My girlfriend is called Nicole, 25 years old, 165, 48 kg, C cup, white skin, long hair shawl, very beautiful, the appearance is very gentle and shy. She is an accountant. I have interacted with her for 3 years, because I can’t live in the same place, so I rarely and her dry. Usually weekends or holidays will look at Nicole, of course, will do two days and two nights. She is in the outer surface, in fact, it is a cool, she can’t imagine, she is very sensuality in bed, the bed technology is very good, blowjob, breast, anal sex, obscene, so I am very happy.

Why do I find my girlfriend nicole this experience? Similarly, I am going to Nicole to Nicole. When she took a shower, she used her computer to go online. She accidentally found that her hard drive was in the computer, after inserting the hard drive into the computer, there was an amazing discovery, even the small core and men were so loved the movie, background view It is in the office. I will continue to see, I found two men next to the old man and Micheal! And another man is thinking of young handsome people, is the general manager of their department, called building.

From the movie, Nicole was mistaken in the company, at home and two boss, Lao Chen and Micheal played 3P later solved. However, Lao Chen and Micheal told their 3P to the general manager of their department, and the general manager of the color, of course, did not let this opportunity, the second sex of Nicole and the boss.

At the beginning of the film, I saw beautiful Nicole, wearing a low-chest dress, the skirt is very short, it is about to the thigh, but also wear sexy black stockings, high heels, seductive body under the tight dress, The tempting breasts and hips to give your girlfriend are presented. It’s a tempting crime. It is a man who will want to do her right away. Nicole took the document to the office, seeing the old Chen and Micheal holding a video recorder, seems to be scared. Then describe the most recent work to the manager. But the building seems to be no interested, his eyes have always look at Nicole’s body.

Then Micheal suddenly laughed: “Trustme, SheisReallyGreat, YoumustTryhernow!”

Old Chen immediately fill a sentence: “Eddie, this little girl, even my old man love, let alone your young handsome guy? This little girl is great, must try, hahaha”

Nicole in the film seems to panic, she shouted: “Old Chen, how can you say it?”

Edison said: “Oh, don’t say it, it seems that you are not satisfied today, otherwise I will tell you 3p”

Nicole panic, cry and said, “Ask you, can’t say it. Ok, I promise you, how do you want me to do it!”

Eddy is very happy and said: “I will want you now! And, I have to take it down!”

After nicole helpless, put down the file on the hand. Then, Eddi instructs old Chen and Micheal out. Then, the lens was shaken. It should be that they put the recorder on the table. However, very fast, the video recorded them again. It seems to be built to put the camera and facing the table characters and chairs in his office. The built office is very large, and the chair is a big window, you can see the city center.

Then I saw that Eddie fell wine, saying to be with nicole. Nicole is very helpless, but they still have a few cups. I know her, her wine is OK, but as long as a small cup, she will face the red ear, it is easy to be burst into bed. I am often flirting with nicole, then do love.

This time, Aidi succeeded, he was young and handsome, and his body was somewhat. Sensual Nicole is definitely can’t be never. It seems that I’m slammed Aidi, put down the wine glass, walked over the Nicole’s fine waist, and then started her hair and kissed her cheek. When Nicole started, then, after the establishment of her sensitive part, she was her earlobe, Nicole began to disturb, her hands smashed the neck, starting with Eddie.

Eddi said: “Sure enough is a scorpion! Haha!”

It is still not finished, nicole is strong, and the success of the nicole, she opened the nicole, and her legs opened, showing the sexy black underwear, the legs clutch the waist, then Aidi desperately kissed this Nicole’s lips.

Eddie holding Nicole walked over to the window, put her in the window, Nicole sat, Addison restless her legs open, be careful not to wear one-piece removal of the group, sitting in the window, double M word open legs, black stockings sexy and cute. Eddie certainly did not give up Nicole’s breasts, his hands kept rubbing her breasts, then still wearing his pants, stop with the lower body friction Nicole’s sister. Nicole began Yinjiao up: “ah ~ ah ~ ah ~ Eddie dick good hard oh, my pussy up to the top …”

Eddie: “? It true love or not ah?”

Nicole: “! Ah ~ just do not love me ~ ah ~ ah ~ I want out of work.”

Eddy: “Fool, you have not started to want to go see you all wet?”

Eddie spoke, he put his right hand into the underwear of Nicole, which continues to rub the left breast.

Nicole could not help but immediately Yinjiao: the “! Ah ah ah ~ ~ ~ I want to!”

Eddie: “? Ha ha, ah just do not mean what you want to do to go out yet??”

Nicole arm around Eddie’s neck, enjoying kenryaku stop attacking her pussy, kept twisting waist and gasped said: “Well, well, well, I do not go, I do not go, I want to help you lick, lick me have you, I want you to fuck me, let you shoot in the right? “

Eddie saw lustful Nicole, have their own incredible this usually gentle and lovely girl, so to actually let loose. Eddie high up, took off his pants, exposing large dick. Nicole helped him more restless playing pistol.

Then Eddie squat, across Nicole’s sexy underwear, non-stop kissing, pro Nicole’s Nenxue. Then he could not help but put Nicole underwear torn, then Nicole and regardless of everything, enjoying the thrill of being strong suction Nenxue Eddie, Eddie does not seem to have seen such a beautiful Nenxue, desperately licking, Nicole sexual secretion DC. Then, Eddie got up, put on half of Nicole’s dress down, pulled her waist, and then can not wait to fight underwear ripped off, contend that the firm breasts fully revealed, pink nipple more It is attractive. Nicole also sitting by the window, open your legs, tucked Eddie’s body. Nicole establish licking nipples, cool hand has not let go of Nenxue careful and body.

Nicole: “ah ~ ah ~ ah ~ ah ~ ah ~ Terrific”

At this time, Nicole from the window down, put Eddie down in his office chair. Nicole entire people riding up, hands floor with Eddie’s neck with pussy to rub Eddie’s big dick, slender waist kept twisted.

Eddie could not help but exclaimed: “ah ah ah great!!!!”

Nicole lustful asked: “Eddie, do you want me to ride you ah?”

Eddy: “Wife, I want you to lick my big hang!”

Nicole kissed him, apart from anything else, kneeling on the floor, legs open Eddie, Nicole began to make moves, start licking Eddie’s thigh measured, and then stick Eddie Masturbation, lick his asshole, licking testicles, of course, is the last large crane into the mouth. Experience boss Eddie seems fast struggling to cope. Nicole mouth after serving nearly 15 minutes, then breasts to help Eddie mammary intercourse. Mammary intercourse less than 3 minutes Eddie stood up, Nicole after the hold, kiss her, and then said: “!! My wife, I love you, you are too strong.”

Nicole is also very fit said: “? My husband, you love it – I will do anything for you …”

Eddie Nicole again to hold to the window, put her legs open, help her oral sex.

Nicole lewd saying: “My husband ah ~ ah ~ ~ ~ Do not lick people die tickling the inside ~ ~ ~ I was quick to ah ~”

Eddy said: “Wife, say what you want to tell me how can itch ah ah???”

Nicole: “My husband – good or bad – you do not get people, I want you to help me hang a big itch fast ~ ~ ~ ah I inserted only you itching to shoot inside – I beg you …”

The face of a young girl of such a lewd requirements, Eddie could not help but stand up, after the dick aim of Nenxue Nicole, fully inserted.

Eddie meet cried: “ah ah ah ~ ~ ~ good it was great to be so many people did actually still so tight!!”

Nicole: “Ah ~ um ~ um ~ husband, your dick is big ~ good, don’t stop ~” Eddi seems to be inserted as soon as the machine is inserted. Nicole has been completely conquered, and the red ear is not allowed to make AID.

Then Eddi sat on the office chair, Nicole rodehed, and grabbed the big hang in Adidi in his tenderness and sat down. Eddie is holding nicole, and carefully kissing with her. At this time, the Nicole is sexy, and the dress is still on her, hanging in her waist, the upper body exposes a strong double milk, the lower body is exposed to the beautiful buttocks to the camera, hands with Eddy’s neck. Scattered big waves are really too charming.

Nicole said: “Husband ~ You have to support it ~ Wife wants to start twisting ~”

After that, be careful to start twisting her waist and hips, really too sexy.

Nicole non-stop, also teasing Eddi: “Ah ~ um ~ twist, I twist ~ cool you ~”

Eddie was twisted to forget me, yet shouting. Holding his hands, Nicole, tits, teasing her teap. From the film, you can see the Nicole of obscene DC.

Eddy suddenly said: “Ah ~ ah ~ wife, I am fine! I want to shoot! I want to shoot ~”

The Nicole bed is very good, and it is also very well to understand the needs of men. She knows that Eddy is shot.

Nicole immediately hugged Adi, then she rode on him, she also started to twist the waist and hips.

And obscene: “Husband, come ~ I twist ~ You shoot in ~ Help me itch ~ I want your semen ~ shot in ~”

Eddie also began to hold Nicole’s fine waist and hard her tenderness. Nicole lascivious twisted, Di Di’s hard work.

In a short while, Eddie trembled, Nicole took the tightness of Edison and sucked the neck. Then the waist still does not stop twisting. I still said: “Shoot ~ shooting in ~ shooting me ~ I want ~ I want ~”

Adidal trembles many times, slowly calm down, Nicole is lying in his arms. Then nicole pro kneaded him down. The cell also flows out of the semen. Eddi’s hang is still standing, Nicole also helped him clean, and help my Ayi put on clothes.

Then Nicole made a junk dress, because the underwear cited was torn, so she didn’t wear underwear, and Eddi helped her to put on the underwear and finished the hair. After she took the document, she took the document, and I kissed my Aid. NS.

Eddy pulled her little hand in front of Nicole, “Tonight, I will send you home ~”

Nicole smiles and nodded.

Videos on here, see here, I really could not help, when Nicole wash bath into the room, I was mad in the dry and she shot her several times.

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