This is my wife, Sulen, I want to do this. She overcomed all my objections and told me that the reason: “She is really lonely.” Su Lun said: “Sometimes I heard the voice of her home in the morning, she first took a bath first, then bed Sleeping, in a few mornings, when I was adding to work, I heard her masturbation in bed, so that she slept well, she was really noisy when she climbed. “My wife said.妲, live in the next door, have been with us 6 months neighbors, she is a nurse, in the station hospital, and I am part of the gendarmerie (official worship captain ??), Since we are all served in the same day and night, therefore often shares to work to work, she is a new 少尉, with shy, bodybuilding, rural girl style. “She is a good person.” Sulen said: “I like her very much, so I want to share some special things with her, just she needs a man … why can’t I share my man with me?” I heard this amazing After the recommendation, my expression would inevitably be surprised to turn into other changes. “You have to pick it up by this idea, don’t you?” Su Lun said with me: “I bet you also want to drill to her trousers, is it? Come, admit it!” I laughed. Get up, I never hide anything to my wife. At the time of the night, I was considering, I was considering, I, my wife and Jiqi passion, the next morning, when I went to the station hospital, I was determined, I was in the car. To her: “We have three days of vacation now, why not come to our home to get dinner tonight? I will be prepared to take the Japanese charcoal roasted spicy chicken.” She smiled. “After a meal, we can also see some movies.” I came around at 7:00 in the evening, and then go home. This is a Saturday morning, after shaving the bath, I drilled into Sulen’s bed, when I heard the next door to bed, the spring bed’s oscillate, after a short quie, then came into subtle Skuman, when she continued to pleaseself, the voice became more and more high, my penis urged the erection, hard, standing in Suleng’s slight waist, she smiled slightly, pulling it to lead the moist point. “I really don’t know what she is doing?” Su Lun said, one side guided me into her, listening to us shy, sweet aromatics, reaching a climax next to a climax. That day, I rose the Japanese small charcoal fire, Jiqi is 7 o’clock, in a light blue shirt and denim dress, the long hair of the maroon is on the shoulder, the face is a thin powder, I and love The beautiful woman who saw the wife, and the nurse I know in the base, it is not the same day, and she is a great thing. In dinner, we did a bottle of Japanese sake, then comfortable sitting on the sofa of the living room, I pressed the remote control to open the TV, Sulen and I prefer a X-level film, we think this film will create A good atmosphere, Ji Han sat in the middle of us, the film was a actress lying in bed, facing his own, I secretly looked at Jiki, she was looking at Sulang to play my own The nipple, and I can also see the nipple of Jiqi, which is hard in the thin light blue bra. “Wow,” she said softly, “I can’t see this kind of thing in Kansas!” She trembled between us, and went to her hair, Su Lun licked his lips, gave me a Thia thief, a good smile. I feel that no matter what happens, it will be Surlen began to start. Soon, the plot performance we are familiar with the most passionate part, Sulen will slip to my mouth, cover and pinch my mask, rubbing the elbow, touched Jiqi, put it out of the sky, quietly Say: “I have to get this guy later, this story will always want to do this, do you have a specific object?” Ji Yan shook his head, staring at the screen, continue to see The evolution of the plot, I feel that Sulen is relying on her, I guess she felt. Surando let me go, the body is in the end of the ear of Jiqi: “You can stay in the way … You can also join, so that you have always turned back, I heard our listening, I can’t help it. I lived with myself. “Ji Hao quickly sucked a breath, turned to look at Sulen, when my wife kissed her cheeks, there was no anti-refusal expression, and then Sulang kissed her lips. Strike her face and hair. After a while, Sulen was interrupted to kiss, and Jiqi turned to me, gave a lips, and took my hand on her breast, let my palm feel her hard. “I have never done this.

She said with a breath. “That is nothing,” Sulen said quietly behind her, then indicated “” Honey, I love her, just here, I have to look at you. “I took the Girly glasses. Put it in the coffee table, and kiss her, this time is a long deep kiss. On one side, I kissed the buttons of her clothes and skirts. Sudun next to him said: “Old days, she is really wet.” I went down, see Sulenni’s skirt, with hands through the powder Colored panties, touch her hg. Her bra is open, I solve the hook, the two smart and beautiful nipples play out, Ji Hao sent a hot shout: “Sucking them, sucks them with force.” I sucked one in my mouth. The eyes of Suleng’s lips are contained in the eyes. Her one hand opens her jeans zipper, and the hand is guilty to squat himself, and I will help me to pleases and smoked. I moved his hand to the crotch of Jiqi, and I started to take off her underwear. When she took the hip, I noticed that her pussy was really wet, this film is like the same. We have picked up, and the lust is high to unbelievable height. When she kicked her underwear, I touched her naked pussy, she made a scream, and the crotch moved to my finger and entered the first climax. She seems to be a climax, until there are all between us, “Oh, 噢 …” Sulan also slammed the nipple of Jiqi, I also reached a climax in masturbation, and then two women lie on the sofa. Packed gas. “Old days,” Ji Jing sighed, “It’s so beautiful.” “Let’s make it more comfortable.” I finished, with Jiqi and Sulen entered the bedroom, Sulang’s gentleman arranged Bed, we started to take off the clothes in front of her, and the moonlight penetrated from the windows, softly sprinkled in two people, when my mask bounced out of the panties, in front of her, Ji Yizhan is tight Staring, I am lying in bed, she has followed it, licking her full lips. “I often hear Su Lun sucking your voice,” her passion: “This time I finally arrived at me!” She opened his mouth, swallowing my whole, wet, warm feeling, full of me. Subworked, she was attached to the mouth with her mouth, and he was in my congestion. Ji Yizhen is a body of bodybuilding, and the gods of Kansas country girl is beautiful. When she teases with the tongue, the soft hand holds my penis, and each time When you are kneeling, the teeth will bite, when Sulan came to her, she began to whisper when she started her pussy. Soon, I smoke, in the mouth of Jiqi sucking swallowed, shot a white satin hot flow, and Sulen’s grinding also sent her into the peak, she looked up and shout. Sulan placed a pillow under the Jiqi hips, I squatted on the carpet, pulling her nice hip to bed, the moonlight crossed my shoulder, and the depiction of her beautiful skin, the swelling of curls The lips, and the clitoris that boldly protrudes from the masking, printing the mouth in front of her flowing honey, seeing Sulan has climbed into the bed and starting to pick up the nipple of Jiqi, and she also pursued the occupation of Tan Daily. My wife, gentle man, I started to take her nectar. Ji Hao has a bodybuilding, rich aroma and taste, I am so happy to taste, I put the tongue deep into her little hole, she whimsted the people to grind your face, then I whipped her yuki with the tongue . “Okay, I will suck it for me!” She screamed, but the buttock was very stunned, I can’t hold it. “Yes, it is there, it is there!” Sudun’s screaming in the ear, indicating the direction of Kyrgyzstan to her pussy. However, when Sulen returned to her nipple, Ji Yi sent a continuous shout, clamped my head, and her hand inserted my hair, and put it on a clutch, climax When you pour, her butt is moving, trembling. Sulen also screamed with screaming, I know that she is also on the peak, I continued to use the tongue to warmly, until she relaxed to me. I stood there and looked down on the two naked women to lying there. It breathed. Ji Yizhen Zhang opened his eyes: “I want you to go to me.” I let Jiki back to me, like a dog The dog is the same in the bed. “Do her a cannon, Max,” Sulan see a sip of sensuality: “I am almost like the command of the chief, I immediately cooperated with my sexual desire, I put the penis front end hard The glans, stuck in the lace in Jikuhong, swollen, hot, and wet, while taking the above clitoris, let her turn to distorted creeps.

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