughter’s mouth. Instead, it is still eagerly twitching in the mouth of the daughter’s mouth, and the mouth of Si Ping has an exuded liquid with his father’s drawing, and she has been completely god. The semen flows to the ear of the mouth and flows back to the pillow, in the hair.

Lu Laohan licked the dried lips and turned her daughter, face down, but the ass. Lu Laohan placed legs sat in the bed, and put the chicken bar to the mouth of the daughter, and he took a bunk buttocks of the flourishing light. Looking carefully, this is a big butt, which is full of feet, and adds a charming from the top of the top. There is also the round thigh, delicate calf, pointed ankle …

Rubao Han only hates that he did not grow a few hands. He took his daughter’s head to prevent loose, and the other handed the daughter’s full butt, wiped the top of the sweat. Feng Yu is soft, the crisp is boneless, and no matter how it is not tired, Lu Lao Han was naturally slipped into the two half butt of the daughter, touched a tightly robust, under the wet flesh. The rain is still quiet, it seems that the old man is also shameful for the father and daughter of the incest tonight.

Rubao Han rose to the daughter’s ass, and inserted into the daughter’s vagina. On his face, he could not cover up his ingredients and desire to sexual desire. He slammed his daughter, his ankle hit his daughter’s full fat buttocks, and there was a big meat and meat in the room. The impact.

“啪” hit the hit between the meat and the meat.

“啧 啧” The friction of the meat stick and the hole rings in the room.

Father is breathing.

The daughter is also a breather.

“啪 啪” sounds more sound.

“啧啧” speed is faster.

In the embarrass, the father’s semen is strongly sprayed into the daughter’s small hole, and it has been filling in her fingers.

In the embarrass, the daughter’s core is also like a soup, the core is slight, and countless honey juice is pouring down, pouring his father’s smooth glans, and also poured the little honey pot.

“Hey, pregnant with Dad’s children, my woman, pregnant …………”

“Yeah … no, I don’t want it …………”

The meat stick is constantly stretched. With each time it is extended, there must be a hot liquid into the daughter’s meat.

over and over again.

one more time.

The meat stick is playing. The butt is blowing. The air is filled with a smell.

Rubao hit his daughter’s ass, the stick couldn’t open. The meat stick is deeply implanted into the depths of the daughter’s body, and it batches the daughter’s flood-like honey, spurting the semen of strong impact. The thick semen and daughter diluted prostitutes together, in the expanded small hole of Tiantack, full of incest liquids.

This back, the old man seems to die, and the daughter is in the back of the daughter, the dick is still inserted, and the two people have two black hair interspersed together, frivably rubbing the sound. Si Ping also gave a good twist butt, let the father’s mask agitated in his own uterus, she enjoys her father’s tie, stab in the big labia, feel the hot semen from my father, this time It’s there … Tous Pup is thinking about it is really pregnant, what should she do? The tears flow, the semen of the white flowers of the mouth also flow.

The two people are still messy clothes, and the lower body overlapping is light. Tu Ping knows that the mother is hitting, and his father will not take the dick from his genitals ………

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