I am a senior staff of the company, just arrange some of the work and inspection work of employees every day, and then only busy with some company strategic issues and entertainment, these work is very easy, every day, eight When I was working in hours, I used to get all two hours, and then browsed the web, the time.

One day, when I thought of my hunting target in my big office, I suddenly tap my office door. After I invited her, I know that she is our company’s office teacher Wang Dan, she wears a white silk tight. Elastic shirt V collar, a plump chest, I have a Lenovo, see the white corset through the hidden translucent clothes, it seems that her breast enhancement quickly, and the plump hips are twisted, and go to my office. Table before.

And I told me about work, but I didn’t hear it, just thinking about me in the office, how it would be addicted, stimulating. Can’t help, I will play things below. At this time, she will go to my face. I will put the documents in front of me to sign, I saw her full of fuctors, it seems to be in front of me. What to show me, I secretly say to me, I must get her.

So I got up and went to her behind. At this time, she was writing a document on my desk. When I went to her, she just got her full hip to me, I walked behind her, so she walked behind her. The decoction is concerned: “Write that? “Then use my firm lower body on her butt, then she immediately wants to jump like electric shock, but I immediately used my body and stopped her move.

I told her to her ear to her ear: “The devil’s body can’t stand it, I can’t get it! She tried to struggle, but I won’t let her succeed, I told her: “Small movement, outside colleagues walked to hear.” “She is whispering me:” Don’t. . this is not good! “I don’t listen to her explanation, move your hand to her chest, start caressing the huge tits, then returning her skirt, less than 1 minute, the director of the office in front of me has not hangs.

At this time, she still can’t react. After a while, she is weak and slightly resistant, and her mouth has always said: “Don’t. . do not want. . Do not. . At the same time, I also made a gently squatting. I kissed her every part of her, separated her thigh, touched her shy little hole.

She wanted to shout again and heard her colleagues, so bite his lips and made a low low 呻! After a while, her body has changed, and the full big tits are hard, and the shy little hole flows out of prostitution, and it is flowing down in the thigh. I slowly inserted in the small hole that she was booming with two fingers, oh! I found it inside, it seems to melt my finger.

At this time, I suddenly remembered the ice and fire, I took a cup of hot water, a glass of ice water, I know that she has already started to laminate, but it is not enough for me to break through the limit! So I rubbed a hot water with my mouth, and I broke the buttocks with my hand. I took her door. I went to reach it with my tongue into her small hole, and slowly spit hot water into the point, suddenly, her whole body Start shaking, regardless of everything.

“Oh. . what. . Can’t stand it. . I beg you. . “Then I sucked the water slowly, so I had repeatedly, she also insisted that she was so hot, when she was like a fire, I kneel in her ear. Gently said: “Hot is not hot? “She nodded with her eyes closed, as if she was still afraid of the pleasure. I asked her again: “Do you want to lower the temperature? “She opened her eyes and looked at me again and some uneasy. I don’t know what I have to do next?

I took the cup of cool water, put the purple coarse chicken, who was bloated, was in the cold water, after complete cooling, I separately put the cold cock to the bottom, because her prostitution already There are too many flows, so inserting it is very easy, let’s take this trembling, then I started to float, it is slow to fast, probably inserted more than 500 times, I also have no counseling The essence is shot to her uterus, during this period, she vented 3 times.

We both like a slime, and we took a while in my office desk. This is 5:00 pm. She sorted out the clothes and said: “You are too bad, but I like it! Then left. I ignite a smoke and sit behind my work desk, afraid of the excitement just now. I don’t know how much it is more than 7:00, I have sorted out the office, ready to go home, I walked to the place where the open office employee office, suddenly heard a woman in the corner, then the office is empty, I walked in the past and saw a spring map. It turned out to be Gao Qian of the Advertising Department. Xiao Gao is 24 years old this year, it is the company recognized the most beautiful girl.

Small high sitting in front of his desk, holding a phone in hand, stretching into his underwear, shattering, the legs are very big, naked with the thigh, the underwear is not known, the upper body clothes are mostly The buckle has been unveiled, the milk is also pushed, and it is not a big but white, sexy tits. At this time, I saw me and hopped. She immediately put down the phone, put the legs quickly from the table, busy explaining me, “Manager, I. . no. . No. . I. . I. . “I didn’t talk at her performance, just staring at her with my eyes, there is no expression, what happened to see how she will? She is still the real man of the old man, it turned out to be sent with a netizen, she clearly said that if I don’t talk about this, let her do anything. In fact, I said that I am not interested in the girls in the age of 24 to five, in fact, I am not big, only 28 years old, but I can try it.

I will ask her: “” Then I see the performance! ” She listened to me, did not think of thinking to me, opened my trousers, took out my dick, I didn’t think about me, don’t look at her is not big, but Kung Fu is absolutely first, I slowly sit down On the chair, she enjoyed her service, I saw that she was so uns, and the attack was very violent.

For about 20 minutes for me, she took the initiative to ride to me, attended the way, and the two under her small office environment, changed more than a dozen patterns to make love, on the table, on the chair, computer Two hours, the result is on the table, on the chair, the computer is not her Sao is the semen. After the end, she began to pack the battlefield, I patted her sexy buttocks: “Slowly clean up, I I’m leaving! I walked back, I still fell in love and young women.

The next day, because the general manager of the company is looking for me, I came to the company early, preparing information, so that the general manager of 9:00 came to our office to talk about things. Suddenly, 8: 55 Someone knocked on the door I thought it was the general manager came early, I fixed my God and said, “Please come! “But it is not the general manager, but the director of the office Wang Dan, I got up and welcome, I haven’t waited for me, her hot lips are posted, and I am wrapped in me like a snake, make me It is not easy to get out of action.

Just then, the voice of the general manager was out of the manner. He also came to knock on the door. She also stopped looking at me, I told her that the general manager was talking about 9:00, this is panicked. I don’t know what to do? Wang Dan slammed my hand, walked to my big boss chair, let me sit down, she took the table, and didn’t wait for me to respond, the general manager has opened the door, and she said, “How to be so slow? “Then a butt is sitting on the chair opposite my opposite, and I didn’t dare to let the general manager take the master seat. It is better to be more than these customs.

At this time, I slowed down, and then I started to report to the general manager, I was prepared, and she saw that I had eradicated God, I slowly pulled down my pants chain, took out my dick. Slowly play with your hand, for a while, she told me again, from gentle to crazy, take off my shoes and socks, use my foot care about her crisp, and use my toes to seal her The nipple, it seems to be retalian, my face is made by red.

It’s hard to cope with the general manager, I also shoot 3 times in her skillful crazy techniques, when I went out, I said to me: “You are sick, the face is red and white, the sweat has always been constant, Go to the hospital to see it! “

I am just a smile, as the general manager is close to the door, I also pulled her out of the table, stripping her clothes and her wars of three hundred rounds, since then, we are fascinated by the office to make love, both crazy Also stimulate.

I will continue my work and hunting activities, I want to continue to find more stimulating methods in the office. One day, I was drinking coffee at the company’s lounge, and suddenly heard a corner of the lounge. Someone was quietly called, it turned out to be a lady of our company.

I am taking care of it, I may be chatting with a girl, what is it talking about how her boyfriend last night, then she got to go to school’s male classmates came to her and then to bed, and her male classmates have a love level. Longjin, but it is still almost a sloppy, talking is so proud. I listened to it, I realized that the previous lady of our company is such a small saga, I decided she is my next hunting target, I have to design a particularly stimulating environment.

But I am particularly busy these days, because our company is going to merge with a British company, these days are busy. Finally, the time came, our company successfully merged with the British company, this night, in order to celebrate and meet the arrival of the general manager of the new foreign manager, the company held large company collective activities, and event was held in the company.

That evening, we wear are pretty special, I found my goal in the crowd, she was exceptionally beautiful today, wearing a red dress large open-collar all the way to the foot, can vaguely see the outline of the chest and plump through clothing buttocks. This very beautiful dress could not hide her plump body, but reflects our ten table around a large round table sit down, I sat next to my goal, we prodded each other, it can be seen she was my reverent. Before the event, we chat for a while, I slowly put his hand under the table next to the red cloth, touched her thigh, she was shocked, almost cried out, panic looked at me.

I have to show a calm look, and then she did not have any reaction, she seemed a little nervous to see what other people are not noticed anything, but everyone in the chat, who observed the care of her, I slowly activities begin my hand, set off in the bottom of her skirt, the handle from the foot has touched her thigh, her tightly closed thighs, let me touch her private parts, I groped want to take off her panties but I did not find, I looked at her, she shy away from my eyes.

I know she did not wear underwear, which I was more excited, my little brother began to erect, straining with one hand I separated her legs and began playing with her labia majora, and soon, she was actually out of the lustful liquid, I could not help looked at her face, her face slightly excited, and slightly a hint of red, and I know she started to change, so I plugged the middle finger inside her pussy slowly activities, her legs began to become ever greater, meet me tease.

I slowly put two fingers inserted into it, three. . Four. . Has been put into the whole hand in her pussy to explore, this time, she is already sweating profusely and did not dare to call and can not stand, I could not believe her pussy is so powerful, so big, a bit like a foreigner! Then she picked up a large glass table plus ice mineral water drained, then mixed with pleading eyes looked at me with desire.

I know that this time she may have been dry, I put me into the hands deep in her pussy slowly aside, I got up and went out, and then she followed me, we came to the company’s female toilet, she went to look at advanced sure that no one, and then we go, just go, like a hungry wolf as she flew from the back of my body, semi-pro and semi-biting kissed me, while also off my shirt.

I secretly thought, really can not tell, weekdays seemingly shy of her, sex is so crazy, we soon became naked, then went to a compartment, I sat on the toilet, her proactive stance sit down, I have every inserted into the deepest of her, and she waves have also issued a cry, I could not believe that she would be so crazy love, each and violent inserted, suicide seemed like it such plug the next two or three hundred, thick stuff I feel a little faint raw so, this time, she has twice passed the climax.

Because she was too violent, her pussy began to dry, the inserted when two people have a little pain, and then she just put my big guy greedy eating into his mouth, as if want to swallow it. Now, she seems to have excited than just an inattentive gave the door open, and I would like to close it, but now I pose? Less than the door and do not want to interrupt her, so I let it go!

She increasingly excited, my little brother seems more big plus innings, the big let her revel, when the door suddenly opened, and this next freaked us, and she still maintained a posture, but I still set the banner, we were looking at people from the outside come in, he saw a foreign woman, she came too stunned for a moment, not help the big guy looked at me, then said sorry in English and went out.

Moment, we are like a deflated ball the same, she asked me: “how do? “I pretended to be calm and said to her:” It does not matter. “Then in order to not let her get too excited, I took the initiative took her in my arms and she did twenty minutes, until I shot in her body so far. Although I assured her it does not matter, but I know the seriousness of this thing!

After we finished, to be returned to the original seat, then the company’s activities have begun. What are the start of his speech chairman of the board, I did not listen in, his mind was still thinking about what a foreign woman who is just? To our company to do? Because foreign people, I basically seen everything. Thinking that I heard here, Chairman of the Board, he said: “Please, general manager of the new foreign speech! “I do not know a British woman ever came up, it just broke into the female toilet which foreign woman, I could not believe my eyes, I looked at her sitting next to me, This time I am determined that he did not see wrong, she nervous than I am.

At this time, my brain is blank, I don’t know how to be good, the next more terrible thing happened, our deputy accompany this new general manager, every table is toast, I will introduce it. I am afraid. Urgent, but still keep a little smile, because I am also the company’s senior management, so the general manager also touched me with me. The next day, I didn’t seem to go to work like a soul, and I almost hit the car because I got on the road. I haven’t half an hour to the office, and the secretary of the general manager came to my office to tell me, the general manager has to be! !

I am thinking, I am afraid, I am finally here, I am coming to the fate of our company, I am bumpy coming to the general manager, she is smiling, please sit down, then use my English cold, I I feel strange, she seems to be as I imagined, it seems that it is even more amiable than the general foreign boss.

Later, she told me that she just came to China, she didn’t understand China’s culture and businesses. I hope I can help her, because in this company, she first knows that I was whited by red, since then, She almost went out to give me, I also strive to let her understand China’s culture and customs, sometimes when I take her, I will take her to Beijing’s alley to turn, eat and eat, to explode. .

With a Sunday, I just woke up in the morning, the phone rang, I saw it is our general manager. She told me that she came to Beijing for this time. I took her to know China. Today she prepared a real British meal for me to express my gratitude! She invited me in the way of the British. Of course, there is no reason to reject her, then dress up and dress up, and I have a bottle of red wine that she collects for many years. I know that she must like wine.

When I arrived at her, I gently knocked on the door, she appeared in front of me, today, she is the most beautiful since she knows her. She wore a British evening dress low chest, she had the perfect body and charm of the British woman, watching her rich, could not help but my lower body.

After we western food and wine, I invited her to dance, she promised, I held her full body, smelling the tempting French fragrant flavor, I really can’t stand, I tentative Kissing her lips, she took the initiative to reach the tongue into my mouth, we started kissed in the warm music, I was really intoxicated!

I retreated her clothes, she also helped me retreated clothes, I slammed every one in my body from the warmth of the crazy, and finally stayed in her small point, we used the 69 gesture to serve each other , Very obvious, Western women are more crazy than women in the East, called more waves!

I started pressing her body, using my 20cm everyone, she also twisted the butt, “噎] . what. . vomit. . Her voice made me more excited, I made her hard, when she vented, the small hole was like a rising tide, and the heat waves turned my glans once again, her mouth is big, and the eye is on the eye. It seems that I am so dizzy, I will let her split three times, change the eleven poses, and finally, I shot delicate in her butt, chest, and face.

I am unable to lying on her, the little brother who has been soft, still stays inside her little hole, and then sleeps deeply! ! !

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