The first chapter, I am Yaoyao, a student who has just college, 19 years old this year. I have a very sad love my father.

As for my mother, I died when I didn’t know my understanding. Because my father was busy, my father gave me my mother when I was very small. I am very sensible from the little, and the mother seems to be good on the surface, so our family can spend it quietly in many years.

This evening, in my boudoir …

“Hey … Dad is so powerful … The demon is not okay, it is fine …” Dad tied my hands behind my back, was pressed in bed, huge meat stick in my tender, fierce thrust , No pity, jade. And I desperately clamped the hips muscles, shrink the pelvic cavity, and squeezed the big meat stick that agitated in my meat, so that the pleasure reached a new height.

“Hey! It’s so tight! My baby fairy, watching my father, the daddy is like a hint, I am like a wild beast, and I raised my jade legs over my head, I have the biggest. The extent is separated, and the dad tall body is pressed on my delicate body. The huge meat stick is very violently twisted in my pink, and every time the big meat stick has exited the vagina. Tell, the egg-like glans constantly separate the tightened meat walls in the vagina, and then strikes in my cervix.

“Baby, Dad is inserting you so cool?” Dad’s voice accompanied by the body impact “” 啪 “

Sound came, it appeared evil.

I have a lot of prostitution, and I have already flooded in the hole. Even if my father is so rude insertion, it will not cause any damage, but the cervix is ​​hit by a pain, but the pain is also accompanied by this alternative to stimulation. Under the fierce offensive of Dad, I have already had a struggle. Dad said what I can’t hear it. I only feel that the private place is rampant and a lot of waves.

“Hey … don’t … so cool! Good …” Dad, although he has been 40, you can exercise and pay attention to the diet, the body is nothingord of young people, and it is full of love when making love. Sex, I have already smashed me.

Dad explained the rope to help my hands, let my hands free activities. I am very delicate from Xiaoling. It seems that there is almost half an hour after the bones can be combined with Dad. After almost half an hour, I finally reached a climax.

After the climax, Dad still didn’t end. After I plugged nearly 10 minutes, my father took my ass to my butt, and the other hand turned back in his own meat stick, only glans Still in my meat. Because Dad’s meat stick is too large, you can directly insert it directly to the cervix and put the whole vagina full. If you plug in the deepest place to see the ejaculation, you will have a lot of overflow of the semen, so Dad. I really like it in the small hole.

Not long, I feel that my father’s glans beat, and then hot semen fill into my small points, I feel full of happiness. Dad quickly stuffed into my tender point from the other, and a dripping liquid did not flow, all blocked.

I am weak, I feel very satisfied, open my hands to Dad: “Dad hugs me.”

Dad gentle me in his arms, helping me sort out messy long hair, I really like every time my father is rude, it will be very gentle. After we love, you will not take a bath, Dad said that my sweat is fragrant, but Dad’s sweat is very stinky, but I don’t know why, I also like to make love after the sweat. Dad likes to touch my smooth skin, I like to be a sticky arms of my dad.

“Baby, your sweat …”

“Dad touches my milk …”

“Baby your skin is so weak, the tits are so soft …”

“Baby, I have to travel in a few days, go to the field to investigate the market, and I will only come back for a week.”

“Ah? Yaoyao is not willing to get Dad …”

“You are my little goblin, my father is also reluctant to be demon, don’t my father come to do it with Yaoyao in the evening?”

“Okay, I am waiting for my father every night, but I am not allowed to mention …”

After that, Dad was in business, and our family’s life also had a huge change in this dad.

That is a weekend, I have participated in a classmate’s party intends to carnival one night, so I will tell me in advance, I don’t go home tonight. Who knows when ktv sing, I don’t know because everyone drinks too much wine, or because I wear the nausea, low chest hamlet, I have been in the school, the seniors of the school I look like it. When I chosked my chorus, I was sneaked when I didn’t have a lot. I live in the villa community. When I returned home to open the door, I accidentally discovered a pair of men’s shoes. I am surprised and doubts. Dad is not going to travel for a week? How can I come back for 2 days?

Is the business trip ended in advance? But why do you feel bad? When I took off the shoes and changed the slippers, I found that it was wrong. The pair of shoes was yellow, and my father’s shoes were all black, and my father was tall, the shoe size was obvious than this yellow leather shoes.

“Is there any other man at home? Don’t my mother come to my father …” With this idea, I didn’t turn on the light, so I walked quietly and walked toward my parents.

Going to the second floor through the ring stairs, the whole family has no lights. If it is usually this time, the mother should watch TV on the second floor, but at this moment, the whole house is black and fired, and it is a strange. When I approached my father’s bedroom, I would like to hear some wheezing. Here, I have determined what happened this at home. I know that the sound insulation of each room at home is very good, even if the opening sound in the room is very difficult, it is difficult to pass, but at this moment, I will be very far away. I heard the woman’s sensuality called the bed, I would like to know that the dog is bold to the door!

In the room, a beautiful carcass shines under the bright light shines, a big tits, a big man who hit the original because of his furious piston movement with his furious piston.

“Lan Ting, your husband has never been tied to his ex-wife, so many years, it is not willing to test it with you. If you divorce with her, marry me, we have a child together. Just You nod, I will go back to my wife! “The man looked down on the rhythm of the throduction.

“No, our matter let others know that things will be very troublesome.” My backmother, the woman named Lan Ting took a weak breath.

“What do you think? You have been 30, so you have to have the best birth age, he is not fair to you.”

“Ok, don’t say this, give you a child, you have to work hard, not to insert me.”

Woman waving.

The two people then continue to turn into the clouds, constantly changing various postures, the rough breath with the woman and the waves of the woman have not been discontinued, this is not intermittent, this is completely not noticed at all, the scholastic woman is completely noticed, the door sews a pair of hatred eyes Slowly disappear in the dark.

This woman actually steals my man, and she still takes home! She actually betray my favorite father! Originally, she took a lot of love for my love. If there is no such woman, Dad can sleep with me every night, and I love it! But because of this woman’s existence, it hinders me to my father, now she actually dares betraying Dad! I can’t forgive!

A plan is slowly brewing in your mind, I can’t hit the snake, this is a good opportunity to eradicate this woman and take Dad from her. I decided that I didn’t come back tonight. I went back to the room. I turned out a digital camera … I went home next day, I called my boyfriend Ashi … “What? You said my dad You have a mother … this … “After I was twitching with Ash, he was panicked.

“What is your expression? Disappointment? Is it sad? The woman who wants to do it is really in his father. You can’t accept it?” I smiled. When I was doing love with my boyfriend, he shouted my backmother when he was ejaculation. From then on, I didn’t let him touched me. However, we also can’t talk about it. He never said that I like me, I didn’t let me be his girlfriend. We just just Qingmeizhu horses, the reason why he as a boyfriend, just because I only do it with him except my father. Love.

“You don’t say!” Ashi rooked, didn’t know if it was because I stamped his pain.

“You don’t mean that you like my meat, my meat is like?” I saw that Ashi seems to be in the edge of the outbreak, so I further stimulated him to let him heat. “I saw it in my own eyes, she could wave with your dad.”

Ax Xin said with his blood and red, and he did not send it. I know that the time is mature, if you are stimulating, maybe he will make anything to me, so I started to feed him. “If you do it according to what I said, I can help you get the woman …”

The next day, I was over, I gave a letter to my mother before going to school.

“Is this?” She doubt.

“This is Ashi called me to you. He said that you will understand yourself.”

When I left home, the fox slammed the envelope, which is a letter with a CD. The letter is written: “There is a video in the CD, you can play it through the computer, please Lan Yukanese must look, I have not told anyone. 13 ××××××××」 “

My mother put the U disk into the computer, after opening that video file, my mother was surprised to cover his mouth. From the picture, it is a sneak shot. From the perspective, it is outside the door, although the picture is not very clear, but the people in the picture are very clear, it is very clear that she is her own love, it is her own. Her husband’s double bed, with someone else over the clouds. Shortly, a narrator sounded: “Lan Qi, hello, I am Ashi. I saw the uncamined Lancome seductive naked nude was inserted by my father’s meat stick, I can’t suppress it, please You and I have a good face, as long as you help me masturbation, I will be satisfied, I will be satisfied, and I will give the original video of my hand, I have never happened.

If you consider it, please contact me, I am writing on the letter. PS, I have a good relationship with your daughter, I love your daughter Yao Yao. “

Lan Min is flustered, how come this video? Ashi is his lover’s son, and it is also a boyfriend of his own daughter. It is not what the daughter is not going to get to the gatherings last night, but with her A letter, even in his home, so this Ashi has got the key of Yaoyao, so I jeopched it, so I just sneak itself. ? No, these are not important. It is important that Ashi wants to see himself.

Lan Min is not a three-year-old child. This Ashi wants to see himself so simple, as long as you see him, it is estimated that there is more threats waiting for yourself. correct! He wants me to marry him, isn’t I refused, he has a backhand to say his son to sneak, then use this means to threaten yourself?

Lan Min was a lot in an instant, and finally decided to see this Ashin and said, see what the other party wants to do.

Very fast Lanyin dialed the phone in the note, and the phone quickly turned on.

“Hey, which one?” The voice of a young man came from the phone.

“Is Ashi? I gave me something I saw.” Lan Min Road.

“Oh! It is Lan Wei! How? Can you see it?”

“Yes, when did you have time?”

“Now I can be invited, I will go directly to you.”

“Is it in my home? No, we go out to find a place.”

“Lanxi, the initiative can be here? Anyway, your family is no one, you will not bother, I will go directly to your home, if you don’t want to make it, but ……”

“Ok, I am waiting for you at home …”

Soon, Axin changed from the school to Lan Min. Lan Min changed his shoulder to tube the top dress, put on the shirt, then put the hair on the hair, the whole professional woman. Axin entered the house and praised: “Wow, Lan Wei, you are so beautiful, but are you always wearing so official?”

Lan Min psychological is annoyed: This kid is stupid and embarrassing, and he has said that he is doing too official. What do he mean to do with you? Or don’t worry about everything?

Lan Min invited Axin to sit down in the living room, with a cup of tea, and then got an amount of Ashi. Ashi’s body is not big, it is not thin, and the ordinary one person, I can’t talk about handsome, belongs to the type that is lost in the crowd, it seems that people are still stupid. What kind of social experience is really what his father is directed behind?

After waiting for a few minutes, I saw that the other side had not opened it. Lan Min took a closer look, and I found that Ashi was always in my face, chest, and thighs. I was slightly smiled and said: “Is there brought?”

“What?” Ashin did not respond.

“It’s the original video you gave me.” Lan Min brows smashed, not Yue.

“Oh, that, here.” Ashi took a disc from the pocket and threw it directly on the desktop. Lan Min couldn’t help but fox: Is it so simple?

“This is the original? No copy is ignored?”

“there is none left.”

“Since I got this, how do you know that I will then promise your conditions?”

I heard this, I stood up and scared Lan Min. A Xinzhou: “I don’t want to threaten Lan! I like Lanquhat when I am very small, because Lan Wei is too beautiful. I just want Lan Yi to see me, I … I just …… “

Looking at Ashi Si Splash, Lan Minxin thought: Even if there is no evidence in this small child, he knew that I was talking to his dad, when he was in a mess, even if there is no evidence. It is also very troublesome, it is better to give him something sweet to block his mouth.

“Okay, I know.” Lan Min interrupts the words of Ashi, unlock the shirt’s button, showing the spring light inside. “As long as you guarantee that you don’t let others know, especially my husband is also Ya Yao with your mother, I just like it.” Said that During the Lan Min took down the dress in front of the chest, one Jump out of the big exaggerated breast.

Ashi saw this scene, countless fantasy halver finally unobssed exposed to his eyes, Ashi was excited to have a red face, and the conditions reflected were taken off his trousers.

One at least 16 cm is long, 4 cm thick big meat stick jumped out, there is no longer losing your husband in size! It’s really unpacked. How much is Lan Min a bit, this kid’s goods can be bigger than his father! In fact, the feeling of love is, my dad is definitely the best, the size of the meat is fast and internationally.

Whether it is the size of the meat stick or technology, my father is one-class one. The only unfortunate unfortunate that can marriage marriage is that there is no child, which leads to the feelings of people. The man gave her too much gentle body stickers. Although she didn’t think too far with her husband, she would really want a child, I am afraid that I will not allow the age of age, so she can’t help it.

However, my dad has been wrapped in me. I don’t care how to care. I haven’t been to make Lan Min, who have loved my husband. She even doubts that his husband has a woman outside, and has not been moisturized for a long time. … Lan Min went to A letter before, pushing Ashin to the sofa, let him sit down, then take a pillow to throw on the ground, then kneel on the pillow. A letter is separated from the legs, comfortably relying on the sofa, and the meat stick is highly erected.

Lan Min led to the body, the tongue pads prevent the teeth from scratching the meat stick on the lips, then slowly swallowed in the big meat rod … Lan Min, who has been tuned for many years, and the port sex technology is already a pure, and I don’t have it. It is not a baptism that has been heard. However, after all, I haven’t done it for a long time. Ashi has never touched a woman, and the meat stick was taken by the big tits of Lan Min.

“Not good! Lan Wei! I am shot!”

Lan Min listened, if the semen, if the living room can be cleaned up, she had to join the glans to her mouth, there is a smart tongue in the mouth, and there is only one fiber in the mouth, and it will be sticky. Squirting out, I don’t know how long I don’t know how long it takes to the mouth of Lan Min, and the amount of her mouth is almost installed. It is almost 呛 呛 点 下 着 下 着 着 头 着 着 着 着 着 头 着 着 头 着 头 着 着 着 头

“Ah! Lan Wei actually drinks my semen.”

Lan Min slowly slow, said: “Is this okay?”

“No, Lan Wei, I …”

Lan Min saw that the meat stick did not have soft meaning, but more convinced. Ashi suddenly hugged Lan Min, pressed on the sofa, and directly grabbed the big tits of Lan Min. The F Cup of the tits. A letter is not finished, and the five fingers are deeply trapped in the meat.

Ashi fluttered and sucked against the nipple and sucking. This sudden attack also made Lan Min a little feeling, plus it before, and did not stop. Playing with the breasts still didn’t forget to fish the silk clothes short skirt, the whole dress could only cover a small part of the belly, showing the lace underwear who had barely covered.

“I didn’t expect Lan Wei to wear such panties. If I think of it in advance, I would like to develop into this way. I deliberately wear the city like this to lure me?” Ashi said, easily take off the lace underwear, revealing the black labie inside.

Ashin fingers opened two labians, showing the pink chops inside.

“It’s so powerful, in a peristaltic! The taste of the mature woman is actually attractive …” said, Ashi licks in the Lan Min’s meat. “Lan Wei, is you also want to want? You see your love, but it starts floating!”

“Ashi, don’t be so excited, don’t we do this?” Lan Min wants to continue.

“Is Lanxi you do not all ask my dad to ask my dad? I want to listen to how Lan Hui usually ask my father.”

Lan Min face slightly red, said to Ashi: “Go to my room.”

After arriving at the room, Lan Min took the initiative to lying on the bed, separated the legs, and the two-handed lips showed the black hole of the meat rosewart, and said to Ashi: “Put your big meat stick … in my body. “

“Of course!” Ashi took the meat stick to Zhulang’s meat, “哧 哧”, a big meat stick inserted into Lan Min.

“Ah! Ashi your meat stick is really big!”

“Oh, oh! Lan Yi is hot!” Ashin was in Lan Min, with the most ordinary posture intensely pumped, he didn’t stop pinching Lan Min.

“Ah … ah … um … Ashi …”

“Lan Hua’s bed is good! Ah, ha … This meat is too good, the meat of the Lanxi is too cool …” Ash La Sheng is inserted, and it is still talking about various words. Lan Min.

“Oh! Lanxi, your black silk beauty lames my waist, is it to let me unclear?” Ashi hands holding Lan Min’s big tits, and the lower body is not stopped. The crisp “啪” constantly stimulates Ashi’s beast desire to let him interruption more and more violent, it seems that it will not be tired.

“The meat stick of young boy … … … 插 我 我 我 子 子 子 子 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 操 力 力 力 力 力 力. 操. 力 力 力 力 力 力 力 力. 力 力 力 力 力 力 力 力 力 力 力 力 力 力 力.

When Lan Min called Axin, Axin notified me. When Axin entered my house, I kept talking to me. I have been judged by the phone through the voice. When I heard my lascivious, I called my boyfriend to enter her room, I quietly entered my house. Come to the room outside the room. When the Railmin was in the climax by Ashi, she didn’t even find that I walked into the room and went to the bed.

I often use my father to use the kind of SM handcuffs on me. With the help of Ashi, the Lan Min did not react to copy her hands on the bed.

“You! Yao Yao! How do you …” Lan Min was shocked, it was originally made of iron green in the face of the thrill of love.

“How? Mom, my boyfriend is not bad? Don’t be so surprised, I just want you to taste the feeling of serving a pair of father and son, are you not being embossed?” I said very innocent. .

“This is your own office? What do you want to do?” Lan Min bite his teeth authentic.

I didn’t pay attention to her, took out the digital camera, so that Ashi who had stopped continued to work.

“Lan Wei, I am doing with my father, which one you prefer?” Ashi smiled. Lan Min did not have the face, trying to avoid the lens, and strive to endure himself because of the pleasure of being fucking because of the pleasure.

“Mom, you are very difficult, I am going to pass it online, I am going to pass it online, you will definitely have a very popular big chest! You have a mad mother!” I am Tell, and twisted her face over the lens.

“Ah … I’m taught my mother, you still don’t shoot when I am your mother …!

Do not! Don’t plug it … then go on this again … “

“You still haven’t said that I am fine with my father’s meat!” Ashi held Lan Min’s tits, put her face to her.

“I said that I said! Ashi’s meat stick is the best, I like Axin’s meat stick! Hurry and end!”

Avin held the buttocks of La Laimin, said: “Lan Qi, your ass is really big, definitely suitable for children.

Your husband is really wasteful to give you children. I heard that my dad is injective, you said that I am shooting inside pregnant, my child is my son or my younger brother? DNA doesn’t know if it can be found out, haha! “Ashin took Lan Min’s buttise, Lan Min did not support the body, only with a legs to clamp the waist of Ashi, so that Ashi plugged more, put the Lan Min to the waves.

“Ah! Ah! No one can, come and give me the semen let me pregnant! I have a lot of children! Oh, oh! I have to go …” Ashin roared, deep semen I took into my mother’s meat … When I bought some cooked dishes, I heard the sound from the upstairs.

“Ashiu is awesome … ah … I like it, too much than your father, more, more, plug in my meat, today’s dangerous period will give A Xinzheng a child …”

When I was on the rice, Lan Min was back against Ashi, and Ashin held her behind her, and both hands were pinched into different shapes in front of the two bars before Nalanmin, and Lan Min The hands of your hands were copied together. She lifted her hands and made her chest more tall. The big meat rod continued to enter and exit, and the crystal sweat is hanging on a very beautiful woman.

The front of the two, a SLR camera shot this high-definition passionate play in front of the bed …

The next day, the mother of Ashin, IPAD received two video files … When the mother of the fire, the mother of Ashi, the mother came back, my father was also coming back … I went home on the same day. No one, Dad gives me a text message saying that he is going to do something with me, I can only go out to eat something. After going out, some residents have already taken enough to take a walk, and I suddenly noticed that some housewives in the three five complexes in front of a walk, these women like to talk around the gossip, so I slowly listened to them later. .

“Do you hear it? 026 The wife, seduce the two fathers of the next door.”

“I heard that I heard, I listened to security, today’s 025 man’s wife fought to cut 026 The wife of the man, but did not have something. Now the two people go to the police station.”

“It is estimated that both are divorced.”

“Say 026 is Chen Huafeng (my father) home? His wife is a nearby beauty.

The 25th is Huang Zucheng. His wife is far away than Chen Huafeng’s wife, no wonder I can’t hold it. “

“Hey! What big beauty? I look at the fox essence of a sagar bag, to seduce my husband and my son, really don’t face, let it go, hacking the best.”

“What are you exciting? Don’t be so poisoned, let people look at you in a glance.”

“What am I jealous!?”

“The young and beautiful figure is good. If the fox in your mouth escapes your man, I have to see if you have this thing to keep your husband.”


I heard it, I smiled, I didn’t listen to the mouth of the bulls, and quickly walked up to solve the dinner.

The two days after the next two days didn’t come back, just played a call to me, say that I made myself taking care of myself these days. He got something. Until the third day, I thought I came back, but I haven’t seen my father. I guess that he knows that this series is involved, so he doesn’t like me.

I slept with this little uneasy, I can’t see how long it took, the feeling of the door was opened, and one person came to me, and a big hand was gently put on my chest.

Since the beginning of the 10th “harmony” three years old, the ten “harmonious” is four years old, my virgin is handed over to my father. At that time, my father didn’t affect the development as a naked, and I was very small. I like to use my legs to rub the pillow and rub the small hole, so I am sleeping.

When I met my full chest, I woke up, I saw it, I am surprised and screaming: “Dad, you come back.”

Dad saw me waking up, press the lamp switch of the bed, and the whole room lit up. Dad only wore a loose four-pointer, it looked at it just took a shower. As a strong abdominal muscle, as the age of age, there are some small stomachs, and the lush chest hair extends along the center of the stomach to the umbilicate three inches.

Dad’s leg grower and beard are very thick. As long as the taste of sweating is very strong, it is said that such male sexual desire is very strong, my father is so. 5 years ago, I took me the first time I was taken away by my father. Experienced Dad quickly made me experience the happiness of a woman. After a few times, I will no longer overlord the bow, but I Actively cooperate. In the past five years, I didn’t have a thousand times with my father.

After the room light opened, I was naked by my father naked, and my father’s sight was so hot, and it seems that I can burning my lust. Dad suddenly took me to the arms, I was so petty for 162cm’s height for 185cm high, and I buried all people in my father’s arms, and the nipple was tight in Dad. The strong chest is a little itchy, and the father of dad is close to the body, let me move. “Baby, now I only have you alone, you can’t leave me.” Dad came from low-spirited voice, I can feel a strong Popularity.

I struggled a little, my father released me, I got up and nearing the eyes of my father, seriously: “Dad, the demon is Dad, I will leave my father in my life, I will marry my father later. I don’t leave my father in my life. “I finished my father’s generous lips.

Dad saw my reaction, holding me directly, kissed my affectionate hot kiss. Dad’s tongue easily opened my lips, intertwined with my little tongue. After kissing for a long time, Dad took off his underwear to sit down on the bed. I had already wanted to fire to my father, and I went back to my father, and I went back and put it in the entrance.

Dad is a sniffing that I won my soft hair with my nose. Dad said that my fragrance can make him burn. Sure enough, I feel hard in my mouth, big meat stick put me. The mouth is full, I have to spit out the meat stick, go to the eggs under the meat stick, then the dexterous tongue is slowly licking in the lower edge of the meat stick, then put the eggs like the eggs The glans are in the mouth.

“Dad, feel comfortable?” I looked at Dad with the poor eyes of Chu Chu. Whenever I gave him a pitiful look of the Dad, I would like to provoke my Dad’s desire to use this kind of lamb.

“Baby, really comfortable, Dad think about your lustful little mouth every day, 小 妖精, don’t blow, let Dad plug in, Dad can’t wait.”

I heard my father said that I spit out the meat stick clamped by my two big tits, flat lying on the bed, open the legs, revealing the wet honey in the lips with fingers, then said to Dad: “Come on, dad, punish my skeptic daughter with your big meat stick.”

The voice just fell, I feel that the entire vagina is full, and suddenly inserting my heart seems to have twitched. The holes that have been empty for 10 days have finally filled with Dad’s meat, that kind of happiness makes me Tears flow out.

“Oh, it’s so tight, I was still so tight by my father, and it was still not dark, but it was a little daughter.” I said that my father is squatting in me. I held my father’s neck, and the round and slender legs clamped the father’s waist and silently suffered a father’s beast-like attack.

“Well, um … Dad is so powerful, it’s so fierce, Yao Yao is going to be crazy …” Since the father of the father, few more than a week, no love, 10 days After the father is like such wild, the kind of snoring pleasure came to the past. But I was inserted by my father, he turned it over, let me kneel in the bed and insert it from behind.

“Ah … My little goblin, the meat hole is really tight, I will have a sucking, it is the best, cool me.”

Dad’s meat stick is inserted, some obscenities are squeezed out, then the flesh sound of the rhythm is very fast.

“Well … oh … Dad, how come you today … so fierce, daughter can not do.” Dad fiercely pumped slightly, always used this back-form style, I feel the lack of participation in the feelings, I have ever dad It’s so fast, I use this posture, but I will start today, it seems that my father is in my body.

“Well … um … Dad is too powerful, Yao Yao … The demon should be climax … ah!” I buried in the pillow, silently underlying my father, such as a strong woman After more than 10 minutes, I ushered in a climax.

The climax of the climax allows the holes, such as the rivers and rivers of the decissets, and the physiological response of the climax allows the pelvic to shrink and tremble, and the small pockets tightly absorb the meat stick. Dad also accelerated sprint, “啪 啪”‘s physical impact sound is as violent as the machine gun.

“Hey! Little wave and hoisses, all give you! Dad’s meat stick sprayed once, jitting once, and then sprayed out of the semen until it was sprayed 5 times, the meat stick was inserted in the deepest place, and some of the semen was squeezed out. Dad slammed the meat stick, the thick semen followed the honey, fell to the sheet, and the extruded semen also made a bubble on the small hole, which looks particularly sensuality. I don’t like the reason for the back form because of this, one is lack of participation, it is difficult to cater to Dad.

Second, because my vagina’s rendenery is the opposite of the dent of Dad, Dad is like a pump when inserting, it is constantly injected into the air, it feels very uncomfortable, when Dad is born When you go, the small hole will make “噗” sound like fart, it is difficult to love.

I have a little weak posture that is weak, and my father takes out the bed from my bedside drawer, I don’t have a soft meat stick at all. I am still enjoying the long rhythm of the climax, and I haven’t ended yet. I feel that my high-powered butt is supported, and the chrysanthemum is retrieved by something, then separate, then insert.

“Ah! Dad is not! We just … Hey … It’s a big. I am sitting on my father’s thigh, and my father is sitting in bed, as long as the leg muscles are hard together, you can top me, then naturally fall, so that huge meat sticks in the deepest. Dad’s two hands are not idle. Crossing my body, I am blewing my jade milk, I’m lifting two hands stretched back to support my father’s neck, so that the two pairs of tits will strive to make Dad touch.

“Well … um … The ass is being felt.” I waved. The huge meat stick is in progress in the rectum. The vagina is squeezed to extruding the semen inside. Every time I insert, there will be a semen from my small point like urine, shot onto the bed pillow.

“True, how can I have such a daughter?” Dad really likes to insult me ​​like this.

“All Dad is taught.” I checked the way excitedly.

“Oh? Blame my head? I really don’t, the child will not find an excuse. What girls in the world have been fossed with their own pro-father?” Dad suddenly increased their strength, and two hands attacked me. Small hole, one hand continuously pressed the jellyfish, the other hand stretched into the small hole, stirring the semen inside, constantly digging my G point, I was in an instant, I was caught up.

“Ah! Don’t! Dad! Too … too excitement. Yaoyao is wrong, Yaoyao is … and the girl, the father is educating me to punish my little Sao B.” I am, the more you ask for! Dad is more exciting, the more fierce it is. I feel the drama of the body, so that the two pairs of big tits in the chest are exaggerated, and my shoulders are a bit tired.

“Uh hu … Xiao B B wants to climax … Xiao B is fidilized to hang the climax … ah !!”

At the same time, the second semen of Dad directly infused into the depths of my rectum, stimulating to a place.

I feel that my body is out of force, I am not controlled by my own control, I have incontinent. The urine sprayed out, and the light was shine under the light, and the light was crystal clearly, and the urine rosted a arc on the air to fall on the pillow. While urinary, I have encountered it.

Usually Dad wants to insert my chrysanthemum, always enema, this time he suddenly came back, no more ready to insert me, climax, I also encouraged, when my father’s meat stick took out, I also brought a place. It is directly hung on a thick meat stick, and then falls directly to my bed with my father.

I am a very good girl, but after being taught by my father, I am inoculating is not dirty. When you feel the excrement, you can wash it off, many times, my father also likes to pee on me, and even still Call me with my mouth, just didn’t drink it, then wash it carefully.

Dad picked me carefully, then took me to the bathroom carefully cleaned. I don’t know why my father’s sexual desire is particularly high. When I take a shower, I have to help me enema, I can only make a bunch of Dad. After taking a shower, Dad didn’t let me let me, but I hugged the red bar to his room, and began to smash all night.

On the next day, I went to the classroom, I directly climbed on the table and slept, girlfriend came to me and said: “So tired? How many times is yourser last night?”

“Go, you have to manage.” I didn’t have any heads, I didn’t see her bad laugh, and I didn’t hear her 嘀咕. “This chick, I just got close to her, I can also smell the taste of the semen.”

After recently, my mother didn’t come back. The parties in the next door moved out, but it is said that Ashi’s father is divorced with his mother. And my father … is divorced.

After a long time, I only knew that my mother who was divorced with my father was pregnant. When the Ashin moved out, Lanyion lived with their father and son. After Lan Min and Arx’s father got a certificate, but did not have a wedding. I also knew it from the mouth of Ashi for a long time. Lan Min served a wife in their home, a total of 3 children.

After a few years, I learned that Lan Min was born again from other people, but I didn’t know how many of these five children were Ashi, and there were a few Axin his father. However, that’s all the time … When there is no other woman at home grabbed my father, I started to share with my father. Of course, we are not kind of sex every day.

But at home, I almost don’t wear a transparent silky clothes under my demands. And Dad also only wore a loose four-pool and exposed a strong muscle. At home, even if you don’t make love, we also stick together, Dad like to touch my chest, enjoy the delicate skin that I don’t have a delicate skin to his fingertips.

I have been so big that my chest came so many years, absolutely proud of the same age, all my father more than a stimulus, and my skin is so whitening and elasticity, and Dad’s stroke plus the moisturization of love.

The second chapter will come soon, and the big learning is not nervous. My academic performance has always been very good, there is no pressure, and the mood is relaxed to enjoy the summer vacation.

Dad seems to be very busy since the last time for business, most of the time stay at home, time, more than a few strange thoughts, run out and want me to do … Morning to work peak, crowded bus Car on the car …

Not I want to go to school or Dad to go to work, our family has its own car usually not make a bus, and at this moment … I will rely on my daddy chest, my father is licking my tits.

I looked around for four weeks. Although I was crowded, but the passengers who were crowded but surrounded were back to us. The people who drive to work in the morning were not closing to raise their eyes in the car. They were looking down to see their mobile phones. No one noticed at all. here.

Today I didn’t wear a bra with underwear, a loose T-shirt, and a miniskirt of a knee. Dad seems to feel the addiction, directly put my t-shirt, two pairs of big white rabvies jumped out to expose in the air, and suddenly let me think about it, if you let you see it.

Dad played my tits, one hand drilled into my little skirt, fingers taking the fingers into my tender points, and a meat rod also explored my skirt rubbing my hips.

“Hey …” I grabbed my mouth and I was weak to my father. I was so played with my chest with tender points. Dad saw the opportunity to make a quick speed, he turned me to face him, put the knee of my left leg, hugged my waist left hand, then put my body, I finally stood up on the right foot of the floor Ground. Dad took me up, I took my meat stick with my hand, and then my father put me a little, and the meat stick “Patting” inserted into my tenderness.

The car noisy engine covered the wheezing of us. Since my left leg is picked, I accidentally kicked a person next to it, and that person saw this scene.

A tall man holding a round and slender thin leg, whitening skin flashes him a little bit of flowers, sexy little butt is going to sit down, swallout the following thick meat sticks, loose T-shirt Master big white milk is pressed on a man’s chest.

Dad noticed this man, but he didn’t say anything. I also noticed this man, I saw his unbelievable eyes, my heart “giggle” almost stopped the beating.

“I saw it! I was seen when I was in the public!” My psychology shouted with myself, and even more stimulus, like current, I stimulated me. I deeply blew that man, so I got the face like my father. Dad, I am kissed with me, I tried to show a sensuality, let the man know that I am voluntary, I am not going to meet the color wolf, I am just being love with my man. Sure enough, the male calm, you are welcome to enjoy the scene AV. More and more people discover us, everyone is very tacit, just takes out the phone to sneak shot. I deeply buried my face and didn’t let them shoot in my arms, and my father is a piston movement.

I don’t know if it is in the prevalence, we all quickly reached the climax, Dad’s semen directly sprayed in my tender point, when the meat stick took out, the semen came to my high-heeled sandals I can’t say a sensuality …

In the middle of the night, my father opened the car to go to the wind. Our car is a hood. At night, I opened the bean on the night. I didn’t hang in the co-pilot. The wind blowing the night in my naked body is very comfortable. The exposure of a slap in the night sky, it feels a lot of cardiac breasts. When I arrived in the suburbs, my father stopped the car on the side of the road, then put down the back of the chair and lie down, I jumped to my father’s arms to let him hold me, then we both look up at night sky.

“Baby, your chest is really big, I started to get a hand in my hand very early.” Dad loves to touch my tits.

“Not Dad’s credits, when people are developing, they are so comfortable by Dad every day.”

I spoil.

“Hey, the girl’s chest development is usually stopped until the age of 18, and you are so big in your high” “, it is estimated that many students are scared. Dad pinched a laughter on my nipple.

“The chest is big, and it is Dad.”

“The hole is also, you will be wet, Zhen Sao. This tender hole is in so many years or so tender, there is no black, it is really a lot.”

“People’s holes are also exclusive, Dad wants me.”

Dad smiled and smiled, picked me, holding my waist to align my meat rod, then let go … we tried all kinds of gameplay, such as bus on the bus, convertible The car shock, the city is exposed to the field, and the top of the mountain is love.

Dad often reminds me of strangers. For example, wearing a miniskirt does not wear underwear shopping. When you go shopping, let the male guide help me test the shoes. When I sit down, the skirt will make him a lot, such as letting me The loose sling is not wearing a bra, buying something in the supermarket deliberately squatting in front of a variety of men, making your chest clearly.

My body is also getting more and more suspended by Dad. I am eager to see my body, I am eager to don’t know the unfamiliar touch on me. The strange touch. Until one day, I finally gotten the man who didn’t know.

“Baby, I want to shoot! Hey!” Dad looked low, today’s first shelling liquid shot into my point, a lot of semen put the small hole full of full. Dad twelve the meat stick, quickly took my bowl from the dinner table, and I crouched my body, let the semen slowly stayed in the bowl. The strong disgusting semen poured on a meal, and Dad’s so-called semen was finished.

I sat in my father’s arms to eat delicious semen, and suddenly the phone rang.

“You are a dead Nizi, let a spending a phone call, do not call me.” The voice of my gapsome candy came from the phone.

“It’s too lazy to move, concentrate on pouring fat at home.” I have a little exhausted after the climax, lazy to answer her.

“Dian Ni, your fat is on the tits, after the sisters, what is the market?” Sugar Gas.

“Okay, what is it looking for?”

“My sister tomorrow, a few classmates, you come together.”

I looked at my father and saw him nodded. I promised: “Well, you will come to me tomorrow.”

The next day, Dad is going to work, can’t accompany me. Looking at the time is almost, I dressed up.

Although I usually always face, I still have a light makeup today, then put on the whispering lace in the braring belt on the lace. Then wear a very sexy low-cut hanging tape, revealing my sexy shoulders and latching white tender chests and deep cleans.

The lower body is a very cute miniskirt, the legs are set on the small socks and boots, let me slender and beautiful. I turned against the mirror, I feel very good, but my face is very fresh and very young, this visual conflict is more tempting. When the time arrived, sugar candied came to tell me that she has already arrived outside my community. Sugar is very beautiful, although the chest is not big, but the body is very tall, the face is also very delicate. Although she often said that I am Tong Yan’s big breast, cute and sexy is full, it is difficult to have a market with me, but in fact my face is too tender, if not Loli control, if you leave the chest, she is definitely more than me Welcomed by boys.

“Oh, do you dare to wear again?” Sugar sugar grabbed my chest and looked.

“Hey, are you not the same? Don’t think I can’t see your mystery, or I don’t want to put you in the street?” I played the fierce threat.

We all the way, I got on the taxi, I came to the agreed KTV on time. This box is not far from the school, but the grade is not high, I have never been there. After entering the box, everyone will greeze.

“Wow! This is the legendary new school flower Yao Yao! Super cute!” The door to enter the box, a beautiful woman who looks very mature, I have a little baby’s face.

“Hey? Are you?” I was shocked by this beautiful enthusiasm.

“This is my cousin, the school sister of our school is 4.”

“Oh … hello.”

In bed, except for me with sugar, there is a glycose, and another 2 large 4 sisters, a total of 5 girls, the boys have 12, all of which are our school. Although it is a big box, 17 people are still a bit crowded. Our 5 girls sat separately, and each girl surrounded by 2 boys.

The crowded box, everyone squeezed people in the inside, the boy around, the boy is intentionally smashed with my legs, eat small tofu, because the boys present is very handsome, I don’t hate it, I don’t hate it. There is also a little bit of privilege, so I don’t think it is.

Singing a few songs, the boys sang me to sing very well, the sound was very sweet, and they were blown a little fluttering, unconsciously, when I was a wheat. The two boys sitting next to me turns to sing with me, and the love song always holds me when I sing, my hand is very unmracted in me, I think everyone comes to play, and I don’t think it is. When I sang, I noticed that everyone sang is not high, it seems to be more passionate about chatting.

“Ah? How do you have children?” I heard three school sisters chat about the child’s content, and all said “My son” “My daughter”, let me surprise.

“Ah? Yaoyao sister, what is strange, we all married.” A school sister said.

This sister is said to be sexy, but it is better to wear it. A black vest tube top has just covered a full chest, revealing a slim slim waist, the lower body is a set of black shorts, the whole body at least 80% of the meat is exposed.

At this time, I suddenly found out that the clothes of the three sisters became a lot. The sister of sugar is called Wenjie, and the other two are Ting sister and Na, just talking to me is Ting Sister. The original young woman in Na’s original is completely changed. The original narrow skirt flashed, and it is a purple coated underwear, and it is a slight-up, a tight underwear, and a tight underwear hook out her sexy figure. Shallow purple pantyhose plus red high heels, can’t say a charm.

“Oh, it’s hot, this air conditioner does not open a little lower.” Wenjie said, also took off her clothes. Wenjie took off his clothes and more exaggerated, leaving only one underwear, this underwear is a very thin ribbon, which is fixed from the neck, and two relaxes before, it seems that the wind will blow away the triangle cloth, triangle Detailed thin ribbon is interlaced on the waist, and then connect the lace socks on the legs, and in addition to socks, the lower body is a small pants.

“Why do everyone do it so cool? Is it really hot?” I said.

Then the three sisters have also begun to sing, and the boys who are sitting together are very bold, directly on the sister’s chest, the thighs touched, and the sister does not resist. And the boys around me also began to touch my legs into my body, and even my big tits pooled the full woman were also touched.

When I feel that the atmosphere is not right, the two hands stretched at the same time, I was originally used to sit for a long time, and then took a line on the underwear on my thigh, my belt was Unlock it.

I was about to attack, next to a boy, he said: “Good show ah, wear sexy underwear so easily off of.” Then he finished, changed reached into my skirts down my inner thighs came to my private office .

I looked to the sugar would like to appeal to her, you can see the picture I could not believe.

Sugar Sugar original jumpsuit skirt long gone, naked body lying on the sofa, a man’s body in front of her shoulders and carried them to her legs, buried to the crotch of sugar hard to lick sugar sugar’s private parts, while the other side of the boys to kiss her while rubbing her hand just to grasp the full breast.

“Ah! What are you doing ah?” I was stunned, angrily he said.

“Oh, Yaoyao sister, do not be so exciting thing. The party has always been like this, and enjoy it.”

Wen sister’s voice. I looked tracks the sound, this time Wen sister sat a boy who, the boy reached into his hands Wen sister Na Liangpian rub it on the chest tall and straight in the foot of the mountain fig leaf triangle, mini briefs do not know that being thrown gone one boy are hard at hard labor in the jungle between the legs, the Wen sister’s face look like a queen in general enjoy a servant of service.

“Yaoyao sister, before you we are not surprised given birth to a baby?” Madonna is also sitting on a boy who had been pulled Bra waist, big breasts being two boys behind her rubbing together, and there are two boys knelt in front of her, licking stockings either side were separated by Madonna feet. Madonna said: “I told Tingting already has two children, while there are three Wenwen, our big 2, 3 pregnant big kids, big and Wenwen 1 on pregnant.”

“What!” I was surprised and said, even robbing me of the hand do not pay attention.

“Our children are not our husband and father, but here the 12 boys Oh, these 12 boys but we soak the guy was screened hundreds of big cock. Now we have while pregnant , Gee, given birth to this child, I told Tingting is the third child, Wenwen is the fourth child born. “Madonna said incomparably charm.

“…… born children?” To my surprise, this is sick! I do not know if I let people know I was with my father from the beginning of development on incest, it is even more surprising.

“Yes ah.” A guy next to me took the opportunity to take off my bra straps with huge breasts jumped out. “We are all O-type blood, their husband is type O blood, children are born with type O blood, DNA simply do not know. And in the future we will continue to let the three of them pregnant, gave birth to continue our children do not need to know who the real father is, direct recognize their husbands fathers help their husband continue the family line, Yaoyao, you do not have birth our children? “

“Children? Too promiscuous up! I was so excited fornication! Dad said he will not have children with me, I’ll own life!” I think psychology.

“Yaoyao chest really big, like Yao-Yao’s face looks like a 4-year-old less than 1”, “fantastic. “

Boys skillfully took off my body had not many clothes. Here the other four girls, each of which is 2 to cope with two boys, but here there are 12 boys, all of the remaining four flew at me, I was pressing them to the sofa, countless big hands on me all parts of the fumble everywhere.

“Yaoyao sister really sensitive, so Come feel ah. To help his brother blown flute.” Having a big cock out into my cheek, I did not hesitate with his mouth directly.

“Cries ……” I heard the sound of torn clothes were remembered, Madonna piece underwear was torn to pieces, also torn tattered tights, a large meat hook through the boy’s Rouxue Madonna, another boy is speaking in Madonna’s mouth. The same time, Wen sister’s clothes are hung casually at the waist, a boy holding Wen sister wearing fishnet stockings thigh hard doing the piston movement, and Wen sister’s mouth to another boy in the same service.

Ting sister upper and lower body only a pair of very nice boots, she was one after the other while attacking Mixue with the court after two boys, three people sat like Hamburger, like the Ting sister on the sofa in the middle, with understanding each other’s thrusts. And my girlfriends sugar is kneeling on the sofa, behind a boy into her pussy from behind her, another boy standing in front of her to let her eat meat stick.

I will more and more weak, never have sex only with a father, I now enjoy the caress with four boys tease, four tongue in my entire body left exposed to the air becomes a smelly saliva, 8 hand on me wanton walk, my body already naked, every part to be stroked.

I do not want these boys do, but I was tangible numerous big hands more and more comfortable, if I had a cock in his mouth, I could not help but have groaned. A boy put things on the table all cleaned up, and then four straight boys put me in a glass on the table cold. Just lay on the table, four boys began rushing to use all parts of me. The first to put a guy handed me Lianpang cock, I turned Zhang Kaixing mouth, big cock plug directly into the room.

A boy across the glass on the table, both hands on my big tits, cock inserted in my cleavage.

There is a boy to separate my legs with his tongue licked my labia with the clitoris, is estimated to be the first to want to use my Nenxue. The last guy to see the benefits have been accounted for, can only have been picked up my hand to help him hit the plane, I made a special hand dip the point of sexual secretion in my Nenxue at good lubrication to help him.

“Ooo, this is not generally live mouth! Could be so cool.”

“This is really big tits! I fucked than any woman great! This is the milk frother! Big, soft and smooth, at least, is E cup.”

“This point really tender, the addition of water or white tiger! Really Need ah! I want to insert a! Ah! Really tight!”

My Nenxue is a cock inserted, although no my father, but the same can have a good grip. I Mixue no matter how rough the father of gymnastics, exercise for how long, will not become loose, still pink and tender as a virgin-like compact, do not know if I practiced yoga relationship with dances.

This is the root began gently thrusting cock in my Mixue seems to be treated as a virgin, in fact, to have a tendency to abuse me, as an M, I hope he fucked me roughly. Cock slowly sat piston movement, but not long enough, can not reach my bother, I can not properly suck the glans, or else he must make cool flying. I looked up as much as possible, let the meat stick mouth Cottage directly to the depths of my throat, the boys rushed directly with the palm leaning my cheek, and then plug the hole cock as severely as the operation of my throat.

Fuck me throat boys took the lead shot, thick semen hitting the depths of my throat, my dad ejaculation volume ratio is child, my dad can be the full bore every day, half out of a full shot glass, and this my boys semen volume easily to drink anymore.

The liberation of my mouth, I started Langjiao up. “Ah! So comfortable! Force ah! Then a little deeper!

Brother cock plug will be good, er ah, er ah …… “

“Ooo!” I speak in milk white boys also uttered a roar, my breast was almost his hands squeeze burst, the glans pop, from the cleavage, the alignment of my face is an eruption of semen, semen spray stench to my face with her hair.

“Less exercise bitch, you kamikaze! He really do pinch …… ah ah! Good tight, to be shot!” Shouted my boys are operated pockets.

“Ah! Do not stop! Push! Vigorously Fuck me! I dry out and die! I dry out and die! Oh ……” With my Langjiao, hot sperm injected into my pussy in.

“Call …… too cool, and made me on the radio.”

“Me too.”

“Do not stop! Come Fuck me! I want to cock!” The operating point of the boys shot too fast, I’m going to him on the radio. Hear my Langjiao, had hit the aircraft with my hand on the boy quickly fill, already hard to send up cock extremely smoothly inserted through the inside of the semen left in Rouxue lubrication.

A semi-soft with semen cock shot in my face, I knew he wanted me to help him cock lick clean and I did not hesitate to put cock swallow, hard to suck up. The remaining two boys are pitching, four hand playing with my huge breasts, to just hitting my chest semen on his face all screwed up big breasts painted on.

Operating point of the boys saw my lustful expression there was to swing the big breasts, excited, stormy start thrusting. This guy seems to be pretty good stamina, cock also bigger than they are, I have to plug Langjiao again and again.

“Ah! My husband, you are my elder husband! Shuangsi, sister love you, I want an orgasm! Orgasm! Semen shot into Come! My sister was pregnant with your child!” I frantically Langjiao road. The boy finally could not stand, deep in my Nenxue fired hot semen.

All four boys shot me fine, looked around and found that they are here late start, but it was the first over.

“Aha Aha …… …… Yaoyao sister really lewd ah.” Wen sister buffeted around people, two cock in and out of her crotch. She smiles tenderly said: “We have these two men have not shot it, you have four men on the first end, Yaoyao sister’s body there are so cool it?”

The four boys were lossed by her, and I saw that I said: “Big Chicken Big Brother, I still want, give me. My hole, my chrysanthemum is so good to be plugged. My tits are so good, Come and eat my milk. Come and let me get pregnant, there is milk in the baby. “

4 boys have been ignited again. They took me to the sofa, and a boys pushed me on the sofa. The meat stick touched the semen on the lips, and then paired with the chrysanthemum, then very It’s easy to insert in, which makes him surprises. After inserting, he picked me, I posted his chest, the body is back, I separate my legs, I will open my hairless white tiger points, a big meat is can’t wait to insert.

“Hey! The sister is going to be interrupted!” I was inserted with the double hole, and I couldn’t stand it.

After a boy is closely sticking to my back, a tightly stuck my tits, put my tits, two people tightly put me in the middle, then insert a pumping, two people tacit Unparalleled to maintain a subtle rhythm. It seems that their 3P experience is very rich, I am a little incense, bringing a crying wafer and is called: “Ah! I am dead! It’s great! I will do it! My brother will die Sao sister. I … …… “

The waves of my estrus haven’t ended yet, and a meat stick in my mouth. My chin is taken on the shoulder of my boy, and the boys who have a small mouth are standing behind him. Another boys took my soft hair wrapped in his meat stick back and forth, and used my soft smooth hair to fly.

Although these boys don’t have my father, they still have hard enough, in my two points, I can feel two meat rods in the back and forth, this pleasure can be frivized by the layer of meat wall separated by the rectum with vaginal. Let me be willing to rise, I will seem to fall into the endless abyss. I will play me in the peak again, and I will happen.

“Oh, oh, what happened? Suddenly tight!” Plugging my tender hole called.

“I am here, ah! No! I am shot!”

Two boys just shot, but quickly ejaculate again, the viscous semen injected into my tender points, the semen in the chrysanthemum seem strongly directly to my stomach. At this time, the boys who were originally held in another four girls had already been finished, they all appreciate the way I was in a climax.

“Seeing your continuous 2 hair is shot very quickly, it seems that Yaoyao sister is very charming.” Wenjie looked at the bed, I said, I said the two points.

“Why are you playing with Yaoyao? I have to! I have to be a big meat stick! Come and fuck me!” Sugar grates, lying on the bed, separate the legs, fingers open the lips Dew inside, said to everyone. Otte glycoose felt that I used her as a girl, and people who loved me more than people who loved her love, she was very uncomfortable.

“I am still not enough, I want more meat sticks, more semen, I want to have a lot of lots of children.” I lay in bed, smashed my big tits, and screamed.

“Brothers, I will see tonight to welcome Yao Yao and sugar sugar, you can pay for them to feed them.” Najie proposed.

12 boys looked at each other, they were bad and smiled, and I came with sugar candies. I was turned over by boys again, and I was inserted before and after the posture just now, my mouth was also stuffed into a meat stick.

“Ah! It hurts!” When I was enjoying the stimulus of the whole body, it came to the miserable scream of sugar. “It hurts!

do not want! “It turned out that she was also inserted into the chrysanthemum with my same posture, but her chrysanthemum has just been opened, a meat stick first inserted her full of semen, then smoke, and inserted the sperm Sugar sugar in chrysanthemum.

“Haha! Or a female ass! It’s so tight. Yao Yao’s name is definitely used, I will help the sugar sugar to open the chrysanthemum points, earn.” A male and sorrowful: “sugar sugar, cool Not cool? “Said that the boys started to tweak the meat stick, while sugar candy screamed more loud:” Don’t stop! Stast! Hello … Well … um … don’t stop … Don’t stop …… good comfort ,do not stop.”

“Do you want to stop until?” Boys laugh.

“Don’t stop! So comfortable, more comfortable, hard to die! Dry me … ah!” Sugar sweetness exclaimed, the previous small hole was also inserted in a big meat stick, sugar sugar did not shout, mouth It was blocked by a meat stick.

The more exciting, the more exciting, they should take our ass, face, and even madly squatting my big tits, put my white giant breasts all the red fingerprints, and we are the land Shouting to make them hard, more fucking us.

The excitement of boys received our infection, and our whole body was used by 3 people. They roared together to reach the climax, in our vagina, rectum, and throat. After the shooting, I changed a group of people to give us 3 no closed cave, and the people changed to sit together with 3 sisters, touched the sisters of the sisters and told them to follow them. Feeling of sugar sugar. Until 6 people were ejaculated in me with sugar sugar, and 6 people resting will continue to make up. The last time was injected with the semen into the semen, I was thrown in the sofa with the sugar sugar, I was unable to lying on the sofa, and I didn’t reluctively afraid to feel the feeling of just countless times, and sugar sugar already Fainted. The semen flows out from our vagina, the asshole, and the sofa is all on the ground, until the semen droves the taste of a sensuality.

12 boys were shot at least 2 times, don’t talk about sugar, it was all the consecutiveness, but fortunately they didn’t get tired and quickly arrived. They dressed in clothes, then throw our clothes to us, wake up sugar and white to wear clothes, but the underwear is confiscated by them, and the whole body is weak, I will put the clothes, nor Do you care whether there is anything else.

The hair on our face is full of semen, we want to wipe off from being stopped. 3 school sisters wore sexy underwear with all naked differences to leave the box to check out, and gave some money to make the boss packed themselves. I brought the KTV by a group of boys, and a group of people looked at the semen. I didn’t know why I didn’t shy. I enjoy this kind of eye. I even think about why Want to wear clothes when I come out?

Our group of people have left the 5th Tsiyou Hao Hao, of course, a combination of a beautiful woman with three or two color ghosts. I was thrown on the back seat by two boys, and then they took one away from me. When the driver drove, they started to have a manual feet.

I didn’t expect this driver very well, and said to me: “Miss, have you trouble? Need me to help you?”

I saw the driver and saw it was a very ordinary middle-aged uncle, slightly grateful: “Thank you, no. I am a student of XX University, these two are my classmates, and I am also my husband. Better husband? I am hot, help me take off your clothes. “

In order to thank this decent driver, I let her appreciate the beautiful female college students.

The two boys are hard, but the problem is limited to space unable to insert, they can only touch my tits, play the body, to relieve hunger. The car is very slow, if it is not a boys who urge I estimate that the driver is not willing to drive.

It’s hard to reach the destination, they don’t let me pull me out of the car. I saw that sugar is better than me, she is naked in the road, and a group of boys surrounded her to help her boast.

It seems that my naked performance on all the way is so slow that the driver is too slow, and everyone is here.

When we arrived, I was brought to a house with sugar. This house is a house in the suburbs, a total of 3 floors. There is no thing on the first floor, and the second floor is only a Dantel, and the third floor has only a big bed, there is no other than this.

Three school sisters did not come here, but 12 boys were all inconsistent, and I was confused with sugar candies on the night. At least 2 people in our body have continually played us, and when the sugar sugar was first in 3 holes for 3 consecutive times, I was confident in 12 people, and the 3 holes were constantly raped, idle. The person took the phone to shoot my sensuality.

When the sugar sugar woke up, I was officially opened by 12 energetic boys. They let the sugar have been taken by mobile phones, then 12 boys continue to fist, then shoot the sticky semen into my body, and finally countless double big hands and then wipe it evenly, let me all the places are full. Squirting, light gloss, sugar sugar, and the boy to help the meat stick with a small mouth.

When we were exhausted, I saw time, 5 am in the morning. From 8 o’clock to KTV, approximately 9 o’clock, it has been spent 8 hours.

I have never done this night. I am in the mouth of sugar, in the meat, in the intestines, all the semen of the boys, every inch skin has boys’ semen, when sleeping, the honey points are still flowing out, I feel another Some people are particularly fascinating, I noticed one of the boys, only 2 times on sugar and sugar, at least 14 times on me, the semen shot and also wants to do this, especially fascination with me. When I fuck me, I was particularly sophisticated. I was very sensual, and there was a boy like this, my psychology was also very proud. The next day, 12 boys who woke up did not know how tiredly raped 2 teenagers. A burly and high person was approaching this house step by step … “Hey!” A loud noise, the door of the third floor was flying, A tall man walks into the room, people inside are panicked.

I am lying on the bed, I have to stop thinking, the meat hole is already numb, I only feel that there is an object to enter and exit, suddenly the meat hole is empty, the meat stick suddenly took out my body, I took a closer look, it turned out to be original My boy is inexplicably flying out. I look at this tall man in front of you, and I feel happy from my heart.


I didn’t know how I went home. After waking up, my body was painful. The original pink and tender small hole was very uncomfortable. My whole body is a scaffold, and the lower limbs are unable to move, they have been moving for two days. Get better.

I vaguely remember that the day was taken home by Dad, but Dad didn’t mention it, I didn’t dare to ask more. Dad seems to have happened to do anything. When my body recovered, my father continued to take me up.

But maybe I have a lot of heart, I used to play with my father, I can feel that my father has a taboo for me. I am more than Dad’s daughter, and my father’s lovers. But when Dad’s big meat stick inserted my honey again, I felt simple to exclude his beast in my body. Then in the future, what happened in the future, Dad is “changing”.

I am very interested in the kitchen very early. Maybe I have a lot of aunt from the home for a long time. I will drive away the mother and I will eat it. I have been eating for my father, so I have been practicing for so many years. One hand is good cooking. Every day, my father will go back and run. I will be bought back. I am responsible for the dishes, but the dishes bought in Dad this day seem to be very much, and my father’s message said all, and I didn’t think too much.

At 6 o’clock in the afternoon, I was going to half. Dad came back. I heard the voice of the door downstairs in the kitchen and found it is not very right. I clearly hear the voice. Is Dad bring a guest back? I am shocked, I know that I am fine at home, just at this moment, I just tied a skirt. I was thinking that when I finished this dish, I quickly went to the room to wear clothes. After my father came to the kitchen to go to me, a big hand explored into my big tits in the apron.

“Ah! Dad, don’t do this.” I struggled on my mouth.

“Baby is doing the dishes today.” Dad is not here.

“Dad, how can I come to the home today? Tell me in advance? Scared me, you help me see the next dish, I will go back to change clothes.”

“No.” Dad refused, I was also taken on my flexible hidden hips, and I sent a crisp sound and said, “You are so worn at home, there is room for guests.”

“Ah? But …” I was shocked, I want to say something but I was interrupted by Dad.

“Well? Xiaoyan is not embarrassed? Don’t listen to my father?” Dad is sinking, it seems to be angry.

I don’t dare to violate my father, I have to promise him.

After the meals are done, I shouted down the table, I shouted downstairs: “Dad, you can eat.”

The laughter downstairs began to move upstairs, I also heard a strange man’s voice to praise: “Your daughter’s voice is really nice.” Then it is a proud laugh.

When the man walked upstairs, it seems to be stunned, then the color is staring at me in a wish. Dad said to him after this man: “This is my daughter Yao Yao,” “Then Dad turned his head to me:” Yao Yao, not called Qian Shi. “

I use Huangji-like fine words: “Uncle Qian Uncle is good.”

“Well, good! Good! Haha”, uncle, smiled.

I took the opportunity to secretly observe, this Qianshu looks about 4 or 50 years old, the oil is full, it is a bit obese, although it looks like the kind of wretched uncle, but he looks at my eyes, I am very uncomfortable, let me I was burnt by the body covered by the apron, I don’t know why I remembered that I was a scene of the boy. On the dinner table, Dad has a chat with Money, I have a chat, I buried my head, and I have an attempt to escape the dinner table.

“Yao Yao, now the school holiday is? Is it in the first” “?”? “

“People are studying university.”

“University? No? Yaoyao’s face is still a baby fat, it seems unlike more than 1” 4 years old, but this body … Hey, the big big big thin thin, more than adults Adult, haha! “

Uncle Qian smiled unscrupulously.

“Oh? Yao Yao is shy, really cute, haha.” Qian Shu’s language is tuneful, I can’t do it, I ask for help to see my father, just Dad seems to be not intentionally.

At this time, Dad patted his thigh, said to me: “Yao Yao came over, like usual.”

I am shocked, although it is difficult but I don’t dare to refuse my father, I can only go to my father with the face of Uncle, and then sit on my father’s thigh. Dad got my apron to the middle of the chest, then put the down, my huge chest, I saw it by Qianshu with a tender honey.

Dad pinching my breasts first hand, I took my little hole, and I quickly went down with the podification of my father and the eyes of Qian Shu. Dad put my finger of my prostitution in my mouth. I took my fingers to take my fingers to taste my prostitution. I saw this sensuality picture Qian Uncle is not satisfied, I still have to see him. A tent was left under the crotch.

Dad took a piece of apple slice in my fruit platter, and the fresh fruit was stirred in the tenderness, bringing fresh honey, and Dad enjoyed it.

“Go to Uncle, give Qian Shu service as Dad.” Dad ordered.

I am ashamed to sit on the legs of Qian Uncle, and Uncle is not waiting to use the hand into the apron directly grabbed my tits.

“Oh! Yao Yao’s chest is big, one hand actually can’t finish it. Soft, like jelly, soft and sliding, Yao Yao’s skin is very good, like a baby.” Qian Shi’s hand Constantly touched me, touching me, I am a strange uncle in my father, even if the double salted pig is obviously traveling on me, I still don’t believe this has happened, and more terrible Yes, I actually found the pleasure in shame, and the obscenity is more flooding.

“Yao Yao’s water is much! Let the uncle taste it.” Qian Shu took a banana to remove the skin, then inserted into my honey, I relax as much as possible, I was afraid to put the banana in the vagina. Qian Uncle almost made a whole banana, and then bite a wet banana, but also made a satisfying voice, then put the biting banana in my mouth, let me eat a bite.

“Haha, Yaoyao is a good color, doing uncle is hard, the pants are too tight, Yao Yao wants to see the uncle’s meat stick? Helping uncle pulls out the zipper to pull out the meat stick.” Qian Shi infringed my The chest said.

I looked at Dad, my father said: “Don’t follow your Qian uncle!”

I was obsessed with my father, but my father often bullied my body and mind with a variety of ways to satisfy his SM desire, I was used to it, I can only obey any of my father. I uncle Uncle’s pants, a dark big meat stick jumped out, perhaps Dad today specially with this uncle, let this uncle use this with meat stick, I think so, I consciously Hold the meat stick and make it up.

“Yao Yao’s little hand is really comfortable, I have to shoot it by you.” Qian Shu laughed in my ear, but also licked my sensitive ears with my tongue, my hands did not release my chest, I didn’t have it. Stop.

One of Qian Shu’s hand touched my teenage privacy, and I picked my joy and necrotic with my fingers and mixed my wet honey. I was gotten by Qian Shu Ming, and Dad didn’t stop it. I understand that all of this is a father arrangement. Is this a new game of Dad? I have heard that there is a woman who will give others to others, and the man will get the pleasure of NTR. But I am more than Dad’s woman, and it is also a daughter of Dad. How can Dad call people to exercise their daughter?

However, in Qian Shu, I stimulated my G point, soon, I quickly blow, a lot of prostitution sprayed, huge pleasure interrupted my thinking. Take him, my father makes me do this, everything is Dad, my father makes me do what I do. “Yaoyao, helping the uncle to clip the eggplant there.” Qian Shu said to me. The position of the eggplant is far from me. I can only get up with a slight got to the clip. When I sit down, a glans aligned my little hole, I haven’t reacted it, I was pulled by Qian Uncle, I just fell directly. In the body of Qian Uncle, Uncle’s meat sticks have been in the depths.

“Hey, finally being inserted into uncle.” I am sighed in psychological. At this time, my father got up and said that I went to the toilet, and Maxie saw my father and I took me directly and asked: “Which is your room.”

I refer to my room in my room. I feel that I am very sensual. The first time I met my uncle to fuck me. I also took him to my own room … Entered my room, Qian Shu directly put me directly In the bed, then put it on my pink nipple and suck it again, the other milk is also kneaded by Uncle, caught me, and I can only stand in bed silently to endure this I am disgusting uncle’s violation.

Qian Shu took the withdrawal of my apron, I was lying in bed naked, I saw my body, two hands covering the chest, I know this kind of chu, poorly obscuring the shame. Sure enough, Qian Shu saw that I was shy, I was shy, and I had a lot of clothes, and he pulled off his clothes in three and five, and I pounced it on the meat. ” A meat stick is easily inserted into the earned honey.

“Oh, so cool! Girl’s small hole.” Qian Shu is coming to the thrush, press me on the bed, two hands with my tits, then the waist is constantly sprint. I finally lost it, and I was inserted.

“Well … Uncle’s meat stick … hard … Operation Yao Yao!”

“Still use the legs, the waist of uncle, can’t see it, you have only 1” 3, 1 “4 years old, how is it so much? “

“Yaoyao is not stunned, Yao Yao is very Sao, uncle is exhausted, Yao Yao.”

“Skilly doll, uncle will teach you, hey!” Qianxu said to plug in the sale. It’s just that Qian Shu’s meat stick is much smaller than my father, and Qian Uncle seems to have physical strength. After a while, it will be ejaculated.

“Ah! It’s too cool, such a comfortable girl’s hole is still enjoyed for the first time.” Qian Shu looked at the small hole of his semen, just like looking at your proud work.

At this time, my father walked into the room, and the Qian Xu said: “Just finished the bowl, do it?”

“Your daughter is too beautiful, it is too cool. Plus my first time to play friends, too stimulating, I can’t do it. But I have prepared …” Qian Shu said, clothes from him Turning out some medicine boxes should be something like Viagra.

Dad walked to the bed and looked at me just being infringed. I found that Dad was in front of the bed. The desire to pick up the uncle before premature ejaculation once again burned again, I broke the legs, two hands opened the lips, and I said to my father, “Dad, my daughter also wants, please fast Come to me. “

Dad took off his pants and put the big meat stick that made me obses with the big meat stick, and I was still extruded out the small hole extruded out of the semen, and I was directly inserted directly to the deepest place, directly to my heart.

“Hey!” I can’t hear it is painful or comfortable, let the uncle next to them have been stimulated.

“I rely on, old Chen, your goods are really big, your daughter is so tight, let you plug, I can’t bear it.”

“Not Yaoyao’s hole, her vagina can be put into a eggplant, how can it be tight? She is very clipped.” Dad seems to be excited, while inserting me talking to Qianshu, and I can’t do it, I was inserted by Dad for so many years, still being covered with this whole vagina, the whole vagina, the big meat stick, it seems that the next instant will be the same.

“Ah … ah … Dad is so powerful, the daughter is going to be heeded … 呜 ……”

“Can eggplant be put in?” Qian Shu was shocked. “You are a true metamorphosis of dad, and the daughter is in this way. Look at your daughter is so tender, people who don’t know are sure to be a virgin, no one will think of being developed by her animal father. ,Ha ha!”

Qian Shu looked at the bed in the bed. The father of the incest, the meat stick was hard. Dad saw 3P after seeing, Qian Shu naturally promised, then two middle-aged people played with me.

“It’s so cool, old Chen, your daughter’s chrysanthemum is very good.” Qian Shu squatted in me, put the meat stick into my chrysanthemum, said to my father under me. At this point, I was lying on my father, and my father held my ass to control the rhythm of my waist, let my small hole set his big meat stick. “Yaoyao’s spheremulf is too late to be lost. Now this girl eats bad stomach, if you can’t help, you will be directly incontinent.” Dad said to Qian Shu.

“Oh? It’s a poor Yaoyao, there is such a father of such animals.”

“Hey … ah … my father is a good father … Yao Yao is not awkward, I always want my father’s big meat stick … Yao Yao seduce Dad …” I was frankly fainted by one after a first time. The waves did not forget to defend my father.

“Hey, old Chen, you are really tutorial, I envy you.”

“How? I want to learn? Unfortunately you don’t have a daughter.”

“Haha! I can not be so beast, even if I don’t have a daughter, but you have a daughter? Haha!”

Dad seems to be a bit uncomfortable after hearing, increasing the intensity of the throduction, and Qian Shu also does not accept, and the sense of style is inserted with my chrysanthemum. My small hole is flooding, the chrysanthemum is also very loose, and the man is playing sandwich is not like a film, but the two meat sticks are inserted. But it is not easy to move. At this time, the two meat sticks vigorously inserted in my two points, the vagina and the smear wall of the rectum were squeezed by the two meat sticks, and I was discouraged.

Subsequently, Qian Shu first defeated, ejaculation in my chrysanthemum. After the ejaculation, Qian Shu took out, Dad was proud to enjoy my flesh, and more handful. I am weak, and I am in a variety of difficult postures. I used the most Sao called the bed to cater to my father. I eventually shot into my meat in my meat.

Two men after ejaculation worn in the clothes after ejaculation, and I left the room. For those men in Dad, playing women may only do it but not more important little things. Just like the need to entertain first, but my father invites the other party not to drink, but to fuck his daughter … “Okay, don’t send it.” Qian Shu went out, and it seems to go out together. Dad said.

“Money is slow.” I stood behind my father.

Uncle Qian suddenly looked at me, I still don’t hang it, even didn’t clean the body, and the semen of the two points will flow along the thighs, and the sensuality is incomparable. Uncle Qian is bad and smiling: “Lao Chen, don’t send it, go with your daughter, haha!”

“Hey, then I will not send it. As for the thing …”

“No problem, package me.”

“That’s good, slow, have time to play again.”

“Hey.” Qian Shu Yan swept it on my perfect carcass, said: “If you will come, you will sit, haha!” Said that the uncle is gone.

After the door closed, Dad looked back at me and smiled: “You are my baby, hehe.” After the father took me, walked to the room ……….

“Hey, Lao Chen, your family is not bad.”

“Lao Zhang, you are the first time, I came to the old Chen, this is a few times.”

“Haha, me too.”

“Wow! Yaoyao, uncle people come to see you, haha!”

“Yaoyao. Or just as always, this skin is the same as white jade.”

I stand in front of the door, wearing a two-centimeter ribbon can only cover the nipple with the small hole, welcome the college team to invade my middle-aged uncle.


In the days, I will take me out every few days, I will take some gatherings, let me have a helpful man who helps him, or take it directly to the home to rage me. For this situation, I finally can’t stand it after I endure for a long time, I finally made a day, I didn’t want to go to my father. In exchange, my father’s roar and rudeness, my father mentioned after my body. Lan Min’s name, I understand everything …………

I can’t resist my father, I can only change myself. In the face of countless unclear infringement and insults, I learned to accept or even enjoy it, the whole summer vacation quickly. After school, I found that the boys who used to be linger and sugar sugar have always been with sugar sugar, but they didn’t bother me. Sugar sugar is becoming more and more sexy, and the skin seems to be more and better, the whole person is more charm than before.

One weekend, sugar, called me, excited to tell me: “Yaoyao! I just came out from the hospital, I told you, I am pregnant, the 12 boys will call me to live with them. In that buck, I didn’t help me share, I am too tired. I estimate that the first day of the same time, I am pregnant, now the baby in my stomach is almost 1 month. ” Pregnant? “I am slightly surprised, asked:” Hey … um … Who is it? “

“Who knows, anyway, one of them in 12 boys. Hey? What are you doing?”

The hot semen shot into my small acupuncture, the meat stick after ejaculation took out, and the other meat stick inserted into the acupoints that were exterior. A meat stick stretched into my face, and I came to a color to the phone. I used my fingers to touch the semen on my face, then put it in my mouth and suck it, and said to the phone: “Didn’t do anything. Congratulations You are pregnant, your child will go to school with my children. “

“Your child?” The sound of sugar sugar came from the phone.

“Yeah.” I touched the slightly sound of the lower abdomen, smiled at the phone: “My baby has been 3 months. As for the father of the child … is not your 12 husband, I am safe. Period. The father of the child … 嘻嘻, too much, don’t know! “

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