That is a summer morning, no one in my family, I will go out.

When I walked to the door of A., I accidentally saw Qiao Liang, and his father looked at her next to her, only a four-pool, I saw that his penis has risen very high. .

“Qiantia, come with Dad to the kitchen!” He made a business every day, everyone know, I will follow it.

I saw the skill and slowly lie down in bed. He will play the big hand in a Qiao Yin, gently rub it, and the body left into the right twist, it is very difficult.

“Qiantia, obeying, what do you do, do you do it, do you hear it?” Smart gently.

Abao’s other hand pinched the skillful right teap, which was apparent.

It took about 10 minutes like this, and took off the skillful pants, I took off only a pink triangular underwear.

“Dad, what do you want to do?”

“You don’t want to manage, listen to me is right! Waiting is very cool!” Qiao Qiao believes her father, the legs are open, and it is moving.

Now, Abao began to pull the underwear. “The legs are put together, hurry!”

Qiao Qiaoxiai is also legged with legs, let Abao take off her underwear.

At this time, a smooth hair is in front of me, and the pre-seams are not fully opened, and it can be faint to see her little and tender little hole. Abao quickly used his mouth to start sucking.

I don’t know if she has water to suck her father. At this time, it’s skillful: “Ah!”

“It’s cool?” Abao buried his head to eat smart tender abalone, and smashed “” directly, “This is cool, don’t understand? There is also more cool, do you want to try ? “

Qixing gently nodded, Abbao stretched two big hands, poke in a hands and smart lips, he used the left hand to finger into the labi, after a while, I took a pink circle. Things, it is a smart small clitoris.

Abao pinch it with both fingers, so hard.

“Ah, Dad, itchy itching!” Abao said, with another hand finger to explore the coincidence vaginal mouth, “Is it here? Qiao, tell Dad, is it here?”

“Well! Qiqiu don’t move, I will take a while, obey.”

“I know, I listen to my father.” Abao lowned and continued to succinct the yin.

While he was sucking, the two hands were taking off their underwear, and after finishing the skillful hand, the big meat stick, let it grip, and let go.

“What is Dad this?”

“This is a lollipop. If you don’t obey, Dad uses this lesson. It will spurt a lot of sugar water to drink, so sweet, don’t want to drink?”


Abao helped her head to her head to her head, his hooded approximately 20cm, diameter was 4cm, all entered a smart and young cherry mouth.

“Oh, 唔 …” A Bao took a skillful head and waved it before and after.

Later, I simply fixed the skill, using my waist, repeatedly pumped the meat stick, and the smart mouth is big, I am sure the glans fight the skillful throat, and the intersection is more than one force.

Finally, Abao put the penis into the deepest place of Qiaozi, and launched a gun, there is a 1 minute …

When you pull out, the semen flows out from the corner of the skill, and Abao stops it, and sent it back to the smart mouth, let her swallow all the semen.

Abbao has just launched, the penis has not yet soft, plus a skillful mouth, let her put all the remaining semen clean and swallow.

And pitiful, I don’t know what happened, I still do the words of her father.

She took 5 minutes, and Abao gave out the skillful little mouth, which was going to insert the small hole that she had been developed under her.

“Qiantia, don’t want to play with Dad?”

“Oh, good. Just drinking!”

“Really? Let you drink below this, is it good?”

“What is it below?”

“As long as I listen to me, you will know it right away!” “Hey!” So, the pig three treasures helped his old two, gently arrived in the Yin, holding a skillful waist, let the penis slowly arch NS……

I saw that the penis slowly squeezed the two half of the lips, and then squeezed the small labie, and the horses have already facing the smart secret vaginal.

I saw him using him, heard the “嗤”, the meat stick has entered a major part, and the face is tight, “Dad, hurt, hurt!”, I noticed The blood is blown out of the vaginal mouth. Abbao broke the girl’s film of the biological daughter!

After smart pain, Abao began to add a big thrust.

I saw the smart small labiarh was brought out of the meat stick. Abao closed his eyes, enjoy the tightness of the daughter, although she didn’t have much water, and his hands were repeated. Stroke, smart mouth, “um,”, the pain just broken, it has been alleviated, and now the flesh begins to enjoy sex.

I am very difficult to believe that the 18-year-old child has such a strong desire, and now she has reached the point of drunken dreams.

Since the pig’s three treasures have been taken about a lot of time, the pig Sanbao will stop and start the fierce ejaculation action. The action can be clearly listened to the sound outside the door.

When he smokes the penis, the penis has not been completely soft, the pure white semen of the big beach mixed with the blood of the blood!

Now, the Qiao hyster, the vagina is definitely filled with her father’s semen, but they don’t have to worry about pregnancy!

“Qi Qian, fun?”

“Well, so comfortable, you go forward, I have a good pain, but I’m so comfortable! Dad, I still want to play again!” At this time, Abao started around, suddenly he found out at the door …

“You just saw it?” Abao asked.

“Yes …” I looked at it. She didn’t wear clothes yet, she was lying there, even handing her own little forced, doing hands.

“Do you want to try it with a skill?” A Baoto asked me like this.

“I? Do it with her? Do you agree?”

“I have a relationship with her. Her mother is not there. Now I am the Lord, I am talking about it. If I have sent 2 guns in a row today, I didn’t take her three times. This is the third time You help me. “” Is it? “

“No problem! Snind clothes, I look …”

In this case, then I will try this little girl who has just been broken by my father.

“My brother is doing me!” Qi Qi is so sensual to do this with her father.

I took off below, anyway, I had a small pantry and a panty, I kiss her hairless light.

Since it is broken, I extend out the tongue, I have entered her vagina, and I drilled it in her vagina …

At this time, I only feel that there is a little secretion in her vagina. It is not too strong, I will drink it all, and use my fingers to pick the coincidence clitoris, with my finger to tease her most sensitive place.

I am smart, and I called “um hu” in my mouth.

I have enough to play, put the skillful legs into M-shaped, I will enter from directly.

I just entered the place, her little puspered, I learned to succeed for my glans, and her little is very tight, warm surround my glans …

Just starting me once again with the biggest strength, I’m deliberately forward, slowly exit until the glans retired from the vaginal mouth, and then enter again …

It was repeated for 20 minutes like this, and it was very late to be able to push the climax 3 times.

Suddenly, Abao also stuffed his hood again into a skillful mouth and repeatedly pumped her upper hole.

I let it smoke into a dog, let me insert it from behind.

And A Bao still did not give up the blowjob, but it was more powerful.

After turning into a dog, I can enter the ground deeper, and I am more cool, I am like this, and I have a climax, and Abao also hits it again in a skillful mouth!

I have a skill for more than an hour, I finally ejaculate, all in all parts of the smart vagina … At this time, the vagina filled with 2 people, I am very satisfied, and I am very happy. I am very sad for her, and I have been adulteable so many hair still don’t know what is going on.

“Will you come next time?” When I left, I asked me.

“What?” I asked.

“I still want to play with you again, can’t you do?”

I haven’t answered, Abao said: “Next time we raise the sharp, two people are clever, let her more cool, do you say it is good?”

“Ok, when?”

“How come tomorrow afternoon? Are you free?”

“Row … During this time, you don’t hit the pistol, leave a lot, I will do it with her this evening.”

“Ok, let’s talk about it” I am satisfied back home.

About 2 in the afternoon of the next day, Qiao Qiao himself knocked on my house.

She is all sweat, she looks like …

“What’s wrong?”

“I have just come back from the court, my family is locked, my father is not, I want to come to your home, play with you yesterday. I want to play with my father, I will first with you. Play like yesterday. Ok! “

I promised her, but I told her that she is now sweating, she wants to take a shower first? She said yes, but I have to help her. I promised her.

I put it on the water, she has already taken a short …

I looked at it, and her little is still a little red.

She entered the bathtub, I used to invest in the water, touched her teat together, and another hand grouped to her.

“Why, this is good here, lasting last night, the place where the urine is painful?”

“There is a little pain, how do your lollipops plug in? I use my middle finger to plug, I can only plug in the second joint, I can’t insert it. What is going on?”

“You tell me the truth, do you like this?”


“I really like it, really. I want to play now …”

“How to play, play in the water?”


I listened, took out a little shower gel, painted on the two fingers of the left hand, straight to the Qiao Yin, and put it in it.


“What’s wrong?”

“Good comfort!”

I laughed and let the fingers further entered her vagina, and the top flowers.

My left thumbs are not idle, and the clitorp is stimulated, and she pushes her to the climax of life.

Suddenly, I pulled out the middle fingers, borrowed her anus, and drilled in the lubrication of the shower.

“Ah! Where is your finger insert?”

“Where you pull it, it is fun.”

“Really? Then I believe you …”

I listened, continue to plug with your fingers. On the other hand, my right hand is not idle, and her small nipple is pinched repeated.

In this way, it is about 10 minutes to play in the water.

The cold is cold, I took the towel to help wipe, and then hug it in my bed.

Just a bed, she opened her legs, I quickly took off my clothes and exposed my meat stick.

She saw it, and I took a picture. “Brother, you also give me a sugar water like my father!”

“No, my sugar is only left to your sister …”

“I have no sister!”

“It is the place in you …”

“which place?”

I bent down, put the glans to the cozy vaginal mouth, waist, a sudden sound, I am inserted again. “It’s you this place. Do you have a drink or let your sister drink?”

“Let my sister drink, I put my fingers into my sister last night, took a lot of sugar water, I still drank it! My sister can put sugar, you can also pick it out, and I use my fingers. It’s so comfortable! “Yesterday I and her father shot so much in her vagina. I deflated her full of vagina, including the uterus. It is a semen … Unfortunately, I still don’t know, I still have to be in the drum.

“My brother will shoot the sugar in the brother!”

I did her for about 10 minutes, and I had a climax of a climax. I pulled out the meat stick, let her legs like a female dog, I inserted her from behind.

When I collided with her sex, I sent a “speech” voice, my scrotum also hit her ass.

I finally gathered to get excited to a little, suddenly broke out, I shot.

At the same time as I shot, I checked and loudly, I simultaneously felt a chance of painting, she also arrived at the climax.

My semen shot from the horns of the glans, all into the Qiao uterus …

“This is good, I have sugar and drink in the evening!”

“If you drink sugar when you let the declaration, you can’t do it?”

She listened, I haven’t responded yet, after a while, she said, if it is fun.

“Then if I and your father insert your sister, one inserting your asshole, you don’t agree?”

I deliberately tease her, anyway, I don’t agree, as long as we think, she has to do that.

“Well, but it is going fast, it’s cool, or I don’t do it!”

That is waiting for your father, let’s play like that …

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