In fact, it is best to say that Su Yuqing is best to start from her classmates Xia Chuning Ning.

They are the best friends from high school, and they have admitted to the same school, divided into the same class, making their friendship more consolidated. Coincidentally, these two children need to be more and more intense than other girls.

They have seen the yellow books and A tablets together. Of course, they will inevitably try to feel a try in the other person’s body. Although they are not gay, the flesh’s contact has also made them intimate, not talking.

The first summer of that year, Xia Chuning was in the gynecological gynecological gynecological gynecological gynecological gynecology because of the dysmenorrhea, but it was that she was exactly a 40-year-old male doctor.

He saw such a beautiful and beautiful Xiachun, Nington, which came.

After the nurses around the success, he took advantage of the chance of checking him with his fingers, and he was inserted with his meat stick into the girl’s ass.

Such stimulation let a 20-year-old girl experience a climax and pleasure that have never been there, this experience can’t forget to tell yourself Su Yuqing.

In her description of her painting, two girls are both excited to the extreme.

They took off their clothes, touched each other, lick, the afternoon they also added a new content for the first time, stimulating the anus.

Probably because there is no experience, the top two games make Su Yur’s hurt to tears, and Xia Chuning is also struggling in pain.

So a lot of Su Yuqing came up with an idea of ​​gotting a doctor to the hospital, did not find a suitable one twice, this time I became her next goal.

That day is a very little afternoon, I left a duty, in fact, I am willing to value the afternoon class, because when there is a female patient, I can check it to them.

Time to look at the time, Su Yuqing wears a bright yellow miniskirt to my clinic, my eyes are immediately attracted by her, that is a standard beautiful girl.

“Miss, where are you uncomfortable?”, I let her sit down and start to ask her condition.

“Doctor, I am very uncomfortable in the past few days, I want to see me!” She said that this time did not seem to look like it, and most of the woman who came to see a doctor. Very different, this also caused my attention.

“Oh, then ask Miss to check the bed, I will check it!”

She is very obedient to check the bed and starts to work with her clothes, and there is no shy girl in front of those young girls.

And more surprisingly, she took off her underwear from the legs, then kneeling on the bed, put her skirt to the chest, I haven’t seen any girl like this bold exposure I am very excited about this.

I walked carefully and carefully observed her anus. It is really a girl’s anus. The wrinkles are very uniform, the color is also very shallow, only a little more than the white buttocks around the snow.

This is a clean sexy anus, and I know what disease is not.

Since there is no illness, it is biased to me to let me check it. It seems that it is a little girl who is looking for exciting.

I think so, my finger has been habitually separated from her small anus and saw her red tender meat inside.

At that time, I really stretched the tongue in, but I still didn’t act rashly. Since you seek excitement, then I will check it out.

Think of this here I put the lubricating liquid on her anus, then put the whole finger into it.

“Hey!” The girl made a low call, obviously she was a bit hurt by me, but she didn’t end like other women, she obviously has neverned me.

Looking at such a beautiful girl in front of him again, I can’t bear to get her, my fingers turned it in her anus, and very experienced young women will be filmed by my hand, let alone one Just 20-year-old girl.

She started excited, but the ass also begun to twisting with my fingers.

“Miss, what do you feel?” I suddenly asked.

“Oh … here is itchy … but you make me feel so comfortable …!” So I am more selling, my finger skill, rotation, press 揉, jitter, this time my hand also patron her front, the ringless finger and the little finger fall into her small flesh, the fingertips is on her clitoris. Jitter .

The girl couldn’t help but she started loud: “Ah … so comfortable … Doctor, you will get it!” I continue my finger action, and the girl will reach a climax in a while. .

“Okay! Miss, believe your disease is okay?” I took out my fingers, and took her little butt while shooting.

“But what do you do? Do you haven’t feeling me?”

“I …”, I looked at her charming flesh, tolerate the pain of the lower body, I don’t know what to say.

“I know that the doctor also thinks? I am not a bad girl, but I like the feeling of exciting, so if I want me, I will promise you.”

“What is your name, how old this year?” I didn’t pay attention to her, and I started to fill in the case according to the regulations.

“My name is Su Yuqing, 20 years old this year.”

“That tells the doctor, how do you like this excitement?”

“Because …”, Su Yuqing told me about her classmates Xia Chunning’s experience, telling me that she is very excited about her back.

Before coming to me, she has been to three hospitals, two of them are very dead, and I didn’t dare to be with her.

Another hospital is a female doctor, and the hand is very heavy when checking, and she hurts her.

In the end, she asked me, I would like to do it once again?

I looked at her face and found that I didn’t think about deceiving me. So I said to her: “I am going to get off work, wait for a while we go to a safe place to do good?”

She wanted to laugh, and then said a little bit of the might of God: “Is it going to a place with only our two people? Then I want a doctor to give me the most exciting?”

After get off work, I will take her to eat outside, and I have listened to her a lot of things to talk to my class.

I gradually discovered from it, she is really not a bad girl, but there is more expectations and desires for sex, so I decided to satisfy her.

After eating, I took her directly to my home, because there were some secret weapons, some of the weapons that let the woman’s soul.

Su Yuqing is a very direct spicy girl. I heard that I have some sex toys, I have been very excited.

Just a home, I urged me to come out and gave her. It seems that I can’t wait until it is, but I have to fall away her appetite, so I have said: “Don’t worry, I haven’t taken it yet. Waiting for the bath, I will see you like this. “

“Hey, you are really small, first let people look at it, there is no way to take a bath first.”

“Wait until you have taken your clothes, you still don’t close the door.” I suddenly called her.

She stunned, stopped in the original place, came back to watch me, and it was full of doubts.

“Hey, do you want to peek at me? Is it excited about it? It’s really a color doctor.”

“Little beauty, don’t ask so much, you will know.” Now I can’t explain it, because there is a stimulating plan in my mind.

Sexy beauty is sexy beauty, she is so fascinating, and she can make men spurt.

When she took her clothes, I found that when I was watching her, my face couldn’t help but show a shy.

“I hate, did you have a girl to take off your clothes?” She said shy.

“See you, but I have never seen you like this beautiful girl.”

My sentence clearly made her very happy. She made her head and made a face toward me. He snorted to turn into the bathroom, unscrew the switch of the water pipe, and the shower was in the crystal water droplets.

I have seen the beauty shower outside, I really want to take off the clothes and run in, put her in a big job. But I suddenly remembered my plan, so I quickly ran to the house and took the same very exciting small props. . . Effus.

When I also took off the whole body, when I came to the bathroom in front of the bathroom, Su Yu was fine.

She looked at the things in my hand and asked: “This is … Is this enema?”

“You are really smart. I said that you have to see it all, then start with this enema.”

“I have heard that the enema is very exciting, but I have never tried it. I really can’t think of today will be enema, that thing is inserted into my anus!” She said that the face is really red NS.

“Little sister who didn’t matter, just didn’t let me see the small anus? You are so beautiful and out of the anus, all the men who see you will not let go. My enema can be very professional, will let You are unforgettable for life. Come, turn around, support on the side of the bathtub, put the little butt. “

Su Yue is shameful, according to my request two hands in the edge of the bathtub, the waist is slightly collapsed, the charming little butt is like this.

The small anorectal in the middle is slightly opened, waiting for me to bring her unprecedented stimulus.

At this time, I gently rotated the hose of the enema, inserted into her wet small anus.

“Oh …” She is happy, the little ass is higher.

I lost the hose deeply into her rectum, and then pushed the piston of the enema, and the cool liquid slowly flowed into the sustain of Su Yujing.

“Oh … weird feeling … so rising … Oh … you have to flow out … No … I can’t help …”, in the process of the whole enema Su Yuqing sexy screams around the whole bathroom.

I have also gave other girls to the intestines, but her call is absolutely one of the most sexy.

When I pulled out the hose, I can’t stand the excretion of Su Yuqing, I can’t stand it.

“This is so excreted, so you can’t reach the requirements, but also again.”, Saying that I fill the cool water in the enema.

“But I can’t help but, you still spare me.”

“How can I get it? Be sure to get the real anal sex. Come, put the little butt, a little higher.” Let her.

In the way, the finger has entered her flesh, which is a woman who can resist?

Under the helpless, Su Yuqing only had to pick up his ass, waiting for my second enema.

This time I try to put the hose deeper, then release the liquid inside, Su Yuqing once again shouted, because of the last experience, this time she worked hard to clamp the anus, and endured the liquid to her The same feelings come.

When I pulled out the hose, I will take a long ready for anal plug in her anus.

Such stimulation almost let this young girl go crazy, she holds her own lower body, showing very uncomfortable expressions.

I pressed her waist and put her on the anal plug. I said: “Is it going to don’t help? Now let you release it out.”

The instant is sprayed from her anus, which is really a wonder.

“Ah, don’t look, it is too difficult to love.” When Su Yuqing found that I was watching her anus when I was watching my anus, the girl had a unique to make her shame next to her face.

“Okay, let me check it out, I don’t have it.”

On the side of the lubricant, I took out the mirror in her butt, so she could clearly see what my anus is like.

When I put a series of pull-beads into her anus, she was excited softly, while watching her own anorel, how to play with me, ashamed, she dared dared to look at my eyes .

Then I started rubbing her clitoris and labia, and there have been hot and slippery, it seems there have been waiting a long time. My two fingers deep into her vagina, stay outside of the thumb hold her fast by rubbing the clitoris.

With the other hand pull the pull ring is left in her anus outside, with a pull ring behind the thin rope scraping to get her sphincter.

This will stimulate all the women mad, not to mention just a 20-year-old girl.

She could no longer attend to what shy and reserved, and now she has been entirely dominated by the kind of intense pleasure coming from the lower body, she cried out loud hum, buttocks writhing as if into one of the most lustful woman .

Suddenly I felt her shrink from the inside of the vagina, heard her cries grew high, I knew she was going to orgasm.

At that moment she reached orgasm, I did not hesitate to pull out of her anus pull beads.

So intense pleasure she almost fainted, only to fall on my shoulders, long respite.

I hold her back to the big bed and began licking her breasts sort of a small pair she has no power, only let spinning around my tongue in her two charming nipples above , pat.

At the same time my fingers again and out into that furry where she found her vagina and oozing a slippery sexual secretion, vaginal opening along the bottom flowed place anus.

“You are really a little colored girl, so while it has to be so wet.” I hand rubbing her anus said.

“Doctor Long Thank you, just really comfortable, and I have never been so comfortable with it. It seems to be you today I play dead.”

“I can not do, such a beautiful little beauty I can not bear to play dead her, I want to play every time her half to death, so that you can always play to.”

“You good or bad ah, really big pervert the doctor.”, She said, suddenly grasped my cock.

I am extremely excited about her sudden attack, had not yet entered the best cock in her hands immediately began to change.

She intently looking at my cock swell in their own hands, he can not help but wonder said: “!. Wow your big way.”

“Yes, I have the greater you will be more comfortable, you like it?”

“Ah, love is love, but I’ve never tried this thick, too small for me there will be pain.” Su Yuqing looked at me somewhat timid to say there.

“Really? Then let me see your pussy in the end how small it?” Then I leaned over to her legs, her legs apart, and finally saw her seductive sexy pussy.

Although it has been touched several times, but so close was observed for the first time.

Her pussy and her anus, like, the color is very pale, white skin just a little bit deeper than her.

Labia and clitoris position just because I have just rubbing and congestion become rosy.

Two delicate labia majora because I just stimulus slightly open, revealing inside a small bright red labia, in the sexual secretion of moisture it is still shining.

The point is to the top of the small peas. . . Clitoris, and now this small peas and because of congestion and a slight expansion of some, exposed outside of the labia, sexy even more attractive.

I held out my tongue began to lick up from the bottom of her labia, cut open her labia, vagina across her mouth, and then a little on her clitoris, pressing a hook a hook sub a turn.

As a result of her sexual secretion like a river flooded again, and with the accelerated movement of my tongue, her cries growing.

When she is accelerating the rise of pleasure, I poke her labia with your fingers, the tip of the tongue deep inside her vagina, like a brush-like friction inside her vagina.

More of her sexual secretion flow, a touch of salty taste, then my finger instead of the tongue to help her continue by rubbing a small Peas, this sensitive place under shaking and rubbing my finger has changed even more expansion.

Suddenly she heard a long moan, vagina while a strong contraction, Yin has been a vent, such as injection, I was just not leak a drop of swallowing.

Next is Sue Yuqing work for me, she was lying in between my legs, hand held onto my penis, I will open your mouth latch onto there, while Taonong my penis with his tongue while turning around, action very skilled, made me very comfortable. Get a while, I sat up her pressure in the body again, start the real sexual intercourse.

For fear of her pain, I am very gentle insertion, due to the outflow of those who have not just sexual secretion dry, so this insert is still very smooth.

Although the beginning is still a little pain, but she’s trying to withstand, until completely into my penis.

After I gently pumped a few times, her sexual secretion and constantly flooded out, I began slowly thrusting aside, he reached rubbing her breasts, her nipples stir up, in my up and down while under stimulation she sounds bigger and more sexy.

When we change her posture above, she has been completely adapted my big cock, pussy her own initiative Taonong my penis, it looks very lewd, looks more cute.

I will climax after her sexual secretion painted on her sexy anus, gently put their fingers, using my finger wonderful effort in her anus and turn and pull, get her again and again Hengjiao.

“Do you want to do it the real anal sex?”, While I get her side asked.

“If you want want to, but you are there too. The last time when she and Xia Chunning play with my vibrator inserted, when I have hurt cry, my there is too small.” Su Yuqing looked very embarrassed look.

“Never mind, I’m a doctor anorectal, I have a way.

“Really? What way?”

“I come to you to do anal movement.”

“Anal movement?”

“Come, kneeling on the bed, stick up the ass.”

Su Yuqing puzzled as I said, kneeling on the bed, bent over Ass, that sexy little anus slightly parted.

I took out the lubricant coated on her anus, and then has both hands into his index finger inside the anus.

In her sexy Hengjiao in her charming little daisy my fingers tightly hoop, my fingers gently move the hook on the inside, so she began to produce the feeling of the anus, and then gently softened finger.

Maybe a little pain, perhaps more excitement, in short, her little ass kept writhing, started a little trying to evade my fingers, not long before she can take the initiative to pursue my fingers.

I was so patiently and slowly expand the anus to her, she cried loudly, kept his hands gripping my sheets.

I will soon be increased to three fingers, twisting her ass is more powerful, but did not cry nor run away, I know that you have success.

In this way they get for a while, I finally got the first four fingers into the girl has been expanding anus.

She began a bit much, my fingers want to run away from the kneeling posture suddenly lying on the bed, trying my fingers from the inside out, but I was keeping her fingers, not only did not squeezed out, but interpolated deeper.

She desperately writhing, screaming loudly, as if hurt look.

“You forbearance and tolerance is good, I also give a lot of people get over this, can not you do a portrait painlessly, so you can hold back this finger, we can begin the real anal sex.” I such comfort her in the side.

Then she suddenly turned towards me smile and said: “I’m just a little scared, in fact, how it would not hurt.”

Then she went on to lie well, although I every movement she would call out loudly, but no longer as just as exaggerated.

I looked at her anus bad with a smile: “You little color pretty woman can hold, I will punish you.”

“Ah, ah do not, I’m afraid the next time.” She also put on a frightened, deliberately to a lovely face caught my interest.

“If you want to escape punishment can no way, I will not forgive you.”, Said my four fingers in her anus while distraction inside.

This time may really be some pain, ouch bang Su Yuqing body startled, anal sphincter contraction force immediately, just to take my finger out.

I also rushed out of your fingers, and stroked her back, I was so sorry to put her chrysanthemum. I am sorry: “Oh, I am sorry, I have just hurt it?” Come to me. ” She is squatting on the bed, turning her face, blaming: “You can really worry, there are people you get to be hurt.

“Say I found that her eyes have contained tears.

I gave her more gentle, I said: “I am really sorry, I will use my big meat stick to compensate you, do you want to not want?”

“Will it still hurt?” Su Yuqing is really scared this time.

“May still have a little pain, but I promise to compensate you with the climax in the anus. It is much more exciting than just with your fingers.”

Just under my guidance, she kneelted in bed again, tall and talled, and opened a small ass to wait for my insert.

I put more lubricant than usual on her little fart and my erect’s penis, then patted her little butt: “Let’s relax, after the anal movement, the anal movement is not hurt.”

My finger once again acts as a moving task, I took a while in her fart, because she was basically in an exciting state, so she only took her sexual desire.

I saw that the time was aligned with my big meat stick, and the waist was slightly used, the glans had entered her anus.

“Oh … hurt …”, she took her hands to take the bed, and closed my eyes and endured my insert.

“How? Is it still hurt? Do you want me to take it out?” I stopped the action concern.

“Oh, no, don’t take it out, now I am not hurt, I like this. Doctor brother, you all insert it, I want to feel like this.”

I stroked her little butt while slowly inserting the remaining part into her anus.

Su Yuqing did not call, but it was completely leaded, step by step to the first anal climax.

In this way, in her sexy scream, I kept pulling my penis. Under my superb skills, I didn’t have long so long, Su Yuqing reached her for the first time in her life. Anal climax.

All nights we did before and after, until the two were exhausted.

Due to the next day, she didn’t want to go to school, so we have a long time to make love all day, and I don’t know how many times in the front, I only know that my sheets have been wet these two days.

When I carefully observed her holes and anus at night, I have already made red swollen by me.

However, she is satisfied: “You are too good, I have never been so comfortable, the next time I take my classmates to come to you together?”

Another weekend morning, I received a call from Su Yuqing, telling me that I will come to my house for a while, and I will say that I have to bring her the most beautiful female classmate, I am more happy.

So hurry to pack the house and prepare all the fun tools, and then wait for two beautiful women.

After about an hour, the doorbell suddenly rang, I almost ran over and opened the door, the Su Yuki, the door, was smiled and looked at me, and she stood behind her, and the same beautiful girl is also moving toward me. laugh.

“Hello, Dragon Doctor, Welcome Let us?”

“Of course, two little beauty came to my house, I am so honored.”

I said that I will let them get to the house, take out the drinks in the refrigerator.

“This is my classmates Xia Chunning. This is the big wolf doctor Longyu.” Su Yuqing gives us two mutual introduction.

“Hello, Miss Xia, I am very happy to meet you.” I reached out to her.

“Hello, Dragon Doctor.” Xia Chuning, I held my hand.

Then we started to sit down and chat, because I have long listened to Su Yuqing to say something between them, so there is no more arrest between words.

They also like to chat with me like this, and there is no longer concealment between the three people, making our conversation will become a naked conversation.

I suggest that today’s passion game is still beginning to start from the bathroom because Xia Chuning has not experienced the irrigation of enema, and two girls immediately accepted my suggestion. So we came to the bathroom together, first wash your body, then Xia Chuning at the edge of the hand taken under Su Yuqing, bent down the waist and white little ass.

Her body and Suyu are sunny, the skin is the same, so people are more eager to see her small anus.

When she picked up a small butt, revealing the seductive small anus, I was still going to look at it again.

I even have two of them are the idea of ​​a pair of sisters, because her little anus is like Su Yunqing’s shallow, only a touch of yellow, no wonder that the colors should be adulterated her anus.

I saw a while, I started a thrilling enema after a while, until this time I found different than two people.

Xia Chuning is a very reluctant girl. Although it is also the first enema, her scream is smaller than Su Yuqing, and after pulling out the hose, she actually patsted it immediately.

It seems that she is likely to withstand more strong stimulation than Su Yuqing.

So I gave her a second enema. This time, the capacity of the liquid was increased, and the anal plug was also tight, which made her more stimulating.

At this time, I have already won’t be very uncomfortable, and she can’t help but I can’t help. She begins with the little butt. I beg you to give her enema, and ask me to give her the same dose.

I follow her request to put 300 ml of cool water into her rectum, she started yet.

I also gave her an anal plug and didn’t let her so quickly, this can be broken.

I let them face their faces, and they can see each other’s anus, then I will pull out their anal plug. Two people who have never been can’t stand at the same time, the liquids are all sprayed on the other’s ass, it is unfortunately there is no camera, otherwise it must be a most exciting photo.

When they werehed with the body, I took them to the bed in my bedroom. I suddenly had a wonderful idea.

So I said to them: “Do you have two usually do you usually make me see how you usually get it? There are still many tools. You can use it.”

The two girls were shameless, and later, Su Yuqing broke the silence. She looked at Xia Chunning in the low head, and suddenly she was close to her, and she said: “Spring Ning, we will give Long brother. During the performance, doing this in front of him will be very exciting. “

Then two girls really squatted with each other in front of me, kissing, and pressing the body.

Later, they simply used a 69 posture, Su Yuqing was under the summer Spring, and each other is constantly licking between the labians and the anus.

After a while, Su Yuqing also put his fingers into the vagina and anus of Xia Chuning.

Surprisingly excitedly excited, as a magic, it also reached into the vagina and anus of Su Yuqing, and the entire room was full of screams and screams.

They have always got a climax, and they are full of excitement on their faces. At this time, I use two anus with plastic rods, respectively, and turn them over, in their front with vibrators. Their vagina stuffed.

Such stimuli will let them reach the second climax.

I looked at the breathing of them, I lied down my body, then said: “I have been tired for a long time, you also make me feel comfortable.”

Two girls smiled, then got together to my body, Xia Chuning contained my big meat stick with his mouth, while serious sucking, while holding hard.

And Su Yuqing is a serious licking in my anus, and the fingers have been taken into my anus and make me feel very useful.

Under their excitement, I finally couldn’t help but I couldn’t help but a hot semen shot into the mouth of Xia Chuning, and she was swallowed by her.

I stroked their sexy belts, and I have a spirit in a while.

I started to turn in the two people, and four small caves in front were inserted.

More interesting is that Xia Chunning’s anal movement is done by Su Yuqing under my guidance. At that time, Xia Chuning and Su Yuqing had a former one before, under my guidance, two fingers in Su Yuqing in Xiachuning’s anus In the next, I entered it from Su Yuqing, and there was a rhythm. Probably I was inserted behind, and Su Yu was clear, and one side opened her finger with the rhythm.

Sometimes the distance to the distance is indeed quite big, and it is very strong in Xia Chuning, which is very strong, desperately enduring the feelings of the anus.

However, after this anal, when you do it, you will be too much.

So three people played a whole day until they were satisfied until they were satisfied.

Since then, these two girls have become a frequent visitor in my family, and every three people are playing exhausted.

And I also recorded our passion of the camera, waiting until next time, play these exciting pictures, let us be more fun.

From then on my bedroom, I often saw the three-person exciting picture, heard the fierce voice of our three.

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