The sister’s flight attendant is five o’clock, although the morning wind is cold, but still does not take me a tiredness. On the highway, the vehicle is scarce, but I am very unhappy, this is a rare and fast, on the one hand, there is a little lack of sleep. On the one hand, I have to drive the car to go.

I remember that when the company’s boss smiled nodded, I was looking forward to vacation. This is a hard work, exchanged in the plan, I think, I can finally rest, sleep until the lead, um … I can use this time. … At this time, the phone rang, and the voice of the old girl was.

“Brother, one thing and you discuss it,” Although her voice is full of a pleasant, I started to reflex, because the “discussion” in the old girl is usually a “requirement”, even A “threat”, there must be any hot hull hard to lose, waiting for me to pick up.

“Hey, less, every time you say, I can tell you, I am hard …” In order to avoid everyone, I have to tell the words in front, I am more than me. quick.

“Okay, okay, I used to die. There is no rhythm. She flew back from San Francisco today, I will go to work tomorrow, you help me pick up her!”

“But … I am going to vacation, I am thinking about it …” I have to have it, I have to wait for the plane to pick up, but also as a driver! I am eager to push.

“Okay, you know you know, help, 003, thank you first!”

“ㄟㄟ …” answered me, it is a silence, it’s really damn, it is called me to pick up, this is simply violent my holiday! The previous excitement seems to be treated by people, suddenly, I don’t want to overtime! I didn’t expect the nightmare, and I found that the Air China 003 flight arrival time was 5:30 in the morning. I had a feeling of dizzy, so my mood has been bad.

This kind of mood has not changed much as the familiar woman who is familiar with you. When the rhyme is high school, he is with the old girl. The two people also read the same university (different lines), saying that my second sister is not After that, because it is an acquaintance, I didn’t hide the frustration in my heart.

“Little brother (I am a eldest son, she is called if there is reason, saying that the leader), I am sorry, I have to bother you to pick me, it’s Xiao Hui, I said that I want to go home first, but she Saying nothing, saying that it is to play with me after get off work, really, but she … Xiao Ge, I am sorry to pinch … “Her look, it is a bit awkward, maybe it is not happy. However, I am sorry in listening to the rhythm, but I feel that I don’t know how to answer and have no hand.

“No … It doesn’t matter, anyway, there is nothing today, holiday, we are all happy, come, luggage, I will take it!” In order to resolve the stiff atmosphere, the words and deeds have also added some enthusiasm. In fact, this is not a rhyme. How can I transfer to her body to her body, this is too small to be too small!

On the way back to Taipei, we are simple and chatter. It should be.

“Oh, um, the head is a bit faint, it may be bad, blow the hair,” said that she will open the window glass, the cool breeze in the morning is filled with the chamber, about half an hour, has arrived home, Take a look at the watch, it is already 7 o’clock.

“Come, the keys of the family will give you the first floor, the fourth floor has not forgotten! Xiao Hui’s room is old, I know, I will help you take the bag, I think, I will take the bath water. Ok, let her take a good time! Although it is an acquaintance, don’t let people say that we will not wait. Also, the baggage is not very heavy, getting the fourth floor, I saw that the rhyme was caught in the bed, the slippers did not take off, obviously fell asleep.

“Hey, I know that I am very tired, I don’t feel comfortable, but I will take a shower first!” I said, while shaking her with an feet, just like a sister got up, I saw it. She looked up, and she was unable to put down. There was still red in her face. I saw her forehead, wow! Hot pinculation! I remember that there is still a little running in the refrigerator. I poured a half can, add it in a large cup of warm water, let her drink.

When I put her shoes, my luggage was also awkward, I saw the rhyme and took a sweat, um, sweating is a foregaver, very good, but I have to keep warm. I took a dry towel from the grain cabinet and prepared for the rhyme. I saw her lying in bed. The chest is from breathing, and I can’t help but feel the feeling of different feelings, the uniforms of China Airlines, wear the girl’s body, it is really good!

I don’t know why, I suddenly have a pity, I will tell myself, I will help her sweat! Gently sit in the edge of the bed, support the rhythm, “I’ve been sweating, I wiped it, I said, I took a dry towel to care about her meticulous cheek. The rhyme is really a big beauty, a melon face, a stunned nose, a small mouth, white skin, plus a pair of big eyes, the so-called beauty should be almost this range (later, knowing that China is quite like this). I wiped her face, and then used the cold water towel to help her, obviously, she was comfortable, closed eyes, said: “Little brother, I am so good, thank you, thank you …” Suddenly, I have a sense of loss, Hurred and then said: “The sweat is flowing, I will help my neck first, and I will take a shower and sleep.”

“This … this is not good? I will come to you …” The rhyme is busy sitting up, and also takes the cold towel. I haven’t seen her actions, but I have always touched my forehead.

“Look, sit still, still rub, I will help you, I don’t pay for it!” In order to resolve this deadlock, I joked, saying it, put her down in bed, Wipe her neck. The neck of the rhyme will make men fans, white skin, very meticulous look, look carefully, long hair, do not know how to touch directly?

Wipe, I propose: “When you are a long-distance flight, it is a bit cold. This is good, you will take a hot bath, I don’t know how to eat, I have an unprecedented gentle body sticker. . I saw the vision of the rhyme, I quickly explained: “Hehehe, the patient privilege!” At the same time, it seems that there seems to be pity, it seems that there is a kind of feeling.

When the rhyme washed, after breakfast, I went back to the house, I walked in the living room, I wanted to squeeze a little afternoon plan, I worked hard for a long time, or white feet, because my mind just thought: Go see rhyme build. Ideated my mind to go upstairs, it’s so good, the door is not closed, and the rhyme is lying on the bed. I looked back to her. I touched her forehead to determine that the burning has been retired. At this time, she suddenly turned over, I quickly jumped out the bed. After a while, I turned over, I know and time difference, the disease confrontation is very bad, on the one hand, I know: the opportunity is coming!

“Let’s take something, look down, okay! Good people do it, let you enjoy Xiao Hui’s privilege!” Said that it is not divided, and it is gently in her right shoulder and neck. . To put it, massage I is very taking, but after the professional hairdresser (expressive “, he guides! Therefore, the old girl often force me to help her, saying is “review”.

“No … No, it … um …” just started to refuse, but I took a few times, it was obvious that she began to feel quite, and she did not refuse. I have made it out, from the back of the head, the back neck, the temple, until the shoulders, shoulder blade … Nothing is not taken care of. “Um … so comfortable, little brother, this will fall asleep …” This is my original meaning, but I still say “I am too tired, I can sleep well.”

I kneaded, let the rhyme on the pillow while starting with her shoulders, “I will help you make a full set, I like it …” I explained it, but unexpected, The rhyme did not refuse, just sigh, “Well”, enjoy the relaxed Shurt. I massage, I don’t have traces, pull the falling of her casual clothes, pull out of cowboy shorts, then, the situation will reach it directly to contact her back.

“Oh, this is not … not …” Although she said this, the uninterrupted massage has already begun, just as I imagine, the skin is very smooth, it seems to have a very thin cream, very It is very soft, the touch is first-class, the most important thing is that the whole back, there is no protrusions, at this time, I started to fill the soup on her ears (it is also the facts): “The skin is slippery, use Ou Lei did not have expired! “Listening to her gently smiled and said:” How to have! “But listen to a little bit, become! Step by step.

The hands did not idle, and said: “Wow, there is no half a pox yeah, Xiaohui wants to review!” So half-tone praise, a sentence to relax, finally, key moments arrive.

“It’s already relaxed, but it’s not enough, because every time you will be ㄎ ㄝ ‘ㄎㄝ ㄎㄝ’ … I really said, don’t think too much …” Although there is no proposal, but my hands urged her to make her The key decision, seeing her suspected, decided to give her a feet. “You still squat, I am excluded, I want to help you relax all my muscles” said, the hand has been tested, because I feel that the skin is slightly hot, you can add some, increase the sensibility.

“Ah … so good, little brother, you … to help me win good!” Yah! success! I saw rhyme building closed his eyes, then while I massage her muscles, starting with the sleeves pulled the straps on both sides, then gently with one hand and soon will open the back button, I do not know at this time hair frizz the son said something to drop impatient, but while to bring her comfort, while gently hold her stomach, she got some more, then gently pumping … ok, a big success! While continuing to bring Choutet, while praising softly, intermingled with make fun, of course, I noticed a beautiful building in rhyme both sides of the back, chest perimeter beautiful arc, I required a great willpower to avoid touching them, and deliberately bypassed. After a child, I gently said: “I now use both thumbs to relax the muscles next to the spine u, etc. If not careful … I mean if … ah … that … hit, do not hit me, oh it hurts pinched!” at this rhyme building was wrapped in comfort among the gently laughing, nodded and did not even refuse, and I boldly thumb rubbing his back, the other four fingers are wavering on her side of the trunk, occasionally gently bumped already wistfully curve.

Although just gently sweep, but the kind of soft and creamy, they are not beggars description. With the growth of time, the number of chest outside contact my fingers and rhyme to build on more and more frequently, gradually, I focus on the other four fingers in contact with the arc of that road, she immediately have the feeling, and said: “little brother, it seems not so … ah …” this powerless to refuse, easily be printed beat me kiss on her neck, and then lick of the tongue, my hands draw arcs, built from the waist rhyme and on occasion, directly palms cover her chest, and gently kneading.

“Little brother …” As soon as the call is gently submerged rhyme building breathing becomes heavy, I gently turned her over, his hands caressing her soft creamy and full of elasticity from polo shirt, and her lips gently kissed her cheeks bright red, eyes Weibi, feeling my teasing.

“Little brother, do not say … massage? How to become … ah …” Although this question, but the building did not escape rhyme, a little shy, but more intoxicated. I kissed her, and gently pulled her blouse, I felt her shiver slightly, put his hands around her behind her back kneading, rubbing the side edge kissed her, and take advantage of the inside of the elbow her blouse pulled up.

Greeted by a pair of moving Jiaoru, I kissed her, chasing her tongue tongue body in the past, on the one hand to gently hug from her first receded clothes right arm, then the left arm, and finally quickly through the hair to remove obstacles to the occasion that layer, while her hands on her bimodal complex.

Yun built chest is not great, in my estimation it is probably B (later confirmed really B)! However, the shape is very beautiful, with a natural sense of weight, it looks pretty full, rounded shape, creating a natural depression cleavage, nipples due to previous massage, proudly erect, and with her breathing and downs, around the areola next to perfect shape, it will not be because of its darker color and reduce its appeal.

This and other tempting fruit taste is not it a shame? Kissed rhyme building lips, thumb gently tease her nipples, then painted circle with the index finger on the areola. Tongue gently licked her lips, then peck all the way down, stay on the nipple rejoice. At this time, holding Yun built breasts, rhythmic kneading, her tongue on the areola painted circle, a moment, it will latch onto her nipples, gently sucking, kept in the mouth and tongue teasing.

Presumably, this mode gives rhyme built considerable shock, she could not help but bow up, I grabbed my head and began her breath again and again. “Oh … little brother, your tongue … oh amazing, whom to learn ah? Oh … ah …”

“This is my body creative play in u ah! Very comfortable, right?” He finished continue to attack the senses, while his right hand sliding down gradually, after a flat belly, was about to down, feel the rhyme to build a little nervous folder. It does not matter, in order to capture the eyes of great beauty, have resorted to the greatest temptation, and the relative maximum patience. I started kissing her neck, and breast with his left hand to continue the attacks, the right hand is near the thigh, lit the torch of desire.

“Rhyme building, u chest really so tempting Oh, when u lover really blessed ah!” Then, continue to caress legs, feel the rhyme built a little relaxed, very good!

“How can I fly, often out of the country, previously handed over twenty-three boyfriend, all because of a rare meeting was divided … ah …”

“But they say, heart grow fonder, ah, do not often meet feeling the pinch will be better heard,” while talking, offensive remains undiminished, which effectively makes rhyme build relaxed, then start again the inside of her legs wavering first direct attack is not the focus, she used to let my hands.

“But unfortunately I often” long time “, so every time … Oh … there …” While talking, my hand has already reached into the pants tube of shorts, across the silk panties, and complete her towering. At this time, her legs naturally, my hand left it first, waited until her legs were no longer, my palm was posting her happiness, smoothing the silk satin, and The warmth of it is. “Little brother, you … how to touch it … This … Don’t do it” Snaught honey sauce. At this point, put the rhyme and put it on the bed, and the rhyme finally opened his legs.

“Rhyme, I want to touch it, very light …” said that the finger is moving in her underwear and the inner seams of the thighs, and the rhyme reaches me, sending a passionate kiss, I Her panties will be used to take care of her slightly wet Taoyuan Valley. I gently pulled the most priority zone of the rhyme, soft and whispering soft meat, lighted with my fingers, and rhyme, her warm breathing was more heavy.

“Small brother, unfair! I am too big, you still wear so much.” Yun Shijiao, while flashing a naughty. “The team is right, unfair, then I have to compensate you …” said that I will remove the clothes on my body with the fastest speed, and cross the rhyme waist, my meat stick has been swayed, excited. When I jumped, I didn’t want to cover the desire in my heart, and my rhyme reached out and gently used their hands.

“Oh, the conditions of the little brother … um … is quite good, I can’t hold it … Oh … Ok, she seems to touch me like a treasure, warm and soft hands, make me feel quite big. I am very exciting, so my desire is more obvious. “Hehe, you have checked me carefully. Now I don’t think it is unfair!” I decided to take the opportunity to turn her army, said, hands have been extended to the pants of Bermuda shorts. The rhyme is quite a moving, a little lifting the hips, let me remove the last stored clothes, but the two legs have grown. The hair of the rhyme triangle is not thick. I bulky forward, lick her nipple, cover her yin, my fingertips, my hair is quite soft, I keep squatting, and gradually aggravating Force, the rhyme is like a try to make the stimulus it brought, the nose is gently screaming, and the two legs open some.

The left hand came down, accompanied by the followed touch, the angle of the rhyme was slow, and the soft flower buds between the stream are gradually opened, and I pay attention to the open flowers, pink The bud accompanied by a honey sauce, showing delicate. I noticed the heart of the bud, my heart, I thought: Oh, my heart is slight, this is the best! I continued to do gentle torture to the tip of the lap with the middle finger and the unfamed finger, and the index finger teased the heart of the heart. “Hey, small … Xiao Ge, this is too stimulated, 喔 … ah … no … 喔 …” rhyme finally endured this great stimulus, and called the sound, the spring water, slowly poured out the Valley The waist is like a snake-like twist.

The timing is already mature, I slowly move the rhyme to the bed, I stand on the two legs of the rhyme, and use the firm meat stick to gently invite her bud, and look forward to the rhyme, waiting for her response. The rhyme bends the legs and did an answer. I reached out with her fingers, and the waist was paired with the gangli-lost flower bud, slowly, the front end of the meat rod was hidden in the roll.

“Hey … Little brother …” With a bad call, I feel a slight tight shrinkage. In fact, the rhyme is really saying that there is a narrow, so that it is even more close to me. Put the body in the rural, with her hands around her, the nose is smashed with her, and the tongue licks her lips, which brings her another joy.

It feels a little relaxed, but the back is slow, but it is firmly to send the meat stick to her Farm. It is worthy of development, slippery and warm, quite flexible, the inner wall does not stop in contact with the edge of the meat stick, It is really difficult to describe it. Standing on the edge of the bed, holding the rhyme, keep the meat rods on the deepest place, and twisted the waist and then dances.

“Oh … um … this … this is good … comfortable … 喔 … Well, see the rhyme is so useful, I should feel her, so I will make the deep top for the thrust, feel the pleasure of love with the rhyme. The thrill is relative, and the rhyme will be more open, and the waist catering me and provides the best angle. The beauty invites, I dare to neglect, I am more filling, this posture can clearly see the situation, only the rhyme of the bud tender meat is taken out by my meat stick, bright red color is simple and glamorous .

I don’t know how long, I feel that I have changed each other, the flushing of the whole body change, the skin turns hot, a lot of spring water overflows, and I, the whole body is hot, the meat stick is very strong. “Small … Little brother, I … I am getting … I can’t … um … oh,” as my guess, the rhyme is about to reach the peak.

“Rhyme, I … I know, I am …” When I feel that the rhyme is full of rolling spring tide, raising the hips, prepared in the rhyme, unnecessary rhyme is so tight I, great strength is extraordinary. “Little brother … I … I want … give me … 喔 … Give me …” Well, if so, I will take the rhyme, put the meat stick to the deepest place of the rhyme, I found hard At the front end of the meat stick, I can touch the most inside of the rhyme. At this time, her flower opened, and she was squeezed with my meat stick. I can’t support it (I don’t want to support it), the waist is a hemp, Several denseness is rushing to rush to the rhyme. “Hey, little brother, so comfortable!” The rhyme is rushing, breathing is urgent, the skin is hot, so the beauty is really can’t bear it, the meat stick is soft, and the rhyme is set, and the face is smashed. And your hands, your hands are more loved on the rhyment, rhyme, enjoy this, enjoy this, you must also relish.

Suddenly thinking, beautiful people, if you don’t have a bathroom, it is not a sorry, you can’t afford yourself? “Full of sweat, let’s take a shower together!” Said that he left her gentle township and picked her.

“Um …” She looked at me, filled with joy, after a while, she said: “Little brother, you are really good, I have a feeling of love, I feel … I have, I today … Safe … So … 嘻 “It’s actually like this beauty, there is a chance to everyone, don’t want to love it! I opened the faucet, so that the water flow of the lotus head rushed to each other. Enjoy, a large closed door sound, bad, my sister is coming! “Rhyme – Building – I am coming back, is you sleeping? We went in the afternoon … I quickly rushed out, I walked on the sweatshirt, shorts, not long, my sister came into the house.

“Old brother, rhythm? Have you ever been bullied? But this is white asked, people will not look at you, dream can you dream … Wow … I haven’t seen you for a long time … I am happy to hold the rhythm, I will pass the back and the rhyme and the rhymes, don’t laugh at each other, my old girl, this time I can do it! Later, the rhyme really turned into my girlfriend, now, the old girl meets the rhyme, and will call her “”!

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