Some things have never thought of it will happen, but it is like this suddenly coming in your life, and people usually can’t bear.

Starting from the phone from the hospital, I have been in the state of being lost. When I went back God, I faced a cold body in front of you.

I can’t hold the trembling hand will cover the white cloth of the wife’s body. Yandan, who has been fragrant, the face is still white, closed eyes, as if it is just asleep. According to the doctor’s statement, because after the impact, a large number of internal bleeding caused a lack of lack of heaven, and it has lost his signs when he sent a hospital.

I was silent in the wife’s side, but it felt like a few centuries in just a few minutes. Not long, the sister who is still working on work, rushed to the hospital with a daughter who received an emergency notice. When the sister came into the temporary mirror, the pain was crying, and the daughter went quietly, fell in the wall, muttered on the wall, a pair of small hands pulled his long hair to the fingertips.

“sorry Sorry…”

The police came in a hot middle-aged middle-aged buddhism, and he couldn’t stand it in the ground. He shouted to his family. , The sound of screaming, I still have my mother, but also my mother …

Many of the twenty years of wife, instantly, in my mind, then supported, I lost my last consciousness.

───────────── times once again feel his own ability to resume his thinking ability.

After driving the sister back, I returned to this, I used to be a sweet home. Less geese, the air in the whole house became lonely. The daughter sits in the sofa with a pair of crying, I caught in the sofa, I parked in the pocket, the shoes didn’t want to do anything.

I don’t know how long it has, the phone bell has interrupted the stagnation. My daughter is still moving. I will take off the shoes to pick up the phone.

“Is it a brother?” It is still weak after Yu Chen.

“Well, it is me.”

“Brother, you have to be strong, you can’t be knocked down. Aiqi only leaves your father, you have to cheer.”

“Well, I will.”

“If there is any need, I will tell me that I don’t feel uncomfortable in my heart.”


After the sister was finished, after the phone was on the phone, I found that the sky was black, and the unconscious belly was also a bit hungry. At this time, I just got off work, Ai Ge came back from the school, and the wife who came home later was a good meal that had been sprayed at home. It is the case that we have to learn after Yan Han, is to take care of life.

“Qiao Qi.” I shouted the nickname of my daughter. Usually, the two words of Qiao Jojo were shouting. “Will the stomach will be hungry? Do Dad eats your face to eat it?”

The daughter heard that Qiaoqi first stunned, then took a heart-sour smile, and nodded and nodded. “Um.”

Fortunately, the wife usually teach me a few hands, although the cuisine is simple, but it is good to eat. Sitting on the dining table on the face, sitting down, daughter red eyes and quietly eat, do not send a word, seeing me very distressed. Although my situation is not better than my daughter, I will only live together in the future, I am bound to be strong.

“Qiao Joqi.” I stood up and went to my daughter. I gently put my daughter into your arms. Life, Qiao Qiao cheers with Dad? “

The daughter put his head against my chest, sobbing, slowly became a crying. Then put the little body into my arms, and vent the accumulated sorrow.

───────── After the matter, I have finally gradually collapsed with my daughter.

Despite the aspects of eating, I don’t have the same thing that is the same forever, it is going out. But Aiqiao seems to have gradually accepted the fact that my mother is not there, and the expression is relaxed. Occasionally, when watching TV, I will make some silver bells.

The company wants to introduce the single woman to me seems to have changed, and the female part of the department is talking to me. I don’t know how much. And it is a bit restored, some actually started my joke, I have to chase me. “Hey, my brother is very red in the company.”

The source of the voice passed, actually the old girl should be working. Yuchen is in our company, and immediately attracts countless single men’s eyes … Even the wife is watching. A long scroll that dyed a dark brown, along with the pace of coming, gray fit set, tighted a narrow mini skirt, slender legs wrapped a pair of opaque black stockings, as well as sexy lace high heel shoes … Ok, even my brother is watching …

“Nonsense. But how do you have time to come to our company?”

“I heard that my brother is headed here, there is a relationship, our boss sent me to run your company’s business.”

“Rain! No … brother!” Several fox groups have squeezed the sheep. “This, I want to be the sister of the rain brother, I am very familiar with you …” “Boss, you can’t do this, why didn’t you introduce your sister to meet us …” “Slow slowly The case of the pioneer advertising has always been I am responsible, so I first … “

“You slowly discuss it. Brother, let’s go.” Yuchen Xiu’s breath and smiled, holding my hand, take me. A pair of water brightly glared with sweet and touched smiles, instantly dredging a strong current, giving me a few buttons around me. When I pulled me away from the crowd, I heard a voices around a regret, as if it was a beautiful meat. Yuchen didn’t rush to discuss me after our office, and asked Ai Qiao’s situation.

“Um … can’t say no problem, but it is a lot more than you just happened.”

“This … How do you solve it in terms of eating?”

Yuchen immediately asked the problem, I had to take the head of the skin to answer: “Sometimes I caught the noodles, most of you are buying, you can eat out the food.”

“Brother! You are!” Yuchen can’t shouted, and then blame the eyes. “I have to talk to me early. Do you look now? You are already adults, I don’t care about you, Aiqi is only a sixteenth year old, you will make her feel anything will affect the development. “

“Oh, this …” The sister is full of care, I am embarrassed to say. “You also know my cooking …”

“I am clear!” Yuchen smiled, “This way, I will take some material to your home after get off work, give you some delicious.”

“Wow, that is really a life,” Suddenly I have the feeling of expecting. “I don’t have to think about what I have to get to Qiao Joji every day.”

“You are feeding dogs, stinky old brother.” Yuchen said that the hand is screwed with a piece of meat, and I shouted. “Dragon brutal!”

“Don’t pull with you, I will go to you to talk about things.”

“Why, isn’t it me?” I took it.

“Who is really looking for you, hate!” Yuchen lost me a sweet smile, and then pushed the door and turned it out, and he left me before, and then he turned around.

Huh? How do you have any horses like it?

────────────────────────────────────────────────────────Ge in pushing the door, a food in the house, it seems that this little Nizi cook Not bad!

“Brother, come back, get better, wait a minute.”

“Don’t worry, come slowly. Aiqi has a community today, will go home later.”

I put the official package on the living room, pulled a Zhang Chair and sat next to the table. Looking at Yumi continued to be busy in the kitchen. Yuchen is still the set of OL dress, just put on the apron of Yan Han, from the body, it seems that Yan Yandan is still in the feeling.

My mother gave birth to me two children, but I have been a long time after I have been born, I have been more rain (estimated to have a contraceptive error?). So now I have been a sixteen year old daughter in my year, and Yu Chen is only twenty-five. When I got married, I cried and said that I didn’t want my brother to marry (?!), The little farter, now it is already a beautiful woman. I still remember that when I was young, Yu Chen always loved before, I entered the room when I was studying, I said that I have to marry the child’s words in the brother. Now I have grown up and have been independent. I don’t know if I don’t know how beautiful it is, it is really ugly duck-going swan? The five senses have a good water, and the body is the sudden knot, although it is tight to give a gray suit, or it can be seen. Because I have a good relationship to the stockings, I have always wear a variety of stockings every day. At that time, the rain suddenly said that she will wear beautiful socks in the brother every day. Look … I don’t know if it is because of this relationship, then I will run to wear OL set and stockings?

Thinking about thinking, look at a pair of beautiful calves under the narrow skirt. The opaque black stockings, the material looks very detailed, want to be Japan? Wrapped a pair of slender legs look unusual temptation, especially in this kind of stockings, guys who have some stockings seem to be bright, can’t move their eyes, I can’t wait to touch a …

“Brother, what are you looking at?” Yu Chen went back to ask, let me pull back from a mistake, “said the brother is watching … My legs?”

“Hu said! There is no thing, nothing, really.” I was shot, my heart was rushing, but I couldn’t help but I couldn’t help but hit the tempting legs.

“Good color, my sister’s legs must be seen.” Yuchen came over with a mysterious smile, and his hands closed a hot little soup pot.

“Don’t come over! Hey your hands take the hot pot!” On the one hand, I am really afraid of being touched, on the other hand, it is too close, I can’t help but stare at the legs under the rain. look!

“Hey, brother, I know you like to watch the woman’s legs. Now, it is not there.


Wait, what did you just want to say?

At the same time, the thoughts are a bit confusing, and the sound of the key rotation is also sounded. Ai Qiao, who came back, saw someone in the kitchen, curiously came over, I saw it is Yuchen Xiao Gu, and I am happy to go.

“Xiao Gu Xiaogu, Ai Qiai wants you!”

“Our small beauty has been doing well recently? I heard that your father’s bad man abused you, don’t give you a good time, Xiao Gu is coming to save you wow.”

“Nothing, Dad is just not cooking other, otherwise it is still a good taste.”

“Don’t protect your dad, then go on this poor Qiao Joe to have a bad nutrition!”

These two little Nizi feelings are really good, since Yan Han is not behind, it is even more obvious.

Since Ai Qiao is so greasy, let the sister replaced Yanhan to do Ai Qiao’s mother is also good …?

Hey, I think about what I want to think.

───────── ─ ─ ─ ─ 开 开 开 开 开 开 开 开 开 开 开 开 开 开 开 开 开 开As far as I said, I don’t have to eat every day, I am happy.

“Take our home every night, what do you do with your boyfriend?”

“Hey! Want to do?”

“When I can’t marry, I watched my mother blame me.”

“The stinky brother, don’t need you to make a lot of things.”

Although I have never asked directly, this little Nizi must be a lot of boys who are chasing, and the grand occasion of her last time, I can know one or two. In now, many people don’t forget the beauty of our company. Every day, I call my brother, and I will introduce myself to the rain.

“How is Ai Qiao to come back so late?” Yuchen rubbed the white hands on the apron and looked at the clock on the wall.

“She is doing things today, and she will come home at eight o’clock. Well, this fried oyster taste is good.”

“I like it more. How do you don’t have to carry her today?”

“The teacher will carry home to the cadres who go home late, so I can get it. Let’s take a bowl of rice.” “Starry and dead ghosts, eat slow.”

Yuchen helped me add the rice bowl over, I didn’t have a meal, I took the chin smile and looked at my wolf swallows, let me eat a bit embarrassed alone.

“How do you don’t eat it?” Although this is said, the speed of chewing vegetables in my mouth is completely unopened.

“Seeing brother is very delicious. Hey, there is rice granules.” Said that Yuchen stretched out the fingers took the rice granules of my mouth, put it in your mouth, let me not help but feel embarrassed. . This little Nizi is really, you have never been such ahead!

Yuchen’s most close to my home is just a stockings fair. The colorful white colored, thick thin, transparent translucent, floral diamonds are added, and before Yan Han is still there so many patterns. Today, wearing a pair of gray ultra-thin smooth pantyhose. She knows that I love to see, I am not afraid, a pair of silk socks, the legs are so swaying like this, and I have a little bit to eat, I have a little bit. .

“Your kind of rain, you have different styles every day, your colleagues can have an eye.”

“Which is there, change it after home, I only wear ordinary in the company … 唷 I do it with my brother!” Said that the cheek is a little red to turn.

I can’t help but be a bit faint. It turns out that the five-flowers of the five-flowers of the Yuchen are specially wearing it! This little Nizi is really awkward.

Ok, I admit that I have no resistance to the stockings’ legs, I also admit that Yushen is really good … Ok, it is very beautiful. But she is my sister! I said to myself: I don’t think too much.

I still chew rice in my mouth, suddenly there is a big ring outside, the lights in the whole house are dark. How to do it, power out?

“Ah!” When Yumuchen was first rushed to me, I was killed by her chair, and I didn’t know what it would be fly? “Brother … stop, power out!”

“Let’s take a problem in the problem.” I looked at the window, the street was a paint black, and then pulped into the food in the mouth, and the hand was supported on the ground. “Come, don’t take me dead, Yu Chen is fat.”

“Brother is over!” Although I can’t see the expression of Yu Chen, it is definitely what I am shameful and angry?

Although I am so fat on my mouth, I am very easy to put her actually a very light body, and then leave a few steps to the sofa. Yuchen fell tightly, like afraid that I will change my monsters after I ran away.

“Brother … Don’t go, I am afraid of black.” Yuchen, the whole person cat into my arms, the voice is slight, I grabbed her, gently patted her back, and the other hand puts On her slim waist.

“Not afraid, my brother doesn’t go, my brother will accompany you.”

We are still moving tightly on the sofa. After a long time, Yu Chen seems to be calm down, just listen to her speak.

“I used to be like this for a while.” In the dark, Yu Chen said gently.

“Well, it is probably you six or seven years old, my parents are going out, and there are two people who live at home.” I thought the past memories.

“I remember my brother … there is a song to listen to me …”

“Wow, you still remember, I have long been a long time.”

“Brother, sing to me.”

“Hey? Yu Chen is still a child, shy is really.”

“It is necessary to listen.” Actually, I started to spoil.

“唷 you …”

In a light-luminous environment, I sang a song that was almost twenty years ago, like when I gently pat my sister’s back, softly with her. Different, the sister at that time quickly slept, now she is in the arms, but the heartbeat does seem to be jumped, the more jumping, the more you can hear the level of touch.

The five-yield is not a very full song, and it has maintained a small segment of silence, and then it is like the sister’s heartbeat, it is like a sudden moment, and the rain is faintly open.

“Brother … Yu Chen likes you.”

I haven’t reacted it yet, the lips are posted by a soft thing, then the sister’s warm nose is blowing on my face, and there is a close to the body. This will change my heartbeat.

There is no way to react or resist, and the whole person is kissed by my sister. I don’t know how long I have a breath, and I re-entered my chest.

“Yumi you … you … you …”

I am too shocked, I said that I can’t speak, but I made a few syllables. In the dark, the sister took my hand from her waist, put on her wearing ultra-panty panty panty panty panty panty panty panty panty panty panty panty panty panty panty panty panty panty panty panty panty panty pantry, I also tradged my hands back to touch her pair of fine legs.

I am still in the shock, I didn’t have a calm, so the silly sister was holding her hands and touched her slender but soft legs. Although there is no way to think, but the smooth touch from the hand and the sishan of the squid and stockings frivized, I also started to speed up. In the case of the husband, the silence of his wife was silent after the wife left, and he also began to swell on the drum and beat it.

Yuchen seems to feel the feeling of being blocked, and after my hand, I will take the initiative to touch her legs, and she transferred the delicate little hand to my crotch. Pull down and pull out, liberate my huge meat sticks from underwear.

“Yu Chen …! This … ah …!”

“Hey … don’t say anything, my brother will enjoy it …”

As if is a gentle voice that is gentle, or it is completely excited, I kissed my sister’s lips. I stretched my sister to hide the firm breasts in the set; the other hand explored under the narrow skirt, kneading with her sexy abdomen under the pantyhose. In the rain of the tongue with me, from time to time, as my hand cares for her action, I sent a sweet and seductive embarrassment, a pair of jade hands, respectively, with my huge murderers and stroke my pill.

In the dark, the wonderful touch from both hands, and the heart of the stem and the pills, soon, I will soon reach the incomprehensible climax. A sudden sprayed sprayed fiery sequet of oysters. I felt that my sister lifted the legs, let the glans in my jets, with the thigh wearing fine pantyhose, put the white juice of the white juice in the mad stockings. On the top, then slowly smooth down the slim calf.

I maintained a state of raining, a pair of pants, my hose and soft breasts, and I didn’t breathe. Yuchen continued softly to make me still couldn’t still hold the sprayed meat stick, as if I have to squeeze all the semen in the giant root. After the end of the long-lasting shoot, it is also lightweight to raise the legs to wipe off the white pulp remaining on the glans. Slim stockings, rubbing the touch on the horse’s eyes, let me feel cool, I can’t help but fight.

“Brother … is it comfortable?”

“Um …” I gently kissed the sister’s lips, gratitude to the careful service of the beauty. But after the end of the ejection, a sinfulness is still either. Can you do this? I am following Yuchen …

I still don’t think I think, suddenly the sudden light is on. I am a little deliberate, I immediately let go of the rain, and Yu Chen is also an exact same action back. My sister’s OL set was a mess, especially the two big breast shirts in front of the chest, the purple bra picked up, and the pink rushing is exposed to the air. The gray ultra-panty pants is so embarrassing the white turbine that I just sprayed, and I can’t still drop down.

My meat stick is in a semi-soft state after the spray, although slightly slightly turning down, still maintains a huge size. After seeing that Yu Chen was shocked by me, he couldn’t control it quickly, it was almost a few seconds, it was standing back to complete anger.

I have rushed the huge roots of the giant roots, and Yu Chen is also rushing to wear a white breast into the bra back to the bra, then take off a wet-panting gray pantyhose, plug it into the bag, and the hand is busy. Walk from Xuanzhi.

“Yu Chen, jacket jacket.”

I have already joined the suit jacket on the sofa to Yichen. The rain of the red ear is smile, then the footsteps suddenly stopped, and slowly came back.

“Brother … Yu Chen really likes you …”

It’s not to prevent it in my lips, then laugh and pick up the coat from my hands, quickly push the door.

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