She is thirty-five-year-old office she is thirty-five years old, the skin is white, the body is delicate, although the upper is ordinary, but the hips are round, a pair of eyes with a sweet smile, always let the first singer guess To her actual age. Over the years, I have been playing the role of the good wife. In addition to going to work, the holiday is at home, and the holiday is walking away. It is always a look of good love in the eyes of the outside. However, in her heart, there is a copy Insufficient pain and helplessness. That is how many years have been aneugeous with Mr., she never enjoys a happiness as a woman. Whenever read the description of the climax of the newspaper magazine, she always makes her extraordinarily, but she is from the teaching family. From the small acceptance of parents marrying chicken with chicken, married dogs with dogs, she feels that her life is probably not feeling, there is no happiness. Compared to the rules of 文, Changcy is a quite class, not happy, always talking about the officially handling, high handsome appearance, plus humorous and interesting talk, one of them In the worship, it is a full company. Yan Wen and Changzhe’s location is next door, more opportunities to speak, but the identity of married, so that she is always moderate, but I don’t know when I started, I saw Chang Zhe, I have become a Wen Wen. Inner expectation. One time, Chang Zhe was in the country for a month, and Yan Wen actually felt the day of the year. After Changzhe returned to China, he used him to consistently and relaxed tone. “” Don’t I miss me? “」 文 回 回: “Many people think, but I don’t want!”

Chang Zhe said: “Don’t do this! A side of the person who doesn’t have a thousand miles, I have time to eat a meal!” 」文 说:” No, I will have trouble with you. “” “What? I am also I won’t eat you! “After that day, 文 看 看 眼 眼 神 温 温 温 体 体 体 体 体 体 体 体 体 体 体 体 体 体 体 体 体 体 体 体 能 能 能What is the taste? Chang Zhe is fascinating, especially in love with the hips, sometimes looks at the stick. One day, Yu Wen still got off work, when the car opened the parking lot, Changchu was waiting for it, and Yan Wen opened the window, Chang Zhe did not send a word, just staring at 文 and interspersed To her, 文 is violently jumped, and then gives Changzhe, and the two will hold this ten fingers.文 doesn’t know how to return home, the brain is blank, and the heart is rushing, but she knows that she is now different from this moment. After a worship, there is a day off work in advance, Changzhe first leaving, 文 打 打: “Do you have time? Find a place to talk!” “Go to?”

“What do you say?”


“Go to you well, it is self-point, and you don’t have to spend money.”

“Good!” After 20 minutes, Yu Wen station downstairs in Changshu, pressed the electric tap, the iron gate, and took the elevator on the fifth floor, Changzhe wears a vextered sweatshirt, four short pants opened the door, one into the door, Chang Zhe was shining, and Yu Wen was shy. In fact, before, 文 has envissed all kinds of conditions, so there is an uneasy, the concept of chastity has been changing her, but to sexual love I want to be eager to let her leave everything. Sitting on the sofa, although it is as good as possible, it is still written on the face, and Changzhe opened the TV, then said: “Easy, use your most comfortable posture.” Then sit When you are, the hand is slow, and the shoulder of the hand is soft, and the body is soft. At this time, the lower body has reacted, the big meat stick is high, and the Changzhe hungry kiss is in the tongue. The lips of the open words are explored, and the chest buckle is made to make up the boobs of the bulge.文 理 理, struggling: “No! No!”

Changzhe bowed with the nipples in Yunwen, smashed, a short messenger has not been able to think.

Changzhe’s hand continued to move, touched it down the pants that had been wet. “Ah! No.”

I ignored the resistance of 理 筱, Changzhe took all the clothing of Yunwen, looking down on the Yinyin, I saw the thick clouds and wrapped the lips, and Chang Zhe is sincere: “You are so beautiful!”

“Oh! Don’t look.” Dip the lips, and the Shuangwen’s Sao Point has also maintained such as a young girl.

Changzhe uses his hand to dial the lips, or quickly rub the yuki, occasionally insert your fingers into the governor.

The following is constantly facilitating prostitution, and the feeling of mesia is not self-satisfying. “I want to go in.”

“Ah! Don’t.” 文 is still the final struggle. Changzhe opened the legs of the, holding the big meat stick, turning around. “Ah!” 文 face presents a painful expression.

Chang Zhezhen Question: “Is it painful?”

“Well, you are so big!”

“I am a little bit.” Slowly pumping, the pain of 文 is gradually, but it is difficult to say. “Ah … ah … ah …” “Well! Ah … ah …”

Chang Zhe accelerated the action, and also changed the pattern. Sometimes the big meat stick took out, only in the hole, suddenly, let the meat stick in the Sao point after inserting, grind, The movement of Changzhe, I started a breather, squatting.

Chang Zhe didn’t think that the married 文 骚 is like a woman, the glans are tightly covered, and every piece of thrust is very fast.

A rapid movement, 文 文 文 自己 自己 如 如 如 如 如 如 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好,,,,,……….,.

Lying on the bed, the two love each other. “You are not married, there are children, why is it like not experience?”

“The marriage knows that Mr. does not like this, just started to have children, barely did it several times, and later he asked me to do artificial conception, and no longer touch me again.”

“Is it comfortable?” “It’s so comfortable, I finally know what is a climax.”

The 筱 文 子 子 胸,,,,,..,,, 子 子 子,,, 心 心 心 心 心 心 心 心 心 心

On Sunday morning, although the sky has been bright, Changzhe still remembers it in bed, but the ringtone of the mobile phone has been loud, so that he has to pick up. “Who is it? This morning!”

“Hey, it is me, you are still sleeping? I am sorry to wake you, I just bought a dish, bring a fruit to take it to you.” When I heard the voice of 文, Changzhe’s grievance immediately I immediately said, “Okay!”

Chang Zhe is always a touch in Changzhe, he likes the unfettered comfort, getting up and finishing, sitting in bed waiting for 文, doorbell rang.

Comment on the naked Changzhe, Yan Wen was shocked, even if there is already a skin of the skin, she is still not used to the direct view of Changzhe’s body, so she said, “” You eat, I have to go back. “

“So fast, don’t do it?” Changzhe sat on the bed, a big meat stick straight.

Yan Wenhong said: “Don’t, you can’t get it, you have to go back.”

“Don’t really?”

Yan Wen couldn’t help but look up at the meat stick, and the lower body has a strange feel.

She is difficult to resist, and Chang Zheli is sitting down, and her body will overwrick her on the bed. The lips have kissed it. Top, pull the bra, hand hard to make a crisp, the tongue then tease the two small cherries.

“Ah!” The feeling of meringue is started to invade the whole body of 文.

Changzhe’s hand is down, and it is completely touched by pants.

“I want … do me!”

“Do you really want?” Changzhe made a bad language.

“Can’t stand it, do it!”

Changzhe has gripped the hard-hot meat stick, pulling down the trousers.

“Ah!” 文 轻 声Burnt.

Changzhe’s movements quickly. “Ah … ah … so comfortable …”

“Dry you! Is it good?”

“Ok, let me die! Ah … ah … ah …”

The two flesh is intertwined, so that the whole body is released, and the burning accumulates for a long time.

The content of the 文 wardrobe has changed, the lace, butr pants, a tight top, a navy snack, a graph belonging to a woman, gradually presented on her face, on her body.

There is a holiday holiday at home, just asleep in noon, the phone rang.

“Hey, it is me, the boss wants me to go to the United States to help him take a passport at the Taiwan Association, is there a piece?”

“Okay, I have sorted it.”

“Put on your shortest pants, open three buttons, don’t wear underwear, underwear.”

“Ah? I don’t dare!”

“Don’t wear it like this.” Struggling, 文 is still in accordance with Changzhe’s request.

On Xiao Wen’s car, Zhe Chang smiled at her very Alice nipples, then opened the skirt, thick pubic hair tucked between the legs, once the male instinct to let crotch long again.

Chang Xiao Zhe’s hand to the following text to touch …… “ah! Do not, so I can not drive.”

Chang Zhe finger poke labia, or light or heavy Kouzhao on the clitoris, the Mount, not Xiao Wen Saoxue twice already soaked.

“Ah …… ah …… ah …… ah ……” Xiao Wen’s breathing gradually worsened.

“Ah, ah ah …… …………” dumb burst straight into the mind as intense pleasure she almost catch the steering wheel.

“I die, you are too much!”

“Like it?”

“I love it!”

He took the passport, Chang Xiao Wen Zhe to drive the truck to a motel downtown. Into the room, I can not wait to dismount all the equipment. Chang Xiao Wen Zhe tongue kissing, then softly said to her: “kiss my Bang Bang.”

“How pro? I will not.”

“It’s like licking lollipop.” Xiao Wen Chang Zhe mouth gently latch onto the penis, and try cock with his tongue licking up and down.

“Ah …… is the way to go …… let feeling with the whole big cock dry Saoxue of ……”

“Ah …… ah …… to …… to ……”

Chang looked like Zheshu clothing, Xiao Wen slowly grasped the trick, another hard suck and lick, Chang Zheshu suit almost to vent out.

“You ride to.”

“I …… on it?” Xiao Wen hesitated, but Chang Rengyi the philosophy, then, leaning on big cock aligned Saoxue sat down. “Ah ……” clear feeling cock inch by inch in depth. “You feel most comfortable with a way to swing.”

Rocking back and forth Xiao Wen, Chang philosophy combined with the top up, an unprecedented new experience to stimulate her senses.

“Ah …… ah …… ah ……” Xiao Wen almost went crazy, every swing, big cock are leading to bother.

“Ah …… big cock brother, uncomfortable dead!” “Ah …… ah …… ah ……” Xiao Wen Lianfan flushing, constantly gasped, groaned …… and then they swap positions, Chang Zhe still holding strong cock, flooding Saoxue toward sexual secretion into line.

While a few dozen violent thrusts, and finally both limp not move ……

Followed Chang Zhe, Xiao Wen began to experience a variety of different sex, she did not know when a woman is good. Meanwhile, in order to fully enjoy sex, she will deliberately behave in front of Chang Chul sensuality, tease, titillate him.

Cold weather, although cold outside, but inside Xiao Wen hot dress, a thong that line Mozhao Saoxue morning, she imagined Chang Chul hand is flirting with the labia, the following actually wet again.

Lunch break, through desk cover, Xiao Wen Chang sideways to philosophy, and slowly pulled up her skirt, legs open, lure him with a thick, black, and slowly reach out to the black patch, start feeling, his eyes look murky. Chang Zhe squinted, big cock in the crotch beating.

Unable to contain desires so that he got out of the office, with Xiao Wen then out into a toilet, Zhe Chang immediately after the hold, stooping down small pants, Saoxue already overflowing sexual secretion, Xiao Wen feet across in his shoulder on Chang Zhe tongue licking immediately on Saoxue flexible tongue fiddled with her every sensitive nerve roots.

“Ah …… ah …… ah ……” waves will continue to grow numb feeling Xiao Wen submerged.

Chang then unlock the philosophy of the crotch, huge cock out immediately, Xiao Wen squat latch onto big cock, licking, sucking, tongue circled on the glans, let cock in her mouth and out again and again with the intake deep throat, Zhe Chang groaned, then pulled up and Xiao Wen, the white circle buttocks toward him, holding Chang Zhe cock against Saoxue an insert.

what! The big cock pussy stuffed full, Chang philosophy of doing the hard, rapid pumping let Xiao Wen could not help but moan: “fast …… ah …… uncomfortable dead!” “Ah …… ah …… dry out and die Saoxue! “” ah …… ah …… I dry out and die! cock big brother I dry out and die! “” you Saoxue dry out and die! “” ah …… ah …… I die! “

Crash flesh, accompanied by lewd words, Xiao Wen again fly to the sky.

Extreme pleasure to let two people shaking constantly, finally Chang Zhe semen completely injection.

Xiao Wen Lianfan flushing, generalized weakness, but infinitely satisfying walked back to the office, no one knows in her sweet dignified appearance, in fact, already lewd and wild is her favorite ……

A woman of change (cont.) One day, Chang Xiao Wen Zhe and at the same time called into the boss’s office, the original headquarters will organize national events, two were assigned as reception staff, effective immediately, with the active participation in relevant conferences .

The first preparatory meeting, two people travel together, Xiao Wen wearing a sleeveless tunic, with the same color mini skirt, her round buttocks more prominent wrapped in tune Chang Zhe, Xiao Wen will increasingly differentiate themselves figure advantage.

Into the meeting room, tables and chairs in a row and saw arc column arrangement, all personnel have been seated, the selected two center-left position, the rear door but no out for the right compartment three other units Location colleague.

Sat down for a while, then to Xiao Zhe Chang Wen said: “The skirt pulled up, I want to see Saoxue.”

Xiao Wen looked to the right, a little tension slowly pull up the skirt, at the same time, to let Chang Chul see more clearly, her hips slightly elevated, saw thong that line clamped in Saoxue intermediate, exposed pubic hair from both sides, Chang Zhe lost, he delved past, opened the thong to pull the friction with the clitoris, in turn fingers into pussy, vagina, grinding round and round in their dens.

Xiao Wen efforts to maintain stable and upper body, lower body but dumb, let her involuntarily trembled, her desperate big cock insertion …… dry her vigorously.

Tension, stimulate sexual secretion of a sudden it makes Zhe Chang wet hands, right seat colleagues puzzled many times look to Xiao Wen, Xiao Wen pretended nothing had happened, to see the seriousness of the middle of the podium.

Chang Zhe finally stopped teasing, Xiao Wen a little bit the whole skirt, blush with anger said: “! You necrosis.”

Then hand it Moxiang Chang Zhe crotch, big cock hard almost to collapse pants open, Chang Zhela open zippers, all of a sudden out of the big cock, cock Xiao Wen holding down the start Taonong, or tight or loose, or fast or slow, while pulp, grinding on the glans, horse eye.

Xiao Wen Clearly, she had to get the body dumb Zhe Chang, the stage speakers hard explanation of events related issues, both of whom are passionate show in the audience ……

The way back, Zhe Chang said: “Go Riverside Park.”

“During the day? Now?”

“Yes, I want to fuck you in the car!”

And Chang Zhe together the most Xiao Wen is obsessed, he kept changing how and where, every time sex is likely to be a new experience.

Car into Riverside Park, not many people around in a circle, they will be parked on the roadside trees, pull the hand brake, then Xiao Wen kicked off the shoes, Chang turned to philosophy, legs open, feet elevation, so the whole entire Saoxue will finish in front of Chang Zhe Zhe Chang immediately to cover Saoxue mouth, tongue licking against the clitoris, or light or heavy, or pick or hook, or tongue probe into the pussy.

“Ah …… Saoxue United States is dead …… oh …… oh ……” “cock big brother …… ah …… ah ……” “ah …… die …… ah …… ah ……”

Listen Xiao Wen Langjiao, but also inspired Chang Chul strong fighting force, tongue struck the first blow: “ah …… ah …… oh ….”

Then Chang Chul took off his pants, Xiao Wen kneeling chair, stooping mouth latch onto cock, this time the entire buttocks Saoxue outward, if anyone happened to go through, will be able to enjoy unlimited spring.

Xiao Xi Tian Wen’s big hard cock, starting with a root begins to move up, then stopped at the glans circle, then latch onto the whole root, with lips tightly tucked Taonong, big cock in the mouth and out quickly, like pumping like.

“Ah …… ah …… ah ….” Zhe Chang moaned, could not help but hand on the head of Xiao Wen, she wants more in-depth.

“…… ah … ah.” Xiao Wen got up, Saoxue aligned big cock, the people who ride sitting Chang Chul.

“Puchi ……” big cock crashed not into, subject to space on board, two people connected closely Bo seamless. . Then Xiao Wen crazy swing up, Chang Zhe leaning on her; before and after pushing the hips, so that big cock every time leading to bother, “I dry out and die ah …… …… …… big cock brother.”

“Well, this Saoxue you dry out and die!” “Big cock fast …… …… …… ah … ah.” Inter are crazy, Chang Zhe saw a mother holding a child came over, so Xiao Wen said: “someone came” stuck in the flesh of extreme joy of the moment, breathing Xiao Wen said: “It does not matter, no matter, I continue to do!”

After listening to the words of Xiao Wen, Chang Zhejia big move …… “Well, Saoxue enough to show you …… big cock dry out and die.” “Ah ah …… …… …… oh …… oh” “ah …… comfortable dead …… ah …… “after a moment of friction close,” ah …… “Chang Zhe while jitter, semen straight into the center.

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