My name is Leelee, I am just 18 years old this year, today a group of dead party specializes in celebrating party, because I graduated in the school, in order not to let them think that I am just reading nerd, I also The name of the school cheerleaders, I decided to wear a more exposed tonight, showing my proud figure.

Tell my body, I have a standard 165 class of height, long straight hair, with bright big eyes, and white skin that can be broken, there is also the body of men’s soul – 36E, 23 34.

I chose a super mini black tight from the wardrobe, almost half of my full chest, only two thin silky straps bypass my neck, hanging two cups, support me The full breast;

The fabric behind the clothes is more less, the size of the skirt is just covering my hips, the clothes of the clothes are quite thin, I bet, wear this dress is enough to let the entire army have no combat skills.

After the first is complete, I started from the SAAB convertible sports car. From time to time, there was a car and continued to send out the whistle. I would like to attract my attention. At this time, my whole body is hot, I don’t know my hand, I have already extended to the skirt under the dress, constantly 揉 阴Nuclear, I never thought that I would be so bold, but it is because I will soon reach my climax.

After a long time, I have already come to the door of Party, I look at my underwear that you have already wet, and the sorry takes off it away. I will take it away. I took the ultra short mini skirt.

“Hi! Joe (198 cm of the basketball team) and Jie (192 cm), 192 cm), sorry, I am coming late.” I looked around, there were almost 20 boys, all the top of the team. Good hand, of course, is also black.

Job gave me a can, I did it in a breath, and I said that I apologize, everyone gave me a warm applause.

Then, the music sounded on the official beginning, I went to the middle, everyone came over to dance.

Perhaps it is still not eliminated when driving, plus alcohol’s role, my action began to boldly, and the dance steps are bigger, and I will use my 36e’s big chest to tease them. After a while, I found that everyone looked at my eyes changed. I didn’t know when my skirt can’t be covered with my whole hip. It is halfway, it is no wonder that their eyes have changed, because I’m Did not wear underwear!

I am thinking, okay! Since you have to play, you will open it. So I left the dance pool with a very stunting posture, I didn’t pull the skirt on the high-corner chair, so that they can clearly see that I have wet and humble pussy, I have cough two: ” Cough! Cough! I am a bit thirsty. Which is willing to give me a different drink? And I am a little hungry, take some things to eat! “

At this time, Joe and Jie were walked to me, and Joe had drank a champagne to kiss me in his mouth. Champagne was taken by me.

Jie also didn’t take the weak pants and showed his big cock: “Dear, I know that you are a little hungry, come to eat this with big cock! I will drink different drinks. “

God! His cock is really big! I swear, I have never seen such a big, such a black old two.

“How old is your east?”

Pride’s answer: “Toth is nearly 30 cm, 10 cm in diameter.”

“You said, isn’t the biggest time now?”

Jay said and said: “Oh, now it is only half of it.”

God! I have never touched such a big meat stick. When I was still surprised, another big chicken has been extended to me. It turned out to be Joe. He didn’t know when he also took off his pants. His old second is really terrible. At least 30 cm, and I don’t know how to describe it, it is simply a giant’s penis!

Other team members saw that the captain did so, and began to take off the clothes. When they took off their pants, I only knew that there were still other people here, and the penis here exceeded 25 cm. Seeing these great excitement, because I know how long it can’t, these huge things will insert into my petite.

I slowly approached Joe, put my body in him, one hand stretched down, holding his dick, and hoping on him with my round breast; mine The mouth is not too empty, the passionate kiss is Jie, Jord uses his big hand to pinch my breast; Jie also joined the battle, he kissed my lips with his mouth, and used the tongue from time to time Whenever inserted into the point. “Yes! A little more, put your tongue is a bit. Yes!

Joe was rude, and he pulled my breast with his big hand, and he pulled up my nipple and put the two nipples together, and then opened the big mouth. The nipples are in the mouth.

Oh! My nipple is the most sensitive, and I am stimulated, I can’t help but take the whole body backwards.

After Joe succeeded for about a minute, I squatted, and I started his huge black penis plug. I started using a very rude kiss method. I can’t believe that I have already put my mouth. Opened to the limit, but I can only hold Joe’s glans. I tried to let the huge penis deep into the mouth, and finally, I probably contains ten centuries.

But Qiao seems to be very satisfied, he exchanged his eyes with Jie, he took the cock from my mouth; and Jie also stopped kissing my yin, and I had a sense of loss, I think the whole body is hot, good I want to have a big dick to insert my vagina and mouth.

I went to the middle of the house, swept to other players with my lascivious eyes, then smiled and said, “I have to play all the penis in this room, I will suck it, let it plug, and eat it. Sperm. Fast, come to me! “

There is a player to put his big inserted my vagina, ah! A big cock, I spent hard to let his glans disappeared in my vagina, I immediately got my first pleasure. At the same time, another black cock is also inserted into my mouth.

Other team members are busy playing with me. They kept kissing me, smashing my breasts, and put their black cocks in me, I put my body more powerful, and Accelerate my mouth. Dry my vagina, continue to advance his dick forward, whenever I screamed, he will pull his penis out and then insert it, plus deeper until I scream again.

How long does it take? Insert a guy in my mouth began to convuls, and it is clear that he is going to be ejaculated. I also started crazy.

In addition, two men took their glans to my face, the man putting the cock in my mouth, putting the lower abdomen forward, put him more than about more than 20 cm, the penis is over-complete In my mouth, I have been inserted into my throat, and then crazy twitch, then started ejaculation, his semen not only shot into my mouth, but also shot my face and hair, even the breasts.

At this time, the other two men who have a pistol are also ejaculated, and I am full of faces. I put the chicken on my hand on my face, and then put the meat stick in the mouth and clean the sperm on the penis.

I found that the two of Joe and Jie still stood aside, keeping self-relocating, and commented on the words of the most downflow, completely regarding me as a lower slut, I have never heard any woman People are so ugly.

At this time, the man who did my pussy began to make a groa, I immediately jumped up, squatting in his hood, put the dirty mask included in the entrance, caught the semen he shot.

I took the semen in the mouth, took out the mask, and I had a gesture to everyone. I want to look at my mouth. I opened the mouth full of semen, and swallowed the semen in the mouth. I said to everyone: “” I really like the feeling of different men’s semen in the mouth. I hope all men can shoot the semen into my mouth at the same time. “

At this time, Qiao Yi said: “Come over, squat! I want to put me only into your mouth.”

I slowly climbed the past, I made up my mind to put such a big penis into the mouth.

I kept replacing the angle and direction of my mouth, but I have a five centimeter. Qiao took his penis, then immediately inserted into my mouth. Every time he did this, let him be more deep in my mouth, I think Qiao is probably inserted. Left and right.

I adjusted my body, perhaps this can make my throat comfortably, which also makes Joe’s penis. He continued to plug my mouth, and finally, I didn’t do it! My nose finally met his hammer, my chin has also encountered his scrott.

I think this must have a superman’s willpower and determination to do! Rapidity proves that everything is stronger than others! Just as I put the 30 cm black water pipe in the throat, Jie also picked up my skirt, I also cooperated with my butt, showing me the whole pussy. With the moisture of the previous semen, I think I no longer need any lubricant, Jie’s more than 30 cm of the big mask rubbed in my hierarchy, lubricated, and inserted.

One of the two men, very rhythmic, and they smoked with inserted actions, and they played my body. My mouth began to move, with my throat, the big cock is tight, I am very proud to swallow such a big penis, I have moved my head slightly, and I withdrew it from the mouth. While breathing, once again, the penis is consistent with the bottom, but also keeps using my beautiful eyes, asking him to put the whole root.

I have started to say some lower flow eyes: “I will do it again, you, yourself! Use your big meal to plug!”

Joe laughed and said: “You are a woman, do you have such a child? Do you still be cool enough? See how I drove me so much.”

After that, the two men accelerated in my body’s meat stick. One of the very rhythmic drove of me, they picked with the action, now there are two black big meat sticks in my body. .

“Oh! Yes! That’s it. Fast! Insert your bay and mouth! Oh! I am hungry, I will give me your fine fluid.”

Joe suddenly took the cock from my mouth to my back, asked me to be on the top of Jie, change the posture into a male woman, look like he wants me to taste the taste of the sandwich, the prostitution It has already been streamed to the asshole, and Jie put the meat stick on my asshole. After touching my obscene, then immediately insert the 30 cm long penis into my ass.

Joe started his glans to my ass. Since my ass is not already inserted yet, when his glans disappeared in my anus, I met another wave of intense climax. I started to stop, screaming: “Fast! Let your big cock into my asshole, fast! Put your semen into my ass.”

Oh! I can feel that the two meat sticks are separated by a film and drunk. I started to say no words: “Fast! Which person came to do my mouth, I need your big dick.”

I have a player to come to me, and the 25 cm slesight is right about my face. As I saw, I immediately contracted the whole meat stick with my mouth. God! Now that all the caves I can insert in my body have a big dick, they do hardly do my pussy, asshole, mouth.

Perhaps it is my lascivious look to bring chain, Jie, the guy who did my pussy began to deliver very fast, and the other two on my face, I can’t stand it, the semen Spray my face and hair.

I grabbed the two just cums of meat sticks, keeping up and down, determining that there is no more refined semen in the penis, all are all shot on my face.

Joe continued his dick to my ass. The heat wave of a whole body.

I have never known that anal sex is so fascinated, never thinks that the penis is inserted in the anus and inserted in the vagina, even better!

In my mouth, the penis began to twitches, and the black man began to put his dick into my throat, and then began to hear, I also reached the climax, including the penis. I know that he has ejaculate, along my esophagus, has been flowing into my stomach. God! I have never known that semen is so delicious.

Joe and Jie didfully, my speed, the more fierce, I know, they are also ejaculation, while others continue to play every part of my body, keep inserting my mouth and keeping me without stopping me. Eat semen.

I don’t know how long, Jie put his lower abdomen forward, put his big chicken into my little hole, then started twitching, I have been looking at him with a smile, and began to say to him: ” Extract your semen, I can feel that you are ejaculation in my uterus, your semen is so hot, so comfortable. I hope that all the semen injects my uterus in the day and night. “

Jie is more powerful to smoke his dick, put his old second into my pussy, full of the remaining semen into my uterus, mix his semen and my kinky, still Stop in my small hole.

Joe began to moan, growl issued his throat, pulled out of the penis and then immediately moved to the front of me, said loudly to others: “Now is the time food,” I immediately in the beginning, opened his mouth to latch onto Jie the entire penis. He shouted: “This is a bitch drink your drink here!!!”

God! His semen really, ah! Many and hot, I do not know how much he was shot in the end, I only know that I have been in swallowing, and some semen flows from the mouth of the chest, dripping on my breasts, my pussy flowing along the road, and finally flowing on my clitoris.

Finally, he finished shooting fine, but I just kept sucking and licking penis with his tongue each place on cock He licked clean, you want to eat all the semen into his mouth, then I also blowing drops of semen in the chest, they are sent to the mouth, and even put his hand to the lower body, the flow to the clitoris semen are also blowing up, into the mouth down to eat.

I’m sexy smiled and said: “delicious.”

The presence of all they are beginning to shortness of breath. The next three hours, twenty blacks raping me again and again, they do my pussy, ass, mouth, or even milk I pay, as long as they get to vent on my body where they hold pass.

So far I have had at least twenty times more than climax. They constantly semen shot into my vagina and rectum, at least let them ejaculate in my body more than 40 times the carcass because my body emits semen and shiny, but I have not eliminated the Heat, or find it in the penis, I began to dry I begged the man again.

This time, they had enough like me, some people sat down to smoke, some people put on their penis rubbing on my face and breasts. I just hope they mind after a break, erectile again. They said they would often come fuck me, and they would see me as a whore, throw me play with their friends.

This is what I want, I can not believe this is really my longing heart.

************ HI! I was LEELEE, remember me? Last group of buddies specifically for celebration PARTY I have, let me realize unprecedented pleasure, I found I had fallen in love with this sexual way, so that they raped me again and again, doing my pussy, ass, mouth and let them enjoy the vent my body, I like the climax, they also like to keep semen shot into my vagina and rectum, but fell in love with the taste of the drink semen.

Today is a boring day in this hot summer, people feel lazy ㄉ, just graduated I am currently still looking for work which, after a morning of face recognition, I was disappointed again, go down in on fifth street, feeling not to mention motivation to do anything to.

Think of these days to find a job through no breath breath, I give him a holiday afternoon, good to relax and enjoy my life.

In this hot weather, the best way to cool off is to go to the beach to swim, have been looking to go out with Joe and Jason, but they are led out of the game, it does not matter, anyway, give yourself a day off today put, in that case, got it act now, I’ll reach out and hailed a taxi to go home to take a swimsuit.

Just on the taxi immediately smelled an odor, the original driver brother was a dark and strong black, because of the hot weather, the body sweat smell plus taste itself will cause this stock smell. Most people can not stand this unit almost Grievance, but I was different, the taste will be more anti-ignite my desires, I do not see him going to have to change after the move, go out into the open to the destination, the way we talk very happy.

I want to hear more than what it smells involuntary seat by going forward, due today, wearing a low-cut one-piece short group, the clothes can not cover my breasts when I lean forward to go, I believe he will be able to see my deep cleavage, and the guy began his crotch restless, and Oh! My body is so hot, I wish I could immediately have to root for my big dick stop itching.

Soon came to my house, the door of the car only just come home, I’ve been forced to put on bathing suits unexpected ran into the house, but still not forget the loud ㄉ told the driver to wait for me, because I wanted to go swimming beach. Open the wardrobe, which is hesitant to wear a swimsuit, make fun of what the driver suddenly thought, maybe there is and unexpected harvest.

So I picked up a piece of white two-piece bikini swimsuit, only two thin as thin hair band around my neck, hanging two cups, my breasts exposed almost half of the pants is also a high turnout type, you can only just covered my pubic hair, buttocks are most exposed.

I just wore this way, I got out of the door, I found this, the driver’s big brother’s eyes have always stared at me, I dare to bet, he is a big one is not obedient! At this time, I wanted to tease him, I boldly walked over, opened the door of the front seat, first bow down down the waist and sat in the car. The purpose is to seduce him and see what kind of reaction he will. Sure enough, he has grown up his eyes and stared at my 36E’s chest. After a while, he went back to God, and asked which beach to go, I said it can be, as long as you can cool, you can take a summer. Then I started the car.

On the way, I put a variety of sultry gestures to attract him. At this time, my whole body is hot, I don’t know, my hand has already reached the following masturbation, constantly rub the yukuclear, I stretched I caught my left hand to him, oh! A big cock, he must have never thought that I would be so bold, but it is because of this, I will soon reach my climax.

When I was still enjoying the pleasure brought about the climax, I jumped out of the car, enjoying the breeze of the sea blowing a burst of breeze. At this time, I didn’t know when the driver’s brother didn’t go, I went to me. After tightly hugging me with his thick arms, and use his black big hands to bake my two soft and elastic breasts, isolated on a pants, I can feel that he is using him. The roots stimulate my full ass.

Then he said: “Miss, you haven’t paid money, a total of 120 yuan.”

“Ah! I didn’t have money to go out! I only want to go to the seaside, I forgot to bring out, driver big brother, you are good!”

In fact, I deliberately, I have already thought about it before going out, I deliberately don’t take it, see if he will respond.

“This is not ok!” At this time, his hands were more graviz that I took my nipple: “Otherwise I will see it like this, you will go to another place to play, to ensure you, you can eliminate you … “

This is not in the middle of me!

I turned it, then use my hands through the pants to touch his meat stick: “Good brother, you have to take me to a fun place! I am full of hot, hurry to take me to eliminate … fire Let’s speed up to our good place! “

I opened it, I thought he would take me to Hotel play, the result is not, we came to a waste of industrial, then he entered a plant similar to repair shop. I got off the bus, I got a four-week environment. I feel that this repair shop is still in operation, because there are several cars waiting for repair in the garage, and the floor is also full, it seems to have just sorted out.

Suddenly, “Boom!”, I jumped, I turned out that the iron gate of the factory was given up, and he took off his vest to me, we warmly kissed, the tongue explored each other, The hands are not idle, and they are challenged to each other.

Suddenly he interrupted the hot kiss, rudely pulled out my swimsuit, and then pinched my breast with big hands, and force two nipples together, and then open the two breasts in the mouth. I have been stimulated, and I will not be self-sufficient.

He was about to succeed and stopped after a minute, I said softly in his ear: “I want to suck your dick, then, I want you to do it hard.”

Then I slammed down, took his dick out from the pants, and then put the huge black penis in the entrance, started to blow it for him.

His guy is about 20 cm, I first use the tongue to stimulate his glans, along around the surrounding, then go back to the top, after a few times, after a few times, he is full of penis My saliva, it looks like a shining, then uses him that he has never seen the violent gesture to suck his penis.

He couldn’t believe that I can insert such a long meat stick into the throat. He roughly grabbed my head, violently rushed the thick mask over again to my throat, and experienced the feelings he had never had. Not long after, he put the sticky semen to shoot in my mouth, flow into my belly.

I licked my tongue, and I used my fingers to make his dick. His glans seepdate some white bubbles. I extended his tongue and licked his meat stick. In the last drop of semen, then Smiling looking at his eyes, telling him: “It’s delicious.”

He looked at me: “You are really a lustful scorpion.”

I use one hand to continue to make the just ejaculation dick, the other hand is still constantly masturbating, the purpose is to hope that he can quickly restore the vitality, and insert my vaginal that I have already flooded.

He told me: “I know, it’s not enough for you. Do you still need more cock to serve you, don’t you? Three are not enough? Still want to be five? No! I see you is It takes ten big cocks! You will let them insert your mouth hard, just like doing your vagina, right? ” Black. Oh … I love you too much taste, my favorite black and big black chicken, I will let them insert my mouth, go deep into my throat, let them in touch me Every hole, after I will drink anything they shot. “I also especially stressed that anything is awesome!

He put me up, put on the hood of the car, pulled my already wet swimming pleah to the calf, opened my legs, so that my pussy was completely exposed to him, and then in me Under the eyes of the eyes, inserted a, two, three fingers, plugged your fingers into my pussy and stirred quickly.

Just when I am going to reach the climax, I heard a whistle that he looked loudly. I turned to see it, and the scene is really awkward.

About two, three people came out from the left side of the car waiting for repair, I moved to the middle car, and I also walked out three, four people, I couldn’t help but see it, it is a Sitting on the barters of 12 to fifteen people.

I went back and looked at the driver’s big brother said: “No?”

He blinked me, smiled: “Yes, yes! Brothers, come out! See our big beauty.”

“Key …”, the door opened, the men’s fish will continue to come over from the car. I didn’t expect that the car can go out of nearly 20 large pieces, and it is really a black black. Later, I only knew that when I went home to swim clothes, he had called these “brothers” in advance.

Found Qi, then arrange it in the car.

At this time, I was full of naked body, surrounded by them, and there were three fingers inserting my pussy.

He told his friends, like a woman like me, I will definitely like this crude gameplay. He said it is right, I will soon reach another climax.

After the climax passed, he asked me to smash him with his fingers, he told everyone: “Her pussy is very flexible, it feels very good.”

I said: “My other meat holes are also very good, I will try it later.” And another man also announced that “activities” officially started.

These blacks began to take off their clothes. When they took off their pants, I found that every second is so big, so black, which is short than 廿 公, even their big palms, can’t fully master them. Big old two.

I looked at the penis that had erected to me, I stood a naked man in front of me, and then raised my taller, “Xiu! Xiu!” Go to the middle direction, I don’t know where they have come to a mat, I am put on the middle of the mat, they start touching my petite body, they keep kissing me, smashing my breasts, and putting their big The dicks wiped away in my face and the body, and took me as a toy to play.

I told them: “In addition to a group of big cocks, there is no way to satisfy me, I like the feeling of the uterus full of semen.”

At this time, the driver’s big brother smiled and said: “After tonight, your two legs can’t get up again, we will do you can’t walk.” Everyone laughed.

Then, there is a black big old second into my mouth, saying: “Baby, I am called the way, use force to take me.”

I started to move, I used two hands to put the big cock, open your mouth, carefully taste the taste of the black mask in the mouth, then I started to slowly incorporate, use my most handless way to suck Holding his penis, I am a big mouth, put his huge glans.

Although my little mouth above is blowing the horn, the following meat cave, there is no tongue, with his tongue to pump.

After a while, the road can hold my head and start slowly move forward, and strengthening his old second stay in my pussy.

“Oh … plug … plug in! Ask … beg … beg you! Please do it! Don’t do this whole!

I beg you insert it! “

Strong Ni put the glans inserted his head and stopped. “That’s it! That’s it!”

He seems to torture me, pull out the old two, and use the glans to grind my flesh, I can’t stand it, I will start crying: “Plug back! Just ask you! Plug in! All plug in … …… “I will continue to ask him.

This time, he slowly inserted, three inch, four inch … I couldn’t help but sneak: “Oh … a little more … I will give me a little more …”

Five inch, six inch, seven inch, eight 吋, nine inch … he plugged in, and put the tightly meat hale.

At this time, Luke also added my mouth again. I hugged his waist tightly, so that he can insert deeper, I can feel his glans has to go to my throat, I relax me. Muscles, let the big meat sticks disappear in my mouth, start to insert my throat.

“Oh … 对 … … Just plug in! Ask … beg … Just ask you! Plite into my mouth … fast … fast … I am your toy!”

Now there are two black big meat sticks in my fair body. These two men have a good one after the first, and they are very rhythmic, they sometimes pumped with the action, sometimes they will come. All other people are holding a pistol and watching these two men are rude to play me.

After a while, the man behind me began to make a snoring, I immediately jumped up, squatting in his crude cock, put the dirty ingredients, swallowing the semen he shot. Then I just did my mouth, I saw such a sensuality, I couldn’t help it out. I opened my mouth and let him find the target of launch. Some directly shot into my mouth, and some shot in me. On the face, I let those semen from the face to the face, and then use hands to put the semen in the flow in my big chest.

Other people have reported me warm applause, and I still have to say thank you, and there is another two old seconds to make their lacks, continue to do my mouth and vagina.

That ways to put black plug into my mouth: “Baby, I am called Mark, let me see you see your blowjob skills.”

I started to move, I used two hands to put the big cock, open your mouth, but this time I didn’t go smoothly, because Mark’s old second is really a bit thick, and it is unable to master it. Located, it is better than the average mug, but it is almost.

I am constantly Zhang Da, my mouth, it is hard to put his huge glans to go in. After a while, Mark crossed my head and started slowly move forward, “I started your head, relax my muscles.”

He said. He encouraged me, while he also plunged his dicks and plugged some, his glans had helped my throat.

And at this time, his penis still has nine in nine in my mouth. Mark has plugged forward again, officially started to plug 我 throat, I stretched my neck, my mouth opened, let Mark Insert his black big meat stick into my throat, and the meat stick disappeared in my mouth, my neck expulsably bulge.

After approximately ten inch, Mark looked mature, so he inserted it in the end, finally my lips were on his scrotto, he had already put his thirteen-inch penis to my mouth.

“Oh … little girl, you look beautiful, good.” Mark began to gently pumping a few times, and I have always used my beautiful big eyes to look at him, my eyes told him, I did it.

“You are a beautiful horn hand, you … your throat … good … good …” Mark quickly pulled out his dick, so I can take the opportunity to breathe, then insert the penis into my mouth I put his big chicken all in one breath.

With a just experience, I have already caught it. This time he is inserted, and then Mark starts with his thirteen 吋 大 巴, his scrott has hit my chin, And I also make Mark to pick it up in a narrow esophagus.

After a while, this is already the limit of Mark. He began to fierce into my mouth. He shouted: “I … I am shot!”

Mark pulled his penis from the esophagus, at the same time, a large semen shot into my mouth, I swallowed it without considering, then I also held the dick with my hands and licked the glans. Clean clean.

“There is a lot of semen in your egg, really!”

“Do you like it?” Mark asked: “You don’t really like the taste of black semen?”

“I have to.” I said with a smile. I was busy doing that, and put his penis pulled out, walked up to me, turn semen shot into my mouth.

When I was still eating semen in the mouth, the other two in my cheek Masturbation is also ejaculation, semen sprayed on my face and hair, I grabbed the two just ejaculation cock with them constantly Cuonong up and down on my face, in order to determine there is no longer any semen not finished shooting in the penis, and I have all been shot in the face.

Whenever I dry mouth or vagina after ejaculation men, will immediately dry up for another man, even before others, then kept groping me, as long as the place to get to vent on my body, they They are allowed.

Finally a man could not resist, I will be rolled over to put my ass high, separated by hand ass, I did, he obviously wanted to do my ass.

I turned and looked at him with tenderness and longing eyes, said: “fast-drying my ass, please plug into my ass ……!” Then, I was forced to poke his ass.

The side of the man shouted: “Come on bitch wanted to do this asshole, how can you not hands!?”

That man first went to my pussy insert a few fingers in, dig out some semen and put it on my anus, let me put semen on his fingers licked clean. When he put his penis inserted into my ass, and I cried with pain, but then I got used to his pumping.

The man grabbed my hair pulled back, while still said to all the people: “? Like she looks so beautiful is not what people with dry asshole?”

As he thrusts my back door, while also beat my ass, he said to me: “You’re a lustful woman, bitch like you, a man born to adultery.”

“Yes! I’m a bitch, how you want to play I can, whenever and wherever I can make men do to me, asshole and mouth, do not need Lianxiangxiyu.”

He also told other people say, my ass is very tight, although if you want to try to come on! The man did a ruthless, his testicles continue to impinge on my ass. Urging other men doing my anus man a little faster, because they also want to try a dry taste my ass, so I looked at the crowds of men take turns doing my ass, pinching my breasts.

They constantly changing position, even playing a game of sandwich fillings: let a man stuck pussy, let another man inserted into the anus, while another man inserted into the mouth. They constantly put semen into my body spray, also we continue to fill my stomach. Just like that, we continued to sexual intercourse, until the weather outside black so far.

I count it is unclear exactly how many people did my mouth, I inserted through the vagina and anus, my body is all semen, I’ve completely exhausted, but they did not seem fun, while others are engaged in black after over my ass, and I poured the semen shot rectum, I saw Mark brought his big dick, going to put it in my ass.

His dick so amazing, I was afraid he would hurt my ass, but I did not resist, in fact, I do not want to stop him, I hope they enjoy playing with my body, regardless of any people, like how to play How to play. Mark was the result of his huge dick into my ass dry, but did not insert long, he issued a loud groan, and fired into a large share of semen into my anus up.

This time, they had enough like me, some people began to sit down and smoke, my heart just hope they rest for a while, erectile again. I started to say something to stimulate them, I say how much I enjoyed being at the same time so many men do, in particular, also are black, I like big black dick inserted into pussy feeling!

I always say, in addition to a group of black big dick gang-raped me outside, there is no way to meet me, I like the feeling of the womb filled with semen.

I want them to form a circle, began to take turns to suck their penis, each for a different person, I will have some new attempt, this time licking the man’s testicles, then that one, then licked his asshole, even I also resorted to unique skills “poison tongue drill” ── lick anus, I poke some ass with my tongue insert.

I feel cool! I can feel them just to crash! My tongue kept exploring in his rectum.

“My God! Multi surprising what a woman! She actually my ass and sex, but does not mind the smell of my ass, my ass belonged to her.” A man shouted out loud.

At this time, I was still not satisfied with such a charm. The driver’s brother seems to have seen my meaning. He asked me: “Just starting, you have said, you will drink anything that they shoot all, is anything Hey! Is it right? “

“Yes! Yes. But can you drink me?”

“No, we have no semen now, but there are … urine.” Everyone laughed.

He looked at me with that almost despised eyes, saying: “Open your legs and your mouth, you are stink!”

And the answer I gave them is to use action to prove everything. I took it, I opened my legs and mouth, the urine was sprayed directly in my open pussy and mouth, splashing me is urine, and another person is pioneer in my hair, then Slowly move down, have been urinating to my face, urinating into my mouth.

His urine is salty and hot, and several hot liquid sprayed on me.

Everyone looked at this and began to noise noise: “Drink, odor, you give us a drink.”

The urine is filled with my mouth, flowing down with my black, and urine is injecting.

“Drink it! Drink it! Drink it!” All people are in. I closed my mouth and swallow the urine in the mouth. I felt that the warm urine flowed into the stomach along with the esophagus. Then I opened my mouth, let my mouth filled with urine, continue Put the second urine, the third urine.

I have been mixed and wet, sitting in the urine of a big launch, they will continue to masturbate, mix their semen with urine, and I don’t know what I am. I took a few gallons of semen and urine. I like men to dominate me, I am willing to obey any man, anyone can use the most dirty way to rape me.

After a break, I started to discuss how can I rape again, I said: “I just graduated, I am unemployed, my university is a cheerleader, and I am the captain.”

The driver’s big brother said: “That is exactly, our factory lacks a cheerleader like you, is there interest to work in this repair shop? Take us a spirit of work every day.”

After I heard it, I immediately promised that I thought that there were different cocks every day, I couldn’t help but excited.

The driver’s big brother said to send me back home, and told me to go to work tomorrow, they will continue to host this party without regular.

Just like this, I have been full of sensuality, and I also found my first job, I don’t expect it to come soon.

I don’t know how they will do me? I will slowly enter the dream with such a mood.

After a day’s melee mixed, when the driver’s big brother sent me home, I didn’t get it and slept.

The next day was woken up by a rushing door ringtone, a time, wow! It’s almost noon, or if you don’t know when you are sleeping.

“Who! I will come to disturb the people in the morning?” I dragged the tired body, and set a red silk pajamas, I went to open the door and opened the door and was hugged by a pair of black big hands. A pair of moist lips on.

“Baby! Will you sleep? Do you want to read me?”

It turned out to be the driver’s big brother. When he kissed me, he didn’t stop, and he kept in my body. When he took his pajamas, when he touched his pajamas, suddenly he found a big big … “Hey, you didn’t take a shower last night, the body still stayed with our semen, isn’t you fortune? Hahaha!”

After that, I took me into the house. I took the door with my hands. I used my hand than the direction of the bathroom. I have been kicking into the bathroom like this. He gently put me down and then thoughtfully opened the lotus head. Let the warm water hit on my body, I suddenly felt very comfortable, the spirit was slowly saved.

He stood in the door and saw that I was taking a bath, I asked me, I didn’t have breakfast, I will help you get something to eat.

I said: “Thank you! Things inside the refrigerator, what do you see, what I will eat.”

I let the warm water on my skin, squeezed some of the shower milk, I started recalling some details that happened last night, how did this driver’s big brother kisses every skin on me, how to Use the thick meat stick to attack your own sakurakou, and constantly injecting the semen into your holes and asshole, and then leading yourself to transcending the climax to achieve the peak. I started against my breast, and the soft feelings stimulated like my body. I felt the prostitution of my honey, and the flooding of spring water is so popular. I started to get it. Gas force.

“Ah … so comfortable … I want … um … um … um … ah … really comfortable … I still have … ah … I will give me a little …”

I have half a wet lips, sticking out the tongue like a snake, sticking with the stick, wet snowy neck, I have gradually strengthening the strength of soft, and the thrill is strong, from the breasts to produce pleasure漪, after a soft belly, reach the dense forest, lift the swing left and right, the pleasure becomes the current in the body.

“Ah … ah … ah … so comfortable … … … … Yes, right … ……

Oh … 喔 … God … really … too comfortable … 喔 … 喔 … 喔 … … ……


I use my fingers to open the early wet flesh, take my hand, press the ladle, so that I completely expose my most sensitive jellyfish, use the right hand of the middle finger to the central crack, the index finger and the unnamed point in the big labia The root finger starts to go back and forth, when I reached out to the jerki of the upper end of the flesh, I can’t help but move the body.

“Ah … ah … 对 … 对 … … … 喔 … great ……

Oh … 喔 … … … I … I seem to … I have to die … … ……….. “

Since I immersed in my pleasure, my humbleness didn’t consciously changed, maybe I called too much, attracted the driver’s big brother, and he saw this vulcanous, can’t help but laugh: ” Seeing that you seem to have no way to reach the climax, I will help you. “

He took me with a thick hands and wiped me with a towel. I wiped my body. I took me on the table, of course his fingers didn’t rest, his fingers have been inserted. I have continued to stimulate my G point.

“I have got some food salad, I didn’t find the sauce, it seems that I found it.”

I guess what he refers to the sauce, that is my kinky, hey! What will this taste? I can’t help but excite this.

He spans his feet into the chair and supports my body with a foot, then puts the whole bowl of the lettuce salad in my lower body, and the honey sauce from the small hole. It is all in the bowl, his hand. Accelerate the speed of twitching, I feel like Shuima.

“Ah … ah … … ah … so happy … … awesome … faster … Go in a little … Yes … 对 … 对 … … can’t … “

At this time, my jealth expansion to the maximum, the foreskin has not been able to become a big jellyfinder, and the exposed jagullies have been filled with blood, the driver’s big brother’s finger is in my small hole, and the obscenity is constantly The ground, the finger also sent a shiny because of the sacrificial water, he knew that I was going to reach the climax, speed up the movement of the hand, and the other hand also picked up the big cucumber in the salad bowl, I got it. In front of me.

“How? Baby, is you want to put him into your small hole, help you stop itch?”

“Fast … fast … fast … give me … give me in …”

He first put the big cucumber in the friction of my vagina, oh, it’s too exciting, the thick particles on the surface of the big cucumber can’t stand me!

“What are you waiting for? I will insert him into my cavity, and vigorously put it in!”

“No problem! This is coming.” He didn’t say two words, began to vigorously insert my vagina with the big cucumber, and put it to the deepest place.

“Hey! It feels so much … it’s great, this is a big! My holes are filled, good …

Fast … Fast … I quickly … Into a little … I will go in more … It is there … it is there …

Oh … can’t … “

“Ah … ah … ah … so happy … fast … fast … Yes … let me throw out … Let me die … … … … Yes, this is the case … fast … … 喔 … 喔 … um … um … 喔 … 喔 …………………………………………………………………….

I … is not … line … … ah … ah … ah … “

When I heard my crazy, I accelerated the speed of twitching, and every insertion plugged into my flower heart, suddenly, hey, he took the big cucumber quickly took a vagina, my pussy spurted a prostitute , It is all in my legs. I have tilted all the love flowing out of the climax, my body is clouded, and I keep the bowl of the vegetable salad. Half of the bowl.

After the climax, I squatted on the table, put his hand into the pussy, put your fingers in, then take it out, greedily eat the prostitution on your fingers, I really like this smell, I am satisfied, I’m looking at the big brother, said: ” Dear, you make me feel so comfortable! “

“You are called too sensuality!” Said that the big cucumber is taking the big cucumber.

“With a special sauce, it is better to eat, you are also hungry, eat some cuisine salad.”

Maybe I am really hungry, pick up the bowl of snoring salad, I will send it to my mouth, but I am a taste of the taste, but I have a taste of Jinjin, because I am really too obscenity, and finally I not only a bowl. I have finished eating, and even the prostitution is clean. It can still be eaten with a vegetable salad. How did I find it? I have to eat it so later.

After I finished eating, the big brother asked me: “What are you talking about yesterday, how do you think about it?”

“What? I don’t remember what I have promised to have promised!”

“It’s going to come to our car, it’s cheerleale!

“Oh, it is this!”

My thoughts are quickly turned, I just didn’t have a skill in graduation, I was looking for a lot of nails, I have a job in front of you, should I hold it? Recalling that last night, I don’t know how many men used the big chicken to rape my Sao, and I would like this will not be excited.

Yes, I am such a more and more old, I like this game, and the big brother has an unsuccessful man, and I can’t finish the cock, I want to be played, but also make money, Will not be played with people.

Well, it’s so decided. But I touched my lower body, poor vagina and ass, after a night’s melee, about some red swelling and pain, if you really have to play it every day, no, you must have a support plan.

I thought about thinking, a thought of scratching my mind, I said to the big brother: “I think it is, I am willing to serve as this position there, but I have a few conditions.”

I got up and talked my thoughts on his ear …

Hey, my conditions are very simple, I want to go to work, first, I want to draw performance, the first three drivers in the day, I will make a feedback, they can enjoy my body, but by me Decide to use your mouth, vaginal or ass let them enjoy.

Second, if the overall performance is growing every month, I have to smoke 10. Of course, my feedback is different. I will hold a carnival Party. All the people all the company can do me, just like last night, as long as I can Any holes found are used with them. However, after Party is over, I may have to take a few days, ha! what! what!

“Do you accept?”

“No problem, great, we have money to earn.”

“Tonight, I will discuss all the drivers to announce this good news.” Then, he patted my ass saying: “Baby, get it clean.”

“After getting clean, I have to see the same thing as a scorpion.”

I said: “Good idea.” Then naughty smiled and said: “Give me an hour and a half.”

“But before that, should I first bounce with you?”

“I like the man’s mouth in the mouth, then eat them?”

I am excited answer: “” Do I think I feel so promptus, and the lusts make me excited. “

The driver’s big brother laughed: “Baby, take your strength, I will use my semen to be full of full.”

I approached him, holding the table, bent down, sitting on his leg, rub his body with my body, then starting actions, I looked at him with a stunned eyes, pulling his zipper Take off his pants, ready to contain his big, when I use warm and soft lips to live his glans, he can’t help but make an admiration. I have confidence in my own blowjob skills. Once the guy of his 25 cm is imported, when his eyes are in contact with my vision, I saw his eyes is full of joy.

The big brother’s cock has been hard enough. He touched the tall, tangled, holding my head, and starting my mouth as a vagina.

“Oh … … … so cool … I can’t think of … The tongue is … This … is amazing … I have a good cool … … ……”

“Um … um … um …”

“Insert you this smell … Give me ……”

“Um … um … um …”

After he did ten minutes, when he quickly shot, he put the penis to the end, I know that he is shot, I will include it in the entrance, let him shoot in my esophagus, I swallowed The semen of the whole mouth, when he smokes, there are some residual semen flowing out, I have some residual semen on the lips, and then start using the tongue to clean the meat stick.

After you are clean, I kissed his glans, and pulled his pants, pulled up the zipper, said, “Dear, comfortable! I like your taste of your semen.”

“It’s a dirty scorpion. What do you do next?”

I replied: “There are still a lot of dicks waiting for me! I have to dress up.” When I finished using the very charming posture twisted butt into the room.

After entering the house, look at the exquisite figure in the mirror, what kind of clothing should I think about?

Speaking of the body, I have a standard 165 centimeter, long straight hair, with bright big eyes and white skin that can be broken, and the most men who have the most men’s souls – 36E, 23, 34 Do you know how big it is e cup? Even if it is a huge palm of the black big brother, you can only cover half of your breasts!

My housing is more bamboo shoots, and it is proud and firmly towards front, round arc, light pink fine nipple, and and and also light pink thin stunning, even without wearing bust, double milk There is a shallow cleavage, which is a perfect breast.

I opened the closet and looked at the pile of clothes and started looking for proper clothing. Yes! Since I have to take a louder, why don’t I wear a school?

Open the drawer, take out the team in the school, um, the skirt may not be short enough, trim, I take the scissors, trim the skirt to cover the butt, then put on the skirt, put on white. Pants, pick up the stockings set on my feet, making my legs look more difficult.

Wearing a tight-fitting top, like my second layer of skin, revealing the curve watch of my body, and I also trimmed the neck of this dress, the fork is very low, but also put the back After repairing the back, only a few very thin strain-tiered clothes, do not let this dress spread, I know, I don’t wear anything under my clothes.

Just a fightest hand, my fresh pink and almost beautiful nipples will jump out to greet everyone. Then gently smeared the light blue eye shadow, but also used the black eyeliner to emphasize the beautiful eyes, the cheek has a light pink blush, and then with dark red lipstick, sexy people want to hit immediately. A gun.

On the way along, the driver ‘s brother has always looked at me with a sensuality.

Suddenly, after a pothole, the car was shaking, and I actually made my breasts, I slowly put up the breasts, let the people on the road, slowly put it back to the clothes. When I finished the clothes on my body, I have already come to the place where I went to work.

The position of the warehouse is very far away, there is no smoke nearby, there is noise of noisy sounds, it is clear that everyone should go, think of those men’s attention, I started excited.

Driver brother hugged me, I will push half-half sent to the warehouse, I entered, the whole warehouse cheers rang out like thunder, is driving almost to lift the roof.

After entering the door, I looked at the door, the big brother picked up the broadcast: “Opening today, this lady is my own person. The work she is very simple is to boost the job for the job, as a competent job Cheerleader. As for the method … For example … “After taking a string of game rules, I believe that everyone agrees to this program.

“Next, we ask the captain to come to the stage to tell you a few words.”

I was pushed into the platform, and the cheers and whistle were loud under the stage. I looked at the black ducks under the stage. The Qing Dynasty is black. How many drivers, 30, forty, still fifty? Every pair of eyes are like a hungry ghost, and they are hung in me. It seems that I want to see the flesh under my clothes.

I clear my throat: “First, thank you very much for this opportunity to serve everyone.”

“The rules of the game are very simple, there is money to earn, there is a hole!”

“Hey … show … Show … show …”

“Unfair, I didn’t see it,”

“Ya … ya … yes … show … show … show … me ……”

“OK … OK … OK …”

“I believe everyone has learned from my colleagues in the mouth of my carnival party. In order to participate in other people who can’t participate, I am particularly prepared to give a game feedback to everyone, regardless of the first day of work.”

The black big brother under the stage is not called. At this time, the music also sounded. As the music starts swinging, shaking the breast plus white thong, I have a very high, I saw some people can’t wait for the handle Standing into the pants picked.

“Do you want to see my body, is it?”

“Yes …”

“If so, then you have to cheer, then let me see your body, ok?”

I started to slowly unlock the top of the chest with the thin wire, and then I went down my pants, leaving only the skirt that couldn’t be short, then I stood, said: “I want to try to see my body well? That takes out your trousers, take out the baby inside. I have to enjoy it, wait for you to satisfy!”

Just finished, everyone took the fastest speed, revealing a bright penis, but also covered with a thick blood vessel, and looked at it. it.

I sat down to everyone, separated my legs, stroked my yuki, and put it into my small hole from time to time, the other hand pinned my breast, make the nipple and red, red, I still hurt in my mouth: “Ah … ah … … … … fast … Quick … Give me … ……

Oh … oh … 喔 … um … um … … … ah … ah … ah … “

Sure enough, I didn’t have anyone for a long time. I started to eat ejaculation. The driver’s big brother began to encourage them. If the black big brother shot on me, let me drown by semen, I constantly hear him yelling. : “Shoot! Shooting this woman!”

“Show on her face, mouth in mouth.”

“If she drinks all the semen.”

“Fast … put your semen … shot on my face … Hair … full body can be … Give me … all give me … fast … um … um ……”

And the black people did not let me down, and I will prepare for my face to give my face.

Just when I opened the big mouth, I was ready to welcome their semen. My loving driver took a very similar to the funnel, but the opening is a bit bigger, and there is a rough water pipe below, and there is another switch gate. , I think that is the funnel they use to add car oil!

“Dear baby, this thing can take the thing they sprayed, and can be loaded with 1000cc!”

“Brothers, concentrate our semen, then ask our captain to drink a cup, do you say it is good?”

“Good … good … good … ok …”

I use my hands to hold the funnel, top on my chin, open your mouth, waiting for the semen.

Soon, the first black began to eat, the black sperm is more than, my mouth is not too u., the semen is flowing out of my mouth, and it has flowed into my chin, and then flow into the funnel. I took his meat stick with his tongue. I got to say: “Let’s take a break, wait until you can give me more semen again.”

The men began to shoot on me, one shot another person immediately to make up his position, and always someone yelled in a few minutes, and the strong turbidity in my mouth was violent. It is shot, I will use the tongue to use the tongue to make some smell of liquid, as it is the most delicious drink in the world.

On the next hour, all men present in the scene have been ranked back. I don’t know how many people have been ejected, and the whole face is full of semen, and the water pipe is also seven, eight points.

“Do you want me to drink it?”

“Want … to … want to …”

“Turn the semen … Fast a little …”

“Cup!” I slowly raised the water pipe, insert the end into my mouth, then turn the gate, “… …” Some I still have time to swallow, just along my neck, I seem to fall into a pool full of semen, the whole body is in the semen, the performance of this evening is really too reasonable. .

“Drink, your semen is really delicious, I want to come to a cup every day.”

“No problem! No problem! No problem!”

“The breakfast milk is changed to the semen in the future.”


However, I feel that it is still unfinished, but I can’t be used for the first time, I have been inexpensive to give a big pot, so I think of the second game.

“How is it? Dear, can I show it?”

“Good … good … it’s not addiction …”

“It doesn’t matter, anyway, I still want to play, but I don’t use your meat stick to insert me. My ass, since yesterday, I will happen to now!”

“What do you want to play?”

“Let’s play some more special, guarantees you to return to the fare.” I said: “Woman like me, should be punished, so you can tie me up.” I told everyone, The climax I have been abuse is always particularly strong. I want to wait for the whip or wooden board to smoke my breasts, holes and buttons, but I don’t want to be hit! “I told them:” If you want to try Just though come up! “

“Okay! Brothers!”

As I finished, I was taken to a pillar. After tied my hands and feet on the column, a person took a whip and took a whip, and smashed on my ass, but the ass immediately, I screamed, but called: “very Cool! Go a few times. “

That group of blacks did not leave my ass, and smashing my ass and swollen. At this time, I also reached the climax, and a long period of time, I can’t stop!

Later, they decided that in addition to the back, the front should be sturdy, so they turned me over, four people grabbed my hands and feet, put me on the table, turned my breasts with belt , Thighs and pussy, sometimes pinned my clitoris and nipples with hands. Although I am painful, I arched the whole back, but it is in a climax.

There is also a person to find a wooden board, use this wooden board to hit me, the whole warehouse sounds through my scream and the crisp sound of the buttock, mixed the sound of whip whip whip. Everyone else looks at this performance, listening to me with pain and joy.

Later, I actually and the climax is constantly connected. I don’t know a few times. Later, they can’t help but let me hang it, and I will shoot my sperm in my body.

Later, I was put down, lying on the podium, there is a man who wants me to open your mouth, they want to urinate on me, they want to urinate in my mouth, help me to wash your mouth, by the way Spa. In this way, several hot liquids sprayed on my body, on the face and hair, urinating my mouth.

The taste of urine is salty and hot, I put their urine as soap it in my whole body, and other black people surrounded me, their semen mixed with urine, and I got me. After they were completed, they also used their old two to be used as a whip, and they kept whip my face and breasts. At this time, I really didn’t have a good strength. My pussy and my ass, because I have been whipped, but I really want to have this night.

Just like this, I have spent the first day of work.

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