The uppermost sound, the red Ferrari parked before the mysterious castle.

“Oh, I finally got to look at the castle in front of you, and the girl said in the words.

Let’s introduce it, I am a dream rain, and it is the first three major consortium, and the Luo Shen Group has a thousand gold. My ancient castle is the heritage left for my grandfather who died before. As for my grandfather, I heard that he is a very mysterious person. He stayed in this ancient castle, lived with life. Therefore, my surrounding has passed many of his legend. Someone he is a wizard. It will use magic. Some people say that he is actually a devil. It comes to the world to get human soul, and some people say … but I am impressive, he is just my grandfather, and a little temper is a little strange.

“Hey, I really don’t know what my grandfather is thinking, inheriting, inheriting, I don’t have to call me someone to come to this Chinese castle, in the middle of the night, otherwise deprive my inheritance, really.” On the way, the girl wearing a cute dress is non-stop.

“Call … finally arrived.” I insert my key to insert the keyhole of the door with my grandfather.

“」 声, I put in, the door is automatically opened, wow, there will be no ghost. It is impossible, I am an atheist, I am not afraid of ghosts. So I strongly walked forward. The front is the main door, gently push the door with your hand, and the lights of the face are all bright. “Wow …” See this situation, I immediately called it, can’t still run, I knocked on the drum in my heart. No, if I ran, I can’t inherit my grandfather’s legacy. Nothing, don’t do anything, don’t be afraid of knocking on the door, so I will continue to go forward.

On the Husen’s corridor, the giant oil painting is hanging, which is the grandfather bought from the major auctiones around the world, but in this Chinese environment, it is really the price of these famous paintings. Ah, what is, I feel that there is something that I am taking me. What is this, I picked up a black box. There is a delicate lock, it will not be the baby’s baby, I put it on the table. I got on the building, I walked into the bedroom for my grandfather to me, I don’t think I will sleep well in this environment, I just have to play a game, a self-abuse. Hey, this is my secret. This secret is only my grandfather knows, but my grandfather is indeed a geek, not only does not stop me, but spent a big price to bought a lot of advanced self-abuse, so I really like coming this place, this is what I am I want to vent the paradise.

Walk into my bedroom, I really don’t know what toys I bought again, holding curious mood, I opened my wardrobe. Wow, great, is this the new equipment bought by my grandfather? The piece of black is a black tightness, and there is no arm black tightness. There is no arm of the blue flora kit. It is awesome. Grandfather actually knows my dream is to do a beautiful mermaid, but if you put this I am afraid I have lost my self-care ability. Forget it, first put it from the black lattice.

There is a sandwich in the wardrobe, and the surface is the auxiliary part of the clothes. I picked up a small bottle, this is the strongest hair removal agent. It is said that some people have used this, but the hair follicles are destroyed, but I think it is just a sensational, I have used it three times, it is not as long as sweat Come. But this time I want to come to the field, I have to use this hair removing agent to take off my hair. I took the hair removal to the bathroom, filled the bath, then took off the red lady shoes, faded the pink dress, then took off the Bust of the C cup, and finally took off my lace trousers. I look at the mirror, my hair is so beautiful, the black long hair is like a waterfall, really wants to lose such hair? I have been in the middle of hesitation, it’s okay, anyway, I will live it, I don’t have to buy a deputy holiday. So I put the hair removing agent into it, ah, bad, I am thinking, I don’t think about it, I actually fell in, is it? Is it told me to let go of this cylinder? No, it is a bottle hair removal of my hand, I don’t want to terminate today’s plan, so I close your eyes, lay flat into the bath. Ah, good pain, really put a lot, very fast, I saw a black hair in the whole bath, is it going so soon? Ok, the first step is done, let’s take these water, hey, it’s really uncomfortable. Looking at the mirror, the whole body is bare, just like a peeled egg. Ah, no, I forgot this thing will also remove the eyebrows, what can do, right, thrown, I will be good.

After completing the first step, I took out a bottle before the dressing table of the bathroom. This is a lubricant. Its work is very long. The effect is also relatively strong. It can even dilute thousands of times, I will buy this However, it takes nearly $ 10,000. Then I opened the bathroom floor, took out the enema, I asked why I hide this, haha, this is not hidden, under this floor, but I have been sterilized by me, I don’t want to I will diarrhea for a long time. Ok, start, first put the container to the warm water of the lubricant, and then dilute the lubricant into the bathtub surface, then I jump into the bathtub surface, wow, really cool, slippery, awesome , Well, no, you have to start, otherwise you will be dawn. I opened my chrysanthemum with a lubricant, and then inserted the coarse enema’s tube head into it. Yeah, it is a bit hurt, I can only come slowly, after a minute, under the role of lubricant, I already It’s complete, then I opened the switch of the enema. As the warm water flows, my stomach is constantly bulky, but this feeling is really very exciting. After approximately two to three times, I looked at water. Gradually yellow becomes colorless, oh, finally, the enema is just a little pain, the adaptation is also very comfortable, okay, I can’t wait, I have to try this dress, so I Wilried clothes, returning to my bedroom, why don’t I change in the bathroom, then you will know. Rework into my bedroom, I pushed my wardrobe, and the dark room appeared in my room. Yes, this reason, I don’t want to be discovered by my people, even if it is a merry. My grandfather. Then, I found out a box, put the black clothes of the wardrobe, arm tights, no arm, and a few additional toys put it in. Hey, the game begins …

I opened the lights of the secret room, and the huge mirror is standing in the middle of the dark room, but if you look carefully, you will find nothing. Don’t really have anything? Of course, the first is the wall and the ground is made of the most soft latex. What is the maximum to prevent me from injury, next is the mirror, there is an artificial intelligence, can control the mirror reflection by restraint Animals, as well as the walls of the east, there are many treasures in the face, such as that double can have any time to change the password lock high heel boots, completely imitate the intelligent masturbation device of male masks, that can control human language The restraint, that can be used to restrain the handcuffs of the human body, and which is the asy urine bead … What do you want to play today?

I took out the black latex clothing, I saw it, ah, I boring, this time I just wear the arm. Put down this dress, take out the soft arm black tights from the box, first, I take off the whole body’s clothes, then put my body, put the diluted lubricant, how to wear this dress, fundamentally It is “Tiangle Seamless”, just when I was confused, I suddenly found this dress in the waist, the neck has a slit, I am so embarrassing, I am divided into 3 parts, wow, I won’t break it. But when I took them again, I found that they actually have a melt, how to 拽 拽, it seems to be a complete dress. Great, I really don’t know where the grandfather gets. Next, through my repeated trial, I finally discovered its secrets, I found that this dress is three parts of usually no one, if you want to wear, you can put these three parts separately, then After the end of the three parts, it will be fully integrated, and then 6 hours of counting will appear on the chest display, it should be automatically taken off after 6 hours. Haha, isn’t this I want? I am afraid it is a sleepless night.

I first put on the underwater latex, this unbeatable latex, the lower body looks like there is no abnormality, but if you look closely, you will find that the feet of this latex is obviously better than me. The feet are small, it looks like a girl’s foot of the girl who is two years old. Can this wear? I hesitate, maybe what special effects? I thought, so I started to sit on the ground, I slowly put on the silk socks, I was so strange, I was so strange, I didn’t happen, I looked at my foot, actually really became ten The feet of the second year old girl, I am afraid only 24 yards. I adapt to the 24 yards of the little feet and slowly stand up, watching the mirror slender black latex legs, my mood is excited.

Next, I have to install some equipment in my feet. First, I took out the pair of locks that can have any time to change the password. I put it on the surface to cure lateral latex condensate. , Then put your little feet into, good ice, after 3 minutes, feel the little feet that can’t be moved, I know that the condensate has been solidified, so close the lock of the shoes, I can’t find it, how can I, how? I have passed through this pair of shoes. There are countless times, and the functions of this pair of shoes have been well understood. I looked at the beautiful legs of high-heeled boots. I started a project, and I took out a small step. I took out the huge size of the huge size of the Ever. Fading into the roots of the thigh, first stuffed into the magnetic beads of the urine in my urethra, then wrap the lubricant in my honey and chrysanthemum, then put the jumping egg in the vagina, then stick it with quick-ended body binder, then Put the huge mask in chrysanthemum, because of the fact that such a large size is hard, it is stuffed, the tail of this mask is something similar to an anal plug, fixed. Go to take another thing. Ah, I haven’t started yet, I will bear it first, I looked at the lower body. Ah, it’s true, the lower body has such a thing is really uncomfortable, endure the unwell of the body, I took out a heavy foot chain, this is the prison, the prison, the crime of the crime, the length of the crime, the length of the chain Only 20 cm, I also got it in the case of a chance. I used him to put my legs, well, threw the key casually, continue. Next, I took out the beam of the beam to put my mouth, this is new, it is said that it will secrete a hypotective agent, which is very exciting. Is this, I will know. Put on the latex head cover, I feel that my horizons are suddenly narrow, it seems that I can’t hear something, it is awesome. Then, I took out the restraint of the password lock. It was customized from the Internet. It can limit my breath, or transform my vocal tape, told me to make a different category of sound, then, how do you want today? Set? I wore it in my neck, adjust the restraint to the finest,, is so uncomfortable, I can’t breathe, but I can’t repent, this restraint is unilateral. I have a feeling of suffocating, I started to adjust the sound. I remember that the next time is a cat, I last is a dog called, then this time, yes, this time I wore a cockroach, then choose the sound to be a woman, then set the password on the restraint. Random, as long as you bring this, I am a slogan that is deprived of speech. I thought this, I can’t help but excite.

The next is the upper, I looked at my slender arm, I really don’t know what kind of sense of the feeling after losing, continue, I said to myself, first, I use the needle tube to shoot the greenery green liquid to me. Double breasts, this is an oxymulct, which can continue to lactify within 24 hours, and the chest will become more and more, but my purpose is not lactate, I just make breasts, next, I took out two Purple milk ring, take out the needle, add the 点 麻 麻 剂. Set two milk letters, just seal my breast. Successful, then I picked up a remote control, open the switches of the egg and the mask, wow, “Well …” I immediately sent a tantalist’s snoring. Try to make a silent sound, it is not yet “Oh …” Oh, there is no end, and finally.

I endure the thrill of the body, take out the black arm of the milk, it is a genius production, the back of the clothes is two sets, it should be a hidden arm, so the arm Go in, then put the clothes in your body, so true, set it in the future, I can’t feel the arm, it seems that there is no arm. I looked at the mirror, black blurred face, extremely binding black latex, faintly about about the milk ring traces, the place where the arms became a bare shoulder, and the bouldered the strap Legs, as well as the high heel boots. Great, is this not my dream to restite? I am set to 12 hours, now at 7 o’clock in the evening, at 7 o’clock in the morning, just leave at 9 o’clock tomorrow. Next, I saw this dress gradually deformed, my waist is constantly contracted, so tight, my breathing has been hurried, it is evil, it hurts, so hard. But soon, I’m ending, watching I am not enough to get the waist, so beautiful.

At this moment, suddenly felt the liquid, just that kind of childhood, I swallowed, ah, my body is like being fired, and I feel the double pleasure of the hopping eggs and false masks of the lower body. Really regretted, I know that the honey is also installed, now my honey can only enjoy the endless pleasure, but I will never reach the climax, and my chrysanthemum is inserting, so that I have to have urine. I feel, but because of the reasons of the beads, I can’t diaper droplets. I want to make a painful sound, but I have become a sensuality. Ah … um … ah … umh … ah … ah … ah … Well … ah … um … I constantly emit a sensuality, breast is also increasingly in the effect of oxymulct The bigger it. I started to lying on the ground, constantly twisted my body, I hope to get more pleasure, I like this feeling, so exciting.

Finally, I ushered in my first climax, but I haven’t stopped yet, I have gradually lost ingredients under such intensive stimulation, I only know that I want more, I still want more stimulating, I decided, put on that blue flourish rubber. Even, I have to become a slap in the arm, and I spend it last at the climax.

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