My name is Lin Xueqing, this year is seven years old.

After graduating from the X-city Art Institute five years ago, he left a female teacher.

My main lesson is teaching dance, but because I have a mort-eight proud figure, sometimes I also participate in some model work outside the school.

Although I am not a professional model, after many years of stage art inflatable, I have the kind of artistic temperament and self-confidence, but even make me feel like a variety of occasions.

Three years ago, I had married a foreign language teacher in this school and had not yet yet.

My sir name is Zhang, called Zhang Xin Mu, he is two years old.

The Academy of Arts is a place in an academic taste. Due to the relationship between art, there are often different ideas and events in campus.

Therefore, we are still different from the life and people outside the art school.

However, this idea is still very normal in this concept.

Therefore, I am basically satisfied with my life.

One summer is not afternoon, six o’clock, I am alone on the sofa at home.

The show in the TV is bored, which makes people feel tasteless.

At this time, the doorbell rang.

I opened the door, I was originally the martial arts of the hunter of the art.

There are two people, Zhang Tie rod and Sul, all of Liu Laowei.

I am in the needs of the performance, often to the tailor store of Liu Lao, do clothes, so I am very familiar with them.

Especially Liu Lao four, don’t see this person is general and some evil, the craftsmanship that can be cut is absolutely first class.

The female teachers in our art like to go there to do clothes.

I don’t know how many times I have hit, and even when I did my clothes in him, he dared to intend to touch some parts of my body, play the ball, eat small tofu, or Zhang Iron, Sugarball, etc. I told me to tell a joke, obscenity.

In this regard, I don’t have much more than they.

I haven’t seen these people, who can’t see this? And I have my own, they don’t dare to let go.

What’s more, our Academy has gone to do this “treatment”.

However, today, Liu Lao Fourth and others first arrived at my family, I think it is quite strange.

I ask them after entering the house, I ask them what is going on.

Liu Laoqi did not answer me directly. He glanced at my living room and looked at me again, then said: “Lin Teacher Dear is really sexy!”

His words made me stunned.

I noticed this, I was wearing a rice tone T-shirt who had just passed the navel today, and the lower body wearing a white tight-fitting trousers, and it was very thin. It could clearly see the T-cuts inside.

This underwear is deep V-type, the area is small, and the rear is a lace, only with a small triangle with the junction of the trousers.

The underwear is light gray, and it is very clear outside.

I didn’t expect this guy to discover my T word underwear.

But soon I resumed the normal state.

I am a very open person, I don’t object to show my sexy side. I usually have this kind of dress, and Liu Lao has often seen my sexy dress, there is nothing.

I know that they are here, they don’t dare to have a non-score.

I said to them: “You will not run to me here to say that I sexy! But don’t want to accounted for my cheap!”

Susaka said with a smile and laughing: “Where! Where! How do we dare to do it! Just don’t think about it?

Zhang Tieli took the lead and said, “Do you have a teacher?”

I laughed and said, “He is going on. I think you know it early? Otherwise, do you dare to come here? Repeat is still quite accurate! Hey, Liu Lao four, today you are so space?”

Liu Lao four full face laugh: “” There is less today, rest, there is still something wrong with you. “

I gave them a tea, and everyone sat in the living room. When I walked tea, I clearly felt that their eyes were staring at the t-pants and my chest showing my lower belly and hips.

Since I didn’t plan to go out, there is no bra.

Under a certain light condition, he must see the inside of a standing breast through a thin T-shirt.

I didn’t have them, they didn’t go much more.

After we talked about something, Liu Laozi suddenly branched to me: “Teacher Lin, I heard that many female teachers in your court have taken the body photos, you also take it, is it?”

I replied: “What? Who do you listen to?”

Liu Lao four smiled again: “Don’t recognize it, don’t you say that we will scaven? I have been clearly detected! Who is shooting me, I know!”

Then he said a few names of our school female teacher.

This guy is really powerful, saying that it is not bad! I said to them: “How is it? That is art. Don’t want you to think!”

Sulbash smiled a few times, said: “Lin teacher you will see us! We know that is art, you have not thought about it. Ask, the teacher, Mr. Lin let us Look at your body art? “

I laughed again: “Go Go! What kind of art do you know? Look around!”

“You let us see! Your body is so beautiful, you should show more people.”

Seeing that I didn’t agree, they did three actually of the dead skin, and I kept talking about me on the side.

I don’t pay attention to them.

They have been seeking.

Time is long, I am a bit impatient, just say: “Do you have a few big men, what is the meaning! Good! Both your grandmother is good today, let you open your eyes! However, I can say it in front Ah! You can only see it here, when you look at it, you can’t ask for you, you will not be able to say it every day! “

“Okay! Ok! Ok!”

Three guys said out of the way, and they didn’t know.

The body art photo of the two Liu Lao four is the first shot in front of our art.

At that time, the artist’s leaders found several young female teachers and students to say that the Art Department of Art is lacking in some human pictures for teaching. The models of the model will be able to make people feel uncomfortable. If you don’t have a good teaching effect, I want to ask us a few A good figure, female teachers and female students carry forward the style and contribute to the college.

We all did not agree, and later the college leaders kept working, and promised to give a subsidy for each person.

We thought about it, it feels that the conditions can be, it is for art, and it is only circulating in a small range, all agree.

I am very satisfied with my body, big eyes, high nose, slightly thin lips reveal the cool flavor.

Although my body is thin, the double millet is very strong, the size is also very moderate.

I have a pair of slender legs, there is no fat on the leg, and the stroke is quite, it is the most proud.

For this body that can be proud, I really want to take it when it is the most beautiful, becomes a beautiful stay.

We have a total of four teachers and three students to participate in shooting. Each person took hundreds of sheets, and finally the college selection hundreds of these hundreds of them have made textbooks, and then bind all photos to books, and send each photo shooter. .

This time I participated in the shooting of Zhou Xiaolin teacher, Mohui teacher, the performance department, the teacher of Luo Mingjuan, and the Chairman of the Dance Department, Chen Xue, Chen Xue, and the executive department of the student cadres Liu Miao.

The seven people are famous in the art.

Usually, Liu Laosi, I saw it, I didn’t blink, and now I can see our body photos, one more is a more urgent.

When I went to the room to take the photo album, Zhang Tie said asked: “Teacher Lin, are you really taken to give people a photo?”

I laughed with him: “What are you rushing? Do you see anything?”

Liu Lao Si also said: “You are really stupid, how do you call body art?” I took a photo album, they immediately gave it.

Seeing the pictures of several beautiful women in our art on the album, they only have the ability to swallow water.

It is difficult for me to show my own body in front of others.

In order to ease the atmosphere, I barely laughed, ask them: “How? Good look? Who is the best?”

“Of course, Mr. Lin is you! This is true art!”

Liu Lao four answered.

“Will play the sloppy! Do you also understand art? Then I ask you, how is my body look good?”

“First your body is smooth and white, each curve is just right. The most beautiful is your legs, and the pen is long.”

Liu Lao Fou is a bit cultural, and it is not bad.

Zhang Tie pole can’t, a big old rough, said: “I feel that the teacher of the teacher is good, not very small, the round is also very. There is also the middle of the two legs in the middle of the legs in the middle of the legs.”

I was almost in his words, and my face was red.

Fortunately, the Sugo ball suddenly asked: “Teacher Lin, you and Mo Hui teacher have been married, do you take these photos?”

I took the opportunity to calm my emotions, answer him: “Of course we sought the husband’s opinion, they are all people who understand art, will not be against us.”

Indeed, my husband never interferes me, just like I am very different.

Soakasia asked: “Who is these photos?”

I told him: “It is a teacher of the Art Department.”

Zhang Tie rod said again on the side: “Your husband can really open, you are really let go, dare to take off the clothes to others. Wang Daji can really have fun!”

I smiled and smiled.

In fact, we are not only full of naked land.

Since this photo taken is for students to write to use, it is required to show all kinds of gestures of the body, and each posture will take a picture from eight different sites, so we will take a model at the time of shooting. Sitting, squatting, squatting, lying, squatting, stalking, etc.

In this case, each of us has many photos to take a hidden part.

Sure enough, such a photo was turned to them.

The first thing to see is mine, in the photo, I am squatting, double-elbow support, two palms hold down the chin, the back is tilted up, form a beautiful human body shape with high-rise hips.

From the front view, my beautiful back, a plump hip, a beautiful smile on his face, making the entire photo full of perfect artistic colors.

More and Wang Teacher is a very good photographer, the photo is very clear, the light is also used very well.

It can be said that this photo is very satisfied.

However, the teacher of this model was taken eight, except for the front, there is a side, and the side rear and forward.

Make Liu Lao fourth is amazing is the photo of the rear, because I am squatting, the upper body is tall, the hips are tall, so I look at it, just put me in two slender light. Two labips between the thighs and anal list have been demonstrated.

My labi is no hair, under the light, it seems full of smooth and slightly brown.

After they saw this photo, they couldn’t even hurt.

And although I had some mental preparation when I gave them a photo album, I saw that three men stared at my pine in my body. When the anus took photos, I still had a different feeling, I even felt. The impulse from the depths of the heart ~~ I am actually showing the most hidden parts to a few vulgar men! At this time, the part of my show in the photo is under my crotch, and I have a small and very tight T-line pants, they seem to be looking forward to something! My face is hot, I think faces must be red!

Liu Lao fourth and others stayed for a long time to say: “! 林 老师 actually let Wang Da beard to shoot this!” “Lin Teacher’s Braz is really smooth! It is smoother than your ass and thighs!”

“Mr. Lin is best to see, round, like chrysanthemum!”

… I heard a few men in a comment on my secret part, my face is more red, I am busy with them: “Ningmother, I have to say, I still have to turn over.”

Liu Lao Fouy looked at me and said: “Teacher Lin, I didn’t expect to see your B and assh eyes!”

Then they saw it for a while, and they were reluctantly turned to the next page.

But next page is also mine, in that group of photos, my legs are standing upright, bent down and hug your legs.

This is a common dance action, which is more beautiful when I am naked.

However, this group of photos is also in rear, which is also the full display of my hidden part.

Liu Lao Four Third three people have a lot of time.

And I am also a fever, and my face is a blush.

This time, Liu Lao four people simply picks those photos of the percussion, the anus.

There are many photos, and each of our participating models is taken.

So three of the ghosts and commented on those parts of us.

“Still, Teacher Lin is good, light is slippery.”

“I like Zhou Xiaolin, Luo Mingjuan, Xiao Lihe and Chen Xue’s B, a lot of hair, true sexy. But Lin teacher’s asshole is best!”

“The labello is good, you look at the laborar of the teacher, it is more tender!”

… I am red face, seeing them look at the picture, the impulse of my heart makes me some out of control.

When they finished reading, I actually said to them: “Good look? At the scene, the scene was also recorded!”

Do you want to see? “

After that, I regret it, but Liu Lao’s three people are excited, and they don’t let them see it.

No way, I had to take out the disc made in the scene at the time, put it in the DVD machine.

The TV screen has appeared on the scene: in the studio, several boys are surrounded by them, and their princes please go to the lights.

The college’s fat and good gold director is there, and he is guided in his name. In fact, he can understand the photography of the costume design, and the Ming will take advantage of it.

“Hey! When you take pictures, there are so many men to see it. Even the gold fat man is there, and the beauty is dead!”

Zhang Tie said.

Our seven female models are naked in a strong light, and the rotation will be placed in accordance with the requirements of Mr. Wang.

Our seven female models are naked in a strong light, and the rotation will be placed in accordance with the requirements of Mr. Wang.

The picture is placed in a section of the kneeling shape.

On the picture, Mr. Wang wants me to be good and ask my hips to raise some.

At this time, the camera is in my positive, and I take a clear boutique to my genitals and anus.

Since my hips have a little bit of Mr. Wang not very satisfied, he personally wants me to correct me.

At this time, Jin Director has first rushed, he pressed my back in hand, and the other hand placed on my hips and helped me lift it.

From the screen, you can see that the hand of Gold Director is very positive, his fingers are already on the labips next to my

At this time, I also recalled, when I clearly felt the hand of Jin Director, I was ashamed at the time.

Originally in front of so many students, nude has made me unatthly, put this a posture, let people take the camera to take a camera more difficult, let alone when so many people are famous for the famous gold director A touch! Although it was said that all female models were all touched.

But I also remember that although I was a fever in my heart, I also had an exciting pleasure in my heart.

When I entered the studio and began to undress in public excitement appeared, when put in that position to lift my hips this excitement has been sublimated, but I Jinzhu Ren touch sensitive parts of the excitement reached a climax! With this excitement again touch Jinzhu Ren also occur several times in the subsequent shooting. When, too, when I open the door staring at Mr. Liu forty-three abdominal small but visible underwear today and say I’m sexy when I was a little excited, and then see them see me nude in front of a full album this kind of excited and began to strengthen, and then they turn to my Lucy B according excitement when very strong, even more now reached a climax.

I actually have this excited in such a scenario! It makes me a bit scared! Take a digital camera is a male student, when he took my pussy, pull very close to the lens, so the thirty four-inch TV screen my pubic hair, labia, vagina, anus than the photos also show clearly, even the gold director’s hand on my labia deliberate slide can tell.

Mr. Liu four of them stare, three lecherous guy, usually tall and charming figure to me like it with the kind of leering point of view, today they not only saw me naked, actually also saw my most intimate place! I sat on the edge, his face crimson Zaore, my heart bursts of crisp acid, can breathe.

My legs clamped tightly to proceed, feeling the small T-lace panties Le my lower body.

I think there has been some wet! After an uncomfortable disc is done, I took a deep breath busy, they make their own from that sort of shame and excited to get out of the state.

That is very dangerous.

Although today I am very generous to let the three men saw a crystal clear, but it is well aware that things only go so far, and they must not mix in one! I still have a bit sober.

It is already nine o’clock evening.

I said to Mr. Liu four of them: “Well, have read, fun yet?”

They quickly answered: “Look is really an eye-opener to see the fun.!”

“Now look at the fun, the purpose of your trip has been reached. It was quite late now, you go back!”

Mr. Liu four of them did not directly answer me, but I stare at the lights, said: “I did not expect Lin naked is so good-looking body you see, those who have the opportunity and you sleep a sleep really very happy! ! “

I hear their words then, but I did not bother them.

I put it bluntly: “It is impossible that you should not even think insatiable Well, I’m tired, want to rest, you go!!!”

I have an angry tone of taste, four of them hear Mr. Liu quickly said: “No, no, you misunderstood Lin, we did not mean it.”

I did not wait for them to finish told them: “! Well, no matter what you mean, you have to go.”

Mr. Liu four want to say something, but I see my face, not so sure anymore.

They tramped out of my door.

When I went to close the door, clearly visible under each of them are bulging crotch.

After three away Mr. Liu FOUR, I packed a bag and took a shower, then dressed in pajamas came to the balcony.

Night wind blows, I was completely sober him.

I thought things today.

For those who take the photo CD to Mr. Liu and four of them to see and they see all of the things I regret what I did, maybe they really have seen the art? Although let them see my carcass and sexual organs I have some strange embarrassed, but at the same time generated the kind of excitement, but let me finish.

I do not know how, I actually kind of liked to show his body to men under the eyes of the bedroom.

The more show those hidden parts, I actually more excited! Gosh, I should not have exhibitionist, right? The human body photo shoot, also my first promised.

Before I took part in many fashion shows, wearing some clothing when exposed sexy show, I had a sense of excitement.

My God, would not it? Just think of Mr. Liu FOUR hook eye staring at my private parts of the scene, I have a bit of excitement! And even sex drive! Her husband may have been away on business, I was destined to be lonely tonight.

Looking at the boundless night, I can only feel the little t-cuts under pajamas in pajamas, the feeling of tightly kicking my sensitive parts … Freud’s idea is quietly rising, but this city It is still so hot, so life continues from the summer of summer. In the morning dance, I guidilibly practice students in practice.

I wore a high-ground fork practice in a swimwear, didn’t wear stockings, two slender cave legs were bare.

I oppose wearing trousers or stockings when practicing, because it will make us not see the changes in leg muscle lines in the action.

My practicing clothes are white, very thin, with a point of transparency.

I didn’t wear the bra, and I can see my strong double breast through practicing clothes.

I am wearing a white deep V-T-T-D-T-cut panties, very small, only to see the pants and laces from the outside.

The fabric of the underwear is a translucent tulle, from the front, practicing the job, can also faintly see a black in the thigh root triangle.

I have always been very sexy when I practiced.

I advocate that everyone should not wear too conservative, beauty is not afraid of exposure, we must be bravely showcase, only the physical and defective talent will help the clothing.

I also said to my students: Pretty women want to conquer life, first to conquer the attention of others! My students are deeply affected.

The girls in a clear light and semi-transparent high-ground pants, and the tip pants inside, a sexy, many people can see their triangle.

A lot of girls didn’t wear a bras like me, youth from there.

The same is true, and their practice clothes are tighter, and the underwear inside is also very small, and it is actually tipgs.

Tight practice clothes make their male symbol high tall tall.

The male, life and desires are all incomparable, and more choices are so many sexy heterosexual carcasses.

I demonstrate a shape under the cooperation of a boys, I am going back to him in front of him, the left foot is trying to open, and the hands are high.

Boy is tightly relying on me and holds my waist right away. The left hand according to my request from the left foot knees along my thigh, I have been touching the leg roots, to the lower abdomen, to the abdomen, to the chest, to the chest The left arm until the left fingertips.

This is a small paragraph in Western dance, with strong hints.

This section is a very important part of the entire dance. Since the part of the boys’ hand is sensitive, everyone seems to be unable to let go, always not in place, reflect the essence of dance.

So, I have to give you a demonstration with this real-time boys and this comprehend.

In the shape, my head is backwards on the shoulders of boys.

In the demonstration, I clearly felt that the breath of boys changed with his hand in my body: his hand closer to the root of my thigh, the more he breathed, and the five fingers of this hand came. I am full of rising, and when practicing the fashionable triangle area, this is a top spot.

After the hand moves, his breathing fell, but when you touched my towering chest, when I highly prominent nipple, my breathing was ahead of the top … He also changed his lower body, this boys have about one Miqi eight, his mask is very majestic, in front of our female teacher female students, his horman is fully erect, and Haoron is in a lower belly.

Even in practice, others can imagine its situation.

When I was in front of this boult, my hips were close to his lower abdomen, and I can really feel the firm and rough.

I also felt that his hook beats in my hips. It seems that it is necessary to force the practicing clothes that are difficult to carry it ~~ The young people who have just been in the past, always have violent eruption! The boys tightly hugged my waist, the music is so gentle, his hand slipped to my bully triangle … “Lin teacher, Jin Director is looking for you!”

A student’s voice interrupted our practice.

I came out from the emotions of the dance.

The boys also released me.

“Ah! Where is Jin Director?”

“Just in the rest.”

“Okay, thank you!”

Second Gold Director sitting in the lounge outside the practice room. After I entered, the bright light in the lounge immediately showed every detail on my body clearly.

The fat gold director sits, full of smiles, and looked around my body.

I want to take advantage of the light of light, his sight must penetrate my translucent practicing clothing, see my uli and my faint black triangle.

See what, don’t you see the body of the body last time? In the face of gold director, I thought I thought.

“Well, Teacher Lin always gives people a sense of visual impact!”

The director of the gold suddenly said.

“Director is too much award!”

I don’t know if I have any other meaning.

“But!” Lin teacher is so beautiful, such a beautiful figure, such a noble temperament, such sexy wearing, I really hate that it is not enough to use it, so I can’t find a suitable number of words to describe this. I feel you feel! “

The Director is standing up, while saying that I turned around me.

He carefully examined every part of my body.

“Gold Director can really speak, I think is that I will give you a deceived!”

Jin Director is famous in the college, I will not easily believe him.

However, when he saw me, I still put a elegant posture and fully show myself.

Although Gold Director is a very good person, I don’t know why, I don’t have any dissent and discomfort in front of him. Even if it is like this, I look at it now.

“Hey you said, how can I lie to you? I am really true.”

Director of Gold said.

I changed a posture, said to him: “Oh! I have a strike. Today, the Director of Today, I will come to me, I will not just let me see me, then tell me a few good words?”

After listening to Gold Director, I deliberately with a very exaggerated tone and answer me: “Hey! Sorry! Sorry! Seeing that I was shocked by your beauty, I have forgotten the teacher to take it. Mr. Lin, please Sit, please sit, we sit down and talk slowly. “

After sitting down, Jin Director told me that it is also necessary to engage in a conceptual clothing conference in the city, and will show some conceptual clothing that he is designed by observing the trend of costumes.

He wants to ask me to take his model.

I said to him: “X” There are so many model brokerage companies, do you still find a good model? “

Director said: “I have already contacted it. But I need a pressure axis.”

“The pressure axis is gold director, you will really say, where can I press what axis!”

“Mr. Lin does not have to be modest, you are the most suitable candidate.”

Seeing my face, Jin Director told me: “My clothing conference called” Freud’s concept “is mainly in sexy apparel and sexy underwear. Eli Lin teacher’s artistic temperament, The stage performance and understanding of the sexy, the pressure shaft model of this conference is the most comfortable. “

“Conception of Freud? Sexy clothing? Good quirky things!”

I heard the introduction of Jin Director, I am very interesting in my heart.

I usually participate in the clothing performance, I often meet some sexy clothing, but I have never seen the inspiration from Freud’s thoughts.

With this psychological master, it seems that the fashion of this conference is really sexy inside.

The director of Gold, I saw that I was silent for a while, I thought I was hesitating, I was busy and advised me: “Lin teacher, what is hesitant? This feels that the sexy of this conference is best. In fact, you are very identified, You have always been very sexy, including today. Why don’t you show what you pursue in the form of art? And I will give you a great remuneration. “I smiled and said,” Well, since the gold director I can see you, I promise you. “

Outside this gold director, I told me that I showed the time of performance and walking. He told me: “Teacher Lin, you wear such clothes, it is better, sexy and noble.”

I laughed him: “You remember this, then you took the opportunity to accounted for my cheap, I haven’t found you yet!” Gold Director smiled a few times, saying that he still have other things, NS.

Before going to bed at night, I said this in bed and my husband Zhang Xin.

He listened to it just “um”.

This is what I mean.

Since marriage, we have always maintained their own freedom, very small interferences to each other’s affairs ~~ For people who work art, I think this is very good.

But every time I have to do anything, I still say that he said.

When I was lying on the bed, when I was sleeping, I was lying next to Zhang Xincao suddenly turned over, a hand pulled I want to turn off the lights, put me under him and started to take off my pajamas.

I know what he wants to do.

Three years after marriage, he has become more and more patience of sexual incident.

Now, he has rarely likes the sexual caress and picking, even if you have a long time, even even the minimum language exchange.

In many cases, he suddenly came like this, no matter what I am thinking.

After taking off my clothes, he hurried in my breast, I entered my body.

Due to the dryness of the vagina, I was slightly painful when I was entered.

But I am still very eager to enter.

His hair is thick and firm, I will have a strong sense of congestion immediately after he enters, and it will soon be moist.

In recent days, he has something to go out, and our opportunity we have reduced a lot.

I have long had a feeling of drought.

This time, I hope to get a full enjoyment.

Zhang Xinmu’s thick penis is thrust in my vagina, making my vagina have a burst of sour and quickly spread to the whole body.

I am lying in him, and the gasping of the nostril is getting stronger and more strong.

I opened my long legs, wrap his body, this posture helped his penis deeper into my meat hole that was filled with water.

But the problem is still present today.

First of all, Zhang Xin Mu never asked me when I was doing love, and I didn’t even be embarrassed, so I could only bear it today, which spread my attention and made me felt.

Secondly, he rarely considers my feelings when he makes love. It is very unhappy on the beat. When I just feel, he suddenly felt tired and relaxed, and I was very disappointed, or when I concentrated. He suddenly stopped, flip me like the fish in the pot to use the next position he wants.

I have been with him for a long time.

Every time I have just a feeling, he is very powerful for a variety of reasons, this kind of taste that just ran and has to stop, I feel very uncomfortable.

This is even more like this today.

I can find a few times on him, but he only tumbling three or four minutes today, “Well” has been soft.

I think he is mostly in order to do it.

Recently, he doesn’t know what is busy, and everything is rushing, I want to get it, I don’t have any patience.

I would like to talk to him, but he hurriedly wiped the penis and fell to sleep.

I pushed him gently. He just told me: “I am tired, sleep!”

The four costumes were held as scheduled.

Although Jin Director is not good in the college, he is very natural in the college, but he is very natural in the design of clothing design, the imagination and expression are very strong, and it can always express his thoughts and concepts with several lines.

The costumes displayed in the “Freud’s Conception” are really particularly sexy. In this conference, tulle, lace has been applied to a large number of applications.

Director Gold also designed T-and lights, music.

In the illusory background of the slightly smashing, the model is dressed in the illusion of the slot, and the models are dressed in the tonar, shuttled on the T stand.

The entire conference is full of illusory colors, as Floyd’s surprised thought, as a problem with his lifelong thinking: dreams and sex. I feel that I feel uncomfortable.

This feeling comes from the clothing I want to demonstrate.

Strictly speaking, this is not called clothing! My upper body is not worn, I only hung a tape on the neck.

The two ends of the gauze are shaken to the chest, and it seems to cover two nipples.

However, this yarn belt is very narrow, and it is basically transparent, and it is still very light, and it will be blown by the wind.

So, in fact, my upper body is like nothing, my strength is almost unable to obsimate.

And my trousers are also small to the extreme.

This is a ribbon-tape pants, which is not half a slap in the shame. It is barely able to stop me to rise. The triangle area of ​​the drums (I have to trim a lot of hairs outside before the show. .

The front end of this shield is just a little bit to the top of my triangle, and three very thin transparent straps are connected together with the waist.

The rear of the cloth is just covering my vaginal port, and then a very fine transparent tape is connected to the lace with the waist.

The lace on the waist is also a very thin-transparent lace. From a slight place, these lines can not be seen, I am like a person who just puts a piece of paper in the triangle.

On the rehearsal before the performance, I saw the case I want to wear, I regretted it in my heart.

I said to Jin Director: “Is this also called clothing? Do you not like this? What is it directly to go straight?”

The director said, “This is called sexy! Lin teacher will not be so conservative? And this is the clothing conference, Mr. Lin should not have too many concerns!”

Despite this, wearing such clothes really makes me a little different.

I wore this kind of clothing.

Just went to the front desk, T desk light suddenly became bright and incomparable, and I took my almost naked carcass to spend white.

I have long’s legs, high breasts, round hips, mysterious lower abdomen, show that there is no need to reserve in front of the audience! I thought here, I suddenly had the inexplicable impulse.

The survey of the continuous sexy performances that have been continuously connected in the previous sexy performances have been turned out again, then the flash flashes.

Photo photo! My heart on the stage is very complicated.

Although I used a lot of photos, I have taken a lot of photos, but it is carried out in a relatively closed environment.

Now it’s different, now under the stage, there are countless journalists, there are countless cameras and cameras. Through them, I am like naked over the whole world! In the previous clothing performance, I also passed through some of the sexy clothing on T stage, but that is limited to some transparent clothing, although others can see my double milk, but there is a layer of clothing outside, always Feel some practical.

I have also participated in the underwear posting meeting, wearing t-shaped pants, but those T-shaped trousers have to be mostly now, I can also put a model in the small tip pants that are often wearing a model. To prevent light.

This time, it’s okay, such a small panties, I can’t add anything in it.

I am like a naked who is just symbolically blocking the private parts to show it on the stage, all kinds of vision and the lens sweep all the body.

Finally, the designer gold director came to the scene. In the applause and flash, he got a few times to the audience, suddenly went to me, and took my waist and smiled and waved down to the stage.

This abrupt action made me a little unnatural, but I quickly adjusted it.

This is on the performance stage, this is a performance, I can’t put the entire context of the entire stage because of a little small matter, and now it is the last part.

As a frequent model, I still have any professional qualities.

I was in the case of Jin Director, I just turned the waist, showing a charming smile on her face.

It is a light flashing on the stage ………… The release of the hardware will have achieved great success, and the idea of ​​Freud makes him in the fashion world.

And I am also committed to it, I have received a very considerable amount of reward. Of course, life is always usually spent.

With my conditions, it is completely organized.

But I don’t like the kind of life, which will make people lose a lot of real things.

Your life can bring trouble to yourself, think of this, I can’t help but like me now in the art.

Calm, and casual.

Of course, there are still some such little little in life.

But no one can be perfect.

On the school, the director of the Jin Director suddenly appeared, stopped when I was going home.

“Teacher Lin, thank you for helping, my fashion conference is very successful.”

Director Jin said to me.

“Have you said this less? If you don’t see you, you will say this.”

I laughed and said.

“Where! Where! I just grateful you.”

“Don’t use this? You are designers, success is yours. And there are so many models at the conference, I am just one.”

“But you are the most important one! All the peers said, your appearance is the finishing touch of the entire conference, and you are the most reflected in my design in all models.”

I didn’t laugh, I said to him: “What is the fart? Isn’t it possible to make the things wearing something as little? I have become naked! I am afraid that others say that I quoted.”

“Nothing, that is a sexy! And a sexy that only you can interpret.”

“Okay, do what you are, I don’t have time, I have to go home.”

I am a little impatient.

Jin Director stopped me and said: “Hey, wait, my most important thing is not telling you.

I stopped, Jin Director told me that he is prepared to write an article in the design idea of ​​the apparel showing the appraisal, and get the foreign authority magazine.

However, he still needs some photos to be published together in the article, I want to let me help him take a few.

“So many cameras on the release will take so many photos, why do you want to take it?”

I asked him.

“I have seen it, how much is a little defect at the on-site photos, I think the effect is not good, I want to ask you to take a few effects as a few effects.”

The director of the gold replied.

“I think you are the best model, this is to publish it in the international authority magazine! You will help me again.”

Seeing that I don’t talk, Jin Director is advised to say that it is begging again and said a lot.

After listening to him, I agreed that this guy will be very worn, I am still afraid of him.

After agreed, the time and place of the photo, Jin Director smiled and went home.

Saturday, I slept, I was lazy, I practiced every day, quite tired, I didn’t dare to relax. I have been lazy for a long time. It is also a small rest.

Zhang Xin Mu has got up very early, I didn’t know where to go, I was reluctant to get on the morning, I have said that today he has something to go home.

I was a hurry last night. I just had a feeling. Zhang Xin Mu was a good time and turned to sleep, and people were not annoyed.

After a few times on the bed, it is already ten o’clock in a look! I remember that I have to go to Jin Director as a model, I almost give it to I.

After getting up, I rushed to Jin Director, and Jin Director was already ready.

His house is very big, his wife is working in the field, so his family has a lot of empty houses.

Today, Jin Director has made one of them into a studio, and I am waiting for me.

Waiting for my time, the gold director may be changing the last time we used the photo of the book, because I saw the photo set after I entered the studio, I saw the photo on a table, next to it. Chair.

See I stared at this photo gallery, Jinzhu Ren immediately explained: “Oh, look, learn a little camera tricks.” I knew that today Jinzhu Ren himself to shoot.

“You? Your photography can do it?”

I’ve never seen Jinzhu Ren impression to take the camera, then he had a doubt.

“This you can rest assured, I will let you come in the most beautiful image in the photo. You first sit down, I’ll give you a cup of coffee.”

Then, Jinzhu Ren twisting his fat body out of the studio.

I sat down in that chair, pick up a flutter down on the table with the human body photo collection and turn it over looked.

After my eyes could not help but face a hot, heartbeat accelerated a lot.

Before I had come Jinzhu Ren just set the phase I turn forcing up the entire buttocks exposed private parts of that one.

There is, I find this particular page was turned cooked, the fat gold lust, certainly often turn to this page to see! Shooting began.

I cut out of the corner of the locker room in the studio off his coat, put on Freud’s idea of ​​costumes, posing in front of golden fat shots.

Gold fat as if photography is still some effort, and picked up a camera quite like another story.

In many ways he shot, with particular emphasis on shooting back.

He said: the back is an important part of my clothing.

Obviously, some are domestic fashion photographer will take a positive fool, Jinzhu Ren is on this point of highly dissatisfied.

This film are some very sexy outfits, thin, transparent, small.

I have a lot of photos have revealed the firm breasts, or are being a little tight underwear wrapped belly.

Jinzhu Ren look at me very color, I feel like a little lamb own peep at the wolves.

But that’s ok, anyway, the last time the college he had to take human pictures I saw a crystal clear.

Later on, I was not into the locker room getting dressed up, simply to change in front of Jinzhu Ren.

Let him fill it! Beauty is not my fault! Jinzhu Ren said: to take the final set.

I took off my clothes in front of the set shot, naked to the waist, wearing only a tiny T-pants stood in the lamplight, and so on Jinzhu Ren take the clothes out.

Jinzhu Ren looked at me but did not move, but said to me: “Lin, the panties off.”


I was surprised and asked him: “do not take clothing according to nude photos did not say, ah??”

“No nude photos is to put you in this!”

Jinzhu Ren smiled and said to me, and then come up with something.

I look closely, turned out to be a conference that day I was wearing a very sexy little piece of pants.

I snappily said: “This should shoot ah?”

“Of course I want to shoot! That is the essence of ah! Hurry, this is the last group of.”

I took the piece of T-pants, the habit of thought went into the locker room, but then I thought for a few seconds, then stopped, stood in the spotlight.

I took off a piece of the original T-pants wearing, again completely naked in front of Jinzhu Ren.

Jinzhu Ren stared at me, eyes very ambiguous.

I glared at him gently, bending over to put on a little piece of pants.

After this time even the upper body hanging Nalv scarves are saved, without reservation, to show my breasts under the lights, standing as a few photos, I have to put that Jinzhu Ren lying on his knees high tilt motion of the hips, I was a little upset, but still did.

I just posed, Jinzhu Ren to scrape up, he actually went around behind me, put his hands into the middle of my legs, forced breaking out, while also said: “! The bigger legs open.”

I snappily said to him: “You want to say how I do out on the line, do the hands and feet of the opportunity take advantage of me.”

Who knows if the mouth did not stop, Jinzhu Ren on one hand and clicked on my waist, the other hand on the middle of my legs, genitals position, forced to prop up a bit, said: “! Some high Alice again.”

His hand is pressed on my vagina! I just wanted to open, Jin Director returned to the camera frame, said: “Ok, just like this, don’t move!” I looked at Jin Director’s fat and colorful face, and he was eaten with tofu It’s not good to attack again.

After using the fixed camera with a fixed camera, picked up a camera hanging on the chest, with a photo from different angles.

This damn bad egg has turned to me.

I know what he wants to do.

I really don’t want him to take pictures in my rear, this t-pants I have worn is so small, the rear of the labia is definitely revealed, and the strap bypassing my stock is thin and transparent, my anus It will definitely be seen clear … but I still make Jin Director shoot behind, my mood is quite complicated, one hesitation, the shutter in the hands of Jin Director sounds a few times.

Six finally took it! I stood up from the ground and had a long breath.

Gold Director is laughing on his face, very attentively on my side.

I simply didn’t change my clothes, sitting next to the chair, drink a water, take a break.

“How? Director, can I have this model?”

“Of course! Of course! Lin teacher can be the best model in the world, really should find a model broker company, putting your name in the world!”

“Director is playing with flowers, there is any bad heart! However, this photo taken, only for you to use on academic articles, can not do other uses!”

“That is of course! I am not so no morality. But I will take them out of my eyes.”

“Bad guys!”

I was not angry with him.

Finally, I said: “Okay, it’s not early, I should go!”

After that, I stood up and took off the “masterpiece” of the director, ready to put on my clothes home.

I just put on the T-line panties I worked, suddenly, a hands hugged me later.

Is Director! This big fatty wolf, what do you want to do? “Director, what are you doing?”

I asked with surprise while struggling.

“Mr. Lin, you are so charming! I can’t stand it!”

Gold fat pegs breathed.

His hands have grinned my breasts tight.

“Um … um … Director, you … you don’t want this! Um …” I struggled to say that the small voice said to him, I am afraid that there are people outside the house.

But I have no use, the strength of Jin Director is very strong, the more tighter, the more tight, so that I can’t move.

He also posted my ear after me said: “Teacher Lin, I think you can’t think of it! You must give me, I will make you happy!”

I helped struggle a few times, but the strength is getting smaller and smaller, I can only shout singularly: “Don’t …

Well … don’t like this … “At this time, my heart has been rising a different feeling, very humiliated, very horrible, but it is a bit looking forward to it.

Gold Director saw that the power of my rebellion gradually decreased, and took a right hand and started to touch my whole body.

“Well … … don’t … um …” Gold Director knead my breast, and rub my nipple with my fingers, and another hand is in my whole body, first is tall. The nose, go to my shoulder, abdomen.

God, this is only handed on my thigh! It is still moving in the inside of my legs! “Um……

Don’t … don’t … “I also rejected it in the instinct, but my resistance has no power, just a symbolic twisting.

My voice is getting smaller and smaller, and it is approximated.

In my heart, the sense of shame and horror still exists, but that desire is getting stronger and strong, and even the hand of Golden Director has made me feel a pleasure.

I also felt in my hips, there is a getting more and more hard thing in the top of me.

The director of Golden Director touched the underwear, and he reached his hand from above, and went straight to my crotch.

“Teacher Lin, your hair is really soft!”

Director’s hand gave my triangle. He dialed a few times of my inclusion and continued to move down. God! His hand touches my labip! His finger raised back in my labi, and the other hand’s fingers were also gently rub my nipple.

A burst of soft feelings into my heart, I was stimulated to be hot, and the red scar.

My feelings are gradually weakening, and the sense of shame is still existent, and the desire and pleasure have obviously dominant.

Of course, I am also able to express a kind of self-contained and rejection.

I twirled the body and wanted to get rid of the gold director, and I was talking about “Don’t … Don’t … Don’t” I have listened to it, and he said on the side and said: “Don’t say it, you will twist the ass, There is also a small hole, so much water, I miss me! “

After I heard this sentence, I suddenly woken some, I used to earn, I didn’t have to prepare the Director of Gold.

“No! I can’t do this …” I rubbed his face and said to Jin Director.

But I haven’t finished it yet, and the director of the gold suddenly rushed, and I got almost naked. I hugged me towards the photography shed.

I struggled a few times, but it is useless.

Although I have 1 meter 78, I have a professional reason, I have been careful to keep my own body, so that I have a tall and thin, so my strength is not very big.

And the director of the body of about 1 meter 7 is alone, he is a force, I am not his opponent.

Finally, I can only be like a helpless lamb, let me hold me in the arms.

7 Gold Director took me into another room, this is his bedroom.

After entering the house, he will have throw it in a big bed without resistance and will, and then stand on the bed and looked at me.

I am lying in bed, my heart jumps, and I am full of heat, and I’m full of blushing, I will only breathe.

I saw the gold director of the bedside to start taking off.

He quickly took the body to the light, and the whole meat was in front of me.

There is also his mask, which is already hard to stand on a black hair.

The guy is really not small.

Although the boys often wear some tights that make the mashed masks in the rehearsal dance, I really didn’t see the mask of the people outside my husband.

The naked naked naked made me humiliate.

I took a lip, and I buried my head on my bed.

In fact, when I took off my clothes, I had the opportunity to fight against it, but at that time, I didn’t have a determination to resist, and I was waiting for something to happen.

Although I am still afraid of my heart, it is quite contradictory.

Gold Director, took off the bed, pressed on me, he turned it over, put his hands on my breast, the fingertip starts grinding my nipple, and his mouth kissed on my face.

I didn’t cooperate with his kiss and didn’t resist.

When his fingertips wiped my nipple, he had a strong feeling, which made my nostrils began to make a sound.

I have a react! After the Director kissed my face, his mouth began to move to my lower body.

Soon he sucking my nipple and quickly rub it with the tip of the tongue.

The impulse of the tip of the tongue is much better than the pointer, and the gold director is still rubbing my other nipple with hand, and the feeling of the two times is superimposed together, which makes me more and more excited.

I still stand my head, close my eyes, Zhang Da Nei, tighten your lips, completely enjoy the feeling of Jin Director.

I still humiliated my heart, but I have no idea of ​​resistance.

The other hand of Gold Director reached into my small panties and began to touch my genitals.

It feels more intense! This is over! I can no longer control myself, “um … um …” The snoring spread from the nostril.

I also twisted the waist, and the directors of the gold papers on my genitals.

The head of Gold Director moved down again, moved while moving until I arrived at my leg root.

When he kissed a few times my thigh, he suddenly took the hand with his hips, and then quickly put my last clothing ~~ panties took off. I actually received a leg, with him to take off my underwear! I have not retained it before I reserved the color eye! Director Jin opened my legs, put his eyes in front of my neutriane, his hands kept alternately touching my thighs and genitals, making me more excited.

Jin Director played a few times my ladle with his finger, and let his face on, kiss it with his mouth.

God! Even my husband Zhang Xin Mu, but I have also touched there, I have never kissed it like this.

I am excited to use my teeth to bite my lips.

Gold Director kisses very investment, very excited, I heard the voice that he sucks.

He kissed my genital impulse to my soft impulse, I can’t have it! Director is suspended. He grabbed my legs, turned over, and then took my waist to the uppermost, so that I was squatting on the bed, and the high-powered ass is facing him.

I am in my body, and I will be willing to settle the director of the gold.

Director Gold, from my back, kiss my genitals again.

This time he stretched out his tongue and made the top of my vaginal.

My excitement reached a climax.

I “um … um … um”, I also twisted my butt.

Jin Director uses his fingers to smash my ass, this is an unprecedented strong stimulation! My ass will never touched by others! Including my husband.

I am completely conquered by Gold Director! I have been here for a long time, I have not enjoyed a complete sex, let alone this is full of stimulation today.

Director of Golden Director has formed a strong contrast with my husband’s rush.

I have a long-awaited desire for a long time, and I have been greatly satisfied today.

The director of the gold and uses my phenoli and the ass to stop.

I was turned over again like a piece of cloth.

He was half-pressing me, suspend the action.

I was squatted by him, straight asthysics.

I have to stop with him, I have to take a little.

I haven’t had such passion for a long time, I really can’t stand it.

The gold director looked at me.

He put her face close, said: “Mr. Lin, your body is too perfect! You are too sexy! I want to make love with you! You see, my little brother has much harder.”

After that, he also took my hand and I want to touch his things.

I just contracted my hands.

I didn’t care about this color wolf, and I turned my face aside.

I have retained some of them in my heart.

“Hey, I am still sorry this time. He just now, it is also a twisted butt, it is very much like I play with you. And your small hole, I don’t know how much sophisticated water. However, the taste is not bad “

The lower flow of Gold Director said that I was full of face, ashamed.

I pushed him.

“I hate it! It is not enough for my cheap!”

“Haha, for such a big beauty, this is not enough.”

Seeing that I answered him, Jin Director suddenly became interested.

He put me flat, climbed to me, opened my legs, reached out to my genitals again.

I quickly came again, and I crouched again.

After a while, the Director Jin took his crotch and pushed it.

Oh My God! His penis pierced into my vagina! I finally became a prisoner of Jin Director! I was dried by him! I have no resistance! After Gold Director entered my vagina, my vaginal suddenly had a huge pleasure.

Therefore, when he entered, he did not resist it, but he was excited to squat.

Gold Director’s obese body began to have rhythmic settings for me.

With his thrust, the thrill is constantly generated from the vagina I have inserted, passing me to my body, and passing my tip.

These pleasure makes me I can’t, I began to follow the rhythm of the gold director and twisted. I also tighten your lips, close your eyes, and feel this pleasure.

It is so strong that the pleasure to do love with others is so strong.

Director of Golden is a big hugging, and there is a set of love.

His rhythm is slow, the depth is deep, and the hands and mouth do not stop my other parts.

Sometimes he will suddenly increase the intensity of the thrust, so my slim body is hit by his huge body, and the part of the two people will send a “blank …”.

“Um … ah … um …” I was done by him to die, not stopping.

Compared with it, my husband is really bad! Director Gold turned over and wanted me to lift your ass.

I did it obedient, he suddenly put the penis from my high-lifted butt into my vagina.

“Um … ah … um …” I am squatting.

“Well … my careful liver, your little hole is too comfortable! … comfortable! … um …” Gold Director also speaking, heard from his voice, he consumed a lot.

“Well … um …” I can only keep 呻 … Gold Director has used this posture for a long time.

He jumped out of bed, standing on the ground, then pulling me to the bed, let my legs on his shoulder, and a touch of sliding … Gold Director let me stand on the ground, bending down the hands and hold hands The bed along the edge, then he is behind me … After how long, we have become lying on the bed.

Director Jin suddenly accelerated the rhythm and strength of the throduction. The mouth was also emitted, and he used his best to do it. I warmly in my vagina. He shot in my body! “Well ……………. um ……….” I have not completely retreat from the climax, and I still have a few times in my mouth.

The fat body of the director is pressed on me, and I have only turned over.

After a while, he turned over and hugged me.

This time I turned back to him, but I crowded in his arms.

On the side of the Director, I gently stroked my thighs and hips, and said to me, “Teacher Lin, you let me die! I haven’t been so long for a long time!”

Seeing that I didn’t care about him, he said: “Don’t do this, you are not very excited, you are! Your small hole is now in water!”

After finishing, he touched my yell with his hand, and then touched my hips.

My hip felt that his hand was very wet.

I really made him touched the water in my genitals! I still haven’t ignored him, he turned my double breast.

“Mr. Lin is so beautiful, the face is like a fairy, the breast is very strong, the size is moderate, the waist is thin, and your legs, double straight double long, still so strong, it is a little shortcoming …” “Your so good figure, I have long thought, I usually look at you, I will take you to the body picture, I am so excited …” “I have long thought of having one day to be able to be with you. Going to bed, you can have no chance. You marry Zhang Xin Mu that soft egg, it is a flowers to plug in cow dung, but unfortunately! Fortunately, I am going to you before you give birth to you, or more unfortunately! …… ” I finally couldn’t help but return to him anymospace: “You this bad guy!”

“Haha! I just want to make you bad!”

The gold director who returned the Yuanqi gave me flat and pressed to my body.

His mouth and hands began to swim in me … this time the Director of Gold is still strong, and the violent climax let me completely have the usual temperament, like a slut, and obeyfully Make a few positions with him, even when he wants to let me be above, I really sat on him, and I also hit his penis with his hand. Let the penis have not yet into my body … After doing it, we have lying for a long time.

I am a little calm, and I have a complex mood.

After all, I did love with a marriage person! And still a good person! Although I am a very open person, I like to show my own sexy.

But I have never thought about being a person who is unrest, I am in art, and there is always a little elegant ingredient in the blood.

At that time, I couldn’t control myself.

I can’t reject my desire, I don’t know why, maybe I have such desires, but more likely, this kind of desire is too rare to satisfy! What I think is: My God, I was played by the gold fat man, and I have been playing twice. I was lying for a while, and Jin Director said that his stomach was hungry.

Listening to him, I feel very hungry.

At a look, it has been arrived in the afternoon! Director of Gold, I must ask me to go to the hotel to eat, I have resigned, promised.

Gold Director opened his car to the apartment staircase, I greened the car.

Although the hotel is very high, our dinner is not long.

I said that I am tired, I want to rest.

Director Jin said, immediately check out, send me back to my college.

But he did not send me back to my house, but went to his home.

I am very unfortunately to him to his home, he will do it once again.

After completing, I am really tired, I don’t know if I fall asleep on the bed of Gold Director …

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