When Kunbo and Yongfeng jointly gang-raped his wife Hui Rong and filled her vagina with milk, the wife successfully gave birth to a daughter ten months later. Whose father is.

Knowing that I was an only son, Yongfeng wanted a man eagerly, so he told his classmate Ma Fuqiang to “repay me with good advice”.

Yongfeng: “Fuqiang, Zhiren’s wife Hui Rong is only 28 years old, she has a slender figure, and her lordosis is curved. How many men want to be on her. Last year was gang raped by Kunbo and I to give birth to a daughter, but he Be eager for your child, you can teach them the secrets of having a man, and then show your ability to tame a woman, and she will not be able to escape your clutches.”

Fu Qiang: “Thank you for helping me pull the strings. The powdery taste of Fengchen Woman is too strong. I want to come and taste the taste of a housewife.”

Fuqiang came to visit the next night.

I said: “Fuqiang hasn’t seen him for a long time, where is the scenery recently?”

Fuqiang whispered: “Recently, I changed my job to be a midnight cowboy. There are women who do it and have money to get it.”

I said: “That’s milking people and selling soy milk.”

My wife suddenly interrupted: “Brother Fuqiang, you can milk milk and sell soy milk. I also like to drink soy milk!”

My wife is wearing a low-cut top and short skirt tonight. When she leaned over to pour tea for Fuqiang, the two plump breast peaks and cleavage on her chest were staring at Fuqiang intently, almost running out of water.

Fuqiang whispered in her ears, “Sister-in-law, I can still milk people, would you like to try it?”

My wife was teased by Fuqiang’s words, and after I explained that Cowherd was a prostitute, she couldn’t help but blushed because of her failure to speak, and asked me to spoil Fuqiang and eat her tofu.

Fu Qiang: “Zhiren, your wife’s breasts are very plump. If I can give her a massage, it will be firmer and rounder, and will produce more milk in the future.”

I said: “Because the child is asked to be taken by someone, she does not need to breastfeed, so her breasts are not deformed. Unfortunately, there is no boy yet.”

Fuqiang hit the snake and said on the stick: “I heard Yongfeng say that your wife has a good figure and has a good bump. It must be very good to have a relationship with her. Maybe you are not good at making love skills, and you can’t get it to the bottom of her water chicken. A chicken needs a dry cock to have an orgasm, so Yongfeng called me, a cowboy who specializes in sex with women, to demonstrate on the spot and teach you how to make love to have a son.”

I said: “Hui Rong has a big appetite, and because of her caesarean section, the water cock is still small and tight. My dick is a little shorter, and I always can’t reach the depths of her water cock, let alone I shoot in three minutes. …”

Fu Qiang: “Your wife has big breasts, fat buttocks and thin waist. You can’t have her orgasm without a strong man. The cock must be long enough to dry to the bottom of the water chicken every time. The water chicken soup drains too much. Only when her talents dry up and deepen, and then she will be so dry that she will have a crisp, high climax, and you will have hope.”

Listening to Fu Qiang’s obscene language, Hui Rong couldn’t help blushing, her underwear gradually moistened, she lowered her head and dared not look at Fu Qiang.

I said, “Fuqiang, is your cock long enough? Can you get a woman’s bottom?”

Fu Qiang immediately took off his shirt, revealing his strong tattooed chest, and then took off his trousers, leaving only one bullet-shaped underwear on his body. His lower body was bulging, and he opened his underwear and asked me to look at the penis in his crotch. It was really a huge, black and long female benevolent, and then he had walked to sit down next to his wife who was afraid to look down.

Fuqiang: “Sister-in-law, do you see if my cock is thicker and longer than your husband’s? I wonder if it can reach your bottom?”

The wife took a peek, shy and secretive in her heart, thinking: I don’t know how cool it would be if a small hole drained this big dick.

At this time, Fu Qiang boldly put his hair around his wife’s waist and said: “Zhiren, it’s hard to understand in terms of words. Your wife and I will demonstrate the secret technique of giving birth to you, and promise to fuck her as your brother. By the way, teach you how to milk a person, and then feed your wife to drink my thick and hot soy milk, ha…”

I was frightened by Fu Qiang’s sudden move. I wanted to stop him from his next frivolous behavior rationally, but emotionally I wanted to see how this master flirt master could tame a woman’s kung fu, and finally his emotions defeated reason, so I said unwillingly:

“Fuqiang, then please demonstrate with Hui Rong how to kiss, caress, and mate, so that a woman has an orgasm.”

The wife half-pushed and said, “I’m really ashamed. I show my husband how to make love with Cowherd.”

Fu Qiang: “Don’t worry, sister-in-law, I will let you see my superb bed skills, let you enjoy the pleasure of being fucked by your pussy, and promise to let you love my big dick!”

At this time, Fuqiang was already holding Hui Rong’s waist and rubbing her bra back and forth, only to see that his wife was touched by Fuqiang, who had a high libido, and her pink cheeks were blushing: “Zhiren, he is touching someone’s breasts again. “

“Fuqiang, my wife will leave it to you. You have to caress her gently, you can only put your fingers in it, you can’t put your bad teachings into her water chicken!”

Fu Qiang said perfunctorily: “Zhiren, your wife’s tits are really big, and her nipples have become hard when she touches them.”

Hui Rong only half-pushed and asked for help, and gradually put her hands on Fu Qiang’s shoulders: “Ah…you can touch other people’s tits so hard… annoying!”

Fu Qiang then took off Hui Rong’s top and skirt, leaving her with only bra and briefs. Hui Rong had to shyly cover her plump breasts and panties with her hands, and a few longer pubic hairs were still missing. The gap in the panties was exposed.

Fuqiang looked at his wife’s figure of 36.24.36 and swallowed: “Sister-in-law, your bra and panties are really sexy. It makes me feel so bad that it will harden immediately.”

He moved his mouth even more boldly and kissed Hui Rong’s cherry lips. This kiss opened his wife’s psychological defense. Fu Qiang held Rong with one hand and rubbed her 36D bra with one hand. After touching her left breast, she changed her right breast. Sometimes she squeezed her nipples lightly, and sometimes she squirmed vigorously. His wife’s sexual desire was fanned by him, as if she was thinking of spring. The female cat of the period is called Chun Lianlian.

I watched from the side that Fu Qiang was only wearing bullet-shaped underwear. His upper body had strong chest muscles, like a bodybuilder, with a dark complexion and a dragon and phoenix on his chest. Seeing that his underwear was raised high, that thing was so excited that he wanted to fuck his wife. The tender points are tough and straight.

Fu Qiang has stretched out her hairy hands to the triangle of Rong to caress and rub her, and she has also rubbed her underpants and her underwear is half-wet.

“Zhiren, he’s touching someone’s chicken again!”

“It’s okay, if you are touched by him, please call spring as much as you want!” I also indulged my wife to put aside her restraint to help Fu Qiang Xing Xing.

Fu Qiang boldly reached into Rong’s underwear and touched a bunch of thick pubic hair.

“Your water cock feathers are so long, you must be very eager for a man’s big cock. Today, your brother will treat your water cock’s irritating itchy. Is your husband’s cock big? Would you like to touch my dick, promise you satisfy.”

At first Hui Rong didn’t dare to touch, Fu Qiang took her hand to touch. The two had started to caress each other’s genitals. Fu Qiang first took off his wife’s bra and panties. Fu Qiang hugged the naked Hui Rong in excitement. , First poke away the wife’s labia majora, find the clitoris and rub it skillfully.

“Sister-in-law, how good is it to touch your water chicken like this?”

“It’s so itchy, people’s water chicken is about to be rubbed out of soup, oh…”

“By the way, rub your brother’s things hard, and wait a while to make your small holes numb, and the water will run out endlessly.”

Hui Rong had reached into Fuqiang’s underwear to caress his cock. He simply took off his underwear, revealing a black and thick lazy man who was more than 20 centimeters long. Hui Rong couldn’t help but blushed shyly.

“What, how does my big cock compare to your husband’s?”

“Of course your things are worse!” Hui Rong groaned.

“Worst is better able to do you deeper, fuck you better, ha…”

Fu Qiang said to me again: “Zhiren, your wife said that my cock is thicker and longer than yours, and she is more drier than her lonely and empty chick. Her cunt can’t live without my big cock.”

“Talking nonsense, they didn’t say anything, they only said that your stuff is bad. Zhiren, don’t listen to him nonsense!”

“Zhiren, your wife’s cock is really tight, maybe you don’t fuck her often, and you hold my finger tightly, sister Rong, your little cunt is still running, is it the big dick of the brother Xiao was thinking about? Huh? Kill you!”

Fu Qiang poked Hui Rong’s pussy with his fingers, and scolded the three-character classic to tease his wife into his trap.

Because I usually don’t utter foul words when making love, when she heard Fu Qiang’s obscene words, her heart surged and her heart swelled.

“Your little cunt is already draining, and only my dick brother can dry up your empty and dry cunt.”

“Ah… My sister’s little hole is running water again, brother Qiang, don’t dig anymore, people can’t take it anymore, ah… I feel itchy inside, my little hole is really open for my brother. You can’t do it without your big cock and quickly penetrate someone’s lonely and unbearable cunt, oh…”

Unexpectedly, ten minutes ago, the reserved wife who was still conservative, under the flirtation of Fu Qiang, who was flirting with the cock, was suffocating again and again. Not only did she ask Fu Qiang to use a big cock to insert her nasty tender hole, making me suspect that she was my demure. A virtuous wife, a slut who can do her best!

Fu Qiang: “Zhiren, your wife has been teased by me so that the water cock is irritated, and now I want me to insert her water cock with a big dick, otherwise she will find other cowboys to stop the water cock. It’s not that I’m not keeping promises, but that your wife’s water chicken owes the man to do it, ha…”

Hui Rong was so teased that her heart was rippling, she wanted to die, but she was too embarrassed to look at me, she could only rub Fuqiang’s strong cock hard. The little hole that was fucked by his finger was still running, and his legs were shaking like a dry sorrow, it was difficult to resist Fu Qiang’s tease.

I said unwillingly: “Well, Fuqiang made you a good family woman. Since she can’t stand the temptation of your big dick, let your dick be inserted into her water cock. But you can’t ejaculate into her womb. Otherwise I will cuckold.”

My wife was afraid that I would see through the scandal of her being raped by Kunbo and Yongfeng as a bastard, so she guilty of not daring to look at me.

Fuqiang saw the prey in hand: “Ha… I certainly won’t let her fertilize her and make other people’s wives pregnant. “Currently” only Yongfeng and Kunbo have done it. Don’t worry, I will owe you well. Wife fucks cool, I promise that her climax will be repeated, the water chicken will be crisp, and it will be easier for you to have sex in the future.”

At this time, Fu Qiang had picked Hui Rong and climbed to the master bedroom on the second floor, and I followed suit. I didn’t expect my beloved wife to have sex with Fu Qiang, the big pervert in our usual loving and tender bedroom!


Fu Qiang first laid Hui Rong on the bed, and then held his own dick against his wife’s tight and small tender cunt. He didn’t rush to insert it, and only used the glans to poke her on her genitals.

Fu Qiang: “My dear sister, it’s so cool to rub your clitoris like this?”

Hui Rong: “Your glans penis is so itchy, you can hardly stand the temptation of your bad things, ah…”

“Zhiren, your wife really shows off. She hugged my chin with both hands before inserting it in. She is really a slack woman. Today I have to make her watery chicken crispy, and the watery chicken soup can’t run out. Let her call “brother.” “,what……”

“Good brother, don’t jeopardize people’s appetite anymore. Their water chicken is specially reserved for you to thrust, and their meat holes are specially opened and closed for you, ah… don’t grind it anymore!”

“Fuqiang, my wife can’t stand the temptation of your big dick, so you should have sex with her. Because I don’t often fuck her and the water chicken is still tight, you can go in slowly!” I also beg for blessing. Rape your wife.

“Sister Rong, I’ll be your husband on your “bed” tonight, fuck you to death!”

After speaking, Fu Qiang’s big cock has been inserted into his wife’s meat cunt with a “sizzle”.

“Ah… so tight, your stuff is so thick and big. I’m going to break the chicken…”

“Don’t be afraid, it’s only halfway in. Your water cock is so tight that it makes my big cock so good. Zhiren, your wife is the tightest water cock among the young women I have raped. If you can’t satisfy her in the future, call it I’ll help you fuck her.”

I didn’t know how to answer for a while, and my wife said, “I hate it, how can I ask a friend to do this for you!”

Fu Qiang: “This is called a friend’s wife. It’s very exciting to do it!”

After talking about Fu Qiang, he sank his butt forcefully, and the big cock was stuffed into his wife’s tight meat cunt.

Hui Rong was shocked by this sudden shock and yelled: “Ah… Zhiren, his cock is so long and thick, and he is about to break other people’s chicks… He does the water chicken so hard, ah… …It’s so deep and heavy now…”

Fu Qiang has already started to compare the depths, using the big black and long dick, which is also the wife’s baby back and forth into the wife’s tender hole that wants to shrink, but is pushed hard.

“Your water cock is really tight, much tighter than my wife’s, fuck you!”

“Your cock is so long and thick, just like the man in the A movie, he almost penetrated his cunt, ah…this is so deep and heavy, so comfortable…”

“How is my dick better than your husband?”

“Of course your bad stuff is longer and thicker. It’s annoying. Your big glans has edges and corners. The dried chicken in water is so crispy and numb!”

“Zhiren, your wife’s water cock is so tight that it makes my dick so happy. It’s really a shameless hole that owes you to fucking. It’s fucking you. This time it’s so bad that your water cock is very uncomfortable. Tell your husband. The slut who is dying!”

“Ah… This is so hard for the sister of the water cock to work hard, the brother cock is brave and powerful, and every time he hits the itchy in the water cock. Brother Qiang, you are so powerful, and the little cock owes you to you. You have to get fucked by your dick, and fuck your sister’s tender cunt… Ah… It’s a really deep and heavy job…”

“Little slut, your husband can’t help masturbating when you see you being raped by me. Let’s change the posture to make your husband even more unbearable.”

“Hate! It’s your little enemy who has superb bed skills, which makes people want to die, and makes my husband want to do a pistol by himself.”

At this time, Fu Qiang lifted Hui Rong’s legs and began to pull his wife’s legs, letting her small cock fall into her big cock, watching the black and thick cock for herself, and my wife was white and tight. The small meat hole went in and out, but also called Hui Rong to watch:

“Sister Rong, look at your little water chicken, there is a brother’s lazy teacher in and out of it, your water chicken hole is so tight, your brother’s dick is so good, and the bad bird has been sucked out of the water, look!”

Hui Rong only felt that her legs were being held by Fu Qiang, and she slipped into his black and thick cock back and forth. It really makes her shy and cool. Looking at her tight cunt, Zheng Youuqiang’s big dick is getting in and out, and she can’t help rubbing her clitoris with her hands to make a bed to help the two of them have sex.

“Good brother… Husband… Your stuff is so hard for people to do so hard, ah… this time it’s done to the bottom of others, ah… this time it’s done to the heart of others…”

“Zhiren, come and see your wife’s water cock. The shot of my big cock is clamped, and the water chicken soup is constantly flowing out. It is guaranteed to be a close-up of the A film!

I watched my wife’s tight and small tender cunts, which were being filled with a big black and thick penis, with no gaps at all, and continued to follow Fu Qiang’s thrusts, from where the two men’s genitals were intercourse. Mi oozes the lewd juice of her estrus.

“Zhiren, don’t look at what people are doing with your friends, they will be shy!”

“It’s okay. If you are dry by Brother Qiang, call Chunzhuxing, so I can get a pistol.”

“Good sister, I will take care of you, so that your husband can watch us mate, while handing a hand gun, while helping us to dry our sluts, Zhiren, come and help me dry your wife’s water chicken soup, it’s a real debt A fucking woman, I have to fuck you so that the water chicken blooms, and I will kill you!”

After putting his wife in an “old man’s cart”, Fu Qiang put her legs down and picked up Hui Rong. His wife also shyly hugged Fu Qiang’s back. The two of them had sat up and held each other face to face. I saw Hui Rong too ashamed to see me shooting, and she was panting in Fuqiang’s ears, her hands tightly embrace Fuqiang’s sturdy back, especially Fuqiang’s dark and strong physique, close to her slender, white flesh. The combination really gave her the pleasure of being raped and abused by a strong man.

Fu Qiang held his wife’s round buttocks in both hands, letting her itch the meat crotch again to put the big meat stick in and out and drain it dry.

“This trick is so embarrassing for the family to hold a coherent posture!”

“This trick is a coherent gesture, which is the most popular posture for affair women and Japanese men. As long as you hold your brother’s back tightly with both hands, I will hold your plump buttocks tightly, and the sex organs of both men and women will be It can be tightly combined. Look! Your little chicken is puffing up brother’s big black hot dog. Let me feed your sex-hungry water chicken with the big hot dog, so that you can break your little water chicken to death!”

“Good brother, dear husband, your big hot dog is about to burst the hole of other people’s chicken. Your hot dog is too long. It is inserted into the uterus of the water chicken. It is so comfortable that it is held by Brother Qiang… It’s so cool. And your two big balls hit people’s pussy so hard, so crisp and numb…”

“This is my big laziness, it’s a grandchildren bag that specializes in making sperm. I will ejaculate into your womb later, so that you will be fertilized and pregnant after I was raped, so that you will be a man in one fell swoop. Let Zhiren make a ready-made one. Dad, okay? Ha…”

“Hate, today is the day of ovulation, your semen can’t be shot in!” the wife whispered in Fu Qiang’s ear.

“Little beauty, it’s not easy, you just have to lie to your husband and say that today is a safe period.” Fu Qiang whispered in her ear.

“Brother Fuqiang, you are good or bad, Zhiren really made friends accidentally, so he knew you, a cowboy who specializes in adultery.”

“Little baby, as long as we work together well, leave Zhiren alone. Come, let me kiss your little mouth!”


Seeing Fuqiang holding his wife related to each other really made my libido so high. Fuqiang picked Hui Rong again. His wife was light-hearted, which was naturally easy for the young, strong and physique Fuqiang.

“Good sister, this trick monkey climbs the tree, it makes you unhappy? As long as you put your arms around my neck, I can hold you while walking.”

“This trick makes people hug you all over and do it. It’s really shameful!”

As his wife was vacant, she had to hug Fuqiang’s neck tightly. Fuqiang was holding the breast and fat butt sexy baby and thrusting him, watching his wife being picked up by him who was as strong as a cow, and he was so drunk that he could not help laughing. , His wife had to be so shy that Xiao Niaoyi leaned against his dark tattooed chest.

“Zhiren, your wife seems to like to be carried by a man while walking. If you can’t do it without the physical strength, you can call me at any time. I can serve your wife for free, ha…”

“Hate, how can you tell this kind of thing in person?”

“Otherwise, when you want to commit adultery with me, you won’t have the pleasure of cheating, right? Ha…”

“Hate, you made fun of people wanting to have an affair with you, let’s not talk about it…”

Unexpectedly, Niulang Fuqiang actually told me to face Hui Rong if he was unable to have sex with him. Wouldn’t it be that he gave his beautiful and sexy wife to him for wanton adultery? Although I was so angry that I couldn’t speak, my genitals got a sinister erection.

When Fu Qiang hugged Hui Rong and walked, he walked to the window and saw that the big wolf dog that Fu Qiang had brought was copulating with my bitch. It was true that the owner came to my house to steal the woman, even the dog steals my bitch. The wife looked at the male dog’s big penis and testicles and shook, her cheeks flushed and she didn’t dare to look again.

“Hui Rong, what do you think my wolf dog and your bitch are doing outside?”

“Hate, I don’t know!”

“If you don’t tell me, don’t fuck your sister water chicken.”

“Okay, okay… they are mating.”

“It’s like we are in a relationship, ha…”

After picking Hui Rong up and doing her acupuncture, Fu Qiang put her down again and ordered her to lie down in front of the window like a bitch.

“Mei Rong, let’s learn how to mate with two dogs. This is called’dog men and women’. As long as you open your legs, I can do you as good as that bitch.”

“Hate, people are lying like this, as if my little Li (dog name) is being bullied by your wolf dog, it’s really shameful.”

“Don’t worry, I will work harder than my wolfhound to make you feel good about your owed bitch! Ha…”

“Watch me fuck your chick. When I get fucked by my brother, just follow that dog’s call to spring, ha…”

Hui Rong had to raise her beautiful buttocks, holding Fu Qiang’s dark iron rod in her hand: “Okay, you can plug in! Brother Qiang.”

“Zhiren, look at your wife’s butt up so high, as if your bitch in heat owes my big cock dry. Ha…”

After saying “Zi”, the big penis was again inserted into the wife’s tender acupuncture point, and the two of them copulated like a dog outside. The wife used the feminine coquettish shaft to sway softly and plump buttocks, enjoying the crispness of being mated by a strong breeding pig, while Fu Qiang showed energetic breeding pig physical strength, as if I was bringing him this pig brother to the sow at home. Wife mating is the same.

“Zhiren, you are like a pig brother. You bring me this big pig to breed your estrus sow. Don’t worry, I will breed your wife. You don’t need to collect money. If your wife is in the future Sichun is in estrus again, and I will find other big pig brothers with thicker and longer cock to mate with her, but she didn’t make her belly free, ha…”

When Hui Rong heard him say that she was a sow being bred, she was being bred by the breeding pig of Fuqiang. She was really shy and conceited. She also said that she should find other stronger pig brothers to dry her estrus pit. Shy and looking forward to it.

“Hate, I said that I was a sow that was bred by you, and I also said that I should find other stronger pig brothers to mate with them. Isn’t Sister Rong the best? Besides, Zhiren is not a pig brother, he Just my husband in name.”

Fu Qiang: “He is your husband in name, and I am your guest brother for Spring Festival Night Night, right?”

“I hate it, I will tell you if I know, how will people follow you in the future…”

After listening to Fu Qiang likened me to a pig brother, and my wife wanted to flirt with him, I couldn’t help congesting again. I looked at Fu Qiang like a hungry tiger rushing to the sheep, not dry Hui Rong’s tender hole, while drying her meat hole, while holding her dangling breast with both hands to play with.

“Sister Rong, let my brother touch your two big tits and fuck you to death!”

“Good brother, husband, you worked harder than that male dog, ah… this is the end!”

“Zhiren, your wife is like the bitch that owes it to dryness. My big dick is so dry that it’s so dry. Please help us dry it.”

While I was wiping the water, I watched Fu Qiang lie on Hui Rong’s back, the big dick with exposed veins was still deeply inserted in my wife’s tight and small tender cunt, every time I made a “slap”, it made Hui. Rong called the bed endlessly.

“Good brother, dear husband, I have done a lot of work this time, and now I have gone into someone’s womb…I was so bad at you that you have done it again, ah…”

“Zhiren, my dick is all the sluts of your wife in estrus, please help us lick it clean!” Fu Qiang said imperceptibly.

In order not to interrupt the lust of the two, I also used my tongue at the junction of the two men’s genitals, licking their intercourse, and only watched Fuqiang’s two big testicles hit Rong’s yin fu, one after another. The water chicken tightly wraps Fuqiang’s big meat stick, and it constantly overflows with the thrust of the big dick.

“Zhiren, you have seen my big dick stuffed into her tightly dry cunt, look good! Let me fuck her water chicken soup can’t finish licking you, lick it…ha…damn you little Slut!”

“Hate, let my husband help us lick the slutty water that others were fucked by you, you are good or bad! The appearance of others coming in and out of your big dick is seen by your husband, it is really shameful and…cool. “

“It’s so cool! To fuck his wife in front of her husband, and let her husband help to lick the lewd water that his wife was raped. Sister Rong, it’s cool to commit adultery with me in front of your husband! Ha…fuck you!”

I looked at Fuqiang’s big sturdy cock, inserting it deeper and deeper into his wife’s tight meat hole, and then pulling it out made her lewd. Even my dick wanted to stand up and watch them have intercourse. Perfect close-up!

“Mei Rong, your husband saw my big cock dry and your water cock is about to burst, and your water cock is always juicy by me, even his little dick has a reaction.”

“Hate, don’t laugh that Zhiren’s cock is smaller than your bad cock… It’s because your bad cock is long and thick, and it’s so cool that it makes my husband’s things jealous.”

“Zhiren, if your little shrimp eats the vinegar of my big meat stick, here are the little briefs of this slut, let you get a pistol!”

I watched Fu Qiang’s superb bed skills and his wife being fucked by him. I masturbated with her panties soaked in liquid.


After Fuqiang made his wife dry like a pig, Fuqiang looked a little tired, but Hui Rong still didn’t want to close his eyes and get drunk.

“Brother Fuqiang, why don’t you continue? People still want to…”

“Don’t worry, little slut, you have to do a good job today, or I will be sorry for Zhiren, hahaha…”

“Sister Rong, do you want to be fucked by a dog?”

“Death, how can a woman mate with a dog!”

“Zhiren, do you want to watch the wonderful performance of your wife mating with my wolfdog?”

At first, I couldn’t bear my wife being raped by a wolf dog, but driven by curiosity, I wanted to watch a performance of a real person mating with a dog, but I didn’t expect it to be my beloved wife and Fu Qiang’s wolf dog.

When I was still thinking about hesitation, Fuqiang went outside and separated the stem of the dog that was mating with my bitch. The male dog was working hard. When Fuqiang was separated, he was still reluctant to give up, and the bitch was still dripping on the thick stem. The lewd juice dripped all the way into my bedroom.

When Fu Qiang brought the male dog who was mating, the red and thick dog whip on his lower body and two big testicles dangling made his wife blush and shy.

“Hui Rong, come and help my dog ​​brother blow the trumpet, so I can take care of the water chicken you owe dry later.”

The wife also shyly held the dog whip and sucked it, and from time to time she fondled its two big testicles, so that the wolf dog regained its vigor and was full of sexual interest. She began to be interested in the meat hole of the wife’s lower body, and she stretched her tongue to suck and lick her private parts. , Fu Qiang also deliberately opened his wife’s labia to reveal her sensitive clitoris, letting the beast lick it, and Hui Rongchun’s heart was shaken by the lick, and her legs trembled.

“Zhiren, it seems that your wife and my wolfdog are very fast-matched. She sucked her water chicken for a long time, and the dog whip was sucked by your wife. It was long and thick. It may have been too long for a bitch. It was not good enough to dry the bitch just now , Now I see your wife’s hole and want to insert it. Today your wife will be a bitch, let my wolfhound mate, ha…”

Speaking, Fu Qiang had ordered his wife to lie down like a dog mother, with her hips raised, and told the wolf dog to lie down on his wife’s back.

“Kolo (dog’s name), this bitch is very awkward, so you can work hard to make her so crooked!”

Fuqiang also played the role of the pig brother, helping the dog stalk at the mouth of his wife’s water chicken hole, so that the big red and thick dog whip could smoothly hit the depths of his wife’s water chicken.

“Brother Qiang, his cock is so thick and long, it’s so hard that people’s acupuncture points are so prickly and crisp…good…cool…”

The wolf dog held his wife’s lower body, twitched the big dog whip forcefully, and thrust into this rare female meat hole. Fu Qiang also took out the camera to take a shot of his wife mating with the dog.

“Brother Fuqiang, you are good or bad, and I also took pictures of people being mated by dogs.”

“Don’t worry, as long as you are obedient, let my Cowherd friends follow along, and if you have a good job, I will not release the photos, ha…”

Unexpectedly, Fu Qiang desperately wanted to use photos of his wife mating with a dog to threaten his wife’s disguised prostitution for raping him with other cowherds. I was really angry.

“Fuqiang, his cock is so hot, it seems to be about to ejaculate, pull it out…”

“Don’t worry, your water chicken will make the dog ejaculate and will not have a big belly. Unless my big cock ejaculates into your uterus, you will be fertilized and pregnant, Zhiren, don’t you think?”

I embarrassedly said, “Yes, you won’t get pregnant if you ejaculate from a dog. Only when Fuqiang’s cock ejaculates into your womb will you…” Finally, I realized that I could not go on…

In the end, the wolf dog exhausted his strength and fought hard, and the semen smashed into his wife’s womb.

“Brother Fuqiang, its semen is so hot, it makes people’s uterus so full and swollen!”

“Little slut, the dog breeds you just now, now let me squeeze soy milk to feed your chicken, okay?”

“I hate it, the dog’s semen can’t be fertilized, but my good brother, your semen shot into someone’s house, they won’t say anything…”

“Zhiren, your wife’s ejaculation into the uterus by a dog, see how refreshing she is being ejaculated, it seems that she likes the refreshing hair that is filled by a man, and asks my brother to fill her with my thick and hot semen. Help her to moisturize the empty and dry bottom of the water chicken, and ensure that her uterus is shot to death by me. In the future, I like to be grouted by a man’s acupoint officer. It will also help your intercourse.”

“But today is Hui Rong’s ovulation period. I’m afraid she will be fertilized by you to become pregnant. Then I want to cuckold?”

“It won’t be so coincidental. If you don’t believe me, ask Hui Rong, is it her ovulation day?” Fu Qiang gave his wife an ambiguous wink.

The wife said shyly: “My husband, you remembered wrong, today is not my ovulation period…”

I was unwilling to say: “Well, since it is not her ovulation period, let you shoot in!”

Seeing the success of the plan, Fu Qiang hugged Hui Rong anxiously and kissed her, and said in her ear:

“Sister Rong, I want to ejaculate into your water cock and let you be fertilized and conceived by me.

“Hate, keep it quiet, Zhiren will hear you, you have to shoot more… I’m so ashamed!”

Then the two licked each other in a 69 position.

“Suck my dick hard, and then you will be able to do it deeper, so that my semen can ejaculate your uterus so that your uterus is full and full, so that your uterus is immersed in my semen, so that you can keep your face and beautify. I want to find it every night. Cowboy, ha…”

Soon Fuqiang’s cock was sucked by his wife, and his wife’s meat cock was filled with irritable water. Fuqiang put a pillow on her buttocks, so that her lower body was raised and raised, so as to bear Fuqiang’s thick essence. .

“It’s so embarrassing that the underside of my house is so high!”

Said that Fu Qiang had pressed Hui Rong’s lower body, deepening one after another, and dampening the muscles clamped by his wife heavily. Two large testicles were accumulating and waiting to be injected into his wife’s dying uterus.

“Xiao Yinba, did you do it deep enough? This is how you feel good about it? Tell me whether you owe it or not?”

“Ah… it’s a deep work… this time it’s dry to the bottom of the water… it’s dry to other people’s troubles…”

“Quickly tell you that you owe a strong brother, a cowboy, and a pervert. If you don’t tell me, I won’t do you!”

Under the temptation of Fu’s powerful cock, the wife spoke obscenely to please adulterers without shame, so she said shyly:

“Brother Fuqiang, I said… I said, as long as you don’t pull out the big dick, brother… People will rely on you… They owe you… owe you… …Fuck…I’m so ashamed…”

“Zhiren, your wife said that she owed me, owed cowherd, owed pervert. Later, I will find other cowherds and XX wolves who specialize in raping women to rape your wife and let her water cock be fucked to death. ,what……”

“Zhiren, come and help me push my ass so that I can make her water chicken deeper, and touch my testicles by the way, so that she can shoot thick and hot semen into the bottom of her water chicken, so that she will be fucked by me. Ah, it’s not right, it’s so cool and crooked by me.”

Fu Qiang slipped her lips for a while, causing Hui Rong to squeeze a cold sweat.

I couldn’t help but push Fuqiang’s ass, making his big dick dry his wife’s water cock deeper and heavier. Every time I did it, I smashed the heart of Rongrong, and at the same time, I played with the two big lazy Fuqiang.

“Fuqiang, your lazy man is really big, you have a lot of semen, right?” I asked.

“Of course, my laziness is very lazy. None of the women I raped are not immune to semen. In the future, if you have fewer semen, I can help you fuck your sister-in-law for free, and make sure that your sister-in-law is fucked by me, otherwise I will look for it. The stronger cowboy comes to do his sister-in-law. If you don’t have a big belly, you can get free money, ha…”

In the end, the three of them breathed anxiously, and Fu Qiang violently re-inserted his wife’s acupuncture point every time, even the bed was shaking.

“Zhiren, hurry up, I’m going to ejaculate into her womb, fuck you to death!”

After I finished speaking, I pushed hard, Fuqiang thrust into the huge root of his wife’s thousands of pieces, and then deeply inserted Hui Rong’s tortured vagina with a “pop”, and the glans poked her uterus into the thick heat. The semen, the uterus seems to have been spilled with soy milk on his face.

“Sister-in-law, is my brother Qiang’s soy milk good?” Fu Qiang asked triumphantly.

The wife said shyly: “Brother Qiang, your semen is so hard to ejaculate the uterus, and the inside is so full, oh, hate, people will really be fertilized by you to get pregnant.”

Finally, Fu Qiang raised his wife’s lower body to prevent his semen from flowing out.

“Zhiren, raise the water chicken hole of my sister-in-law, so that my sperm can make your wife fertilize and become pregnant, and become a man in one fell swoop. If today is her fertilization day. This way, you can demonstrate with your wife how to have a woman orgasm. , How to fuck a woman to give birth to a son, you should know, if you have fewer sperm, then ask me to help your sister-in-law mate for free. If you have sisters or aunts who have difficulties in fertility, or your husband can’t, the water chicken owes the man Ask me if you do it, and use big dicks to make their water chicken crooked and crooked, one by one, they can’t finish their water chicken soup…ha…”

After listening to Fuqiang’s obscene language, even my mother, sisters, and sisters wanted to mate with them personally. Even though I was angry inside, I masturbated with my wife’s underwear, but I ejaculated sinfully.

“Thanks for your hard work, Fu Qiang, thank you for your sexual guidance. If my mother, sisters, and younger sisters have problems in this regard in the future, please personally “sex guidance” with them…” I shot a hand gun. Reply.

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