“Oh …”

“唷 … ah …”

“” In the east, the West “唷” …

If you record the sound to fill a record, let go of the time to listen, I believe it is not much more inferior to “Blue Duo River” than “Strauss”!

“Jie … Jie!”

The little aunt is like a half-dead man calling the loved ones.

For a while, I only felt that I was suddenly pushed down from the cliff, and I was in the cold. The body was soft, and the mashed jumped naturally.

A hot semen are emitted from the inside, and the hundred is angry.

At the same time, aunt also shot her slurry, and even more weak, the limbs were soft.

The first time I had a bride, and the time is short, but I received a “stealing” happiness.

This phenomenon is open to the public, but also received a long-lasting enjoyment, but also has a noble sense of “Wei Feng”.

However, the programs going down will need to support it.

One arrow three-grade and very people can, let alone in the hour to stay in the 4th.

In this way, I must have a whole effort to go to the battle. It can’t be loose.

Si, I am still lazy to stacked in a small aunt’s crisp.

I know: The beginning of love is like a glycozed fragrant; and the end of love is more like a long time, but it is delicious and endless.

I love this “余味” infinite adjustment, at the same time, can also take this nursery, compensate for the loss of the staff, but also the spirit of cultivation, waiting for the will and the Aunt and the armament ” “When you are in your heart.”

“Jie … My Jie … How great you are!”

The little aunt does not stop the mouth, she has been praising me, she is like a naval, the whole paralysis is under my below, such as the second earthquake, slightly shake, and people feel a little happy. Happy.

She touched his breath and sprayed on my face, I felt the warm musk flavor, this taste is a magical confusion that is opposite sex.

The little aunt temperature slippery body is still pressed, and I gradually succumbed the sun, still greedily stay in the pussy in water.

At this point, the redness and the among Ma Ma, have gradually be gradually prosperous.

According to the rule: It is now the turn to fight with the Aunt, so the redness is generous and very calmly staying, obviously waiting patiently.

I saw that the little Aunt’s naked hips faced me, the madness, but if the foggy Lu Mountain is like a hidden, it is extraordinarily fire.

So, still staying in the hunter in the small auntie, live like a tourist, and found that the little aunt is like a small aunt, hugging my waist, so waiting that it is more difficult to give her pricated twice again, but, This is a statement that is in the first, and the gentleman is reminiscent.

When my mask is quite hard, I will take advantage of this greedy ghost, and hold the body and turn the little Aunt.

Although Xiaomao is a person, the skin’s tenderness is not inferior to the two of them.

Especially a pair of rigorous breasts, huge and hard, take Hollywood Jane, but also so.

When I just contacted the fat breast breasts, she turned over and lie flat, and the left leg left, the most important gateway frankly showed it.

She is really a good woman, her posture is still fascinating.

However, she has another healthy beauty of Western women, and is full of round, and the charm of the kind of fire.

Silky and slightly cheese-yellow carcass, succulent and fat thighs, undergiving of the slightly narrow pussy.

Only because of the experience restrictions at the time, I couldn’t call her. What kind of row is it.

Just feel that it is another glamorous and clever.

Sleewill, smooth belly, plump, big breasts, both chic and fire.

Just as I saw the dry lips, but when I wanted to be pulled, she suddenly rolled up, making me a hollow.

It seems that she has a special quirk. This may be her own sexual intercourse technology. She does not allow the man to easily get her, and the skills of “wanting to die” have always provoked you to fire, then put you with you. Arbor.

At this time, although she has already wanted to be high in the morning, she has to sell it first, which may be a geometric metamorphosis.

I can’t guess her mood at the time. I only felt that she didn’t like the gentle sexual intercourse of tiles. Maybe she loved a rude action, I can call that is “rape”.

So, she fakely clamped the legs, try to turn around and struggle.

And I also stepped into her attack on her.

Finally, I grabbed her legs, and struggled her body closer, and the right leg crossed, pressed her legs, and then took my hands.

Finally, after some crazy battle, her physical strength was not angry, and her body was tired and soft, and breathing gradually became a hot.

She was confined and pressed in the body below. At this time, she has completely lost the power of resistance and finally announced unconditional surrenders.

“Your wild species … I … descend the survey … 嘻嘻 …”

“Ok …” I also breathe, “So everything I am placed!” After finishing, I took the steel-like mask to grind it around her wet slide.

She was teased by me, charming, laughing, laughing, tender meat, parking.

Her slender jade hand hit my rush, did not immediately led it into the cave, but held in his hand up and down.

How to get it, my old day!

In this way, I can’t help it, I will burn me and hate it, I just bite it on the big lotion of her love.

I can’t worry, I am in a hurry, my heart is turning, I have come, why don’t I use my finger to pick her?

So I raised my body, and I held her water to nourish the small pussy. After kneading, I put two fingers, pinching her pearls. The little meat is full of wholeheartedly.

In an instant, directly put her and shake it and called it. The chest breasts are like a madness like a madness, and they are moving forward.

The two rounds of round smooth and small thighs also followed the uneasy jitter.


I wonder the roots of her ignored her, just follow her, let her make her loudly.

Anyway, the old grandfather is still ignorant, and at the same time, this small courtyard has two miles away from the most close neighbor.

I finally gave me the peak, and the two of the little aunts who were lying on the side were stunned.

“Ah! Ah … harming the dead …!”

Let’s call it, I am determined to have been deducting you.

For a while, I feel that her yukotin has gradually risen, like hard seaweed, and heat is slippery and beating.

If you don’t stop the dug, you will take this small wave.

My hand feels wet, completely like placed in the wash basin.

So, in a buckle of sculpture, it is a madness that she is crazy every inch of her body.

She was so weak, and soon, the four hot lips were sticky together.

But at this time, my hand has not left the small pussy of the opening, and the two fingers have always pinched the grain core constantly playing.

In fact, why did I have a self-ending? Not to make the most god of sex, I am afraid I have already played the same with her, and I have already abandoned the helmet to unload the arm.

At this time, she no longer holds my big meat stick to come back and forth, but pulling her pussy with force.

At the same time, her own hot body is also automatically relying on me.

When my glans just came into contact with two labips of her smooth and water, the roots of the masculine were suddenly trembled.

Subsequently, it was a very light car road to ride, and he only heard a micro audio of “Zi”, and the whole tang is completely entered.

“Ah! My God!”

She suddenly called, the face was shine, the chest milk came up, and the lower abdomen contracted in the inside, it immediately dilute the past.

This symptom is interpreted as “false” in medicine, often occurs on people who are excessive or long-lasting.

At present, Xiao Ma Ma is a latter.

Of course, she didn’t have sex with men, in this environment, the spirit and the body have been depressed after a long time, and it is a matter of course.

I have a smooth skill, but it is enough to make me freely based on the intelligence you get on the book.

I first pressed, then, I was tightly held in your arms, impatient, and slowly moved.

Soon, Xiao Aunti is like a waken, slowly opened his eyes, then he went to cry.

She sobbed slightly, while tears, Wang Wang cry, while the natural land twisted with fat hips, with my hoods with rhythm and launched the most sacred battle.

“Ah …” Harness … “She said:” Just now … I almost go to the Yinsheng to report … 嗳 … “

“Don’t be afraid!” I comforted her: “I will save you in time!”

When she listened to me, she was like a lot of wine, and she was so fantastic, and a pair of water glanced at me.

In the warm small and warm room of the little aunt, the time is unconsciously rushing, we have a kind of naked, retro, and pleasing.

Originally, in this crowded society, people ‘s life is like a flowers. When they live, they have to relax themselves, and they will be a happy and enjoy more.

I always doubt: Some people have a face close to their faces every day, so they are nervous to discuss life; why not to pursue happiness?

Put the heart that hangs and the plate is relaxed, let the soul return to the unclaimed situation, put down the burden of the real life, and pick up the nature of humanity, how much is it? !

It is an excellent portrayal!

In this mid, it is completely isolated from the outside world, and the three women and a man are not hanging. Although the heart is jumping, the breathing is short, but this is a rare spirit and meat alternate, this is true One of life.

The little demon, all happy, happy, and the eyes are turned, and enjoy the most sacred and older life of life. At this time, I didn’t hide the two guys of the little Aunt, and I made all the best to give each other to try to get aesthetic.

At the same time, it is also worthless from the other side.

I can’t hear anything else, I only heard the wonderful melody of “Buib, Zi Toss”.

She suddenly twisted the wolf and waist, and two people who were mad hips. I watched the two people who watched our soul. I saw the main part of our soul. I looked at the way. Go me.

Xiao Ma Ma is also a beautiful beauty, she is still no longer relaxed after two hands hugged my strong wide shoulders.

Two rounds and tender arms, as soon as two snakes, two rough slippery calves, also hooked my waist.

And, the air is paging, the two hot thick lips, constantly biting in my neck, shoulders, like a hungry wolf.

A bit bite, a burst of mood, so she suddenly was quiet.

On the cheeks and extravagance, it has been seeps out of the flavor, and the ear is gradually red, and it seems that the small face is placed on the small face in an instant.

At the same time as the red halo appeared, I also felt that her narrow and slippery small pussy was hot and hot as a lot of moisture like Koizum.

Oh, my body temperature suddenly rose.

A strange current, such as the fine mites that are invisible, Xun immediately climb along each blood, and flow through the whole body.

In the end, it was naturally twisted down at a loss, and the most precious liquid belonging to the human body was unable to jet it.

One drop, two drops, three drops …, even the beads, each drop is accurately shot.

“Ah … to relative … love … ah … really!”

“Of course, … My baby …”

Like a guide climbing the Alps, the last peak is also conquered, so happy and satisfied, so easy and Shirai.

Remove the burden, complete the task, elongate the limbs and rest.

The storm has finally passed, the pear, empty, and climbed up, and quickly climbed the remaining traces of the destroyed remaining.

Xiao Amao is shameless, and it is satisfactory, while wearing two tears, tears, and peppeals, look at my two owners, that means it is going to us. Thank you.

When she had not been reversed, she has already re-putting the coffee with champagne, plus the coffee of milk, plus the white gas, and it has been filled with wine in the hands. Wait for me to enjoy.

She is a smart and sensible girl. How is her intention? She is a good time, but not because of habits, but completely for a good intention.

She is not self-prison, before she is love with her, she wants me to eat something, and I will take the physical strength of me to get a recovery in order to fight again.

Only from this point to observe her morality and education, it is enough to prove that education is still one of the extremely important life conditions!

So, the little aunt was temporarily put on the green yarn, although it was still not hanging in the outer casing of this single, such as paper.

However, at least when eating is a sacred thing, it is unable to exist for sacred things.

Only one time, Xiaosa Ma got the supreme satisfaction.

At this time, she is really like a boy, bouncing, and there are still some popular English songs, and I will wait for us to wait for us, and I have forgotten the blindstone upstairs. There is no shadow.

The little aunt still stares at me, this I know, after a rest, I returned to ambition, I don’t have superman’s strength to accept her challenge.

Imagine with conflicts, when I fight, can I have the remaining power to pay her?

So, I promised her not to go at night. After I have eaten things and redness, I will sleep, and I will keep the spirit and keep up with them.

They have a more enthusiasm for this opinion, but more enthusiasm.

At this time, due to the arrival of the meat, we have entered the stage of being unfamiliar with each other, and even as if it changed. Everyone talked to the sky, and fur and fighted again from time to time. At the same time, everyone also called “sister, younger brother”, like a family like an amiable.

Because people have more mouthfuls, they have gradually blended with each other, and the restaurants are full of light.

So, the kindness of the redness is back to the little Aunt.

And the little sorrow, also ran to the upstairs to secretly took her father’s health wine and some tonics called “Fanzan”.

This name is a root of a thousand years of unsatisfied plants growing on Tibet Snow Mountain, which is beneficial to the human kidney.

I heard that the mountain snowman still is still like a fewer meat, in addition to edible animal meat, mostly eating this object.

Those mountaineers also have more adventurous high-spirits to find such gods, and I don’t know how many people have been looking for this matter every year.

The health wine and the health wine and Fangen we are brought. Everyone will enjoy it. I have been eaten when I eat it. I can’t make a moment, so everyone is full of light and fluttering. NS. Especially myself first got sharp changes, perhaps because I felt delicious and gluttoned green, I got a powerful feeling that was eager to try.

The inner heart is burned by a non-name fire, and the blood vessels are all expanded from every square muscles and is hot.

At the same time, it is very quietly hanging into a softened amount of a softened in the uk.

Surrounding the entire glans, a subtle feeling also has a subtle feeling – a unusual unusual scaffina, constantly waving my active attack.

For the changes in the aerial effect of such drugs, I suddenly made me a suspected sin, I am guess, the old people upstairs, the old man, take these two supplements from time to time, whether his physiology also has the same The reaction, then, how is his private lust life?

When I am private, the redness sitting next to me is gradually unrest.

First of all, she lost the wine glass, put her hand from my clothes, and didn’t live her hard to smash it, and dried her own genitals with another hand.

Look at the “Treaty” relationship between us, it is impressed by the “Treaty” relationship between us, and it will not be able to go to the right substitute, and he is bulld in the bed side, and it is desperately desperate to suppress their pussy.

I only heard the sound of “Zi”, I passed out from the bottom of them. In an instant, this wonderful music resounded throughout the room.

“嗳嗳 … 唷唷 …” small aunt yoke.

“Ah …” Ama also waved a non-stop.

For a while, the redness shakes and shakes.

Following, she jumped to me, so I took her to pose her, one turned over, and the two fell into the bed.

Subsequently, I took her in his arms and started gently touching her full hips, slender waist …

Finally, I had always touched her smart parts along her smooth thigh, and very slightly teased between the soul of the soul.

She didn’t have a legs without bilus. I used my fingers to pinch her by mucus and slipped and soft clitoris.

Finally, I was pinched by me, and her warm small pussy was done.

At this time, what happened, she couldn’t stand it without coming, her spring has long been flooding in the heart.

I will embrade my body between her legs in her legs. In the mysterious part, I put the face into it, and my mouth is lighted with a liquid liquid, and I also use the tip of the tongue. Large yuki.

This is a snoring, and she has launched wild.

She is enthusiastic and excited. I actually took me. I couldn’t help but kiss my mouth like a bird. I made a small abdomen tangent to find me.

I really can’t think of the dewiness caused by this drug in her body. It is actually the same.

At this point, she turned back to her face, turned into a wildfire of the deep autumn burning mountain.

Since the pussy is destroyed from the medicine, the medicine is destroyed from the water, and the people who are smashing in her labipings, my hard-rough, the sun is only in contact, so it is like a muddy hole, and it is easy to slide. I didn’t get into her flesh.

Our flesh is started, and the two people have risen immediately. The two are tightering together, and they will be shaken, and they have high fever, which makes people feel like hugging a fire like a straw Spicy and hot.

For a while, she started the unprecedented madness of the history, and she kept high and then suddenly fell.

The coming is a rapid twisted rapid shot, just like the b baby guy.

It is strange that although this medicine picks up the man’s desire, but secretly adds a hundred times of power, it can have a counter-effect in the woman’s body.

It speaks to the woman is harmful and less, the benefits are easy to make them feel happy; but the opposite can make them ventilate and discharge.

This result, then I will find the same proof when I will re-emphasize my mother.

It is only more than 20 minutes to exchange each other with mutual exchanges, and the two people who have alternately make love in the same time.

During this one-hour, I always maintain a high pleasure, and it is neither softened and there is no discharge of semen.

However, the three of them at least four times each person, and at the same time, it has caused a virtual display.

Because I am afraid of harming their health, or more avoiding incredible negligence, I only have strong self-suppression of lustful fire, and I will hang a “War” card to them, and I will farewell home, good Let them temporarily get the interest rate and fight back to the day.

What is the so-called: “There is no book.”

When I just went to the house, I didn’t get a smoking, I received a thousand branches, I almost forgot her.

She said that there is no chance to give me a call because her husband returns home from Nanyang, and she apologized for me. At the same time, she is more sorry to say: In the last or two days, her husband had to take her to Tokyo, but can not be in short period.

Finally, she wanted a compromised approach to compensating for my loss. She wanted to pay for all the costs of Japan, told me to play with them for a few days, because her husband went to Japan to contact business, So, I can use the opportunity to mix with her for some days.

Sure enough, this is a wonderful good policy. It is not worthy of her idea. At the same time, it is more unpleasant.

So I promised her invitation and gave the school for half a month.

In the morning, when I was in a big dream, a servant dressed woman sent her note and a flying tokyo ticket, and another royal bank paid for 1,500 yuan. Cheque.

In this way, I was packed in a hurry. At 40:00, I rushed to Kai Tak Airport, and two hours later, I walked on the bustling road in Tokyo.

I have been in Tokyo in the future, I only have a blur impression in my mind, which is still from movie or books.

In fact, Tokyo has never been slightly stopped after the war, this has been catching up with the international standard of Oriental metropolis, which is hell is also hell!

First, in front of my eyes, it is a golden sandstick, the shallow grass two districts, bars, dance halls, and the pitcher’s push, those who have seen the hearts of large-scale naked women.

Each type of car, tram shuttle, and the crowd crowded, high-track and underground lines of trains, but not stopped all day and night.

When the night, it is even more lively, and the neon light is like a bright air, the song, the wine and the fragrance of various cosmetics are even more excavated. .

Although Hong Kong is also high at the international level, it has a significant difference compared to Tokyo, which is currently 10 million people.

This night, I have been trained by all arrogant scenes in Tokyo, staying from the nearly dawn to take a small sightseeing hostel to take a small sightseeing hostel.

The next day, when I was lazy in the bed, I just prepared to work hard, and the servant sent a business card with Mr. Wanpeng, which was printed with the “Tokyo Disabled Population Bureau”.

He is a delegation of Hong Kong to investigate my drop and send it to me.

Disassemble the call and knew that thousands of branches were delayed for a day, originally, she wants to arrive at Huda Airport at 5 pm.

In this way, I have to wait for a day, at the same time, it will be more absurd here.

In happiness, time will surprisingly disappear, but only waiting for a certain thing, or is an exception to the emergence of a person.

I know that she has to extend it, I can change the flight, and then go to the red family to enjoy a good day.

Among this day, it is also the volunteer tourist guide, leading me to the famous monuments near Tokyo, the price is 18 yuan.

At this time, the season of cherry bloom is in the season, in Tokyo, the Japanese national flower in the outskirts, all over the outskirts, giving people a wild teasing, especially those who are soft and soft, and wearing comparison paper Some thin and transparent clothes, the semi-hidden and beautiful carcass, then give people a fatal stimulus.

Wood Village saw my heart, he said half-opening with me with a hard Cantonese: “Do you want to find a flower girl? Hey …”

“Is there?” I also returned to him.

“Walk! I will take you to find it.”

I didn’t ask for further agreed, and I said that I called a taxi, I took a while, I dragged me into the car.

Although the pedestrians in Tokyo are more smooth, they are very smooth, and the solution will drive to the streets of the old royal house, stopped in front of the two Zhu Hongmen, near the river.

After the car, the Village paid ten yuan, and he went to press the electricity. It should be a thin girl with a slim ballet mother. They are relatively talking, then, the girl will lead us. Go in.

A wide Western Hall, which is completely like the first place in the incense between the northern part of China. It is also the girl who has worked in the neck of the Paris. It is really a calendar.

The Japanese woman served the man’s consideration, and the temperature is world-famous, and they are surrounded by me, everyone is in the 90th gift.

When they waited, a shaft mixed with the meat of the senior cosmetics, and the leisurely spread out of the open-wide chest, so that people suddenly, suddenly, the mad wild in the chest was raw. .

The so-called “Liu Yijin entered the Great View Garden”, soon, the eyes spent chaos.

Fortunately, there is a translator, he saw that I was confused by the demon, and I will automatically give me a solitude.

He came to the brother to live in the mainland for a few years, he came to China.

The mean Chinese is very fluent. Her small room is also all ancient ancient Chinese décor, four walls are covered with Chinese landscape painting, and the table is burned next to a plate of sandalwood, the cigarette is lingering, and it is multiplying a kind of fairyland. Mysterious atmosphere. She respectfully asked me shortly in China, and took a bottle of spirits from the wine cabinet, some sweet food fruits.

She knows a lot of things, and also knows the Chinese to drink alcohol, but she is a person who is dripping.

I am drinking, she is smiling as a smile, and I will send some grapes from time to time.

After a small drink, you don’t have to say more nonsense, food and color are not separated, natural, then come to the royal gift.

The mesh is taken for my wide coat, then she slowly relieves light.

After “unpacking”, we lie down, she looked at the top of her two eyes, and lingering her heart.

She said slightly, said: “In the years of war, the father wars in China …” She sighed, and then said: “At that time, she only left her with the mother, in the strange land, Although life is not booming, her mother refused to have a variety of benefits of the nuts, and even the calls they returned to China were also returned. “

She was studying in the female primary school, only the age of 12 years old, and she naturally did not know everything in the hearts of the people.

One day, she went home, she happened to see her mother is embraced with a tall Chinese, which made her Mouton, and learned why the mother did not want to return to China. Secret.

When she took the wind door to find a picture, I saw that the tall Chinese suddenly surprised to run.

However, because the mother’s death is not disconnected, he turned down, just at this time, but it was shocked.

She said: At that time, she was surprised not to be a face of her teeth, but the Chinese had a full feet of a feet!

Since then, her age is growing on a day, and physiology has gradually changed, and every day, it is thinking of the large moat of the oil belt water every day.

After a long time, a psychological psychology that worships Chinese is getting more and more.

Until today, this will be asked for nearly ten years.

For this simple reason, she completely turns out her small environment.

Her mother may have the same thought with her, see that the furnishings of the living room are not difficult to find the answer.

When the mean was not finished, swallowed up, and pulled my hand on her lobby, let me give her a detail.

I will taste the Japanese woman’s taste, how can I easily let go of the time?

So I used two hands, slipping almost in her light, it was very “fragrant” in the flesh of marble.

Finally, she still pulled my swelling to the rushing, water sliding in the small yin, which stopped.

I will explore the fingers into the tender fat, and I have been pinched to make the flexible jellyuclear expansion to the limit. In addition, it is afraid that Mr. Mi Village is waiting for a long time, and it is self-proclaimed. She narrowly, but slushing, dried meat.

It’s really clever! When the meat rose, I met the gigate.

So, there is no effort to blow the ash, “Zi” ring, two flesh will give up and join friends.

We alternately move with each other, I just think that her pinear is narrow and cute, and it seems that the birth of the nature has become a very mid-scale, the size is also moderate.

So, there is no water for everything inserted.

She suddenly became the scene of the snow in the sun, and the bones of the whole body flew, only a sluggish white meat left.

In this kind of sense, this is not sent to regret it, I will hate myself to take the recklessness, why forget to go to the red, please some of the tombs roots!

The meon is like a small sheep tamed with me. After a while, I turned over again. After half an hour, we changed our “task”.

Before she leaned, she first had a shot, and I still cryed to cry.

After the extension of her limbs, I also took the legs and a hot sperm, and they were rushing to the heart.

After the matter, the Village is still waiting for me, we start to visit the city, and finally, in the first time of the Hua light, we will immediately return to the small habit.

I took a break in advance last night, and I got up early in this morning, and I arrived at the time of the thousand branches. At the same time, she couldn’t talk immediately.

So, in this beautiful time, only everything goes around; or, the more bitterness is to be in the hotel’s watching TV show.

Japan is a country that is good at imitating others. No matter what, as long as other countries come out, she will immediately follow the ass, no matter how much difficult is difficult, I have to immediately get it.

Therefore, their national life is invisible.

In the European and American advanced countries, the five-flowers of the clubs are located, such as the “Foot Club”, “Female Club”, “Suicide Club”, etc. Follow.

For example, when you are popular Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka … Some sightseeing metropolis “Spring Spring Festival” is a secret club that is unscrupulous, and it is also the Western people. After lunch, the wooden village invited me to go to the Spring Festival.

This Spring Festival is the most chic in Tokyo, often attracts many foreign tourists, I don’t know how to earn tens of millions of foreign exchange every year. In order to this reason, of course, I also love “protection”, although it is illegal, but Not in the “banned”.

Its site is located in a famous Ascite area, and the signature of the “Yuxi Women’s Dance School” is hidden.

The membership will be extremely strict, and the age is fifteen to 18 years old. You have to swear first before, of course, the first must have a “bodybuilding” body, a noble instrument, beautiful elegant face.

People who come to sightseeing must be introduced through the sightseeing wizard. When they enter the door, they have to buy a special mask to seek their faces and avoid leaks the identity.

Of course, this is designed to facilitate visitors, but this mask can not only completely change your face.

At the same time, the sound should be out of the voice when speaking, and your tone can also be changed.

According to Muraun, “people who are sightseeing here are not just foreign countries, the domestic senior officials often come to visit, which is of course due to their special mask.”

After our makeup, the wooden village taught me to wear the cross room, and after a thousand retraves, I met the “secret room” door.

So, the wooden village took a secret button, a huge bureaucracition opened, and then, we were like the lift from the lift to the ground heaven.

I am just right, but I just met the first game.

We sat around a circle of movable tables, just a seat, he heard the music sounded.

Then, I saw a circular disc was sprayed by the air, and the circus stands around eight bodies, and the naked Eve, when they landed to the appropriate position, suddenly, all chamber lights suddenly changed.

The light is changed to a strong pink tone, followed by the perspective on the mask being an optical feeling, and it is a hundred times as soon as possible, not only the objects seen are changed, but also amplified. Several times.

When the music is slowed by the altimeter, the round table has begun to slowly rotate.

Each naked girl has to follow the rotating melody for more than 30 times in front of you. Located in their feet, waiting for you to pick your intentions.

We are sitting, just in parallel with their phenoli, if you have to look at their chest milk and face, you will be able to come up.

So, I saw each sightseeer’s head, and I suddenly became ungenerated. It was like the pose of that nodded to others. The posture is barely.

From the first to eighth, I appeared in front of my eyes. I went out of the mirror, but I saw a wonderful pussy, and it was like attached to the glasses.

Moreover, those who are enlarged are all moving in an uneasiness. When they are very busy, when each closed, they are squeezed into a crystal liquid in the slit.

When both labies are all over, they can clearly see the purple grapes in the car, as well as the water below the core.

This is really wonderful, I was confused by the small and seductive small meat caves.

The wooden village secretly indicates to me, he means that this table should be the most superior in the fourth, but my incident is considered to be more standard.

Of course, everyone’s aesthetic standards are different.

So, I secretly remember the sixth, and I reposted when I turned back.

After the last circle turned, only when listening to music suddenly stopped, the full chamber light was turned into a clear.

At this time, this dish can be suggested, and the second music is raised, and the other disc will quietly decline with the conversion of the light.

I only feel beautiful and far from this dish, and I am so beautiful.

So, the third, fourth, a total of eight discs of the eight discs, the lights, the lights suddenly decrease, the music suddenly suddenly, the eight eighty-four hot flesh rotation, eight eight sixty four gold rolling small After the pussy is in front of the past, the light turns back to the original bright hue.

Strauss’s slow Waltroid, every visitors are all like a big journey, and the east is on the big sofa around the east.

I am like drunk, it is soft, it is soft, itchy crispy generic is weak.

The time to go to me on the sixth time, I sat down alone, stop the mask on the mask, take out the cigarette to absorb.

Like this changing prostitution, the so-called tricks are fresh, such as such a thing, in Tokyo and around the world, it is everywhere, and there is a thousand worlds, and although people have to live for life. But, think about this wonderful side, life is very interesting, it is very interesting!

The village came back, he negotiated successfully, told me to go immediately.

For a while, there is a group of little girls holding a size, like a butterfly, and I will go to the secret room with the sixth floor.

This is a purely western room. There is a pleasant chandelier at the door. There is a book with “palace” in the light. The bronze medal.

When I entered the door, I heard a strong violet aroma.

Miss Palace is naked and barely lying on the satin stilled in the active bed frame, and the two arms are posted after the hair, stare at me. Welcome smile. Her lower body is masked under the bottom of the translucent flower bed, and the two fender and clear thighs are clear, even the two slightly protruding lips are also reversed.

Her breasts belong to the northern height of the northern feet, the contour is uniform, and the two high-proof nipples are surrounded by a seductive rose round halo.

Big eyes, long eyelashes, and micro-tunes are more beautiful.

At this time, I sat up at the bed along my ass, because she paid the charming charming, and did not feel a shameful feeling, they quickly twisted in her brunt.

In this way, I am teased, and I wrapped around the lower body, and I got the hug of my life and kissed my life.

I kissed her with her, and I grabbed her fat and round big breasts.

I saw that she was smashed by me, and the little and exquisite nipples came up.

Because of the words of the words, people regret that they can’t communicate with each other, the light is prone, the opportunity is no longer, there is no way, only to save time, and immediately take the bed, the clouds are rain.

Just as I took off my clothes, when she climbed it, she turned her body and pressed me below.

Then, my mouth was covered by two hot lips.

The technology of the kiss of the palace is that I will never forget, she is really a good “training”.

Her tongue is so beautiful, inserted into my mouth and keeps broadcasting, turning, teasing me full mouth, especially the bottom of the tongue, and dry.

At this time, an unhappy desire, early, early, the depths of the heart, have been stretched along the blood vessels, and suddenly burn all over the whole body.

So, I tried to move the lower part, let the high-spirited mask to find his fast-moving source.

However, she deliberately reversed the kidney, borrowed to escape my masking, as if I have to follow the procedure, I don’t wait for the kiss, touch, and dig these programs, she is not straight. Huanglong.

On my sexual experience, it is difficult to use it, but I will see the wind rudder, and the random response will be used to create a climax.

I tried to play the song before the character, first come to individual uncleous big strokes, then pinched the tweet two.

She is in my top, with her hospithe, can’t open the fever, and put my encepoline directly on the calf, causing an invisible and unsurable.

Although, my guy has repeatedly embarrassing their temper, and I have to find her pussy account.

However, how, how to suffer from the lower suppression, then there is strength, and it is also a way.

So, I took my hands on his fine waist and gradually moved to a smooth and soft fat hip.

The two hands were inserted in the middle of her arms, crossed the ass, I will find the little flesh of Ling Ling.

Then, I separate her micro-fever lips, and the other hand pinched on the soft and small meat.

After a while, the meat was checked and swollen. At the same time, the small hole in the meat core followed by a warm slid fluid.

This, I will change the route and give up the sullet of the smaller meat, and move the finger along the corner. Tour has been going deep into the small hole in the slightly smooth.

One time, this narrow smaller only the small hole inserted, and gradually becomes large, and exhal the rock-viscous moisture.

The small labia is stimulated, and it is not stopped, and even the big labia has also produced the same movement.

So, I put the fingers more inserted into it. I turned around at all, and I was soothing. I was just in the fourth wall of her pockets and wet.

In an instant, the miracle happened – I saw that her cheeks have poured pink, and the forehead sesamed with fragrant sweat, and the breathing accelerated, and her kiss also became compact and hot.

Her body began slight shakes, and the lower part also trembled, and the water in the yin house became more and more.

So, I put two fingers inserted and more deeply inserted and suddenly slowed down.

After a rapid rain, the palace has entered the peak, and only her heart is in the yin, and the hips are moving up.

Her movement, this can give me a straight chance, but this time should let her get it.

Although she gave his hips, she went to the coarse pretital moat with her wet, yet, but I am going to take her to hang her appetite.

I put her in his arms, and holding her own huge tall mask with his right hand, the big glans like peach came back and rubbed on her wet big lab.

Raw energy is energized, which is not easy to overthrow.

When I gave her a while, I saw it, she was shaking, and it was averaged by the current.

At the same time, the electronics learned also won another certificate. At this time, she is like an octafair, tightly being sucked by me and is difficult.

My glans can’t last forever. When her pussy is once again opened again, I will force the lower abdomen to force the lower abdomen, just listen to “Zi”, a thick long meat stick is swallowed.

“To be fine! I have to be fine!” I only heard such a word. Although I didn’t understand the meaning of “fine”, but according to the guess, I won’t be much away from the Chinese “.” .

Subsequently, she was solarutive and continuously dripped, and she scattered in this “嗳嗳”.

After she sat on the top, she was holding the mask in the yingers, and they also became bigger.

In this way, like a grinding slurry for a long time, I only think that her lascivious water has been connected once, but not only put my happiness along with the scrotum, but also.

At the same time, the satin satin is also wetted in the bottom of the pad, so I am like lying in the water, and the two arms are so uncomfortable.

So, I took the body and moved some hips backwards and she sat opposite her, very like a rocking boat.

In this way, he felt some faster, and it was also possible to see two opponents who were working very busy.

Her breast is high, standing straight, in front of me, like a big peach in the moon placed on the table, sieving people thinking that it is a crispy, I really want to have two big meat that is white. Bite it on the ball.

This posture gives us a lot of convenience, we can not be subject to any restraint, any twists and shakes.

I shaken while shaking, while moving my body.

She also fell with my pussy down, when she fell, when she set, I was very moving, the part of the mirror did not stop ” “The sound of”, at the same time, she also called with the slutty “to be fine, and fine”.

This is a good music, which is coming, and the heart is frustrated.

It is probably every moving movement, it can touch her heart, now, full of bed full by her prostitutes.

The more you have, the more you, the heart is getting crazy.

The body of the palace kept shaking, and the breasts couldn’t stand up and down.

And her wet slippers in the pussy overflow, and the homework started the beautiful sucking. The vaginal wall of tender meat was also contracted.

Saun, she screamed in a hurry, and the arms hugged my neck, then, two hot red lips were blended, kissing my mouth and did not stop sucking and biting, even her lips were broken by her. Number.

So she gradually weak, the pussy meat suddenly was frusted, and the hot springs became more and more smooth.

Suddenly, a round of rotation, I also reached a climax.

Sight is over the Spring Festival, which is already nearly 5 o’clock.

So, I went to the Village to a Han Food Store to have dinner.

The two have a total of two small bottles of Taipei, and eat some halorability florus eggs, then, each person has hurriedly rushed to the hostess.

When I was going to the coat, I was prepared to wash my body, I suddenly listened to the phone, pick up the handset, and suddenly made my heart.

It turns out that this time, she first her husband alone in Tokyo, the green hat is temporarily going to Malaya, in order to go to Tokyo, he has changed from two times due to the period. He is afraid of love. So I will call her for three days.

“My God! How much better!” I said: “I will pick you up!”

“Don’t be alarmed others, anyway, there is not much baggage, wait for the taxis to find you.”

“Dear, come! Don’t let me take a long time!”

“No, I will come … BYE, BYE …”

The phone hangs up, I immediately go to the bath dress and repair the arrival of the arivival of the beard, the quietness of the radiance.

I took a shower, about half an hour, I haven’t seen the people of thousands of branches.

But when I put a cigarette, I was ready to lay it on the bed, I felt that the door of the next door is lightly knocked down, the lock sounds, then, my thousand branches will be flashed.

“To avoid skeptical, dear, I booked a next room …” said that the birds put into my embrace.

“Well … I violated, my lover!” I gently kissed her.

“I miss you every day? Dear …”

“You really put me anxious!” I am lying, in fact, telling the woman to tell the man, it is the first big fool in the world.

“Okay, you will punish me, I should punish it!”

“So, lock your door, let me punish you!”

“Penalty death, I am gone, I feel very sorry!” When I took the door, I sailed to my chest.

I was printed in her cheeks, and turned and turned to lock the door, and called the servant’s European room, and called them not to disturb my rest.

So, we slept from the big trip, one, the two people took off their own light.

“Come … I am …” She is full of limbs, looking up in my bed: “Let me fine me! The better is, better …”

I jumped forward, grabbed her two sharp breasts, and looked.

The separation of each other is about half a month, it seems that she is more beautiful than before.

Moreover, her breasts are more smooth, and her pussy is also more soft and full.

After I was touched by Hu Qi and eight in her breasts, she sat up, she was right, and I was right, my legs were branched, a delicate rose flower Like a small pussy, I have grown a full hand in my end. Then, my passion got his face on her whitening chest, and with his mouth to take the small nipple of the cotton body, learn the child’s sample, a mouthful of sucking.


The woman’s milk is born to have two kinds, one is to feed the children, the other is that the man is kneading. If the two uses are reversed, it is enough to make her feel unhappy.

I sucking this, she showed that she could not resist, so she crossed my thamia, and she squatted up.

I didn’t give it anti-resistance for this action, listening to it nature, she wants to fire early, take me, although the afternoon in Spring Festival is coming with Miss Miss, but after two or three hours later, There is another flavor, and it is not possible to solve it as soon as possible.

People with strong sexual desire are good health sits, so I never give up you can indulge your own opportunities, as long as there is a beautiful current, it will never make it “paternal” past.

Thousands of branches are sitting up, and send her hot lips to kiss me, smooth and soft back, let me call.

I still use a rocking boat that I have just passed with the palace, holding her back and forth in bed.

“Oh! Just like this …!”

We are like a drama, face the face, the chest, and I have a strong waist with her two hands, and she holds my back neck. In the face of the mirror on the facial wall, I appeared We have a pair of naked original, it seems that it will increase the feelings.

“Well … let me, come … come …”

What kind of gentleness, lovely, give people a eternal youth, in this night, we are very sticky, sugar, and the compact ingredients will never beat.

“This is …” I said: “Women who have tricks should take advantage of this manner!”

Thousands of branches are older than those of this. For this kind of rocker-style sexual intercourse, it is both skilled and enthusiastic. At the same time, the active swing is also taken, and the first vented record is created in a short time.

“You see … I am out …” She kept called.

“This is the first time!” I deliberately said: “Today I want to fine a hundred water!”

“My Jie … you are too late … last time, we are … Xiao Chen’s flower house … you are still a child … 嘻 …”

“But now in Tokyo! We can’t fall behind, we have to catch the level of the times!”

“Yeah … ah … you don’t … Top … Ah …”

“How? Is the palace pain?” I stopped.

“You this stupid … Yesterday … I stopped it … I’m tap …”

“Well … You are free to slide!”

“Ah … I am here … ah … I don’t … I … I came out …”

Needless to say that I also think it out, my top of my hood is now being very comfortable to have a heat wave.

“Branch … You should be fined ninety eight times!”

“Ah … this is going … I will send my life … Dear Jie … do a good thing … let me get up …”

“How can I? I haven’t come to the bones!”

So, no matter whether she has, I only had a good time for myself, and I fought so much fierce.

“Ah! Dead ghost … You can’t die …” She screamed.

“Don’t worry! I am so fast.”

“Ah … Let me go … Let me …”

Said in your mouth, but your mind is like saying: “I tighten me!”

Women are the first big lie home in the world. They can have a big lying out of their eyes, and they never breathed and breathed.

In fact, is this called it? I didn’t use it all. At the same time, she did not reflect the division, but also rogue it, just called two deliberate teachers to raise some want flames.

I tighten her smooth and white body, so I made my chest to die with her breast and aggravate friction.

“Ah … my Jie … I … 唷唷 … I want …”

I saw that she was smashing, and the lower abdomen was put on, and the Yinhu was like a small spring, and this is the third time. I think I will be over.

Oh, she suddenly swayed, and the blood was shaking, the lips opened, and the white little teeth were tight.

Subsequently, there was a sigh, and the limbs were soft.

At the same time, my glans also stimulated by the heat waves injected in her uterus, and played a burst of tabbits, this is full of fullness.

For a while, when the thousand branches were once again woke up, it was ingenious. The thrill has arrived in the peak, a hot and fast semen, and shot straight into her uterine.

Tokyo’s cherry blossoms will soon thank you, I am going to play in the place of the scenery to the scenery, just regret: our time is too rushing, but can’t stay in the autumn, you will be famous. Sunlight goes to see the flavored maple leaves.

Her husband arrived in Tokyo, she was busy with the entertainment of all walks of life. Although he had a thousand branches along with thousands of branches, it is like this kind of friendship. Naturally is very busy. Then, his wife is naturally going to be more busy. When he is full of money, he is full of money, and I don’t know if he has dreamed that his wife and the people are in the arms, that kind of death Live a happy lens?

This day-

I went to visit thousands of branches, and Mr. Jane Mu Village was also out of things, so I called a street car to go to Yokohama.

After coming to Yokohama, I remembered the people who didn’t have translators next to them. Although they would not be slow by speech, it is impossible to know.

However, it is much more convenient to Japan than Europe and America.

Because the language here is not easy to understand, Dagui can still feel in writing, you don’t understand the language, just take the signboard advertising, there will always be more mistakes.

In the entertainment venue such as the hall, the ballroom, I ran over, and I also patronized two Chinese cuisine.

Time is like an arrow, and a whole day, a lot of sweat is also available.

I heard that Japan’s bathing is very special, turned around to the Chinese cuisine, looking for people to take me to wash the body, and borrow a world-famous men and women mixed bathing, and they are not lost to Japan.

Their bathing place has only painted a curved letter, listening to the small week of the restaurant, the word pronunciation is “oil”.

This is no wonder that I can’t find a bath!

So, I have entered this “oil” alone.

When I entered the door, two girls were sitting in the desk, and the faces belonging to the kind of round.

Although it is not beautiful, their service attitude is very mild, and there is a few Chinese words.

When they saw that I am a Chinese college student, I showed the appearance of the admiration, but I thought that I was coming to open, and the two did not agree with the same.

I will say a few Chinese-speaking girl named Yumi, and another is only called a child – Yan.

Yuezi tells me that it is to wash the big pool or a small pool.

Of course, what I mean is to wash the big tank so that the naked naked Japanese woman.

Who knows that Yesi wants me to wash the small pool, she said: “Wash the big pool can only see can’t touch, just like a glass of meat pie, I can’t eat it, I don’t have anything, what else is there. “

Xiaoqi is not a person to wash, she can give me a Chinese language school graduated to come with me to make music, so I follow Yuezi’s opinion, go to the back of the back, take off the arrival of the clothes.

She is a very beautiful Chinese article name for me to be a bath: called Ai Fang.

Afang is more than 18 years old. It is a beautiful day mixed-blood girl, golden hair, white and red bodybuilding skin, the dairy is Australian, surprisingly rounded, especially two well-known thighs, It’s more full and round.

When I entered the door, I took the clothes quickly, and I talked into a big breast, and I was in front of me.

Her small belly is smooth and white, and the pussy in the pussy is a feather of golden curled love. It is like the grass in the early spring, soft and beautiful.

“How, can you?” She turned another body and then came to say.

“Yes, of course it is too!”

“I thought it would be refunded!”

She shook his chest milk and spit out a lot of aroma.

“Many of your professions will be very picky, see enough, then change it, and then change, and then often call the first one.”

“This may be a matter of course, you know that you should try to choose your own expense, this is to avoid it!”

“Of course! But our graduation of our graduation is limited, and it is difficult to pick it up.”

“Why don’t you choose foreign languages, and accept other people?” I used words to fly her.

“Ha!” She shrugged should shoulder, continue to say: “I have to pay the European and American people, I have to have the money! I am a beautiful mixed boy, but my own money is very small, this … no magist!”

She said, she took the thigh, showing the small and beautiful seams that have a small and exquisite.

“Haha … It turns out … Haha …”

“Haha …” She smiled and fell into the bath, splashing water.

Dear night is deep, I also quickly take off the clothes and follow her.

At this time, the compartment came from the slightly sad Japanese music, and her two legs were taken on the edge of the bath, I was sitting on the bottom of the pool.

Faced with the pink small pussy of her micro-crackdown, watch it in detail.

From time to time, she floated with me, and pocked with the water, poured to the bright gap.

Suddenly, I saw my soul, and six gods had no Lord.

Her meticulous pussy, after she splashing, she gradually opened up, especially if a hidden clitoris, it was also stimulated to swollen and swollen, and it was constantly bulging.

The more you send the labia, gradually swollen, a cherry is like a cherry.

Such stimulation makes her herself can’t stand it. I saw she stopped splashing water. The sure of the sure is in the narrow and slightly opened seams, and I dug, and I’ve been a little bit of life. pity. I don’t want to make Liu Xianghui, let alone, the more you can’t stand it.

So, I turned on and my butt slipped.

My Qian has already been very hard, like a high-tech gun, when I slip down, it is cleverly, the round-sluggish glans just hit her small labie.

Oh My God! I only heard the sound of “nourish”, it is not oblique, two babies are naturally joined together.


She called a happy and happy, and she also slipped his legs, a butt fell.

In this way, the two hot objects are more likely, the seamless gum is connected as in the same one.

She then went around, with the arms of the arms, hook my neck, put her two hot and spicy red lips, kissing with me.

The lower body of our two, all bubble in warm and slippery water, every moving, causing a wonderful music.

The water waves ripps, the water reflects the lower body we are sexual intercourse, blurry is very cute.

Just like this, she frightened her tender back, kissed every side of my face with her mouth.

When you are idle, you will sing some Chinese lays in the mouth. These songs are all tuning songs in the north. I have grown up in Beiping, but I have grown up in Hong Kong. Although it is very heartbroken, it feels a little strange.

She sang while twisted, not a moment, there was a familiar warmth in the yin, a kind of paste liquid, and she came out with her non-stop.

When this kind of warm liquid poured out, she was more smeared, and the two arms were in my shoulders. A pair of rounded big breasts were tightly squeezed in our middle, she was very urgent breathing with the purple The breath of Luol is shaking.

For a while, her uterus has started an extremely subtle shake phenomenon, which makes people feel like being pleasing, itchy, it is itching, this taste is a decline in the top of the building, the same is the same God flying.

“Hey …” She is tall and tight, and the clutching is called: “Ah … Chinese brother … China Dad …”

For a while, the stroke that often appeared on a thousand branches was still in this hybrid girl.

Probably, what is the such thing as a slutty? I am dark in my heart.

At this time, she has a trend of shakes, and my two hands hit her waist and did not let her spirit suddenly relaxed.

My glans was so uncomfortable by the kind of sucking, and because of the rules of the inner wall of her in-house, I omitted my thrust action.

In this way, our sexual interception is more enthusiastic.

“Ah! God …”

She is like a sigh, and she has a natural meat, which naturally shakes.

To be, a current from the mysterious domain, instantly run through my threaded thread, my lower abdomen began to shrink fast, and then tightened.

Then, the heat flow was rapidly rising, and the two always standing on bystanding status, also gave up the calm attitude, and the anus was very enthusiastic, and even the anus also slammed it.

So, a group of enthusiasts suddenly rushed straight to her uterus after being crazy!

“Bu-Bu …”

Each drip of the semen is in the middle of the heart, this mixed girl produces an approximate crazy scream, which is more than thirty times.

When I was finally filled with precious semen, I also felt a strange lazy, and the pleasure was relaxed, my heart was like a relaxed and meticulous and satisfied.

Since this subsequin is a contract, a record of sexual relationship with a mixed-blood girl is added in my life.

The next day, I was still in my sleep, and I called for thousands of branches. She said that she had to go to Honolulu to take a visit, and the time I met again would have been after half a month.

So, I had to return alone alone.

This time, the time of Japan is short, but it has gave me a lot of knowledge.

Waiting for the opportunity to come back to the roll, you will continue to play, if the opportunity is allowed, I still want to settle forever in Japan!

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