This is a few years ago, I have a school girl called Liu Yang, secretly love me, often find me to send fruit at 9:10 in the evening. But I don’t like her, although she is not bad, the skin is white, it is too small, and I know that I have no feeling, so I have never promised her. One night she found me to talk to me, I promised her. We met on the teaching building. I said to her, I don’t want her, she is very sad, I said that I will give her a chance, what I ask for her to do anything. I really didn’t encounter this situation. I wore a tight jeans and put the ass to hook the ass.

I saw that her ass suddenly felt that this opportunity should not let go, I will say, I can’t waste my energy, you have to do my woman (still not a girlfriend) to meet me. Liu Yang is a girl who is a bit proud, but it is more idiot to sex, asking me how to satisfy me (sweating ~), I said that I have to test what you are doing you for me. I pulled her to no one’s corner, asked her, or a woman? She is surprised and is very shy, answering me said yes. I said that you can rest assured that you don’t wear clothes, I will not rape you, but I have to test your true reflection of me. I said that the body is not lie, I want to touch you, you can push me at any time, but if you are really willing to be my woman, I should accept my most shameful part.

Liu Yang is very shy. Any girl will be very shy. But she nodded! This further stimulates me, I said that you will fade with your pants, so as if I ask you or violate you. She really faded her trousers! Dew white underwear. I took my hand in the past, I took her lick, and she closed her eyes and suffered from me. Solieted her underwear, touched her little hole directly, she finally couldn’t help but slam, said “not”. I am in general, she said that you want me to stop, I said that you don’t have a light butt, I don’t rape you. She said nothing, I can go (the event will get the way). I just played her until I got her virgin hole. I laughed, she said that you are really a woman, so don’t pay so much water. She does not speak. I said tomorrow, I want to experience your virgin, you must be willing to book a house to XX hotels at 10 o’clock. If you don’t want to send a text message, I don’t matter, I don’t force you. I also say that your body is still good, you have to give me another man (deliberately stimulating her). Liu Yang said that I said that I can do it ~ I have returned to my own bedroom.

The next night, she sent a text message to let her have a room, saying that the truth, I received a SMS very surprised. So I went to the house. She obviously appeared very beautiful, or that tight jeans. I said that you don’t force, if you are really willing to give me your own light clothes, just leave the underwear. She is ashamed, but she is still taking off, her underwear is a sexy lace! I said that I have to declare that you have to obey me in a sexual matter, and the other things can be held, she nodded. I said that I gave me the following. Think about how rude to a woman’s order! But Liu Yang actually came over. I took off my pants and took the excitement. She used her tongue. I said that you will not be handed over, you have to use your mouth and then add your tongue! She actually said sorry, then press me! This feeling is really cool (the previous girlfriend refused to bounce).

I couldn’t put her head insert her mouth with my hands, and the chick was obviously not. I will say that my brother will be very disappointed if my sister is not good. She is strong for me. I really want to shoot her mouth, but I have to hold back because I want to effect all the strength to her vocal point! So I pulled the great stick, rest, and teasing how her is a taste? I said the big stick is my baby, you have to like him.

Liu Yang nodded. I said I want to do you. I pushed her into the bed and started to kiss her, and then bite her shoulder, the nipple and the inside of the thigh, the primary school girl is of course a lunar! I told my big pole to say that you still have the opportunity to refuse. If you don’t refuse, you will say “Please plug me.” Otherwise, I will not insert you.

She actually said “~ ~ I’m”, although I am very reluctant! I put into her vocal point!

She bites his lips and didn’t shout. I am very uncomfortable, I will put it in a big rod! Liu Yang’s small hole could not stand this impact, she was painful. I am not pity, I only put her. She asked me to lightly. I said that I liked the rudeness, I can’t stand it, she has only closed her eyes, and I grasp the sheets to let me plug! I plugged in 10 minutes, I feel that it is really cool, but I want to be so cheaper.

Pulled out. Liu Yang is very surprised, even a bit lost, asking me what happened. I said that you are not inserting, are you very uncomfortable? I took the camera and took her. Start her not. I said this is to give you memorial. She helpless me shot. I not only took panoramic, expressions, and close-up of the caves just being opened. I put down the camera and turned her, let her hit her butt with her hands like a bog. She didn’t resist, just “A … A …” Deddy called, I put her white buttocks, then inserted from behind. I think that the chick is the most cool, I am very hard, she is very powerful, but also hurts. I have been inserting her, I am panting, almost collapsed, I think I should shoot, I will pull out the big stick to fire the face of Liu Yang, and then take the photo after I finish it, I asked her, she hurt. I said that nonsense doesn’t hurt you or a man? ! She asked to dry her face (very delicately asked), I know that she doesn’t mean anything else, but for future training. I am very angry, how do you shoot your face? This is the essence to you! I ordered her to eat the semen in the mouth, she refused. I said that I have walked all the way tonight, she panicked.

Who said who said that he can meet me? Do you do this? She touched her tears. I also took her to eat. After I finished, I gently touched her (the butt was red, the breasts and shoulders, and there were a lot of teeth. I was very satisfied. Would you like to be my woman in XX? She said that she would not dare to ask XX. I kissed her, took her and took a shower together, holding her sleep. She hugged me very tight.

Liu Yang has become my ventilation object from the branches of my gone. In order to show me the authority of her, I often let her in the campus or in the unparalleled room, let her bounce in my face or mouth.

Start her reluctant, then I said that I have been abolished so much, you will get out so much, these are essential, how do you dare to waste? She didn’t dare to refute again. I habitually habitually, I will take the initiative to put the tongue out to put the tongue, but I biased her mouth and shot on her hair. , I just want her to understand how I want to shoot her, she can only accept it.

But I really put her, not very frequent, usually twice a week, because I want her to hinder her, her cavity can be a reward for me to insert her, only she can make this time Award. I also ordered her to learn a variety of techniques, let her see a film H game, but also let her write experience. This is nothing more than ruining her on the will. Liu Yang is very strong, especially the advancement of blowjob technology is very fast. About two weeks later, I wanted to open her postcle chrysanthemum, pulled her to the hotel. Everything is very smooth, she is very good for me, I am so proudly and even let her lay on her face and breasts, but when I let her dog 趴 趴 趴 她 她 后 时候, this chick It’s nothing to say. I am angry, threaten her, she is refused.

She said that you can’t do it. I first suffered an arcrade, no way, I had to do it, and I didn’t do her, I am interested.

The next day, I woke up she asked me that I was still angry, I said to course. I asked her why she couldn’t, she said that it would be too metamorphic. I said how you don’t think you ask me to shoot when you shoot it? She said that it is different.

I tried to teach her well.

I went back to analyze Liu Yang’s character, I know that she is unpacking, can’t be hard, must guide her, so a plan is born.

This plan is to play with her every day, stimulate her, let her body can’t suppress the needs of my day, but I have to hold back her, let her can’t stand it. So I took her to all kinds of places to insult her, so that her small hole wet, just did not insert her. Later, I felt that I was not enough, I bought some tools to deepen the stimulation. I still ordered her in 24 hours a day, I was not allowed to take it out. No matter what I came to the streets, this can be tossing to death. She can’t stand it.

She begins to do her. I said you have to send a vow. What she said, I said that you have to swear me anywhere anywhere to do anywise. She said that I swear. I said that you have to say vows. She was ashamed in the floor, she still said, “I am Liu Yang ~ I am willing ~ any time anywhere ~ I’m sure XXX in any way ~ Dry ~” Her “dry” is very small, I deliberately ask her in any way. What? She finally couldn’t help but cry and say “doing me.” I said that your asshole can do it? She said that as long as the brother wants to dry!

I took her to the hotel and torn open her clothes. Her pink underwear is wet, because there is a flea inside! I let her bow like her, put her in her asshole, and dripping some oil. I said that you don’t want me to insert your asshole? See how I insert you! But I will never be too urgent. I first put the belt from the trousers to smoke her ass. Liu Yang hurts, I said why I know why I hit you, she said that she ~ slaves (this is one of her self-calling one) is wrong after the slave is listening to the master! I saw that her ass is full of red printing, I have a sense of accomplishment, I’m very good to insert her chrysanthemum! Chrysanthemum is very difficult to insert, Liu Yang hurts, I dare to say that she is still cool than the opening of the bed! I said, “Dry you ~ Dry you ~ Dry small Saima ~ I said that you don’t want to do it, I don’t want to be,” Liu Yang should respond, “I don’t do it ~ I am willing ~ Beha ~ A ~ ~ 阿阿 “said that the truth is really can’t use the text! I got her chrysanthemum for a whole half an hour, and I took a strong in the two-week semen into her back court! Liu Yang seems to escape in the dead, and the whole body is soft. I will give me a big stick. I also take care of her life, let her down the bed to sleep on the ground. I am full of satisfaction in the battlefield – that bed sleeping. Since then, Liu Yang has made my slave. But I am not a violent blood, I hate the SM who will bleed. I am mainly insult to Liu Yang. And in everyday life, I am more petting her, so, “enjoy” her slave life! “

This is an extremely ordinary night. Since she became my sex slave, Liu Yang came to the appointment in the same place, and wearing it in accordance with the requirements I have given in advance, usually tight. In the jeans, there is no underwear or a skirt, of course, the slave’s smash must always be wet to make the owner to enjoy, so Liu Yang will at least two hours before I will give the electric flea into the cold autumn, but Liu Yang is only Wear. The short skirt is very simple. My previous day’s order is “tomorrow I want to pick up your skirt.” Of course, Liu Yang abide by these did not have been forced. I repeatedly reminded that she can’t stand it, I won’t rape her, but I want to pay according to my rules. After the rear quarter was opened, Liu Yang did not resist. Accurately, from her, she is inserted to depth, she can judge that she would rather be lived by my death, come and change my small hole.

I came to the appointment, ordered her to “climb all over”, Liu Yanglian did not have a dignity. I walked to me in front of me. I picked her skirt to touch her. She is very wet, and she asked her, she I said that I wanted to be clicking on her, I said you continued to climb on the ground. She started climbing, I will kick her, step on her, after she climbed a few laps, I stepped on her back to step on her back. I blew her, she didn’t endurance, she said sorry. I smiled and said that I gave you an opportunity to redeeck, and I came over to serve my great.

She fell in front of me. The girl’s mouth technology is quite well, of course, I will never praise her. I pressed all my brains into her mouth. She was very difficult to lick, I will pull it out, and she gasped. I just pressed her head to put the big stick into her mouth, said that my brother rewarded something, just peeing directly in her mouth! This can suffer Liu Yang, but she didn’t dare to neglect, hard to put my urine. I asked her to drink, I didn’t drink it. I pulled down her underwear and took the electric flea. Liu Yang was released. I put my fingers into her holes and played her. First, I first fingertip, then three fingers, Liu Yang’s breath and lie. I said that you want to call it, let the surrounding couples see that I have such an obedient pet can be cool, she sures you don’t ~ I know that she is afraid, I deliberately speed up the finger, Liu Yang finally I can’t stand the climax, and when I gave it a climax. I said that you can’t call this? Liu Yang’s whole is soft. I won’t let her. I said that my brother will play for a while, you can’t, this brother, how is I cool. I said that I can take a good brother. I said that your small hole is too hot (it’s like this) gives me ice ice, I pulled her to the small pond to let her wash her small hole with the water there.

She picked up the skirt with hand to wipe the little hole. I said that it is not possible to use the water bottle, and then let her head down towards it. Liu Yang squatting me talk about how ice is comfortable, she said thank you master to help the slave. I am saying. She said that the owner will enjoy the slave. I will come over again. I went to me to find a good classroom, this classroom is no one after 10 o’clock, and I still don’t lock the door. I went in Liu Yang, let her kneel on the desk, I picked her a dress to expose her butt. Her skin is very white butt. I started to hit her butt, first with my hand after using my hand. I really like to do her from behind, I also like to make her ass. The more painful, the more painful, and slowly have a cry. I said that you are hitting you, you will be more water every time your ass is over. She said thank you Xie Xie. I put the dog collar to her, then pulled her collar! Liu Yang is difficult to breathe, and the side is plucked violent, and the sound is the kind of voice that can’t stand her.

I am a slightly, Liu Yang quickly breathed, as if I was almost killed. I took her scorpion in her, and she shouted with her cry. I am afraid of pain, let other men insert you, I just want you to hurt. She said that you don’t ask you not to stop. I have explained that I like to be told that so much nonsense, what kind of woman is installed, and she is more hard. There are more and more water in Liu Yang, and hear her feelings from her voice and then enjoying my impact on her! I said that it is cool, she said that you don’t stop, don’t stop me! I said that you die, you don’t have, she said that I am a brother’s brother, how to do it, it doesn’t matter! I said that you will die, you haven’t let your brother cool enough to die? Brother wants to do thousands of tens of thousands of times!

I know that Liu Yang can’t only abuse, I must make her feel the pleasure of being dried. Under my big stick and stir, Liu Yang’s breathing, even in just half an hour. She sures you shoot it. I deliberately asked where she was so excited and humiliated, and she said that “shooting in my obscenity little hole” thinking that a usual arrogant girl is actually self-proclaimed by me. She is really cool. She then said that I am very safe to have anything is also what I am responsible, please take it! I said that you want me to shoot you, I will shoot you, who do you think? She said that I am your slave, is your little mother, is your school girl, ask you ~ Aaa ~ Fast ~ She actually said no words. I said to remember that you owe me. In the depth of Liu Yang Xiao, I shot all the deep sperm into it ~ Afterwards, Liu Yang helped me witten the great stick, and wiped the semen leaking out from her mouth to her mouth. I said that you wrote the underwear on the table. Liu Yang is shy, but it can only be taken. By the way, this is the classroom of her next day!

From the opening of the bleak to the blast, Liu Yang has become a slave who is willing to serve myself by a proud virgin. I have “Zhang Xue”, “妹”, “妹” “,” 奴 “,” female dog “,” Sao B “, etc. I will make her feel shameful. Overall, Liu Yang’s days came to the only difference, probably her small hole is still so tender, then tight.

After the end of the semester, I decided to stay in the school for a few days, the reason is very simple, in order to continue to teach my slaves. Liu Yang is very happy to my stay, because of her consciousness, this is what I missed her.

After the test was finalized, I can’t wait to pull her into a small hotel. I have been playing for more than half a month, but I can’t wait to take her own clothes and torn her little T-shirt. Liu Yang seems to be very excited, obscene is not only. That night I opened three guns, and I took my deep semen into Liu Yang’s three points (basic security issues still have to pay attention, I am in the safe period, and prepare drugs). However, after you finish, I don’t know how to take anything is not enough. Recalling that the first time from Liu Yang, she can play in the past three months. I haven’t played it in severe SM, but I am not good, hurt the girl, but no beauty. I want to go, only one way can further develop Liu Yang, it is 3P, but I look for a few people to do it.

“Father, climb, master want to train”

“Yes, the master” Liu Yang has been soft, but she does not dare to slack. “Why do you have B, have a tits?”

“The tits of the slaves are to develop by the owner, the slave ~ Xiao Sao B is in order to let the owner plug ~” Liu Yang said when he said these words, this is undoubtedly more exciting. “Your B is just to let me plug? Your tits are just to make me play? Do you know what your body is doing ?!”

“Yes … the owner … is a slavery, but the body of the slave is to make the owner to invade the existence. All the slaves are all owners. As long as the owner is happy, even if you don’t have the relationship, even if you die.” I Laughing, “Your bitch has this IQ” of this IQ value, but the most fundamentally, your value is to let me cool, I don’t understand? “Liu Yang busy.

I also say “then I think just inserting your hole, porn your tits, how to do your ass is not enough?”

Liu Yang said, “Please ask the owner to bundle slave, abuse slave.”

I asked “If it is not enough?”

Liu Yang is, she asked “What is the owner? How is the owner? The slave is the master’s mother, let the owner disposal!”

I said, “I want to find a few people, do you.”

I said that I have a big bigger to get out of Liu Yang’s expectation. Although Liu Yang can endure the abuse of me, abuse, but that is because I am doing, it is our two world. But she is not a woman who is born in the world, and she has an instinction of hermetics for others.

“Don’t … Master … Ask you … Is it a slave to do something wrong …” Liu Yang climbed on the ground, lifted her whispering her face, almost cried.

I said, “I have already discussed it, you just want to make me cool. I have to let me do it, I see someone else, you feel that you have to give others, do you understand this truth?”

I also say “when you allow you to say that the owner” is not “? Have you forgotten it last time?”

“Last” means she refuses me to do her back court. This shocked Liu Yang. I asked her “Do you want me to do you, do you want me?”

Liu Yang said “To.”

I said, “It’s ready to be gang.”

After a week, Liu Yang was first tried at the same time by several men.

When I was afraid of playing my pet slave, I didn’t like too many men’s semen contaminated her, I only found two people. One is Li Ge, a strong man, a small mixed head in the nearby region, because I have helped him, I have been very dedication to me. The other is a small black, a boys who have secretly love Liu Yang. When Liu Yang is in the body, when he is surrounded by our three men, a conquest of the throne is born. Soon three great rises.

Li Ge’s great rod is the most scary, and the foot is 20 cm, it is still very thick. I am close to the length of Xiao Black, but my more rough.

“This girl is a big mouth,” I said to the other two.

Li Ge is so saying: “Brothers are really intertwined, I think it feels cool,” I don’t want me to blow, Liu Yang’s mouth is high. Soon we all excited. And I saw Liu Yang’s small mouth and face were oppressed by three great rods, and there was an unprecedented pleasure. The black child is excited, first shot. This kid inventory is really much, and Liu Yang’s half face is covered. I and Li Ge will refuse to let Liu Yang. Li Ge said, this girl has a good one, and I don’t know how many times my wife and the last one, and ask me how to teach. I laughed and said this is a commercial confidential. In addition, we have been insisting on 10 minutes, and we will do almost simultaneously. On the face of Liu Yang, on the chest, there is still her hair, it is bonded to the semen.

“Eating clean” I ordered to “there are three first-class men to shoot you, I don’t cherish it well.”

A large number of semen was eaten in the belly of Liu Yang. Looking at Liu Yang, Li Ge rises again. I said, I have to watch this time, you and Xiao Hua first, Li Ge will wait for it! He is rude to let Liu Yang auxiliary bed, from behind, you can insert it! Liu Yang can’t ban a pain! In fact, the blowjobs just have not let Liu Yang have a lot of prostitution.

Li Ge’s stick is big, and the poor primary school girl is getting!

Li Ge said, “Sports, this Sao’s B is really tender, fucking is really cool, small black, you come over, let’s do the next time!”

I am here, “I am San Shu, you don’t worry about the day, the day is not worried.” Xiaohua did not have much service, watching Liu Yang’s breath, I can’t help it! He picked up Liu Yang’s hair and took his big stick directly into Liu Yang’s mouth! This can be bitterly Liu Yang, followed by miserable, and I wanted to make a sound. She can only look at me with poor Baba. It seems that I will let them don’t insert her.

I said, “You Sao B is I trained. If you don’t give this brother, you have to say that I have no business! You can’t give me a shame! Hello your butt, don’t be lazy!”

Black said, “I had a loss like you, you still loaded B, who loaded B is to be inserted B.” Brother Lee more excited, and asked me not to play her ass. I said, “Well sensuality shake her ass you should have played.” Brother Lee practiced martial arts, do not slap it in general.

A few hand looks crisp and loud. Liu Yang breathing gradually with a whimper, I saw her face, now being done drip tears!

Brother Lee sound more and more rough, I hasten to remind him not to shoot inside. Just finished, black on the first “in-shot”, Yang Liu was choking black semen arrived, he kept coughing. I say small black mud really hurt her, give her so much make up stuff. Yang is not a small thank you Heige. Liu Yang suppressing black swallow semen, off and said “thank …

thanks. . . Heige “Carter, the stick from her brother Li Xue Li Meng was withdrawn, then ride back Liu Yang, the shells have hit the Liu Yang black hair. Finished shooting and said,” This fucking girl too cool. I just feel on the inside vent her twice! “

I asked, “Is that right?” Liu Yang tears and nodded.

I said, “That is not Xie Li brother?”

Liu Yang said, “谢谢李哥肯 visiting my cheap points.”

At this time I can not help it. I asked, “do not you two still fresh, Zanxiong Di has not cooperated with it.”

Brother Lee said he was OK, say black, I can not fall back legs how the people of Afghanistan. I said Nazan for the local plug.

The younger brother Lee said that sunspots to insert it, I said OK, I’ll make do for interrupting. Brother Lee asked the sunspots you plug what?

Brother Lee and I laughed. I said, she was on two B-ass too!

This round Liu Yang never experienced a miserable, three pussy are simultaneously inserted three blood anger Zhang men, and even have been deprived of the right to scream! Because I was interrupted, most can see Liu Yang expression. Her little face because of the dual role of pain and pleasure and twisted, tears in eyes, throat issued a wanted man could not help listening to her Yinmi gasp!

The Brother Lee did not grasp, first fired up. Liu Yang shells have hit back. I say black, we shoot with her breasts, and I left to your right. Black said yes. We both fired together, watered only Liu Yang B-, but very tender breasts.

Later, Liu Yang and the three of us, “posed for pictures.” Of course, Lee was later sent to brother and black pictures as a mosaic, which is to me the monopoly of Liu Yang. Later, Liu Yang admitted that she climax of the day a total of six or seven times.

I say you are my slave, after all, I was not so generous spirit of sharing. But I think when you play or how to tie. Liu Yang behaved nodded. I stroked her head and said, between your performance this time, brother reward you eat Western food. Liu Yang nestled into my shoulder like a baby, said his brother is really good. Well, of course I said that I, who make you wet like that following the Arab-Israeli. Liu Yang turned to shame. Since then, Liu Yang of servility and upgrade it!

After a year of tuning, Liu Yang has become my pet made of a pure virgin school girl.

Probably because the reason often subject to sexual stimulation, more mature this year Liu Yang’s body even development, from A + chest rose BCUP, buttocks more Alice. This adds to the value of Liu Yang as pets.

A time when in August, Liu Yang has graduated from college, doing OL in a medium-sized company, and my job is also business activity surrounding areas. Although not every day in her “education” to her, but the distance has actually strengthened her desire for me to play in. When I heard that Liu Yang in a company becomes OL, more of a novelty pleasure – which means I can “upgrade” from the game to the humiliation school girl playing OL games.

October weather is very hot, I take the opportunity to come to the city for business where Liu Yang, booked a hotel can not wait to send text messages to her, the content is “bitch, OL wear uniforms to allow the owner to do, to do is dry out and die in the past ready now! “

20:00, Liu Yang came to my room on time, wearing OL uniform: white shirt, short skirt, high heels and black silk. I did not touch the woman’s month long ago well done below it, a I pulled her over, put her head into my crotch wearing only underwear to go by. “You’re a Yin Jian of the OL, not quick to master Xiaoxiao Huo” I ordered to. Liu Yang not neglect her like a slave kneeling in front of me, across the underwear licking my lower body with his tongue. I mercilessly slap hit her face, scolded, “You’re a slut, it allows you to eliminate the fire not let you wash underwear!”

“Yes ~ I can’t afford the owner ~ It is too stupid ~ ~” I don’t wait for her to talk nonsense, put the big stick in her mouth. Although Liu Yangkou has been trained by me, it is suddenly inserted into the mouth straight into the mouth, it is breathing. I don’t care about her life, only take care of her mouth, and will take the throat for a while, one will be shot in Liu Yang. Because of a month of accumulation, the amount of injection is twice as usual, Liu Yang is not eliminated, actually flowing from the corner of the mouth. I pulled her braids again and a slap, sauce: “You have a dare to waste the master’s semen” Liu Yang traffic with tears, and the owner is too powerful, the mouth of the slave is not installed, please allow The slave slaves will eat the semen into the mouth. I said that you have a love for me to eat my semen. Liu Yang said, thank you, whose owner has a long to eat delicacy. Looking at a 22-year-old beautiful OL kneeling in front of me, I eat my semen, my treasure below it again. I picked Liu Yang to throw her into the bed, and torn her clothes. Liu Yang did not dare to neglect, and quickly cooperated with me to remove clothes. I ride on her twilm to dig her little hole. After more than a year, Liu Yang’s small hole has become a pale brown from pink, but this does not affect my pleasure. Soon I inserted into Liu Yang B, I added three, plus I pressed in Liu Yang, Liu Yang was made almost gasped, but couldn’t help but continue, the following water and wet belt, it is really sensuality . I lived in bed, I went up from behind it. Liu Yang is screaming, then he will take it. “The master ~ 唔 ~ The master is so powerful, the small hole of the slave is melted ~”

“Ah, ah, please turn the slave!”

“Your Saima is simply born to give me a bitch. You see you like this, let me do it, is it right?” I ridicule. “Yes ~ Ah ~ 唔 ~ Liu Yang Tianheng is to give the owner ~ Hey ~ Please hostess ~ ah ah, ah,” Liu Yang’s climax, the small hole contracted more tight, I couldn’t help, just shot directly in her B inside.

Afterwards, I started to ask Liu Yang’s current situation. Poor Liu Yang, who has just been died, and he is not hung to listen to my training on the floor. I asked her to work, asked and colleagues, after the relationship between the boss, I found that Liu Yang’s eyes were wrong. Liu Yang, was heard from the virgin to 4P three points, and where did she pass me?

I would like to ask. Liu Yang Xinli defense line was quickly broken, cried and said, “The slave is wrong, seek the owner to punish the slave! As long as the owner does not abandon the slave, how to punish it!”

It turned out that Liu Yang has went to work for the first month, it was stared by the manager. After a day, the manager raped her. Liu Yang cried and said that he tried to resist, but the manager hit her with a broom, hit her on the ground and stepped on her, and got her no hand to take off her clothes to do her. Like Liu Yang, this kind of uniform, in fact, as long as it takes off the underwear to pull the skirt. Liu Yang asked me to forgive her while crying. Because she is my slave, it is very important to be sinned without me. But I listened to Liu Yang’s encounter and did not sympathize with her. Originally her b is to give people. When Liu Yang, who thought of wearing uniform was beaten and then dried, I felt it, I think my body is hot. I have been repelted, “How do you do so many women? You must be too heavy! You said how to punish you!” Liu Yang said, the slave is wrong, the owner wants to punish the slave, as long as you don’t abandon How can slaves?

I said, I have to rape you in your office, but it is better than your manager. You are ready. I lived in a clean body, then put an electric jumping into her b, telling her that I didn’t take it before I will do her next time.

The next night, I took a good key into Liu Yang’s office. Only Liu Yang alone in the evening, a BRI, a jumper uniform OL. Liu Yang knows that I have to rape her at night, not “dry”. That is, she must resist, and then be abused, thus giving me the stimulation of rape OL. Liu Yang is worthy of the sex pet that I have taught, she pushed away I want to escape. But how can a BB wet only less than 100 pounds of girls can escape? I got her hair and hit her. This kind of arbitrary beat has produced a punishment than her whipped, I have a punishment, I put her on the ground, took out my baby, drink, I want you to drink My urine! Although Liu Yang often eats my semen, it is the first time. But she didn’t dare to neglect, and they didn’t dare to pretend to resist the resist. The clothes were uncomfortable, and they brought out of my mouth to pick up my urine! I looked at a young OL to pick up the urine, I can’t wait to give her a “big rain”. I first gave your mouth and deliberately shake my baby, so that my diaper is on her face. Liu Yang was desperately to pick my urine with his mouth, because she knows that if this is a cumshot, waste semen is to be punished. I deliberately drank a lot of water, urine for about three minutes, poor Liu Yang can be urinary. I can’t manage so much, then press her on the desk, pick up her skirt withdraw her underwear, transfer the jumper from her B to her ass. I asked her, do you want to be dried? Liu Yang begging, “begging the owner, kill me quickly!” Insert it inserted. For the BB of XI. Yang, I have already died in the car, I have been doing more than 20 minutes. I have to pull out my baby. I put Liu Yang on the floor and then shot her face. And Liu Yang also made a satisfaction.

Liu Yang thought that today’s punishment has ended. I am sitting on a chair to take out the camera, laugh, today’s master will give you a cultivation of art cells!

I quickly sent a text message. After 5 minutes, I came to 6 men, all I am in the nearby boyfriend.

Liu Yang was frightened, she looked at me with poor Baba. I said that they are not coming to you, they are coming to shoot you. I turn the lights and ready to get the camera. The six buddies can’t stand it. After taking off the pants, Liu Yang pee is lying on the floor! I quickly pressed the shutter to take the case where I have been worn and I wear the uniform. Liu Yang was whispering, which is undoubtedly more humiliated than 3P! After the buddies, I ordered Liu Yang to clean up. The result of cleaning is of course a look. As a result, it was only filled with the semen that was filled with Liu Yang face, and his eyes couldn’t open!

I recorded these cameras. One night, Liu Yang experienced rape, drops, urine, and semen, four punishments! Afterwards, I ordered Liu Yang to sweep the clean room and went to the hotel to find me. Because I hope that the first boiled urine early in the next day is also sprinkled in Liu Yang’s mouth!

Since the last office of Liu Yang’s internship, I more likely, I like Liu Yang, who is insulting OL, and then she has been my school girl, “Student Girl” + “OL” double properties is more exciting. No. How much I want Liu Yang to become my secretary to make it easy to play with her! Unfortunately, I was only a regular business person, I can only pass Liu Yang’s work in the place of Liu Yang, and I will have a death.

In April this year, I finally caught the opportunity. Since my performance is outstanding, I have been promoted to the departmental supervisor. Although it is just a middle layer, it already has its own independent office and a considerable number of other resources. After two days of promotion, I couldn’t wait until the beginning of the procedure to let Liu Yang become my secretary. Liu Yang is naturally very happy. She has fell in love with the thrill of being in the same side, but the thrill of obscene, but not more, because my company is relatively large, her salary will increase.

But soon I found out that things didn’t imagine. I am now looking for Liu Yang’s gameplay, there is not much progress, the only gratifying is that I can let Liu Yang smash in my office desk, so I can enjoy her first-class port. However, after all, the business is tight during work, sometimes it is cool, a phone will come to pants to leave. Of course, these things can be attributed to Liu Yang without any reason to punish her, but the days are boring.

By June, I received a task and talk to a group of groups, and the company wants me to go to the horse personally. The other party of the negotiation is a manager of a surname. I listened to people, saying that this manager is particularly colored. I can’t help but get it, my secretary of the pet secretary can be used.

Have things in advance with Liu Yang. For the experience of “people who have been in the owner”, Liu Yang has already had a few times, although she is reluctant, but she did not dare to neglect. I found a hotel room, I, Liu Yang and Zhang Manager three people talking about business. I deliberately let Liu Yang wear a miniskirt, it is the kind of underwear. Let her open the neckline. In June, the weather is hot, and Zhang Manager can’t stand the attention to Liu Yang. I think the opportunity is mature, and Liu Yang makes an eye. The slave is immediately interested. She picked up the bottle to give Zhang wine, hand shaking, just sprinkled out. I will then stand up and drink, and how do you do it! Liu Yang quickly wiped his noodlogram, and said sorry. The result is so laugh, the color of the color is embarrassed, but also busy talking.

I said Liu Yang, you have a form! Liu Yang brush himself in front of Zhang, saying “Xiao Yang is wrong, staining the boss’s clothes, please penalize the boss!”

I secretly, I said to Zhang Boss, today is really sorry, my secretary is stupid, please punish her to disappear. Liu Yang squatted, “Zhang Boss ~ You punish me ~” On the side of the skirt, it is almost full of pink underwear. This fool also understands what is going on. However, as a man, I saw a 20-old beautiful woman squatted in front of himself, showing his underwear to punish it, except for her, what else can you do? I think I’m thinking, I said: “Xiao Yang, let Zhang Bo teach you.”

Then find an excuse to walk.

I slept very comfortable that night. I know Liu Yang’s technology, this sale is definitely no problem.

Sure enough, the next day, I went to the office, I saw that Liu Yang has already swept the hygiene, and holding a document in his hand. It is the contract contract I want. I saw a little swollen her eyes, I know that she is not idle last night. I took the document to see if I didn’t see the problem. I sat on the boss chair. I gave a root of smoke, and I ordered Liu Yang: “Xiaozi went to the door lock, took the clothes to me”

Liu Yang did not dare to neglect. She locks the door, take off the uniforms and underwear. I saw a red print on her white skin, and there was a purple in the shoulder, and I let her turn my butt. I saw her butt even more miserable. I have been repelled, you are a small Saima’s goods, and you are doing a whole night! Master I think of you last night, but I can’t find you! Liu Yang rushed and said, Xiao Yang was wrong, the owner went to death today to death! I said that you want to get beautiful, give me the situation last night.

Listening to Liu Yang said I only know that this manager is not just a good color, purely abuse. When I left, he stood up and put Liu Yang on the ground, torn open her clothes, then ordered Liu Yang to open the hole. He put all kinds of vegetables to Liu Yangzhong, and then eat again Lose. Liu Yang was more sensitive to my training. It’s very fast that the manager’s dish has “sauce” can be dated. After he was full, he poked Liu Yang’s B. Although the chopsticks were fine, it was very long, and it was more than the average person’s great rod.

That manager is still unsatisfactory, let the waiter take 10 pairs of chopsticks, go to Liu Yang’s small hole, fart, almost insert her. Then let Liu Yang put 10 pairs of chopsticks to him. After waiting for his mouth, he turned Liu Yang, let her smash like a dog, stirring the chopsticks, and asked Liu Yang to have a climax.

“The slave felt like a dead, and the following pain and sad” were always stirring to Liu Yang. Zhang Manager stayed. Bring her to the room.

I listened to Liu Yang to say how she was abused, and she felt that the fire was up. I said, “You are here, others see you, think you, abuse you, do you say that?”

“Yes ~ master ~ Liu Yang is the most exciting mother, Liu Yang’s b is born to be abused. Liu Yang’s bitch can be picked up by the owner, can enjoy the master’s training is really too happy ~” I am satisfied Ask, then how do he do you?

Liu Yang said that she was brought to the room, I thought it was a few guns that were taken. I didn’t expect Zhang managers to hit her, step on her, and took her with a belt, and she immediately opened the leg to make him smash. He also biting Liu Yang’s nipple, almost biting it. Liu Yang felt that he had to be abused, and Zhang Manager finally couldn’t help but gave it. Liu Yang said that she was inserted in an instant to save. However, the manager Zhang has been “honest” a lot. However, before the next day, I was abused, and Liu Yangyi – almost inserted Liu Yang’s ass.

I have heard these and I can’t help it. I grabbed Liu Yang’s hair and put her on the desk, pulling out her underwear, and insert her small hole! Liu Yang is told! I said what the surname is, see how I died you! Liu Yang said that the owner is the best, can be happy by the owner to dry Liu Yang. “Oh ~ oh ~ Oh, ah, ah, the owner is so powerful ~ ask the owner to plug in the cave, ask the owner to kill the slave, oh ~ 呜呜 ~ ~ 要 ~ ~ 要 死 ~」 我About 1 quarter, I am unscrupulous to shoot the deep sperm in the pretty face of Liu Yang. After that, Liu Yang became my communication tool. Under her role, I have signed a few big contracts, and of course it earns! However, I didn’t let Liu Yang went to find that manager. After all, Liu Yang is my love slave, I am afraid that she is playing. Play up to 3P, what to play butt, that is, you can. Liu Yang also deeply felt that my love for her, although I often introduced to others, but the loyalty to me is higher!

Jinmao Building, 17th floor, a sector manager office – the table in the boss table, a young secretary in black OL uniform is holding a strong kneeling on the floor, one side with her ruddy little mouth with a man The majestic mask, one side with her chu, but she looked at her owner with a bit of sensuality.

Her mouth sounded a slight slutty voice, making this scene more sensual.

All this, just Liu Yang’s ordinary afternoon, since she was being opened, tutoring and became my secretary.

Suddenly, a typical Nokia mobile phone ringtone interrupted quiet, Liu Yangwu’s painful expression, the movement of the tongue also stopped, and the eyelunity looked at me. My feelings at this time I certainly understand that because her new version of Nokia N958G mobile phone is not elsewhere, the original plug is in her small b in her small B!

“Who is calling you at this time?” I laughed at this time. Although I will put the phone to Liu Yang B then call her to play, but this time is not what I made. I slammed Liu Yang’s hair, and I took my baby to Liu Yang’s throat. Liu Yang did not be able to defend, and the face was difficult to be distorted. The mouth issued “呜” sound. “Don’t stop your tongue! You fucking will not blow!”

I saved the mask while sagging, Liu Yang tears quickly flowed down. I screamed low, and the thick semen was shot directly into Liu Yang’s mouth. Liu Yang did not dare to neglect, obedience, my reward, helped me witten the glans.

After that, I climbed out below the table, climbed to my right hand, so I was thased like a dog on the floor, thank the “奴 Liu Yang Doumei owner to reward!”

As a company manager, I like to make rules and supervise their implementation. The same is true as the owner. Therefore, in the training process of Liu Yang, I figure out a set of “rules” to let the bitch to follow. I am satisfied with Liu Yang everything is very smooth. I nodded and said, “Who is called your phone.”

In fact, before I shot in Liu Yang, the phone is already stopped. Liu Yang should say “Yes, Master”, she turned around and tall his ass so that I would like to watch. I got together the belt who just unopened and rewarded her two whip, Liu Yang did not dare to shout out – because the office is forbidden noise – but therefore the sulking snoring is not a fun. I said that I can take it out. Liu Yang stretched her slender fingers into their small points and took the wet mobile phone. Then I turned around to face me: “When I go back to the master, I call Xiao Sao B is ~ is my sister ~”

“Hu said!” One foot kicks Liu Yang to the ground. “You don’t mean that your home is you a Sao? How can I get out of my sister ?!”

“Yes ~ sorry ~ master ~ is a slave ~ she is not my sister, it is my gogg ~”

“Oh?” I reopened Liu Yang: Height 165, the weight is only 50 kilograms, the waist is thin, the tits, although she only barely has BCUP, but a pair of nipples really cute bright red. The junior high school is a squad leader, and later graduated from a key university. She’s boyfriend described her is a little proud girl, and at this time, she wearing a big uniform and the ultra short skirt that had just wrapped his butt, like only a female dog in front of me!

“Will your sister do you get rid of it?” I said with a smile, “Take me to see her.”

On the evening, I didn’t have a day Liu Yang, but I used my energy to study her sister. Liu Yang’s Tangmei called Liu Wenna, 16 years old, studied in a high school second grade, a childish, body belonging to the young teeth, but a pair of tits have a complete different body shape – according to Liu Yang said there is CCUP! But what I am most interested is that Liu Wenna is not just a beautiful and cute virgin, and it is a child who is not understanding for men and women, and even has never talked about the childhood of love! The next day, in Liu Yang’s arrangement, I got a “inspection” at the door of Liu Wenna school, and I thought about her.

In the evening, I called Liu Yang to study, telling her how to do it. Liu Yang face is difficult, suddenly squatting in front of me: “Ask the master to let me let me! I am the most exciting bitch in the world. I have to give the owner, but Liu Wenna is only 16 years old. She is not like me. I don’t have to do it, I don’t have to do it, I don’t have to die! But my sister is still small! “Said that there was a tear.

I am angry with me. I grabbed her hair and fan her face and kicked her. I pressed her on the table, picked up her skirt – her skirt is directly small B. – I took a rough wooden foot (the kind of clothes used), and inserted into Liu Yang. Small hole! Liu Yang screamed, but it is not dare to come! I used the wooden rule to use the wooden tip of Liu Yang’s small hole, while I said, I am your honor, I should be happy with your sister! You dare to obey, I will make people gang rape and that small saga, then send photos to your other’s parents? ! Liu Yang was talented by the wooden rule. I couldn’t say it. Only he was squatting. I slammed the wooden ruler. I played a big stick inserted in – it was inserted into Liu Yang’s “back door!”

Liu Yang, “Ah!” The big name is called, and it has a convulsion! I used her ass to take her ass, a slap in the eyes of her fart, and took the semen directly into Liu Yang’s Dried red chrysanthemum. I am satisfied with the great great, saying that Liu Yang: “I have just given you about your sister’s plan.”

“Yes, master ~ Liu Yang is all understand ~ Please rest assured ~ This weekend must be ~ can ~ you can do my sister.” I am satisfied with my nod. Working back bedroom goes.

It is coming soon on weekends. In order to dry Liu Wenna, I didn’t do it in the past few days. Plan is actually very simple: I hit the weekend Liu Wenna’s home only her own, and Liu Yang has the key of her home. I am more than Liu Wenna to her home, I took off my pants, sitting in Liu Wenna’s bed, let Liu Yang light gave me a blowing down under the bed. Liu Wenna saw this scene in a house, and it was shocked! What makes me feel more is that the expression on her lovely little face is not the “understanding” woman (even if it is still a woman), but it is completely shame and fear! Liu Yang immediately stood up and closed the door. Liu Wenna frightened and asked what I did? I said, your sister owes me money, so she asks for her to do her, but she really owes too much, she is not worthy of debt, I said that unless she found a person who was 18 years old, I brought me. I only put her. Liu Yang took the words, seeking sister, you save your sister, otherwise your sister will be killed by them! I didn’t expect Liu Wenna to be so cute, and the Baba squeezed out a few words “What is the blowjob?” I greeted it. I said that you take off your clothes first, you can rest assured that I only let you not raself. Liu Wenna heard her take off her clothes and scared his arms. I looked at it, I wanted to do her. I pulled Liu Yang and let her put B to Liu Wenna, then I stretched it with two fingers. In fact, for the buckle B Liu Yang is not only used to, but also enjoy! But at this time, she hurts wow, saying that a good sister, you don’t save your sister, you have to be broken! Liu Wenna wrote, I took off, I took off, please don’t bully my sister.

I didn’t think this girl is really so simple. I said when you take off me when I let your sister.

Liu Wenna quickly took off his clothes, and finally only small underwear is, it is a cute little bear cartoon! But she refused to continue to take off! At this time, it was also ingenious. Liu Yang was actually deducted! Then, a woman who has never heard of Liu Wenna will satisfy and miserable! Liu Wenna thought that his sister was really broken, and hurriedly took the small underwear.

I examine the prey in front of my eyes: 16 years old is a girl flower season, Liu Wenna and her sister Liu Yang is white and tender, but Liu Yang’s appearance belongs to the youthful vitality. Liu Wenna is a typical eating type – do not look at the chest 11 or 2 years old. She is a pair of breasts on the two pink nipples to be very eye-catching, flattened, and a sparse black hair is hidden with her virgin!

I said, let your sister teach you how to pay, you squatted me. She may be frightened by Liu Yang’s gods or what is it, it is very obedient, and I haven’t said anything. Liu Yang first made a demonstration, taught her how to lick the glans, how to put the whole rod whole, how to serve “Egg”. Then Liu Wenna was pulled over, licking the egg and licking the head Liu Wenna is not bad, although she is ashamed and felt that the nausea expression is completely different from Liu Yang. However, she has a deep throat, helpless, I have to order her up to the biggest mouth, then hold her small head, insert her small mouth like a BB, hard to put all my male masks all insert Liu Wenna Cherry small mouth! Liu Wenna almost gasped! But how can her weak body twist me? I said, Xiao Nana, you know, give the man’s intersection is a woman’s compulsory course! If you don’t have blowjob, your husband will not want you! About is too excited, I don’t leave God, actually shoot out of the semen – but I will return the soldiers in time to make the semen in Liu Wenna’s pretty face. Poor Liu Wenna is originally a beautiful “bar face”, this is full! “You can let go ~ Let’s let my sister,” Liu Wenna kneel on the ground, the mouth is white and a white liquid, and a poor Congant. I said, the little mother, giving your sister with the camera. Liu Yang took the camera’s LCD to Liu Wenna, the photo inside is Liu Wenna’s photo and full of semen! I laughed, I got your sister, but if she wants to be done? “How could it be!” Liu Wenna was lake. Liu Yang said with Liu Wenna and squatted and said, I Liu Yang is the slave of the owner, the mother’s dog! Can be done by the owner is my greatest happiness! My sister is also coming with my sister!

Liu Wenna knows this, but what can I do when a 16-year-old girl with a face of the butt is now? ! Liu Yang hugged her behind her, she shouted to save her life and struggled, I separated her legs, appreciate her pink virgin, which can be frightened by Liu Wenna. “Rogue! Color wolf! Let me go! My sister let me go!” I smiled and said, do you want everyone to see the photo of your rogue? She fell in her suddenly. I grabbed that moment to open her legs, and I took my little hole. “Ah, ah ~~ Don’t ~~ 呜呜 ~~ Let me go ~!” After all, it is a virgin hole. Although I have a star, but just barely put the glans, I stopped, and I was stopped. Force, Liu Wenna’s cute virgin is by me! “ow!!!

Hey ~ I will be broken below! “

“My sister is really childish! The woman’s small hole is to give men. It can only explain that you have nothing to do.” Liu Yang was really well-behaved after being lessaught. What sister is full of 舔 舔, then I will lick me at this time. The anus, taught her little girl! Liu Wenna’s painful face is distorted, and the tears are snot, but they will continue to provide you with the little hole! I did about 10 minutes, Liu Wenna did not resist the strength!

I do it slightly to stop and pull the big rod. Liu Wenna thought that her nightmare was over. I didn’t expect that I turned her, let her hear his ass, crawled with her dog! This posture is the most embarrassing, let alone Liu Wenna is a girl who does not understand personnel? Liu Wenna was crying, but the small hole seems to be slowly adapted to being violated, and the obscenity is slow, let me do her, there is a lot of water! I laughed. “Your woman also likes to pack B, don’t say it, the small hole is wet, it is really indeed, I will die, do you die!” Liu Wenna woked the sound: “Ask you ~ Ah, Ah ~ 唔 唔 ~ Tap ~ ask you to light ~ I am dead ~ “I said that I am going to die, who makes you don’t obey yourself to open the hole, take the initiative to do you! In fact, like Liu Wenna, I can’t especially I want to take her, but at this time I don’t care, I have been taking myself, I feel that I am at the top, I am smashing, shooting you, shot you. Small B

“Don’t die ~ Oh ~ ah ah ah, ah, ah ~” With Liu Wenna’s miserable sound, I am unscrupulously ejaculate.

Afterwards, of course, take the photo. I have finished “After the scene” I took Liu Wenna’s small waist, saying softly to her ear: “Anyway, you have to be by the day, now I have passed you, you will be my woman in the future. Let’s hurt you, I will hurt you.

I left Liu Yang to do “psychological counseling” and stepped out Liu Wenna’s home. On Monday, I was as long as the door to get off work, and I opened the door, and I opened the door, a girl wearing a miniskirt and zebra prostats standing outside the door, half low, in the shame In terms of fear, it takes a few points.

I am going down and gently kissed the girl’s forehead, smiled and said, Xiao Nana, I will love you.

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