I understand Russian, which is relatively rare in Hong Kong, after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, when to be shipped, promoted vocational, but last year because of the economic downturn, older workers can retire early, and make up a substantial pension , seeing the real world, a new generation replacing the old one, and then diving mean nothing, just take the money to leave.

How much took? Hey-hey! This is the secret, not even my wife did not know, I want to say that there are many secrets, but here is ‘erotic literature zones’, not my virtue in this small range, such as self-deprecating, will sweep the Yinxing enthusiasts.

There are beautiful ‘spring’ do not write, I mention those memories wicked do what?

I want to say the story is half a year in 2098 to how to take the money in second-tier DC Merry merry! She is the girl next door!

However, how many romantic, how many miserable there, watching those stories, listen to me slowly to stick.

who am I? Do not mistaken, I’m not the old side! Here not only know the old Russian side, as well as forests, forests in this set have taken color plays an important sense, but not a hero! The main character is me, I’m old fan, old Fan is a little old Fan!

Xiaofan virtue Laobian presentation made it clear that the old paradigm is also no longer have to spend more ink, all recognize! Closer to home:

what! There have to mention the same, because the old side too ‘across the river’ the ugly, the small range depicted wreck, bearing in mind today because pampered old fan, happy mood, although it is early retirement, but light skin Rouhua, jade tree, dyed hair, looks less than four years old, unlike the old side, a pair of skinny residues like Oh! Really get down to business: the

This spring, saw a second-line advertising sales in Shenzhen forests introduction of ‘forbidden fruit daily’ estate version, Wow! Arrived! Independent garden houses sell hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong dollars, and immediately made a phone call to the little annoying.

Tell us, is this little annoying at Yuan Yuan station to cut non-erotic articles made one fewer managers friend, I would ignore him! He was running out of friends.

Originally, I was doing things like ideas, loner, does not like to be pushed by, but had little trouble claiming the SAR each other quite well, so he wanted to pull away.

Small also really expect trouble, he had to engage in real estate contact partner Shiro Taiwan, and Hong Kong side of the property by the Jilin Jun, Lang earlier this business ‘Friday Gigolo’ in Taiwan, Arlington have introduced many Hong Kong Jour past patronize him.

Lang make money, suddenly, to engage in real estate in the mainland, Hong Kong people like to buy on sale, Alin naturally become a real estate broker.

I find direct Alin certainly save a lot of costs, are connected to the second-tier Alin take a ride, do not have to line up the flow of people crowded through customs, on the road, Alin asked: “old fan, you buy a house in order to hedge against inflation, or another purpose? “

I said: “This building, I cast all his possessions in Hong Kong can not afford to go see afford it, buy a greedy stood proud, past or future pension or investment purposes, always use it!”

Alin said: “What we do is building now, ready-to-live, take you to a property inspection, Miss, if you are interesting to her, is something to pour in!” (Cantonese slang, showgirl dancers may buy it to bed. mean)

“What! You can have sex with her?” I asked, puzzled.

“Han simple points only go to bed? Straight love can pack her mistress.”

Shenzhen ‘mistresses’ of things I already heard, but I’m definitely more fierce than the tigress leopard small bird home, but I would have been unthinkable, but if I use part of the money to secretly buy a flat retirement package mistress, is it mysteriously …

Thought of here, I’m a little tempted, but also to the car.

Alin introduced me to a local sales office, received him Miss Jenny, I did not know she was Alin ‘mistress’, the sight of Jane, gave birth to AIDS-like cat eyes stared at her.

Jane is openly come up with an album to me: “! Fan, there are young ladies, you pick an edge of sleep a wink property inspection accompany it.”

I smiled and said: “! Do not read, you just take me Qula”

“I’m sorry! Fan, I do not take people’s property inspection!” Said Jane politely.

I can not help but burst of embarrassment, that I should know how to dance the mother has not Peiqia fishes!

So, I put the album rummaging, I fancy a pair of sisters, Yan thin ring of fat, call me indecisive, thought, and finally chose small.

Jane pressing the intercom and said: “Erniu with guests Kanlou it!”

For a while, there was a sister to the north, and I know that she was born sisters in a relatively slim.

From real estate sales offices close to the North sister took me to walk in front, she did not dolled herself up, natural hair, curvy figure, walking ah-na scene, riding in a rubber slippers Roujiao It is so delicate and tender tired …

North sister quite reticent, not that I hate twittering, I myself prefer the quiet girl.

Really, have not seen the house, I wanted to buy! Can not help but secretly admire Alin means of operation.

I want to see to the building of the North sister took out the keys, open the door and let me in.

Garden Cottage, the environment elegant, fully furnished house, even the air conditioners have also been installed properly, everything is satisfactory.

I sat down on the sofa in the living room, sat down and greeted the North sister.

North commitment sister slowly, knees close to the left Weice time to sit down, like a trained, but a little stiff.

I asked: “Little girl, what is it!”

“Erniu.” She looked at me, looked down shyly lovely hand children’s clothes tweaking.

“Listen Mr. Lin said that if I buy here, you can …” I have not finished, Erniu desperately nodded, watch the look, she was anxious to be ‘wrapped’. I ask how much she needs, her head bowed and said very quietly: “!! If you like me, you can talk and Mr. Lin, just south of I do not know anything.”

I asked: “! Oh well I love you, and he will talk about, you’ve seen with other guests floor it!?”

Erniu shook his head and said: “I just came to my sister yesterday, no!”

I said: “Do you know that we want to learn more, I can certainly choose How about you?”

Erniu shook his head and said: “Jane did not say.”

I smiled and said: “! Probably because you’re new here, she has not had time to tell you, I ask you, you just sit down posture is your sister you teach it.”

Erniu nodded, Qiao Yan surprised to look askance at me.

I continued: “There are so many things you do not know, you must also pass a medical examination.”

“Medical examination” Erniu looked up and asked in surprise.

“Of course! You come from the field, be sure to check the body to see if there is no infectious disease, skin disease, I did not mean to make things difficult for you, but you do not have documents, medical check very expensive.”

I see Erniu a little nervous, he added: “! However, I see like you, but, I itself is a doctor, if you let me see, no problem, no problem.”

“To look at it … how …?” Erniu appeals.

“Quite simply, I see your hands hands feet, that there is no skin disease.”

“That’s infectious disease it?”

“Infectious diseases can be cured, I like you, do you have infectious diseases to ignore it?”

“Then you look at it!” I held out my hand to Erniu children.

“You go to wash again.” Although I hurry, still an orderly, unlike the old side of his country’s Erniu, beggars, we must seize the dry, dogs will grab a pair of bone look.

My Erniu good listener, she really wash in vain, then came out to see me.

I put her soft warm hand hold children in the wolf claws, wow! Although I would only tiger is also good, but there comparable Erniu this teen idol delicate hand, she boneless, white and delicate, without modification of prime hand, although there are several QUICKER caused minor damage, but she so then I must call her flawless white wall!

I slip down her beauty Oubi up, cite high her hand, Hey! No armpit hair, I do not know her under …

Well, enough is enough, began to look a lift Erniu, the brother of Jiro ‘cram … ‘ works really fascinated me, just as I am currently engaged in the play, did not dare to time small reward, fear works your shadow, guilty of plagiarism too!

I Erniu feet holding in his arms, I can not wait to use it in the soles of the feet caught my penis, it also can not wait to step all over my body, I thought Jiro famous brother, ravaged my face!

Erniu is not fit to wear the trousers, it is estimated there may be her sister, very loose belts, pants are also very wide, Erniu put his hands on his pants and always mention, the whole delicate white legs will be bared.

I Youmo they pinch, slip in addition to the United States, is the elasticity of the muscles, how comparable home leg of the Tiger! The only drawback is that there is a small scar on the knee, but it would not hurt.

Read meat legs back foot, Erniu of a lift is very small, somewhat toes a bit short, the lack of a mature beauty, but there is another innocent little sister of the United States!

I love to play Erniu feeling of a lift, she seemed suspicious, but dare not shrink away, her face thrown up a layer of Hongxia, toes wriggling uneasily, a temptation to add more.


I have a peculiar, that touching the wife of a lift will be excited, touching another woman, though not sure, but this teen idol touch Erniu certainly excited to incredible.

I put the foot Erniu holding in his arms, exposure to natural hard erection of the penis, Erniu also felt, but she did not dare to shrink away, but face great changes, the original Pan-white red noodles become red.

I caught her foot ankles, fingers gently scratching her soles of the feet, tickled her toe tuck.

She wanted to shrink away, I was firmly caught, had held out his other leg to kick me, I had expected she would, then turn it over to scratch her kicking foot, she was scratching flurry of Fentui the occasion, the doorbell rang.

Alin to the people is, he came to ask for my advice, and I am ready and back to Hong Kong.

I said he was satisfied with the Erniu, Erniu blushing go back.

I asked all expenses Arlington, Arlington Name two silver code, the original bro, but this is a commercial secret, inconvenience disclosed specific figures revealed, but really affordable, interested may contact with Mr. Lin Taiwan’s friends can call directly to Lang, a friend living in the United States and Canada are sorry, not far from the fire near water rescue!

Hey-hey! Our advertising than those introduced to Xiao Ke station vivid and specific. Rich content, please read my personal experience it!

I paid a deposit to the sales office, took the opportunity to carefully looked Jane glances.

On the way back to Hong Kong, Alin told me: “This is the second phase, there is a third phase is also building the second phase but better position, because from the train station recently, I also bought one. “

“You buy?” I asked a little strange.

“Yes! Sales offices in Guangzhou sister Jenny sisters lived in that.”

“Oh! I know, you … kill two birds with one stone!”

“Her sister is home, moved to Luo Lake next month, Alang also left one, let his Achi live, Antai also bought a unit, all in your house.” “” Antai? “

“You know, because the bag is milk, so I changed a flower name, he feed! Your two girls are good! But the name is old dirt, do you want to change it?”

“Ah! No need, I like her name, hey! Is she a virgin?”

“I know there, but don’t you expect! In fact, it is not a human world, and it is not a woman!”

“Well! It’s also right! I asked casually!” Although I said this, I always feel that the two girls like a relaxation.

Alin said with a smile: “Listen to the discourt, your family has a mother, how come you come in Shenzhen?”

“Oh! There is a way, I can say that people in Shenzhen in Shenzhen, the power is not financial, so I have to go to the SAR often!” I also said.

“Haha! It will be stealing, the thief is talented! But I and Atte really have a restaurant in the first phase, interested in you can also participate.”

I am embarrassed to say: “Don’t sneak the sound! Weird, hey! Our house is called?”

Alin said with a smile: “Hey! The first period sells some ‘2 milk’, so the real name is no one call, all call it to call the village.”

“Second milk village? Ha …”

After returning to Hong Kong, I told my wife to the SAR, and my friend invited me to do a restaurant.

Don’t worry! She also supports it.

The next day, I took the bank’s promise to pay the mantissa of Arlin, and I will have to go to Shenzhen, so I have a phone call with my mother, and I will pass from Wenjin from Wenjin.

Going to the second milk village, it is already evening, Al Lin’s ‘Second Spring Refrigerant’ a feast in the first phase, as I and the two girls, Alang and Artai are just, eight people , It is not lively, and the Antai is the old friend of Yuanyuan Station.

Azhen is a one by one: Alang’s old second is called A Xue, Antai’s call … I don’t remember.

I saw two girls, I didn’t natural, I advised her to drink a little bit.

Two girls are not drinking, drinking a small half cup has been hot, and Azhen also advised her, after drinking a cup, the second girl said that she felt the sky to the sky!

I barely sat down, I went home with her, helping her bed! She can’t support it, sleeping.

I saw the two girls slept very sweet, and the chest is double peaks, and it is very high.

So I went to the bed, sit down, reached out to understand her shirt button, tentacked, one opened, she did not wear a hood, the girl’s jade peak is full of elasticity, the nipple is not too big, the double peak is a bit blush .

I used the strange hand to touch, I only felt slippery, I pinched with my hands, two piles of soft meat flexible! Pressing is a flexible tender meat, but I don’t dare to fix it, I am afraid she wakes her.

I think so: she didn’t wear a huge, there may be no pants, why not solve her trousers, enjoy her patent? I think, I will take her trousers, but I have not guessed it, she is wearing triangles.

Suddenly, the second girl will drive the body, I hurriedly stopped.

After waiting for a while, I didn’t see her movement. I took her pants to gently pulled my pants. A pale yellow tripper reflected in the eye. At this time, the two girls are late, I lightly pull the corner of her underwear, one side of the hip naked Come out, I have seen it, the more I want to fire.

I whispered to the second girl: “Two girls! You sleep better!”

It is very light to pull it, this geope is very light, and she will not wake up her.

20 Years have a supine, I have the opportunity to remove her whole tripage.

At this time, her shirt was opened, and the double millet was full, and the lower body was not inch.

I saw that her piling was very high, the yin woo, her mobility, almost the white version, never the black jungle of the vaginal, even the kind of the vaginal mouth.

I saw the two sides of the line! The so-called peak has a strip of water!

I gently open her thigh, becoming a ‘big’ word, dialing her private part, I didn’t expect this north girl, two girls are actually a woman!

Virgin is a woman! Although I opened the thigh, because I didn’t have a human being, I didn’t open it.

I reached out to touch the vaginal mouth of the two girls! Who knows that it is ok, under a touch, the whole finger is moist, it seems that there is a lot of water.

I am squatting on the bed and looking up! Open her big labip with two fingers, revealing a small hole! The red sticky meat inside, sees the small labiaries, and the yuki on the urethra.

I left the lips, and the right hand index finger inserted into the vagina. About incompetence is less than half inch, and the fingers are also wet, the fingers are inserted into eight, that is, the sound, the virgin, unreasonable, indeed It is clear, it is very complacent, it is to be inserted, and the vaginal cavity of the four sides is also written, and it feels warm and very fun.

I want to be burned, I can’t stand it anymore, but I know that I am so impulsive, if the arrow is on the strings, as long as the mask is inserted into the pussy, I am afraid that I have not got a glans, I have already ventilated.

This will be fine, it is really a lot of things, because theft is a happy thing, if you come out so soon, we wore new shoes as soon as it is rain.

It is necessary to try to extend the time of the essence, minimize fifteen minutes to twenty minutes, can really enjoy the taste of the virginity!

That kind of effort to go straight, the pendment of narrow vaginal cavity can be obtained.

Thinking of this, immediately go to bed, get a cold, then go to bed. When I came back, I took a look at the two girls. It’s really ice cream and jade, it is worthy of appreciation.

I have read it again for a while, I have implemented the taste of trying people.

The two girls are high, do not have to use the pillow to matize her hips, I stand on the edge of the bed, lift her legs with hands, make the two girls on their shoulders, then the left hand to open her labipings. The right hand holds the mask and looks for going to the small hole in the vagina.

Regardless of the male mask size, a virgin is also difficult to accommodate, you want to put it into, straight and top cervix, this is impossible, and vigorously advance! Inserting, it will make the woman’s pain to the soul, leaving a bad impression on sexual delivery, this is absolutely unhappy, and it must be step-by-step, which is progressive, so that the people will decrease, and then they will feel interesting.

Young readers may ask: Do you feel interested in your first sex?

this problem! I think it will not, even if you are pity, you can use flirtatious and successive methods, you can only reduce the pain of your virgin and her nervous mood. If you think about it, the virgin vagina is in the middle of the people, and they have a tight secret. And you put the big glans into, the coarse mask squeezes the vaginal muscles, although the vaginal muscles are elastic, and it will feel hard. After five or six sexual intercourse, women will feel happy. .

And said my glans, I touched the vaginal mouth of the second girl, as if I was sucked, I also thought that there was a little in the vaginal mouth, making the glans more slippery.

About the virgin vaginal mouth is not enough to peanly size, but this glans is still bigger than walnuts! In this case, it is approximately five to one.


I held a mask right away, put the glans, tall the small hole, ‘Zi’, the glans have been put into the vagina, this plug, makes the two girls feel a loss, she is thirsty It can’t you wake up.

One of the girls woken up, the soight of the body is not comfortable, some things go into the vagina, and wrinkle the eyebrows, showing slightly painfulness, so I can’t bear to use it.

At this time, I have left her film, about two or three points, I can break the two girls’ women’s masks, if I put the mask, the female film of the second girl is still broken! But then I met this milk, and I didn’t have a job!

Two girls have a certain god, see your corset, there is no pants, there is no pants in the lower body, and my legs are open, and my whole body is bare naked, and then I feel that my phenoli is smoldering.道: “Oh, I am dying. Will I put me first?”

I lied to her: “You don’t move, now you have broken by me, you will have to bear it, you will have to bear, you will have a few times, you will be happy! You have developed, don’t be afraid! I will have a happy life in the future! “

Eighteen, I have already understood men and women, but her mouth is still saying: “But … you are so strong, I am fine! I don’t seem to be a seat, let you squeeze in it!”

I said: “You don’t worry, you touched, now there are so many, there are still a big section, after my things, you will feel addicted!”

Tell, catching the second girl with a hand to take his penis.

The two girls have a strong penis, and there is a different feeling of the heart, and I said, “Ashad!” I didn’t touch it! “

I said: “Don’t touch it, but you don’t move, I will continue to plug in, maybe you have some pain, but don’t matter, every virgin is also the same!”

I didn’t help but, she didn’t struggle.

I slipped the glazing, slipped up and went up the yin nuclear, two girls were touched by the glans, suddenly stayed, there is a weird expression floating on her face.

I asked with a smile: “What do you think?”

Two girls have said: “You get people in the whole body soft, the limbs are numb, my heart seems to be separated from it, you have made my body paralyzed, lightly flutter!”

I use the left hand to open the lips, holding a mask right hand, then hard, ”, the whole glans will slipped in, the two girls have been rubbed by my glans, the whole body is paralyzed, and the heart is awkward. Some obscenities flow out, so this time I am slightly squeezed, I will squeeze the glans.

I talked, I took the glans to pioneer, put forward, I clearly felt that the glans arrived, the tender meat in the vagina was forced to open, this time, it is true that the women’s film is broken. Some blood is squeezed out.

The two girls feel very painful, reach out to catch my hi, say: So fast, I am hurt! Wow! Are you so long, can you really get into my stomach? “

I said: “You don’t be afraid, it is not too nervous, one minute into one inch, you can go in five minutes, you will not hurt more!”

When I speaking, I have been inch, and the hymen has broken, you can gently pumping, but when you take it, I will not pick up too much, but I will take a point, I will be two points, this way is forced, I am just smelling the cavity in the two girls in the vagina!

I got a deeper, the second girl’s vagina’s muscles surrounded my penis, and I feel so delicious!

Two girls closed their eyes, and I asked her: “How do you feel at this moment?

The two girls did not open their eyes, whispered: “I feel that the lower body is getting more and more deep, and it seems that all the way is going, I will have pain, but I feel that I feel right, people. The heart is grateful, there are more things in your stomach. It is very unnatural. The limbs are paralyzed. It is very wet. I don’t know what to say! Don’t ask others! “At this time my hi Half half, that is, it is more than two inch, and it is already a deep.

I said whispered: “Two girls, you touch it! How much is it!”

Two girls say: “I don’t touch it, it makes me so painful, then I will go in and go. I have a lot! Forget it! Don’t get again! Will die!”

I laughed and said: “Silly woman, will you die? The so-called hard work, now I haven’t been there, how can I become? You will bear it, you will know that I didn’t lie to you!”

Although my hormon is half! But the two girls’ breasts have been eaten, now she is no longer a woman, from the beginning to now, I used it for ten minutes.

My mask is compact and warm vaginal package and sucking. This is a happy taste. It is really fun for the female opening. The close package of the vaginal muscles, making men feel this kind of pleasure, is the happiness that is nothing!

Only a prostitute will be compact! A woman has to give a man with this wonderful feeling, I think the pops of the two girls is very powerful, there is a sucking sucking, making the masher a lot of feelings.

I am afraid that I will take it again, I will vent it, stop the activity, calmly calm, and take a break.

And said that I took a break, I drunk, I still use a way to take a different way, all the way to open the mountain, and the two girls have risen, and they will pass to the cervix.

At this time, I am more addicted, the five-inch long penis has all entered the ‘belly of the second girl, the man root is hoop with a tight bundle, and the muscles are surrounded by the vaginal wall. Sucking sucking, that kind of taste and happiness, if you have not played a virgin, you don’t know if you have so happy.

Now I started to save, I don’t dare to be too hard, I am afraid that she has suffering! And just put the mask, then inserted to the endorse, who knows about thirty pumping, the glans have a problem, probably the cervix of the top 20 girls, this stem is touched with his neck, and finally no longer Ability to get it!

The gougite ”, the semen direct spray, the old Fan’s heart is also jumped.

I put her down her feet, I stated straight, and the mask was still immersed in the pussy, and then ‘Tiankidi’ ‘, the chest is soft, and the bout is very hard.

If you get it, you will get twenty minutes, you’re more than twenty minutes.

The two have a rest for ten minutes, then I will pull the mask, wow! Whole glans redeth.

The two girls are sitting up, the pussy out of the semen, her pale yellow trip is just below the pussy, the blood of the virgin, a red, she picked up a trip, Focus on: “I will give you the first time!”

I have a sense of satisfaction, and there is also a sin! On the age, two girls can be my daughter, and money is both a million, and I am evil. I actually take a pure girl’s first night!

Two people have cleaned the lower body! Two girls told me that she still is still unnatural, I comforted a few words, and I feel some tired, I will sleep with her nakedly.

The next day, I bought a few daily necessities in the urban area. The two girls walked some unnatural, but what she bought, some were never seen, some were only in TV, but never I haven’t used it, so she is happy to be like a bird.

The second night, I saw ‘period’ has arrived, and I enjoyed the flesh of the two girls in the evening. The two got a bed, everyone took off each other.

First of all, I took her a hot kiss, then reached out to play her nipple, gently knead, let the two girls feel a burst of itching, I don’t just use hands, and use mouth, tip of the tongue, sipping The two girls are soft and the bones are all.

I have a dual administration, use a index finger to play her jaood! Getting two girls in the hearts, obscene, the whole pursery waterfall, her eyes are awkward.

I have seen two girls have been emotional, and I will take a thin pillow, and put her hips, put the vagina, and then open her legs, the glans draw a few circles in her vagina, Then, the entrance is, force it,

Wow! Both Babo, the water is slippery, completely swallowed this five-inch long mask slowly, both sides feel a lot, I said with a smile: “Two girls, what? Don’t hurt!”

The two girls have a red spot: “Don’t hurt, but itchy, you smash me!”

I am slightly saved, the mask is frozen with the meat, the more thrilling, I am afraid that the second girl has not tasted the happiness, leaning over and her mouth, with the spirit of the spirit, kiss and play her nipple, make her star Overserance, yeah, it is good.

Suddenly, I sat up! Put the two girls! The two are sitting on face, the two girls are fertilized, and they are separated from my waist. The masher is inserted up with her cervix. The two people have twisted their waist and strive to rub the flesh.

This grind! Make the second girl like electric shock! Low first in my shoulder! Holding me tightly, I constantly called: “Oh! I’m so itchy! Hey! I am paralyzed, I am dead!”

The two girls have a poor, the whole body is boiling, bite on my shoulders … The climax has been finished, I will put it in bed, let her take a break.

When ‘two defeats is hurt, I showed the shoulder of the bleeding by her, and the second girl was shameless.

After the two were slightly rest, the battle will then start, and make persistent efforts, use a variety of fancy, two girls are biting me, my heart is a bit guilty, and I am very embarrassed to cooperate, I am completely intoxicated in love and wants…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Until I took the train back to Hong Kong, I remembered that I have to face the Hujia …

After I get off at the Kowloon Station, I immediately went to buy a bag of wind and wet tabs, hiding near the bathroom near a restaurant, took a piece, carefully attached to the teeth of the two girls …


It is night, for the conception, I used to eat, took the initiative to ask for help, she saw my shoulders sticked to have a ointment, I asked, I told her to Shenzhen for two days, my bones, she said: “That … Don’t let it, tomorrow night! “

what! Actually, you can escape, rely on two girls.

A few days later, I’m touched the thoughts about the wine, and the wife of course truthfully thought that I was taking on Alin’s windmill to the second milk village.

I came to me, I was here, often said: Xiaobi won the newly married, I and two girls are new marriage, this little more, and it is even more than three autumns. In fact, I am also eager to two. The girl is still a good dream, so I have grown her in the arms. The second girl is half-pushed. It is ashamed to reject a few hands, and finally I want to do it.

That flexible, youthful carcass, really makes me love not to release, and make me quickly impulsive, I want to take back her clothes, two girls are shocked: “Big daytime, shame is dead! What do people suddenly come in? “

I suddenly thought of the ancient book, Jia people Luo is half-solved, don’t have a good thing, so I said: “Two girls, you don’t have to strip pigs, you wear a skirt today, take your underwear.

The two girls began to rely on cooked, she said with a small mouth: “It is necessary to do someone, I don’t care, I will take off yourself!”

Two girls ignore me, of course, I will not ignore her, my hand returning into her skirt, and I don’t take her underwear, I touched her to pick up Xiaqiu, smiled and said: “Two girls, you here Can’t hurt! “

The second girl shakes his head and said: “Don’t hurt, but since you have been, I always feel weird, you don’t, people think of you, you seem to be wet, you said, is it, is it? Have you opened anything in my bottom? “

“Silly two girls, you are so stupid, you are very pure, it is a good girl, I want to be young for 20 years, you can stay with you!”

“Don’t say this? Although you are much big, I can see that you like me very much, marry a man who likes me, isn’t it my home? We have a home, I am willing to replace You have a child! “

I don’t want to judge the second girl is really sincere, or the two milk has been trained, but from the two girls, I can’t see any false and make!

20 Years are a true feelings, my heart is dark! II for my tenderness, I can’t help but think of the tigerous wife in Hong Kong, don’t think she is really a fierce, in fact, her Wen Yixiao, I’m still considerate.

I call her tiger wife because of the Hong Kong men, it is used to saying that the wife is the mother tiger.

I am in love with her in secondary school. At that time, she is not like two girls such as a tenderness. Now, she is responsible for the responsibility of the elderly. She is accompanied by the growth of the children, and I am annoying for the children. I am used to nor to respect, I don’t ask for trouble. After retirement, I will leave the wine building with my friends in the SAR, and I will implement two milk.

I can’t help but I can’t help but do my hands, I have no longer active, I still sigh my breath!

Two girls see my look wrong, smashing a big eyes on black and white, asked carefully: “Are you uncomfortable?”

This voice is concerned, and I have reversed the reality from the endless trend.

I suddenly thought: I have been wrong, everything is cast, only myself, I have always been brave to face the reality, I still have to make my choice, I am going to have a wife, I am sorry myself, I In addition to her, it is also a life in life, but the sunset is infinite, but it has been dusk. I don’t cherish this instantity. I am sorry myself, and I am sorry to give me two girls who offer people to me!

I am going to see the two girls, my heart is softened!

The two girls look at me, but also reveal a hint between the eyebrows.

My heart is soft, the most difficult to understand the beauty, under the two girls are soft, I can’t exult, I said to myself in my heart: “I have loyal to my wife. 30 years, Lin Yaji The flowers are also worthy of her, now it is a cold, a big fortune, or let go of the arms! “

Think of this, I am guilty! So, I put it on the hands of the bicycles, moved to her underwear, and pulled her root down, two girls move the hips, let me take it completely.

It is still light yellow, the position of the trousers is wet, and it can’t be said to be two girls, that is, I just caused her pants to dig her vaginal mouth.

Now, the two girls’ skirts are vacuum, I want to pull her skirt, but she immediately shy handle, let the skirt cover her shame. I asked: “Are you not willing to give me?”

She said whispered in my ear: “I will not be given to you? But you are like a happiness, just like a rogue!”

I asked: “So, I will take you on the last time, press it in bed, and it is not rogue?”

“How will it be the same? I am your woman, of course, let you press it in bed! How is it?”

“Yeah! You are my woman, why can’t I ignore your skirt?”

“This … I don’t know! I saw the movie, rogue women’s skirt, they will call!”

A young brunette like a green apple, I really can’t hate her whole person, and I will pass her belly!

Write here:

Maybe someone will marry, I am a mess, I am a Sword defeated, but I also despise him, and then you can only have a novelty story, but I am afraid of dirtying their eyes, so Looking at the colored glasses, they don’t know if they don’t understand their mind, they will respond from the teeth from the teeth.

This kind of person is really poor, but we are self-satisfied, there is no obligation to save him, we have permitted most of the generals. I am happy to weave the story!

Say back:

When you love a person, of course, it is holding it in your hand, afraid! Including in your mouth, afraid of it!

I am a little bit crazy, I have a shot, I am surprised, but I have a shocking, but I kiss her little mouth, and I will kiss me on one side. A thick nose.

After smelling, we splitly breathed, but our face was tightly.

I have a wind and frost, but later finally raised the people who have a good face, close to the two girls who have broken the bomb, to tell the truth, my heart is a bit awkward!

I have always been famous, but use money to sell girls’ youth? If I have a few words, I will be self-contained! But she is so gentle, her soft skin passes the warm emotion, the full double breast is separated by the clothes, and the desire of my heart!

No matter my mind, thousands of heads, hundreds of intersections, but whose 里 娇 娇 活 香 香, I will live with the two girls who have a fire.

My hard is hard, and the two girls’ hips, the second girl seems to understand, she carefully moves the body, not to press me, I will pull her hand on the hard object.

Two girls can be a contract, but it is still stupid to open my trousers, and put my post in the sky. She is curious to hold it, instinctively put it down, and the glans are peeling Exposed, scared her in my arms.

I let the two girls sit in my arms, and she has understood what I want to do.

So she stretched into the skirt, and she should be aligned, then she moved … moved … until we were perfectly combined.

Two girls suddenly think of, she wants to see my shoulders, she kars out my clothes, seeing that I have boredied by her, I have n’thing to do, smile, say: “I am really ridiculous, I will bite you!”

I said: “That is you enter the climax, already forgotten it!”

Two girls: “Then you do it again, don’t you bite you again?”

“Not afraid!” I said: “As long as you are so happy, I am not afraid of being biting by you!”

Two girls: “Don’t use this posture, bite you, I will be very distressed, this is very dangerous, the last time is like this, I will grind me crazy, I will bite you!”

“So, you will not be like a puppy, let me get it from behind!” I caught narrow her.

“Of course, you can stand up from my arms, suddenly shocked:” Your pants … Your pants are blurred by me! “

“Do you wash it for me?” I said with a smile.

“But you only have this pants!”

“I don’t wear pants! This time, I am going to have two worlds with you, can’t come out!”

“I will wash it for you! If someone is coming to find you!”

“It is good!” I said, and two girls took off her pants and got the bathroom.

I followed the past. I saw the two girls to wash my pants. When the round buttocks were tilted, she picked up her skirt and showed a white buttock.

Two girls are washed my pants, they can’t take their hands, I have to let me be thin.

At this time, I certainly don’t just touch her, I put the two girls, the tender meat, and found two holes in the middle, I wanted to drill holes.

I simply took off the pants and took it off, and the barefriend lifted her hard meat stick to her. When the head came into contact with the two girls, she ‘! ‘The exclamation, she quickly stood up, and said: “You can’t wait for me to wash, slowly dry?”

I laughed and said: “I like you to clean me!”

Two girls can’t help but laugh: “You still have the younger brother!”

“Do you have some younger brother?”

“It’s not going to do! My younger brother is a few years old, but whenever I bending his waist, he will come to me!”

20Nice said, continue to bend his waist.

“It’s not your own younger brother, but my younger brother made you, let me do it once!” I said, slowly drilling the hard base slowly into the two-petal drum ladle clamped Fragrade. The two girls did not struggle to stand up, she accelerated the action was washing, and because of her movements, the mask hidden in her flesh, also felt that her vaginal cavity is squeezed, I nor Toute, the sorcerer even the underwear that just took off, and throws the second girl for a while …


The two girls looked at me and said: “Isn’t you a way?”

I stretched my hands to her chest to touch her milk. The two girls didn’t stand it! She quickly washed her clothes, stand straight, but I still plugged in her body, refused to pull out.

Two girls have to say: “You let me let me let the clothes, let you get it?”

I let go of her, and the radius is hot, and the two girls have been drying my pants. When I returned to the bathroom, I saw my bike strip, some shy, spitting the tongue, and I wanted to go.

I can let her, jump out of the bathtub, take her, let her clothing dress, and then put her beautiful body into the bathtub.

Two girls said: “Do you want me to take a shower?”

“I want to play with you!” I said, I thought in my heart: Hey! What is the 鸳鸯? , One is a tender, how is it, I and my wife are the water?

20Nice did not pay attention to my look, she said with a smile: “I also help the younger brother at home.

I picked up the feelings of the embarrassment, and I hit her: “You and your younger brother take a shower together?”

“No! I see you said.” Two girls said: “When my brother is five years old, my mother is over, our three sisters bring the younger brother, big sister wants to do work, three sisters to read, home, of course It is me. “

I said: “What is your sister in the south, how do you?”

“The three sisters have no longer read the book, I will make money with big girls to send back to cover the house.”

“Last time I look at the photo, it seems to be the same as you and the big sister!”

“Yes, but in fact, the big sister has been a lady in the lounge song hall here. I came to her, I was also imagined like her, but the big sister said that I was still a woman, I have to find a boss of Hong Kong to do two milk. Free, I can send money back to my hometown, so she handed the image with my photo to Jenny. The big sister is more beautiful than me! How do you not choose her? “

“Each flowers into every eye, I prefer you?” Telling her breasts.

“The big sister’s chest is bigger than me, everyone says she is beautiful than me, but in fact, even if you choose her, she is also coming, because her purpose is to give me the opportunity.”

I can’t help but ask: “Do you choose anything like this? What kind of person is selected? For example, like me, you can be your father!”

Two girls said: “If you are good, my father is fierce! His eyes have only younger brother, our three sisters have been hit by him, we finally came out, three sisters don’t know how!”

I don’t want to know too much about her unhappy family, so say: “Two girls, I will help you take a shower!”

“Do you take a shower?” The second girl said surprised: “Do you take money to take a shower for me?”

“Two girls, don’t tell you this! I like you, hurt you, what is the problem with you taking a shower?”

“But … still don’t want! I will wash it for you.” 2 Niu said, pick up the sea cotton, pour the bath to scrub.

I said: “Well! You help me, I will help you, shake it together!”

Two girls werehed to my hook, and I was very careful. I said: “You rush, apply it to your bath, let me insert your vagina to wash you.”

Two girls: “Is there this washed?”

I said: “How didn’t, you haven’t opened it before, so you don’t have to wash, now I am open, the cave is open, of course, you have to wash, your own hands are so small, I use this stick to plug in not just wash easy to use?”

Two girls suddenly asked: “If you have no time to come, how do I wash?”

“You can rest assured, I will come often!” Said, I started to be to her ‘wash’.

Two girls are hurried to say: “You go in the back!”

I asked: “Why?”

“I am afraid that you will bite you!” Two girls said it was embarrassed.

I can’t help but laugh, first insert the tanning mask into the vagina that is born, then said: “No! Washing, you may not have a climax!”


“When you are fine, when you are good, it is called a climax!”

“Oh! It turns out that the climax is so addicted, but you are not paralyzed, don’t climax, why do you like to make me a climax? Is your man’s benefit?”

“The man can dry the woman, it will be very satisfied, in fact, the man only is only a cool moment, in the whole process, the woman is cool, and the man has only cool three points!”

“I don’t know what you talk about three points! 咦! You got the bath, it seems to be smooth, you will add me like this, be careful, I will bite you again!” Two girls said, Her face has begun to red.

I took the next toothbrush and let her bite and say: “You bite it, you won’t bite me!”

Two girls spit and spit: “You are bad! Do you be a Baby of A Xue’s family? A Xue is afraid that it bits the furniture, it is throwing a fake bone to let it bite!” “” Bobi? You says…”

“We are hidden by the Wolf dog! I tell you, you can’t say it! The dog is so salty, A Xuezhi comes to the top, it is drilled into my skirt … 唔 … scared me La!”

“Dog likes to be smelling people, let alone you have a good species!”

“What kind of meat, I have never been incense!”

“It’s not the smell of perfume! You are born, there is a touch of fraequis, this you don’t know, but I will smell, I also want to find it, I sent it from there.”

“Don’t be stupid, no thing! Husband, I tell you, Bobi also has something like you now, there is almost you so long, but not you are so thick, red, so fear!”

I took a little inserted in the panty, and I said: “You dare to say that I am bad, I will let you bite a toothbrush is unhealthy, but you have more than the wolf dog. Do you have dried by the band? Otherwise, how do you know it? “

Two girls are hurried to say: “No … Nothing! People only let you do it! I will see the wave, because … because …”

“Because? I dare not say it!” I asked.

“I said, don’t say it!” The two girls were tense and rose red face.

“Two girls, you are not carrying husband and A Xue, they play homs and beasts!”

“No … I … I don’t, really! That night …” The two girls actually tell a story:

I am in Hong Kong, A Sarah is coming, and Azhen is also sitting, two girls because of their husbands are my friends, of course, welcome and treat.

After the wave is drilled into the bottom of the second girl, Azhen laughed into the waist, said to Ashi: “Your husband is Taiwan, it is relatively, you must take the wave than a daughter, this thing is ignorant, will Non-ritual second girl! “

Axue did not deny that she said: “I am playing with Bobi, saying what is too small and agronine, knocking it is also my husband!”

Aizhi said: “Hey! Can you come to a public performance? Interesting, I also called Ahin’s raise.”

A Xueyao: “Do you want to try it, I want to show you!”

Two girls are busy: “I don’t want!”

Aizhi said: “You show us! The second girl is now not, I will see it for a while, grab it!”

So, Ashi and Azhen were unwell, they were holding, put the lower body together …

Only the two kids were grind, the wave was bleed, it turned out that it also understood vinegar.

I said that I said: “Of course, there is a dog, because of vinegar, so biting the male owner, causing the tragedy!”

“Scared people, I don’t want what dog! Husband, I am itching below, you don’t do it!” Two spitting a spitting tongue and dressed up a face.

I said: “You haven’t finished speaking! Next?”

“After the next, A Xue and Azhen have only separated, and A Xue is big, told me to take a towel in the breast. The wave jumps up, just like you like this, Put the red … “

“You dare to marry me!”

I looked at the two girls, and the hips were in the abdomen. They made the two people with violent rubbing, and the two girls breathed, and she was shouted: “Husband … bad … fast … Let me turn, I … I will bite you again! “

I didn’t let the second girl turned around, I picked up the toothbrush she just spit …


This time, I didn’t let the two girls bite me, I am safe and her climax, and refined in her vagina.

After flushing, I raised my phone, I didn’t want to be harassful, then I was lying in bed with the second girl, I suddenly remembered what, asked the second girl: “Is there a wave of Bobby …”

“Nothing! Azhen said that the wolf dog is too fierce, she prefer sheep dogs. I mentioned Azhen, my husband, I want to ask you, why there is a lot of black hair under Ah, Ashi has some, but I haven’t been there? This … is there a disease … or? “

“Silly two girls, don’t worry, there are more bald, no hairs, the most cute, white and clean, no more and healthy, I don’t gamble and don’t be superstitious, I like this little white tiger!”

“Little white tiger! You said that I bite your business! I really have no heart? But I don’t know …”

“Don’t be stupid! Don’t criticize my things, women who have no hair are commonly known as white tigers, are rare varieties …”

At this time, the second girl after the spring breeze and I have a little tired, the beauty is in the embrace, and when I meet, I will sleep, I am holding two girls, and I have not enough to enter the black sweet hometown.

I don’t know how long I have slept, when I woke up, the sky has been black.

The stomach is a bit hungry, but I see the sweetness when I sleep, I really can’t bear to wake up her.

I sat quietly and carefully watched this three-dimensional spring sleeping map:

The black hair is a little chaos, but it is a bit charming, long eyelashes, making the soul of the soul closes, still so moving, tightly nose, reminds me of her playful look, flaming, cavity I remembered and sipped with her kissed and her spirit of tongue.

I really want to kiss her, and I don’t want to destroy this wonderful composition, I will continue to scan my eyes on her.

My eyes fall in her crispy, she is not huge, but she still maintains a small arc half-ball with her elasticity, although there is no standing, the little teap is embellished The white breasts is like a piece of mouthful. That narrowed with a flat curved flake, also beautifies her whole body curve, depressed navel, also seems to sell its temptation on the powder belly of Book Snow, but unfortunately, it is more charming more than it. pink.

The sleeping position at this time is the right leg, the left leg micro, the thigh is separated, but her legs intersect the two half-half of the tender meat, but there is no one, and she is open. The small labip is deeply sandwiched in the big labia, the appearance looks like a peach.

The two girls have long, the calf is round, I want to touch her fine skin, afraid to bother her, but when my eyes move to her small and exquisite feet, I can’t help it.

I moved my body, sitting in the bed, holding her feet carefully playing.

She is so white, I can’t help but stick out the tongue to lick her heart.

The two girls are naturally close, I use the tongue to diamond her toes, her toes are soaked and then shrink, and I have painted my tongue, but I put her a few toes suck in the mouth. .

The two girls were finally being woke up by me. She was surprised to retract the feet, and the trembling said: “What is you? The foot is!”

I caught her another foot and said: “There is dirty, you point to me!”

“But … The feet are used to walk, the ground is dirty!”

“Let’s have a white and white, I get to bed, bed is not underground!”

“However, itch is dead, can’t afford it!”

“No matter what you are my woman, how can I play, how to play, you are awkward!”

Said, I started from the toe of two girls from the calf. The thighs have been kissed her private parts.

Two girls said with my hair: “The husband is crazy, it is a place to be urinating!”

I didn’t have a sound, just put the tongue into the peach sewed into the peachs, the two girls were dramatic, she didn’t seem to have a horrified meat, I can’t bear it: “Husband, don’t fold me, you just like I, I can’t afford to kiss me in the place! “

I wiped the juice on the mouth, saying: “Do you dare to kiss me?”

“I?” The two girls were slightly, and finally he was courage to say: “Of course dare!”

“Ok, kiss me, I kiss you, everyone like it?”

“I kissed you, can you kiss me, you kiss me crazy, you will bite you!”

“Well! I don’t kiss you first, let you try it!” Said, I looked! “

Two girls seem to have a little hesitation. She looks forward to me, looking at me, finally helping to give my head to my husband, looking at the unhealthy guy, just like It is watching a snake.

I deliberately move the snake, and the two girls are really cold, but she seems to be determined, she will be white and tender, and the young hands caught the snake neck.

At this time, my snake certainly moved. In fact, when the snake did not catch his head, he also understood his head, Yang Wei Yaowu, one but was mastered in his hand, even the slim man, it also didn’t help!

II seems to be a small win, she reached out of the lilac tongue to pick funny, and the snake immediately reacted, it was struggling in the soft little hand, but not outside.

I didn’t have anything wrong with it. So I opened my mouth and swallow my tongue!

The saying that there is no head in the world ‘, in fact, the snake is not headless, and the second girl seems to know this truth. She actually relieved, but she took the snake head and the more they bite, and the more embedded.

The two girls steal me, but when I saw her, I was looking at her, and I quickly picked up her eyes. She was really fascinating, although she didn’t talk about what skills, but that is shy At present, I have been intoxicated.

After a while, the two girls caught the snake neck and spit out the snake head and said: “Husband, your belly is not hungry? I will go to cook, have you eaten again, is it good?”

I said: “Just get better, you will drink milk first!”

“No, milk is drinking in the morning!” Said that playing, two girls biting the snake head.

At this time, in fact, I have already arrow on the string, I just in the mouth of the two girls, and the two girls were shocked out, the pulp was sprinkled in her pretty face, I quickly said: “Snone!”

The two girls are brave, and they are busy with the snake heads that are being ‘sudden scrubbing, but it is already late, her left eye, the nose has been stained with a white flower sticky semen.

After the snake head stopped, the two girls contained the mask and showing me, I don’t know how it is good.

I suddenly silently, said: “Two girls, are you not having to have children for me?”

The second girl nodded, and then she swallowed her sperm in her mouth. She also used his tongue to lick the nose. I have a little sight, and I wipe it with her paper.

Then, she went to cook, I fell asleep again.

The second girl is very fast, I am called soon, I am called.

The next day, I took the wind and windmill of Al Lin to Hong Kong. When the car went to Pai Ling, there was a dog ran from the road. Alol asked me to know that Shenzhen has a dog shop.

I answered him: “Unclear, no attention.”

But I guess that it may be a thing of Azhen want to buy a dog, so I said: “Want to buy a shepherd dog?”

Al Lin said surprised: “How do you know?” I said with a smile: “Do you know what to buy dogs?”

“Popular!” Al Lin said unreasonably: “What is the use, Alang family also raised a wolf dog.”

“Not so simple! Otherwise, you try to buy a squirrel dog or a lady dog ​​to see her!”

“What do you mean, can you tell me clear?” Al Lin seems to have heard the cause of my words.

“These women’s things, after returning home, there is a good talk in the phone! You are driving a car now, you don’t want to live, I still want to have a good day with the second girl!”

Al Lin took the car to one of the trees that did not hinder traffic, said: “You know what kind of girls from the second girl! Please let you know, don’t sell Guan Zi!”

“I didn’t mean it. I really don’t want to I really buy a shepherd dog to give myself a green hat, Alang’s nursing wolf dog or some truth, because she is not more than the days around Ashi, Lao Lin You have three days a week and two days, with Azhen, there is no reason to raise a dog! “

“It must be two girls tell you what, you will say it!”

“I promised this, I didn’t say it, you asked Azhen!”

“Well! I will reverse it now, I will carry a train!”

“And slow! You will go back and ask, I can’t go with you, you have come back, I will be tearned by Azhen and A Xue.”

“Then you will tell me! Is it that the class girl plays a dog!”

I am, but I have to stipulate the story of the second girl.

A Lin listened, biting his teeth: “This Ashi, she and the bean curd, I have long known, the marsh grinds how to grind it, but play with dogs, this is not a joke, fortunately, the old brother You remind me that if I buy a shepherd dog to Azhen, they play the exchange game, then I have to have! “

“Yes! If you come out, you will come out …” I don’t forget to be fun.

“You are an old man, I still have to be happy … No, I can’t let them get it, let’s change them first!”

“Changed?” I didn’t understand.

“Yun! Exchange two milk, I have a plan, now it is time!”

“I don’t want, I have two girls enough, I will not change you!”

“Hey! Wait to take it! You don’t ask for me to join!” Al Lin said confidently.


I want to do anything, I don’t know, manage him! I have two girls, I have a good thing. Since then, I have one every week, two days to two milk villages and two girls.

In the one night of the dairy village, I didn’t take the windmill of Ilin, and I was swayed. I was in the head, until I dusk, I took the sunset’s Yu Hui to the second milk village. Here is a white wall red tile, gold Sunshine oblique, red, red, white gold, the artificial lake in front of the village is also glitting golden light.

The sunset is infinite, just near dusk! I can’t help but sigh, do a lot of good husbands, since bravely stepping into the second spring, I don’t want to be my heart, I have to be happy!

Press the door, the two girls smile, and there is a cute cat in his arms.

I asked strangely: “What is the kitten?”

“New moves to live in the nearby small frost, she said that her husband is your friend, his family’s cat is living three, so he sent Azhen and me one, another I originally wanted to send A Xue, but A Xue was afraid to fight with her wolf dogby, so I gave Xiahui. “

“Who is Xiahui?” I asked.

“Isn’t it just a woman who served the wine building in the far floor, I also come to eat our wines, have you forgotten?”

“Ah! I don’t remember, but when you talk about the stories of the wolf dog, it seems to mention Xiahui and Aron. Who is Aron?” I curiously ask.

“Along is the person in charge of the management office here, people call him a snake [generally call for public security personnel …] His woman is a big beauty, temptation, but he prefer women who steal others, especially like Western beauty … Turn … I don’t know much, I don’t quite understand it, Azhen said. Xiahui is a mixed-race, come here, the two are gone. “

“It turns out this! So, who is a small frost of the cat, who is her husband?”

“She said that you also know, it is the package ratio of private detectors.”

“Ah! Is that the grass bag that is doing things for eating? He is not married! What to do here?”

“Xiaofeng is not his bag, Azhen tells me that Baizi is cheating in Japan, a man in Japan, deceiving Mei Mei Yongzhuang, afraid to be built to kill, tossing to fleeing to Hong Kong, still afraid that the international city is not safe enough, Buy the golden house in the building here. “

“Is it? Then you have to be careful, don’t let him lie!”

“No!” Two girls smiled and said: “The package is better than good people! She also gave the neck of the cat in Xiaofeng, there is a good look!”

“Bebelling? This package is too foreigner, do you earn this cat?”

Jade? I will think about it: Is this neck? Hidden organs like cartoon?

So I didn’t move, and I showed that I took out the full-frequency receiver I paid by me. It’s just a smaller thing that is more popular than the time, I like to happen to some radio news, often with you. carry.

The two girls saw my feelings serious, and they didn’t ring, silently gazing.

I first put the search range in the lower limit: 220, the upper limit: two hundred thirty MHz, automatically scan the search with the number of secondary five, because this is the frequency band of a Japanese parity surplus. Soon, I really found a message from my home.

So I entered the channel, and the cat’s neck was gently removed, put it in the vegetables of the snow cabinet, at this time, because my snow cabinet is the rubber shell, the slight compressor noise in the headphones.

I thought I was too busy, she laughed and opened, and she was sooted with me.

I could have tried to do it with her, but I remember that she said that the cat has three, so they continue to scan the search, and find two signals, enter the memory, then set to make these two memories to scan, then Calling two girls can prepare dinner, but avoid talking at the snow cabinet.

When eating, the two signals did not have a voice, only a casual cat ringtone.

When I finished dinner, a channel has a voice of men and women. It turns out that Archa is not there. A Long is going to find a small benefit.

Soon, another frequency also has the voice of Alin and Azhen talking. It turns out that they have finished eating after eating.

I quickly called Al Lin to come here, from the sound from the receiver, I judge that the cat is in the embrace of Azhen, and the phone is far away, because I can talk about the voice of the phone and I told the phone.

So, I simply said to Al Lin, and told him to come alone.

Arlin’s arrival in my house, seeing two girls wearing a single pajamas, just like ants asked honey, but he heard the sound of the small benefit of the small benefit of the receiver and immediately serious.

I said: “This guy is a private specification, it will not be him …”

“Will n’t, Attai knows Xiahui, he and Aolong have tacit understanding, and Antai sometimes also has a woman in Alan.” Al Lin said.

“That is not a wife, Aron said that his beloved thing is absolutely not shared with others!”

“Hey! That is just a young man talking, he and Xiaohui’s classroom window, for the sake of the people, in order to continue with her beloved, not …”

“But Antai is willing, he is absolutely opposed to the group!” I asked.

I Lin said with a smile: “This is actually I have been mediated, and Ate does not agree to exchange, but I said to him with a second milk to change the hair wife, in addition to stupid. Ate, Alang’s wife I finally accepted, but he also opposed the group, so they two pairs of secrets, Ning, known, Mo was seen! “

“It turns out that if you don’t know these things, I don’t know.” I said: “But he is in our three, this is what is going on.”

“Ghosts know! Hey! How do you crack? Do you know?” I asked.

“Grass bag is very smart than this time, he puts the annihilator on the cat, she knows our woman likes the cat, when holding it, receives a good, is our woman puts the cat to hold us, The cat is definitely the longevity, so that we have listened to him with a woman’s whisper! “

“Wow! But you haven’t told me how to crack!”

“It’s very simple! You throw the cat’s neck to the house, but I don’t want to fight the snake, you don’t let the cat in the house before you sleep.”

“Is there a way to introduce Xia cream to you? I want to review her!”

“Yes, come over tomorrow morning!”

“Well, a word is customary! If necessary, you should avoid it.”

After I was walking, we and the two girls wooled to bed. I will take the receiver to the bed, by the way, because the built-in power supply can only maintain two or three hours.

Because I am preparing to do that, I’m not hung by my body.

At this time, I suddenly saw the traces of the two girls had a trace of claws, and they were born.

2 Yard is embarrassed: “I am going to flush, take off my clothes, I have not closed the door, the cat jumps to my arms, it put my milk like the right to play the right way, and I still Milk! “

I thought: this salty wet cat, it is really a thing, I have let it flow, but it is so ‘small support’, can only blame the bag to send it to the light bulb, can’t blame me. !

I thought about it, and the two girls suddenly asked: “Listening to Al Lin said, there is a man who has exchanged his wife to play with each other. Is there such a thing?”

I said: “That is someone else, I will not be able to exchange you with others! Who is more cute than III!”

Two girls said: “Do you really think?”

“Of course! You are not just beautiful, but also to me, red powder is not easy to ask!”

“Husband, you say this, I will itch in my heart … I got to eat your semen last time, why didn’t my stomach have not bleached?” The two girls were really true.

“Maybe it is only a few times!” I replied.

“But, you don’t do my mouth, people are not like, you don’t do it below, people will be refreshing, not as good as you do, you want to come out, people’s little mouth let you out …”

At this time, I can’t help but also have to find a hammer in the morning, otherwise the two girls have passed away, and I don’t laugh at the big teeth than the grass!

However, I will come over tomorrow, I deliberately wear the neck of the neck for the cat, then rush … let the grass bag never breathe … and if he finds that the electric waves are not received, it will call Xiaofeng to watch the cat … Allen … “

“Husband, why don’t you care about me! Do you have any feelings?” I squatted to the top of the girl, entered her body, at this time, the receiver suddenly called the bed of the bed …

Two girls: “Is Azhen …”

I can’t help but puzzle, isn’t I pursue Al Liemo to let the cat into the room?


I think: this may be that their door is not closed! Or from the window …

The package is really his hand, I want to put the cat’s neck in the snow cabinet, and even sleep!

Azhen’s bed is very beautiful, and directly stimulates the sexual desire of my two girls, we are also crazy …

After I finished my life, Azhen was still quiet, and there was no movement over Xia Hui.

I think, Aron has his own wife, probably not sleeping at the family, that Antai, public laughing, I am excited, of course! Two girls are so embarrassed, how can I laugh from my heart?

It is also no wonder that the Antai is full of trouble, Xiaohui actually steals the Han, good in Alinucheng stabilizes, replaces him from the woman’s woman, otherwise, I want to see him in Yuanyuan. It is difficult.

Two girls are stupid, and I have been sleeping, I’m not asleep. Unlike the Hong Kong, I have been finished, I’m going to die, what ‘after the play, I have been tired after I will die, but also She sleeps first.

I think … I think, I am also sleeping.

The next morning, I haven’t gotten up, Al Lin came over, I took out the cat neck from the snow cabinet, I have to take it into the water, let’s think about it: I have to wait for the people!

So careful to find the battery position of the stealing, and disassemble the button battery and put it in your own pocket.

I said to Al Lin: “Xiaofeng may come soon, I will come to your home, here, here, you can act!”

Alin Road: “This is your home, you are not here, however, I may need your helper!”

Two girls look at us, I don’t know what is about, she still wears a slim pajamas, causing the eye beads of Alin to the harsing chest and shame.

I know that Al Lin must be thinking: Why is the small belly of a girl not a black pen?

Two girls are not too concerned, still stupidly standing, but I have seen my woman is looking at the outsiders, and my heart is not a taste.

At this time, someone pressed the door, panicked, I quickly called Alin and Erqi Advanced Room to avoid it.

Open the door, it is a young and beautiful young lady, she grows very clear, jade ice muscles, a black hair light is bright.

She took a good exaggerated Japanese gift to me, with a good voice with silver bell, a fluent Cantonese self-introduction: “I am your new neighbor, Xiaofeng, come over to find two girls. “

“Oh! I am her husband, two girls, she …” I just want to say that the fantasy is just going out, Xiaofeng has already said: “Ah! She is not tight, I am coming to see the kitten.”

“Kitten? Ah! I just ran to the bathroom, let’s take a look!”

Xiaofeng is charming, walking through the bathroom, I walked to the bedroom, I wanted to open the door, but I found out that I was locked from the inside, I can’t help but doubt.

I am wondering, the door is open, and I will come out, I quickly finished him to the bathroom.

I got through the past, I flash into the room.

The two girls’ face red, I asked: “Is there anything happening?”

Two girls fuff arrived my whisper: “Mr. Lin touched me …”

“I am shocked.”

“Touch me below, I don’t know what you are outside, so I don’t dare to call it.”

“Is it touched in the clothes?”

The second girl shakes his head and said: “He touched it, and said that I didn’t have hair …”

“Is there any excavation?”

“No, then you just opened the door.”

“Fortunately, it is not very serious, you have to be careful, you hide in the room, don’t come out, lock the door, my name is only one?”

Two girls nodded, I gently walked out of the door, I saw that Al Lin and Xiao Shuang have entered my room, Xiaofeng sat on the bed, Al Lin was standing in front of her, the tall figure is just covering Live a small frost, kitten in the foot of the two.

I quietly tried to the kitten, in the morning, I only opened this kind of spotted cat and cute, although it scratched the breasts of the second girl, not worthy of me!

I quickly pulled out the button battery from the pocket, put it into the journal of the Leopard Cat, and then put it it.

I opened the hammer in the bedroom and opened the frequency of the original SKIP.

At this time, the ends of the three kittens were in the SCAN in my receiver, and there was no movement in other homes.

“… Do you really don’t agree with him?” It is Alin’s voice.

“Yes, you are a familiar friend! This is quite sold!”

“How much can I receive these recording tapes to my wife and the old fan?”

“This is a plan to be a programs, it is not entrusted by Mrs. Fan. They don’t know, after the event, my husband can receive a lot! I didn’t dare to sin you and old, Because the package is too miserable, for the sake of life, this policy has to be made. “

“How much is that Antai’s grandma?”

“I haven’t asked, I have a woman, I will not ask so much! I just know how to help him let him go!”

“This is said, you are just a border, this case is really like big white!”

“Do you mean let me go?” “Row! I can let you go, but your husband will die very miserable, you will go back to Japan to build the old home! My brother is moving up. Nothing, you are so beautiful, 嘿 … “

“Please let go of the package than! … You don’t say I am beautiful … I beg you … three parts …”

The 卜 ‘, along with a few ringtone, Xiaofeng’s voice has also become small, it is estimated that Xiaofeng scared away the little leopard cat when Xiaofeng was squatting.

I can’t help but cut the grass, this kid, I can’t think of the little leopard cat. It is just that I can’t hear Xiaofeng and Alin’s wonderful white, grass bag than the grass bag, I will take the opportunity I don’t affect the ‘rationality of this episode.

However, forget it, if you don’t use your sneaky toilet, I haven’t had this ear!

Fortunately, after a long time, the sound is clear.

“You really want, willing to sacrifice than the package?”

“It’s true! In fact, Lin Big brother, you are handsome, even if it is not for the package than the package than the package than the package than the best!”

“Well! I promise you, don’t pursue your husband, ‘three big piers you just said, you … If you have the heart, you will start now!”

“Is it here?” Xiaofeng’s voice is a bit surprised.

“Yes! Just here, you can rest assured!”

“Is it good?”




Dead! The little leopard cat was scared away.

Grass bag ratio! Omelet ratio! If you can’t do it, even readers have to be jealous!

I am so sad that Skip, suddenly, from another channel …

Here is a roughness that doesn’t know much about the readers of the full-frequency receiver, and the AUTO SCAN function:

It can set several channels (CH) automatic scanning search, and the signal is automatically stopped until the signal disappears, then continues to search, I just use this feature, so I don’t know how other channels have sound.

Automatic scanning search can also be set in encountering signals to automatically stay a few seconds, continue to search, I am now transferring this feature to monitor the other two signals.

Large things, it is actually a bumble ratio and a dialogue, I immediately locked the channel:

“Your husband is so despicable, now my wife is definitely!”

“But you shouldn’t be too, you are committed to investigate Antai is the responsibility, how to Lian Ang, my husband is pulled, I will not be very clear if I have a black society, how do you want me to save you? ? “

“Xiaofeng has already paid your husband. It seems that as long as I pushed the Antai business, I will not call me, just … just he played my wife three major pieces, I … my psychology Unbalanced! I … I am dead! “

“Don’t think so! Bao brothers, life is precious, you are still young.”

“Life is precious, love price is higher, do you know? We are adventurous from Japan … That Cantonese eagle … is a Japanese Yamaguchi … a very powerful killer …”

“Okay! Ok! I am just Alin’s second milk, what do I have any way, do you want me to pay three major pieces? You have not heavily died!”

“I don’t want your three major pieces, I can balance in my heart! Azhen … In fact, I have already admired your Tianzi. I want to think about you! Now, I have already said, you I don’t agree, I am a dead road … Azhen … “

“Okay! Ok! I know what you want, but you have to promise me!”

“You say it! Don’t say one, it is ten. One hundred do you have!”

“I want you to send me a shepherd!”

“Shepherd dog? Chihuahua? Pretty good!”

“Fart, you will not be willing to go?”

“Wen … Of course, … you won’t use it …”

“Nonsense! Since it is willing, don’t you hurry! Do you want me to take your own pants?”

“Yes … is … I am coming …! 姐 … so much hair … good sexy!”

“I also help you … 咦! Bao brothers, your foreskin is long!”


“Oh! Not afraid! Can be pushed, Azhen, what do you want me to dry?”

“Ask me? Hey … You are reasonable, it is also very good, just use the old man cart!”

“I am not very old!”

“You … it’s more troublesome than the child, okay, just call ‘Han Chi cart’! My wild man!”

“Okay, you lay down, put the foot … to … 噫!”

“Go in, even the foreskin is also entered, scraping me so cool!”

“Joke, the foreskin is of course also entered!”

“I mean, I think your foreskin is turned down, the mushroom is scratching, I am so cool!”

“You also have a very tight! Hey! Azhen, your ankle has a gold chain!”

“My husband sent, beautiful?”

“It’s so beautiful, I also send you one, let you make a pair!”

“Oh! No

“What do you want to do to the dog? Is Chihuahua not very good?”

“You are really eight public, ask so much what, I am coming to let it do like you, how, eat dog vinegar?”

“No … no … I didn’t eat vinegar … I didn’t dare to eat dog vinegar!”

“How to stop, don’t pick it!”

“How can I not send … I am coming!”


A cat’s scream, probably the package is too big, stepped on the cat tail, a ringtone, no vocal! I touched the receiver again. Xiao Hui still didn’t move, but it came to the sound of Ilin and Xiaofeng.

Xiao frost said: “I am cool, inserted into the uterus.”

Al Lin also smiled and smiled: “You die, I am so thick, why do you insert it into your uterus? How do you don’t understand the little knowledge?”

“I … I do so much what, the woman is stronger, not … the same … plug!”

“But you will not call … what is called in the uterus!”

“Baizi … open … Internet … Let me … see salty wet … learn Chinese, then … Yuan Yuan … is this … write … Oh … cool … you … stop … I don’t trust me!”

“You don’t cool first, let’s make it clear! Yuan Yuan teaches you that the mask is inserted into the uterus?”

“It’s not Yuanyuan! It is a person who has a post above the Yuanyuan station to write! You are so fast! I am going to cool!”

“Stop stop, take a break!”

“Don’t rest! I want … 咦 … Kitten how to run in again!”

“You just said that you have finished your ass, you have to wash it, you will be handed over and inserted. Open the door, it’s of course come in!”

“Dead! My husband I won’t know that I will soon be so sensual!”

“Do you say this endless?”

“Oh! Yes! Not afraid! You continue to do it! Fast! To plug in a little, I am going to cool!”

“I am punishing you, give you cool, is it a punishment?”

“Lin Ge, my ass will also open it, the little mouth is also for you, you will be good, give me a good time!”

“No! Every plug, you have to pull it!”

“Wow! Then I am not going to become a Danish wine!”

I heard here, the two girls don’t ban it asks: “Husband, I am not Danish Gangni?”

I laughed and said: “You are not chicken, you are tiger, little white tiger, cute little white tiger!”

Two girls suddenly reached out to touch me, while whispered: “Xiaoman is thinking …”

“Well! Don’t listen to them, we will start!” I closed the receiver …

When I inserted into two girls, I found that the water level had arrived at the warning line, then, I continued to work in a Wude Ocean in the Qing Dynasty.

This time, the two girls seem to enjoy, she is spascasy, straight to the dramatic [No bites, accident! ]

The outside is quiet, I will open the receiver again, there is no movement.

I wore a good dress and quietly opened the door, I Lin and Xiaofeng have left, the little leopard ran over the bus, the neck is gone, and the second girl is hugging in his arms, this small salty Wet cat, go to the boy’s breast, I quickly found a nail pliers, let the two girls repairs her paw.

Yiyi’s dismiscation and second girls, don’t don’t want to go back to Hong Kong, I will ask: “Two girls have said to you!”

“No!” I asked: “Is there anything to you?”

Al Lin shakes his head, I don’t know if I don’t talk about Azhen and Baidi, I want to think, I have to wait for it to go back, in the car, it is too dangerous.

Baibi and Azhen, I have a little guilty. I feel that the cause is that I curious. I want to steal how I will treat Xiao, and put the button battery back into the jet circle of the little leopard cat, the ankle makes the package to revenge.

Therefore, my heart hangs, after returning to Hong Kong, I am busy calling Ilin when I am.

Let me know that I will laugh, he tells me that the second milk village has been exchanged in the park, more than many couples exchanged under his incision introduction, some couples will hold small unless conferences from time to time.

I am amazed that I can’t say it. I thought about it, I finally told Abai to be able to bring About the shepherd dog.

Alin said no matter: “Azhen has already mentioned me. In fact, since the second milk village opened the exchange of exchanges, even A Xue is no longer patronized to play with the wolf dogby, Azhen wants sheep Dogs are pure and grogging.

“Play pet?” I didn’t understand: “Why don’t you play sesame doll?”

“So, if you have a bad old, we are dozens of ages, using silver paper to take up the Huanghua girlfriend, it is reasonable, you can’t get people again, the fun, now the world is not hilarious, online article you I also read a lot, my father’s mother and son brothers and sisters are all chaotic, the beasts are not so, the beast is nothing, stupid! “

“I admit that I am still old, but this is also personal thoughts, I also understand that with the development of society, in ancient times, all the rules of the rules will swear without deposit, six, seventy-generation Taiwan martial arts radio drama ‘Qingshan green water hate”, male and female protagonist Zhou Qingshan and Ganhewater were deeply seen in love, and later found that they were in their own life. They knew that they were brothers and sisters, and they were still stupid to accompany a few drops of symphosis. If today, it is incest. Grand Comedy! “

“That is! The trend is prosperous, you are not chaotic, I can exchange it, you don’t change it! You are a world of loyalty, Lin to enter the flowers, hug a straight-forward two girls think that Tianfu love, You don’t know how many prostitutes in the second milk village, they are more ecstasy, do not tell you, I am young when I am young, and what kind of woman has not played, but those moments I bought, I am sorry It is better than the Mao’s Mao in the second milk village! “” Hey! I think that I am the most loved to share someone else, I am afraid to face the eastova, I still hold my two girls, no matter you What kind of kinky baby is a hair. “

“Ah! I mentioned Mao, I have a saying, ask you, Xiaofeng came to your home, and I have to complain to you?”

“You didn’t ask back on the way?”

“You are really too strong. This matter is also swallowed, telling you, I never let go of any chance, from the birds around me, I have to drop the roots, that day, you are busy with me and Two girls pushed into the bedroom, both were posted on the door to listen to the movement, you said, can I don’t make the dark room? However, you are two girls, but it is not easy! Haha! “

“Forest thief! You are too much, I have hidden my dumb, you still have to be happy! See if I don’t pull it!”

“Welcome, Azhen has also shared the yin, but that is not natural, and, it will grow up again, the half length is the most dedicated! You are also lucky, the only natural Xiaobaihu actually was opened by you! “

“All Second Mouth Village? You and the women in the village are all over the bed!”

“That is not the same, have been diluted, most of the flesh, your boy is blessed, the two girls are just going by you. I don’t want you to say, natural little white tiger, I have been looking for a long time. Since the two girls, this rare animal was taken in the first time, those girls who took the floor were all read first! “

“How do you see them?”

“Ha! You think that only you will check it! I checked that you are not like you, you will only touch the girl’s feet, Lin, I’m worn, it is a doctor …”

“How do you know that I have the feet of two girls?”

“You are stupid, the second girl will not talk to the Zhenzhan?”

“Lao Lin, I really served you, but you can’t stand it, I am still in the pure love! I am really cherish this spring!”

“The words, old people, the couple in the second milk village, is still a friend wife, everything is based on the wish, on the basis of consciousness and interest, the couple is paying attention to the female surname, any man to woman Strong come, it will be unsatisfactory, I am in the style of you, I have a mistake in the package, I am two girls to you, you give me the opportunity, you can feel your pure pure spring, you will not Some people harass. “

“I still don’t understand, you really will be willing to let Abai and Shepherd …”


“You are really annoying, you can’t let me share your two girls, I want to know what I am Zhen, okay! I will let you take a party every quarter from the next week, let you open your eyes! But you have to arrange for a time. “

On the weekend, I took my own bods, and Al Lin was prepared in advance.

At home, the two girls like a child: “Ashi just called you, there is a party tonight!”

Seeing the two girls, I can’t help but have a little guilty, put a golden silk in the bird cage, no matter how beautiful the bird cage is, it is always an imprisonment, and I am imprisoned is my beloved.

Dinner in the Second Spring Restaurant, this time, I first saw Alang from Taiwan. This handsome young youth, a young boy, his spring breeze, generous, he is the chairman of the party, A Xue and his shadow, A pair of gentleman ladies, strange.

Alin couple is the host, they are also well-crowd, especially beautiful, especially Azhen, I have never seen her so bright people, pearl treasure.

The bag is not a place, the male snow white shirt is suspended, and there is no smoking pipe in your mouth. Tonight is most like private detective, the woman’s Japanese youth girl is unable to block.

Didn’t see Art Tai, really dive, but Xiahui public and Alan’s wife Shuangfeng Dynasty Jinlong.

There is a total of more than 20 couples in a seat. Everyone is dressed, and the third floor of the second Spring Restaurant is divided into a terrace. In addition to the banquet, in the middle of the house, there is a circular small stage. space.

Alcoholic beauty, the so-called two milk, women are youthful young women, although they are not happy, but they are delicious, and they are in love, spring is full.

Because it is a season of floating lychee, after packing the sake of the sake, put on the stairs, close the ladder door to the building, becoming an independent small world, continue the party.

Al Lin and Azhen announced the continued program, this is the time of the membership Treasure.

Selfie shootings, private collection erotic antiques and times, can come out to play with the public, and have been assessing three winners, you can get free of charge of property management fees throughout the year.

The first is the emotional antique, the entrant only has two pieces, one is the old balm of the sun, the second is the small stage of the package, the two pieces are the palace of the palace in the Qing Dynasty, and it is a national treasure that is difficult to valuable.

Sunshine Old Bo first showed his antique clock, and asked for a large safe in the east, all exhibits were all put on here.

The old name of the sun, the name is also an antique. Her name is Yus Niang, the people are famous, the costume dress, the wrist arm, the skin of the skin, she takes a feet from a delicate wooden box, half-foot diameter Metal clock, jade finger gently move the hour, so that it approaches twelve and then shakes the pendulum.

The crowd waited for less than half a minute, the antique clock came out of the bell, then the top of the trendy hemispher is slowly opened, and it is a hemispherical glass cover. There are seven pairs in the middle of the glass cover. The male and female bbscribe, one pair in the middle, and the other is arranged in a plum.

The small copper people are ingenious, and it is sighful, and the middle pair is Allen’s more imagined ‘Tribal’, that is, commonly known as ‘dragon boat drum’, the bronze man is in the men’s neck, the lower body Set in the male bronze people exaggerated masks, it is estimated that the mask is hollow, and there is a link to drive the female body in the middle.

Other six pairs of copper people or sitting or lying, the principle of action is roughly in the middle, but the sexual intercourse is different, and if you want a vivid researcher, you can check the old Old Boke.

It is said that this clock is the Qing Palace Treasure. It turned out in Yuanmingyuan. He was taken by the Eight-Level Army. He still left Yi Lord.

Then, the small frost took out the private collections of the Baby to participate, a ‘Chunong Play “brought by Japan, this is the Bao Bao, which is a small cream. It is also a hundred-year-old folk skills, like a dressing table.

Small frost on the foot, one button, ”, ‘stage’ open!

Inside the stage, it is a grape ram, a chic scenery, and there is an ancient wind.

Baidao: “This set of drama is Pan Jinlian’s big rack, the story comes from the famous” Jin Ping Mei ‘”in the Chinese country.

“It’s good!” Alang said: “How can I not see Pan Jinlian and Ximenqing?”

The voice did not fall, and it was a ring of ”, and there was a full-scale little woman on the stage.

“Hey! Is this the dress of Pan Jinlian in ancient book?” The package said.

The young woman made ten strokes, the face expression, very vivid, I saw her dance in the grape rack. When the dance was dancing, the little woman came out again, and the body is already a short.

“Fine! It’s hard! Little stage, production is so delicate!” A Lin did not help but praise.

There is also a sound of ”, Ximen Qing also appeared, a handsome little life, strange, he sang a big drama and step forward, walk through the rockery, but also the red light.

‘! ‘Ximen Qing, who took off the color, shocked, and the people present were blocked.

It turned out that the Pan Jinlian, which is a refurbished Ximenqing and the fifty, ‘Human sees, a small and fifteential.

The words of Ximenqing are tough, like tuned aphrodisiac, Pan Jinlian also opened.

The people present in the field know that Pan Jinlian and Ximen celebrates, the spring medicine is not enough, rare, these two small ‘people’ “is very evident, from the debut, take off the ‘buryth”, beautiful, pattern Hundreds of.

When Ximen celebrates frequently, ”, show up a spring plum, flashing into the rockery, come out, there is no inherent, then go to the West Miantian’s ass.

Onlookers can’t help but clap, I am more appreciation of the old old Boke’s antique clock, but the voting is still a bag, because he knows his shares.

Two girls have just listened to me, see her powder, it seems that she also understands the content.

Then, it is a game of time, I am not interested in except, but let me be surprised: showing the model of an extension, actually served by the two milk from the contestants.

First of all, two sexy underwear at the same time showcase, in the music, the girls I don’t know are coming out of their husband, boarding the rounds in the middle, and slowly takes off the outerwear on them until only sexy underwear, Two-piece underwear is a black red, black is three-point, red is a head.

There is only one belt with a strap and waist, and the two half of the white butt exposes no legacy, red and black two colors and girl’s skin is particularly eye-catching, the two girls are each random, and they can see around. The man is full of blossom.

The unexpected surprise came again. The original two-piece skin and shame can be independently decomposed. After decomposition, their nipples and pussy are completely exposed, but unfortunately I haven’t seen it, the performance is over.

Following the demonstration of female self-comfort, a twenty-year-old girl wandering from the safe of the lobby from her husband, from there, I took out a ‘small support’ masturbation device, and Yang Yang Yang Yang.

I almost laughed out, that thing is much smaller than me!

However, the girl took out another part. After two parts, the miracle happened, and the sudden retreats, and it seems that it will shook his head.

When the two girls hide behind, but the girl performing is not shy. She greatly puts the dress, she does not wear underwear, easily put the false 阳具 into her vagina, then The seven feelings are infinitely intoxicated.

After a while, she pulled the fake hook from the vagina and got it in front of himself.

‘sudden. sudden. Sudden … ‘The false mask actually ejaculate, and the translucent’ semen ‘shot her face.

It is not allowed to say that this bureau is of course, of course, this will be taken from this ejaculation.

The final turn to the self-timering competition, the DV shadow, the sharp degree is high, and two boxes of video belts in the competition are the live video of small exchange gatherings. The first box is a group, belonging to the production of ‘big pile’, first is a three male dried a woman, the girl is also present today, snuggling in her husband, hip hop, very generous, when she is on the screen, mouth. When the vaginal and ass, the audience cheered and whistled, her husband was proud of her boy.

Then, the fluorescent curtain is two women to fight a penis, and a man who is born with a man, it seems that the lens is long. This is a four-to-couple exchange party, and the photographer should be another person. .

The shooting of the body is almost a professional level. I think the opportunity of the award is very big, but because another box of video is very funny, the rich fun, so it actually dropped with a small number of votes.

Another box video belt is a SM class, only a pair of men and women play SM, seems to be the boudoir of the two fun.

Of course, the protagonist of the men and women is also present, they are a story that occurs when the scene is white, explaining the video.

At that time, the woman was booded behind her hands and then hung up on the bed. The rope was passed through the ripper group on the roof tick, and then passed through the pulley in the woman’s hands and feet. According to the principle of the pulley, the girl can make the girl up and down as long as the rope is gently pulled.

The man pulled up the rope to crane high women, then she was in the woman under the woman, moving the body, giving the mask to the pussy of the woman, and there is a lot of shackles, this weird sexual intercourse is very funny, the people present. Laughed.

But in the back, the man wanted to touch her hands and made a buckle with the rope, and set it in the toe.

It is also smooth, and the man has a good time to touch the woman’s breasts, and then when the woman is tall, because of the relationship of pain! The toe is always, the rope is stripped, the female body fly …

The male and female audience laughed, as a result, although this video tape was only a man and a woman, the position of the fixed lens was taken, the composition was also poor, but with the laughter, I won the award of the self-portrait video.


Three winners have the right to give priority to the women who present the scene to take the night’s bedroom, even their daughter can give priority to the man you like overnight.

The package is not thinking, I specified my two girls. Al Lin quickly explained, saying that we were just attending, but the two girls have been made to face, such as red paper, not embarrassed.

The package is neby chosen, because he is young, and several women have to make a gift to him, and Azhen is also in it. He is full of spring breeze: “Next time I will take the magical condom. Skate! “

Azhen smiled and said: “Old bag, you don’t have to use a contraceptive bag! You tied the foreskin with the strand, is a natural condom?”

Xiaofeng said next to: “He needs the fine rope! His foreskin can make a knot, it is a wonderful person in the man, you think, more meat and our uterus, will What kind of taste is not difficult to know why I have to follow him from Japan!

I was at the time when I heard Azhen, I couldn’t help but have a bit of wondering, so long … I don’t affect the pleasure of sex, I have trouble, why not do surgery early, now listen to Azhen and Xiaofeng said so, only know that this is the long, it is not a simple, both a wonderful person, can you easily cut!

When I was thinking, the bag label has been hung by a few women, and A Xue also took a big Tarizon.

At this time, the other winners have also made choices.

Then, the other men and women were decided by the night, and a pair of men and women left, they hugged, slammed on the fourth floor, leaving only Alin, Alang and two I didn’t know. A girl.

I am going to bring two girls back, and I will laugh and say: “Auntie, don’t worry! Go downstairs to visit our hometown!”

“What is probachet?” I asked curiously.

“I can’t help it, I will know together! You can do you with the two girls, no one will force you to do what you don’t want to do!” Alang also said this, but I found that he seems to pay attention to it. little girl.

I thought about it, I finally was still embarrassed, so I followed it.

Up to the fourth layer, the area has become bigger, put it over, all the rooms across the glass, divided into four rows of each row of six, the middle two rows, each two sides are separated. A corridor.

At the stairs, the clothing of men and women and women, it seems that people come here into ‘original Tianzun’.

The end of the clothes is a glass bathroom, but no one is inside, and everyone is coming after cleaning.

When the two girls went upstairs, they didn’t hang. The strange thing happened. These two girls actually have a model. I didn’t pay attention to their faces in detail. Now I look at it, almost a model.

They are separated from Al Lal and Alang, Alang smiled and said to me: “You also take off! Otherwise, everyone will also take you as a monster!”

I have a little hesitant, and I want to slip more, Al Lin said: “You don’t have to worry about the things that others, you can play it! The group is the most stimulating!”

I finally made my determination, called two girls, I have decided, no longer, no one, we also barely, Alang’s eyes do not live on the two girls. I can’t help but pointed to two girls asked Alin: “They are …”

I haven’t asked Bi, Al Lin said: “Yes, they are twins, what is, is it interested?”

Alang said with a smile: “If you are interested, we will change them two girls, how?”

I am a little bit messy, and I am hiding behind me because I am ashamed.

Alin said with a smile: “The two girls are afraid, we will not force Al Fan, let’s take a look at the people’s birth spring palace performance, slowly talk about it!”

Six people go forward along the corridor, and the two girls shy with their hands.

From the glass on both sides of the corridor, people in each glass interval have begun to play games, and the number of people in all areas, some men and a woman is harming, and some have a lot of money, just like the queen, some Phoenix sexy phoenix, emperor enjoyment.

The ratio is doing the emperor, but his emperor is busy, the original prince is playing, and they put fresh lychee into their vagina and let the bag to get the nucleus.

The package is very happy, he is buried between the jade legs of A Xue, for a while, he lifted his head, ‘ignored, and screams from the mouth from the mouth, winning the crowd Language, smile.

The package will continue to make the lips to the labia lips of Axue, take a few sip, take the reviewed lychee, swallow, win the applause.

However, when he is in the pussy of Zhen, it is obvious that it is difficult, and the hairy of Azhen is also a special, drilling into the bib of the bag, leading to him even a few ‘Harbin’.

This big detective is indeed a bit of mind. His name is A Xuebing two lychees. One hand puts a good lychee, and the Yin’s yin outdoors. Azhen’s pussy seems to wash the sultry head. No longer strange, stimulate his nostrils.

During this time, we have never seen the “Special” of the package, just want to move forward, Al Lin said with a smile: “Let a monkey!”

I have been moved to another pair behind, and I’m busy back. When I originally packaged as a trick, A Xue has begun to hold, probably because of the lychee in her vagina, I can’t eat it, I can’t wait NS.

I saw her jade finger fiber, and she really took the bag into a knot, then she moved the powder hips, put her empty, and gave up with the weird little guy.

After entering the body of Axue, she really exposed a very intoxicated look, but the label here did not look at it, so the ‘sightlore’ continued to move.

I am thinking about it, the bag is not a problem, and the male mask is too long if the phimosis or foreskin is too long, usually insensitive and affects the pleasure of sexual intercourse, but also continuity time.

I have a spring in the glass house. Everyone is busy, in the soul hits bones, I feel that it is a very good enjoyment, Alang and Alin are probably, so we don’t panic, patrol each glass. Room.

That glass must also be single-sided translucent glass. The men and women in the room have not been monitored. Everyone is letting the embrace, freely, and uses the fancy interested in their favorite.

On the three phoenix, the woman is Xiahui, because the package is only four women, and Ate will go to Little Meisha to learn dive, so Xiahui has a group of three-to-one game, at this moment, all the cave drills on her body. Full of men’s meat sticks.

At this time, Ilin suddenly hinded me to pay attention to the lower body of the past, and only two girls had flowed to the thigh, and the other two twins did not know if there is a haired relationship.

Alang said with a smile: “Al Fan, if you don’t want to exchange, I should put the two girls comfort!”

Al Lin said: “Yes, there is room here, just pick one!”

Alang said to two twins: “Qi Qi, Qiao Qiaoxia, and Aunti!”

The two of the two named Qi Qi, the smart twins flew over and put their sexy piety to me, and kissed around my face.

I suddenly been stunned, Al Lin said: “It seems that Qi Qi and Qiao You like you! In fact, Alang is also very interested in your baby, the beauty, you will be happy!”

My heart is actually captive at two living somatoes, but I still said in my mouth: “I don’t know if I am used to it?”

Alin made a glance, both of the two were close to the two girls. Alin said to her: “Two girls, if you are unwilling, I also shake hands and say goodbye!”

Two girls have hesitation, reach out of the trembling hand, but Al Lynch said with his post: “here.”

Two girls can’t help but put their hands back.

“Ha! The transaction!” Alang and Al Lie raised the second girl quickly, went to an audio.

Al Lin ran back and explained to me: “They are Xinjiang girls, they don’t talk about us, but I can understand our speech, I will help you find a room!”

I can’t help but want to regret it, but I have seen it over there, and the two girls have been turned over by Alang. The two people have not hanging, and the two girls are also married and wet, the three-two, the thick big wolf has already inserted. Little peach source.

I met the overall situation has been determined, and I have nothing to say, so I follow Al Lin to another room.

Alin said: “You can rest assured! Qi Qi and Qiao Qiao have been trained, guarantee to serve you a hundred points!” I said: “The one is Qi Qi, that is Qi Qi?”

A Lin said: “Qi Qi.”

Another girl walked to her, Al Lin put her on the bed, caught a foot, pointing at a red scorpion at the bottom of the foot: “They are like copying people, the only one is only here. “

I have no words, I am greedy, but Qi Qi and Qiao Qiao are actually equal.

I’m sowing, but I looked at Qi Qi and Qiao. They really like it, their skin is more delicate than two girls, and the body is also exquisite, and I will find them soon. There is actually there is a separate.

Qi Qi’s breast is slightly larger, and the smart butt is also a little bit, but this is limited to the flesh of the two, when separated, when separated, at all recognize.

Anyway, there are many time, I call them to lying on the bed, let me ‘body check’, and put the masks into their pussy, I feel good.

It is about to live in the left and right, and I’m not playing, I saw that Al Lin took the second girl from the door to the bathroom, I couldn’t help but curly Qi Qi and Qiaoxiai, and I took a look.

Some people in the bathroom are in use, and Al Lin is waiting at the door. He smiled and said: “You only bite the wolf, and I have to hold her to rinse, I will give me a dry! You put two girls This gimmick is bad, she is good! “

I also said with a smile: “Who told you to exchange! Hey! Who is in the bathroom?”

“The bag is better! Say it is going to urinate, is there a small secret?”

I can’t help but say: “I only heard that it is easy to close, then what is small and easy, his foreskin is so long, the urine is of course long! Wash, wind!”


I didn’t wait any longer, and I returned to my room.

Qi Qi and Qiaoqi have a hot way to bed, I still don’t know how to communicate with these two Xinjiang girls, but this time they completely take the initiative, Qi Qi is lying down, indicating that I inserting her juice Overflow meat.

I just wanted to pick up, she told me that I was squatting in her chest, then told my meat stick between her two full breasts.

I also played with Tiger and wife. I naturally took the slippery of obscenity in her vagina. The beginning and then pumped, Qi Qi was very well-behaved, whenever my glans snugged from her breasts. When she will fill my neck, let the little mouth come together and take the lips.

Qiao Qiao also cooperates back, she puts the breasts in my back ridge, this double friction is really stimulating, or if I pay enough, I will spray Qiqi.

However, how long, how long, still launched in Qiqi’s breast ditch, and happened to pick up her little mouth, there is a drop of semen to shoot on her eyes, Qi Qi is ignored, and it is skillful In the past, the semen was dried.

I lay down and took a break, Qi Qi came out of the room, and she took a glass of ice, and a cup of hot tea, smiled and walked in.

I reached out to take the cup of hot tea, Qi Qi didn’t give me, but I handed it to it.

Qiao Qiaoxia is self-drinking, and then I soften my softened things into her little mouth, a while, from that sensitive place to pass, it feels very comfortable.

Then, Qi Qi is like it, but she is happy, I have just been smashing hot little mouth, but also into Qiqi’s frozen mouth, really don’t have a taste in my heart.

Qi Qi and Qiaoxiao use their cold and hot little mouth to stimulate my male root. This ‘Ice Fire’ is a propaganda technique of the wind and moon, and the tiger wife will try to meet my curios. But the mouth of one person, saying what is more than two mouths.

Qi Qi and Qi Qianzhi are hot and hot, so the cold is frozen, the hot is hot enough, and they seem to be trained, freezing, long time, long time, cooperate with the sky. Seamless.

‘Denné’ in Yuanyuan 老 范 ‘无 no mouth’, in fact, the old man is fighting for the default! It’s just that some big sisters, the stream of the little girl is often appearing here, I am sorry to say.

Today, I spit out my true words, there is a risk offending, guilty is ‘dead bag’!

In fact, the woman’s head of the woman’s body is not just ‘Fan Fu’s Cave’, and ‘more on the first floor’, is the mouth of their universal change!

‘Denné’ may have not yet tasted the mystery, to see his creation, otherwise you will be able to ask for one of the people who wish to wish, hehe! It seems that I have to take more lychee.

‘Denné’ is the words of Hong Kong women hurt naughty children, but here is the love of the package, do not misunderstand!

All right! Put the ‘drum handle’, say that the old Fan’s “small can’t make a quiet”, the Qi Qi and Qiao Skin, this is a toss, and the tiger is hidden.

Then there is a balloon. Of course, it will not be able to enter the cave ‘to get rid of the cave, and then in the volcanic eruption. This is in line with physical common sense. . [物]

Just in Qi Qi’s culge ‘, I should find it, I should find a skill, and I have a lot of love, she uses the foot like onion to indicate her ass, but I have a bit resistance, still refused. ‘Walks the back door’.

So again, the ‘Fan Fu’s Cave’, the front ‘is angry. For a while, in order to save energy, turn into a pose on the men’s female, so that Qiao rides me to continue’ speed. When you have a Qiao ‘Fan Fu’s Cave, when you play my face, you suddenly see the second girl and then ran in, then I will follow it.

I asked the two girls what happened, and the two girls said: “He wants to drill the asshole.”

I still can’t think of it, Qiao Xiaolang, and fell to her ass to think about her ass, Al Lin was originally wanted to explain anything, and they did not speak, and they were so excited.

This guy must be like a ‘Xiaofang ‘, the latter ‘approval to Hong Kong, only see him, the whole, the gods are in the heart, even if the’ gifts’, follow It’s easy to enter the port.

The Qiain ‘Fan Fu’s Cave’ is very narrow, Al Lin is so squeezed into the neighboring hole, and the situation is even more renewal, and the fire of the Roots of Arlin is not to play. The excitement is really high. It’s really a warm thing that is very good, it’s a good harness.

Dead Alin may be complaining that the two girls refuse him ‘walk the back door’, the whole body is pressed, and it is still in the beginning. Later, the two people have no support, and the body of the two is pressed, and it is almost suffocated. After the sound call, the reorganization will be exited, let Al Lin and Qiain yourself.

Qi Qi immediately went to me, but I saw the second girl was also present, I didn’t want to be too cold, so I wanted to pull the second girl and shook my head, and I finished my bare. Pection.

I took a closer look, I really saw her peach stitching liquid wavy juice, probably Ilin had just injected a latch in her vagina.

Two girls want me to flush with her, I know that she is a bit of reliability, so she comes out with her, and I will come out of this room, I have changed in other rooms. Although I exchanged, now I have exchanged again, and It seems to be free combination.

I stopped in a glass room, the scenery in the house attracted me that I was stopped, even the second girl also stayed.

The man in the glass is Alang, the woman, I don’t know, I only see her stand up, and the other legs are straight up, and her hands are in bed, put on a difficult gymnastics posture, let Alang hug her. White tender jade legs are upright, drying her pussy.

“The child is to the gymnastics team, she may still put out other difficult postures to let men play” two girls say.

“Do you know the woman?” I asked.

“Yes!” 2nd Niu: “I took a train in the south. In fact, when you choose a photo, you should have seen her broth. Look! She is changing the posture!”

I hope that I have seen the girl who is called Yu, first standing straight, then her body slowly bent again …

I deliberately dramatically, “this posture, are you getting out?”

Two girls said with anger: “I have already spoiled, you are happy, even if I will change it with others!”

I took her, whispered: “Two girls, are you not happy?”

Two girls shook their heads helplessly, then hiding the head in my arms, said in a guilty: “Don’t be happy!”

I asked: “Two girls, is it just that Alang and Alhen are moving with you?”

“No, they are very gentle to me, you can don’t misunderstand my ass, he just ask me, I didn’t barely, I just hung you, so I ran over to find you.”

I asked: “So! What do you think when they have tried you?”

“They really have been very excited, especially Alang, he is another man who enters my body except for you, and Al Lin looks next to it, waiting to get me, that feels, I don’t say that I am not a way. Come out! “Two girls said that he took the head to my chest drill, whispered:” Is I am very obscen? “

I comforted her: “Two girls, you are a very pure girl, but this society is too complicated, if we don’t adapt it, you will not be better in your heart!”

“Before I marry you, my sister will tell me a lot of things will happen, but I think you are very good to me, I feel that you specifically cherish me, I originally set up ideas, I only let you have me. of…”

“I still cherish you!” I took the two girls deeply kiss and said: “You don’t want to rinse? Go! I hold you!”

“Don’t! You have dried two women, I’m tired! I will go!”

It’s all in the carnival, and after the bathroom is rinsed, I will have a battle with the two girls, but she will play in the water, but she doesn’t let me shoot in her, she laughs and said: “Since it goes out , Play with the exchange, there is no reason to eat your home! “

After coming from the bathroom, I wanted to go home with two girls, but the exchange party has not ended yet, everyone is still in the carnival, I have to slip in the corridor and watch others.

At this time, Aron watched a woman to change the two girls, I just wanted to see him, I didn’t want to change, suddenly I found that the woman in her arms was, can’t help but did not say it.

I saw my mind and said, I said: “Are you not suspected to play gymnastics? Take me with you, don’t you try it?”

This silly two girls, this is the smartest, I let go of her, and the children put into my embrace. Although she is a bit tired, she has a spirit of physical education. When I see my new opponent, I immediately cheer up, I looked at her, and I also said that the body was also stained with paste. “I like to fight the water battle.” ! “

儿 冰雪,, immediately accompany me to your bathroom, she frankly told me that tonight has been playing with five men, she said that I am still not used to group diplomacy. In fact, men and women playing in groups will not avoid prostitution waves, Just when it lubricates.

After the rinsing, the essines were full, she put on many gymnastic movements made me insert, but I was impressive or behind the action, I thought that I would like to be such a posture, let me do it, the light and hairless The pussy must be particularly good.

As a result, I still ejaculate her in this posture, thanks to the two girls, keep me.

At the end of the evening, many people didn’t want to go, and I still wanted to leave home, and Alin couple also walked together.

Azhen smiled and said: “Old Fan, the two girls have boasted your good harm, and I haven’t taken your workstick!”

Al Lin also said: “The two girls are most popular tonight. Everyone is fighting this little white tiger, he feed! When will I try your light clip!”

Two girls said: “Not! You are a ghost, I will want to drill the asshole!”

Four people laughed.

The things of the milk village were not finished for three days and three nights. The ugly things in the east window did not mention it. If you ask, you asked the second girl!

Is it fun? Dead bag! Deceive self-deception, entertain people! Self-satisfaction, embarrassing people! Blow!

‘道 字 加 引 号, 阿林, you last forgot to explain the “blown” what it means.

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