I am a native rural child, from a remote mountain area from the southwest, 21 years old this year, due to the precaution of the innate parents, I not only grow a person to see people, especially the girl met the handsome Face; and have a model-like body: 185 cm high, 70 kg weighing, with broad mind and strong physical strength, should also count the top products in the same man. The most important thing is that I am most proud that high school will take a shower at the collective bathhouse of the school, I found that my dick is much more rough than others, a lot. Whenever I take a shower, I will hear someone whisper to “you see, his chicken is good.” Whenever I heard the discussion, I will feel particularly proud, deliberately put the big cock a few times. Demonstration, this is nothing wrong, men, conquering women’s relying on bed kung fu, and as a must-have tool, the dicks are certain enough.

Although my dick is recognized, I don’t know how big it is. So, on the day of the month, I got home in my own room fantasy and the class of flowers in the class, put my dicks and emotionally, fighting, and then took the ruler.

“18 cm !!!” I was shocked, and I can’t think of the panties, and the chickens were panic. It turned out that my cock was so big. A man’s self-confidence is getting angry. Since the big cock has erected, the status is so good, although there is no BB plug, but you can’t waste, I just took some clean milk to lubricant and opened aircraft. Looking at the big cock in your hand, enjoy a pleasant pleasure, my heart is very happy.

“Oh … Amount …”, accompanied by a low graze, I shoot a pot of semen in my hand … Because I am handsome and strong, the high school school has rushing to me to show my girl. But I have no interest in these just developed green apples, I hope that I really give a mature woman in the first time, at least half of it. I don’t know when I started, I have always had a dream, I have to come to a self. This is a very evil and uncomfortable idea, but I am more restrained, the more you look strong.

Just as I think this is a wishful wish, the opportunity is not expired. This year’s college entrance examination, with 600 points of this good results, I have adopted the financial major of a university in Beijing. After a day and night train tour, I got to Beijing, like other people, I started a fresh big life, in fact, a lot of universities and high schools, the biggest difference is to relatively freedom, and compare their own controllable Big.

Learning, according to the office, do not sell the best before the exam is not expected. The girl in the classmate gave birth to the gourmet, I met, I didn’t find a continued development and I wouldn’t want to interested.

There is a ninth week between the blink of an eye, it is necessary to open a new class. It seems that the currency bank is coming. I am in the class. I will take a class. I will take the classroom. I haven’t lifted it. Just find a rely on it. Down.

“Hello everyone, my surname, you can call me teacher, I am the graduates of our school, now in our college as an internship teacher.”

This is the sweetest voice I have heard from Xiaoyao, I can’t help but lift my head. This look, directly put my eyes to attract it, a beautiful melon seed, hair dyed into a light yellow, on the back of the brain, the bun, the white earlobe is dotted with a small small Earrings, the eyes are clear, the nose is very small, the mouth is very small, the lips are sexy, the five senses are well designed. It really had to admire her parents, which can have such a good thing. Look at the figure, because of the sky in October, she only wore a pink slim lace shirt and under a pure white pencil pants. The overall upper body section is long, the waist is slim, the front convex back, especially the chest, because the breast is too large, the gap between the button is opened, and the pure white bra can also be seen.

Seeing this, my pants took a tent, and it was a large number. In order not to attract someone else, I deliberately put the book on the chest, block the trousers, so as not to be embarrassed. “This is a proud princess, can be inviolable,” this is my first feeling for her. But in my heart, I have already had an idea of ​​this teacher, and I have a good man’s true color. Otherwise, I can’t afford the 18-cm long big cock I gave to the day. The big dick is specially served for beauty.

The opportunity is always in the face, or the Sunday of the week, I am bored, a person walks in the campus. Suddenly, a familiar and beautiful shadow reflected in my eyes, I saw that Teacher Sun.

I haven’t thought about how to say hello, my body will welcome it.

“Teacher Sun, Hello, you will take a walk!”

“Yeah, you are walking, Xiao Song!”

“Hey! I know how she surnamed Song !! I did not introduce myself in that class ah,” I secretly thought, “This is the first matter, cotton, create opportunities for the most important.” “Yes ah, I do not have class, did not work, they went out shopping, happen to you next week, I was going to ask you some questions about the money and banking.”

“That’s just, I’m free today, you and I go to my house, I’ll teach you,” Sun teacher invited pretend that I am sorry, but reluctantly agreed to, in fact, my heart is ten thousand happy.

Mr. Sun’s home next to the school, temporary rent, because do not know is not to school, now just practice, standard suite is a small apartment house, Sanshiyiting, clean very clean, the smell went in feeling It may be Aiwujiwu it.

Sun teacher to come up with textbooks, sitting next to the living room table, I not only stood behind her to be honest and ask questions when I inadvertently glanced to her chest as he felt his throat smoke, she did not even bring a bra, and wearing a low-cut T-shirt, along with the breast breathing with a V, you can also see vague pink areola corner, my face became burning crotch immediately support from the big tent, I can not wait to find a hole dig into the airplane kick out again.

She seems to know me uncomfortable, and asked me if I was uncomfortable, and asked me if I want to help, after all, a university graduate, good old than me, in this regard than I know.

“This time a goner, I secretly thought, such a beautiful fool in front of the teacher, send a shame lose big friends.”

Just as I was thinking all of a sudden it did not feel big dick bound, but also feel warm, I looked down, Sun teacher has opened the zipper of my pants, pulled out my big dick with two small gloves get the.

I suddenly stunned and speechless, staring at her.

“You see, are so hard, not daring to tell me what happened? Do you want a teacher ah!”

Sun teacher looked at me grin on his face, while also playing with my big dick hand.

“A big dick ah, had never seen such a big, inserted into my pussy hole certainly very interesting,” Sun teacher himself.

I would have been intolerable desires, she was such a tease, but horny, I picked up the direct Sun, took her into the bedroom into bed. As she dressed little, I took her neat and quick stripped, a mature female carcass unreservedly perfect show in front of the breast very tall, pink nipples protruding tall, pink areola and relatively small, typical of Asian women Breasts.

It was the first time and women having sex, but I’m not rusty, yellow film study for several years, technology already is not a problem, 100 full-Sex in the chest, in the magic of the big dick with, a woman must make a very tough battle .

I leaned over mouth lick pussy teacher, and I think the same, a little odor at all. I reached into the tip of the tongue between the two abalone stir and hand tease the clitoris, a short while, Mr. Sun began to twist waist, moaning again and again.

“Fast …… I …… insert” where tickling me, so empty, I deliberately continued to tease her pussy, and finger circling the nipple is not inserted big dick.

“You little rascal, deliberately fix you a teacher ah, but today I deliberately did not wear a bra to go on campus and you met up, I knew that you have the habit of wandering the weekend, the school I met you, you love at first sight, to find you for a long time, that I did not expect you to teach students, because like you, so I firmly remember your name, but you are so full you teacher! “Mr. Sun moaning, while complaining about.

“You little tart, a guy I had spotted earlier, but also deliberately did not wear a hood temptations I have sinned, I do not kill you!”

But this time I also desires unbearable, and direct straighten big dick inserted into the teacher’s beauty points, only to hear “Oh.”

Is heard, the teacher hands grabbed the sheets.

“Your dick is really big, good full ah.”

“Really? That would be you next Gengshuang!”

I began to aggressively thrusts, each and all into the deepest, the glans straight top mouth of the uterus, and then slowly pull out, so get the next 100 years, she has reached a climax, body limp, but this time I was really Start.

Then, I lost the climax of the teacher without retreat, and it was a violent plug-in, and I only put this beauty only with my mouth and nostrife. I turned the teacher to turn my body, change my posture, inserted from behind, which allowed women to be more violent. It is also more than a hundred into and out, and Teacher Sun has been obscenity. The whole body is squatting on the bed, let me put. My big cock can not be covered, and I can deliver a three round. I pulled out the cock and took her on the desk. I lifted her beauty and put the big cock deep into the big cock. The big dick in the teachings of the teacher “啪” into and out, my other hand I haven’t been idle, play with her pair of tits, and smash it again, the soft and elastic feeling is wonderful.

In the table inserted 100, I finally went, I used to force the front, and the thick semen was deeply reflected in the teacher’s uterus. Then pull out to put it in the mouth of the teacher, the teacher is happy to clean the residual semen, and also have a expression that still wants to eat.

After completing this round, I was lying on the bed and chatted in bed. I talked about our past, chatting our future, she told me that she was 24 years old, 3 years older than me, I have had a boyfriend, but break up , Then tell me that she likes me, of course, I also like her very much.

Although I am more colored, I am also a traditional child. I like this teacher. She is also the only girl who makes me so far. In fact, I can’t stop me from love her. I know that the waves of her love is just an instinct, she is still a very selfless good girl.

Therefore, I first told the man’s identity: “As long as you can wait for me, I only love you one in this life.”

I looked at this solemn commitment than her little 3-year-old boy, she was excited into my arms.

Since then, we have become a secret ground, every weekend and festival, I will go to her home and he madly make love. Although I don’t know what the future, at least this moment, we love each other.

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