Netizens said that people are divided into three gender – men, women and female graduate students, huh, huh, probably men’s ridiculous words to female graduate students, female graduate students are very special?

In fact, for men, female graduate students are also women … In fact, don’t say everyone knowing that in this article, other names include names, because I don’t want to bring her unnecessary. Trouble, so, temporarily call Her Wen, my Wen is such a female master student, she is studying at a university (I don’t say it), we know QQ, she is 24 years old, and I am 28 age.

Wen and I know that she is enjoying the sweet love between her boyfriend, we often talk to each other’s lives and love, and the sweet and troubles about life and love, Wen is a girl with a primary.

However, the lack of unpaid experience and psychological maturity of society, let her see what things are extremely metigantial, sweet, like a small bee in the honeypot, but still like a bitter dish flower on the border of Yellow And her is the most extreme but she doesn’t think she is extreme!

Just like female postgraduate – not too tailored to male psychology is not too much attention to their own same sex!

Slowness and Wen have nothing to say, Wen also began to enjoy a woman’s fun in her life, I also slowly started to be unclear about this girl who had never planned.

Until the Wen and her boyfriend broke up in less than half a year – from this hate love – she told me that she missed the happiness of sex, so the people who had two hearts, sometimes at the same time at the same QQ interface. I don’t think it is not …

In fact, I have always miss the feeling!

It is also a nine-night five. I am sitting in my car. I will not know what I should do for a time. My friend and colleagues have things today. My girlfriend is far away. Remote city … Go home? No way? !

Let me endure my mother’s criticism and education for my life? ?

I suddenly remembered Wen, I remembered that when I was worried, I was so soft, I also remembered that we were hot and spicy when we were ignorant …

Pick up the phone, find “Wen”, press …

“is it you?”

“it’s me”

“Suddenly miss you, huh, I am sitting in the car”

“Do you do it? What? Hehe … still don’t go home, rest?”

“I want to go to you, hey …” (laughing very hard …)

“Oh, no? We are so far …”

“But I really suddenly want …”

“What do you think about me? We have never seen it, and even have no video, I have never seen photos, and then, how can I see it? Oh, not good,” ……

“Wen, give me some encouragement, in fact, I am also very hesitant now, you encourage me, maybe I will make up your mind!” ……

“Ok, I also like this crazy! But don’t have any other ideas, impossible, I will explain it …” After 15 minutes, I have already driven “zero”, this is the starting point of the Shandong Expressway, I don’t know what is the meaning of this, but everything is like this, the “zero” has begun …

After 4 hours, the university is in the hospital. My poor car has been running with dust or even the cooling fan is still turning, but his owner has been tired of waiting in September ** slightly cool sea breeze. bingo!

Finally, she walked into the hospital’s hospital – small and exquisite body, showing the appearance of the show, not very excited shirt and less excited short skirt, Zhang Yang’s eyes after glasses – I am fortunate to pay attention to me, let me My Wen has attracted me in the first moment of entering my eyes!

I haven’t been crazy to hug her point, but I immediately hugged her and kissed her forehead after getting on the bus!

Bold surprisingly, she is calm – “You are really bold, I have never dared to do this!”

I feel that this night is two people!

But another sentence makes me cool – “I have to go back to bedroom at 11 o’clock, or I can’t explain it!

So you don’t want anything. “

It is actually can’t live. Because the military officers who have already let the military training students account for all the standard rooms, I have to turn in her school, I tried my best to search for no one’s disturbing corner, can be very fast Disappointment. The university campus of this era has been very different from us – everywhere is bold and whispering, boldly let me have a red heart!

Although I really hope that the whole school is powered out to flood me and Wen in the dark!

The long-lost feeling of campus still makes me a lot of gentlemen, and gently accompanying Wen’s walk in the moonlight. When I deliberately touched her soft and delicate hands.

I have returned to the old teenager. I understand … You Wen’s mobile phone reminds me that I have reached a summer night in the 21st century, and now I should be harsh!

Finally found a corner, in this dark corner, there will be a “obscenity” of “obscenity”, and it has not taken care of the double into a pair, so excuses the stone column cool and the dirty, and it will be in order to take the situation. On my thigh, Wen did not refuse, and there is no intimate intimate, but her body is in the body, the dark incense makes me envy for those “obscenities” …

Time is not early!

There is still an hour, 11 o’clock, I think I have to do something, I have finally convinced Wen to accompany me to find a hotel, the condition is 11 o’clock, you must send her back school, temporarily promise!

Finally found the room at 10:00, of course, Wen promised to accompany me more unremitting efforts to stay in the room, I entered the room, I didn’t hesitate to start attacking my Wen, I know that I should take the initiative at this time. Breaking the hesitation of Wen.

I hug 小 的 的 的 的 般 的 的 般 的 在, cheeks and lips, one hand has pulled out the shirt of Wen, and put down the shirt to the back of Wen, another hand from Wen short skirt The hem exiting it, grasp the stiff pink hips that Wenjing struggled and changed.

My hard life arrived in Wen’s lower abdomen. Wen’s final reminds her efforts to fight me. Half a year of affection and she can promise me a little bit, I know that my Wen is eager for me.

I poured Wen in bed and gently across Wen’s lower hand, pressing her hands in bed, Wen Wen, was pushed to the above shirt and brawless can’t cover the two like her proud breasts, The breast beats with her wheezing.

Wen was panicked to see me directly, try to keep her calm: “You lie to me, you said that you can’t force me!”

I don’t know what to say, “Hey!

But I can’t let you go, Wen, I love you!

“I still have some shame, but still a mouthful of the right nipples that have a right nurture who lived in Wen, delicate products, heavy sucking!

Wen is obviously very useful, she seems to be sudden “attack”

I can’t get a handleman. I have no more than a proud of my face. Only sudden happiness makes her gently squat, and the twist!

I know that I am going to succeed, and I’ve strive to play two breasts, let her can’t have a trace of idle, then use the tip of the tongue to quickly swim, repeatedly kiss the Elders of Wen, to reach the tip Her ear, everyone knows that the woman’s ear is very sensitive. I am fascinated by Wen Yu, I have already got all her shirts buttons!

The cream is also unlocked from the back, and the next wen is already disappearing. My hand is trying to explore the tight legs of Wen Wen. We Wen’s final and proud let her refuse to make me. Siege plundering the pool, hands tightly grab the small panties and not let me take off, my legs will not let me break the last line of defense!

At this time, Wen’s upper body is unblorandum, two small breast nipples that have been strong because of lust, anyway, I know that I have to stay in the end, so I stroked Wen smoothie and hips.

While keeping my tongue from a breasts from Wen to another breast, while kissing the charming double millet, when you feel the murderer, the poor Wen is now refused to let go. , I’m looking at the eyes of my mind with the eyes of my mind and I constantly play with me …

“Oh … grace … you don’t count, I hate lying men … Oh … you have this bad guy …”

“Ah … don’t … you send me back to school … bad guys … God … ah … don’t move me again …” Wen is in the exclusive protest, huh, but I have been maintained. Kissing and putting the rhythm of playing the body, my knee has successfully inserted the middle of the two knees in Wen, making her legs never closer, I am in the body accelerate the attack on Wen breasts, so that her happiness continues I can’t let her relax, and I finally succeeded in her yinfu from the edge of Wen’s underwear.

Wen hoped to clamp my hand with the roots of the thigh, but I can’t stop my hand from starting to invade her. I didn’t have a strong to play the Yulin, although Wen made me have a strong desire.

But I am still very gentle just rubbing, gently rubbing, or using the fingers, or finding the most fascinating gap of the girl with my finger, and gently use the finger. Enter, then the up and down, so that the glory of Wen is more smooth …

At this time, I would like to take my most striped passion, I have to use my strongest passion, but I don’t stop my own patience!

I have to use the most hot passion to combustion, but I know, it is not the best when it is …

Take off the short skirt, the hands are hard to open this is not so ready to strongly resist my wonderful body legs, squatting in her legs, the body smiling and my Wen is right …

Wen Reliang is still as solemn, although her body is soft and soft, enjoy my gaze and my caress.

I slowly took myself, and my Wen bishlike my body, I feel very fun, my Gao Wen is on my legs, which makes me clearly watch Wen Water The dripping Taoyuan, Wen seems to have not been able to accept my attention of my Taoyuan, struggling to cover his necrotic “bad guys, how can you do this … I have never been this, you can’t lure it. I am … “

“Oh, baby, I like to do this for the first man …”

I took the thigh of Wen to the shoulders, grabbed the hands of Wen, so that she couldn’t protect her Taoyuan, oh …

This fresh water is so close to my eyes … Wen’s big faith has been greatly separated, and the weak Xiaochen lips are weak, the pink color and the raging water make her more crystal and more clever. More delicious, my strong impulsive, I want to kiss this beautiful Taoyuan, but I am unexpectedly break away from my eyes, whenever I say “bad guys, let me take a bath!”

This requires that I have to ask for it, I know that I want to be happy to taste the Tao Yuanyuan, I will go to the fragrance to wash the fragrance of her, “Hold my Wen!” Wenken said, “Look at you pitiful You take advantage of! Hey! “

Hold my neck, and my hands put together Wen’s thigh, let Wen’s thigh hugged her with my waist, I deliberately slowly turned into a circle, so that Wen is already gli and very bright. Holding my lower belly.

And I am very pressing under the hip ditch, as I deliberately bumbled, I stood hit her hip, and Wen realized how my current posture is. And “danger”, shameless, I have to hug me, the little hand hits my back: “Bad guilty … bad guys …” “Oh, Wen, do you feel it? It is very strong, Ha ha……”

When I was proud of holding Wen into the bathroom, Wen’s eyes were finally filled …

The bath time is also a process of stimulating. We hugged each other, I took the shower head slowly sprayed in Wen’s body, deliberately put the impact water flow for a long time to spray the wild, nipple and Yin, Wen Chen’s drunk, holding me Let me put, I picked up a leg, let her stand alone, impact the entire perine of Wenlong with water, and apply a lot of bath in Wen’s Yin.

Let her all the bubbles are full of bubbles – in fact, I am a purpose. I want to take the fragrance of her entire Yin, one will taste, clean and refreshing girls are the best delicious!

It’s time that makes my Wen inspect my kiss!

I rose the bath in our body, put the Wen in the bathroom dressing table, the fascinating Wen has made the weak burning, but the instinct wants to stop my legs from the big exposure She is the most confused, most fascinating.

It can be very natural, and Wen has only backed by the big mirror on the dressing table, the feet is trying to step on the edge of the dressing table, but the hips just placed on the edge of the dressing table, but the genitals are slutty. , Work hard to lose balance on slide marbles. At this time, I was squatting under the dressing table, the face of the face is Wenxue white thigh, I hugged Wen’s thigh, let her legs big, my feet are on my back, her yell It’s so close to my eyes, as long as I extend my tongue, I can taste her …

A short appreciation has made my blood, I finally reached out, put the entire surface of the tongue on the chrysanthemum hole in Wen’s Yin, and then lick it!

The tongue is like a rough sandpaper, like a rough sandpaper, licked her the most wonderful flesh full of love, sliding the tongue slides slid on Wen Jiao’s covered lips, have been got to Wen’s already standing for congestion Red shawl!

Along with me, I’m a heavy squat, Wen’s body is fierce, and my feet will repeat the twitching with my repeating.

My tongue tongue itself, and I use my best to lick the whole Yulin, supreme feeling and smell of slight salty gum!

Wen was still holding down the lips to hold back and did not send a snoring. It’s just two unbelred pictures.

Such visual and taste of dual meals make me really unparalleled!

Such a delicate and lovely girl makes me taste her, I really feel grateful … I temporarily stopped “mouth skill”, smiling and Wen four eyes, her trendy labia, clitoris is still because Happy and creeping, and Wen deliberately let me smile from independent “Wen, comfortable?”

“Useless, I am sexual cold … don’t be proud … Oh … you have this bad guy … don’t …” stop … “

I heard the “sexual cold” three words immediately flew my whole head and make my tongue faster and more violently sweeping the Wenyu, I kept retractable tongue. Wonderful holes with tender and unusually moved the tip of the tongue.

Let every protrusions on the tip of the tongue, rubbed the labians, clitoris, sometimes the top of the tip of the tongue in Wen’s will be yin, the clean anus is stirred, rubbed, sometimes wrapped in the upper and lower lips, and congestion ……

After a while, Wen has been accompanied by my frequency, I can’t let go of the air, I can’t let go of the air!

Wen’s whole body can’t help but twitched with my sweeping frequency!

After a fierce entanglement, I stopped, and I watched Wen Jing ‘s thigh, and the badly rossed the calf, the bad downtown: “Your legs and foot prove, you are not Cool!

Oh … “The extremely pleasure is a bit awkward, Wen twitching, breathing, at this time, the eyes are blurred, cheeks blush, for a long time:” I have no strength. Bad guys. “

I have already wiped the little water beads on our body. I have hugged the soft Wen to bed, talking and holding her Kung Wen has a little restoration of physical strength, and Wen is born, and she begins. I want to drill into the quilt. No longer let me see her naked!

I still caught the quilt, I grabbed Wen’s feet to make a big one of the big faces that were foufooted in bed!

“You this bad guy!

Bullying me … don’t like this … bad guys …… “

Wen’s mouth is actually a stronger, I have stimulated me, I directly bury my head into the thighs, launching “port” offensive, I have to completely let Wen no wing in the power!

This time the offensive now thinks that it is a slut and return!

Just a moment of work, in my tongue and fingers, the next Wen has already smashed the things that can catch all the beds!

Wen fully released, completely enjoying my happiness, thorough “叫” … this love, I know the best time to start …

Wen has been completely immersed in the fun of sex, and the face is full, only the desire and expectation to me, her expression has been completely replaced by the sensuality, her look is blurred and looked at me to stop. Kiss on her yin gate.

Get up to put her legs, put on both sides, slowly put the glans in the middle of her yin …

“Bad guy … … I want you … I want you …” I borrowed the elasticity of the yin, let Wen’s covered gates naturally stuck my glans, I am watching this two When I was an hour ago, I still have a graduate student who is sacred in violation, and now she has been completely taught into a sensuality woman who only hopes me crazy, put her deepest woman, and even her spring tide is flooding, fresh and delicate. The vaginal mouth has been caught in my half a glans …

Along with Wen Ye, the deepest part of the soul and its satisfaction is full of unlimited temptation, and my life squeezes the elastic vagina, the angle scrapes from Wenchen Road. Every pleats in the hysterer!

Instant pleasure gives Wen’s blood to his face!

Her mouth is big, the face is blushing, the sound is like being squeezed from her body instead of being sent from her mouth!

The feeling of entering the body is like every happy cell is concentrated on a huge and standing masters!

That layer of tightly flexible meatline with my entry one, I am open, and I am ruthlessly open, then enter the next, open … it seems to be countless soft, The elastic granulation cluster is wrapped in my entire life, then gentle and dramatically rubbed me, let me nowhere to escape, I don’t want to escape, I don’t want to escape … The glans came to the wonderful happiness almost let me faint!

It seems that Wen’s body has a mysterious power to make me hypnotize me. The force that surpass everything makes me only more and more, inserting the body of the yin into the body. I can’t wait for my entire entry to her vagina. good……

In short, now there is only Wen’s deepest thing to be my happy gentle town!

I have a powerful waist to drive the huge angle to open the piston of the motorized motor, and quickly and strive to get the most deep place in the body!

Every time you push, you will be invincible into the soul of Wen!

Every time I take it again, I will have the desire of Wen’s soul!

Win is hidden to my attack, her less poor sexual experience makes her acknowledgment!

Just a while, let her only have every attack of my attack!

At this time, the Wen under my body is already baked. I keep the frequency of twitching and my fingers start softly twisted the hard nipples. I didn’t expect the nipple that had just touched the nipples and her vagina seems to shrink. !

The hard process and the psychological satisfaction give me a feeling of crash!

Immediately in the world’s deepest movement – can’t do it at all!

Wen’s body seems to have countless little tongues in the mouth, and it is more serious!

This fast crash will make me regret it!

So immediately exited only one head in the “mouth”, clamped the thigh, the tongue is topped on the top, and the eye is nose, nose obvious …

So, finally pulled myself from the edge of the crash!

I have never had this way, I can finally feel boldly attack my Wen!

I don’t know what others are, I have a feature, that is, if the first time I want to endure it, I can fight!

And it seems to be more and more brave, now, I started to “蹂躏」 “my Wen, and Wen Yinhong’s face and happiness are undoubtedly” let the storm are more violent!

“Countless times, let life repeat the happy trip, I am very good to control my rhythm, and sometimes the two legs of Wen, and keep the life of the little feet and make life repeat the happiness journey. I am very good to control my rhythm, and sometimes Wen’s legs, while keeping the frequency while kissing the wen, the clean and fragrant, delicate, delicate. Happiness began to let me be fascinated.

In my heart, my heart is full of pity, I know that I have to control myself, only this can bring me more intense happiness, men are active, and there should be more responsibility to take care of Women’s feelings are right!

Although the air conditioner has already opened, two people are still sweating, my “piston” is like a plumber, and I am tired, I’m tired, I’m cramping quickly, but I don’t understand is that there is no “” How is it so tired? !

Ha ha……

The whole of the whole, Wen Wei’s weak volts, the snow white hip is fully exposed to her the source of happiness, I am in Wen, the hands of the hips, top In the silky body, I started a happy trip … this time I no longer pity no longer, all passion is concentrated in my corner! A strong twitching, looked at Wen’s pink tender meat was brought out by my corner and was brought out, the whole circle is almost crystalline, the crash is accompanied by Well, almost madness, gradually hits me!

I can’t help myself, I only have my Wen!

I accelerated, but I haven’t climbed to the peak of happiness. Wen has a powerful vagina that has changed!

Like the tightened circle, I am smashed, I restricted the freedom of my happiness!

Wen Shaking, sputum, I want to send any sound, I can’t make anything, my body suddenly wants to work backwards, it seems that I want to catch me, I will have a moment!

I can’t keep such a posture, in order not to leave Wen, I have to go after Wen …

Try to enter Wen, so that the body is soft and powerful squeezed my corner … I have a quick and short-proof actions …

Finally, huge happiness frenzy swallowed me and my Wen!

My soul seems to have heard the long and powerful embarrassment of the distant sky!

The happiness of the happiness is wrapped in my life, let me don’t want to twitch, I don’t dare to draw or forget it!

I was tight from behind, and the powerful jet made me finally conquered her …

It is unable to say that huge happiness and huge fatigue do the same at the same time. At this time, I was like the silence of the shell, I kissed her earrings from the body. “Thank you baby … I love you … “

Wen for a long time, trying to look back, looking for my lips, deep kiss … Suddenly bite!

“I will remember your life, bad guys … I want to thank you … small bad guys, this is the first time I know that women can be so happy …”

When I heard Wen, I tried to move the same tired angle!

At this time, although it is extremely exhausted, I think I am a real knight!

I have made my Wen have the first climax!

One night, I was very happy, with the first time, my Wen almost became a hungry little cat, until the sky was bright and slept …

The whole story has been finished. After driving on the road next day, he had to transfer the music to the biggest voice because of the lack of sleep. In order to drive, I don’t sleep, I am almost crazy and music singing to the city I live. In the afternoon, I almost fell asleep!

The sky is just black, I am sleeping in the phone from Wen said.

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