Recently, my old man seems to be in the body. I heard that I have a problem of prostate, my wife returned to the southern mother and helped her mother to take care of him.

I have the opportunity to play wild food ~ 5 o’clock, send a wife to the station and take the high-speed rail, hurry up “The local hot girl aid network” caught a woman who claims to be “cultural university foreign language”, long eyebrows But unfortunately, I don’t pick it up! I don’t pick it up. Woman! As long as the milk is tight, there is a rim relationship? Anyway, lying down, a leg, is not a piston action! This anonymous name “Lei Lei” aid for aid, it seems that the year is 22 years old, wearing a blue small ocean dress, and we will meet near Shilin Night Market.

I saw her first eyes, I didn’t feel good. Although the blue small dress couldn’t hurt her slightly fat body, but overall looks quite clean! She said she just got next get out of class, could not ask her to have dinner, I certainly say good, And proposes to eat Japanese cuisine! She is sweet and laughing, saying that there is too much to break, eat the night market snacks ~ I am a little surprised! General woman, especially fish, if you hear the guest, please eat good Most of them will accept … But this “Lei” actually helped me save money ?! This made me a little embarrassed … she seems to see my thoughts, she said with my hand: “Mr. Lin, I am not polite with you! I really like to eat snacks ~ “

This is, it is very warm!

In addition to resolving the embarrassment, there are more intimacy! Rare, I am really intoxicated, as if I have returned to fall in love! I know that the current aid sister wrist is very interesting, although it is sexual transaction, but they It will make you feel at home! However, true! This “Lei Lei” is so natural, unlike it, not only makes me unloading, but I want to hurt her feel.

She naturally finished “蚵 蚵 煎” and “four god soup”, I also ask me to eat a bowl of ice? I said that of course! She said that she can’t finish alone, can she be with her a bowl? I am a little stunned !! Holding a tablespoon with her ate a bowl of ice, the ice is cold, but the sweet feeling in my heart is warm … She also fed me with her spoon, I ate, and very nature Sending the ice in the spoon to your mouth! I am stupid … I think she seems to be my girlfriend !!! ~ How long have you been feeling! Middle-aged man as me, in the career On the occasion, and the feelings of his wife have already submitted affection since the passion, such a sense of heart, I haven’t appeared in my chest, I am so embarrassing, I will kiss her lips quickly! She is ashamedow low Said: “Hey ~ Mr. Lin, you are penalized … can’t you bother!”

I don’t understand, ask: “Why can’t you bother?”

Her head still did not start, there are two flourish in the cheek … “Because, because …

I am wondering! Just also have a bowl of ice with me, how to kiss it? I hug her, like a child: “Well! Know ~ to ensure that next time will not be committed next time”

We will take the car to the Ninghu District, a well-known LOVEMOTEL, enter the room, I hug her, kiss! This tongue is deep into her mouth! “Lei Lei” seems to be like this , Not only did not reject me, but in turn around me, the hot tongue responds to me! My next rapid expansion! Hand is hungry and thirsty in her body! “Lei Lei” is very thick, It is also very soft! Open the collar, turn the bra, I can’t wait to embed the head between her charming double peaks, crazy absolutely her beautiful nipple! Hand has explored her hair with the speed of the thunder. Fluffy peach flower source!

“Hmm … ah … so comfortable!” She naturally groaned, there was a lot of wet! I used the middle finger into her flowers, only listened to her, “…” The lower body begins before and after, catering me to dig The gesture of the hole! This is so natural … we are like a couple in love! Pour in the bed soon like a magical madness!

I have never been so excited! The meat sticks in her honey points are like a long time, every time, my heart is full of sweet, and every time I take it, my heart is all I can’t fall out of her body, I will be relieved! It’s almost crazy! Finally ~ I finally shot hard after pumping for 30 minutes, and I was injecting her body like a mountain! She realized that I have ejaculated, not only there is nothing to push away (like my wife), she puts me more tightly with my legs! My glans deeper her heart, at this time, “Lei Lei” When the lower body continues to tend up, I can feel that her vagina is tightly locked for my mask … I will continue to shrink … I know, she is also climax! I satisfied her!

If this is a sexual transaction, it is definitely the most perfect transaction in history! Because I … I don’t feel any ugliness with money exchange the flesh !!! Contrary, I have experienced … I have never been Has, but still desire to have “love” feelings! Just a little sorry, because it is not obtained from his own wife. Some feelings, why can’t the husband and wife always keep this sweet feeling? In addition to quarrels, it is still a quarrel! Always have a constant discrimination and controversy … I stroked “Lei Lei” hair, my old second is still in her In the body, she squatted on me, like only a little sheep who fell asleep … this feeling is really good!

Think about each other and your wife’s formula, the wife will not wait to open me! It seems that it is very disgusting to go to the bathroom to clean the body! The mouth will continue to say: “Thick ~ Why do you shoot so much? ?! Hello, I am very sticky ~ you must have it to itch, it is a few days! Don’t you know that the semen is dirty? “

(She said … Why are you shooting so much ?! Dry! What is your fart? It seems that I can control my ejaculation [email protected] # $% ^)

My glans finally soft, slipped out from the “Lei” vagina … she also opened his eyes, said: “Dear! Thank you ~ Just comfortable ~”

My God! “Lei Lei” is gentle …

Compared with my wife, it is simply paradise and hell !!! My whole heart is crisp … also Ma !!! When I really want to fall in love with her !!

Later, after a combination … we put clothes well ~~ “Lei” asked if I can send her back to school? I said is of course good!

From the widget, it took a $ 12,000, more than the originally planned price code … I stuffed into the hand of “Lei”, she kissed my ears softly said “Thank you”

We opened the mountains all the way to “Cultural University”, I still asked: “There is a lesson at 8 o’clock? At this time, do you come to school … Safe?” She nodded, smile, please don’t worry …

The car finally reached the door, and I kissed me before I got off the bus. Thank you for this night! I am a sweetness in my heart! Delivery her to get off.

I saw “Lei” quickly walked to the school gate, suddenly flashed a young man’s figure … they also didn’t care about it, I couldn’t see them, and kissed it! Suddenly, my heart entangled !!! Looking at them with us just the same hot kiss, my mood can be said to be a little bit!!!!

Later, “Lei” also took me $ 12,000 yuan from the leather bag, and gave the man … I saw it … dumbfounded! But Suddenly awake !!!

It turns out that the saying goes say “the scorpion is ruthless” this sentence … is right!

Hey ~ Opened the car to go down …. I suddenly remembered my wife … I have some sins in my heart … not because the flesh is sold, but almost even feelings sell her …

Wrought! The next Taipei City, the Taipei City, the first … Road is still a lot of people! But my heart is so lonely …

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