I also had a girlfriend when I read the high school, that is our class flower, not bragging, that is, she is looking for the door, and of course, even the leader in boys, but they say that the girl is more than boys. The early maturity is true, when she is constantly close to me, I haven’t understood it, I will be too obvious, I know.

Later, after she said, she told me that I would like to play like this, but she is trying to try. Let’s chat, go shopping, then hold hands, then, I remember very clearly, in the evening, we went to the playground for a walk. After a while, the two were sitting on the step, I was very rule, but she slowly put the shoulders slowly , I am very nervous, I don’t know what to do. Now I think I still feel fun. She doesn’t respond, continue to take the initiative, pick up my left hand, then I am lying on my thigh, I don’t know how, For the mouth, I was shivering at that time, I really didn’t know, I didn’t kiss. When she took the initiative to put the tongue, I trembled, thinking, it turned out that this is the feeling of kissing, as for the time. Her important part has not remembered that everyone’s looks must be very disappointed, so I kissed it so long, I just want to write a real experience, I will not like other novels, I haven’t had a novel. Any plot.

The retiring is correct, there is a lot of distances, often kissing is a frequent event. Later, it took a walk in the playground at night. At that time, she worn her very thin long skirt, forgot to explain her body, 1.66, long legs, waist, wave is not big, but the buttocks are very good, the skin is white and tender, and it is indeed a good thing.

I took a hug and kissing with Jiang Li. I have never been a feeling of kissing. I cope it, my hands are holding the waist of Jiang Li, starting on her back to travel, learning the cool breeze, the thin dress is close to her body I gently stroked, grabbed the back of Jiang Li, the brother below has long been hard, she is very intoxicated, I tried to move your hands down, to her hips, very flexible hip seem To bring my hand, I just started my gently stroking, and later I started rudely, grabbing, Jiang Li’s body as my strength, there is no rule, suddenly, she uses the bracelet My waist, my body is back, I look at me, look at the official, her legs have been separated, the abdomen is originally close to my abdomen because of the relationship that has been kissing, then Jiang Li’s upper body is backward, directly A consequence is that her Yinfu is close to my brother, and I have verified that her Yinfu is very full, so I am too stimulated at the time. She is ringing me, I don’t know if I am now. It is still a unintentional body, and I have to collapse. I looked at her personal skirt to put her body out of the sex curve. The mind could not be inserted into her body. In an instant, the lower body is tight. I actually ejaculate, clearly feeling that a heat is full of thighs, I started to shake again, and I didn’t know how to return to the dormitory. I just remember it, I immediately lying on the bed, but I still want to go. Think, it is really ridiculous and cute.

After that, the distance is more close, I can freely stroke her chest, thigh, buttocks, but all are touched by clothes, nevertheless, that time is in the summer 2 months, so touch it is quite Cool. Jiang Li also liked me very much, as long as the two were alone, she was in me, she was free to make me stroke, but I haven’t touched her lower body, I just got a small, I think it, but I still touched it, but I was separated from the pants, and I went once and didn’t dare to stay. Until, we have come to college, in two different cities, we have played a good time to play, in another city, come out and take a walk at night, she is actually extraordinary hope that two people can be intimate, The two hugs again and again, this time I decided to make a breakthrough, I also can’t stand it by the physical stimulus of her close, kissed, I will continue to use the right hand to hold Jiang Li’s shoulder, left hand down Directly explore, but at that time, her legs were closed. I put it under her lower abdomen. She actually took the initiative to separate my legs. I will continue to stretch it, I’m slamming her down, but it is true, except Outside the motion, there is nothing, then she said, change a place, too, I am too experienced, we are standing under the light, so I am looking for a place, I can go to open the room now, I can find it. Looking down under the flow, others didn’t find it at night, so I sat, she immediately habitually lying on my thigh, kissing, after a while, I put the left hand on its breast, then intentionally zoom My own excitement, strive to enter her skirt, and then squeeze the cream of Jiang Li, finally touched the real breast, soft! She breathe is a little urgent, but it does not send. After playing her breast, I slowly waved down, slipped through Jiang Li’s lower abdomen, but it may be nature, her legs are too tight, I can’t promote the targeted part, so I put her The skirt picked up a portion of the abdomen of Jiang Li, and the left hand gently wipe her calf, go up, forget, she reached out and put down the skirt, maybe it is embarrassed, I will pick it up, she can only make I slipped to her thigh. This is the first time Into the first time, very smooth, I can’t help but quite the inner, I will touch it several times, I will continue, her legs are close, I put it. The left hand is a hand-shaped, so that the strength of the thigh is closed, her thigh is again separated, I put the skirt, I finally saw the lower body of the thigh, holding the white underwear, full of clouds The drums, I used to use the left hand, and I touched Jiang Li’s point meat, but I felt its delicate, but I feel very lubricated. She is unbelred, and she has low in the mouth. “Oh” sound, I built it in the middle finger, she all arched, continue “Oh”, my brain is very awake, just want to explore, I quickly took back. I put it in her white underwear, I’m going to explore, I feel that the root clouds are rubbed on my palm. Her hitting the clouds, I will continue to continue, Jiang Li is rushing: Don’t! I want to continue, Jiang Li dragged my hand with hands, decisive: don’t!

When I arrived at this time, I still said that I still have another hand, I took her hand and didn’t take into account, I finally came to the gale, wet and smooth, four words can be described, I finger closer Start, her body is like a bow, as my movement keeps moving, she has never been this stimulus, the mouth is not stopped, the 19-year-old girl is like this I control the rhythm! This is what I have killed red eyes, my left hand, my lower body, my right hand unsatched her skirt, the bra is too lazy to solve, I have to be the baby below, she no longer resists, hungry The nature makes her with me, put the skirt on one side, my left hand put her underwear, she creepy cooperated to let the undergladia, the eyes closed, the whole body is hot, gasping, I am crazy Top its body, mouth to her lower body, fully feel its temperature, humidity, softness and di, her left hand stared at my waist, barely maintaining balance, everything is exercised, I Sitting, showing her standing up, she got up, the slutty eyes smiled, she took the fat buttocks in front of me, my brother did not know when I was given up by me. Both sides have packed their hard, I put your brother, left the left hand to let her sit down, try it several times, just right, then sit down, then, don’t go She said, her hurt,. I can’t wait for so much, my butt, I’m going to squat, I am very strong, “ah” she painted, I feel that my brother has smashed a barrier, and wet soft The sliding environment is tightly packaged. I am actually surprisingly calm, slowly rhythm, she “ah,” low, or the horror, I don’t dare to call, I think she is sure I have a little regret, I will continue, after another, her brows stretched out, slowly not passive, start with my back, creeping butt, I didn’t expect our first time to go smoothly, but at that time I can’t like so much, I grabbed her hips fat, continue to plug her meat, and she took her skirt and underwear the temple, and she kneeled her brother. She is really a matter, more It’s a slogan, so the pain of the past, the pain has been in the past, starting the anti-cabinet, I stopped moving, handing the control to her, she licking my shoulders, laughing, and shaking her hips before and after I said: Shu is not comfortable. She nodded hard, starting “喔 喔” mess, maybe I have seen porn novels, we started to let go, “Ah, I don’t want to be more cool?”, “I want” “” “, Jiang Yishen’s monsor Answer me, “How do you let you get more cool?, Say soon!” “What is hard, do it, tell me! “Dry me, do it hard!” ! ! “She is also crazy, and my ear is low, the body is a moment of creeping, praying for greater pleasure.

Jiang Li’s madness stimulated me, “It’s stupul, I will die !!! Do what you died with my cock, I am going to ask me” she uses the whole body to dry up “with your cock.” , Ah, 喔, 喔 死 死 我 吧, I, “I ask for you, beg you, big cock,” So, I can’t help but turn it down, continue to let her squat, from The back of the back into her body, it seems that it is natural, even though this is our first time, “odor, hi, I don’t like it, so you !!! I mad fierce slider.

“Ah, pain, like! 逼 喜欢 喜欢 是 是 是 是 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 你 你 你 你 你 你 你 你 的 的 你 你 你 你,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The semen shoots her small hole

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