Father Zhongxiong, is a SM circle, this secret I always know, but my father is interested in holding me, the men’s nerves are always very thick, do not know how thin, the father’s computer has never been Lock, the secret inside is of course being seen by me, I don’t know when I started, I began to hate such a father, gradually, I no longer talk to my father.

“What about thinking? Don’t eat now? Be late?

The father is sitting in front of the table, sitting in the table, usually a serious person at home, is not a laugh, but it is difficult to get close.

“Lisha, no longer be late, do you have a class in the first day today?”

Mom also reminds me that you will be late.

My mother is a traditional woman who can’t worry, never dare to wear too exposed clothes, and suit is the most often wearing costume.

“Why is the traditional woman like mother, will you marry your father?”

I often think about it, but I don’t even have to ask them when they are young, I am silently collecting the tableware, go out to the university.

No lesson in the afternoon, I returned home, my mother also went to the aunt’s home to the series, and the home is still alone. Dad’s bookcase is always hidden in many secrets, such as many engineering books will incite one. This SM book, and if you don’t look carefully, you really can’t see it, but it is exposed to me.

“Rope Master ‧ Qinggang”

This is the alias of Dad in the Sm circle, the rope master is the most respect for him.

But this makes me feel very shameful, how can I have such a father? The metamorphosis work and metamorphosis women are always doing those porn, such Dad is most annoying.

This is a sunny day, the afternoon class, the professor has been sick, and suddenly the empty file, I don’t know if I have to go there, I only go home, my home has a back door, close to my room, I Sometimes I will go in from the back door, this time I have entered it from the back door, but I am shocked.

“Ah ……… …….. ah ……..

The owner, please send the owner to punish the slave. “

My mother’s sister came in the house is the voice of my little aunt, I look at it in the house.

“Is this aunt?”

I asked myself like this, because the woman in front of you didn’t just open the back of the sole, it was a whole body, and the hemp rope tightly tied in her body, and she also went on the collar of the leather. Her side is still There is another woman.

“Isn’t this? ………………… Mom?”

At this time, the mother is the same as the aunt. They kissed each other on the ground. A female loved ones were playing. I rely on the door, I have listened to the sound inside, and occasionally turned to see the situation. Father holds the dog rope in his hand, naked half your body, the lower body is only wearing a trousers, sitting on the chair, aunt licking his father’s feet, and mother squatted behind the mother’s most exciting place.

“How? How can it be? Mom and Auntie, even sisters … do this abnormal thing?”

I can only think about silently in my heart, I don’t dare to issue any sound at all.

After flashing them, I returned to the room. I rushed into my bathroom and took a cold bath. In this season, I desperately wanted to forget the just picture, but it seems impossible, I held my head and started my cry, I can’t accept such things, but I can’t forget it.

“My ….. hands ….?”

I am surprised to look at my hands actually put on the part of the most beautiful girl, my nipple, my clitoris. . . . . .

“how so?”

I was surprised to ask myself, but my hands are not stop, with their own hands playing with their own shame organs.

“Good comfortable …… …….. ah ah ah ah ah …”

In the bathroom I use my hands to find an excuse for their own, but also diverted my attention.

Hurried washing bath, I avoided the dinner, has no taste mouth, lying in bed, himself a long time can not sleep, my hands again on my sensitive parts, nipples, clitoris.

“How can this be? A good girl can not be like this.” I said my hand while playing my own sexual organ.

“I am ….. ah ……………………………………………

I am a little bit of a small whisper in the quilt.

The spoken appetizing today is constantly emerged.

“That picture …. is this metamorphosis, what m slave, what livestock slaves, it is very metamorphosis, I hate my father, but …. I am also aunt ….. I still have aunt

I think so in my heart, along with the picture seen today.

“Auntie, my mother is squatting on the ground, just like a bitch … It is like a mother ….. livestock slave ……. …..”

I continued to scream, the little sister is called, I can’t loudly, my body is so sensitive, as if every part of the body is my sensitive.

“Dry a collar”

My mind suddenly fantasy, my mother said to me. . . . “mom….”

I immersed in such an illusion. . . . . Sleep slowly in your dinct.

“Ok …………

I woke up in sweating, and the clock on the wall showed two minutes in the middle of the night.

“Very hungry…”

I sat up and looked at the clock on the wall. I hope that I have seen today is just my nightmare.

Open the door, the air outside is cool, I am going to the kitchen ready to find food, but I was attracted by another voice.

“elder sister…..”

Mom’s room came to aunt’s voice, this voice listened to some wonderfully, the door is open, I have been going over, put your eyes in the seams.

Auntie is sitting on the ground with my mother, and the hands are tied to the face, face-to-face, the dog wear the dog, the nipples are touched together, mother and aunt kissed.

“younger sister….”

My mother issued a delicate voice I have never heard, this is completely in the past.

“Mom is not only abuse, or is it a bite?”

I looked at the two most familiar women in the door. At this moment, I became my most strange woman. The woman is too terrible. The heart is hidden in the heart, and it is actually working with my mother. It is no wonder aunt. Don’t marry, and do things with my mother to make a lesbian, sad, I grow in such a family.

Dad on the side got a terrible red candle, hot wax oil dripped on these two women, they sent a painful cry of wax oil, but these sounds also mixed a lot of sounds.

It is really a paterse.

“Ah …. Master ….. please continue to punish me”

My mother shouted on the ground, and her nipple was playing with Dad.

“You have a sister, like your mother, all have slave’s blood and abused genes, and the nature of the born.”

Dad said while talking on the wax.

“Yes ….. owner … we have a slave’s blood”

Auntie looked at Dad and sister next to her eyes, like a sound of unwillingness, it is necessary to attract everyone’s attention.

And the aunt did caused Dad’s attention. The whip was quickly played on the back of aunt, but she came to the sound of the sound, the sound is so wonderful, the woman’s cockroaches plus the physical pain The thrill of belt is a voice that makes me can’t hear pain or happy, or this is a happy voice? I suddenly fell into the situation, I lean against the wall, separated by this wall is a prominent family and the world, I have a thin wall with this lascivious family. They seem to have attracted me to enter. That world has become a member of them.

“The odor, as you like your mother, don’t forget that the woman in this family has always flowing the genes that are eager to be abused and slave, you are born to be a slave.”

Dad said while pinching aunt’s nipple.

“Yes …. it is …… ah …… huh …… of” crying with mom while.

“We have to be together when slaves and cattle as mom.”

Next to go along with aunt also said.

Back to the room of their own, just like going crazy, I’m really stuck in a nightmare there, but can not wake up, how can I do? I ask myself all night, I kept thinking actually fell asleep.

Because last night insomnia, I missed the first train of the morning, take two classes only after most of the crowds that class, I was angry that he was overslept, just let me get on this crowded second shuttle.

With cornering and dumping the train, but too many people in the car, he swung with the movement of the vehicle, like a reed in the wind, like.

Suddenly I felt a sense of touch butt came, he touched my ass with your fingers, though he is taking advantage of the turn when the train encountered, the usual thing I can not accept for such abnormal behavior GEEK, but today I is how? I actually have no anger, my heart did not feel a little angry, but. . .

. . . . . . But a little look, look forward to once again turn the train.

“Ah! I met, a surprising touch of time lengthened, hand position even further into the middle leaned over.”

My mind thinking like this, I look back at the man in the end what look like long, is a middle-aged office workers, slightly bald hair looks really disgusting, but? But I’m not even a little angry, and do not know why but I have this reaction to his direction by the past, touched his hand directly on my ass.

His hand on my two ass rub meat with soft, as the train braking and acceleration, constantly changing positions with force, most girls have only one private place a finger away from his fingers.

“I touched ah !!”

I feel so lower body came to tell myself, his fingers playing with my dirty underwear in the Na Liangpian Rouban, just strength, suddenly overlook heavy, sometimes light suddenly deeply touched, I close my eyes and let him the play, I feel he relied more over, I can almost smell the faint perfume him with his body heat.

With his hand touched my coat up, touched the top of my chest, along with the train to enter the main big station, more and more people, and more and more crowded, and his hands were so completely finished full posted on my breasts chest, across my underwear touched my chest.

Once again, I looked back at him, he looked at me, we both like mesh intersection, I shy smile, he is a kind of contemptuous attitude I smile, like asking me! “How? Cool to the right?

You’re sick girl. “

I watched feeling he wanted to tell me from his eyes.

His hand continued to touch down, went back inside my dress, this time he daring underwear to touch, even I want to admire his daring, this time my skin obviously feel his fingers temperature and touch, his skillful with his fingers playing with my two small Rouban, fingers do not accidentally hurt me, I turned white at him, he seems a bit scared, but he It did not stop because of this action, but more intense playing with.

“Ah ~ ~ ~ ~ go.”

Fingers into my private parts, I know this time I must be very wet, and he’s playing very happy, suddenly the voice sounded tram station, he stopped the action, turned away from the car, but I still have two station to get to it.

“Why? Why am I but a kind of sense of loss? I do want to play it? Do I have vivo gene flow with the blood of slaves and abused?”

My heart has asked this question myself, I did not have the usual gas Fen, replaced by let him play, I feel like abject toys, play dumped on thrown aside, and I can almost feel to their humble.

Finally came to the school, but I have inadvertently class, the teacher points finish were I left to go to the ladies’ room, I sat on the toilet with your fingers playing with his private parts, I clenched mouth can not make any sound, just I have the feeling lingering, I did not hate the discomfort, only to enjoy the pleasure.

I just want to complete the metamorphosis GEEK want to accomplish something, right? I ask myself.

“You want it accused of rape? Best to let him unbridled cock inserted into my body?”

I asked myself such a problem, like my girl is impossible to accept such a behavior, but now everything has changed, I know that I will never become the girl I want to be in my heart. I was played by idiography in the morning. Now I am self-reliant in the women’s toilet. My inner heart has a heavy sin. I have begun to think of the screen last night. I started to be a little, I expected being punished, scolded, being hit.

“I am a girl who is punished? I actually make such a bad thing.”

I said to myself, then I put my nipple with my hard, and the wonderful feelings of my pleasure stimulated my brain.

“Is it this feeling?”

I think so in my heart, because this is a feeling that I have never had, that is, in love with punishment? Did I fall in love with punishment? Is it a way to punish your own way when you are playing with idiots?

Because I witnessed the metamorphosis of the night, or I am eager to be punished by being abused? I don’t know if this is a desire to be abused. I only know that I don’t have a good girl.

My finger is more powerful, my chest is pinching red, but I don’t care about the pain at all, because this is the punishment I should.

I am sitting in the female toilet, sitting in lesson time, I think this is a cage, I was imprisoned in such an environment, because I was in the morning to play with my body without rebellion, this is what I should I lost freely punished, I am living, this is the punishment I should, that is, I lost freedom.

In the evening, I left the female toilet, got on the return home, the car was empty, I didn’t meet the metamorphosis of the morning, only women with children in the car, I walked out of the station, come Before going to the store street, I came to the Hardware store. I bought a small iron chain with the store and the lock. I put things into the bag, returned home, my appetite is not good. , I tell Mom and Dad, let them don’t come to the room, I just want someone in the room.

I closed the door, I still worn out the dress of the white dress, I took out the bag in the bag, I wore the feet around the iron chain and locked it with the lock, but the chain has passed through the bed tail railing, so I I will not be separated from the bed.

“Lost freedom is to punish yourself the best way”

I lock the lock, I will cover the quilt on the bed, I am lying on the bed, I will move my feet from time to time, I heard the sound of the iron chain in the quilt, the feet are locked by the chain I feel so wonderfully, I feel that I am being punished, like a prisoner who lost free, I can’t get it, although the key is on my bed, but I decrease myself, this is the best way. .

After locking the iron chain, I actually feel full of peace of mind, satisfaction, like I am usually such a selfish, I can’t use words to describe, can I say that I am enjoying such a ban? Enjoy the feeling of losing freedom, I fell asleep with myself. Since these days, I have returned to the warmth of the dawn. I sat in bed and stretched out, looked at the good weather outside the window, I laughed, I have a happy smile, I opened the quilt and looked at my own feet that was locked on the chain. I laughed, satisfied.

“Lisha, I came in,”

The mother’s voice came from outside the door, I hurriedly covered the quilt and lie backed back.

The door was opened, the mother came to the room, watching the mother’s look, I can’t help but think of the mother of the first few nights and the elegant elegant appearance of the exotime.

“Is it uncomfortable? Is it like a colorful look, I have no dinner last night.

Mom touched my forehead asked.

“No, my meal is coming, some are not very comfortable.”

I smiled and said to my mother, and my mother covered with my quilt, I touched my forehead, confirmed that I didn’t have a fever, but her gaze is like seeing, she is somewhat surprised, bed tail railing The chain is unable to cover it with the quilt, but some smile looks at me. She has a head of my bed, and the two keys are placed on the bedside table.

“Mom … I don’t bother you, I have been early, I will sleep again.”

Mom got up and left the room, and I also closed the door, and the smile outside the door before leaving it was to let me know.

“Mom … is smiling?”

I sat on the bed asked me myself.

I picked up the key and prepared to unlock the chain on my feet, but I hesitated when the key was close to the lock. I didn’t want to unlock the chain of the lock in my feet. I quietly put the key quietly. Back to my bedside table, I will cover the quilt back to the feet, I am lie back, I am happy to close my eyes, I want to enjoy this imprisonment, lose free feelings. I have begun to pay attention to my own change, but I don’t care about this change.

At lunch, the aunt who likes to come to our home, or on time appears on the table, after a few days, I also know the reason.

“Three people in the evening came to play the play card.”

Dad proposed, this is the hobby of Dad, but I hate it is to play poker cards. I have to resignate. I tell my parents, I have to buy things, I have to go to my classmates, and I will not play with them. .

The lively night, I came to the store street, I am free to go around, but I wanted to buy a thing in my mind, I walked into the grocery store, I put the collar into my suit basket, then I Go to check up.

I bought a scarf in a shop. I entered the public women’s toilet. I hesitate to hesitate to do a few minutes in the female toilet. I decided to put the collar to my neck. I buckled the buckle of the leather buckle. , Then set the scarf I just bought.

In this weather, the scarf can be warm, I have sorted out my clothes and hair confirmation can’t be seen, I walked away from the woman’s toilet.

Walking on the street in the people, I have already jumped my eyes, although I bought a scarf, but it seems that everyone is watching the dog with a dog, and I will jump, the more you jump. It is getting more and more nervous, the palms have been sweating, suddenly a cold air blows, suddenly I calm, the emotions have eased it, it seems that it is not so nervous, the foreign body feelings on the neck are slowly disappeared. It seems that I am very natural, some girls on the street will also wear a neck, but that is a decoration, a little difference with the dog circle I wear, but I can use this reason to convince me. You can not be so nervous.

With this feeling, I started nothing. It’s easy to get a lot of time, just passing some stores with landing glass, I will stop watching myself in the mirror, yes Young and energetic, but the scarf is hidden in a symbol of metamorphosis and identity. I am a girl who hates this kind of thing, but less than dozens of hours, I have changed, it is because I saw the metamorphosis pictures, I said that I said to myself, and I convince myself.

I am getting used to it, I am getting used to it. The leather collar on the neck makes me feel comfortable. The cold wind is blowing again from the street, urging me to go home, and I have no time. The store in the store street gradually beat it. It seems that I only have the choice of home.

As usually, I entered the courtyard from the back door. I came again in the house. Two women in the house made a metamorphosis game, and the aunt squatted on the table, Huang Chengcheng’s urine from her legs Spray in the flesh, form a beautiful arc in the air, and the other end of the arc is a mother who opened his mouth. She is a big mouth, drinking from the table, two legs, and snails. The urine, many urine sprayed on her face, and mother did not care, and continue to open his mouth.

My eyes began to pay attention to the neck of my mother, and my neck also wear a leather collar. At this time, I have a kind of feeling that is more close to them. Now I feel we really family.

“The odor, as you like your mother, don’t forget the woman of this family to flow through the gene of the blood and slave, you are born to be a slave.”

At this time, I remembered the sentence of Dad said.

“Is there a gene that is still craving and slave you are still eager to be abused?”

I like this question, but I refuse to admit that this answer is right.

I quickly flashing this ridiculous picture with their sisters, I quickly wanted to return to my own room, after the bathroom, watching the dirty clothes in the laundry basket, I stopped, because there is a sample Things have attracted my eyes, is my mother’s underwear, I looked at this thing in the laundry basket, it was a place with ordinary underwear, light green cotton underwear, trousers still have a cute small bow.

I slowly reach out, I will take this usually I will take it again, it crumpled, I put it in my pocket, go to my room, I closed The door, after confirming no one outside the door, I took it from the pocket, I stood in front of my landing mirror, watching myself in the mirror, I took the scarf on my neck, lost in bed. The scarf is gone, only the conspicuous red leather collar is on my neck, and my right hand also holds the dirty underwear, I will slowly go to my face, while watching myself in the mirror, I I smelled this underwear, I also saw myself in the mirror. I was smelling another woman wearing a whole day. I showed long hair, it looks young and cute, but my neck is wearing it. The collar wearing a dog will wear, I smell the dirty underwear of others before my nose. A sorghum is floating, stimulating my brain and yin, I have to smell myself, I saw myself in the mirror, I slowly took my skirt off, watch the mirror again. I only wore the underwear to stand before the mirror, I gave my panties to open my panties, put on my head, put the underwear closest to the place in front of my nose, my face It is covered by underwear, and the nose is constantly smelling urinary smell and odor.

“It turns out, this is the taste of my mother …

My body is constantly shaking, I have never done such a thing, I will sneak the metamorphosis of the girl’s underwear, let alone a woman like TV news, not to mention I still a woman.

“Ah … ah ……. um um ……..”

My little sister is called, I will unlock the button’s button, push the underwear, let my whole breasts are exposed, my hand pinchs my own nipple, my other hand is separated. My panty is surrounded by my labie, and my face? Dirty underwear wearing mom.

“I see”

I realized that I didn’t flow with my mother. Zhang opened a lot of my sister’s urine. I am completely the same as I now in the mirror. I can’t help but in the mirror. I was very happy, I am very happy, I am happy, even my eyes, I feel very tired, I am lying on the bed, I don’t forget to take the chain last night before going to bed. On my feet, I caught the quilt, the head is in the dirty underwear, and sleeps.

Sleeping to the middle of the night, I woke up again from my sleep, watching the iron chain on my legs and feeling the feeling and taste of my mother’s dirty underwear, my metamorphosis smile.

My eye angle, I saw a white-white thing on the bedside table, I really remember that she didn’t put it over before I fell.

I first remove the underwear from the head, pick up this white paper.

“Daughter, look at you, my mother doesn’t know how to be happy, it is angry. It is a girl that you have become such a girl. It is a girl with my mother, I have become the same girl like me. The underwear remembers returning to the laundry basket, it still needs to be cleaned, I have seen the front of your feet, I can only watch you go to this road because I do it now. I did it in the past. Is this at all? Do you say it in front of everyone?

Looking at each word on this note, I am surprised to watch the door that I don’t have locked. Everything is seen by my mother, but my mother asked not to say, she will continue to have such a thing. Is this meant? I lay back in bed, I have a little happier and some sad continue to sleep, waiting for the arrival of Tianming.

Everything seems to be a dream, I woke up from the bed, I solved the iron chain on the feet, then picked up the dirty underwear that I lost on the side, I have lost it back to the laundry basket, I came. Restaurant, mother is as good as a good breakfast, is my favorite bacon egg.

“Is there still a back?”

Mom suddenly saw me and asked me.

“Ah ~~ Ah ~~ this ~~~~ put it back”

I instantly blush and drunk.

“Ah That’s good”

My mother said that turning back to the kitchen “What?”

On the side, I looked at our mother and daughter asked.

“Nothing ~ eat your breakfast, husband”

Mom made a sound from the kitchen.

I lazily walked in the living room watching boring news programs, Sunday morning is to this before, tired of watching boring TV show, I want to get up in the back room, but I also want to go out for a walk, but just do not know where to go for a walk, I walked back to the room while thinking back side, in the hallway and looked at my mother for her that hint of a smile appeared, I smiled too, but we did not mother and daughter say any word, as if we are reading the same intention. I will after the door was closed, the window has began to rain, it seems that today they do not go out, but something on my desk again attracted my eyes, it was a piece of paper. . . . . . . . . . .

“Tried to expose it outdoors? Raincoat, but do not wear underwear, under the rain to go for a walk in the park, the discovery drink plenty of water, you will find interesting places, my mother.”

Look at this note I do not know the happy or angry.

At the table stood a new raincoat, yellow, opaque, I would raincoat set in the body, out the door, no one inside the house, my parents probably are out of it.

I will table a warm tea to drink clean, and then I took off my skirt and panties at the entrance, put on my shoes to go out, his raincoat I opened the door and walked toward the park.

Vision of my heart jump fast, compared to the day when I’m wearing collars faster and more nervous, not many people on the street, but it was still, as long as someone appears I was very nervous, I accelerated the speed of my feet , I finally came to the park, the rain is still large at this time, the park is almost no one, but some people go through the park.

My lower body is a cool feeling, and even can be used to describe the cold, cold coupled with tensions it, there are those out in front of warm tea pot, I feel urgency, but I leave the toilet there is a long distance it, I will take off the shoes, walk in the park on the bunker, and walked toward the direction of the toilet, the toilet on the first to say to say it.

“how so?”

Looking at the toilet renovation of the brand, I began to panic, and I walked back and forth, his legs began to tremble, I walked back toward the bunker, but I know I’ve not help it, my feet stepping on bunker on the water, I stopped, because there was an idea in my mind.

“Just urinary right here.”

My idea was to tell my own.

Not many people in the park, but people still go through, I am a person walking on the sand, also barefoot, at this time I can not help but have completely urinate, only to let it vent, warm urine running down my inner thighs, flowing into the pit, there are many people from my side through it, I feel more and more exciting, excretion in front of strangers, which is what a shame things? And I do not wear underwear, it sets a raincoat.

The distance there is a clean-old park, very far away, but look at the height and wearing a raincoat see the other side, I faced him, in the rain, although rain has been more than just a small, but still has not little rainfall.

I slowly lifted my raincoat, the face of the old man, he did not seem to pay special attention to me, but not long after he was attracted to my actions, because I noticed a broom in his hand fell to the ground, I’m happy laugh out really funny reaction, he continued to bite attentively look at my direction, I did not mean to put down the raincoat, but my feet hit the more open, and my fingers in my between the legs, with your fingers playing with my own clitoris, not a minute I was in his rape case, as the climax, I’m somewhat satisfied, but the rain had stopped, and I was afraid he would come, Fortunately, he did not, he just kept looking at me, and I am somewhat disappointed to lay down my raincoat, walked toward home.

After half a person’s home is not the same, I will take off the raincoat, a hot bath to wash back into the room, looking at the piece of paper just leave my mother, I have the sense to.

“Tried to expose it outdoors? Raincoat, but do not wear underwear, under the rain to go for a walk in the park, the discovery drink plenty of water, you will find interesting places, my mother.”

I read it several times repeated this note, it all really interesting, I’m also a big unexpected yes. . . . . . . . “

“These things, my mother had done before? Mom was so end Zhuangxian Hui woman ah, how will”

I am a little surprised by the thought.

The wooden box on the table, and caught my eyes, because I go to the park has not appeared before, I looked at the table has emerged my familiar place.

“Okay? Adventure Park? Drink plenty of water, right? Mom”

“Unfortunately, there is no camera to record it. Record it for yourself, with the mother who took the mother, there was a good thing, put it in the wooden box, put it in my room, I will know, remember to fight with Mom Share Oh “This note is written on these two sentences, I laughed, because my mother was sent to the skin.

I opened the wooden box, took this photo, this is a photo of a mother shame, she is wearing a red raincoat, pocard the raincoat in the park, the legs of the white flowers, Her expression looks shameful, but it makes people feel unpleasant.

“Mom wants me to shoot like this photo?”

I said that I was so angry and laugh.

I opened the wardrobe and took out my favorite dress and sent me my birthday when I was born last year. I put the camera in a suitable height and position, I picked me before the camera. Ocean dress, I opened my feet, play with my right hand, I haven’t forgotten, take out the chain, lock my feet, then press the time button.

“」 “

As long as the photo came out, a girl wearing a temperament of elegant, but put the skirt, revealing the lower body she didn’t wear any underwear, and played with his fingers to make their own clitoris, and the feet also locked iron chain.

I am satisfied with the photo back to the wooden box, put my mother’s photo, I put my photos in the wooden box, then put the wooden box back on the table of my mother, I will go back to the room, ready to sleep Meet the arrival of a beautiful Monday.

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