On the dark night, just on the middle of the self-study, I was in a hurry on the way home.

Because the father will come to pick up, but the father is going to travel, never go through the night road and very timid little, and there is no one.

Although the family is not far, but it must pass a small alley without a street lamp, but this alley is very deep, but only lives a household, so there is no one in the evening, it is very dark. Scary.

“Don’t be afraid, you will get home.” Xiaowou low-end stepped into the small alley, and muttered in his mouth to fight for himself.

“Yeah …” Suddenly, Xiao Youwei, which seems to feel like I hit, and I went forward.

Through the dark moonlight, Xiao You saw a young girl who knocked down by himself. When I saw the girl’s dress, Xiao You immediately shamefully face.

I saw that the girl looked up, and the limbs were greatly separated. In addition to a very long male windbreaker, almost naked, the body was bundled with a very thick rope, and the lower body wearing a leather underwear, the underwear also faintly about about Some vibrations seem to have something. More shocked is that the girl is copying the handcuffs after being contrary to be in the body, and there is still a feet on the feet. It is no wonder that being smashed by the petite little.

“Hey … …… hindrance …”

Since the girl was hit into the ground, the rope on his body became tighter. The rope is tightly laid into the girl’s body, and she has continuously rubbed her breasts, and the girl hates can’t hate.

“In the case of … you … you don’t matter!” Xiao You quickly curved his waist and helped the girl.

“No … don’t touch … Thank you.”

“Who is bundled with this, or I want to help you alarm.”

“No … No, it is … it is my own …” The girl has a low head.

“You yourself … is … Why?” I saw the girl’s young and beautiful, and I couldn’t help but feel a pleasant.

“Because I like to be abused, I looked at Xiaoyou’s face, I replied to the normal girl’s refreshing answer.

“Injury … hard … isn’t you afraid of being touched by others?” The girl boldly answered, making Xiao Yue suddenly red.

“No, it’s so late, I generally have no one here. I can’t move, can you help me back?” The girl pointed out the only house in the alley.

“Ok … ok.” After the end, Xiao Youjubeded the girl with a feet slowly walked to the house.

“Right, my name is made of beauty, 18 years old, is the second grade of Shengyun Middle School, you?”

“My name is Xiao You, seventeen this year, I am a grade of Shengyun Middle School.”

“Too good, we are in the same school!”

“You … are you not? Are you?” Seeing the body of the body was red, the pure and innocent little excellent, fortunately, she has not found secrets in the generous pants.

“Call … No … It’s not difficult, habits are good, are you still a woman?” Just take a few steps, it is made by the two electric masks of the leather pants.

“Yes … Yes.” Xiaofei was boldly greeted by beauty. The two people chatted, and they went to the door.

“Helping … The key is under the carpet, help me open the door.” By the beauty of the head, the eyes are high, and it is laborious.

“You don’t want it!” Xiao You took the key to open the door, and carefully looked at it.

“Thank you, I don’t want it. There are the electric light switch, and there is, help me with the key to the hand, they are on the drawing drawer.”

Hold the door with a little unknown, hold the table with one hand.

Xiao Yan is on the statement to open the light and find the key from the drawer, and quickly go to help the beauty unspeak the shackles.

“do you live alone?”

Xiaowou looked at the fire-made room, only the room was not large, only the second room and one hall, but it was clean. However, it is very uncoordinated that there are many obscenities, electric masks, mouth, jumping eggs, vibrators, raoacrosome, etc.

“Yeah! You? Call … call?”

It took off the rope on the body and took off his underwear, and took out a large number of two wet electric masks from the small points and assh eyes. Electric masks were still shaking. It is covered with beautiful prostitution. It is like this to stand in the middle of the room, with a towel carefully rubbed the body, and the beautiful snow white meat exudes the beautiful light. “Usually I live with my father, but I can only live alone this week, because my father went abroad to do things abroad.”

I saw that I didn’t hide my body, and the wet small hole was constantly dripping the water, and the small super-popular face became more delicate.

“That’s very good, I live with me this week, I am very lonely.”

Holding her by the beauty suddenly, she hugged her before the body, and her relatives used her face.

“Don’t … Don’t this.” The little hairdressing wanted to push from beauty, but she was more powerful than she was more powerful.

“Do you spend with me! Anyway, you live alone!”

“That … well!” Looking at the color of beautiful face, it is impressed with the little superior to refuse to agree.

“Too good, you are so good, I like you.” Then, I don’t know the little mouth. The two are very happy, I don’t know that night is very deep.

“It’s been very late, let’s take a shower.”

“Then you will wash it first.”

“Don’t, I have to wash with you.”

“We are all girls, you are afraid of what.” Finished, a small hand pulled a small hand into the bathroom.

“Your body is so beautiful.” It is full of high-quality sailors.

“Which happens … Is it good?”

Indeed, although the little body is very good than the same age, it is slightly tender than the mature carcass by the Mei Naha.

Then, the beautiful bra and underwear, suddenly, a white-eyed body was completely revealed. I saw that the breast is small, although it is not big, but it is a very perfect hanging pear shape. It is very suitable for men to hold the shackles. The whole small hole is almost exposed.

“Don’t look, as shame …” Xiao Yi noticed himself from the beautiful purpose, it could not be shy with his own breasts and small points.

“Don’t be tight … Your breast is so beautiful.” By got a small and gentle breasts, slowly stroking her small double milk, two breasts were red, the elasticity, pink nippled cute Let the lethare.

“Ah, don’t …” Xiaoyao pushed by the beauty of her, she fell into a strange hand, the feeling is that she has never experienced.

“Come, don’t be afraid, you can also touch me.” By grabbed small hands, put it on your breast.

Xiao Yuhong face, but he can’t help but hold the twiluated double milk, carefully grabbed. It is very large, and it is a rare man who is full of halver. The two keep doing each other and enjoy the beauty of each other.

It is a small fodder with a beautiful one, and it is gently stunned with a small and uniform.

“Hey … hindrance … don’t” don’t have a sudden stimulus so that Xiaowei is milled.

It is touched by the beauty of not slow, and a finger can take up and down around the sputum and dialed the small and a long-awaited clitoris.

“Hindering … hindrance …”

It seems that there is a road electric wave hit on his own body, and the first prostitution of the person, the body is pouring, including finger.

Holding her waist from the beautiful left hand, so that she didn’t fall, sucking a small nipple with the tongue, and the following continued to knead her clitoris, giving her an endless stimulation.

“Injury … not … don’t …” Sustsence the impact makes Xiaowei forget.

“Do you have a very happy?” At this time, the bathroom door suddenly opened, and a middle-aged man who walked very tall.

“Lord … master” is released by Mei immediately released Xiao Yue, and I feel that the whole body is empty when Xiaoyou, who is embracing, and stands unstable.

The middle-aged man immediately hurriedly took the little naked little in his arms. “Skiller, have you forgot to see how the owner is done? Is it also to be punished?”

“To … Sorry, the owner.”

The face panicked by the United States immediately climbed to the middle-aged man, kicking the zipper on the middle-aged man’s crotch, pulling out a huge meat stick with a smell.

“Obmight … good … good ugly …” never seen the small superior masses of men’s masks, this scene is immediately shameless, don’t start, don’t dare to look at it, unbelievable.

“Look at the face of this cute little girl, I will not punish you this time.”

“Oh … oh ….”

The mouth is full of meat sticks, and it can only be distressed in frequently. I remembered the penalty of the previous owner, from the beauty couldn’t help but be eager to be eager, the sausage, the wax, with a large head acupuncture nipple, caught the clip on the small hole … The pattern of the owner has always been endless. Thinking of the owner, it is an excitement from beauty. Two months ago, in the middle of the night, the whole body was bundled with a rope. Only the outside of the windbreaker was put on the beauty. The first time I tried to go out of the house, walk in the alley, a big wind opened the windbreaker on the body, was accidentally After the owner discovered his secret, and the rude raped himself.

Afterwards, the owner discovered that although she was still beautiful than the movie star, the bones were abnormal, eager to be abused by others. In the future, the owner often came here to teach themselves. The master of the master, however, every time I have a desire to die, soon, I will be willing to be his sex slave. The owner named Shilong, but never allowed himself to call his name, can only call the owner.

Thinking of this, by the beauty more powerful, sucking the owner’s big meat stick, but also used the glove of the owner’s pill, falling into the fantasy state.


“See it, she is a buddy bitch.” Shilong held a little superior, and he grabbed her breasts.

“Don’t … You let me go …” The little awakening is immediately struggling, and the bite is biting again and shouts.

“The smells, don’t face the face.” Shilong waved a small ear and fell her on the ground.

“In the case of … 唔 … 唔 …” Xiaofei butt, the heavy fell, hurting her can’t help but cry, climbed into the corner of the bathroom, the whole body hugged into a group on the wall.

“Look at it, how do I do this bitch.” Shilong grabbed his hair in front of him, then, the body was force, and the big meat stick suddenly came to the throat of the beautiful. , Then quickly thrown.

It is not as good as the ace, and the hands of the hands of Shilong’s pills are tightly held, and the eyes are closed in their mouths in their mouths.

Suddenly, Shilong cruelly pinned the nose of beauty, faster in the mouth of the beautiful mouth.

“Hey … …”

It can’t breathe, the body is desperate, and the hands are constantly waving in the air. Her face is getting more and more red, just when she feels so much, Shilong suddenly released her hands, then, then, A rich and embarrassment was shot in the mouth of the beautiful.

“The little mouth of obscene slaves is still so cool.”

“Thank you, the owner praises.” The big mouth of the big mouth is warm and a warm answer.

“See it, you have to call me the master like her, otherwise, I will send you the ugly to you.”

Shilong turned over and took a portable camera from the window of the bathroom. When I just took a bath, Shilong happened to come here. After opening the door with the key, I was strange from the beauty to meet myself, and suddenly I saw the two women and unreasonable entanglement, and immediately brought this camera. Everything took it.

“This … is not very good?” Xiao You hesitated. “I have to three, if you don’t climb it, I will send these photos to your classmates.”

“Just ask you … Don’t … I will see people in the future …”

From small, you are a teacher and classmates, if you let them see the nervous dew and the photos of the beautiful one, I will face them later. Think of this, Xiao Yao can not help but urgently.


Xiao You have a little complained to see the beauty of her. It seems that it seems that it is also aware, and I don’t dare to see Xiao. The owner did not come to taught himself a few days. I saw cute little prostitutes couldn’t help but think of it, I am sorry. “two……”

Under the helplessness, Xiao You can slowly climbed to the stone dragon in the ground, shouted “the master” low.

“Look at me in the beginning.”

Xiaoyu has a head, and the red doll face is full of tears. A black long hair is scattered on the shoulder. Long eyelashes cover a pair of big eyes, the eyes are all horrified, straight straight For example, the white jade hoses should be absorbed, the cherry is half, cute.

“Reassured, I will not violent you today, come, let me cool, hold my meat stick with your hand, then put it in your mouth with it.” Shilong pointed to the big meat stick in the air, Close to small mouth.

“No … don’t …” Seeing almost as thick as the meat sticks like your arm, never touched a small face, and desperately closed lips.

“Hey … no obedience, by beautiful, go to the whip, remember, I am your master, as long as I don’t listen to me, I will be punished.”

The ridicitated bathroom, which is squatted on the ground, has not been allowed by stone dragon, and can only climb like a dog like a dog. After a while, a thick whip climbed in front of the stone dragon.

“Help me, don’t let her move.”

Shilong picked up the whip from the mouth of the beautiful mouth and rewarded the two under the towering hips. Looking at your owner by Mei Xin, I can’t stop my ass. It’s a bit of sorry by the beautiful look at the beauty. Then, go to the small superiority, force the little out of the ground. Suddenly, Shilong took the teach to whip to Xiaofei, raised the whip, and smoked on the white buttocks.

“Hindering …

“You make up the throat, this house has sound insulation equipment, your name is loud, no one will hear … hahaha …”

A whip smashed in Xiaofong, and the little hate did not want to roll, and it did not have to move. On the white buttock, there was another red whip.

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