Skilled world – campus 1

2700 years, a country called Asia ruled by a new leader, she was only a 18-year-old youthful girl, she is a private woman in the King of Asia, because the father of the father has become The Queen of the country, managing the country. She did not disclose her own name to others, but she called her “贱 套 套”, she should not have a name as sex toys, but in order to facilitate the prostitution name, I changed to “convenience”, in her series of prostitution Under the national renovation policy, Yasus became an internationally recognized prostitute!

10 years later, there was a name “Female Middle School” in China, supported by the Queen “Easy”, and the next story is to live in the “female middle school”.

“Female Middle School” has exclusive railway for classmates, all students can only go to school through the railway. The train consists of 2 cards. There are 40 seats in the compartment. There are several rules ride: 1. Each seat is only for men to use 2. Standing people must put the offers provided on the private part. 3. Men must comply with women The decision will be hung outside the carriage and add a small punishment!

One morning, in this train, in this train, as usual, I sailed to the mear, the moon is full of students, and this group of students wore a neat school uniform queue, no! Strictly is full of pornographic uniforms, boys’ school uniforms are a pair of short white socks plus a black leather shoes, the lower body naked, revealing the meat stick full of urinary scale, the upper body has only one tie, the length is just touched the meat; the girl’s school uniform It’s a girl who is wearing a knee, so there is a girl in black, some wears white, and even girls wearing pink socks, shoes are also black leather shoes, the upper body has only a red butterfly tie, the beautiful low flow Before the breasts, they didn’t care, they didn’t care, their hands were wearing a pair of white gloves, the lower body is more surprised, more sensuality than naked, and only see each girl’s thigh root A circle, each loop is connected with a wire-clad strap, and the iron clip holds their labipings, with the four directions to open their lascivious points, the girl’s laboraries are even long, every female student The small hole has been revealed like this, and some are also slightly detecting. The scene is very prominent, but they still have a laughter with the people around them, and they don’t care about the most down-to-have prostitutes. clothing. It is believed that this clothing is designed by the female emperor, for the girl’s body becomes more honest. When it is late, the famous girl looked at the flesh rod, the lower body is constantly moving, the platform is also I was tumored, “Sao Vali is very itchy! I want to be caught by the big meat stick, put my smell, long hair, five officials, female students with blue pupils, side. “Yeah ~ I have to be a climax! The caves are so cool.” Just as the beautiful student is about to be climax, the train drove to the metrology. She is forced to stop masturbation, this thinking climax is forced to stop the situation She almost loses reason, but in order to squeeze the car, she still endured, but the cave is constantly thinking that it is stopped by the iron clip, the meat wall and the uterus continue to shrink and beat the people, the scene is very comic!

The students are rushing to the bus, but in the end, only 40 boys and 40 girls have got on the bus. All boys also sat on the seat, and 40 girls said that they have to say “I have to sit now”. ” On the stupid stick, come on! “

It turns out that if the girl does not want to take the electric punishment, it is necessary to share the seat with the boys. The way the sharing is sitting on the meat stick sitting in boys. It is no wonder that only 80 students get on the bus, and the rest of the students will stand in the next train. After the train is opened, 40 students on the car openly handed over, and the sound of the suspension, just the purple hair, the idiotic students who stopped half of the platform, now crazy twisting her small waist, strive to make the meat stick Insert the vagina depth, “Yeah is cool! Sure enough, I only suitable for the meat stick.” She spurted out the prostitute from the lower body, after 20 minutes of car, each boys couldn’t help but shoot the semen in the girl. The cassia, the door opened, the girl stood up, the sound of the meat stick and the small hole, “滋 ~ 滋 ~” The voice continued to leave the girl’s small hole, and the caves of all the girls on the car are also full of white turbidity, due to small points The relationship between the iron clamp, the female student is walking, the semen will continue to flow from the small hole, but they have not ignored it, and they will be extended by the semen, and the students will go to the school gate of “Female Middle School”. trace.

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