Dear classmates, the teacher today is going to be, how to sex! This kind of love everyone knows that it is directly to draw, but the teacher wants to pay a woman today, and even more powerful points can directly transfer the woman to the genital slave, which is to see how many students have realized.

Now, please take the things you prepare, the classmates underneath heard things from the bag, I smiled, now every three people are a group of two men and a woman, now start grouping!

After the classmates of the classmates, I said: “I put the female classmate on the table, then took out the rope that I made you brought her hands.” I looked at the stage after my class “We started Class. “I took my hands and walked in a woman wearing a student uniform. Every classmate saw this is not the principal? I directly put her on the table, then bind her hands, smile: “Now the teacher starts to do demonstration, you have learned it.” Then I took out the bra, underwear, took out the scissors on top of the small hole. It can be revealed, then cut a T-shaped shape on the underwear, and then take a few pairs of stockings and a masturbation-use, ordered: “I will unlock the rope on your hand, you It is necessary to take the clothes to put this set, and the time must not exceed 30 seconds. If you know you know what I will do. “After that, let the rope are unwrapped, the principal does not say anything quickly take off the clothes. I just put it on the table, and then sit on the table and looked at me.

“Very good” said, I put her legs on her legs, then took out the high-heeled shoes that exposed toes, and then inserted the mask of the mast into her small hole, saving the shake to the biggest, then let her not She said, “Now you start, if you start, if you think about it, I don’t mind you, because I know the students in the class, it is not taught, so the girl is easy. Refrance.

Suddenly filled with a variety of 呻 吟, the water flow tick is not stopped, see the principal’s small cake has been muddy, the water flow has dropped in the high-heeled shoes along the stockings, my evil smile, reach out the finger Two blushing in front of the chest, the principal is so exciting, and the milky white milk sprayed out to answer my wet, I laughed: “Every time I think of the principal, your milk is so much, it is really a The cow. “The intercom is more embarrassing” ※ | JKF Czech Forum “

I have already rigued the big engrave, and I will show it over, I have a grateful toe in the entrance to play, the principal’s heart rises a different feeling, this feeling is never, but a pain Since the bottom of the foot, I will look down on my heart. “A ~ um ~ master play with people, A ~ hurry ~ slave ~” The small hole spurted a lot of honey.

The student under the bottom is the same as the toes of the female student. It is a snoring of the laughter. I will pick the toes in the mouth, take off the high-heeled shoes, put the big carving to the heart and gently rub. For students to explain: “Men’s semen has a beauty role, now everyone will shoot the fine solution to their legs.” I have sprayed out, directly apply it to the legs wrapped in stockings.

The big sculpture of the semen came to the president, saying: “How, do you want my semen?” The principal did not say directly to my big carved, but because it is too big to expose half of it Outside, the whole cheek is full, I have to say that the principal’s mouth is good, only in less than twenty minutes, I shot again, after being harmed, I took the masturbation stick of her lower body Insert the big engraving into it, once in the end, the principal is often called, and the sound of 嗤 嗤 想, I am doing the following students: “You also started, put the female classmate to pregnant!” The reached out and pinched a president’s crisp, and a lot of milk was sprayed again.

The whole classroom is full of obscenes and sexic body fluids, as well as the endless embarrassment.

All female students are soft, and there is a lot of semen in the small gall. In order to make them all pregnant, it is convenient for milk. I said: “Plug their small hole, let them pregnant!” All Male classmates! ” According to Venfen’s obsessed look, there is a female classmate in the hip, and I want to come, she is the only female student who has not been “attack”. I grabbed her back, tied with stockings. The male student said: “Now, you will pass your semen to her uterus to make her also pregnant!” The male classmate flocked to her uterus, and she also swallowed a lot of semen. Go down.

As a result, this class has caused 20 female students in the class to pregnant with time, and even the principal also pregnant my child.

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