In the evening of 18 years ago, when I was thinking of high school, I fell in love with the cousin that had already been a big four. Although she had a senior boyfriend, or a little brother of the blood, I was in love. But because it is a goddess, All of them are very clear that this is not accepted by the society. After the college graduation, the university is also married to the boyfriend, which is settled in foreign countries. Leave it in memory is the kind of love, and she taught me. Men and women.

After the cousin has a family, there is a woman in the past years, and she also has a party when she will take a vacation. It is only to hear her news in recent years. This time I have a business trip, just going to the city. When I arrived in the United States, I was first talking to the cousin. I went to find her after the busy busy, I learned that she had just divorced for two years, and the heart was intertwined.

After the last day of the afternoon, I called the cousin. The cousin said that she will pick me up now. I will live in her home at night. I will send me to the airport the next day. I will give me a American. Hug Greetings. For many years, the cousin is still bright, it is really a woman’s forty-one flowers. Sit on her car, go back to the hotel to take baggage, check out and then go to her home.

Chatting in the car, the cousin tells me about her current situation, although divorced, but she has work, and the cousin is still responsible for the life and education costs of the child, and the food is not short.

“Moreover …” The cousin said, “Your first sister knows that I like this house, so he left the house to me, I moved out.”

“The others are not bad.”

“It is not bad.” The cousin continued, “It’s just too conceited, and the cause is increasingly difficult to communicate. Finally, I can only go on the road to divorce.”

“That …” I asked, “Is it good now?”

“Okay, freely.” She laughed, “And the child is with me around, it is very good.”

Looking at her expression, I believe this is good for her, and I am more relieved. “Don’t go to work today?”

“Please leave a day,” she turned to me, “I haven’t seen you for a long time, I want to talk more.”

When she arrived at her home, in the middle of the mountain, she would not be a lot of her herrsement, but she won’t be a lot. She drove into the garage. I took my luggage and followed her.

The room is quite spacious, the living room is still taller, and there is a small swimming pool and a jacuzzi.

She took me everywhere, I went to the kitchen, she opened the refrigerator asked, “What do you want to drink?”

“Casual can be”



She took two cans of Haininagigang, handed it over to a can, and the two sat down in the living room.

“Is there a high school in the child?” I asked “Well, they are now in school, will come back for a while”


“I have a uncle to say that my uncle will come back, let them go back.”

I haven’t seen it for several years. When I see it, they seem to be in junior high school.

The cousin has drank a beer asking, “Is a wife?”

I looked at her eyes, I don’t know what she wants, I said, “Okay.”

“That’s good.” She smiled, “I have to remember how much my wife is.”


“I will help her prepare a gift, you bring back to her.” She laughed a little said, “Sexy pajamas, enhance your husband and wife.”

“Thank you.” I looked at her and said, “Do you want me to see the pajamas?”

Her eyes suddenly became a bit charming, whispered, “Will you think of me when you love her?”

“I have always been.” I looked at her and said, “From my first time, I am my teacher.”

She said smiling, “You are a good student.”

Two people returned to 18 years ago, the seventeen-year-old teenagers, twenty-two-year-old girl, surpassing the love of the ethics, full of beautiful memories, a youthful body, entangled in the cloud rain That feeling is memorable.

She smiled at me, “I have been a long time.”

“It’s been a long time.”

Thinking about the last time, after she married, on the eve of abroad, the two were crazy in the hotel, as if this life would not see again.

She is still a charming smile, “I am so happy that you still remember these things.” I looked at her and said, “Sister, I love you.”

She stood up, facing me, starting a wide coat, not for a while, it will not hang, that perfect naked, not only because of the murder, but more mature and charming.

I also stand up, quickly take off the clothes, naked naked.

The two are first embracing, kiss, eighteen years of thoughts, no need to speak, use caress to express.

The cousin smiles, “I love me.”

I walked down with her neck to the chest, holding a round-rolled double milk, massage, kissing, and then a mouthful of playing, she is satisfied.

Go down, the tongue slides smoothly into the lower abdomen, I am squatting on the ground, facing her lower body, taps to lick her genital.

The cousin said, “” You will be handed over now. “

I looked up and said to her, “Please ask my sister to accept the results of my year.”

“Well, come on the couch.” After she sat on the couch, two feet raised on top, and the legs opened.

I was in front of her, buried, and I took her carefully to take the waiter for a while, she reached the climax, she took my head, including the case of the veins, I said, “Brother, you are good.”

“Thank you sister”

“Let me come.” She charming smiled and said that she said that I sat down, squatting in my two legs, holding my mask in front of me, and starting the skilled blowjob.

I sat in the hiking of the cousin, and enjoyed her service, enjoying her service, very satisfied.

After a while, I shouted that she said, “Sister, I want to do it.”

She sucked again, spit the meat stick, and kissed the alarm, looked up, “I am my sister, I will do it first.”

She stood up, kneeping on the sofa, face the body, sitting in my lower body, I held her waist, she pulled her whip, one hand, holding my meat stick to align the small hole, slowly sit down Until the income.

She began to move, first, up and down, then the turn circle, my hands and mouth turns to her double milk massage.

Two people were sitting in the men, and I showed it to let her get up. She is still behind the sofa after she gets up.

I stood up to her, helping her beautiful butthal in one hand, and helping the meat stick, finding her small hole, and inserted into the cross.

啪 ~ ~ ah ~ ah ~, the flesh impact is mixed with snoring, and the two delink.

The thrill is more and more strong, I slowly took out the meat stick and slowly took it out, adjust the breath.

The cousin lie on the sofa, step on the ground, one foot raised to the sofa, I push her, insert the meat stick into the small hole, puff it.

She hugged me kissed, the two realmages were integrated, fiercely, did not have her two feet crossed on me, and the lower body was tightly absorbed.

The movement is getting more violent, the sensuality of the snoring is getting bigger and bigger, and I feel that the glans is a burst, starting ejaculation in her body.

Congress ~~ Ah ~~ Ah ~~ Shout, and also reach a climax.

Two people were lying on the sofa, and we kiss our enthusiasm. When I got up, she reached out to grab her take off her clothes, put the clothes under the ass.

I slowly took the gradual meat stick from her vagina, and the mixture of obscenes and semen from her cell, directly dropped.

When she pulled up the corner of the clothes, gently wipe my penis, and wipe out the obscene and semen from the lower body, and put the clothes on the coffee table.

She laughed with me, “Are you tired?”

“Not tired.” I stroked her body, “What about it?”

“Fortunately, she smiled,” You are still good, the younger brothers are very happy. “

I laughed and didn’t answer.

The cousin asked, “Do you want to take a tuber and take a break.”

“Okay.” I looked at it, “Are you outdoors?”

She laughed, “I am relieved, the location is designed, the left neighbors can’t see, and there are sheds, no sun.

She said while pulling the landing glass door of the living room, she first turned the timer on the wall, and then handked her hand into the pool. I was sitting in the pool, and the powerful water massaged our body. Looking at the distant scenery, two people enjoy this moment.

I don’t know how long, I suddenly heard the sound behind it. “Mommy!”

At first glance, it turned out that the child went home, and suddenly I thought I was still in the water with the cousin or naked, and I didn’t know how it was good.

The cousin is relaxed, slowly turning over the head to say two children, “Is there anything.”

“Good!” The daughter and his son are in concert.

The cousin said to me, “I haven’t seen them for a few years? Xiaomei is seventeen years old, Xiarui sixteen.” Just watching the two children smile staring at the water in the water. “Hey, you are good.” I It is a bit awkward because I still have a full bare mother in my arms.

The cousin continued, “Go to put things, come on.”

“Ok, come on.” Two children go back, I turned to see that they went to the tea to stop, see the semen clothes, handed over the ear.

Xiaomei looked back to see that I was watching them, and the embarrassment blinking, laughing, and the brothers and brothers held hands upstairs.

I asked the cousin, “We are so naked together, it doesn’t matter.”

She smiled, “no problem.”

“Also.” I said, “they have seen the clothes …”

The cousin looked back at the chaos in the room, she still smiled, “It is not the traces of our love.”

I want to have a cousin that doesn’t matter, what I still care ..

After a while, I heard the footsteps of the two children, look back, my eyes were wide, Xiaomei and Xiaofu were also naked.

Although the younger brother Xiaofu is only 16 years old, the body is thin but also strong, and the body is well-known, the double milk is very strong, the little butt, the white jade leg, mouth-watering.

When they walk to the pool, the Delta Delta is more obvious, and the seductive girl in the float is fascinating.

Just look at their sisters and join in the water together, sit on we are opposite.

Sister Xiaomei opened, “Mom, I just did it in the living room?”

The cousin is normal back, “Yes,” and I am a bit awkward.

“Why don’t you go to bedroom?”

“I haven’t met my uncle …” The cousin laughed and replied, “We haven’t done it for too long, wait until you.”

Xiaomei smiled and said, I said to her mother after I saw it. “Then you must do it very fierce, very addictive.”

“Of course.” The cousin smiled, “We are very cool.”

The younger brother Xiaofu interface, “It’s a pity, you can see you to make love with your uncle.”

The cousin laughs, “Don’t worry, sooner or later will let you see.”

Xiaomei smiled and said, “Wow, I can’t wait to see my uncle.”

I am still smiling.

The cousin said to the daughter, “Do you still remember when you are young, do you really like to sit on the uncle’s legs?”

“Yes, I remember.” Xiaomei smiled and said, “I like my uncle to hold my feelings.”

Recalling that when she returned to Taiwan, I always like to take my legs, I want to take it, and I, maybe because she is like my mother, I always like her, maybe in the potion, she is in her mother.

“Xiaomei, you want to sit on the uncle legs, now you can.” Mom said.

I turned, I saw the smile catching the cousin.

“Okay.” Xiaomei promised, stood up, water from the white skin, the naked naked naked looks more sexy.

She walked to me, smiled and said, “Uncle, I want to sit on your leg.”

I looked at her, my eyes didn’t know what I should look firm, or the pussy of dripping, the old two began to congest.

Xiaomei turned around, the little butt of the torch was slowly sat down, when she bent over, the delicate hole saw more clearly.

I quickly helped her and helped her, guiding her, when the palm was in touch with the skin, the penis could not be excited by autonomy. Because the lower body has begun to react, I don’t dare to let her sit too close to the old two, Let her sit on the legs of the lap, I didn’t expect that she came back directly.

The erected penis is in her two stories. The feeling of gliitive feels makes the second rise and great, I believe that she also felt that I had already entered excited state, Xiaomei returned to me, “Uncle, yours “Leg” is good. “She blinked.

At this time, the cousin was ignited by the wind.

I laughed back and said, “But I didn’t hug it before.”

“Really?” Xiaomei immediately said, “Hey ~ I remember, it should be face-to-face.”

When she stood up and turned to face me, the two legs opened on my thigh, and then hugged me, but the butt was slid, the lower body passed.

In the face of young girls, her breast is sticked to my chest, my old second is quite quite stuck on her yin, and I will rise immediately.

Xiaomei said, “Uncle, kiss.”

Seeing her enthusiasm, I also hug her, then put your mouth up.

Dear, another, I couldn’t help but put the tongue into the mouth of the opponent, I was in front of the cousin.

I took a while, she told me, “Uncle, I love you.” In the water, her little butt was slightly swayed, and the meat stick was teased.

My glans is posted on her small hole, and I want to fire, I can’t help but rub the friction on her young honey.

Xiaomei is also spring love, his face is red, I hold her to continue kiss, the lower body is still taking each other.

If her mother is next to, I really want to directly insert the meat stick into the small hole, do her.

The cousin looked happy, she also moved her body to sit on her son, Xiao Ruihuan hugged her mother, and the mother and son also kissed.

Not long after, the cousin said to Xiaomei, “I also gave me my brother.”

Xiaomei said, “Okay, I also also still pay my brother.”

The two people got up and exchanged, and the cousin sat back in my arms, and Xiaomei sat on Xiarui legs, and the brothers were together.

The cousin looked at her two baby children, and the face smiled. “Every time I see their sister feelings so good, I will think of you.”

I looked at the cousin and saw the tenderness in her eyes. I kissed her, she was satisfied with smiling, then her eyes turned to my brother.

I follow her eyes, my brother, two in the water, kissing together, and the hands of the two are also caressing each other.

The timer stops, the water flow is slowly still, the brothers are in hand, and two large towels are taken out in the cabinets of the pool, and dry each other.

The cousin looked at their intimate behavior, did not say anything, then watch the brothers and sisters and enthusiasm, kiss, and walk upstairs.

“You are very curious, is it?” The cousin asked me like this.

“Is it …” I am thinking that their sister is not a skin.

“Well.” The cousin smiled, “Just like us,”

“Really!?” Although you can guess, it is still a bit surprised.

“Is there anything different from the bisteman with the cousin?” The cousin said, “Can you fall in love, but not marriage, isn’t it?”

I looked at the cousin, I know that she is serious, I will taboo it with her, it is not the case.

I gave her a deep kiss, “I understand.”

“I know you will know.” She said, “We should also get up.”

I took her hand and she walked out of the pool, and I took two big towels, and I also wipe my body as I just ladied.

Let’s go back to the kitchen, I opened the refrigerator to take the beer and drink two portals to give the beer to the cousin. She also drank some.

“When do you start to do love?” I asked.

“The beginning of this year” is a sudden, “Xiarui’s 16th birthday, I will teach him to make love”

“Hey, my son?” I can’t believe my ear. “Yes, I said that I have a close relationship with the children.” I think of my first time is my 17-year-old birthday, and I am teaching.

She continued, “I have nothing to talk to the child, Xiaomei knows how long, the brother began to do love.”

“Xiaomei is not jealous?”

“Not at all.” She smiled, “The feelings of our three people are really good.”

“I am a little curious, what is the feeling of doing love with my son?”

The cousin’s face blooms a happy smile, “Very happiness, is the sublimation of affection, it is difficult to experience the people who have not done.”

“I think too.”

“You can imagine, if your daughter is loved.”

I smiled, “I have no daughter, I haven’t thought about it.”

“You can be Xiaomei is your daughter.”

I froze for a moment.

“You want to make love with Xiaomei, right?”

“Sister, I …”

The cousin smiled, “Xiaomei also wants to make love with you, I am her mother, I can see it.”

At this time, the expressions cast a shocking bomb …

She said, “If I tell you, Xiaomei is your daughter, do you believe?”

Suddenly, my eyes were big, stared at the expressions, can’t believe the three words, “your daughter …”

I took a long time, I remembered the birthday of Xiaomei, not ten months after I followed the last time.

Looking at the serious eyes, I am firmly said, “I – Phase – Letter.”

The expression is gentle, smiling, “I love you, so I must be your child, you didn’t let me down.”

Thinking of 18 years ago, I have never asked me to wear a safety case. Every time I swummed in her body, I thought, I really happened.

I hug her, “I, I love you.” The two hugged each other.

Form, “I have been waiting for a long time, I can tell you now.”

“No wonder,” I said, “Every time I see Xiaomei, there is a very special intimate.”

I laughed, “I didn’t think she was a bit like you before? Whenever I saw Xiaomei, I saw you.”

“That … Xiaomei know?”

“She ah …” I smiled and said, “I have told her, but I don’t know if she first is.”

“Really?” I want to know that she is her dad, and I will pick me up, it is a lascivious daughter who is born with the table.

“Yes.” The express is said, “She just put it very much, isn’t it?”

At this time, I came upstairs, and the cousin laughed, “It seems that it is very exciting, we look at it on the floor.”

I really want to ask in my heart, “Is this good?” But I imagine the brother’s brother’s picture, the penis began to erect.

The cousin said, “I didn’t have seen it.” She saw my physiological response, smiled and said, “Are you waiting to make love with Xiaomei?”

“I …” There is a young body with a tempting youthful body in front of you.

Facmish hand holding my meat stick light and gentle, “When your father is doing love, you will know what is the biggest love of sex.”

I looked at her eyes with love, she continued, “I have been waiting for this day. When I am doing love with my son, I looked at you to make love with our daughter.”

I nodded, smiled, “We go upstairs.”

I am going upstairs with the cousin, walking with snoring, is spreading from the main bedroom.

The main bedroom is very spacious, there is a big bed in the center, there is a double sofa on the wall. The two prizions will be in bed.

We went to the sofa and sat down, I got on the cousin, two people sat in the Living Spring Palace who appreciate the young men.

The cousin leaned over, whispered in my ear, “Beautiful, isn’t it?”

Xiaomei is lying in bed, two white jade legs hang on the younger brother’s shoulders, close your eyes.

Xiao Rui handed down the bed, the buttocks swayed before and after, the slippery mask came into and out in the sister’s small hole. The sister is very focused on making love, nor noticed that we are already in the bedroom.

I saw Xiaomei’s expression, a spring love, like a susceptible, it seems that the daughter will enjoy sex.

Looking at the brother’s brother’s sexual device, I can’t help but imagine my meat stick into her feeling, the father and female shackles have a brain, and the sexual desire is high.

When the cousin, I wore me, I was thinking, holding my meat stick, smiling, “You want to do your daughter now, right.”

“I really understand me.” I reached out to stroked the small hole of the cousin, I found out that I was flooding, smiled and said, “Sister, I want to let my son come to dry, right.”

Two people kiss, start mitigation, admiring young male girls on the bed, wonderful sisters incest.

After a while, Xiaofei took Xiaome’s foot to bed, and took a mask from his sister vagina, prepared for a posture, and the brother and brother did not pay attention to us next to us.

Xiaorui smiled and said, “Mom.”

Xiaomei also sat up and said to me, “Uncle is good.”

The cousin said to them, “You do love to do so beautiful.” Her hand continued to help me pistol.

Xiaofu said, “Is it a long time to watch with your uncle?”

The cousin laughed, “Well, read it for a while.”

“Mommy … is unfair.” Xiaomei protests, “I have to see you with my uncle.”

The cousin smiled and said to me, “the cousin, change our performance.”

The cousin is facing the bed of the bed, and the meat stick is slowly opened, and I will open her pussy. I will open her pussy, and the cousin slowly sat down until I didn’t get into her. .

I have reached out to my breasts before my breast, and the cousin’s buttocks began to shake it, the meat stick moved into and out.

In the face of two children’s gaze, we do extra sale, let them look at the pictures of our intersection, the meat slap is particularly loud.

My body is in the right, hugging the cousin, let her bodily rely on me, let her go left, head, with her right milk, and play with her clitoride.

“Ah … ah …” Cookie, doing me, and enjoy the service of my mouth, happy routing. “Good brother … Dried sister is so cool …”

Just look at the Xiaomei and Xiao Rui Zhang, concentrating on watching my mother with my sexual intercourse, the hands of the two sisters are also helping each other.

After a while, Xiaofu said to Xiaomei, “Sister, we also do it with your mother.”

Now I change the brother Xiaofu lying, my sister is in my brother, cross him, two people can still see me with the cousin.

The brothers learned our movements, the younger brother broke the sister’s pussy, my sister handked your brother’s meat stick, and sat down his little hole and slowly sat down.

Xiaomei handed down the bed, Xiao Rui hand helpers’s jade buttocks, and the female male ride, very tacit, combined with our rhythm.

The young brothers enjoy the pleasure of sex, the snoring is constantly, I have intensely doing the cousin on the sofa.

The two groups of brothers have enjoyed the joy, and they also appreciate another Spring House performance, full room incest.

After a while, the cousin stood up and pulled my hand and said, “Go, we will do it with them.”

In the bed, the body was in Xiaryi, but the butt was posted on the side, the mother and the mother kissed, and the son held her mother’s breast caress.

After I kneel on the buttons of the cousin, I insert the meat stick into the cousin. I put the smooth and beautiful butt, and the other hand hugged the little beauty.

Xiaomei laughed, we kissed, she kissed, she pulled up my hand on her breast, squeezing, and showing her caress.

I have a little girl with little beauty, and you kiss caress, she drove her brother, I don’t have a cousin.

Xiaomei bowed her meat stick in her mother’s cheriff, reached out to my lower body.

I took the mask from the cousin’s, let Xiaomei hold, she really laughed, “Uncle, I want to eat your big old two.”

I stood up in bed, and the old meat stick was in front of her. She smiled and grabbed the meat stick to send the entrance, and she started to help me. Looking at the daughter happy to lick my glans, slightly childish smile is really cute, The little mouth contains my meat stick to eat, I am happy, I am happy.

When the cousin looked back, I was helping me with my mouth. She gave me a heart smile, across her son’s face, facing me with Xiaomei.

Just watching Xiao Rui two hands holding his mother’s fat buttocks, adjusting the angle, and begging her mother’s honey.

The cousin is in front of the cousin, and the hips are mighty, let the son’s tongue can play, her two hands helped me with my daughter.

After a while, the cousin said to her daughter, “Xiaomei, watch my mother to teach.” Then I said to me, “Brother came over.”

Xiaomei let go, I move the body, close to the cousin, just when the cousin grabs me, the meat stick is ready to start, “Xiaolan said,” Wait a minute. “

Just look at your brother’s meat stick is still in your sister, Xiaomei sits and faces your mother, and my meat stick is quite in the middle of the mother and husband.

The cousin begins to move to me, and my sister Xiaomei continues to ride a dry younger brother, while carefully watching my mother’s move.

After a while, the cousin spit out my meat stick, handed over to her daughter to let her continue, change Xiaomei to help me with his mouth, and return to Mommy.

This scene, my brother Xiarui is lying, my sister Xiaomei rides on his body, mother rides on his face, let his son helped her.

And I stood that let the mother and daughter turned into me, looking at this lascivious picture, unprecedented sensory excitement, excited.

I stroked Xiaomei’s loveless face, called her, “Xiaomei.”

She looked up and looked at me, “Uncle”

I laughed with her, “I should call me my father.”

“Dad!” Xiaomei shouted, watching her mother said, “Mummy, I finally told Dad, I am his own daughter.”

I’ve been laughing, “Yes, my father is so happy to have this daughter.”

I reached out to Xiaomei said, “Good daughter, Dad love, Dad wants to make love with me.”

Xiaomei is happy, “Dad, great, I can’t wait to make love with Dad.”

She got up, the brother’s meat stick slid out from her small hole, and the cousin immediately squatted on her son, helping his son, and the mother and child were tail.

I held a small child, let her lying on the side of the mother and child, she opened the legs, I looked on her, holding her kissed caress.

I said, “Daughter, I love you.”

“Dad, I love you too.” Xiaomei smiled and looked at me.

I stroke Xiaomei breasts, tease pink nipples, it is too beautiful, I low below her nipple with your mouth.

Xiaomei fragrant, I will go down inch, and my daughter’s abdomen is very soft and smooth, kissed in the yin, and the sparse is good.

At this time, the little legs open, she opened her honey, and “Dad, do you like a little hole you like?”

I looked at the smashing small hole, first kiss and replied, “Beautiful, Dad loves the daughter’s small hole.”

Promote the tongue, first gently on the upper and lower lips, and then taste her sweet nectar.

Her body began to twist, I put the tongue deeply inserted her wet, and continued to eat her waves.

“Ah ~ Dad ~ You are so comfortable ~” Xiaomei continues to embrace, enjoy the blowjob I giving her.

I extended her hands and holding her hands, the father and the two fingers finished, and I will continue to taste the daughter’s small hole.

Xiaomei is called, “Dad, I want your meat stick, insert me, come to do your own daughter.”

I know that she has already happily, and the mouth leaves her little hole, and then slowly one inch to kiss her skin in a inch until her face.

She hugged me, the lower body was posted on my meat stick, we kissed.

“Daughter,” I said, “Let’s make our father and women now.”

“Dad, I am waiting for a long time, I have always hope that I can make love with my father.”

The cousin was originally included with his son’s meat stick, and he had a taste of Jinjin. He heard that I was in a hurry. I looked up and smiled. She was very happy. She got up, Xiaorui sat down, and the cousin sat in his legs. In the middle of the son, the son is inserting the meat stick to the mother’s pussy, and the mother and son are sitting in face to face.

Moreover, the cousin and her son can clearly see the lower body that I have intensified with my daughter.

“Good brother,” said, while talking to his son, “I want to see you with our daughter.”

Xiaomei shouted, “I have to look into insert.”

I took a big pillow pad behind Xiaomei, so that she got up, so she could see her lower body.

Then I kneel in the two legs of Xiaomei, lifted her two letters, put it on my thigh, I am hot, my meat stick is straight before the daughter wet tenderness.

“To plug in.” I raised little butt, helping the meat stick to align her a lotion. “Daughter, help my father open.”

Xiaomei smiles, pulls hands to open the lips, revealing the vaginal mouth, the pink moist flesh is really beautiful, I first put the glans in a little bit, a bit tight.

I slowly put the mask forward, looked at the glans didn’t enter the daughter’s pink meat, she shouted, “Wow ~ Good Bot” I will continue to send the meat stick slowly.

Xiaomei eyes stare straight to the lower body, watching my hood slowly inserting her pussy, finally the top flowers, the young hole tightly packaged hot meat stick, I combined with my daughter, I look forward to it for a long time At the moment, the father and daughter began to pay.

The cousin is happy, shouting, “Great, good brother, fast, dry our baby daughter.”

I grabbed the daughter’s two white tender flies, and the mask began to slowly pumping in her vagina. Although the speed is slow, they are deeply inserted.

Xiaofei looked at the father and female, he slammed his mother, he reached out to stroke Xiaomei’s breasts and smiled, “Mom, so cool.”

Xiaomei as I felt, when I started to speed up, her snoring is getting bigger and bigger, “Ah ~ Dad is good ~ Daughter is so comfortable ~”

I looked at my meat stick in the daughter’s tender points into and out, the sky, it is incredible, I am really taking my own biological daughter.

This is a wonderful feeling, the excitement of the father and daughter, the more intense me.

The movement of the cousin and Xiaofu is also more fierce. She looked at our passionate sexual intercourse and smiled satisfied.

I laughed with my cousin and said, “Sister, I love my daughter is really beautiful, I seem to be in heaven.”

The cousin watched Xiaofei, smiled and said, “Yes, just feel like our mother and son.”

Xiaomei put the waves, enjoy the father’s meat stick hit in her small hole.

“Dad, ah ~ You have a daughter so cool” she shouted, “I want ~ Ah ~ change his daughter to Dad.”

I have gripped the hands of Xiaomei, and I took her up and took me in my arms, the meat stick was still tight in her vagina.

“Good daughter, change it.” I kissed her. “Let Dad see my daughter has more sensuality.”

I sat on my legs. She sat on my leg just now in the pool, but this will be really in her small hole.

“Dad, daughter wants to do you,” Xiaomei said, “Enjoy your daughter’s efforts.”

Xiaomei began to move, the little ass is light, and the vagina wrapped the meat stick and comforted.

“Ah … the daughter is good.” I enjoys my daughter’s riding, “Dad is so love.”

We have the body to enjoy, I haven’t been idle. I hold a pair of delicate caress, and then use the thumb index to pinch the young nipple.

Xiaomei smiled, “Dad, you pinch your daughter so cool, pin it hard.”

I low, my left hand still pinching her right milk, holding her left cream to send her left, first, bite, then suck, then exchange, turn around her double milk.

“Ah ~ um ~ Ah ~” Xiaomei Sheng Zheng, the more the more the butt is more and more, I also put the meat stick so much, with her action.

The father and women are closely embarrassed, double mouth kiss, two tongues are entangled, try to suck each other, four hands and love.

My hand strokes the little butt butt, my fingers touched her little ass, it is cute, said to her, “the daughter, Dad wants to eat the ass.” Xiaomei smiled, very tacit Turned to bed, attractive little butt tightly.

I first lick her little peach from behind, Xiaomei enjoys my tongue, screaming, then I also licked her little ass.

The adjustment posture is behind her, I support the hook from inserting her small hole from the rear, touches her round pocket, do her.

I am selling from behind in her vagina, and occasionally smokes with the glans to massage her little ass, the father and the daughter are enjoying this obscene moment.

At this time, I saw that the cousin was lying on the bed. Xiaorui squatted in her two legs, holding her two feet highly made a V word, the son’s meat stick is doing the waves of the mother.

On the same big bed, I with my daughter Xiaomei, the cousin is a small lamer with her son, the father and mother and the mother, and warmly carry out incest.

The sensation of lastrophies brings a climax, I pulled out the meat stick that is about to get among the vagina, picking up her turn, let her rest down.

Going up, and quickly re-put the meat stick into her small hole, fiercely pumping.

Xiaomei’s foot is behind me, as a chapped fish is tight, just listen to her, “Ah ~ Dad is fast ~ hard to do your relatives ~ Ah ~”

I can’t help but I can’t help it, struggle, a large stock is shot in her body. Small beauty cavity convulsions, and also reaches a climax.

Two people are touched, kissing, mutual licking, caress, sexual organs closely rub, enjoy the final pleasure.

It took a breath for a while, I looked at Xiaomei and two people exposed a smile.

Xiaomei warmly held me, “Dad, so cool ~ I love you.”

Suddenly I realized that the form says that the father and daughter do love are the sublimation of affection.

The waves around me are getting bigger and bigger, we turn around, Xiaofu is on the cousin, the son’s meat stick is quickly pumping in the vagina’s vagina, watching the sister’s dishring expression, I know she is enjoying The ultimate pleasure of my mother and child.

The movement of the mother and child is getting more and more intense, listening to Xiao Rui shouting, “Mom, I am shot.”

The cousin is shouting, “My son ~ give me ~ shot in the uterus of Mummy.”

Son ejaculation in your mother, the mother and son also enjoy the final climax.

After the passion, my mother looked at each other with her son, “Mom, I love you”

“Little Rui, Mommy also loves you”

I kissed the daughter who had just recognized, and I took her parents, and the half-soft meat stick was also enjoyed in her daughter’s honey.

Xiaomei Shuo said, “Dad, daughter’s little hole is not good? Do you like it?”

“My prostitute, Dad really likes to eat the tender hole”

“Dad, then … Do you want to eat daughter’s little hole now?” She smiled and “now?” I looked at her.

“Yes, my daughter, I also want to taste my dad wet barlli stick.” She stretched out his tongue, and she was so sensual to lick a circle on his mouth.

I also want to take a good job of my daughter’s tender points, and smile and promise her, “” The daughter, give me the 妳. “

She happily climbed up, semen eucalyptus flowed out from her holes, dripping on my mask, then she turned into me, starting to lick my wet body down, including the meat stick and start blowing.

Xiaomei’s butt is above my face, I support her little butt adjustment, my mouth is gratifying the honey pockets that are filled with semen, began to taste.

We know that it will be the most memorable night of the father and daughter tonight.

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