I am an office worker, it is also the OL in your wolf. I have a very good boss. He has been married Xiao Wei. He is not very handsome, but the character is very good, and it is a man’s taste, work Never scold the subordinates, it is more gentle and sighed to your wife. Although it is not for a long time, I can’t help but fall in love with him.

last night! I have repeatedly burst into the same dream in the bed, that is, Xiao Wei’s red strip is in me, holding the meat stick slowly inch into my small hole, when I wake up, my underwear I didn’t know where to go there, and my holes were wet into a piece. I did a spring dream last night, and put it on the hole in the small hole.

Because I didn’t sleep well, I invited sick leave in the morning. At the afternoon, when I got a mirror in the afternoon, I found that I didn’t have a hard look, but when I thought tonight, I would like to go to the customer with him, I decided to dress up, I will call Xiao Wei first, tell him I will get late late, then immediately open the wardrobe, choose a thin shirt and short skirt, and deliberately buckle less two buttons, take photos of the mirror, confirmed their self-confidence, Hold your bag to go to the dinner place.

Xiaowei has already left a seat for me, he saw that I was bright in front of him, of course! My upper shirt tightly put me the surrounding surrounding, lying down the collar, but also revealed a clear cleansing; the lower body, a short skirt, not only put my little butt package and round up , The beautiful legs that have long slender legs are more unreserved in front of him.

When I sat down, I saw his crotch had already supported a small hill. I was already in my heart, because I know that this step has been successful! !

I borrowed some information about tomorrow’s meeting, he was very tangible guidance, I certainly took the body to him, he went to a water, then we have each Go to the customer, but I will find that he often borrows my body; maybe he also is very excited, but I am afraid that I have discovered that he is ugly, so I put my hands to the legs, and my thigh is desperate. Clampage.

When I finished eating, I went to him again and prepared to start my next step. I gave him to the nearby bar, after entering the bar, I took a piece of beer to drink, but I dressed as accidentally poured the beer.

“Ah …!” He saw that I didn’t know how it was good. I immediately took out the paper towel to me. I took the paper towel in my chest, but the beer has streamed from my milk tute, I I dressed in an inadvertent dress and reached out into the shirt. At this time, his eyes, you can’t turn your eyes on my breast.

“What should I do? I get a beer …” “Hey … I will go to the bathroom!” “No! My clothes are grouped, you will send me home!” “Oh !! is .. Why do you want me .. Send it ??” “People have so embarrassed, you don’t send me, I will be seen!” “Well .. then I will send it. ! “

So I played it again, holding his arm with hand, pulling him to the chest, covering my crisp, I think he must feel the elasticity of my breast, I just want to see what he can take. Time?

Going home, I will want him to wait for me to my living room, then I will walk into the bathroom, I deliberately use the latest fragrance to take a shower, try to make the body with a tempting fragrance.

When I walked out of the bathroom, I saw him picking up my lace breasts on my sofa. I didn’t expect to go to my clothes. I was got on my hand. I saw him yet noticed me. Just behind him, I went over and called him. “Hello! Is it fun?” He knows that I suddenly appeared, scared immediately on the ground. “Hey .. You are dirty !!” I am going to pick it up, how to know the shirt button in the nightness of the night (first statement, this is not what I deliberately ), The breasts that have not been supported are immediately standing out, and I immediately use hand to cross the chest.

“Hey .. Yue Xin .. 妳 …” He is a bit unknown, but I will have a red eye, scare him immediately to help me. “It’s you .. is you harm me …”

“To …..s !!!” I took the opportunity to pounce into his arms, a pair of hot breasts were pressed on his chest, he was originally very hard, the meat stick, now I am stimulated again. Next, it is hard to stop, I deliberately add two pieces of meat, and press it with a small abdomen to rub it. He finally was smashed by me, and the hands were not controlled in my waist. At this time, I looked up and took a little desired with my grievances, I looked at him, I used my mouth to print on my soft lip, I succeeded! He finally hit me to kiss me. His kiss stretched into my mouth with a wild tongue, constantly chasing my incense tongue, his hands slipped from my waist, On my round buttock, I still have to pull me into his body, let my lower abdomen press on his meat stick. He kissed my sky. I didn’t know how to get rid of him, I didn’t understand the reaction, I watched him in front of me, very fast! He across the big meat stick that made me think about my dreams in front of me.

“Hey .. Xiao Wei …” I dare to look at him, he reached out to my slim, let me pour the whole person into his arms, I struggled slightly, my mouth Spreadout: Don’t! But his right hand has stretched into my chest, holding my round and white breasts.

“Ah .. Wei … don’t do this !!!” My speech is a bit astishing, “Hey .. ah … Wei .. no .. can’t be like this ~~~” I said this, but I didn’t want him to stay in my heart. Fortunately, he has already wanted to fight, and the fierceness of the right hand is even more, my breathing is too breathing.

I am in his stimulation, my mouth can’t help. Um, ah, gently, the pink nipple has been harmed by him, he smashed, while I only put me again. Small panties also take off.

“Wei !! Don’t ~~~” I haven’t finished it, he hugged me to bed, then lying next to me, reach out my right leg, I stretched my hand to my legs, light I’m touched the little hole I have already wet.

※ JKForum.net | JKF Czech Forum “Ah …!” I couldn’t help but shake from the autonomy, his gesture is very skilled, only in the small hole, just press it, and put me two pink The lips are separated, and they pressed against my sensitive clitoris. He didn’t have a lot of prostitutes like this. He stepped into my small hole in the small hole. I can only grab the strong arm and open the mouth. .

He really is a born sex master, only for a while, I have made a climax by him. .

“Ah .. Wei. !! Put .. Let me !! I am weak …!! His hopes that my lower body saw that the cave is wet, and it is as satisfied with his own masterpiece. To our newspaper with a smile, then climbed to my legs and wanted to make the next action.

“Xiaowei .. Don’t do this .. You have a wife …!” “” But you are too tempting, I can’t control yourself! “” How can you !! “” Do you look at me. It’s so excited! “He said, on the side of my hand on his big meat stick, it really swells green and bloating, the dark red talents are more angled, the shape is scared! “Hey .. Xiaowei! You .. you .. Good …!” “Do you want to put it?” He pulled the meat stick to my small hole, and also rubbed me with the glans. Excited lips!

“Hey .. No … don’t !!! You are too thick .. I can’t stand it !!!” I am more pleasing, the more you speed up the movement of friction, the prostitutes in my small hole are not controlled. Yang, along the shares to the sheets.

“Hey .. beg you … Don’t you tempted me again ..?” He really made me itchy, I think he immediately drives straight, fills the emptiness in my small hole; but I hold him The meat turtle is really rough. I started a little regret to lure him, and I made me so far.

Although my heart is a little scared, I really want to be burned, I have begun to the enemy, but I have opened my legs, I have already opened my legs, and my hands are holding the hot meat stick, slowly Enter my wet!

“Oh .. Well .. Well ..” I biting his tooth with his entry, the huge glans had opened my laborary and fell into my lustful points!

“Hey …!” He is also excited to play a light, but my little hole has never accepted something like him, and I am also very nervous, the little holes are tightly hoop. The glans makes him no longer inch, it is really satisfied!

He also found that I was a bit a bit of retreat, I opened my hand, put it in his waist, and then re-lead the meat stick slowly, the big glans scraped the sensitive meat, and slowly Insertion, it is to retreat, then insert more, I can’t help but reach it to explore it. It turns out that there is a large half of the meat sticks. His thought I made me adapt to it, and my hands stretched into my breasts. I took my neck and let me gradually need it. I use my hand to hold his ass, suggest that he can move. .

His deposit is gentle and slow, but his meat stick is really thick and hard, just gently insert, my feelings have been shocked, I try to hold up the upper body and look at the place we have handed. I found that my two lips were excited, but as he had a rhythm, the two lips were turned over by the meat stick, and I was very surprised that I have already occupied him.

He began to add actions, and he gradually became strong. I strongly held excitement, withdrawal, withdrawal, only to hear the following prostitutes were hit by “Dibo .. Bu..” I finally can’t stand it loudly.

“Ah .. Wei … Xiaowei !!! I .. I can’t .. I can’t !! Plug me ?? Great inserted me !!! ~~~” I don’t know if I have, what is wrong, When he said, he said that I caught my thigh, and I worked as a slap inserted it. Poor I was inserted by him, I was inserted into the abyss of the hole. I not only felt mine. The uterus is also hit by him, and even his scrott is also tapping in my small hole. I really can’t stand this shocking, and the climax will take a wave of waves.

I finally gotten by him, I don’t know how long this process has maintained, but I know that he has ejaculated in my little point! “You .. you .. kill me …” “” I .. I will not .. I have to die .. I am dead … “” “You then ..” I really .. I can’t stand it !!! “I can’t help but kiss him, say it! I really don’t want him to leave me, even separated, and I am stealing in my room this night, and I just gave him a big dating like his wife. . .

In the future, whenever a person is at home, always thinking about the passion there in the same bed in the same bed!

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