XX Township The road is on the road, a white van is parked on the side of the road. Sitting on a seat on a seat, a young man sitting on the seat sitting on a thirty brush. The trailer behind the van has been removed, a female officer wearing a gray blue air army uniform lying behind. The female army’s shoulder wearing the rank of lieutenant, but her hands and feet have been tied to the white cotton rope, squatting in the carriage, wrist and ankle bundles connected, the legs are wearing a flesh pantyhose, feet High heel with white high heels on white. It may be due to the previous struggle twists, the military uniform skirt has ran to the waist, and the sexy hips are revealed, let people see the white triangle underwear under the pantyhose.

“Hey … 呜 … …” The female officer is so squatting, it is bundled, definitely uncomfortable, but can only make a sound. It turned out that her mouth stuffed a pair of meat colored trousers stockings, and there was a white wide tape on the mouth!

“Three children, a few?” The fashionable woman finally spoke.

“12 points, can you do it? Cao sister.” The man named San children answered.

The woman who was called? Cao sister is a trafficker. The female soldiers bundled in the carriage are the female officers who have been kidnapped.

Cao Wei looked at the health center outside the window and said, “Let’s wait until the doctor is sleeping in.”

This township’s health center is in a remote place, plus management is not good, usually there are few patients to seek medical treatment. Leave only a nurse and a doctor at night from the evening. In the middle of the night, the nurse did not fall asleep.

At 12:30, Cao Qi commanded that the two did the car and went straight to the health office.

Hey – Hey – “Who, it’s coming so late!” A female nurse walked into the emergency room from the inside, ready to open the door.

She is a female nurse Liu Wei today. Generally, the patient is first by the nurse, if you can’t do it, you will wake up your doctor.

Liu Wei took the eyes, and she didn’t take off her clothes. The white nurse skirt had been wearing it, but she didn’t wear a barrier hat, and the white pantyhose was taken off, and a pair of white slippers were wearing a pair of white slippers.

Liu Wei opened the door of the emergency room, Cao Wei was directly squeezed by the three children. Cao Wei also deliberately licking his stomach and put it out of pain.

“How to come in directly, really don’t have a rule, is that uncomfortable?” Liu Wei asked impatiently.

Cao Wei did not speak, just viewed around, it was determined that there is no problem, she immediately gave three children.

“Say, where is it uncomfortable!” Liu Wei saw Cao Qi did not answer, very angry, and the voice was repelled. She can’t loudly, the doctor sleeps in the inner, in case the patient’s condition is not serious, but woke up the doctor, you can.

“Don’t move, honest!” San Jian quietly walked behind Liu Wei, suddenly hugged her, putting a bright dagger on her neck.

Liu Wei immediately scared his face and pale, did not dare to talk again.

“Three children, put her into the bed of the emergency room!” Cao Wei finished the small bed of the wall, usually used to let the patient lie down, so that the doctor used the medical bed.

Liu Wei was hugged in bed like a chicken, and the female nurses who were squatting on the bed did not dare to breathe. Liu Wei is very strange, is the two people robbed, but the health center of this remote township, what is good to grab?

Cao Wei found a white bandage and medical tape in the emergency room, and opened the drawer to find two pairs of pantyhose, a pair of meat, another pair is light white.

Liu Wei, who is squatting in bed, seeing Cao Wei to find things in the box, do they have to rob money, say a small voice: “In the small cabinet next to the hanger, there is a wallet with the doctor, you take it, don’t hurt I.”

After Cao Wei heard, smiled and opened the short cabinet said by Liu Wei and found the doctor and Liu Wei’s bag. From the leather bag, Cao Qi took out Liu Wei and doctor’s wallet. Look carefully, smiled and said: “It turns out that you are Liu Wei! Money is not too much, good in the goods color, you can sell a good Price. San children, use this to block her mouth, bundle with the old rules, lest she is not honest. “

※ JKForum.net | JKF Czech Forum “Hey!” San children agreed, and the stockings and bandages of Cao Wei. The flesh stockings are Liu Wei through, yesterday, has not been to wash, white pantyhose is just happiness today, used to match white nurse uniform skirt. Three children looked at it, he became a new white pantyhose group, ready to go to Liu Wei’s mouth.

“Stupid! Why do you use it. Use a meat, white pantyhose to give her a good nurse!” Cao Wei saw the movement of the three children, and the small voice was repelled. Three children touch their heads, like a child who has made mistakes, smiles, put down white pantyhose, and be a meat colored pantyhose group, to Liu Wei’s mouth. Liu Wei saw the old stockings they passed through, still did not wash, could not shook his head, expressed rejection. However, the three children lit up the dagger in the hands, Liu Wei can only open the little mouth, let the man put himself into his mouth with a sweaty meat pantyhose.

After completing the stockings, I seal the small mouth of Liu Wei with a white wide glue cloth, and smashed the tape, determined that the mouth was sealed, and he screwed the hands of Liu Wei with the white bandage. I close together tightly. After the bundle, Liu Wei’s arms have become a W-type, and it is not possible.

“Well, good! Now the bundle level has improved! Start to bundle her legs … … Wait, this white pantyhose has not given her more … It’s really, always lost three four, Can not afford to praise! “

Under Cao Wei’s command, San children took Liu Wei’s nurse’s skirt to the waist. Because it is a night shift, Liu Wei did not wear a unified pantyhose that was unified, but wearing a pair of white short cotton socks. At this time she was forced to be in bed, let the man pulled her own nurse skirt, showing a white triangle underwear, shame, can’t help but struggle, and squat his whispered calf.

“Hey … 呜 …” Liu Wei regret it? Don’t call for help, now your mouth is blocked by the meat colored pantyhose, and I can only make a low micro 呜呜, basically Drive doctors who don’t wake up housing.

Cao Wei saw Liu Wei, he went forward, grabbed her ankle, peeled with white cotton socks on her feet: “Girl, honest, if you don’t cooperate, you are good!”

The three children move very much, with the help of Cao Wei, Zhang Da white trousers stockings’ socks, set on Liu Wei’s feet, slowly pull up, after a while, she puts white pantyhose. The pantyhose has been pulled into the waist, this is still the design of the sock, wearing a white pantyhose, Liu Wei, the legs look more and more.

“The white flat shoes in this hospital are not good, but I see your pair of white short leather boots, I will wear it!”

Liu Wei saw that Cao Wei took the new white leather boots yesterday, the boots were just to the calf, and there were silver metal patterns and silver tassels. This pair of boots spent a small half a month!

Cao Wei knows that Liu Wei is unable to indicate that he does not agree, and it does not pay for this bundled small nurse. She lets three children hold Liu Wei’s legs, let the nurse continue to be put on. Pull open the zipper of the white leather boots, Cao Wei is very easy? Liu Wei put the boots in the feet.

Wearing the boots, Liu Wei was pulled from the bed by three children. Cao Wei bundled her legs in the knee, and left a length of 10 cm, so Liu Wei did not have fully restricted action capabilities, but also walking.

“Well, yes, this is no problem. Three children, we can take the goods away.” Cao Wei looked at the nurse who was bundled in front of him and also worn the nurse hat on her head.

Before Liu Wei, the fear, did not want to understand the purpose of the two. At this time, he heard the goods in Cao Wei, she understood that the two came to this small hospital, not? Robbery, but to kidnapped people. I have encountered a trafficker!

“Hey … 呜 !!!” Liu Wei knows that he falls into the tiger mouth, if it does not rebellion, it is necessary to be taken away by people, extremely dangerous, the small nurse suddenly adds a strong gas, from three children I will break away, and my shoulders have hit, and they have made it almost on the ground.

You must rush into the housing, the male doctor wakes up, so you can save it! Liu Wei thought, rushing to the inner housing in the emergency room. However, her knees are bundled with bandages, and they can only take a small ground, and they have been hugged in three steps. The three children were more than one more, and the arms were up, the small nurses hugged by the arms immediately fashfully, and they couldn’t go out. Liu Wei hangs in the sky, and the legs can only be in a small range of small and rear, and the boots of the leather boots are played on the legs of the three children. For the strong three children, like itching.

“It’s really not honest, you have to bring it back to teach!” Cao Wei did not panic, put a white big mouth on Liu Wei’s mouth. The sound of Liu Wei is slightly in thick masks.

Liu Wei is still called, but the weak voice can’t surprised anyone. Cao Wei and San Jian, a small nurse bundled up and one right, walked out of the emergency room and walked out of the small clinic. Liu Wei used to struggle, and the mouth also made a screaming, but everything is futile, it is getting farther and farther away from his own office, and it is getting farther and farther away from freedom … The rear door of the van, holding the bundled Liu Wei. After entering the latter, Liu Wei’s feet will soon be tied together by Cao Wei’s bandage, and then the binding of the hands and feet is bundled with a rope behind the body, so that Liu Wei is in the same way. The horses are bundled in the carriage.

“woo woo woo woo……”

In the rear car, Liu Wei, who saw Xu Xi, Xu Jing also saw Liu Wei, female officer and female nurse, can only face his face, and it is a greeting of the first time.

Three children returned to the driver’s seat and launched a car. White checkered car smoked this remote town …

The health has responded to the dark and replied to the quiet …

The town replied to the darkness and replied quietly …


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