I have a sister school very Iron sister school, she had to learn very well, I often find her to explore the issue, “learning”, who looks ordinary, but it is in a little dress up there is sort of pretty, beauty is also a medium recently, our school is a time when midterm week, I often see my sister read a book in the library, but her face was always anxious, probably exam is coming soon, everyone’s mood is not good.

I have always been very concerned about her, and she can talk about anything, on this day to ask her why I came to the library together with her review, in which I asked with concern:? “What happened recently I often see you always put balsam pear face to face. “she hesitated, I do not know to say should not say, and later managed to say,” I have good days did not “pulling” a. “” What !!! ??? Oh my God! “I pretended exaggerated facial expressions, voice volume also pretending to be loud, but other students in the library study hall not so good mood, all staring at me, I had to convergence . I was reluctant to go on like she has been, she was pulled to the toilet, I go with her kindly Lara and female toilets outside, etc., over twenty minutes, she sighed, shaking his head out.

At noon, and she really was not in the mood to read, but I am also very worried about her, like she was really too nervous, which leads to catharsis ring true. So I decided to ask her to the dorm to see the film, and she agreed. To the dorm, I see the film together with her, because I have seen the film several times, so most of the time I see are the upper years.

Later, the elder sister get tired and fell on my shoulder, in fact, she no mood to see the movie, I smell the fragrance of her hair, and instantly my heart would jump out fast, so looked at and near the upper years, only to find she was more beautiful than I imagined, plus she was wearing a pink vest cute little today, but with a bright red mini short plaid skirt, only to let me Miaodao her C cup, but also let me see her slender legs, then my little brother suddenly put up a tent. I hazarded, secretly reached out to hold her, she has found waistline like a model, could not help her waist in between stays a bit. Although at the moment I think it is the behavior of rebound guy, and very shameful, non-gentleman is, but I am also an ordinary person, in such a big lure to attract, I think most men would like me can not help but love. I took a deep breath, strongly urged to restrain their emotions, shut the TV, she was carried to my bed, to make her a good sleep, quilt and cover for her.

Look at her sleeping, she felt ever more attractive, simply scrape up the face, I did not expect when she suddenly opened his eyes, scared me know what to do, I believe it would stick to her mouth lips. The first time I wanted to get out right away, embarrassed authentic: “I’m sorry I did not mean upper years!!.” Stiff upper years just to look at me, did not say anything. Then she put her left foot arch, mini-skirt and her legs are showing a triangle is see feast for the eyes, it can not help more Kanji Yan. Xue Zi suddenly shy asked: “brother school … it does not matter, though, can you help me about it ???” I froze on the spot in that? To know why the results of the upper years of hands wrapped around my back, she actually asked me to accompany her.

I appreciate her helplessness in recent days, after so many days without “pulling” the mood is inevitable concerns. He wanted to pull out all the stops to caress her, my hands are her bold wavering, she not only did not refuse, but fit in my ear gasped. Then my second child would have to endure can not stand, had wanted to peacefully fall asleep after going to let the upper years, go to the bathroom by himself with cold water glans, did not expect the upper years, took took me, I naturally was unable to refuse .

In the past she has been taken good care of me, like my big sister, like, long hair shawl, well-proportioned body cut has caused, although ordinary face, but still quite pretty, with her today, exposing her dress, skirt flawless slender legs, I use my hand over her head scoop site hold her, so her kiss is more secure, the right hand is slowly melted out into her left breast and flexible kneading I left chest slowly to her chair to the body, and closer to her right breast, but I did not press him on my upper years, to find gaps in the bed, leaning sideways on the bed. Then I vaguely saw her sweet shoulder, but she also wore a blouse outside her skirt with a red coat, I did not hesitate to take off for her, let her breasts skin exposed above the majority, feast for the eyes .

After completion kiss her lips, I still greedy, then search down to kiss her neck and shoulder, and kissed all the way to her seductive cleavage. Into his tongue inside her seductive cleavage, into it and immediately taken out. The next second, my right hand had reached into her coat, through her bra, I directly took her plump breasts, upper years now eyes comfortably closed up, his mouth Menheng a moment and said: “lighter! school brother, too hard.” then I will just pinch grip strength softly, his left hand also joined the fray in her right chest suit, and try to draw a circle. After my lips do not Anfen, posted in the past, vigorously sucking her breasts and teeth nibble, tongue touch the upper years of the nipple, the elder sister could not help but groan again.

I understand that the physical feeling of learning at the moment is comfortable. I have a sense of Mumming’s accomplishment. In order to make her more satisfaction, my right hand slowly moved down, reaching into her triangle, The middle finger directly from the middle, straight to the honey, when my fingertips touched the school’s small panties, I was close to her vaginal mouth, and gently pressed. Her eyes were nervous at this time, got up and looked at my fingers. She was booming. She pumped a good air: “Call! School brother, how do you automatically!” “” “” I like it! “” I don’t like it! But I can only use my hand! You can not use the other parts of your body, especially your excited little brother! “She said, I finished my lower part. I used to play my little brother, I shouted: “I know it!!! Students have a meeting, the school brother will naturally follow!” She looked at me and promised her request, This is lie back at any heart, and it has not long been comfortable and closed. My finger didn’t paint round in her private parts, and I opened her underwear with my hand. I saw the scholar’s vaginal exterior has been flooded, wet, it seems to be under my caress, she is at the moment The body feels the incomparable excitement. I used my middle fingers directly to her vaginal meat, deeply feeling that she is constantly moving in the private place, flourishing from the vagina, in her warm body temperature, I will more interested my fingers to learn the vagina Go, when my fingertips were obviously felt to touch thin things, I studied my body, my hands were followed, and then hired and shouted: “School brother! Stop! I am very painful!” The left hand grabbed my right hand. I understand that I am a schoolmate, I can’t think of a student, I still have a virgin, so that I am more impressive to the body, at this moment, I have a strong Popularity. I quickly apologize: “Sorry! Students, I don’t know you haven’t sex …” I don’t want to say anything, I don’t want me to say. “It doesn’t matter, your finger! Your fingers reach it too much, just outside my vagina.” I promised to learn, and then my middle finger came to pick her Yin, more careful, action also became Slow, I am not very relieved, my eyes have always stared at my hand, I am afraid that I will pass the moment, I will follow the action: “Study, can this?” “” “” ! Rest assured! I know that the finger is probably in place, you will relax, give it to me, don’t be too nervous. “” Well! Well! School brother, thank you, you really make my body more comfortable. I laughed with her: “No! I am learning! You are lying down, let me help you, don’t think.” “” Well! “, I will push her back gently. Let her lie on the bed, watching her once again closed her eyes, then continue to serve her. At this time, the most sad thing is that it is my little brother under my trousers. I looked at the students in front of me, but I could only use my fingers to engage in her, and my heart is not a taste.

I have long, I want to use my meat stick to enter the idea, but the student said that I am not allowed to put her vagina that my little brother will add her vagina. What should I do? However, I walked from my heart and I wanted to do her … I looked at the eyes closed my eyes, and I was constantly embarrassed in my mouth. This is a chance to be in the sky. I missed this time. I suddenly got up, I want to say that I secretly pumped her, she should not know! So I decided, first plug it first. I originally dropped my foot on the floor, and the body moved slowly to her vagina.

Since the movement has some slight shock, the student feels that when I opened my eyes, I saw that my whole person was sitting in front of her vagina. It quickly responded, cover her lower body with hands, legs Quickly clamped me to see the pure white tribed pants of her beautiful lace, asked the eyes: “School brother! What are you doing ?!” She is like the Queen, I am afraid of me. What bad happened. I looked at her with defensive heart, and I suddenly scared between them, she knew that I had an attempted to her. But for my little brother, I can express my emotions in her vagina. I have said that “I just want to change my position, and my right hand has a little sour, I want to change your left hand to help you.” “Oh! This is!” She did not have him, a little penetrating her atrium, and the body’s tight muscles slowly relaxed, but the eyes continued to look at my action.

Under her surveillance, I slowly lean on the left leg of her bow, slowly open the upper legs, and the student’s internal strength is slowly weakened, and the charming private part Open again, my heart is in the heart, I am in the left hand, and my left hand is gently expressed in her vaginal mouth. She feels a burst of crisp, comfortable, and continues to embrace. My head suddenly thanked Shang Cang and gave me a chance. If she saw my intentions at this time, I don’t have to give up.

In case, I have to use the meat stick to insert her actions. I have to be fast, but I have to hit it, but she is hesitating or don’t want to do anything. It is not everything to end. At this moment, I will not hesitate. So my right hand put the student’s short skirt down, so that I have another attempt at the moment, and the left hand finger is still inserted into the vaginal vagina with the slow speed of the law, and the right hand has gently opened. The zipper of the stone door reservoir, when I quickly popped up the meat stick in the panties, swelling too long, now finally getting the opportunity to liberate. I took the meat stick from underwear and set the position of my body and slowly let my meat stick near the vaginal mouth of the student. I know that I want to insert the vagina and let her feel hard to have difficulty. It must try to make my meat stick in place in her vagina as much as possible. So, in my middle finger, I took the speed of my finger with the speed of Thunder, and used the middle finger to use the middle finger to study the vaginal mouth of the school, so that the glans quickly and smoothly entered the vagina, when the glans Successfully succumbed to the vagina, the meat stick quickly drilled into the warm vagina, and I was finalized in the primary experience of the vagina.

The glans immediately felt the students’ body temperature and her constantly poured love liquid, plus her in the room, I can feel the thrill of tightly compressing the student vaginal wall, I haven’t flipped, I have already turned the sky. I want to put into the head, but I have to be narrow than I think than I imagine, I can’t get progress, only the glans enter is complete, the remaining part is cool outside her vagina, after all, the vagina, the vagina, at the moment, is not Fully open, belongs to semi-closed states. Although her left foot is from the bow, but the right foot is still straight and straight. The space in her triangle is still not completely open, and it can only be barely let my glans enter.

Probably stopping the throduction too long, at this time, I still have a discouragement, my eyes ask again: “I have a school brother, what happened? Why is it too tired ??!” To get up. At this time, I responded quickly, blocked her body with my right hand, so that she really got up and saw that my meat stick was inserting her. I still put it in her skirt in her skirt, and she didn’t detect between her skirts. I immediately replied: “Study! Nothing, I just want to change a rhythm, have been maintained the same rhythm seem too boring, there is nothing to stimulate, I am afraid that I will be tired.” Students listen to a happy. “Hey! You don’t say that I still don’t think it is a bit greasy, then I have to look forward to it.” I also laughed back: “Well! Studying, please rest assured, the school will will not let the students will Disappointed. “” So I made my glans secretly pumped it quickly, then quickly and then put it back and then smoke it. Students really feel the feeling of different beforehand, when I inserted, she felt that the feeling of pain than before, maybe my rhythm has changed, let her have different freshness, but she doesn’t have more Suspected, just watching me. And I just pumped it after I went in, I was afraid of being too deep. I would find too deep, I will find that I will break the female film of the student. In order to let the students feel at ease, I continue to endure all my sexual impulses, try hard. Match her. After a while, the student found that there was no different, she closed her eyes, and her body was relaxed again. I looked at the students to give me my body, I also made a breath.

In a limited space, my movements are also restricted, so that they can not completely apply, only finite flipping. I naturally can’t understand the pain of my moment, she is comfortable to lying in bed and enjoy my sex service to her. My glans in her warm vagina, constantly secreting secretions, plus the love liquids of the students continue to poured from the vagina, so that I am more difficult.

When I arrived, I didn’t bear it. When I stopped, I stopped the action of pumping the student, the glans stopped in the vagina of the student, and the right hand gently held the scholars and moved outward, and used the body to stay with the body Her legs will free her and unconsciously contraction. I finally made me move some space, and I didn’t find that I was trying to open her vaginal port. When my body slowly moved forward, my meat stick was deeply in-depth, I was strong on the spot, although I had long-awaited her vast film, but I haven’t stood in the best position after all, now inserting , Is equal to the entry of skew, and the orientation is not very ideal.

Looking at the school’s right legs flat, I am really a big obstacle, so I said to learn myself: “Study! Is it comfortable ?!” She lying in bed, open his eyes: “Well! Ok! … how to stop.” I replied: “Students! You can’t help your legs, so I am better.” “Hey!” She said that the right foot is really According to the words, the space was moved, but her hands suddenly had a move, I started worry again, so on her hands only fell to the hip of the legs, and to the outside open. It seems that I really like the way I can’t fight her vagina. My glans will obviously feel the pressure of the front end at this time, and the body is also a lot of space between her legs. My two knees also grasp the opportunity to stay behind her butt, body Already along with her, with her eyes. I suddenly saw that I was in front of her, and I started to doubt. I thought about it. I was blocked by my right hand. “Wait! Some! Don’t get up, keep this posture.” “!” I have to lying back in words. ※ JKFORUM.NET | JKFORUM.NET | JKF Czech Forum I put on her skirt to my belly, then my left hand is still below her skirt, holding her meat stick, control the depth of the throduction, body The front, my head has been in her breasts to suck again, and I want to relax and study the heart, I will use the head to block the sight, more insurance. I learned that I was so careless to her, I finally closed my eyes. My meat is in this moment, she has already been stupid in her circumstance, pumping around her shallow mouth, slowly speeding up, and the snoring in this time is getting more and more urgent.

When my chest is pressed against a soft chest, the head is on the right side of her head, and use the tongue to learn the left ear, tease her and she seems to feel uncomfortable, constantly want to start to the other side. Escape, I still followed, and finally she was a surprise, and smiled and said: “Don’t this! My brother … 喔 … So itch!” Looking at her closed his eyes, his mouth is slightly rising, I know She has lost his heart to I, my meat stick is already ready to be in her two legs, leaving only the depths of her vagina, wearing her virgin.

When I found that the breathing of the students became more and more urgent, the snoring was getting bigger and bigger, and the hands of her hip had left, turned to the ten fingers on my back, I know that her climax is fast. It is coming, the front of the glans has obviously feel that her wet is coming to me. I have been mature, now I don’t have to interlocate, wait until her climax, it is difficult to attack. So I put the right hand into her, hugged her hips, left the left hand to enter me in the middle of her waist, pressing the palm of her triangle and let my meat stick align the star.

When I am ready, I am still talking about the vagina that is shallowing with the glans, just waiting for the climax of the school. When the student’s hands suddenly buckled my back, the feet suddenly clamped in my two waists, and the whole body bow, I know that the climax of the student at this moment is coming, and she is very small. At the moment of the waisthot, my right hand put the force, and the left hand stabilized and quickly stretched into her, hugged her back, the waist force was pressed down, the meat rod quickly in the vaginal of the buck, the glans were also Without the unfamiliar, it quickly broke the student film. The whole meat stick was very straightily inside, directly to the roots, my whole meat stick in the vaginal wall of the student, I want to quickly thrive immediately. But her climax made her vagina at this time, plus her love is constantly hitting the heat waves, I almost hit it in her vagina.

Therefore, when my meat stick enters the vagina’s vagina, I still don’t move the sound, nor does it do the action, just in this way, I can’t fit the humidity, and I will have to bear it. I am still immersed in the joy of just now, I don’t know that I have broken through the body of a woman who guards for many years. After a while, I looked at the school that I still had a long time. I started to slowly took out my meat stick, and then put it back and gradually accelerated. Suddenly, the student felt that her lower body had a pain, and I feel more and more intense, and she watched her eyes and watched my body twisted. She first Down my lower body is in the private parts of her, a surprise: “School brother !!! What are you doing? Let me let me go! Leave my body!” Her legs are also At this moment, it is constantly struggling, but the more you struggle, the more you feel too much.

I know that she has already founded my evil. I didn’t listen to it at this moment. I controlled her legs to keep her back. I opened it out. At this moment, my meat stick is more obvious to feel the front end suddenly, waist. Down, the meat stick deeper a few, at this time, the student hurts: “Ah! …” She was originally put on my back, holding my shoulder at this moment, I can’t help but push me. I saw that she would resist, not surprised, but her strength is really too small, plus my meat stick and speeding the speed and depth in her vaginal, she only keeps shouting, basically doing again resist. At this moment, I can only accept my vagina, and her virgin, and she is in this moment, she is shouting the pain. “School brother … how can you do this, how can I treat you, how can you talk? Don’t call, I really look at you …” Revealing the past, I am going to me, I am going to me. Taking care, I am really cruel to her now, but her tempting body has made me lose rationality, all the truth and human feelings are dog fart, now I just want to put the student’s vagina, break her , Dry break, and shoot out I have expected the semen troops to the uterus of the students, and the human feelings have owed first. I didn’t stop this movement, and her lower body constantly felt that my meat stick hit her vagina, she surely put her hands, powerfully put it in my bed, and the head is also biased I don’t look at me while you are. I understand that she has given up all struggles, can only let me do ruthless attacks in her vagina. My body leaves her great shore, get up and hold her waist to hit my meat stick and continue to add. I saw that I saw a red liquid in the vagina at the moment, I understood that it was her virgin whose blood clip mixed her love, and my white bed has already been contaminated with dark red liquid, it seems The vaginals of all the students were hit by my meat ruthlessly hit the evidence left.

I dropped her skirt, I want to cover my ruthlessly thrust, and the charming Delta in the thigh and short skirt, deepened my desire to play, hands and support The waist, the meat stick hits her first champion, and then sends it out after five seconds, and then goes immediately, and constantly repeats the action, let her have can’t help but turn away: “Ah ! … ah! … ah! … ah! … “I found that learning is good, more interested, more intensive, and more rude. She let me play with her body, and I am more happy.

When my front end of my glans felt the feeling of strong rushing out, I stopped playing, putting the sidelines separated legs, and pushed forward, and my body also touched forward, meat stick Feeling the vagina’s vagina more touched, at the moment, accelerated, squatting, until the end, my hand supported the two sides of the student, two feet tipped, the feet were straight, the body poured forward Next, the meat stick directly into the vagina, and the student shouted at this time: “Don’t … good pain … I can’t … No … Ah! … Ah! … Ah! …” I continue to intersect Skating, the whole bed will not stand my impact strength at this moment and shake it up and down, and the student’s call is more and more short: “Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! … “finally, I feel the strong hot hot, in a deep insertion, the body is pulling, the strength of the whole body is full in the vagina, the hot and abnormal semen instantly spurt, the full perfusion is in the student Inside the vagina.

At this time, I found that I actually shot in her vagina, I was unable to shake my head: “Can’t like this! School brother! How can you do this to me … 呜 …」 look at the students, I know, I know me. I have a cruel thing to her. When I pulled out my meat stick, I saw the white liquid in the mouth of the school sister, flowing to her backward flow. She did not be flat at the moment, or the state of support, and she still kept crying after I pulled out, forget to protect her private parts, I can’t stand the constant temptation of her triangle. I will leave the semen in her anus and the love liquid, and my meat stick is rapidly, I don’t say, I don’t say, my second-year-old posture attack, and the student once again screams: “Ah …” She finally knew the resist, constantly moving her waist and butt, stopping me from thrush again. I can’t take her twisting, I have to take some part of the insert, but I still have not given up, strongly support the assassin, and let her turn to me, her body is trying to resist, but the power is finally But I finally had to go back to me. I used my hand to take my assiglers. She hurts and wow. “” Fast hands! School brother! What do you want ?! “I am going to her buttocks On, open her short skirt, pull up her underwear, and support her waist to keep her squatting and lifting her attractive hips, meat sticks to her backward flower, directly inserting, learning Excitedly shouted: “Ah! … No …” I feel the feeling of impact on her soft butt, sprint, the beginning of the school, feel the force I hit her butt, every hit, student The sound and crying shouted again.

Since the anus is quite narrow, plus the student is very different, use her legs to force forward, she wants to escape, one does not pay attention, I looked at the assassin, lay flat, make I haven’t prepared it soon, I quickly ejaculate, and the semen of the passionated semen came into the anus of the student. When I pulled out again, I finally gone so much, she was so weak, she was crying in my bed.

My hand is pleased to be comfortable to comfort her: “Study …” She didn’t want to talk to me again, just silently secretly crying, I now know that I don’t want to care about me because I am really Harm to the student, and the friendship between us may come here. Suddenly, the student quickly got up, and the bed asked: “Where to the toilet is in the mouth, you will look at the direction of the toilet, she found the toilet along my instruction, quickly go in . After I walked out from the toilet, I saw her face, I finally changed a few days, she told me that she finally pulled out, and excitedly holding me, I am also Her ear is pleased to her, and she seems to have a brain. At that moment, I felt the feedback, I have a hard to put it, and I finally have a price.

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