The first chapter of the sixth floor, Ai Yi Hospital is located in the suburbs of the city. Like this private hospital, in order to save construction funds, they will be able to recruit business with the “Anqing Environment of Yishan Water”. This hospital does not have a special expertise, please do three streams, but what the department dares to open, the big illness is daring, so many years have not made something wrong; add the whole six-storey building. The environment is high, so the hospital business does not lose money.

This entire six-storey building, ordinary patients are most up to 5 floors, 5 floors are the inpatients, as well as a few deputy director, and there is no straight elevator or escalator, only one safe exit small staircase Can communicate, but it has been locked, never seen anyone.

Do you think six floors is very mysterious? Then I will only take you someone to see the six layers of things, don’t tell others ………

There is an elevator that can go straight through the six-layer elevator at a layer, don’t think you can come up, because the front of this elevator is 24 hours a day. But I know this security guard, I can take you up.

Only seven large luxurious rooms in six floors have different decoration design, and the “office” of the dean Zhang Zizhong is in the first place in the elevator. You and say that it is a office, it is better to say that it is a luxury room. The 40-year-old Zhang Zizhi has a wife and a wife. I don’t know how their family feelings. I only know that he doesn’t always go home, but can’t live in this case. Difference.

In the past, it is the big boss Zhang Binglin’s prostitute, but this 53-year-old businessman will not often stay here, and there is no need to stay here.

All five are all high-grade health wards, can stay in patients, not serious illness, but can afford this annual XXXX Yuan hospitality fee – so they can even be patient.

Each of these five high has several suites, bathroom kitchen balconies, and even living rooms, it is much more, it is not bad than Samsung Hotel, the most most different is that every high is A special nurses also include this nurses in the room. This special nurse has been guarding from the patient into the ward, until the patient leaves without new patients come in to rest.

Their work is hard and there is no freedom, but it is a difference between each nurse to grab it. The six-level nurses have the best residence. More importantly, their monthly salary is also living with them. Is the same grade.

Hospital parking lot, Zhang Zan standing there seem to be waiting for, next to the four five door nurse, there is a laugh, “Red Moon, why also call me, I am not the sixth floor.”, Elian The arms crossed the chest, I was in troubled “huh, pig brain.” Qiu Hongyue kept her consistently laughing to open the arms crossed by Elian, holding up “Xu Yuan, do you still remember? We high school Teacher of the Academic Affairs Office, also helped us to take out the boy who steals the girl’s underwear ………

“Don’t tell me this person who lives in the Sixth floor is him ?!” Elian asked “It’s just that he is still the old classmate, he is now the principal of the middle school ………

“Oh, no wonder he can live in the sixth floor of love, how can the principal can use public funds to use public funds ………」 Elian does not cover it.

“Hey !!!” The red moon has intercepted Elian at a timely manner.

Red Moon and Elian are high school students, and Xu Yuan has a relationship with Xu Yuan’s relationship. Their hostel often loses the underwear of the balcony. Later, the director of this Academic Affairs Office arrested the boys on the trousers. It is not small.

A black Babycaped came in, stopped in front of Zhang Zizhou, the door opened, and the people of a standard country middle-aged cadre image, no matter the height, even the smile and movement make people can’t quit.

“Lao Xu, I really don’t want to welcome you in this place, haha ​​………” Zhang Zhong grazing Xu Yuan’s hand. “Oh, you think I am willing to see you this old classmate, no way, The old rheumatics. “Xu Yuan used him in full compliance with the sound of middle-aged cadres,” Men 40 years old are not small, you can pay attention to your body, you have a good care. ” I don’t forget to give my hospital. “You see that I don’t have a school, I will come, there are so many government hospitals, I don’t want to go with the old classmates, haha, you have you take care of you. I am also assured. “Xu Yuan went to the hospital. He picks up a maximum environment. It seems that it is not only because of the old classmate.

“Tell you about your high nurse, Qiu Dian, huh, hi, I heard that she is still the student of your school, she takes care of you, my old classmate, you can more assured.”

Xu Yuan looked at Qiu Hongyue and gave a leader ‘s classic nod. Qiu Hongyue naturally won’t worry about her consistent warm smile. At this time, Xu Yuan suddenly saw Elian next to Qiu Hongyue, and suddenly became turned back and immediately turned back. Elian’s expression has always been gloomy. When I saw Xu Yuan, I just returned to a smile, I didn’t even go. In this way, Xu Yuan lived in the No. 3 high, and the three high opening is the living room. The left side of the living room is a luxury ward of Xu Yuan. The living room is the room of Qiu Hongyue. Xu Yuan’s wife originally only a general teacher in her high school, but her husband became a hand, she has also become a school vice president. During this time, Xu Yuan took a break, she was more stared at the school, and she should be very space to see him.

On the afternoon of the first day, Xu Yuan came to the ward to rest after accepting the whole test, just lie down, Qiu Hongyue pushed the door.

“Teacher Xu, Oh, Xu President.” I don’t know if Qiu Hongyue, the title of “the principal” is rehearsed in advance, or a true monograph.

She also revealed the nurses’ smelling and smile, holding Suzhou silk men’s pajamas. She probably has 165 height, not fat or not thin, the chest is full, the hips are very good, and the road is elegant, and there is a woman taste. She will dress up, white skin, so that the original ordinary appearance looks delicious.

Although she is only 20 years old, Diploma is just a high school graduation, but she is very smart, so she is not outstanding, but she has steadily made a six-floor nurse.

“Xu President, our hospital has prepared 3 pajamas for you. Every day, I will send you a lot of clothes.” She gently placed the clothes in Xu Yuan’s bed, and the sun shot came in her, and I saw it in Xu Yuan. Just like a pink angel, fortunately, there is an angel care for the whole holiday, not lucky, she is just a guardian angel, but it is not ………

“Thank you, I am a little tired ………”

“Ok, I will go out soon, you have a good rest.” Qiu Hongyue did not wait for Xu Yuan to say, I was so funny, and the light was closed.

After Qiu Hongyue, Xu Yuan was lying on the bed. He was very annoyed. He was very surprised to see her. When Elian high school is very good, but the family is poor, the parents have no culture, and the daughter is called Wang Feng. She gradually felt very soil, so she got an English name called Elian, and the classmates also call her.

Although she used to be as ordinary and Qiu Hongyue, she had a very special temperament. She stubbornly, from the words of the convincing people, she never gone, there is no woman, but not, don’t say any kind of turning angle … …

Dick, suddenly there was a slight knockout.

“Come in.” Xu Yuan went back from the memories of Elian to the door, slowly opened ………

─────────────────────────────── ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─

She is like an angel in the sun, like an angel, her temperament is still not changed, but the face is very red, the eyes flowing in the eyes ……… But how can she wear this, her There is no system in front of the top, the chest looks great, just like the clothes will be cracking immediately, and the two big peaches are in front of him at any time ………

God, how is her dress so short, almost almost in her underwear, she has exposed white small panties who have exposed desire.

Xu Yuan couldn’t help but stay, he didn’t know what to say.

“Teacher.” Her timid voice can’t forget it as four years ago.

“You ………” Xu Yuan still didn’t know what it was.

Elian slowly moved in the door, she became more and closer, Xu Yuan’s heartbeat is getting faster and faster, he does not know what will happen, and he is four years ago and Elian’s same room with Elian.

She is gently sitting on his bed, the air is very quiet, you can hear his urgent breathing.

Her hand slowly touched his face, touched that moment, he fell, but he did not dodge, only watching her. Her hands were soft, small, was so comfortable, slipped to him to swallow the throat of the water, then down, while one of his clothes, she only The hand slowly slipped from his neck to his chest, and the water near his nipple was transferred.

This kind of mourning is enough to ignite all of the firewood, and Xu Yuan is no exception. He is four years ago, and now it is.

“Teacher, when you are touching me, so bullying me, now I have to spend the account with you.” She is a small nose and the tone of the naughty let Xu Yuan is even more fire, and I don’t know Hard. The hand of her sway is very embarrassed, just in his chest, but he suddenly came to his navel. “Ding………”

She played the iron buckle on his belt, her lips bulged his ear, the crisp chest was to stick to his mouth and said: “Teacher, are you just like this iron buckle? You are checking this year. I am a woman, then I have to check if you are still strong now. “Said, the hand cracked himself.

“Ah!” A electricity-like pleasure has flowed up from him, and his forehead has been sweating, and then he will be mad by this deepfo.

“Teacher, you are like this in the past, you are as sensitive as me, 嘻嘻, let me take off your pants and then look at my long time, baby ……… No, it’s big baby ………

She reached out, removing Xu Yuan’s trousers, the little finger hosted his trousers and slided down, slipping half, actually pulled up.

God, when she became so skillful, so will tempting men, so the initiative is bold, four years ago, she is still a pure girl who is a good thing.

“Elian.” He finally couldn’t help but open it.

“Ah?” Her look disappointment, said to stand up? “Now you don’t want me again, I am just your expiration ………

“No, I am ………” he grabbed, reached out to pull her dress, and her dress is too short, and then pulled her underwear, and accidentally met her soft labie.

“Ah ……… Well …” The keen touch immediately made her smile smile, squatted, and the whole person sat in the bed.

Xu Yuanshun grabbed her waist, “I want you to take off my pants, baby, I will want you now.” He finally revealed his original appearance, talking about fingers I entered Elian’s small panties, in her lips clitoris, his hunger seems to be engraved with Elian’s body “Ah ……… Uh … Um hmmm …………. Slow … slow … Slowly, good … ah ……… Well … It’s good … “Elian has gradually been intoxicated to give her a pleasure in his finger. In fact, he is a sick wolf, but it is a hunter’s coat, but Elian likes the wolf, even if she encounters the hunter, she has to hook him into a wolf.

She pulled his finger and put his hand back to bed, just Xu Yuan is strange, Elian has not slowly take off his small panties, then turn it over, actually put it in a place to close the hole. In front of Xu Yuan’s nose.

“Bad things, this is my taste, is it familiar? Don’t steal my underwear in the future, you will send my underwear every day, let you smell it.”

“You used to be so simple, how do you become a little woman now, let me touch it, I like you now.”

Xu Yuan’s hand did not relax in the genitals of Elian. The red and bloating small heat has long been urging the juice, it seems to be embarrassing, eager, is eager for hard objects.

When Xu Yuan was smashed with Elian wet secrets, Elian’s smart hands instantly unlocked his pants, and quickly opened his underwear, and squared a hard meat stick. After being smashed by him, Elian screamed, the two legs crossed his body, and the hole was wiped by his hard bat.

“Come on ……… Come, you know that I can’t stand it again.” Xu Yuan’s throat is low and low.

After handing his infinite temptation, he sat down until the root.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ………

“Well, ah ……… Well … ah, ah, um ………………” Elian danced on the madness of the madness, the thrill of being thrown, let her have been obscenity ………

The gap of Xu Yuanfang door is standing outside, I can’t stand my hand into the panties, and looked at the bare fire burning in the house. Listening to the loud prime of my friends, she couldn’t help but insert her. She did not be held by the boss, she thinks her too ………

──────────────────────────────That Chapter 3 This forty-year-old man can’t afford Elian The toss, shooting very quickly, after his shot, the face is sweating, the expression is embarrassed and helpless. Elian is of course not satisfied, rapidly put on clothes slightly, leaving a sentence “I will come to you later.” Qiu Hongyue, certainly won’t let her see her existence, hide and stand in the door, see Xu Yuanwangwei’s gloomy look of the Elian figure. He slowly took a check from the briefcase and wrote something. Is this giving Elian? How much did he wrote? This is a transaction of prostitutes and hackers ………

No, they mentioned four years ago, how did they have something to do? No, I must figure out these things!

A middle-aged home home room.

“Cheng Uncle, I am back.” Elian opened the door with the key.

The robust man is dressed up, from the bedroom, seeing Elian, hiking, hiking, putting it into her breasts.

“Ah … no ……… don’t, hurt … ah, um ………

Elian hurts, the legs are slightly bent, and tears are turned in the eyelids, and it seems to be ration. However, this man did not hear her clothes, desperately pulling her clothes, the clothes were pulled out, the cream was pulled, the underwear was torn, and she quickly pulled her whole body. Elian’s helpless hands are together, but they don’t dare to cover private parts. The body is slightly shaking, and the eyes are full of fear.

The man got up and down, suddenly grabbed her hair, died in the ground, “Mom’s own Saima today is doing people today?”

Her scalp is simply to be torn by him. It is even more difficult to hear the words. If you don’t, I don’t know how to say, I have! ” “Just I have no thing in the hospital and I miss you too much, so I am making for a while, I don’t have to go back to you.”

The man thought about it, released her, reached again to her scared small hole. “Ah, ah, ah, ah ……… I beg you, hurt ….”

He stopped and said: “Laozi raises your family, I finally didn’t have white flowers, whether you think of me or yourself, you have to make your own Sao Jin serving!”

“Yes, yes!” Her voice is almost rushing to the ground, fortunately, this is still suffering.

This man pushed her into the bedroom, and the door was closed.

Elian hasn’t been to find Xu Yuan for a long time. His wife only came to see him once, and the matter of the school and hit him, he hurried away.

Qiu Hongyue recalled for a few days, gradually understood, it seems that people who steal Elian underwear were Xu Yuan, and the innocent boys were only an unlucky victim. Then he will have a relationship with Elian, and the active person is Xu Yuan, and from that time Elian is not a virgin. But how can she think that Elian is now in what kind of life.

This evening, the rain, Xu Yuan’s rheumatism suddenly made, Qiu Hongyue took care of him in these days, he had been very careful. The doctor had just stepped away. Qiu Hongyue took the initiative to help him massage their knees.

“Teacher Xu, your wife is busy, don’t always come to accompany you, why don’t you see a friend to talk to you?” Qiu Hongyue’s testing made Xu Yuan’s reminder, she since the initiative to make love, then I haven’t been there.

“Oh, maybe they are busy, don’t want to bother me. I am not bored with me.”

Qiu Hongyue’s hand is very slender, and it can be said that the onion jade finger, and it is soft and comfortable to people. Her kneading makes Xu Yuan feel that there is an inexplicable comfort in addition to the pain of the knee rheumatoid. Two people talk about the sky, but Qiu Hongyue is very careful not to mention Elian.

I don’t know that the sky is full, the whole hospital is gradually silent. She massage is no longer cautious, and her hand drawn from the calf to the inside of the thigh, and even sometimes I can go to the thigh root, which makes Xu Yuan can’t help but generate pleasure. Finally, in this pinch, his penis gradually erect.

In the face of Xu Yuan pants, he gradually bloated. Xu Yuan’s performance is very difficult, “” This, huh, or not today, you should rest. “

“If I have a rest, you will not be more hard?” She said this sentence to Xu Yuan.

“Let me help you.” She said that the handle moved from the inside of his thigh and did not wait for Xu Yuan’s reaction. This ……… he doesn’t know what to do at all. Want to? However, the identity in front of her is not only a patient or a teacher. Refuse? How can the body resist such a desire temptation? He is only silent, quietly waiting for the enjoyment.

Her hand came to his protrusions. She gently smashed her first time to contact male organs, so excited and ashamed, it is difficult to embrace but want to welcome. The role of this soft touch is a madness of Elian’s madness for Xu Yuan. It swells larger, it seems to be demonstrated in a part of Qiuhong Moon.

Seeing this situation, Qiu Hongyue realized what he had to pay, but no matter how a woman she was smart, he always hesitated his first time. This is not a man who loves her love. She has never loved why, just because × decided to temptation him, just really need … No, no, I haven’t thought about it yet!

Qiu Red Moon reminded his hand, this move made Xu Yuan, who is excited, and begging and begging.

“Hey, Teacher Xu, late, you should take a break, good night.” She throwing such a sentence, she hurried away.

Leave Xu Yuan, which is struggling in sexual desire. He once again looks at a woman at the door, this time it is painful than the last time – this moment is extremely eager to moisturize the body.

Qiu Hongyue is aware of the living room, but suddenly feels that the moist and spoof of the patent, more importantly, she felt that she had also provoked her desire.

She quickly returned to her room, she didn’t wait to lock the door, I fell to my bed to take my skirt and breasts, leaving underwear, she took her own milk, and another extension Panties. She crowded her clitoris, gently opened the small hole with the index finger and middle finger, and then fell into the tight smashed in the middle of the water. Taking the middle finger as a man’s mask, learn Elian to move back.

“Ah … um um … um … ah, ah ……… Ah, it turns out … it is ……… Ah … this is so comfortable ………

Qiu Hongyue experienced the pleasure of never had, brought her happiness by the original desire of women.

She thought that she would sleep tonight tonight, but she was surrounded by her pleasure, but she didn’t know that another man came to her room ………

Xu Yuan’s mood is very poor, while the penis is slightly comforted with his hand, close the lamp on the top of the head. He went to sleep in a while, this room strongly sounded, no matter what happened outside the room, he slept to sleep.

Zhang Zhan work is very busy. He has never told his empty, since he greets Xu Yuan in the first day. Just Zhang Zizhi gave a vice president, this will think about narrative with the old classmates, it should be not too late.

Before I came to the high-housing door, he was ready to knock on the door. I thought I should go to him to give him a surprise, and I used the keys in the hospital.

“Well … ah, ah, um …………… Ah … Shu … comfortable … um …”

God, Qiu Hongyue is naked and masturbated, and his hands are not touching the female private parts of the men, and the waves are called. This sound color is unbearable, and he doesn’t consciously unobstructed his pants, and he put his hand to his body.

Qiu Hongyue has been cool to dizziness, she wants to find a more thick thing inserted to meet themselves, and she is inserting my mouth, looking down and looking for a suitable size. I don’t know what to find, Zhang Zhan is very strange. He also didn’t pay attention to his unspeakdated pants.

“」 张 众 ‘s pants slipped in the ground, the iron buckle on the belt hit the sound.

“Who?” Qiu Hongyue flustered grabbed the sheets to cover the body.

───────────────────────────────────── It is very shameless when he retreats, he is found to be very shameful, but can he pushed in? Qiu Red Moon was scared to die. This kind of thing was found to have no face to work in the hospital … Who is this person?

Qiu Hongyue will take the courage to decide to see who is to see who is, perhaps there can be a secure room.

Oh, the door opened, she stayed, the door is the same.

One is a privacy that I can’t see people. One is the peek that I can’t see people, and the two people will settle the station for a long time, and they don’t know what it is. , The sheets slipped from the Different Qiu Red Moon, and her unevenly boulder bodies were exposed. Ah, she exclaimed to pick up, but she was stopped by Zhang Zizhi. She looked at him with only the underwear of the underwear, and she didn’t know if she didn’t see the sheets.

The air is quiet, the only breakdown of calm is that Zhang Zhan’s underwear suddenly tangled. He took off his pants on the ground to take it in his hand, entered the room of Qiu Hongyue, and closed the door from inside. First, it’s a miserable call, then it is a langu language that is not allowed …

When Qiu Hongyue woke up, it was already arrived at noon. In the morning, Xu Yuan thought that he hurt Qiu Dian, so she didn’t wake up she called the doctor to conduct a daily check. She feels that the lower body still has a pain, but the feeling of the ecstasy last night has left it now.

Looking at the blood stains on the bed touched the red and keenfield, until now she gave this man to this man in the first time. The compromise last night was because the two people were hungry, because one is the dean one is a nurse.

“Xiao Wang, I will visit Xu President, you will go to the lunch break first.” Zhang Zi woke up today, it is also very happy, take the initiative to make the employee lunch break. He walked to the No. 3 high, first goes with Xu Yuan for a while, and he asleep heaven to Qiuhong Moon room.

“How to wake up early? Not much to sleep for a while?” He laughed and asked Qiu Hongyue who was cleaning up the room.

Zhang Zizhi let Xiaotang Church have gone to the soup, saying that I brought Xu Yuan, but I put it in the room of Qiu Hongyue. He is not because he likes her, but because this is the first virgin he got, even his wife is not falling to him.

A 40-year-old man allows a 20-year-old woman to fall into the red, should be a man’s ability. In this year, Zhang Zizhong hit his big girl on the coupry, regardless of who the sedan sedan, he was willing to treat it with your heart.

Qiu Hongyue is sad, although she didn’t love anyone, but I didn’t expect it before last night, and even when I was induced, she held it. She is reluctant to talk to Zhang Zizhi, but she just watched him and continued to clean up. Zhang Zizhi took out a check from his check to her, so that she stopped the things in his hand.

“Dean, this … last night is not your own …”

“Hey …” Zhang Zan interrupted her, “Have it, buy some tonic, if the body is in a bad hospital, how is it? You don’t want to accept the hospital for the hospital.” Zhang Zhong is hard When I entered her hand, I went to open the door and prepared. I didn’t forget she remembers the soup on the table.

Qiu Hongyue looked at the checks in the hand, and looked at the hot gongs on the table. She was sad to alleviate a lot, she didn’t have to envy others’ clothes jewelry, no need to wear in the small nurse In the cheap goods, there is no need to take care of Xu Yuan, after all, Elian is her friend, Xu Yuan counts a bowl of rice, and the thing to grab a friend’s rice bowl is always unable to do.

She felt that now has her back to the mountain, her money bag, then the thing that breaks the sadness brings her more sad.

“Red Moon.” No. 2 High Nurse Han Han, called Qiu Hongyue, who was walking to the Dean Office. The 23-year-old Han Han was originally a model. She was very good, tall and talled, with a model of cold frosty temperament. She later made a nurse is said to be because Han Han does not like to participate in the dirty transactions behind the scenes, but alone, it also made her no future, but she would rather choose to do a nurse to give up T.

“Red Month, you know that we want to choose a nurse in October?”

“Oh …” how did you have he heard? Zhang Zi should tell her first. “Is it? I haven’t heard, how do you know?”

“Doctors who don’t tell me in the unintentional, saying that we are fair and competition. I think I will not participate, I should be as hope as Li Si and Qiu Zhe. Are you? Are you competing?”

“I?” Qiu Hongyue complained that Zhang Zhong did not tell her in advance, and now have not returned. “Hey, I don’t know. Oh, don’t mention these, I heard that you have a boyfriend? How can you not introduce it? You are so unhappy.”

“Haha, ok, which day I took him into the hospital to let you pick up the problem.”

At this time, Han Yu’s mobile phone rang. She stated that Qiu Hongyue, she ran to the distance to solve the phone, leaving Qiu Hongyue, disturbing, can’t, I have to ask Zhang Zan! Take the night, Zhang Zhongfeng.

“Oh oh … ah ……… Baby, you … how can you be so powerful today? … ………

The naked Zhang Zizhi in the bed shouted, he became a man who was stealing at night during the day. Qiu Hongyue smashed his white hips, buried the head in Zhangzhong’s legs, and it was covered with his prime. She is not only his semen tonight, and there is a word: Red Moon, you are a head nurse.

In this fierce tongue, lip sucking, kiss, tooth bite, any penis cannot be affected. Even if it is impotence, it can resurrect again. Zhang Zhong worships a little dizzy, just before, he is ejaculation, before he is still useless to pull out.

He supported his eyes and looked at Qiu Hongyue with his semen, but also distressed is also a surprise. In fact, she can’t use his mouth at that time, can’t spit it out, but she has been included.

Zhang Zhong reached out to touch her a small face of sweat, just said something, she slammed. This makes Zhang Zhan am surprised. He is jealous of him pity.

Qiu Hongyue wangled back to Zhangzhong Bed, tenderly, “Dear, I am doing to you?”

“Of course, of course.” Zhang Zizhi gave her more tight.

“I am willing to be with you, I don’t want you anything, even if I am just a normal small nurse, really, as long as I have been with you, I will be good.” After I finished, she slept in Zhang Zizhi went.

But this is what you can’t sleep.

─────────────────────────── ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ A little girl like a flower is so unclear, if it is just always gives Qiu Hongyue money, this seems to be too unhappy to her, and he is also in mind. If you want to give Qiu Hongyue’s affordable words, I am afraid that only a few months of the nurses will be selected, but under the fair competition, Qiu Hongyue is very difficult.

Five high nurse inside Li Si, Li Xi, is a regular health school, in which Li Si’s work is best, and Qiu Zhe is working for the longest, in this case Let Qiu Red Moon will definitely fall down the handle, what can I do?

Zhang Zizhong’s nightless tumbling, let Qiu Red Month have learned the difficulty of this nurse. Maybe she will be in this position, but there will be self-knowledge, will be congratulations in the election of others, but the heart is awkward.

However, from the night of defeat, she already thinks that she is the mader of the underground president of this hospital. How can she tolerate any woman high? If you don’t let yourself get the nurses in the bed, then what is the matter? Qiu Hongyue felt that this man didn’t work, he had too many concerns. If the header must only rely on himself.

The dean of the whole hospital can die on me in bed, what else does I still do? !

Her long margin is scheduled to start ………

※※※※※※※※※※※ ※ 廊 “Li Si, do you know that our layer wants to choose a nurse? I just saw Mo doctor holding a few previous highs. The ward record list to the Zhangyuan Office, I saw a Qiu word, those that didn’t seem to me, I saw 80% this time Qiu Zhe should be the longevity of the lack of nurses. Oh, people are better than we have come later, long, beautiful, For people, she is really nothing to say, what do you say? “

Qiu Hongyue gave Li Siped a look, it is the most heavy lunar gun.

“Oh, yeah, haha, she is very suitable, then I see that I still don’t participate in the campaign when I arrived, I just congratulations, I will not run, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh.” Said. Li Si loves the face, Qiu Hongyue, this trick can be said to be a prime minister, it seems that Li Si will not block the way, then only Qiu Zhe.

5 high nurse – Qiu Zhe 26 years old, 5 six-level nurse, although she is the biggest, she is the most beautiful, the most attractive man is eyeball. Her body is well, there is a rhyme of mature women, but does not feel the demon. If she is a wife, men around the world will have an affair. She has a boyfriend who lives in a 4-year-old, and the relationship between the two people has always been a gift.

Qiu Zhe is almost unable to find a breakthrough, which makes Qiu Red Moon a headache, how can I do, I don’t know how to do it, don’t destroy everyone’s relationship? ……… Qiu Hongyue’s plan continues ※※※※※※※※※※※※ After a few days, Xu Yuan table “Dear, I haven’t seen me for forget me? Your Big baby is lonely? Tonight Qiu Due is not coming back, I am waiting for you in Qiuhong Moon room, seeing me to shut the lights, you will come in. (I am rude tonight)

“I miss your baby’s Elian.”

On this day, Qiu Zhe helped Qiu Due, Li Xi and Han Yu trained a whole day of emergency ambulance, missed the canteen. In the evening, she is a person who is eating in the room. Someone knocks on the door.

Qiu Zhe opened a look – Qiu Hongyue is standing outside the lunch box.

“What to eat? I will help you with fish soup, special to let Li Si to help me, I have a lot, give you a bowl.”

“No, huh, I have finished eating, you give Han Wei them.”

“Han Wei and her boyfriend have eaten, if you can’t drink, I will help you drink it.” Qiu Hongyue opened the lunch box with a spoon, and the fragrance of the fish soup was immediately about the entire house. Qiu Hongyue is difficult but, Qiu Zhe didn’t think, and reported her with a gratitude to a smile. When Qiu Zhe is finished, the two people have started chatting without margins. Qiu Zhe feels that the two people are more and more borne, more and more dark ………

※※※※※※※※※※※※ After half an hour, Qiu Zhe room “Xiao Qiu, you are not uncomfortable, maybe it is too tired for a while, or you have to take a break?” Qiu Zhe has been called everyone Xiao Qiu, Qiu Hongyue is called Red Moon to distinguish.

“I am a bit … uncomfortable, but Mr. Wang, Mr. Wang (No. 5 high patient) checking the body back, I have to take care of him.”

“Forget it, you go to my room to rest, you are tired to make Wang Mr. I don’t see it, I will take care of you, I have already slept at this time, I have nothing to do.”

“This … is not good.”

“Is there anything wrong, come …” Qiu Hongyue supported Qiu Zhe “Go to my room to rest, sleep well, other things I will help you do it.”

“okay then.”

After the Qiu Hongyue opened the No. 3 high, he looked at Xu Yuan’s bright light, and sent Qiu Zhe to his own room, immediately closed the room light, lock the outside, and left.

Qiu Hongyue walked back to the 5th high to take care of Mr. Wang, but directly to the dean office – because she also drunk fish soup.

After entering the door, I found that Zhang Zizhi has not come back. At this time, she is very depressed at this time, she came up with a new trick, preparing to give Zhang Zan a surprise. In a short while, Zhang Zan opened the door back, just sitting on the chair, I extended a hand under the table, and quickly explained his trousers, waiting to take off his underwear, put the penis. Part of the side, the Qiu Hongyue under the table is like a spring medicine, hunger and thirst, seeing the sun, grab it, she keeps, she even bits, I simply put Zhang Zan. “Ah, 唔Well … I want … I want ……… I want !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “

※※※※※※※※※※※※ At the same time, Qiu Hongyue room Qiu Zhe didn’t know what is going on, the lower body is wet, itchy, she understands that the woman’s spring tide is time, but how can I suddenly ? She couldn’t help but touch her clitoris, and honest, huh, but the more desire, no one came in, anyone came in, she surely took off her underwear, opened her own clothes, one hand to play himself The double peak, the other hand rubs his own labia.

After seeing the Qing dynasty room of Qiu Hong, secretly ate a Viagra. He now stands outside the door like a boy from the whole century. It is a kinematic, he is ready to give his little fox elian Start his most violent attack, teach her once, he doesn’t know that it is a sheep who has not yet lived.

“I am here.” Xu Yuan suddenly broke his body, and he went down.

※※※※※※※※※※※※ The same room, the same bed, the same desire men and women come in outside the door, the same 40-year-old man, they are in the same clothes, with the evil housing bed lying on the bed is the same The 20-year-old virgin is equally wet, and it will happen even the same thing.

───────────────────────────────────────────────────────gyu In the reaction, Xu Yuan fell into the bed, he pressed the woman on the bed, hoop, as a crazy hunt smelled the advanced prey, the hot lips kept chaos in Qiu Zhe. “Ah !!!!!!!”, screaming, and Qiu Zhe wants to protect the body in this sudden man, but there is no effect, “Who are you? You walk … Ah … …Ah, no!!!!!!”

This response to the woman in bed, let Xu realize that this does not seem to be Elian. But how can he have just swallowed, how can he stop? ! How can I keep him calm and awake? ! He didn’t hear the woman’s excitement, still desperately looking for a sweetness of women.

Qiu Zhe did not know what happened. Suddenly, a man wanted to violently, she couldn’t think of what happened, only from instinctive resistance – but another instinct, It is also excited after dinner. This instinct can make Qiu Zhe to refuse to welcome ………

Xu Yuan felt that this woman gradually gave up against resistance. Among the micro-light of the curtains, he can be blurred to detect Qiu Zhe’s face and body. From her face, this is a beautiful woman, and the woman’s body is more tempting than Elian. He intuves this woman is more clean and should be rarely across men.

The greed of the lips, the touch of the palm, the body’s contact is not enough to meet Xu Yuan’s desire, his male organs have jumpful, Qiu Zhe’s lower body has been smashed, and it has already been wet bed.

He gave him the genitals of Qiu Zhe, found that the hole is small, and he costs the penis into her a little bit.

“Ah !!!!!!!” This has never been filled, let Qiu Zhe swopped very painful. She wants to push Xu Yuan with force, but he is doing it as a stone, it will not push it.

Xu Yuan entered so tight, so tender, so juicy, he was excited to use the top.

“Ah, ah, ah !!!!!!!!!! Don’t !!!!!! hurt!” This top, let Qiu Zhe’s tears spilled out.

do not want? Women are all like this, don’t do it on your mouth, but you can’t get it. Such a delicate small hole is really can’t wait for a second.

Xu Yuan took a sigh of relief, making it strong – “Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What? What is she is a woman?

This deadly blow, talking to Qiu Zhe, as you want her life, the lower body seems to be torn immediately, this pain is never had a heartless lungs. She pushed him from the strength of the whole body, but Xu Yuan was once out of the wild beast.

In such a vagina, it is not pity, and he doesn’t pity, holding her painful arms, stressing, crazy, enjoy his tight, cool, and best give him a small hole . He rodehed with this deer to do, did not stop, until the woman couldn’t stand the flussen, until he also shot, until the whole world is exhausted ………

In the early morning of the next day, Qiu Zhe woke up. When I didn’t have a look, I remembered that last night, I felt the pain of the lower body. When she slowly opened her eyes, she still hoped that this is only a dream, but when I opened the next time, I was so late, frustrated, sad, immediately rushed over four sides from all directions, surrounded her group.

No, she must pack their emotions, first soon quickly go back to their room! At this moment, she took advantage of this only awake, two hand trembles, picked up the clothes on the ground, and wear it on the body. Then she tried to open the door, I was going out, looking up! She stayed ………

※※※※※※※※※※※※ 红 月 站 站 站 站 站 站 面 面 面 面 面 面 面 面 面 面 面 面 是 是

Qiu Zhe didn’t know what to do. It was just standing upright, looked at her, after a few seconds, suddenly ran away.

Looking at Qiu Zhe’s back, disappearing at the door, Qiu Hongyue immediately explored his own room: naked Xu Yuan, scattered clothes, messy bed, bed linen ………

Until at this moment, she finally revealed her smile in a long time.

※※※※※※※※※※※※ These few days, Xu Yuan is the soul of the soul. He heard that the nurses at No. 5 is called Qiu Zhe. It is a very good nurse. It has been a four-year boyfriend, but he suddenly broke up in these days. Xu Yuan is very self-blaming, but he is also confused, clear card is written by Elian, how can it be like this? He wants to be more guilty, the more confused, the more confused, he did not dare to find Qiu Zhe, he didn’t know what to change, he decided to go out and dissipated.

After a few hours in the hospital garden, the mood still didn’t have a lot. When I got the rice, he had to go back.

When I went to the door of the first floor, I called him, “Xu President, there is your condolence letter, I am going to send you to the sixth floor.”

Xu Yuan took a look at it, this is the condolence letter of all the teachers of the school. Just when he was going to open, he glanced through the glass window, he saw a name that allowed him to be sensitive: Wang Feng.

Elian? The date of this feeding to Wang Feng is actually last month, then he stayed in the hospital for a few days.

“Why didn’t this nurses don’t take this letter?” Xu Yuan asked the party.

“She hasn’t come to work for a month.”

What? ! What is the card on that table? ! What is the top 5 high nurse lying in the Qiuhong Moon room? ! no! I must figure out, yes, maybe this Qiu Zhe Nurse is a victim, I must tell her! I think, he entered the elevator, after coming out, he left to the 5th high to share sharing 0 collection collection 0 Support 0 rating rating usage props Refrigeration UPS147 Advanced children (30/200) Rank: 1 Post 207 points 46 points of diving value 20578 meters skewers plus friends to call the hi-fashioned message scoring published on 2009-2-2708: 38AM | Only to see the author Chapter 7 Xu Yuan, the more you want to be, go to the top 5 high door, just have to start knocking The door, suddenly thinks: How do you talk to her? Did you admit yourself and Elian? How did these Qiu Diyue know? Is Qiu Hongyue not know more? What did she do? What did she think? What is the ultimate goal?

Just as he is hesitant, the door is open from the inside.

Qiu Hongyue? ! How is Qiu Hongyue comes out from inside?

Xu Yuantun was stunned, and Qiu Hongyue saw he appeared to be surprised outside, but immediately replied. She looked at Xu Yuan with the same eyes, but she lost a sentence to the people in the house with warmth, “Xiao Qiu, don’t be sad, take a good rest, I am gone.”

“Thank you for taking care of me in the past few days, you will go back to you, don’t delay your business.”

Qiu Hongyue listened to this sentence and left.

Xu Yuan is a bit unknown, he is standing at the door, is it in? Or do you still escape?

Go in! At least this thing has to have an account!

“叩, 叩”

Qiu Zhe is sitting on the chair to see the care plan to give Mr. Wang, “Red Moon, what else do you have? How to ………?”

She didn’t finish it, Xu Yuan has already come in.

His face is full of apologies, he does not dare to look at Qiu Zhe, he is full of embarrassing eyes just look at other places.

“Hey, I am sorry, disturb you, I am here to apologize, explain the things that night, but I know that I can’t save, so you can make compensation requirements, I will try to meet you, I hope ………

“You don’t want to say.” Qiu Zhe interrupted him, “You go back to your ward, I just hope that I will not see you anymore, I don’t have other requirements.”

This answer makes Xu Yuan surprised. He did not expect how it would be so easy. He is already ready to meet a storm before he encounters the courage. But now ………

He doesn’t know how to pick up, right! Remind her of Qiu Hongyue.

“I want to remind you to pay attention to Qiu Red Moon nurses, she may have a bit good for you, oh, I want ….”

“Don’t have to be!” Xu Yuan’s words were interrupted by Qiu Zhe. Your own mistakes, actually stand here to destroy others. “

“I … Qiu Hongyue ………” I can’t say it. He continued to say that it can only be shaking Elian, even if he shakes, Qiu Zhe is willing to believe? If she still doesn’t believe in Qiu Red Moon, but use this thing to retaliate himself, isn’t that …? Can’t say this! “That, then I don’t disturb you, I am gone, oh, I am sorry, I am really apologizing, if you need help, I must ………”

“Please go out.” Qiu Zhe interrupted him in the third time, her tone and attitude have always been surprisingly calm.

Xu Yuan is very depressed, he thinks this woman is too kind, it is too easy to be bullied, deceived, he feels that the ambition of the night is better.

※※※※※※※※※※※※ Li Si’s boyfriend is the evergreen doctor downstairs, Changqing rarely goes upstairs to find Li Si, because she is afraid that she will say that she is in love, Therefore, it is usually Li Si to arrange the high patient, find the empty time to go downstairs to find evergreen.

A few days later, the evergreen independent office.

Evergreen sitting on the chair, Li Si sat on evergreen. Li Si’s skirt mentioned the waist, the underwear retired to the knee, she took the waist, the throat, um, ah, clearly introduced to the ears of ears, he grabbed her breast, another I bought it in Li Si, I didn’t double the Hirmone concentration.

“Sisi, you have never really want it, do you want to vent, is there any unhappy thing?”

I heard Changqing asked so, Li Si’s up and down speed, she wants to vent! Because her heart has a stone.

“Do you know what the nurses in the sixth floor? Do you think who is the most powerful?” Li Siki asked.

“Of course it is you, what is it? Are you competing fairly with work ability?”

“What is it? Almost the age, people Qiu Zhe is later than us, the dean and Mo doctors are optimistic about her, what do I still show?”

“Ah? Is this? I don’t know the things in your sixth floor, or I will help you inquire?”

“Less Less you, I will use you in the sixth floor? Well … Ah ……… Don’t tell me the sister, her nature heard these things, must have a little chaos.”

“Oh ……… Oh, I know.” Chang Qing said that this sentence is very guilty, because Li wants to be in the middle, just do what he is doing now. Two in one fell swoop, every sentence, Li We want to see clearly in it.

Li Si and Li wants to be a petty and cute twin sister, they look like cartoon girls in Japan, and they are only 19 years old.

However, two of them are very surprised. My sister Li Si is only born more than 20 minutes later than Li, but there are many people in person. She is very diligent, striving for a better victory, and she wants to face, and she sometimes will give up the name.

The personality of my sister Li Xi’s personality did not want Japanese cartoon women, she looks cute, so that although her two look like, it can distinguish from expression temperament. But she is also terrible, if anyone is bullying her, she will be very concerned, very revenge.

Li Xi Dark and sister’s boyfriend is not because their sisters are not good, just because Li wants to have no boyfriend, and she is not a person, it is often tired of Li Si, once they die A woman who is not cute, so they join together, not unexpected.

※※※※※※※※※※※※ This evening, Li Xi is going to sneak down the floor to find evergreen. When she opened the lower stairs small door, I saw a high nurse out, she immediately hid behind the small door. But the light is too dark, you can’t see who is, just the action and Li Xijun just came out when you come out. She really wants to know who is, what is going to do, she has been watching until the woman stops at a door. She gently knocked on the door, the door opened, there is light, come out, a man ….

Zhang Binglin? Old total? How can he come back tonight?

This nurse has been backlighting, can’t see, I saw Zhang Binglin, holding her into the house. When I went in, the light was taken on her face ———- she turned out! ! ! ! !

──────────────────────── ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ In the day, in the world, all the wolves of the sheep coat will come out in the night.

“Does the unexpected?” The woman is fiercely with Zhang Binglin’s thick waist asking him. “Not surprised.” Zhang Binglin was pinched in this woman’s waist, and the eyes were like a never look at her, but the expression was normal, and “” You want to be a nurse. “

Zhang Binglin suddenly took this sentence. He set a woman a few seconds. It seems that he wanted to confirm that he had not been a few family, and his woman was thinking.

The woman is just a smile, and then she looked up. She kissed his soft mouth, her smart and slender hands quickly unwind his clothes. If the dragon is in his belly Entering the waist and waist, her hand can be powered by electricity, and every place where the fingertips flow, all of this man is excited.

Her finger slipped from the waist of the fertilizer to his chest, hit a circle in his nipple, and came to his neck; dialing him heavyly stacked the fat at the neck, she was treated in his pleats The “collar” depth uses a small finger hook.

This kind of contact makes this long-lasting man in a man, and he can’t wait for her teasing for a long time, but he is indifferent. He rely on his bear’s palm into the woman’s bra, The strength and skills of pinch are prioritized, that is, it will not make her pain and let themselves enjoy.

At this time, the woman’s finger has come to his ear, she picked up his earen – suddenly sliding his mouth to his ears, caged the outer murmur with his hand, and all of her kneading brings pleasure Feed his ears ………

This man is, even if it is a Miss, Miss Taiyue, will not make this kind of trick, and he is fixedly looked at this woman. And this woman was also scared by him, her heartbeat accelerated, worried that this man did not eat this.

At this moment, Zhang Binglin suddenly became a volcanic, and the woman took the woman and walked into the bedroom and fell her bed. He is like an estrus ugly male dog, quickly scratched a woman and all his clothes, rudely grab a woman’s snow leg, put his black and wrinkled tree roots, and stuffed into the sweet honey source.

His plug is ruthless, crazy, violent, fast. This pink small hole quickly was squeezed by his juice. Petite, honey, asthma, keeping this beautiful factor, makes him so fast. He was confused by this young woman and tired and tired. ………

The woman looked at his sleeping dog, and looked at his whitening, he had just been thrown by the animal, she didn’t have any expression.

She went into the bathroom and brushed her own, and returned to the fat dog.

The next morning, the woman made a meal for Zhang Binglin and woke him him.

Zhang Binglin looked at this young beauty but a woman who had no expression, and she had a pair of handsome breakdown, his mood is much better than in the past.

He slowly put on his clothes, went to the woman who was going to the table, grabbed her waist, and volve at her head. The woman did not respond. She was ready to finish Zhang Binglin, she went back to the lips to catch Zhang Binglin’s mouth.

“I have to go back to my room, and the patient will get up.”

After giving Zhang Binglin a Goodbykiss, she went to the door.

“Wait a minute, what is your name?”

When the woman opened the door, “This is not important, you can remember my room number is enough.” Laughing, leaving such a sentence, she closed the door.

Zhang Binglin used a spoon to stir the milk on the table, looking at the soft woman with a soft woman, showing a warm smile.

※※※※※※※※※※※※ On this day, the Changqing office.

“Daughter-in-law, try again, I am, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah … I don’t want to do it …. Li I want to go to the bookcase, and there is no more younger. She is a love posture that she stands, let her prostitutes flow on the ground.

“Do you have a little better? If I get married with your sister, I really don’t know which man wants you.”

Evergreen is like this little woman, she has a small woman who likes to spoiler, her mind is simple, depending on the man’s special special, these to meet the man’s vanity, plus her doll, every time you can let Evergreen loves God, so that he betray his girlfriend to catering her. He is clear, and Li Xi is doing more than Li Si.

After Li Xi, Chang Qing took her waist, he added her strength, and every time I could get a heart. “Ah, ah, sister … brother-in-law ……… I am so comfortable, right ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..”

Li Xi’s lascivious, so that Changqing got the satisfaction from Li Si. But such a strong stimulus, like a strong accelerator, the sperm is soon flocked to the exit, shot.

Li Xi’s disappointment looks at Changqing, then the expression will become an understanding, she leaned over, and she has cleaned the semen left.

After two speed war, they were very tired, and the two people were lying in bed.

Li Xi Xi’s eyes look at the face of evergreen, like what to find.

“Is your man not refused to send women to the door?”

“What are you saying, if I don’t like to do you, do you dare to send the door? Your sister knows?”

“What, I didn’t say me and you.” Li Xiji took a slightly shot on the evernaughter face, Chang Qing grabbed her child-like little hand, “Who is it? Do you hear what gossip? NS?”

“What gossip, I saw it with my own eyes. I am going to know that I choose a nurses, my sister is not hoped.”

Li Xiyu said that he said, “” With my sister, I can’t put her! “

Chang Qingzi she is a little child, she is ignored, she is sleeping.

※※※※※※※※※※※※ No. 5 high patients called Wang Zhengfu, he is a manager of a brand-name home appliance. This person has nothing to do, and the family is also poor, but the young man is growing up. Soybead, I took a wife who was a wife who was a famous home appliance company, she became a wife. Maybe he is very rich, there is a status, but he is not happy, his wife is not reasonable than the River Dongshi, and the body of Shen Dianxia and Zeng Zhiwei’s face.

Wang Zhengfu called the disease in Ai Yi Hospital for a long time, in fact, he didn’t want to go home.

“Mr. Wang, I will give new nurse for a while, you ………”

“I am going to bed, let’s go.”

“Okay.” Qiu Zhe is gone, in her eyes, this patient has always been more unhappy, not difficult.

Qiu Zhe left, Li Xi was secretly coming in.

──────────────────────────────────────────────────────── I hit the hanger and woke up Wang Zhengfu. He is very strange, Qiu Zhe nurse has never been so unhappy, and he asked a word in the door: “Who?”

Li Xi wants to expose it, just go in and said, she opened a small slit in the bedroom door, and slowly explored the small head.

Seeing such a fine doll-like small face appeared at the door, Wang Zhengfu is both strange and surprised.

“What to hide, come in.” Wang Zhengfu ordered.

“Didn’t hide, what is I hidden?” Li Xiyi came in, standing in the house, close the door back.

Wang Zhengfu watched the girl’s girl, a good guy, she really should take a picture of Japanese campus female or what uniform, a photo of nurse girlfriend, her spirit pole.

“I have seen you, come to find Qiu Judges to train other nurses?”

“That is not me, it is my twelve sister.”

No wonder is different, when you see the girl at that time, I only think she is pretty, but there is no feeling of a little bright.

“Oh, ok, what are you looking for?”


“What is red, come over, say slowly.”

Li wanted to swallow his vomiting to Wang Zhengfu bed and found a chair to sit down.

Just sitting down, she lifted the courage to send the artillery to Wang Zhengfu: “I think you can say that Qiu Zhe care is not responsible for it, you can’t find people in the middle of the night!”

“Ah?” Her naive little mouth plus her expression of indignation, spit out such a passage, put Wang Zhengfu to put it. Li thought about her big eyes and stared at Wang Zhengfu for a while, and the air was born for a long time, she was eased by Wang Zhengfu’s laughter.

“Why do you want to do this?”

“She carries someone to see people in the evening, she wants to crush my sister in order to be a nurse,” “What is the things that I can’t see?” Wang Zhengfu is very confused.

“Send the superior, what else can you?”

“How did you know?”

“I saw it all my eyes!”

“Are you in the human room in her?”

“Hey! I hide in the stairwell.”

“What do you hide in the stairs?”

“I … why do I tell you?”

The air was stiff, and then the same way was smiled by Wang Zhengfu.

“Then you thought I said that Qiu Jiashi is not good, will she not get a nurses?”

“You can, I want to pull her, not just this.”

“Is there anything else?”

“Don’t tell you anything else.” She is childish to die.

Wang Zhengfu gave birth to her, “What makes me help you?”

“I … I didn’t think, I would like to ask you, if you change the room to the 4th room, I will take care of you.”

“Haha, I can help you, but you just take care of me is not enough.” Said, he stretched his hand into the skirt of Li Xi, his fingers smashed outside her underwear.

“Ah, you …” Li Xi was very surprised.

“If you don’t like to do it, I will not help you. I think your other means will not escape by a man.”

Yes, in her plan, I can’t rule out to let men do. She slowly closed her eyes, waiting ………

Wang Zhengfu has not been engaged in a woman for a long time, sending such a good lie to the door, he will not let go.

He unlocked the skirt of Li Xi, unplugged her bra, buried her face in her sweet double breasts, sometimes smashed her nipple with her mouth, when she lick her cleret with her tongue, and bite with teeth Her uliness.

He took a deep breath in her towering pepper, and the rich fragrance, like a bottle of 80 years of French red wine, the aroma rushed to Wang Zhengfu’s nose, and immediately let him poisoning.

He put his entire face, and his nose was greedily absorbed around the crispy chest of Li. Inserting her holes and stirring her juice, making her asthmatic voice penetrating Wang Zhengfu’s underwear, stimulating each of his nerves.

For women, men are the most evil is the mashed; and men are clear, they are really evil, they are idea.

In front of you, this shirt is not clear, it is Wang Zhengfu, all evil roots.

He opened his sleeping pants and popped up a meat stick that had been bent.

“Ah …” Li Xi did not think that such a thing will happen at this moment, tears are in the eyes, do not dare to make a sound.

Wang Zhengfu took this frightened bunna to bed.

“Separate the legs.” He ordered him coldly.

Li Xi was scared to move.

“Come!” He shouted at her.

This sound is scared, she can’t stand up, and the weak body is strongly trembled. The kind of sadness that is about to be violated, let her have helpless convulsions.

He smashed Li Xi’s small panties to one side, and separated her legs, and pressed her a hard rod.


Suddenly, a hard-borne object inserts into their own body, straight Huanglong; instantaneous time, pain, pleasure, pleasure, excited … Everything feels like a tide, stimulating each nerve, tightening The firm meat stick, deeply filled out her most primitive lust.

Wang Zhengfu’s hands clamped her fine waist, quickly on the ground, every time, it was the deepest top to honey source. She has never been smashed with such a thick penis. At this moment, she sat on such a precious thing, an unprecedented great satisfaction invaded her whole body every cell, she issued her never had a sophisticated obscenity .

“I want ……. Ah ah … um, ah, um ……… I want, good … I want !! ……… Love you … Want ……………. ah Ah ……. Ah ah, ah, ah, ah, ah !!!!!!!!!!!!!! “Her screams have more excited Wang Zhengfu, he is more powerful, more violent, so Almost cool, almost almost dizzy. The two of them called “” continuously, it is rapidly than a few seconds, the whole bed is a large piece, the sound in the vagina is getting bigger and bigger with the sound of the hit ……… Ah, ah, ah … Just a few seconds, a warm flow injection into Li Xi Nahong-silence – silent – the entire room, time and space stagnant.

※※※※※※※※※※※※ Li Xi wants to sleep in Wang Zhengfu for a long time. After waking up, I found it sore, especially the lower body, and it hurt.

Wang Zhengfu has been awake, and I am dialing her jade breasts.

“Do you promise me?” Li We would like to ask her poor little face.

“No!” Wang Zhengfu answered seriously.

───────────────────────────────── ! This sentence is cold, and Li wants to make a momentum.

Do not? ! She looked down at my wet and wrinkled underwear, very uncomfortable to stick to the pussy; the nurse skirt that was smashed; there was a jade peak that was blocked; all this happened, even Only changed a “no.”

Li Xi’s angry eyes passed through the tears of humiliation, almost spurting out of the fire, wanted to burn this king.

Snapped! A crisp sound, a small hand waved on the face of Wang Zhengfu.

Wang Zhengfu immediately turned over, slamming the hands of Li Xi, pressed her to the body, “货, you are crazy!”

Snapped! Snapped! The two rigorous bastles gave the beautiful little face of Li Xi, and suddenly the fire was flourishing. The face is painful, drilling heart pain and humiliation make two functions, from Li Xi’s scorpion.

“Hey ………” Her wow is full of cries full of rooms.

She is torn crying, her red silt on her noodles, her red eyedrop and tears, looking at this, Wang Zhengfu has to pity.

He released the iron hand clamping Li Xi, gently compooting her little face, and kissed her tears in the lip.

“Sorry, you cry so much. I am also very uncomfortable. I said that I will not do it like you, but I haven’t said that I don’t help you deal with her. I have a suggestion. Do you want to listen.”

Hearing here, Li Xi immediately stopped crying, leaning up the swollen eyes of the foggy, and asked a lot: “What suggestions?”

“How is I got on her?” Wang Zhengfu’s mouth revealed evil laughter.

“What is the use of this, this is your own color, what is the relationship with me? What can I help me? That kind of woman is just a chicken, what is her man?” Li Xi is obviously a bit angry.

“What is anxious, is I got on me?” He played a little secret, “If I go to her, what is the man of her Baron?”

“What? This ………” Li Xi suddenly came to think.

“If I am pulling her clothes, she is desperately, she is seen by the man, you say that he will not be nauseated? Then he is no longer careful?” Wang Zhengfu exposed downstream Rape.

Li I thought about it, looking forward to him, nodding.

“Then come, baby.” Wang Zhengfu said in Li Xi’s ear: “This time, it is good to go from the anus?”

“No !!” Li Xiji looked at him in a horror, she never had this, she didn’t know what painting.

“Come on.” Wang Zhengfu forced Li Zhou side shoulders, turning over her back, hard to press hard, she can’t move.

“no, do not want!!!!!!!!”

Wang Zhengfu did not hear, hit her hips, tangled the penis to her anus, fierce.


All of this, I have seen Qiu Zhe, who has already come back, I heard it.

※※※※※※※※※※※※ “Sisi, tomorrow is two birthdays, I don’t want to think about it?”

“How did you do it recently? Old is this, tell me, is it loved?”

in love? ! Li Xi wants to smile in his heart, it is to make love!

“No, don’t think about it, your business is still much, good performance, and later when the nurse can serve the public.”

“Oh, you don’t let me be happy, I am leaving a nurse, I am far away. You don’t understand, forget it, I will tell Changqing to buy a gift, don’t tell you more.”

Li Si left, she left, she didn’t want to tell her sister, her distressed, she knew that Li Xi’s character, she didn’t want my sister into this matter, what happened to the impulse, she could be too sorry for her sister. . However, Li I thought that the sister was worried about, and I started a piece.

※※※※※※※※※※※※ Qiu Zhe in the room, wrote two strips, a word written “Qiu”, a word written “Li”. She smashed the note into a group, and then closed his eyes to touch. She touched one, opened a look, “Li”; she thought about it, her eyes showed fierce light, put “Li”, and another note, open the “Qiu” word, then torn A crushing. She calmly cleaves these diaphragms and walked to the ward.

“Mr. Wang, do you have questions today?” Qiu Zhewen asked softly.

“No.” Wang Zhengfu looked at the beauty that was packing the room. “You should have no experience in 9 o’clock this evening?” He has an attempt to ask.

“I am fine.” Qiu Zhe said no matter.

※※※※※※※※※※※※ Seeing the wall clock pointing to the 9 o’clock, Li Xijun can’t wait to ran to the boss’s room, “叩 !!”

“Well? How come someone knock at this time?” Zhang Binglin whispered, is being stopped at Qi Zhe’s secret.

“Don’t care about it, the light is closed, let her think that you are not in her for a while.” Qiu Zhefei hooks Zhang Binglin’s neck, and seems to be expected.

“Oh, ok, let me insert you, see if you can’t hold back, let the outside people can’t hear it.” Said Zhang Binglin, porn, and pumping with Qiu Zhe.

“Ah ……………” Such a strong excitement, let Qiu Zhe High have to scream, she immediately grabs their mouths, try to enjoy the ruthless impact.

“How can there be no one?” Li We wants to speak from outside the door. “Usually this time, Zhang Binglin will wait for Qiu Zhe in the house.”

Li Xi was knocked over a while, and there was no one inside, and he left. She has to go to 5 high to see what is going on.

Open five high outside, she carefully went, went to the door of the ward, and suddenly, the prostitute was covered with the top of Li Xi. Although Li Xi did not find Zhang Binglin, but at this moment, he still bloomed, but unfortunately did not turn on, otherwise she really had to look at Qiu Zhennan’s Dry virtue!

Li Xi wants to listen to the door, and he can’t stand it to extend his hand to his wet underwear. While she is enjoying this pleasure, she is also very strange how Qiu Zhe does not resist. Take care of her, maybe she is obscenity, she is happy, she can’t ask.

“Hey!”, Wang Zhengfu shot, he wiped the sweat on his face, got up, touched the door to open, and opened the wall light.




Three people were shocked! Li wants to look at the naked girl in front of him, she can’t say it.

────────────────────────────── Naked Woman is Qiu Hongyue.

She just became clearly and a handsome guy, enjoying the joy of fish, at this moment, I was completely hit by Li Xi. Suddenly, the color of the shame is full of red, she does not dare to face Li Xi, but she will take the quilt next to him.

Wang Zhengfu also can’t understand, it should be Qiu Zhe, how to turn it off?

The most intractive thing is that Li wants, how do she suddenly changed her personal plan, and even bubbled?

She looked at Qiu Hongyue, and also looked at the naked king of the naked naked, and turned around and calmly walked back her own room. There are only two people left in the room.

Qiu Hongyue looked at Wang Zhengfu at this time. She felt that she was with Zhang Zizhi since he was violent, she never enjoyed the sex of such soul. Now she has just passed 30, her eyebrows have God, the corner is clear, and the body is a beautiful man.

Qiu Hongyue saw Wang Zhengfu, and Wang Zhengfu was embarrassed to face her.

“Sorry, I think ……… is not you.” Wang Zhengfu was red, so I had to break the embarrassment.

“Is it sorry?” Qiu Hongyue installed “I ………” Wang Zhengfu, this lost, and he didn’t know what to do if he still had a foggy water.

“You come over.” Qiu Hongyue said.

Wang Zhengfu had to pass through, and he didn’t think about the space that would happen.

Qiu Hongyue saw him from the bed, and he seized his penis to send it.

“Ah!” Wang Zhengfu thought that it was not good, this woman had to bite it, the heart must jump to the eyes, so I will struggle!

As a result, he felt in his body, it turned out to be a wet and slippery tongue, and the pear flower belt in his most sensitive nerve, let him die.

He quickly erects, and he can’t care, close the lamp, and continue to punish this little goblin. This time, you must never die.

※※※※※※※※※※※※ Zhang Zizhi found that there were few times in Qiu Hongyue to find her. Even if he was looking for him, it was a few words, and it was occasionally, it was a grass. There is no feeling, and her voice is monotonous. His psychology is not very comfortable, often coming out on the 6th floor corridor.

Go to the high door of No. 1, just have to knock in, think about it, when you should Li Si, you should check it, not bother, you will leave, and you will go to the door 2. Han Wei has no patient in recent years, and she will work and ask her to send time. Zhang Zhong fell opened the door 2.

He looked at the room on the right, no one, thought that Han Yu was not there, then turned to go, the result was this moment, he took the picture in the left ward.

Han Wei naked and slender body, she bent into 90 degrees, with her hands in the bed, and the upper body is suspended, a couple of jade breasts in half. Her ass is very old, two legs are slightly separated, and the light is supported on the ground.

She scattered her hair covered her half face, but couldn’t cover the expression of the fire red spring. Through the micro-silk, Zhang Zan saw some of her forehead, sticking a few haired hair; she was dark, red lips were fine, and the soul of all men was hooked.

At this time, after a man, a man walked behind her, tall the huge hard object, plugged in, and then picked down without slowly.

This picture makes Zhang Zan to stay. There is no sick ingredient, the opposite is very beautiful. He saw Han Wei, every shock was lipped once, the crispy, and the crystal tears, happiness, and hanging on the eyelashes.

Zhang Zhong did not hear her, but he had already launched the most beautiful bed. She is low, but the butt is tall, and she will move the man in the rhythm of the man. It seems like this man. It is his own.

Zhang Zan looked silently. He didn’t realize his erection, his wet, until he couldn’t stand it in the last moment, he knew that he did so much physiological response.

Zhang Zizhen read the whole process until Han Wei and the man wear clothes, he realized that he had to go.

He forgot that Han Yu was inserted, and the sex beauty was not seen in any AV. Zhang Zizard, Han Wei is a sex goddess, he will become his own sex goddess a day.

※※※※※※※※※※※※ Xu Yuan 躺 躺 躺…………….. 故 故In addition to his own, he didn’t know any of the dirty things that happened throughout the 6th floor. He is not in contact with people, he only knows that Qiu Hongyue is not a water-saving light, he must prevent her.

In the Qiu Hongyue room, the lights were dim, she was playing with Wang Zhengfu playing games, two people naked naked.

“Detailed bumper!!” The two shouted at the same time.

Qiu Hongyue is a scissors, and Wang Zhengfu is a stone. “I don’t do it, you play me again, this time isn’t it!” Qiu Hongyue is lightweight. Wang Zhengfu spoiled.

“Hey, I hope to gamble, come, next time I lose you, I also get me.” Wang Zhengfu’s face, separated Qiu Hongyue’s legs, took out red wine, poured to preparation in advance In the spoon, “Come on.” Wang Zhengfu said to send a small spoon to the small hole below Qiu Due, and then put it in, and immediately use his hand, and also shake again. Qiu Hongyue did not know more comfortable, more cool, and the sound of the sensuality was endless.

“Haha, small goods, so like to be dried, next time you lose, if you lose, it is good.”

“Don’t!” Qiu Hongyue listened to the rectilation, “” Continue to play, I don’t believe you have won. “

“Hey!” Qiu Hongyue thought that Wang Zhengfu will change, so this time I have a scissors. I didn’t expect that Wang Zhengfu had a very good, he still outstad.

“Hahahaha! Come on baby, this time it is.” Wang Zhengfu Xinxi crazy, he has never tried this woman, the next thing must be very excited.

“Well, I don’t dare, you are dead, I don’t play.”

“Don’t play, see how I pack you.” Wang Zhengfu hovered with Qiu Hongyue’s ass, Qiu Hongyue hid the right flash, and he was still playing red by him.

“I agree, I agree, don’t fight, it hurts.” Qiu Hongyue slammed his ass to Wang Zhengfu.

Wang Zhengfu filled a scoop of red wine, giving to Qiu Hongyue’s ass.

“呲 …”



Zhang Zizhong didn’t know how to Qiu Due, he is only Han Yu in his heart. He is facing Han Yu’s files every day, as well as the photos above, or a frowning face, or smiling, it is completely unknown to continue.

────────────────────────── With the twelfth chapter I often sway in the corridor, I can’t help but always stop in the door of the room 2, I stay. I occasionally encountered Han Yu nurse, and I was very enthusiastic when I greeted.

At noon this day, Qiu Hongyue opened the door into Zhang Zhan’s room. She walked into her home as she as casual, came in, woing clothes, leaving only the last two clothes, and walked into the bedroom of Zhangzheng.

Zhang Zhan saw her coming in, did not make a sound, and the lower head continued to see Han Yu’s file.

Qiu Hongyue did not think about what he was watching. After walking to Zhang Zhong, the peak is a vol. Qiu Hongyue squatted in Zhangzhong ear, so he breathed a hurriculous, and the warmth of the warmth was in the left ear. She is not honest, touching Zhang Zan, and it is very good to pick it up.

However, Zhang Zhan has always ignored her, she had to increase the offensive, remove the only clothing, barely revealing the buttocks sitting on the legs of Zhangzhong. She was so painful in his words, soon, Zhang Zhan was hard. Qiu Hongyue saw that he would like to solve his pants, took out his things, and went to your honey juice.

Qiu Hongyue did not hang across Zhang Zizhou, and the households gave his meat, in-depth, pumping, Qiu Hongyue, hm, ah, double eyes closed, painted, called people itch, tolerant I can’t pinch her a few, enjoy her more obscene shout.

This is a long time, and the two have arrived in the boom of the boom. At the same time, they are shot to each other, as if each vent is a cockroach.

Qiu Hongyue wiped the mouth of the mouth, and his arms were unable to hold Zhang Zhan’s neck.

“Well.” Zhang Zhong didn’t look at her, and he lowered his head.

Qiu Hongyue put on the clothes and sorted out, Zhang Zizard sat in the chair and exhausted. He feels that he is a few years old, old, facing such an energetic young girl, there is no strength, if it is changing, maybe it is different. He costly pulled his trousers, as if everything just happened, if you need to eat, you need any feelings. He tired, I slept to bed ………

“Hahaha ……… 嘻嘻 ………

A woman’s crisp smiling wakes up the nerve of Zhang Zan, and he looked up, it was a long body, and the white girl was playing in front. He can’t see his face, but from the body looks like Han Wei. She is wearing a floral dress, long hair blowing in the wind like a floating silk, it is dazzling, but it is dazzling. Zhang Zhan wanted to approach the girl in front, but how did you move his step, he is in a hurry on an ant, and desperately shouting Han Wei let her pay attention to himself.

Sure enough, the girl turned around and slowly went to Zhangzhong. He is pleased, but it is still nothing to do with your own vague eyes.

The girl is getting closer, she is too high, waiting to go to her near, but he is not enough to see her face.

So high, Zhang Zhongxin wants to be Han Wei. It is almost the most happy moments that he has been in the heart of the sex of his heart.

The girl stood in front of Zhang Zizhou, Zhang Zizhi reached out enough, but how to elongate a point, this makes Zhang Zizhong anxious.

I saw the girl’s jade, touched his chest, unwinding two buttons, and showed a deep cleansing, and the white snow convex. She reached into almost transparent bras, gently dialed with the red little bud, and took the Fenglong’s wings. The onion refers to a charm between it, and the dream of dreams, and stirring Zhang Zhongxin, I only think that the sun is hot, itch is difficult.

When the girl was in the morning, he continued to explain the mouth until the dress is open, and the whole body shows no bleak.

Walking with her powder, the bra is smooth, the waist is as delicious, and the white tender blow is broken. The navel is impeded in the center of the lower abdomen, and the hole is like a closed. The furry oil is covered with unlimited spring light.

The girl reached out, refers to the skin, and the other four refers to the mild, and the purpose is clearly sliding to the dense place, slowly climbing the shrine, and sneaking the mysterious sea. Touching the soft and crispy embankment, enter the narrow valley, came to this universe the most curious mysterious island. Her fingers are stirred there, stir the water flowers and connected ……… soul flying together.

This scene, Zhang Zhan has never felt in any woman. A woman’s masturbation, even let Zhang Zizhi aroused the mountains, and the horses are full of horses, and the “sex” of this woman has become a man’s happiness source – dream, freedom, youth, pursuit … … All suppress souls that do not match in his reality are released, released with “sex”. This may only be in the dream.

He is very comfortable, this woman makes him comfortable, and it is comfortable and comfortable.

But he still wants to look at the woman’s face, want to see Han Yu’s masturbating look – let him fascinated the sexual blessing face.

He wants to reach out, but the woman is half-shaded, he does not die again, and it is a hide, and Zhang Zizhi is another step, and the woman is turned into it.

Zhang Zhan hastily, so it is easy to hold the woman’s clothes, and the dead will be completely presented in front of him.

He moved her body, he didn’t want to see her face!

If he is so firmly in the iron hoop, he is in a hurry, and it is awkward – he is shocking, sweating is much more.

He didn’t want to see this woman, this woman is like his wife in his heart, and the rooster role that must be taken care of.

She is like a bite, he is not willing to eat, but the man will be hungry, almost all hungry men will hungry.

In the dream, he saw the face of Qiu Due.

And the monarch in the dream seems to be still going to take the initiative, replacing Zhang Zizhi in physiology solving some desires that must not vent.

Zhang Zhan shouted Han Wei’s name, torn the lungs, but the sound did not know how to be smaller and smaller, and the more snapped. But Qiu Hongyue did not hear, still make a bowl of sticks to yourself.

Zhang Zhan felt that he had to become a dog who was suffocated by Qiu Hongyue, and he couldn’t breathe.

※※※※※※※※※※※※ If I wake up, what will I do tomorrow.

Love is not part of itself.

Once the transaction that has been caught, it is a luxury.

For a 40-year-old man who is falling in colorful trading, a woman who falls in love with a 20-year-old woman seems to be naive and crazy, it is indispensable …

───────────────────────────────────────────────y Han Han sat in the room and langted, she didn’t know what to do.

She recently had no patient, I was free, I went to see her last time boyfriend. Two people couldn’t help but get it in the ward.余 味; see that high enough to support half-length, will remember the fierce exciting, the pleasure of a wave of waves, and rush into it ………

Every time I see this, I will let her – can’t help but wet underwear ………

She also swayed to the ward, and she was strong to explode. Han Wei stood in the sun in the windows, carefully smell the smell of the house. She is close to the window, and she will take a deep breath and stop for a long time. She seems to suck all Zhou Han’s fine fluid all in her lungs.

“Do I am a lascivious woman?”

Han Wei asked himself in his heart after taking this “semen air”.

“Do I love Zhou Han?

It seems that I just want to find a man, as long as he hurts me.

I don’t feel lonely with him, as long as someone wants to pet me when I want to spoil, I have someone inserting me when I want to have a chaos. “

Han Wei remembered the words of Zhou Han, live off a thick meat stick. It seems that there is a place that is the most fascinating.

Han Wei stretched into the skirt, with his fingers outside the underwear, she laughed at her own, she walked out of the ward, arrived in her room, opened the cabinet, took out a black lace’s fine panties.

She took off the underwear of the dripping, hangs on the hook, took the paper towel to wipe it in the genitals, and set the new black lace.

She started fever, but she won’t insert my own place with my finger. She seems to have a clean, think that she is dirty, the penis is different, when she loves love with Zhou Han, she cares that she can make her want to die, and that thing belongs, that moment It is not important.

Han Yu really wants to make love at the moment, but there is no man in the house.

When desire to fill her body, Han Yu is just frowning in bed, and it is close to close – she doesn’t do anything, just sitting, quiet, like a statue.

“Suzu Bell ………” The phone ringtones in Hanxi House suddenly remembered.

“Hey …” Han Dynasty liability.

“Ok, Zhang Dean, I will go.” She lazy hangs on the phone, combing it in front of the mirror, walked out of the room door, opened the outer door, and moved to Zhang Zan.

※※※※※※※※※※※※ Qiu Hongyue’s room.

It seems to be a kind of embarrassment, more like a scream, man and woman’s voice is mixed in a piece …

“Authentic ……… ……… Do you do it, do it hard me … I ……………. Fuck me … ah …………………

Under the dim light, a pair of naked men and women, such as two are in the wild beasts, men’s squats on women, with show off the organs, in the woman’s body.

Wang Zhengfu seems to be born to be a male scorpion, and the energetic is very strong. The sprint in the woman is more than once.

Qiu Hongyue was blinded, and the sky was turned. She is a few wants to dizzy. The flesh is still full of this stormy tootion. Her ideology is unclear in the throat, or the body is called … …

※※※※※※※※※※※※ The lamp in Xu Yuan is still bright, this kind of thing is already used to it. Qiu Hongyue often made these sounds in the room, and the sound of sexual intercourse could not fall asleep.

Xu Yuan is annoying this woman. He thinks that Qiu Hongyue is not only the heart, but it is obscenity. She and Wang Zhengfu have spoken in Xu Yuan, seems to be more simple, maybe there is abuse crazy: Crazy like abuse, crazy like abuse, crazy likes to abuse each other, crazy like self-abuse.


Along with Qiu Hongyue, a sharp voice came, Xu Yuan is more upset. It seems that he is not just bored, maybe there is any trouble from the things that have not heard the smell.

“Ah ……… hahaha ….” It’s a scream, followed by the swing after it – Xu Yuan can’t stand it again. He decided to go to the corridor.

Xu Yuan is a high-level narcotive service, and the body is loose, dragging the flip to the unbamped, and there is no God to look at the ground. He slowly walked out his room, gently closed the door, moved his step, didn’t know what to go.

Maybe you can take a look at the old classmates, Xu Yuan thinks, steps have moved to Zhang Zizhong office.

※※※※※※※※※※※※ “Hey, every nickname in the sixth floor, I have to talk about the views of the nurses long elections, you, I want to ask you what opinions or candidates No.”

Zhang Zhan’s tone is not so much talking, it is better to say that it is a back book.

He didn’t look at Han Wei, just low-headed head to see the files in Han Yu.

Han Wei standing on the side is very surprised, it is a bit panic, it is not a very good nurse, she thought that she was not good, and he was talking about him.

“I have no opinions, isn’t it a democratic election? I think I didn’t take it, um, my qualifications are not enough.”

Zhang Zan looked up her, and immediately dodgeously lowered.

“The qualifications are not important. Everyone is best to participate, and it is a kind of exercise.” Zhang Zhan actually forgot his best leadership in his weekdays, and I didn’t know what to say, I had to say. Out of a sentence, “Work hard.” The foreword did not let go, let the other party and yourself inexplicably.

Han Wei saw more strange, looked at Zhang Zhan whispered, I had to say: “Ok, I know, there is nothing, I will go back to do something first.” And turn around.

Looking at the back of Han Yu, Zhang Zhan is in the contradiction pain, I am a waste, what is it doing, what I want to do.

Han Wei came from Zhang Zizhong, and Xu Yuan standing at the door hit a nose, almost hit the nose.

──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────gyu A person.

He looked up and saw it.

In his previous nurse, the temperament of this nurse is very special. She is unlike Elian is humble and sad, and she is not like Qiu Hongyue. The agency is surrendering, unlike Qiu Zhexian. She is too cool, like a rush star, although the light is no longer, but it can be chased by the official!

When she opened the door, she only realized that someone was outside the door, she didn’t look up again. In order to avoid encounter him, she passed quickly on the wall and pulled the past, leaving. Only a tall back of Xu Yuan left.

Xu Yuan stared at her, this is a woman, cold can let the air around him fall into a slag, but these icegoff fell into the man’s heart but can arouse a desire – She is tall and white, her body is mighty, her legs are long … She is too short, she can see more ……… Her black lace ………

In addition, I just heard the sounds in Qiu Hongyue room, Xu Yuan is a bit excited, and the things under the trousers are a bit stupid. However, he settled the gods and went to Han Yujin No. 2 high, he came in Zhang Zhi’s house.

※※※※※※※※※※※※ Xu Yuan and Zhang Zizhong chatted for a hour of the day: Zhang Zhan has not returned home for a long time; Elian has been a long time, the reason is unknown; Qiu Hong Month is likely to be a head nurse, this sentence is a little reluctant; if there is, Han Yu is a very sexy nurse ………

Xu Yuan came from Zhang Zizhong, a bit exhausted, just ready to go back to the room, thinking that there may be no finishing for men and women, I plan to stroll down the floor.

Xu Yuan went to the elevator mouth, pressed “next”, waiting for the elevator, he pays attention to the staircase channel next to it. He feels that he is lying in the room every day, and the road can’t walk a few steps. It is better to walk down the floor, regardless of exercise.

The “” elevator door opened, he didn’t pay attention to the stairs door of the safe passage.

“Hey … um huh ………”

An sound that seems to be a woman is incoming his ears drum.

“Ah … Tap, don’t bite …

This voice suddenly stimulated Xu Yuan, which is obvious, and it is a husband and wife.

Xu Yuan is hand down, trying to make a sound, let them discover, he smashes the corner of the stairs, sticks the inside of the stairs, explore the head, look at the past ……… A man, the upper body wear a doctor white, lower body The naked reach out of the mask, and a woman in the following is halfway to him.

Because the man is facing, he can’t see the man’s face, and the woman below seems to be one of the twin sisters. Xu Yuan is only seen in the corridor, and I can’t recognize which.

The girl puts the man’s sun in the mouth, and it can be seen when she is detached every time her mouth is detached. The man holds a wall, and the other hand picks up the girl’s chest, he pulls her bra, extends to the white crisp ………

Seeing this dim and fragrant picture, the tents under Xu Di trousers immediately supported the old.

He hasn’t been love for a long time. He has not smell the taste of the woman for a long time. His Yang has not touched a woman for a long time. He has a strong desire to vent but is suppressed. He can only stick out his hand, rub the masturbation above ……… and continue to watch the true people’s erotic show.

The girl began to stick out the tongue, she sometimes touched the man’s egg, sometimes she stretched the tongue to the top of his glans, “Ah ………” The man has a unseained low.

“Baby ……… You are so good ……… cool ……… Come … Ah ……”

The girl is more eased for him, she uses the tongue with the tongue with his tongue, the smart moves, the fragrant tongue is like a smooth fish, and it is rapidly a wave to stimulate his most sensitive part.

The man seems to be more excited to grasp the girl’s tits, he used a lot of strength, and the nails were almost embedded in the white-grained double peak.

“……… ……… 呜 ………

The girl hurts the eyes in the eyes, and the pain is ignorant because of the olee.

The man realized that he had painful, immediately immediately rubbed her place.

This kneading, let the girl come up with a cool, and the sound of the swing, Sao Xing big hair, the tongue pair against the little eyes of his glans, slippery.

“I want to shoot! It is shot!” The man has can’t stand it.

Seeing this scene, Xu Yuan can’t stand it. He seems to speed up the speed of masturbation with this man.

The girl heard this, smartly wrapped his entire penis with his mouth, continued to get up and down, more resilience, faster ………

Puff puff………

The man immediately pressed the girl’s head, stopped her rhythm, and he was close to the ceiling, and the whole semen in the body was sprayed into the girl’s mouth.

Xu Yuan is simply mad, like he personally participated in this “war”, and saw that men were so smooth to the girl’s mouth, his whole body high. But his own semen rose in the penis, and it can’t vent.

He saw two still moved, and suddenly realized that he was voyeur, and he could not be discovered. He intends to immediately return to the floor immediately, he turned around – “Ah!”

He was scared!

He stood behind him, just the woman who came out from Zhangzheng house.

She also looked at Xu Yuan, who suddenly turned around, seems that she has just been the same as Xu Yuan.

Two people stood in the upper and lower stairs, no one dared to move.

“It seems that there is any voice” next-layer staircase comes to the female voice.

Not good, Han Wei realized that he would have been discovered immediately. She quickly turned into the building quickly, Xu Yuan tight, did not dare to work. Han Wei quickly opened the door of the safety channel, escaped back to his door, tremble with the key to open the door, she entered the way to close, and found that Xu Yuan has always followed him, at this moment, she stands at her. She stopped the movement of the door, and the brain was blank.

──────────────────────────────── ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─

伫立, stare, speechless ………

Xu Yuan looked at this stunned woman in front of him, and a blank in the brain.

Just smashing the stimulus scene and out of the sound of Qiu Hongyue, let his lower body can’t calm for a long time. Han Yu’s urgent breathing gradually slowly, this string makes her unknown now.

She stood behind this man and saw that others were loved, so she had dumped the lower body.


Suddenly a room came from the sound from the inside.

Xu Yuanxin thought about it, in case someone else hit this scene how to explain? It is certainly no way to run away. He just calmed down and suddenly accelerated. He usually joined the Han Dynasty in the house, and he kept Han Yu to cool the door “” behind him!

Han Yu, who was originally confused, was scared by Xu Yuan. She glanced over two eyes to look at Xu Yuan, and at this time, the distance between them is only like the nose, and it is not touched.

The moonlight is like washing, diarrhea in the window, sprinkling the original dark room, sprinkling the back of the high pick, and sprinkling the silent night, sprinkling the depressed heart.

In the dark, the moonlight is like a soft radio to Han Yu, as if a young angel looks at this world with a small fear. At this moment, Xu Yuan has an illusion, he is this world.

As Zhang Zhibao said, Han Yan also really sexy, sexual feeling that people can’t avoid from her.

The first to break this quiet is Xu Yuan’s eye. It turns slightly, and the eye is moving to her slightly lips, and the pink lip gloss has added the 昧 atmosphere in the air. Her neck and clavicle joints are clean and bone. Feel, her chest ………

No, he can’t look down again, he must recover his eyes! But now the eyes seem to be his own, don’t listen to him.

He was fascinated, taking a slight arc, his mouth kissed her, he knew that she would struggle, she will yell, and that situation really doesn’t know how to clean up, but the body can tell him to try, he can’t define Own.

Xu Yuan slowly approached, slowly shortening this, it is already very close to, but let him surprise, Han Wei did not dodge. When his mouth has touched her lips, she still does not move.

This makes Xu Yuan very excited, which means he seems to be more bold.

He intends to lift his hand to hold her. In the process of raising his hand, I accidentally encountered Han Wei’s underwater body – wet?

Is it a wet? The hand is clearly felt that it is not a little water, but ……… A lot! From the outside of the underwear, she has been wet through the underwear?

Chance! Xu Yuan is thinking about it! What is the moral bottom line at this moment? What is difficult for? What is strange men? Is it unfamiliar? Have you seen it early? Is it difficult? Wet into this, what is it? Morality? Both people want to fire, if they stop at this moment, it is not moral!

Xu Yuan has never been abolished, and it has become a high-spirited tent in the undergar, and it has been in the desire to vent. He can’t hold it again. freed!

The warm lips were blocked by his tongue, he pulled Han Yu’s body, and he hit her hand, and the other handed unscrupulously. His fierce force made Han Yu can’t stand the pain in the throat, but because of the wrap of Xu Yuan’s fire.

He was crazy, and he quickly faded her skirt, leaving only a buckle that had already been bucking, air haaking half, and a sticky underwear that might she was bored. He put his hand into her two legs, the more wet sticky place, the more you need to knead hard. He bent into the food, and the projections were slipped out from her underwear, and the time was also increased from time to time.

Every weight, the top of this, seems to be disassembled from the unlocked bones for a long time, and the crucible current is transmitted from the mucus of the lower body to the body, each cell. And each encouragement makes her spurting more slippery, out of the lower body.

Xu Yuan’s little screamed in Han Dai, and these snorkets were passed in the middle of the kiss to Xu Yuankou, lung, and even the body per cell!

Xu Yuan also couldn’t help but, he slammed the woman hanging in the fairyland halfway, and pulled his clothing in the outbreak ………

※※※※※※※※※※※※ Zhang Zi sent Xu Yuan soon, heard a little surprised. He wanted to open the door and see, and only heard a sound next to a door, but the corridor did not. Surprisingly, Zhang Zhong came to the voice, he looked at the No. 1 gate, no movement. (Qiu Hongyue and Wang Zhengfu have been tired of being tired of sleep) he came to the No. 2 gate ………


Uh? How did this voice in Hanxi’s room? It seems like ……… Do you love?

Thinking of this, Zhang Zhan couldn’t help but floating the first time I saw Han Yu by a man who didn’t make a love scene. His lower body suddenly had a point reaction.

He was slightly touched, and found that it has been locked from inside. This time made him feel very frustrated. He is anxious to see the mood in the house is not less than one. He seems to be crazy, he actually knocking!

“叩 叩”

“Ah ………” two people immediately exclaimed. At this time, the two people in the house are on the bed, Xu Yuan is tangled, and the hopes are grinding on Han Yu, and the next second is to insert!

They are nervous, this time is this person will knock on? Where is the two people stay, can’t move.

“叩 叩」 “um? No one opens the door? Zhang Zizhong is simply a madness of the consequences. He doesn’t want to see them and they see their results. He pulled out the high key!

“Ah, there is a key” Xu Yuan is here, getting faster, so I have to come out! How did this light view have to be seen? Han Han is from tension to guess – is Zhang Dean? Only he has a high key.

If you don’t want two people, Zhang Ziz has opened the door lock. This moment, the door was turned on instantly, and the same embarrassment and surprise flowed in six eyes.

※※※※※※※※※※※※ The two people on the bed moved, and the person at the door is not moving. They are waiting, waiting for one of them to break the embarrassment.


Finally, I finally had a person to break the embarrassment. This is an important expression tonight – that is the little brother of Zhang Zhan, standing up!

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