Sensual musical teacher (my music teacher, big breast music teacher)

I have been in the age of 17, studying in secondary school, I don’t know if my affected is still a strong sense of life, I want to do love in the day, and I want to talk about my music teacher, my music teacher, my music, age of 25 Years, she looks not particularly beautiful but still, the height is about one meter 60 cm, but the body is not with us, there is approximately 37c chest, there is a small fertilizer, whenever the male is next to her eyes It is attracted by her breast cow (and I am still an exception). When I first read, she began to teach in the school, mainly teaching music, from time to time, and her graduates of Hong Kong University, she first arrived When you have the school, I heard that her music teacher is to get the secret relationship between the vice president and a number of male teachers.

So she was played by some female teachers, and some even said her lustful. So she is very strange to the school, but she constantly knows the classmates at all levels, and I am also the object she watched. She is my goddess and is my masturbating object. Teach my musical department, and taught us for three years, because the music class is small, so I cherish very much. She is very sexy, often wearing a mini skirt, whenever she sits down, because the skirt is too short, as long as the teacher is slightly opened, her tripper is completely present.

In addition, when the teacher wore a low chest, her big breast cow made our large group of boys a bit suffocated, and even all boys stood up, sometimes some male classmates deliberately throw their own Something, please help them pick up, this will take this, which makes us complete the music class, and there is no male classmate to go to the toilet to pistol. Because I am a member of the choir, we practice individual practice after school.

On a day of the fifth year, the teacher found me to learn to learn to practice, I practice it in a normal heart, but this practice makes me never forget these days, the weather is very hot, this day teacher wears a low shirt She taught me how to sing while she sat on the palm of the piano. Because I stood up and sang, I went to the two grades to my grandmother, and my chick chicken was hard. Because the teacher turned into the piano, the whole body trembled included two big breasts and shake.

My chick chicken is too bitter, so I and the teacher said: “Can I give me to the toilet?” I have been in the toilet, I have been eaten, I will return to the music room to continue practice, and continue to voyeurize.

I don’t know if I have seen too much, I was found by the teacher, and the teacher glanced at me. I immediately doubled the teacher’s eyes.

Dressed until the practice is completed, I wanted to leave, but gave the teacher sitting next to the piano.

The teacher said: “Don’t go, the teacher has something to ask you!” At this time, she is very afraid that she blames me to voyer her, can’t help but take a sweating.

The teacher will follow: “Do you have a mistake when the teacher is in class?” I really want to tell the teacher’s tempting body, but I just responded: “Hmm … is …” Teacher Said: “Have you heard the relationship between me and a number of male teachers?” “It’s actually true, because the teacher first arrived in the school, the degree is not high, but for the sake, I have to make a un moral transaction, do you think you feel The teacher is unharitage, so I use a singular look at the teacher! “I thought that my thoughts suddenly said more than the teacher’s pollutant teacher:” In fact, the teacher loves you very much, so often ask you to do a little, and often want you to leave I want to be close to you. “The teacher suddenly took off the coat and worked with her big breasts with her hand. The teacher’s active attitude made me hard to accept it. I don’t think there is such a scene.

My chick chicken slowly hard, because I have never seen such a spectacular scenario, she said: “Do you like a teacher?” At this time, I have some incest feelings, the answer to the teacher’s answer is that it is .

The teacher is really eye, she actually said: “Your chick chicken is so strong! Is it hard?” When talking, I took my pants with a hand with a hand with a piece of drip, say: “You don’t like my big Grandma? Press your hand. “I am welcome to use my hand, rudely grabbed the teacher’s bra, a pair of camels, I will open your hand, the purpose is to pack it. This big breast cow, under a grabbing, the soft cotton and elastic feelings are really refreshing, and the teacher counterattack when I play.

She took off my pants, and I didn’t say my chicken chicken in imports. Good warm and soft oral cavity, the teacher does not only suck the meat stick, but also the scrotum, the teacher asked: “Is it comfortable?” I can’t help but call it out: “Self cool … ah … teacher … port … good news

After listening to my teacher, then suck harder, chicken swell enough, I have outdone strong grasp of breast teacher, the teacher while sucking moaning, but her teacher assault at once, she was “Deep Throat” up, with my teacher the lower body shaking action, and then after a while the teacher know that I’m going to ejaculate, she began to mouth off my cock, but I certainly will not miss this opportunity, and I brought the head teacher allowed her to leave my cock, trembling for a moment, I will seize the opportunity to finally vent the warm thick semen in the mouth of the teacher, the teacher had to accept all. At first I had to teacher would call me to shoot the semen in her mouth, but she not only did not actually call me, but will fully swallow the semen.

The teacher said: “bad guys, forcing the teacher to eat your semen, you got his wish,” I immediately said: “I’m sorry,” the teacher off the skirt, said: “Needless to say, now I want you to meet my pussy,” I say so: ” I do not understand, “the teacher said:?” let me teach you, “the teacher he found she was stroking my hand across briefs labia said:!” the first thing you play with your fingers here, “I could not wait to put the middle finger at the teacher pussy inserted, and I play very hard.

Maybe it is too strong, the teacher actually cried, “ah … … Chen classmate … you … too … rough … it hurts teacher.” I immediately reduce the frequency, when playing I asked: “? I’m a teacher so comfortable it’s a good way” good ah … too good … the “I am a teacher briefs open this wet asked her:?” Why are teachers within your vagina wet again. “

The teacher groaned said: “… you are doing a good thing..” The teacher put away excitedly said: “! School closed fast, do not play,” I said coyly: “I want to continue, the teacher gave me to play fast,” teacher actually think of a best of both worlds approach: “not as good as the teacher’s house tonight to stay one night, but Mr Chan you want to notify parents,” I immediately said: “good”

I then informed the parents, they have no problem to the teacher’s home, I whispered request: “I want to do now, my little brother can not wait,” the teacher said: “We make love in the room, OK,” I replied: “Well! hurry up “when the room is not yet shut, I did give the teacher hugged, then kissed the teacher kept the hair, ears and neck, and hand has not forgotten he found a large dairy teacher, the teacher turned around and over, I certainly did not miss this opportunity, I kissed the teacher’s lips, my tongue into the mouth of the teacher, the teacher does not like me really worried me so active, but the teacher has not only failed me away, but her tongue into my mouth, but during the war of words, we keep sucking each other’s saliva, tongue more in each other’s mouth dexterity disturbance, exploring.

My hands off the teacher’s skirt, touching and holding the money teachers both large and rounded hips, we have a few minutes before the end of words. After that, the teacher pat her bed, schematic sitting on the bed. After I sat down, squatting on the ground with a teacher from the mouth of the knee began to kiss the penis, although separated after but also very comfortable, money teacher looked at me with treacherous eyes a moment, then ripped my pants, said: “Just also not find you this little guy, as much as such a big scrotum, sperm is not that you will be a lot! “

Then the teacher after the beginning of my penis into her mouth and containing suck up, teacher Jingru brushing general, interspersed around the mouth from time to time I will be with the rhythm of the teacher, on top of the teacher’s throat, and teachers will use the poor looked at me, and in addition, she also used his mouth to my mouth scrotum, even “Deep Throat,” I could not help saying: “! great teacher.”

Soon, the teacher would grab my penis Bukkake teacher off the pants, said: “I am satisfied with the tongue of the hole it”, and then the teacher large font in bed I will face Yin Xue close to the teacher, the teacher found no pubic hair, I feel interest and asked: “why did not the teachers pubic hair?” the teacher replied: “shaved there is no” I immediately broke bright Yin Xue teacher, and exclaimed: “good pink ah.”

Teachers instruct said: “First with your fingers to get it,” my finger in the teacher’s Xuekou spin, lewd teacher said: “Come quickly insert” First I will continue together in Choucha teacher Yin Xue index and middle fingers, so that teachers groaned and screamed: “hurts ah!”

The teacher seemed to cry together, but the teacher seems to be satisfied, the teacher suddenly asked me to lie down, she sat on my chest, the pussy to live my mouth, so I could not move my teacher understand the meaning of my tongue to stimulate the teacher Yin Lei, teachers and the entire tongue into the vagina, I am a teacher Yin Xue wet, so I could not wait to suck in the sexual secretion teacher pussy, though a bit smell, but I also fully swallow for fear of teacher unhappy, in addition, the teacher grabbed my head and said: “ah … good tongue … I tried to suck” the teacher shouted: “ah … I … I want to shoot the climax of urine” because could not move, I We had full reception. “Great taste, I never drink beverage taste so good,” the teacher was surprised and said: “You really hate this guy, trying to shift people’s secretions drink spotless”

The teacher did not have a tired, but also actively requested to make love: “Teacher … tolerant … live, Chen … classmates … I will give it to me!” The teacher is like a little mother, and I am waiting for my meat stick on the ground. I finally saw it. My goddess, I deliberately played, I didn’t want to say: “Don’t … Want!” The teacher took the initiative to put her hugs on my chicken chicken, I certainly won’t enter this, I ordered: ” I want my first teacher to swing your hips and say: “I love you, plug me!” I have a sigh of the target, the teacher “”, I have a rapid one with the teacher, I just think one The temporal heat and humid meat put my meat stick tightly. I played a teacher’s hip while I was adding, and the teacher said excited: “Good …, Chen Congcai … very … good, make the teacher … refreshing”

I said: “It’s really a sensuality, but I like”, the teacher twisted her snake waist to catering my throduction, I am more inserting, the more I put it, the more I can’t stop, and I will turn the teacher’s vagina for a while, we change it. Posture, I am lying in bed, the teacher is sitting on my kinky, and the teacher will slow down, so that my skins is on the depths of the teacher, so that I have brought me.

The teacher keeps up and down to get my penis, I can’t help but say: “Teacher is awesome, making my little brother very satisfied”

The teacher lie down and kissed. I suddenly remembered the process of shooting with the camera, so I picked up the teacher, but the meat stick did not pull out to find the camera. After that, I imitated the sprint posture of the A piece, pressed the body in the body of the Qian Qian, and grabbed the teacher’s grandmother. The lower body did not stop, the teacher couldn’t help my offensive, so the vaginal is wet, and the small hole Dramatic contraction creeps, give me an unbearable super pleasure, my spine is a hemp, and it is spring up: “Ah … ah … cool … cool, I am … Oh … Oh … Oh …” I have arrived with the teacher. About the climax: “Out … out … out … I … I want … ejaculation”, the teacher screams: “Go! Go out, the teacher is … Safe, if you shoot, the teacher will … Pregnancy, I certainly don’t listen to the advice, the teacher’s hole is dramatically contracted, giving me an unsolicible ultra-fast, my spine is a hemp, so the body of the teacher, and the strong semen is shot in the vagina, I am constantly After shooting for half a minute, my whole body is weak after shooting, because it shoots a lot, the semen is leaking in the vagina’s vagina, the teacher said: “Nasty … guy, there are so many … semen”

I will continue to leave the meat stick in the warm and humid little hole of the old man, let it enjoy it, slowly softened.

The teacher said: “You still don’t want to pull out the meat stick, and if you want to continue,” Teacher will follow: “Get up, go to the bath?”

The teacher went to the bath, I didn’t know if the teacher deliberately, she forgot her in the door, I certainly didn’t let this opportunity, I saw the teacher cleaning her yin, I wanted to enter the bath to surprise the teacher, but unfortunately was discovered.

The teacher asked: “Do you want to take a shower together?” During the washing period, the teacher asked me: “Do you try masturbation?”

I swallowed: “There is … have …”

The teacher will then ask: “Who is the object?” I am sensitive to the problem. My little brother is not independently erection, and the teacher sees the reaction of the little brother. “” Is there a teacher, I am a picture

I didn’t dare to answer: “There is” teacher laughing.

I asked: “Don’t you like it?” She replied: “There are young people often think about themselves, shouldn’t you happiness?” We unconsciously touch the other party, because the teacher used soap to use soap to brush the penis is too strong, so I can’t help but come to the teacher’s body.

I am interested in ask: “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Teacher answered: “No, it’s better to be my male friends, is you friendly?”

This made me didn’t speak because the teacher’s vagina was placed in the water, making me think … When the teacher is not aware of, I suddenly put the chicken chicken into the teacher’s ass, this made the teacher scared, I inserted I found that the teacher’s ass is very narrow, I hugged the teacher’s small fat waist, and the lower body should not stop swinging, so that the chicks more deeper into the teacher’s ass, I can’t help but ask the teacher: “Are you the first time?” Anal sex, teacher 呻吟 said: “Yeah, I can’t think of you this, the color” I replied: “I don’t deliberately, the teacher, your beautiful body attracts me.” I saw the teacher didn’t resist, so my hands transferred the teacher’s breast And kiss each other, perhaps too much before, I took it for dozens of minutes, but I haven’t ejaculated, the teacher said: “Do you shoot it? Get it?” I listened to the teacher, the teacher actually used her. Grandma covered my big meat stick, can’t stop the friction up and down, I felt shot, “I shot” this teacher can’t avoid it, the strong heat is shot to the teacher, the teacher asked: “You now Well, the teacher gave you non-fatigue “, I have spent a happy evening this evening. After I have a multi-person behavior between a year, I have learned a boyfriend, we The incest behavior is finished.

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