People forty is standing, this year is 2005, I just finished the forty-year-old birthday.

Speaking of my present, it is also a small business, responsible for a business of a building group in Shanghai, and my big brother is the group’s old, now in Beijing.

In addition to the big brother and I, I still have two brothers, so our brothers are responsible for the business of Zhaohui architecture in major cities across the country.

Last month, Shanghai’s company and Fudan University talked about a building project. In May this year, the 100th anniversary of Fudan University, naturally, the school has to build a few symbolic buildings. One is a double kid, unfortunately, This is marked by a larger company.

Our company is bidding in a 5-star hotel.

It is to let the professor who came to the university have a comfortable environment.

Naturally, as a manager of the company in Shanghai, I talked about this project with the leaders of Fudan University. The negotiations were very smooth. Both sides were unanimous to the details of the negotiations. The construction period was half a year, and the hotel was situated in the school. Opposite to the gate.

Obviously, such a project is established in the school, the reputation of the company is a good opportunity, so I don’t have to get some tricks in the negotiation. This is not necessary to say, and now the intense building industry is like this.

In order to thank me, the school is invited to invite me for the special guest of the school’s 100-year celebration, and live in school for three days.

It’s almost 20 years old. It can have such a chance to be very excited. Although the hotel is staying, in my opinion, the facility is complete and the reputation of this university cannot match.

I am very excited, I am very excited, because one hotel that is about to be completed, there will be a little contribution to the image of a hundred years.

The story happened to the next day, that night, dinner as usual and some college leaders were eaten, and I dreamed in the middle, so my head has a little pain, so I will give it a few times, I want to go back to rest early.

When I arrived at the hotel, I took it in bed for half an hour. I didn’t sleep until I didn’t sleep. I saw a table. I was unfortunately, I was unfortunately, I was so energetic people, how can I sleep so early.

So a person walked out of the hotel and planned to take a walk in the campus, and experience the feelings of the students’ era.

I walked on the road of the campus, in the evening of June, I was really suitable for walking.

The air of the campus is also pleasant as I imagined.

Seeing college students, three or two two, from the classroom, there are many couples, seeing this, it is really a thousand.

Sudden discovery, Fudan’s girl is very beautiful, summer night, the wind is over, the faint flavor came from the girls around, and people can’t help but go, just at the time, I walked a beautiful girl, orange vest, Pack the tall-pull curve on the breast, one casual pants, look very well, then with sandals, pure makeup, a head is probably 1.65, the five senses sign, the spirit is flying to I should be rubbed.

I swallowed the water, even if there is colored heart, I decided not to show this kind of occasion.

Suddenly, I am sighing and envy. I have been in the company every day. I have been busy. I have to participate in various entertainment. Although I will often go to the sauna, K song, and there are many beautiful women. But the businessman’s accompanying woman, regardless of temperament and makeup, and the students here are different.

Thinking, people don’t feel like a school’s playground, Fudan actually has three playgrounds, one in front of this partner, now the big grass is full of weeds, next to the house, the last school leader accompanied me to visit the school Tell me later that this row is a table tennis room. Nowadays, the new gym has been built elsewhere, and it is still desolate.

I slowly into this empty playground, I want to cross it, reach it, at this time, I suddenly found a vague to stand on the side of the house, with intimate, it is a girl.

I am curious, I have gone through, I’m really a girl, the height is probably 1.68, and the ponytail, the forehead of Liu Hai out of the forehead, wearing a pink shirt, below is a short skirt, see me Come over, I am a little embarrassed, I laughed at me, I found that she took a textbook in her hand, and I thought that the students were now preparing to have a holiday, and she is reviewing what. I boldly asked, I asked, I asked. Are you reading a book? She is an embarrassment, I have to test it, I have no way, huh, huh, my moonlight makes me clearly see her long eyelashes, and smooth and delicate faces, there is also very nose. The eyes are faced down, followed by her full chest, and a well-known thigh … I suddenly felt a little different.

At this time, an idea flashed my mind, fucking her! Anyway, I will leave the school tomorrow, although raped female college students must be sentenced, but I know deeply in the mall 20 years, some things must be bold, as long as they do clean and neat, guarantee that there will be no accident.

I thought here, I laughed on my face and said, I am coming to school to see my daughter. She is here to study college. I didn’t expect that she is not in the bedroom, so I will come and go, she will go, she is completely believed. I have a vigilance, and the books in my hand let go, and I said to me, are you the first come? Yes, so I don’t know how to get here here, is it? The house is it? It turned out to be a table tennis room. Now no one has played classmates there, can you take me here? Best Don’t leave the playground, I I still want to see more books, of course, we naturally get rid of it, from the voice, I know that her is Feng Jie, is a 2-age in English.

The day after tomorrow is her last test. She can go home after she finished.

I deliberately take her back to the hut, actually prepared.

Before going to the hut, I found that it was a weedous place, concealed, dark.

It is a good place to fuck! I am secret in my heart.

At this time, she felt that I was not suitable for us to change, there is too late to say that it is late, that is fast, I put her back to the cab, then I didn’t say it, my mouth is put on her face, hand hug After she, she was shocked.

Understand my mouth, but the mouth was blocked by my mouth, only heard the mess of her 呜呜, I took out the handkerchief that I took it, blocked her little mouth, scared? Don’t be nervous, let’s play a game first! After finishing, the hand spoiled her thigh, her skin was very slippery, the feel is very good.

How big is your chest? Her mouth was sacrificed, and he couldn’t speak.

I laughed, I replied for you, my baby is 35D.

At this time, the hand has arrived at the edge of the thigh, and I stroked her underwear, asked: Your underwear color? She heard here, the head is even more powerful, but still can’t say, I said, do you think that I want to tear my panties, or pick it up to me?

Probably she really wants to wait for the meeting, since it has already fallen into my hand, it is better to comply with my jade, so she slowly disclose the skirt, and I certainly enjoy this scene at Super Distance.

I ordered her to unveiled, and I also took it forward.

I lick her in my dresses with the tongue and enjoy her smell.

Her body suddenly shock.

It’s now in front of me.

I now remove something in your mouth, do you know what to do! This trick is actually very adventive. She may yell at any time, but she did not yell after the Middle East west, but she looked at my body, she looked at me with her Water Wang Wang. I stand straight. From the pants, my cock is hard, my chicken is hard, and the Outer Dragon is in the Zhang Dance Claw. I drink her with her cocks like a snow cream.

Feng Jie seems to have experienced experience, the tongue tongue is in my sensitivity zone, I enjoyed a happy feelings, but a hands never idle, blinking her 35-inch big breasts while the clothes.

My dick in the mouth of Feng Jie, she continued to stimulate my nerve, and finally took the full number of white liquid into her mouth, I finally took the semen. From this beautiful mouth, the corner of this beauty is leaving, reaching an unprecedented pleasure.

I certainly won’t let her, I drink Feng Jie turned to the wall, and I immediately reached into her skirt, play with the prohibition of the people, and the other handlessly unscrupled her clothes, and from The collar reached into the inside and did not stop. She has 35-inch big breasts. I can’t grasp one by one, I have to hold her, and the other hand is playing with her. Lips, I will take her ear beads with my tongue, so that Feng Jie is bathed in a strong pleasure, from her moist lower body, hard-standing tips, it is time. Feng Jie also understood what will happen, constantly making the final struggle, but her rebellion is not single, but further stimulates my desire.

I put her entirely press the wall, and bowed her milk tip. From time to time, I bite it, and the other hand immediately followed her yell, and inserted into the vagina in the middle finger. Can’t help but drive.

I will continue to play with my yuki, the beauty is fragrant, so I can’t help but bite, I will take my hand from her lower body, and I have a transparent liquid. I will get her in front of her: My dear Baby! Look, this is your love.

I tasted my tongue, I took my tears on my cock, my cock is more bigger than before, it seems time.

I put Feng Jie on the wall, and forced the pair of legs with a pair of legs, and the hands of the eagle claws grabbed her big breasts. The fingers clamped her nipple, and his mouth strongly kissed her. The tongue has reached into her mouth.

Huiyi’s hands were grabbed, and the attack on my attack was at all, my tongue took her fragrant tongue, and Huiyi’s mouth also left my semen smell. I am more exciting, my eight-inch long dicks have been on her labi, and some glans are more inserted into the vagina, it seems that the fort is already installed.

I am counting in my heart: five, four, three, two, one! Then, it is struggling. My whole grain is firmly inserted into her flower, and suddenly lost the body’s body, and I have a tear, and I am very happy to describe.

Under the lubrication of sufficient obscene, the soon is not in her body.

“Oh!” Feng Jie frowned, with painful feelings, it seems that my thick mask makes her a bit can’t stand it, “I will hurt? I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it.” I said .

Then start slowly pumping.

“Um …” gave up Feng Jie, which seems to feel the honey, tightly entangled her unprecedented big things.

I know, for many women, although I am raped, but once after being inserted by a man, the body will naturally have the reaction, the meat stick friction mucosa, the pleasure of the uterus from the depths of the meat, let Feng Can’t stand, she closed her eyes, holding his hands tightly into a fist.

I also immersely immersed in the pleasure of conquering the beauty, slowly pumping first, let excited meat sticks feel a feeling of being surrounded by the beautiful meat hole, but also to tease her.

Sure enough, how long, I felt many of her tenderness.

So I stopped the movement of the puff, turned the top of the jet nucleus, and suddenly Feng Jie hit a bitter voice and shakes the white buttocks.

“Do you want it?” I deliberately asked shameful problems.

“I want to be sorry for me? Xiaosi!” “No … No!”

She is red, so that the problem is in such a place, after the study of the school playground, she asked by a scholastic man, “Don’t ask this question!”

I am smile, I suddenly put the thick masks of the big mask into a slippery small tender point, she screamed, and the hands quickly pulled me.

I pushed her hand, launched an emergency attack, my hands put Feng Jie’s legs, bowing down his own crude big meat stick in Feng’s body, black meat stick in Feng Jiexue white body into and out, The reddy labi is not brought out, and the meat stick is still with white lascivious water.

The more I read it is more addicted.

“Ah … don’t look, I … so comfortable, God … Oh … Oh … so deep … I am dead, hey … so fast … ah …”

She looked again, she didn’t expect that she would become this, but under my attack, the meat is coming, she can’t resist, they can only be messy.

She turned to me, put her feet in the shoulder, pressure up the whole person, both hands pressed against the beauty firm breasts, her slender body as if being folded like pink ass held high, barbed Roubang get the best times and roots, weeds behind also with crunching called. “Hey … it … is … is a husband, a good husband … kill people … ah … ah … I want to bad … bad it! Ah …!”

Clearly, Feng Jie confused by my offensive no ability to fight back, only to find I was doing pussy numb, sexual secretion stop the outflow.

“Do you want to be my woman.

Say … say, ah, oh, your water really, really waves, oh … “I growled down low, in front of the beauty Jinzhai small Rouxue tightly wrap my cock, but kept clamped.

“To that I want to … I’m your yours, I was doing my husband died, my God, ah … ah, fly, I fly, ah …!”

She heard Langjiao, slender arms from tightly grabbed my hand and hugged me back and tight, sharp nails straight into the meat, as if, like a drowning man clutching at driftwood, a large number of direct and kinky fine out.

Langxue stop contracting, is seeing to a climax.

“I can not do … put me down, beg … beg you, stop for a while, ah … it was dry out and die, good husband, ah … have mercy on me …”

I see her so excited, in fact, own a little fine off is not solid, they stopped the action and having a rest, I put Jieer tightly in his arms, saw the beauty in front of cheeks flushed, Meiyanrusi Jiaochuan more than, small Langxue also kept clamped.

“Kiss me!” Then she pursed lips to my pro, totally forget that he was rape.

I leaned down and kissed, the two crazy tongue entwined, exchanging saliva, pro for a long while, the ups and downs of her chest was a little quiet.

“Good wife, comfort you?” I really struggle to get rid easily of her tongue, asked.

“Hey … also ask people, Hello severe Oh!” She blushed and admitted, “so much water, good oh shame!”

She could feel her ass dripping wet.

“To come back yet?” I asked.

Then she blushed and nodded.

I will be a change of position and let her upper body lying on the wall, vain and tender round ass high straighten Alice, “so good to lose face ah!” Feng Jie said.

I do not answer in one hand and leaning on her waist, one hand to adjust the position of the cock, the glans positive Mixue, what ruthless inserted in the end, after grinding a bit slowly withdrawn.

“This comfort you?” I grabbed her breasts with both hands forward, the two bodies tightly affixed together, I knew she had succumbed, will no longer be ruthless dry, use ruthless tactics insert slow smoked slowly improving her sexuality.

Sure enough, in front of beauty is also with shaking ass, the pursuit of pleasure.

“This good tight it was exciting, ah … you knocked something good people comfortable!”

She replied, her jet-black hair suddenly expanded from braids in white loose in the back, the back because of the relationship between sweat shining points of light thin, from waist to hip gourd-shaped curve also let me see blood Bizhang, a more hard cock up.

“What’s my stuff?” I deliberately put at the top of the glans Mixue mouth, refused to depth, teasing Feng Jie.

“Your little brother thing!” Obviously she’s libido hypertonic, then where withstand tease, then later chasing ass shaking my cock.

“What little brother, this is your husband doing big cock in your little Langxue!”

I say, to cock severely stabbed in the end, I heard pop AIDS, sexual secretion squeezed out from the gap combination.

“To do big cock plug you want to do ah??” She was very comfortable in this collision, which also control what shy, quickly said; “To big cock to push me fast, oh!!.

You … cock good hard ah, thrilled … thrilled … people … people … ah … but also bad, good husband, you’re the greatest … oh, a good comfortable … I have to start, ah … his wife is to be inserted dead, ah … ah … big cock thrilled to die …

I have to die … ah … “I support Feng Jie’s arrogant butt, starting to do the long-distance shelling, and the whole meat stick is completely pulled out, I only hit her seems to be mad as a mess, and the hand tightly grasped the wall. Wall , The obscene wave seemed to spray out, I took it out every time, I spurt it out, and I was joining when I put it in, I was full of sweating, and my small is a small. The tenderness is still shrinking. Her climax seems to have continued to come continuously. I feel that the thighs are bun. “Oh, I want to shoot!” I lowered, put the meat stick deeply into her body, and the hot semen began to spray Feng Jie’s body, and she was a mess.

“Ah … I can’t … I have been to … I have to die …” After she excitedly called, the whole body is weak, so the battle, the beauty is already fragrant, Zhang Da, no stop Patty gas.

I also kneel on her, the meat stick just fired in the beauty of the beauty, I shaken every time, she was full of mess.

This war should also end. She will never return to the doubts of the bedroom. I have organized her clothes for her. She also organizes my clothes, and then we branch each other after you kiss.

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