There is no lesson in the afternoon of the afternoon, I went back to the apartment dormitory, I found that the school sister’s door is open. When his curious probe saw, he saw him and his boyfriend, and another girl who had not seen it was chatting in it, and it was righted: “Sister.”

I also looked up with him, smiled and said, “You have no class?”

She stood up and pointed to the girl said: “This is my school girl He Yu Ting, this is a rival, lives opposite, it is also a new job. Nairo, we are going to visit, do you want to go together?”

It is said that it is a glory, which is a goddess, saying that it is necessary to introduce his girl. Tell: “Okay, I am also wanting to buy something, go together.”

So four people came to the street, and the east shouted, and the time was ligated. He Yu Ting is really good, and the school sister did not lie. It is also a lot of body, but it is slightly short, but the waist is very slender, and the full chest is very outstanding. Goose face, pointed chin, long hair into two coarse braids to the brain, very pretty. The eyes are not big, but bright and moving, Wantang will discharge, sometimes smile, look naughty. When you laugh, you will show a row of white teeth. There are two small pears vortex on your cheek, quite love. Ting is wearing a short-sleeved light shirt, a jeans, although Portscell, but Nairo also looks out that her posture is quite. They walked together and kept cauting. Sisters are very active to find topics. In the chat, it is rumored that Ying Ting is Kaohsiung. The first time I left home north. Her personality looks quietly, and I like to laugh, I don’t have a heart, I can’t learn. The sister will first warn to bully her. Following the street, and also proposed to see a movie, others have no opinions, so they come to Sieme-cho. Young people are not free to call together, don’t be arrested, soon they are familiar with each other. After entering the head in the cinema, it is cleverly turned off the lights, and the four people reach out will not see. Also let the boyfriend will take the hand forward. It is a glory and then know that it is necessary to grasp the opportunity, gently hold the little hand of Yuting, and look for a seat. Ying Ting’s head was taken by boys, and his face was shameless, and his heart jumped. He felt his hand of the boy’s body temperature, could not help but also. I have to sit to the positioning, I am ridicule, I can’t let the hand, I’m so stunned, and I can’t let him look at him. I don’t seem to look at the movie. Meaning, so that this is so embarrassed, until it is sticky?

From the cinema, Yu Ting is afraid that the school sister will see it, and he will not continue to continue to let it be. Sisters and boyfriend still hooked, kiss is hot and hot. At this time, I wanted to go back to school. She lived in the school building, but she can’t go back too late. But her book bag is also placed, and the four people will go back to the apartment and Nairong. Take the book bag, and I want to send Yuting back to the dormitory. It is a rumor to promise, and Yu Ting is squatting, I don’t know whether it is to let her go back. It is a ghost spirit, see her hesitation, said: “Yuting, come! First come to me, I will send you back, don’t be here, I am here. The light bulb!”

In this way, Yuting is embarrassed to continue to stay in the school sister. When I went to the room with Yuting, I went back to see that the school sister was smiling and glared, and I also blink on the school sister and looked at the door. Ting did not expect that suddenly becoming only she and the rituals, sitting in the cushion, the head in the first eight, is a rope to her ten sentences, I didn’t listen to it, I was confused, and my face was full of red. Nairong saw that love and pity, said: “You must feel very hot in this room, we go to the balcony to go through the breath!”

Nairong is not willing to let any opportunities, and immediately pull up the little hand of Yuting, bring her to the balcony, the two people’s light conversation, carrying the night, and the poetry. It is rumored to bring her with her heart, and I have been going to the window of the school, but I found that the windows that usually have closed will open a small seam. They also see each other at the same time. Hug, kiss your mouth. Ting is there, watching the hot kiss of the school sister and boyfriend, the two are intoxicated, this scene makes her feel chaotic, and the suction is gradually short. At this time, it was a gently hugged her back, she turned and wanted to escape, just opposite the nose, the nose was almost right, she was shy. It is ridiculous to hold her face, and the fine end is detained. She closed my eyes, I didn’t dare to look at him, and I got it. Ting feels a hot lip to kiss his mouth, ?? Ten Rong stood her and kissed her even more lost. His tongue drove her lips and teeth, teased her incense, and the full breasts of Yuting were rushed to the chest of the arrogance, and they were quickly upset. She sought KISS’s wonderful taste, not independent. Eucalyptus response. The two pairs of lovers have forgotten their kisses outside the house, and the world seems to stop. The arms of Ying Ting did not know what was wrapped in the neck of the arrogant, and the man of the arrogance was gently loved by her back. Finally, they breathed a breath, and they were rid of the cheeks of Yuting using hand palms and said: “婷 … we go back to my room?” 婷 nodded. So I rungled her back to the room, closed the door, and the two kissed together. A pair of palms in the palm of the house, and Yuting felt fainted, and the hands and feet were scattered. Only he did what he wanted. Tair, knowing that she has no intentional resistance, it will be more likely, he will kiss Yu Ting on the carpet, and the right hand is boldly lightly smashed. The breasts of Yuting have never been touched by others. I know that I should be able to burst it, but I can’t resist the newness of the new style, and I can’t drive the body. Taken to see a trick, so I got the end, my fingers secretly unlocked the shirt but buckle, the devil’s immersed, the meat stretching grabbed the right breast. Nairo has already found that the chest of Yuting is quite the capital, but I didn’t expect her breast to this extent. The delicate powder is elastic, and the full hand is not complete. He pressed with a bra, and his left hand continued to unlock the rest of the button. Yu Ting was anxious to cry. She wants to stop the violation of the arrogance, but there is a big boy who has got this physical strength. In a short while, Nairong has completely unspeak her shirt, revealing the snow. Yuting touched the hands of the arrogance, pleading: “Don’t …! Nairo! Don’t …”

It is a time to endure, temporarily stopping the movements in his hand, and smashed the Yuting, and pamn her cheek.婷 is ashamed to bury the whole face into the arms of the arrogance, and the intention of deliberately use the finger to put her nipple position, even if the bra is ridiculous, it can also feel that little pointed, It is necessary to be excited. He only made Yu Ting a little breath, and he replied again, and when he kneaded, and also reached into the bra, and pulled the milk tip. It sighed, and sure. Later, he surely pulled the bra, and the beautiful chest of Yuting was clearly presented in front of the eyes. She shy with her hands, but the big wolf next to it was, just greedy to enjoy the wonderful scenery of her chest. The baby’s breasts really are more bigger than the school sisters, more round, and more and more, and more flexible. Her uli is only a touch of pink, the nipple is small, and it is Rong Zhang to include one, sucking, and pulling. Why did you experience this situation, then you can’t hold it, petite: “Ah … um … don’t … is Rong … you put … I …… all … I … ah … … how … this …? Yeah … um … “

Nai Rong also bite it lightly, and Y Ting is more trembling: “Hey … Light … ah …”

Ting has been comfortable, so it is a glory to solve her belt, fade in jeans, see Yuting is a small light blue tripper, and the silk fabric has obvious wet stumps. Two fingers in the eaten, one explore, and it is soft and soft, and the obscenity is eager to disaster. Yuting was so surprised to discover his secrets of his shame, and the body shocked, but it was not easy to come. The wonderful world of Yuting is all proud of the whole body, only the part of the person, and the different pleasants who have never had ever have passed, and hope that it is Rong to stop the action, and hope that is a rival Don’t stop, Fang Xin is chaotic, want to die. Nairong thought that Yu Ting seems to be an interest, no sucking on the double milk, licking the clothes on his own body, peeled the light, then remove the only small panties in Yuting, two people It is naked together. The taste of the man is smelling the man’s taste, and the key to the body is in the mastery of the man, only helplessness? “… um … ah …”

Ten Rong let her lying on the side of her face, re-kissed her cherry, pulling her thighs across him? Shares, and palm on her legs and love. In this way, the hard big cock has naturalized in the small hole. In fact, Yuting does not know that it is Rab. It is grinding in her hole, but she is comfortable, and she is not self-satisfied. Twisted your butt fit. When I was procpoac, I asked her: “Shu is uncomfortable?” Yuting did not want to answer, close his eyes, and his mouth. Nairong, she said: “If you don’t say, I have to stop …”

It’s really stopped, and I am in a hurry, I am busy swinging the powder hips to find the mask. Beg for: “Comfortable … very comfortable … don’t stop …”

“Then ask me a brother.”

“Brother …” She called. Nairuan is satisfied with the dick back to the hole, and it will come back and back, and try to explore half of the glans into the hole. . Nai Rong saw that she didn’t suffer, the chicken was even, and the whole glans had been put into the point.

“Hao pain!” Yuting crumped frowned, shocked. Tair, I know that I can’t have halfway, I still have a heart, still a lot of money, and I will hurt my chest, but I can stop his deep, and finally I am gorgery. Heart, already all, this stops. Y Ting cried and tears, hated: “Teach people call your brother, you can’t distress me at all, I am so painful …”

※ | JKF Czech Forum is really sorry, he said: “Sorry … “

“Who is you kiss, you will only bully me.”

Ten Rong listened to her and delicate, couldn’t help but kiss her lips, and Yuting automatically responded with a small tongue. The two were tight, and the two snakes were together. I don’t know when it starts, the big chicken is slowly pumping, and Ying Ting has no pain, anti-beautiful, and the face has a comfortable expression.

“Brother … oh … oh …”

It is also to speed up the speed of thrust, and she has already affected.

“Oh … so comfortable … God? … how will it be … this is so comfortable … This is …

婷 is junior in person, beautiful, and the lover of the lover has not had a comfortable feeling, let her really fly a day. And Rong is between the pump, I feel that the cock is wrapped in a warm and compact meat. This cavity is in the obscenity, the feeling is full, and he is also excited, and it is also excited, and constantly kisses the mouth of the mouth, the wine, the cheek and The snow white neck, Yuting feels that it is a glory to you, and hold him tightly. Nairman thinking that Yu Ting’s prostitution is sliding, every time the glans exits the hole, the general will take a big beach. After a while, the carpet has been disaster everywhere, he simply took two seat cushions, plug them all Under the pink hip of Yuting, you can use Gao Yuting’s beauty, and you can absorb her prostitution. Nairong did not expect the Yuting, who was just opened today, Sao Water is more than other women experienced by other past, he looked up and looked at the big cock in the tenderness, and every insert “”, Ying Ting also “oh!” Ting is bred? It is low, the waves splash, a wave of rapid hit, can not bear the attack, spending the heart? Shake, finally pushed up the highest peak.

“Ah … ah … God … this … this … this is …………………………………………………….. … Hold your girl … Sister … Ah … good … so beautiful … ah … ah … “

Nairong sent it from the top of the glans, and the sputum of the small hole, the water continued to rush, and all the expressions on the face were stagnant. She has already boarded the first climax in this life. Nairo stopped the action, the cock still continued to bubble in the hole, bite and kissed the earlobe of Yuting, asked: “Sister, beauty is not beautiful?”

The whole body is weak, and it is reluctant to reach the arm, but I can’t answer the sound. Ten Rong made her a little rest, but the buttocks were moving, and the cock pushed. This back, the waves, but also can’t work, just a soft beggar.

“Brother … slow … point …”

After all, there is still a bit of pain. When it is rapidly, it will slowly adjust the speed, and the hands will be able to transfer the painful attention. Ying Ting gradually recovered, and the Sao Jin came up again, and the active pose your ass. “Um … hey …”. “Oh … oh … deep … ah … a good brother …”

Ten, what is it going on at this time, the big big fall, the cock is not ignorant. Ying Ting did not independently contracted a small hole, and the rumor was to endure. Her small hole was compact and narrow. At this time, it was more beautiful, and he can’t stop himself. The signal, he has been taking into account, and the chicken suddenly skyrockets and came to a critical gate.乃 婷 不 已经 完 了 了 得 得 像 像 像 像 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 美 美 美 难 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 难 美 美 美 美 难 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 难 美 美 美 难 难 难 难 难 美 美 难 美 美 美 美 美 难 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美Wear, the waves smashed: “Good brother … is really comfortable … you … kill your sister … ah … forget it … ah … oh … I … again … ah … Oh … … more flying … … oh … “

This voice is more important to be a righteous life, a fine clearance, a large stock of a large stock of a large stock, and a full shot into the deep body of Yuting. Yu Ting was rushing by this yang, and the heart was born by the big glans. It dizzy, and the water was sprinkled, and at the same time arrived at the climax, the blood was full of seat cushions. The two are satisfied, and they are kissed and kissed each other. Yuting first gave a man in the heart of the heart, but he didn’t want to leave the lover thick arms. For a long time, they will come to the dormitory, and the 婷 惦 舍 舍 舍 依 起 起 起 起. 身…………….. 着 着 着 帮 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着At the entrance of the dormitory, the two people secretly kiss when they didn’t pay attention, and agreed to meet tomorrow morning, and Yuting went back to go to the door, they still looked back. When I returned to my apartment, I have been more than ten o’clock. He turned into the alley. Just saw the school sister was sending her boyfriend to leave. He quickly ran to the door, from the sister behind the sister, hurt her. Jumping, looking back is a rumor, can’t help but say: “Dead ghost, scare people … Today … can let you put a big beauty …”

It is a righteousness of the back neck of the school sister and say: “Of course, I want to thank my dear school sister.”

“Ah! How to do the big door will be closed, what should I do?”

Nairong counter-hand closed the stairway door, and the two kissed in the door. When it was a full chest, it was unbounded in the short skirt, and it was a wet answer.

“The sister has just peeted!”

“Dead phase, have you not eat? … um … light a little …”

Nai Rong just launched the dick, and he said in his arms: “We go home to …”

Nai Rong pulled her, picked up the skirt, fading her triphat pants, and he said: “What do you do? This is a public place …”

Ten Rong opened the trousers and pulled out the dick, and easily inserted into the acupoint behind the back. It is also not to clean up with my boyfriend, and it is convenient for it. It is convenient to drive straight, and immediately move it, and you can’t stand at a point. …… Building … “

“Okay … we are like this …”

It is also no way to rectify this big color wolf. I have to connect to the stairs. Every time I arrived at the corner of the stairs, I am a rush to re-play a few times, and I don’t dare to call out. I can’t hold the silver tooth, my heart is really hated and love. It’s finally finally coming to the top of the sixth floor. I just stepped on the whole ladder. I have already reached the edge of the collapse, short promotion, the cheeks are red, the small hole is tightened, and the rumor nature knows that she is going to finish, and dozens of income, I also scattered out, I still hurry the stairs, I can’t relax, and I will catch the small mouth to avoid the waves to wake the other roommates, and the body tremble, lost. Taxie knowing that the sister refused to let the man shot inside, and in fact, he had just leaked himself, and did not have to ejaculate the desire to ejaculate, but found that the trousers were everywhere. Waves.

“Sister … You see …” He said with his face. I also saw it, I can’t help but laugh, he said: “Live! Go to wash yourself.”

The two kissed it again, and he hugged again, only a self-returned house.

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