Hello everyone, my name is Ale, 17 years old, this time I share with you, I am talking to me. Axin is my school sister, 19 years old, is a beautiful person, it is quite cute, that kind of beauty is beautiful. Although she is a little, but the body is very prominent, she is very prominent, she has a virus because of some reason, so she told me to her home this day. She took her computer.

That day, I quickly went back to the dormitory to take a shower, changed the clean clothes, hurriedly rushed to the home of the sister. When she arrived at her, she found that she also wore school uniforms. The eyes of the eyes, the melon face with a temperament, a pair of white and sliding thighs exposed outside the school uniform skirt, thin short sleeve school uniform, two small If the ball is hidden, people want to be non-non-non-

“Where is your computer?” “Come with me.” Ahro said, while pulling me into her room. When I was checking the computer, she had been sitting in bed, I secretly looked at her, and the beautiful legs under the short skirt were very attractive.

When I saw her lying on the bed, I looked at the tempting body, and the breasts that were floated with breathing, and Ah Xin found that I stared at her breast. She suddenly stood up and said: “Le, my Do you really attract you like this? “She asked like this, I didn’t know what I was.

“I …” I think about how to get rid of it. She suddenly walked to me, when I couldn’t help but kiss her, she also reached out with my neck, my tongue slipped into her mouth, and she came back and forth to live her tongue. I didn’t hesitate, I started to move on her breast. Oh, how much flexible! Although it is close to her breast, but the soft breast in Ahoven makes my hand can’t leave.

My other hand also extended into her school uniform short skirt, and I touched her in panties. Ahim didn’t seem to be taking my teasing, and the love is more and more. I tally hose her size and round hips and hold her to bed. She fell on the bed, I stripped her short skirt and school uniform, she wore a black bra, covering the pair of flexible breasts, the lower body is a black silk underwear, her underwear is already wet Can’t see her hairy, as well as bright red holes.

She took her own bra, her breasts were very flexible, with a small pointed nipple, I took her breast with my left hand, and gently knead her nipple with my fingers. Starting a sound: “Um … um …” My right hand also started moving down, reaching into her underwear, when I just met her private parts, I felt her body slightly shock. My hand finally reached her little hole, I used my fingers to make her labiaries and play with her joy. At this time, Ahdo was constantly embarrassed. Her hands did not stop the bed single love liquid but like a lot of floods to wet the sheets.

My finger continues to advance, the middle finger into her small hole “Ah!” Ah Xin’s voice in the mouth of the sound is wet slippery, I feel that the finger enters the root, my finger is stirring Slave. Ah Xin’s look is very intoxicated. My little brother is about to swell, I pulled down the pants, released my penis from inside. I took the penis in front of Axin’s mouth, and then the momentum took the penis into her mouth.

My firm younger brother entered a half, and her little mouth was full.

“Um … um … um …” Axin hosted my mask, she took my hand and took my meat, then licked it with your tongue. “When the tongue hit the glans, the meat stick also shocked, and suddenly a kind of pleasure was spread all over my body, Ah Xin’s consciousness began to blur, and I didn’t want to hold the meat stick in the grass in the grass. , Put the congestion of the glans slowly sent in the mouth, lick it to the top by the meat ribs, then pick it up from the top to the root; then put it on my glans, roll up the tongue up and down, stimulate my file The glans; then put my glans into the mouth, and put the head up and down, while stimulating the glans in the mouth while using the tongue.

“Ah … ah … um … um … ah …” At this time, I was shaking, and again under extreme excitement. Then I picked up in her mouth like a hole. My straight dick in Xinkou, I felt that my little brother was hungly wrapped in her cherry tips, and a feeling of being sucking … I couldn’t stand it. A trembling in the waist, I officially declare in a strong convulsion, my semen sprayed out, the white turbid liquid was incident into her mouth, “Yeah ~” I can’t help but call it out. At this time, the semen continued to drop from the corner of Axin, and Ah Xin swallowed my semen in a breath!

After a break, Axin began to tease my penis. When I put it on my legs in my legs, I felt that the whole body was hot, and a warm flow accompanied by the thrill in the whole body. Fast, my meat stick is standing again, there is a desire of all things to vent the body … I separated her legs, let her knees bend, so she is so good. Xin’s hand held my early erect meat stick to guide me. When my meat stick inserted into the wet fever of Yi Qi, Yiqi’s love liquid was forced by my meat stick. Inserted, I only put it into the glans, she kept squatting, and her hands closed their beds, and the teeth were bite the lower lips, and the breathing was more urgent. I will continue to advance, twitch the penis, look at her expression, her expression is cute, sometimes frown, sometimes bitten with a lips but take a pleasure. Her obscenity has been out of a while, wet my whole penis, even streamed to my thigh … “Ah … ah …” My meat stick is covered with the meat, I The meat stick is enclosed in an inch, until the whole meat stick is inserted into the vagina.

My huge penis is inverting in the hole … “Ah, ah, ah … fast! Just ask you, fast! Ah”, she constantly said, urge I accelerate the footsteps. Under this stimulation, my beast desire continues to expand strongly, I accelerate my intersection speed. Gradually, the inserted movement gradually became smooth, my movements were faster, and the sound of the body touched in Xinfeit, and accelerated.

My cheek is posted on her breasts, forgetting to open the mouth, let the smeal don’t know how to shame in her chest; I take the roots, hold her slim waist, keep pumping, the more healing Tight meat, to stimulate Xin. “Ah … ah … … … ~ 喔 …” Xin was born in the huge and strong pleasure of thrilling! Her mouth was shaking, and the opening of the fierce trembling, it was difficult to illusion, how did the vagina will shake? My little brother seems to be tightly covered by warm meat, there is a kind of feeling that is not put; her belly has also begun to shrink quickly, dramatically undulate.

My hand holds the waist, sometimes swing, and sometimes it.

“Oh … … ah … … um … um …” Gradually, Xin’s waist is more faster, I also started my waist force, I suddenly a black It is a pleasure! When a strong stimulus is standing from the lower body into the brain, it is short, but it is extremely strong.

My penis feels that it is immersed, it seems to be dyed, “ah …” I suddenly shouted, then a lot of semen started to spray, I feel that all energy is like emitting all energy, my body keeps pushing NS.

Xin seems to have arrived at the climax. She is shaking, and her mouth is caught, full of snoring of fierceness. I didn’t take a drop of semen to the depths of Xinyin. After shooting, the spermous meat is slightly shrunk, … finally, I took my penis from her acupoint.

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