I am also an assembly of computer. The computer of the Ma Tailbar is broken, and I will go to the past to help them repair. Although Horsetas is not living in the school dormitory. However, there are other students living here because of the class, this dormitory has also become her second home. As long as you stay too late at school, sometimes you will simply sleep in the dormitory.

I am talking about me at the school gate. The weather is still quite hot, I hold a cup of coconut milk tea standing at the gate. I was slowly coming from the street at this time. She still has a consistent horse tail. Dressed in a black sleeveless shirt. The top of the sloppy is just close to her good body. Although only the surroundings of the B cup, it looks quite attractive.

“Hey! You are quite fast …”

“Fortunately … it’s really hot today.”

I follow the school sister and walk to the dormitory direction. Because it is a holiday, the school’s students are not a lot except for people. Moreover, such a hot weather should not be much wanted to be here.

Going to the girl’s dormitory, although not the first time. But it is true to step on the steps. Because I didn’t have a girlfriend who lived in the dormitory, I can’t experience the romantic of the couple in front of the dormitory.

It is essential for men to enter here. If there is special requirements, you have to have a girl in the dormitory to bring it. It is a long-haired beauty, called Ling Hui. She is very tall, about 170 cm. She is good, it seems that it is a model body.

The slim body, there is a beautiful Peugeot face, can be called one of the flowers in the line. She also died in the party with the horses, and the other in their class, the girl named Xiuyi was called three love.

I know that Hui Xue is as if there is already a boyfriend, although many people pursue her, but she is not moving. Ling Hui Lixian left a long hair of the black and smooth, wearing a simple white t-shirt and looked down with light blue hot pants. I said that Hui has a model body, in fact, there is a string. Because she is slim, she has only a cup of chest. In addition to this, no matter what appearance or the proportion of the body is just perfect. Of course, some people will think that there is no sexy whether the girl with little chest is. But I think I will have a small chest of the Hui Hui to be more charm than many chest.

“School brother … I seem to see you often.” Hui Hui learning asked me.

“Okay … maybe because I often run the system.”

“No wonder … I always feel that you are very familiar.”

Ling Hui took me through my horses. I have to wear a clear anti-light coat, saying that I am a heterogeneous, and the girls in the dormitory should have a warning to me. This shared anti-light clothing followed me on the second floor. Looking at the all-in-one girls, I feel that I am so self-satisfied. Ling Hui Xuezhao’s small hips are shaking around me. Looking at her hips, I suddenly fantasize how nice to your hips when she didn’t wear her trousers. She is wearing a very short hot pants, and the long white thigh is completely exposed, and she looks great.

Turn right after walking on the third floor, my right hand is just a clothesshore room. I didn’t expect to have such an indoor clothespress in the girl’s dormitory. There are several rows of bamboo poles, full of flowers, green bras and underwear.

Although there are many clothes hanging above, but I still pay attention to those female underwear. If there is a rental room in this dress, I will definitely get a high price to get the right to overnight.

I originally thought that the girl’s dormitory will be more clean. The result is on a narrow walkway, and there is something.

After walking, I finally stopped at one of the bedroom doors. The coffee-colored wooden door has a bunch of note paper, which looks quite messy. Ling Hui Yang opened the door, and a group of people came in.

A group of debriss were stacked in a small room. There are four people shared in the bedroom, and there are four beds in the left and right. The place where the door is a wardrobe, the most inside is a desk. A pale green circular hanger is hanging next to the bed. The head hanging on the hanger is all the girl’s bra with underwear. I have tried my best to pay too much, but I turn my head to another bed. The top is a white bra in a seemingly passed. It seems that the girl is quite uneasy in this place.

“My desk is here.”

Ling Hui Dynasty walked to the desk, pointing to me at the desk.

“Is there any problem with the computer?” “I don’t know, just there is no picture. Then the host has been supple.”

I walked directly to my studies and looked at the direction of her finger. In addition to feeling the scent comes from her body, I try to focus on the head on that computer. I learned the chair and let me pull the computer from the table. I am sitting on the floor and use a starter to turn the computer’s housing. On my side, just put a small laundry basket. The laundry basket is the top is another light blue top and the bra. Just this bra’s cup looks obviously only the size of the A cup. The location is just in the middle of the student desk. I opened the computer in one side, and my eyes also stared at the flat underwear toward the cup.

Ling Hui Xue, two people who have a horses, sitting on the bed, start chatting. The weather is gradually hot, and there is no cold gas in the dormitory. I am sitting on the floor. I feel that I am full of sweating.

“Good hot, do you want to take a shower?” Hui Hui Sister said to the Ma Tailber.

“Okay … I am full of sweating, you still have clothes to change it?”

“Yes, even the underwear who stayed here is there. Do you want to change?”

“Really? I almost forgot”

Ling Hui Xue is going to the place where the door is squatting down her slim figure. The drawer is then pulled off from the number below. Green, green, green, is sexy seductive female inner lingerie. The original student’s underwear is all in the drawer. Looking at each bright inner shield neatly arranged, the cup is stuck in an emissions. The underwear is very neatly rolled into a spherical shape. The clean and neat extent is very different from around the messy dormitory.

Ling Hui learned a set of white underwear from the bottom of the lingerie, and then handed it to the Ma Tail Bar. Then I picked an orange bra and a pure white lace small panties. Although the two pieces are not a complete set, I noticed that the underwear of Ling Hui, or the style of dip pants. Looking at such a beautiful girl in picking underwear, it feels like seeing the model on TV.

After Pushing the drawer back, then took a light blue T-shirt in the wardrobe, and then walked out of the bedroom together with the Matail.

There is only one boy in the sky in the hollow girl’s dormitory. I am sitting in a chair, in fact, the computer’s problem has already been solved. The key is just that Ling Hui’s memory is loose, I will re-insert it. At this time, I confirmed that after they left, boldly picked up the light blue A cup bra in the basket next to me. I don’t know why, it is probably because Ling Hui Learn is very beautiful. I first felt that it was so excited to hold a cup. Although the curvature inside the cup is obviously not obvious. The extent to which the light is bent from the cup, and the chest of Linghui’s student should really be very flat. It is really no real, I haven’t seen it. But even if there is only a cup, the light is leaning on the face of the face, or it is enough to get people.

The strap is still embroidered on the side of the underwear side, and it is obvious that “A70” is indicated by it.

. I don’t know much about “A70” is the size, but I should not be very full from the curvature of the cup.

I continued to open the laundry basket, but I only saw another skin tone under the clothes. Just this underwear, although Ling Hui Xuejie passed, but it is not able to cause my libido. So I still ran to secretly kick the drawer that just learned the brown underwear. Although I said that I ran to take a shower, how much time when the girl took a shower, I still have no way to determine. So I still carefully be careful. I opened the drawer of underwear while paying attention to the movement of the door. As long as the door is turned, I should be able to push the drawer back into place quickly.

My heartbeat accelerates, I feel quite nervous. I haven’t sneaked the experience of the female inner wardrobe. Pull open the arm width drawer, the flower green is the private underwear of Linghui. The beautiful scenery of the glorite, made me want to put your head into it. I secretly took the front two-piece underwear, which was dark blue with light green bra. I turned over the bra, and the inside of the cup inside the cover is also a thick liner. Such a design should be designed for girls who specialize in small chests. I have seen the student’s bra and it is really neat, I am really afraid that I will be discovered by her slightly.

In order to be afraid that such a move was discovered, I still reluctantly pushed the drawer. Return to the basket next to the computer desk, trying to turn over and see if there are any other relatively good-looking underwear. The emperor is not worried, and I have been found to find a pink lace bra. This bra can no so-called liner, but a generally simple lace tuner design. It looks quite attractive, if Ling Hui learning is really in front of this bra, I think I should have never been able to have a premature ejaculation. I took the pink lace thin yarn. Sitting in a computer chair fantasy.

Almost light is to use it. Such dangerous items still need to be temporarily far away, so as not to lose rationality.

Fortunately, my decision is correct, because after two minutes, the son returned to the room. Two big women in front of you are a hair with a wet. Ma Tail Purchase puts the head and then looks quite cute. Although the long hair of Hui Hui, although it is useful to bring it behind, but a mess is still quite awkward. Two beautiful women came in from the door, but the feeling of giving people is very different.

Ling Hui Learned over light blue tights, the chest looks flat, but there is still a slight rise in the place where the chest is. She is so sleek, and the legs of the nine-headed girls are more exciting. Ling Hui Learned with a glamorous look, in addition to a pink towel. The head in the towel is the white underwear she just changed. She naturally walked to me, opened the towel in her hand to hang on the back of my body. Then the pure white underwear in the head is like this, the head is blocked directly from the laundry basket next to me. I don’t need to change the sight at all, and I can clearly look at the underwear, and the underwear who has left the position is in front of me. Ling Hui Xue, the flat white cup is facing up, next to a small panties with same pure white lace. Although I said that I didn’t know anything with Ling Hui Search, but she didn’t think this made me see that her underwear is a embarrassing thing.

“The computer is a mother?” Ling Hui Si is standing by me asking me.

Her slender body is relying on the right rear of my shoulder. I can clearly smell the strange smell that she just took a bath. When her soft hand is gently relying on my shoulder, then bending down the body to look at the screen in front of me. I seem to feel closer to her little chest.

“Ok … Just a memory problem ….” I replied to her.

“That … do I need to spend another way?” She asked.

Listening to her voice, it is simply a full body. If you can hear her voice, I want to be a ghost.

“Then we can see VCD 啰.” Hui Hui said, said to the Masaillog Sister.

It is said that it is a bit sorry for the Ma Tail Past. Although both are beautiful, from Linghui, I came in, I was attracted to her through her soul. The horse tail is still wearing the black sleeveless shirt and shorts. Just sitting on the bed, then put her on the rice white underwear she just changed.

“Do you have any good-looking filters?” Matail’s school sister asked.

“Have … But I think there is a boys who are not very convenient to see ….” Ling Hui Xueyu looked at me and said.

“How do you say it ?!” I asked curious.

“Because I want to secretly talk to her, if there is a boy, there is more strange ….”

It turned out to peek at a tablet. I didn’t think about the beautiful girl like Ling Hui and Ma Tailbar, and there will be when I got together to peek at a film. As long as they open, the road is going to bed with them everywhere. Probably those men have not yet been expected to have such curiosity.

“Ah … Haha … It doesn’t matter …. If you have any questions, you can ask Xiaoba’s opinions …”

Listening to the horse tail, I said that I smiled.

“Well …. Ok …. I can accept it …..” Ling Hui Learned to look at me.

She took a burnled CD from the bookshelf, and I have to put it in the computer to play. After I put it into the disc, I follow the bed opposite the computer. At this time, I was a Ma Tail, and her right is Ling Hui. I think I don’t need to stand in front, and the film will start playing.

Amazing is that the film of “strawberry milk” is still no code. I really want to ask what the film is from this film. Actually no code, the film started to stroking the chest of strawberry milk. Then lick her breast. I secretly turned to peek at the expression of two girls. After all, this is very curious about me. As a result, it seems that these two girls are obviously a strong inner harm, and they are doing positive. Then the screen is dial to the male protagonist, and then the underwear of strawberry milk, then boldly use his hand to make her labia. Strawberry milk ruddy labia is particularly clear. And the male protagonist relies between the legs of strawberry milk, start to taste her juice. I noticed that the hand of Le Xi Xue has begun to see where it is, secretly, we don’t pay attention to it on your hips. The horse tail has already had a relationship with me, so she is particularly close to me at this time.

The A piece is an oldest catalyst. It’s rare that three people will be so quiet. When the Ma Tail Person saw strawberry milk sucking the ruddy meat stick of the male protagonist, she did not carefully sneak over her lower body.

The lens was taken to the male protagonist to insert his huge meat stick into the strawberry milk, clearly the dynamics of the meat stick. At this time, Hui Xue is finally can’t help but ask.

“God …. Is there a big boys?”

I asked Ling Hui, I heard it, and at the same time, I was surprised to look at her.

“How? I asked what strange question?” Hui Hui Xueger asked.

“No … just …. 妳 妳 说 我 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女

“Ah … I don’t say it ..” Ling Hui Learned to see me, then tapping the arm of the horseparrographer.

“But … that male is not very big … I see how you pay very surprised expressions ….” Matail Society asked.

“I …. 唉呦 …”

“Still …. 妳 妳 男 没 大 大 学 学 学 学 嘻 嘻 嘻 嘻 嘻 嘻 嘻 嘻 问 嘻 姊 姊 问 嘻 问 嘻 嘻 嘻 嘻 嘻 嘻 嘻 嘻 嘻 嘻 嘻 嘻 嘻 嘻 嘻 嘻

Ling Hui Xue is awkward, then slowly answer “um ……”

“Is the virgin give now this boyfriend?” Matail’s school sister asked.

I heard the student, immediately pulled his ear and wanted to happen. After all, if someone can make love with Ling Hui, it is really the happiest man under the sky.

“No … that is the previous one …”

“Do you have a red in the first time?

“Hey! There are boys and still ask so carefully ……. Have … Yes! …..

“Is that they are small?”

Ling Hui, secretly saw me, then replied, “I only have to do with the first one, but he is very small and not comfortable. So I didn’t do it with him now.”

“No wonder you will feel that the one inside the film is actually a big thing than him.” Ma Tailburst said while looking here.

Ling Hui learned a sharp attention to the sight of the Ma Tailbar, and began to sneak away.

“Oh … Drink ….. I know …. I have a relationship ………” Ling Hui smiled and said.

“Oh …. 妳 I know ….” Ma Tailburst also laughed with a laugh.

“The meaning is that the school brother is actually a big …” 惠 学.

“You can accept it …..” Ma Tailburst deliberately looked at me, then the expression looks very reluctant.

“Well, look at me, very strange, …” I said.

“Small super … You take the pants …. Let Ling Hui look down …

“Don’t! Why do I take off …” I am awkward.

“You are still boys still don’t just …..”

The horse tail pushed me into the bed, and then the hands immediately began to pull my shorts.

Because I wear is also sports shorts, so the horse tail is slightly pulled, my hammer ran out.

“Okay … don’t pull it .. I will take off …” I said.

Although it feels strange, it seems a bit confusing role. But I still tried my shorts in front of these two big people. At this time, I also saw the ugly penis. However, it is probably that I have not erected, and the expression of Linghui’s student seems to be a bit unreasonable. This is a big set of frustrations for boys, and it has not been able to look down.

“Haha … small super … You have no spirit today.” The Ma Tail Passengers looked at my little brother.

“That is because there is no excitement … Of course, you can’t afford it …” I 辩.

“But just watching a film just now?” Asked Hui Hui.

“That is the film is not true … I am so easy to attract …..”

“What do you mean be sure to see the site is satisfied?!

I smiled nodded.

“Ling Hui .. 妳 …..” Ma Tail Passes looked at Ling Hui Xue.

“Ah? Why is it me … I have experienced experience … Why isn’t it a ridicule ….. 惠 学 红…

“It’s just what you want to see …

“That’s that I have to learn to take off your clothes first …”

Since Ling Hui Xue is so demanding, I have no loss. So I am very simply taking my top. The whole body is naked, standing in the center of the girl’s dormitory. Although the weather is hot, this is still feeling that there is a lower body. Also let my little brother have a point.

Then it is a good play. Ma Tail is first tilt down her shorts, revealing her rice white small panties. And Hui Xue is also taking off her. After taking off hot pants, the lower body of Ling Hui also reveals her white tiny-style inner trousers. My eyes can not help but always be big. Because such beauty is not every man has such a chance to see. Ling Hui Xue’s meticulous lower body leaving only one small white lace underwear. The front of the underwear is the layout of the light lace, looking at the front, the sexy body under her underwear cannot cover it. From the voids disclosed in her lace underwear, I can obviously see her sparse and seductive inclusion.

On the flat belly, only the little triangle white fabric can cover her most priority. It is like this, my little brother has immediately reacted. I have been in front of the old half a day, that is, I hope to have the opportunity to see a touchless picture like this.

“Small super … You are too real …. Ling Hui just started to take off.. You will be so tall …..” said the Pastel of the Passenger.

I looked at Ling Hui, and I didn’t know how to answer. Ma Tail is also revealing underwear, but the horse-tail school is a cute girl. For the average person, the cute girl is indeed seductive. But when she stood with a girl like Ling Hui, then the mature inducement that Hui Hui was not comparable to general girls. I just said that it is not to say that the Sao Tail is not enough.

After all, she is still a slightly losing the chest, but which is the charm of the physical language. I heard that Ling Hui Xue has also served as a short-term engineering model, so the whole instrumentatic attitude is different.

“It should be okay …..” Hui Hui said to look at my lower body.

“Well ?? This is satisfied? Then I will enjoy it myself …” Ma Tailburst said with a smile.

“What?” I asked curiously.

“You …..”

The horse tail score pulled me to the bed and asked me to open the outside. Although I feel very strange, I still do it.

“Ling Hui … Do you have a tape here?” Ma Tailbar learned his head asked.

“Ah … have you ….. What is going ?!”

Ling Hui Learned, took a bundle of white transparent tape. The horsetas sister actually took the tape, then tied my wrist with ankle with tape on both sides of the bed. Such a movement looks like I was as strange as the ancient five horses. And the focus is that I have no clothes at all, only the towering meat stick is still standing between the legs. If no one helps me, I will probably be trapped here. Such pictures are really embarrassed, I have been begging the Ma Tailbar to help me unlock. However, she seems to be another intent. The horse tail is hugged and took off her black sleeveless shirt. Then expose her sexy white bra in front of me. She stroked her own merits, near me. It seems to hin me, in fact, her body is also very attractive, will not lose to Ling Hui.


Ling Hui Sister saw such a picture, one hand covered his underwear, and it seems that it seems a bit of a little dare to confidence. But the tailbar learned is very moving. She is wearing a white underwear against me. Then I kissed my chest, and I started playing with my meat with my hand. I looked at her chest, a pre-made white bra. The cup did not close her white breasts, so there is still a little gap. This makes her sexy cleavage and breasts, if they are more attractive, more attractive than before. I want to win the chest to win this, I will really raise this.

“I am very embarrassing. … Just like this, I started chaos in my dormitory … Then what I do …..” Hui Hui screamed.

Ma Tail is not answered her, but continued to kiss my navel and the lower abdomen. Then she moved her body to my legs, then holding my meat stick and starting kissing. There is a big eyes in front of you, and there is a phenoli in the legs. I am still naked in the girl’s dormitory. Such an experience still has never thought of a dream. This stimulus is so stimulating, your lower body is getting bigger and bigger.

A very fast horse tail is starting to taste my lower body. She contained her penis with her warm little mouth, and then started sucking. I turned to see that Ling Hui learning seems to be a little shake. Although she is far away, she also stared at the Ma Tail Persi. I don’t know if I have an experience of do not help boys. However, from her expression, it should be very fissed with this.

“I …. I can be together ………..” Ling Hui, finally couldn’t help but open.

“Ling Hui … Play together …” Ma Tailbus said back to her.

Ling Hui Xue Si slowly relieves the heart, and then turn over the side of my sight. Although her body is very slender, but the small hips look quite full of meat. On her white and tender buttocks, only the ultra-fine lace strap presents the shape shape behind her. And his soft hip meat is an exposed exposure to cover. I haven’t hosted the last line of defense when I see her cute little hips. Fortunately, the Mavelobis’ sisteter is also a little rest at this time, otherwise it will be shot so soon.

Ling Hui Xue is going down and puts her lower body’s white sexy self-underwear from the waist to the ankle. Although she is deliberate to me, when she bent down the waist. Her slender hip trench line still let me see it. Between the two slices, there is also a black sexy zone that is full of delusions. If her kiscue flowers, if I let me see her private chrysanthemum, I will make me live now.

Ling Hui lost her underwear and then huddled her naked lower body with her hand.

“That .. What do I want to do …” Ling Hui Hong faces and ashamed.

“Hey … you are in the face of Xiaobai’s face.

“Ah ?! …. This is not ……..” Ling Hui is shy and dare not say.

I nodded, I smiled, and then looked at me. It seems that I can help me to create such a good opportunity. I certainly grateful this. How many women can not only give me the body, not only, but even the friends will pull in.

Ling Hui Xue’s right hand covered his lower body. Then the left hand holds the bed and slowly coming to me. When her knee is leaned by my shoulders, Ling Hui deeply sucked a breath. Then bold her elongated legs across the sides of my head. She kneelted with my knees in front of me. And as long as she lets her right palm open. Then, her sexy small flower office is only less ten centivation with my face.

“It’s so nervous …” Hui Hui said.

Because for her, I am still a boy who really touched today. But in such a short period of time, she will bold her most private part in front of me. I believe this is not an easy task for her. However, sometimes it is like this unpredictable thing, the more exciting. The weather is hot, sometimes people’s thoughts will follow the ingredients. My eyes are facing the private parts of Linghui.

Her slender black hanging on both sides of her shoulder. Although she is still in a light blue T-shirt, but the lower body is already a hint. Ling Hui Xue slowly overcomes his heart, and gradually removes her fingers from her lower body. Just in front of me, I finally saw her priorism and sexy labians.

Ling Hui’s scholastic hair is quite sparse, only a small piece of a small piece above the yin. The distribution position of the Ma Tailbar is clearly different. Such a body is like only a nude photo of the abroad will only be seen. Perhaps like Ling Hui Xue, you may really have a little foreign blood. Ling Hui slowly released her hands and let her little petals are close to my nose. From now on, all the most privacy portions are so clear. Ling Hui Learned the original white and tender face suddenly changed the pink. She is shy, I don’t dare to look directly, but I deliberately put the head to one side. And she is still so bold to expose her the most sexy private place to me.

Unfortunately, my hands are tied by the Horseta Sister. Otherwise, I really want to immediately reach out to stroke her that looks like a flour and tender. If it is like the Linghui Sister said. Then I should be except for her first boyfriend, the only boy who has seen her genus. In so much pursuit of her boys, some people will not think that I can find such a cheap. Like Linghui, there is a good appearance, and there is a model-like high tab. The focus is that her manner is simply to make people feel unsuriforn. Just raise her a simple sitting. As long as she is wearing a short hot pants, she is sufficient to make people fantasize all day.

It’s really not because I am still a sense of reason. Otherwise, I see that I will see the coolness of Linghui’s downtown. The fullness of my mind is unbearable. When she saw her touched her round buttocks, she wanted to rush to take her shorts before, from the back of her body’s desire.

It seems that the Mavelobis sister tied me is the right choice. At least let me look like a normal person. Otherwise, in the face of such a seductive scene before you, I can’t guarantee that I will not come to Hui Xue. If the newspaper is published on the newspaper, I have a news that I am strive to be lyion. Even if I was caught, I should have a face that will expose. For the first boyfriend of her, the born in the world will be ambiguous.

If it is me, at least every day, you must get a refuse to sleep.

Ling Hui Xue is slowly moved down the hips. I am a distance that I have touched my tongue, and then I suddenly reached out my tongue and went to her private parts. The girl who just took a shower is really full of fragrance of shower milk.

Although it is just like this slightly, my tip is full of sweet feelings.

“Ah … how come you ……..” Ling Hui Learned to look at me.

“Ah … I’m sorry ….. because … because I am really beautiful …….” I couldn’t help but say it.

This feeling that is tied to the bed is really strange, and there is no autonomy. Ma Tailburst is obviously a bit flavor. Seeing Ling Hui strips his underwear, tempting me in front of me. Even if you have a good death party, but the horse tail is still a bit unhappy. When she heard me so boasting, she was a bit angry from me. She still wearing her white underwear, sitting on the computer chair next to us, continue to watch the A piece just just. There is only one of the two people who are in bed.

“You …. Do you have the girl below? …..” Hui Hui asked me.

“Yes …. Student … Do you want to try it?”

“Ah I….”

I forgot, I should not ask. After all, there is such a girl who will say such a direct to the boys to say that people will lick her lower body. Although Ling Hui’s school did not say. However, her movement is obviously telling me that she is really thinking. She holds her body position in the bed of my ear, moves her body. Then let her glamorous little petals close to my nose again. And I really made my eyes try to use my tongue to pick up her two pink labians.

“Ah … this …”

Ling Hui’s studies obviously have not experienced such stimulation. My tongue touched her body slightly, she immediately lifted his hips again. “Too … too sensitive … This is so strange …..” Ling Hui Xue said.

“Study … can you use your hand to open it to me?” I boldly asked.

“Ah ?! What? …. This is quite wonderful …” Ling Hui Learned, didn’t know how to answer.

At this time, the horses of the horses were finally couldn’t help but looked at me and Hui Hui.

“Ling Hui …. 妳 is not fast one .. 点 … then I will do it first …”

I turned my head and looked at the tailbar student next to the computer chair. It turned out that she also saw the A film in the computer asked to burn. At this time, she had rushed her white pants to the position of the thigh, then she cracked her own petals with his finger.

Ling Huihong looked at the horse tail, and then looked at me again. I don’t know where she comes out, I really really call her two pink and tender lips with my face. Such a beautiful beauty actually in front of me. Such words are indeed very vulgar, but it is very realistic. Ling Hui Dynasty boldly dial her pink and tender lips and revealed the honey-wet-stick the hood wall in the interior of the yin. I immediately extended his tongue from her clitoris. Quickly use the tip of the tongue to leave each inch sexy zone inside her inside.

This taste of this tasting girl prostitute is not sweet on the tip of the tongue, but directly with the stock current. The light is to taste the body fluid of Hui Hui, and I almost let me accidentally shoot it.

“Ah …. Good …. It is sensitive …….. God …….”

Ling Hui students are still unbearable to endure such sensitive and strong stimuli. She immediately took off her light blue top and exposed the brightened A cup bra. At this time, on her flat body, I saw the girl in the a cup of girl in the face of the underwear. Under the bra’s bra, the amplitude of the chest ridge is not very obvious. I don’t know much about the protrusions. The curve of the bra is the radiator of the bra. It is really like that chest size. However, it is clear that the lines of the cleans are indeed not obvious under her clavicle. Also because Ling Hui is more slim, the rib line is clearly visible. The advantage is that from her, she can’t see any silky fat.

“Small super … I want you to come in …”

Ling Hui Si suddenly looked at me. In fact, this is not what I can control. After all, I have been tied. I even didn’t be able to manipulate it. Looking at the expression of Hui Xue, as if it’s just like a model, you suddenly squatted in front of you. I still worried that I didn’t have a second.

“Study … I am too tempting … I am already very feeling now … I am afraid I will shoot …..”

I have to answer, after all, although I said that the body can be irresponsible. However, in case real ejaculation in the student, refreshing, follow-up responsibility can be less relaxed.

“Ling Hui … Do you have a set here?” Masailoba learned.

“I have no … Is there?”

“I don’t have … This is not too dangerous ….” Matail Sister said.

“But I really want … Not like this, I will not stand ….. I am a safe period …. You really can’t shoot it in it …”

I widened my eyes and looked at Ling Hui. I can’t think of such a beautiful and Peugeot model, I will actually allow me to be ejaculated in her body. What’s more, she still has a boyfriend.

I think she is probably the weather is too hot. She moved her body and crossed her legs on my waist. Then she held my meat stick like a horses, one hand dialing her pink and soft lips. Then follow her body slowly moved down, I also felt that my meat stick gradually entered her warm vagina.

“Ah …. Big …. This will be broken …….” Ling Hui’s majesty called.

My penis gradually advanced, and then directly from the depths of the vagina. And the lower body of Linghui also contacts my hair. The tender buttocks are just between my legs. I am trying to lift my head to my lower body. Just open the legs, so I can witness my meat stick into her body. This opportunity will not appear the second time in a lifetime. Even if I want to miss it, there is no way. “Ah …. Good …. I am so comfortable ….. God …. What is so big …”

Ling Hui Xue’s eyes closed his eyes, and his hands stroked his own tender milk. The brightenic bra has a bit displacement. And her hips are more fast and down, let my meat stick quickly into her vagina.

“Ah ….. ah …. Good …. So comfortable …….”

“Study … slow … slow …. I will come out …..”

I have to warn her like this. Because so fast swing, I have already faced with the critical point, and I contacted the close-up small hole. This time, fast friction, it will not hold me.

“Don’t come … Don’t come out … I am so comfortable …….” Ling Hui is so shy.

“Study … slow …. I feel very much …..” I quickly called.

But my hands and feet are tied, even if I want to pull her, she doesn’t have a way. I can only try to transfer my own attention, think about something else makes you slightly slow. I knew that I turned my head to the computer desk, I saw the Pattern of Pantles. She sat in the computer chair with handssing to make their own lips masturbation, and the eyes also stared at my integration of the body.

A pair of my eyes have just clearly see her pink petals. This excitement really made me no way to restrain. After all, I am still a man, it is also mortal. I didn’t practice any emperor’s godiness or a lock.

My glans trembled, I felt that the hot flow inside my body passed through my lower body into the body of Linghui. Ling Hui also stopped her hips delicate and tempting. Time seems to be temporarily stopped for a few seconds.

Then I looked at the Hui Hui in front of him.

“A lot of you shoot …” Ling Hui Learned to look at me.

“Yes …. I haven’t solved it in a few days …” I laughed and answered.

“Hot …. I feel so strange ….. I haven’t let the boys have ejaculated in me …” Ling Hui said.

I should be profound. Even so, I am still quite worried. After the climax, I turned in the heart. Although I just came to the body of Ling Hui, I should show it to the children after the time. But I think of this, I really started worry that I will not let the Linghui learn because it is so pregnant. After all, I am still college students. If I really accidentally put people my belly. I should first be cut by my mom.

“Study …. Is it really a safe period?” I can’t help but ask.

Ling Hui Learned to remove her body from my leg. I saw the white semen in front of my ruddy glans. And Hui Hui’s tender petals are also spread all over my scattered worm.

“How is it ?! Are you worried? I am afraid that I want you to be responsible?” Hui Hui smiled and said.

“Not afraid …. If you really … I will be responsible …..” I said.

“Haha …. See you serious … so cute …..” Hui Hui smiled.

Ma Tail Persi heard me, put her lovely mouth. Leaning on me to help me unwind the tape. It seems that she is quite delicious. The Ma Tail Phase I put my underwear and put my clothes to me. And Hui Huiji is probably waiting to take a bath directly, so it is directly put on the outer pants.

Ma Tail is later stayed in the dormitory, and it is Hui Hui to go downstairs. I went to the door of the dormitory and walked back and looked at Ling Hui. She whispered in my ear, I said this is the only one, she believes that I will not talk, but there will be no second time. I think I will know myself with her, so I promised that she said that I will not take this. When she turned her back to the hostel, I looked at her round hip curve. Sometimes it is difficult to believe that she didn’t wear underwear, and my semen was still left in the body. The weather is hot, and it is still the sun. It’s just a little empty in my heart, and I don’t think it is practical at all.

I always feel like this, I am not too likely to have a result with my horses. In this case, it seems that it is only required. Just because we have two relationships that each other is not bad. But this feeling should not be loved.

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