Author: Xie Mrsai is a small teacher, colleague, is called her vein. It usually teaches students to have a good party. It is good to get along with students. Parents also appreciate her, think she is a beautiful and good teacher, only I know her secret, her lascivious face.

The veins have been surrounded by the wolf tiger. It has not had children in the year of marriage. It seems that Mr. has a shortage of sex, and her is a full body, still needs a man’s comfort. With playing, this is really letting the doctor, I can’t resist the desire.

Somety late, the number of people often lives, and it is very early, so I will be closed, so I will go down, just prepare to pack it back to the duty room, the registration is notified to have a patient temporarily registered, please stay to help She saw the clinic, I had to cancel the rest, just as I can’t rest early, my eyes suddenly lit, one dressed in a tight white yarn dress, the body showed no legacy, and there was a cute sweet smile, which is kind, The three estimates are estimated 36D. 25.35. It is a festive girl I like, I don’t know if I feel chicken, I can’t wait to insert into the small hole in front of my eyes and play with her big tits.

She saw that I looked at her wonderful body, some embarrassed faces, shouted me “Sorry, is it a doctor?”

When I went back, she has been sitting on the chair of the consultation room, maybe the pain of the waist pain, her feet are not tight, you can clearly see her wearing white underwear, there is a black black, want to be It is her lush anni, I think I almost once again, I want to absorb her pink and tender lips, but in order to convince my profession, I quickly restore the usual professional image and carefully consult.

“Because Tian Yu Road slippery, a student touched me, accidentally slipped, I thought I didn’t tighten, I didn’t expect to take a shower home, I feel that pain is even more powerful, hurry to see doctors, I am afraid that there is a fracture.” She worriedly said “Miss Xie, please open my clothes, I will help you auscultate first” “Mr. Liao, you call me, you call me, I just take off the clothes. ?”

She is somewhat doubts, because it is just a dress, I can only go up, I don’t look at it, but I have to do it, she has to do it, watching her skirt slowly The cock has risen some pain. I can’t wait to breathe. The skin, the skin, a well-known leg, some of the slight belly, white sexy silky panties, some transparency, black hair is intuitable, even two or three times The yin hair is exposed, and there are some wet marks on the underwear. It is a sensual woman. .

When the neck, the white silk bra is predicted by her d cup, and I can’t help but have a slut, and the half-transparent silk underwear makes black uli see more clear, thin underwear, It can be seen that the nipple is boosted, it seems that it is very necessary for men’s comfort.

So holding a stethoscope, pressing the auscultation on her chest, her heartbeat is obvious, the cheek is also red, the nipple also seems hard, of course my dick is too hard. .

After the auscation, told her to take X-rays. When she took X-rays, I quickly prepared a edible massage oil cream, rubbing it on the lace, it would be extremely sensitive, and it will be extremely sensitive, eager to be inserted .

When you are ready, wait for her to return to X-ray, she wants her to take off the sleeve next to the checktop, check if the lumbar spine is injured, press the stroke of her soft waist, she wants her to check, because of the previous morning First get started, only I will help her check.

Since her small panties tightly under the hips, although the sexy is some inseparable, she took her underwear, she was shocked to see me, I said to her: “This is good to check, the palpal is If you don’t have a clothes that you block, your feelings will not misconduct.

She also agreed, a delicate and beautiful buttock, delicate skin, can clearly see her pussy a little wet, little chrysanthemum hole, let people want to pick a mouth, the surrounding black, the cloud, is really sexy,. . . Meet your eyes, hand-painted herbal medicine to check her waist. . .

The X-ray film seems to be normal, I think it should be muscle tension, I will help you massage, I should start it in her waist, in the hip, in the hip, to the external pressure, deliberately avoid sensitive paters Massage for a while, her pussy began to red hot, the prostitute slowly flowed out, because he was too comfortable, from time to time, tightly tightened the anus, twisted his hips, whispered, seeing her to bear the painful expression of the dried. It’s really sexy. . .

I continued to massage her fat buttocks, her pussy did not listen to the big piece, she touched the snoring, so I slowly put the finger inward, pulled her fat buttocks, gently touched her chrysanthemum The cave, even touched her, and then stroked her labipings, really wet unlike, she also enjoyed the place where I didn’t reject me to enter her privacy, quietly raising the hips, so that I can deepen. . . So slowly dial this to check the lascress of the bed, and I started to reach out and got it, she was excited. . . “Hey .. 喔 .. Liao, can’t, ah .. Ok, oh … you can’t like this, um .. So comfortable, you really will be 舔, I want .. 喔 ..

Yes, it is there, oh. . So comfortable, you have a cool, “

I didn’t expect that she was so easy, I was really a sensual teacher. . . So my entire tongue entered her small hole, bite her hypertrophy, the tongue licking her wet question, she kept, “ah .. .. .. good Comfortable, so cool, then go in, oh .. Yes, it is there .. Europe .. I can’t, ah .. Ah .., I am going, um, it is really comfortable, Dr. Liao, I Good brother .. good husband .. you will be licked … Can I not come to you often? “

She has been refreshed, after the first climax, she turned into my pants, I joked in the underwear, touched the penis that was already very stunned, watching her face is a little surprised, the bird is bigger than her Two times the top. . She wants me to sit on the bed, she squatted my penis, absorbed my two eggs, it would be sucking. . . .

Subsequently her tongue covered around my horse, the lips were in the glans, the chicken is really cool, then she puts my harden the penis whole entrance, stirring with her wet tongue, plus her mouth Upper and down, I am inserting her cherry pet, there is no idle, take off her milk, play with her big tits, squeezed her sensitive nipple, she kept squatting. . .

Listening to the sexy scream, by this lascivious woman with my big dick, the small mouth keeps the upper and lower sets, plus the sensual sound vibration, I can’t help but shoot in her mouth, she feels like a delicious Bird’s nest is a bit dropping.

The soft dick squatted in her gentle little hand, plus the small mouth of the wet and warm, and a little hard, she wants me to lying on the bed, her hole is right to sit down, 兹 一 声Her holes inserted into my big cock, she started the waves “Hey .. Well .. Well .. .. .. .. How is so big, 喔 .. so comfortable ..

what. . what. . I am so cool. “

Suddenly, my diagnosis is constant, and I am very soundproof, I am not afraid that someone is heard. . .

She rose up and down, and the big breasts that both can’t master will follow the bounce, I keep caught her nipple, she crashed up. . . Then, she wants me to do her little hole from behind, so she lifts the big butt, so that I can easily put her wet holes, I will lick a circle in her wet, Soching her prostitute, it is delicious, her snoring is constantly “喔 喔, I can’t do it, hurry up, hurry up .. I want you …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Your big lazy bird, fast, I want you to do me .. I am a sensual female teacher, ah .. ah .. 喔 .. I like to be dried, 喔 .. 喔 .. put my little hole Oh, oh. It’s so cool.

She pulled her big fat buttocks, I want to insert her wet holes, I constantly draw, dry, she is dusk, and she is ticking. “Hey .. 喔 .. I No, ah .. ah .. Come here .. Hey .. Hey .. You will do it .. Hey. .. I am so cool .. 喔 .. I really can’t .. Ah .. .. I have to go .. I have to go .. ah.

. what. . . “

She was almost dizzy, and I pulled out the hard dick again, inserted her big and soft big milk, did a pair of big tits, really comfortable, and she was awkward stand up. . .

Enjoy the stimulus of the dried milk, then look at her replied, changed a few postures to slammed her small hole, about two hundred, she was discounted once, until she finally, she has been unable to fight. I let her kneel on the bed, lift the fat buttocks, slowly insert the penis into the small hole behind her, then the whole person squatted on the bed, pressed her body, and did her fat buttocks. The hands also extended to the front to massage her big tits. She is cool to a few crazy obscenities, keeping the fertile hips, Joho flies her hips, she finally refreshed Emine. . . .

I quickly pulled out the penis that was still hard, kissed her little hole with his mouth, smoking the sprayed yin, stirring her somewhat red labipings, she also sucked my big bird, her mouth The skill is nothing to say, but also kissed again, I swallowed again, and I lick my glans. I tried to spray hot semen, shot on her face, really cool, I didn’t expect to do one After the lascivious female teacher, I left her underwear, so I could taste the sensual taste of her caves from time to time, and she went back to the consultation, so good to take her once. “You really hate it, I want to do it. People, people are opened by you, can’t be done again, will die, people want you to come to my little holes every day, oh. I think it is cool. ” Holding her butt, the sound of the drip, the fat hips made me hard, pushed her to the wall, I would like to solve her again, I didn’t expect someone to knock on the door, it has been 11 o’clock. Miss, Miss, Miss Nurses, I have to go on the patrol room, I have to endure the hard cock, when the teacher goes to the door, I still don’t forget to touch her fat buttocks, I don’t wear underwear, I feel good, so I quickly Going to the duty room, I solved myself, just left the underwear of wet warm temperature, licking her leaving, a strong sophisticated taste plus the remaining body temperature is exciting, reminding me of her lascivious. . Hey, I have to do you again, the teacher, I am shot again. . .

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