The first chapter doubtful and mis married for 5 years, my name is Mulin, 30 years old, working in computer technology. In 2006, I had a policeman who managed transportation and urban cameras, so it was unlike the police in the minds.

In the introduction of my parents, I met my current wife Zhuang Mei. She was 2 years old. It is a junior Chinese teacher in our aristocratic school. At that time, she was very beautiful, and her appearance was beautiful. The taps are sexy and temperament is also a first-class. They are regarded as a dream lover by their school teachers and students. When I first saw her, she would be that she will be the love of my life.

After unremitting efforts and persistence, defeating countless competition and challenge, I finally touched the heart of the Iraqi and won the beauty. Of course, my conditions are not bad. I can self-recognize handsome, not only civil servants, but also began to be responsible for a department of a department for more than two years. It is known as a colleague and friend is a born pair.

Finally, the wife was shy to me, and we finally embracing the vows of his life.

The work of the officialdom is indeed effort, and the people climbed in the people of people. My wife gave me the biggest support. She not only took care of the well well, let me have no worries, in the early days of my business, in order to support me, she is looking for I can use the relationship that she can use and gives some student. I can use my parents to help. I will continue to encourage me, comfort me, and go to me, I think she is God. The beautiful angel of the next bound is sent to her is the luck of my life.

The wife’s support and encouragement to my confidence and courage, I am in the officialdom, gradually sail, and I have finally launched Deputy Director of the Public Security Bureau in the last year. But things are more, not today’s meeting is to learn tomorrow, anyway, it is not home.

One day before 4 months received a premium notice to go to the provincial city for a six-year young cadre training course. In fact, this training is once every two or three years, that is, it is convenient to make it easier. When I returned to my parents, my parents were looking for an excuse to leave 3 years old son, left space and time to me and wife.

On the way home, I opened the car, I thought that I wouldn’t help but mention it in the next day. “Xiaomei has been hard in these two years!

I am busy having a busy child outside, and the old people on both sides are also … “

Haven’t finished speaking, I have been smiling by my wife, “I am busy outside, I am not for this home, my peace of mind is good, there is me, and I also hope that it is a big official!”

“Following your wife, I must try to make my wife a big official Mrs.” I also laughed.

Going tomorrow, I am busy helping me to organize something. Due to the work relationship, today’s wife is wearing a beige professional sleeve skirt, iron gray stockings and pale yellow high heel shoes. It is more perfect to put her highly picked up. Especially after giving birth to the child, the body is not only sampled. Because of breastfeeding relationship from 34C to 36D, it will break the shirt, and the round hips are more big, and there is a slightness of the waist. Young woman’s breath is coming.

I couldn’t help but went to her, one hand, hugged her back, and quickly completed the towering breast.

“Yea! What do you do! I will pack it for a while, I will take a shower, wait for me, “said that the wife’s face is blushing.

I took a shower, when I was asleep in bed, my wife took a shower, changed a purple silk pajama, and wonderful figure, if I want to fire, I hugged her down. Bed, eagerly use your hands to pull her pajamas.

We kissed each other, and one of my hands touched her towering breasts, teased two cute red buds in the tip; one hand rubbed her round and full hips. The wife quickly breathed, gradually, my hand introduced into her legs, I touched her pussy that she had been wet, and the slender prostitute was covered with my fingers.

I can’t help but kiss my wife’s breast. The lips have been kissing her milk tips along the snow. The wife is obviously shaking a few times. Oscillation put my whole hand and her hammer, I know that my wife’s sensitive body has come to a climax under my caress.

“Don’t … don’t get it, I … itching, affected … I can’t stand … Do not stop, use the finger to dial her vaginal port. The wife’s snoring is bigger, a pair of slender legs are closer to my hand, and the hands are tightly ringing my shoulders, and the waist hips keep twitch. After a long time, she will breathe again. I took the hand from my wife’s hip, my hands were all her lascivious water, and her butt is also soaked in a large piece. I put her legs on her arms, hardly inserting her. The vagina, the wife is slightly frown, “light … light.”

But the wife’s damp-heat-feet the vaginal wrapped my meat stick, or let me couldn’t help but put it in, the meat rod came to the wife’s homework. In fact, my meat stick and normal people are almost the big, just that the wife’s vagina can be easily inserted to the uterus.

The wife’s tender and smooth, and it is very difficult to grind my meat stick. I panting the penis quickly and quickly drove the penis. When I left her mouth, my wife’s emotions were also transferred, and my hands grabbed my arm. The mature body is like a snake. move.

She called the snoring, making me blood, my movement is getting faster and faster, the meat stick slides into the wife’s hole, bringing out a lot of obscene, actually getting down the wife’s thigh Slow down, flourish luster, black big pills patted their wife’s labians from time to time, splashing the sputum of prostitution …

Finally, I finally couldn’t help but get into the depths of her vagina. I took a semen. The wife didn’t forget it at that moment. The whole person kept twitching under me. Holding my neck with my neck. The legs are hard to clamp my waist. I feel that her vagina is also smashing, like a small mouth like a small mouthful of sucking my glans until I end, her vagina is still spent.

After the cloud accommodation, I have embracing my wife and chatting in bed. “I have to pay attention to myself. I have to pay attention to my body is too tired. I will take care of my son’s filial piety. My parents are not worried … … “

I listened to the wife’s more tightly, and the beautiful wife, good illusion, I think I am the happiest man in the world.

The next day, I was deeply affected by my wife, holding my son, I can’t let go, and finally look at the flight time, I bid farewell to their mother and child into the security passage.

During the provincial life, every night, you have to call the wife every night. If there is a night, you have a call from 4 o’clock in the afternoon to your wife.

“Hey … 嘀 … 嘀 …”

After a long time, my wife came to pick up the phone, accompanied by some faint water sounds and she deliberately responded. “Husband, what … What is it.”

“Oh, there is nothing just a few training courses at night, I will call it in advance, I will not give it to the phone in the evening.”

“Oh … um … ah, then … then you have to drink less wine … ah”

I am very strange to ask “Wife, what is it doing! How is the sound is so strange?”

After a few seconds, I just listened to my wife, “call! I just made yoga with Wu Jie, I have been sweating, just changing clothes and busy, I am a little anxious.”

“Oh! That is some move, don’t hurt.” Then I asked my son; my wife was vague responded a few times.

I started to be doubts in my heart, when did my wife start doing yoga, she is not very moving.

But I think that Wu Wei is also the Wu Jie in my wife, I also relieved, Wu Wei and my wife are only the big month, and the university is a classmate to participate in the work in a school. It is a good sister of my wife, and my wife. Two flowers in their school have been exposed to a few times. It is very cool. It is like the queen. It is very good to have a mother.

It was estimated that the semi-annual boring study of the day, but he learned that less than 4 months leaders temporarily decided to leave a week. Everyone received a notice to leave, I also embarked on the return of the horse, and after buying the ticket, it was a plane at 7 o’clock. It was estimated after 10 o’clock. I wanted to give my wife a phone call, and I wanted to give her a surprise, I didn’t think of my thoughts, but I didn’t expect my wife, but I am surprised myself.

At 10:30, the airport was hit and hit. Soon, the taxi arrived at the entrance of the community. I got off the bus, I looked at the window in my family. The black paint didn’t have lights. When I saw the table, I thought about my wife and my son. I slept! Open the door, everything is as usual, just quiet quiet. Ten the lamp saw the flower in the vase, and set a layer of gray on the table. We are strange, where is the wife and son, I am worried, first play my wife’s phone, come back the other party’s shutdown information; I have called the mother’s phone, the phone, the old mother-in-law, tell my wife for more than half a month ago After the son sent it, I didn’t go back in a few weekend, and I lived in the school to say that the school has been very busy.

Mupu looked at me: “Isn’t you study in the provincial city?”

I pushed two days to come back, I want my son to make a call, my mother said that my son slept, or wake him up? I don’t have to use it, and I said some home in my mother to hang up.

When I put down the phone, my heart was yin, from the time of my mother-in-law, my wife sent my mother, and then I didn’t go home for a month. During this time, I didn’t have any busy. What is it? Take his tomorrow to go to her school to see it, think about thinking that I will fall asleep.

I got 11 o’clock in the next day, I ate something to get on the bus to go to my wife. Although the wife’s school is an aristocratic school but is not in the city, it is about 40 minutes, so their school has divided a group of teachers to each teacher.

I blocked a car on the road, and I went to my wife’s school. Just got off the bus, I saw the wife’s car parked downstairs, and I walked to my wife and called her to open the door. Just arrived at the door, the wife opened the door. I saw the wife’s face, the upper buckle did not deduct the laughing of the towering breasts outside.

“What are you doing? How this is like!” I asked with brows.

“I am … oh, I just sleep” my wife hesitated and replied.

I walked back to my side, “How to sleep in the afternoon …”

Haven’t finished reading the jacket on the courage on the sofa, I immediately felt wrong, I haven’t begun, I haven’t started to ask, I have to knock on the door to open it. I look at the sport teacher Zhou Qiang.

“Mu’s brother, too! I came to see if the clothes were lost, in the morning, I forgot to bring the key to the home balcony and turned the door.” Zhou Qiang scratched his head smile.

I heard it came over to take clothes. The wife quickly handed him on the coat on the sofa, “Teacher Zhou, gave you the clothes.”

Zhou Qiang took the clothes “Troubled the sister, every time I didn’t have a key to bother you.”

The wife smiled “Nothing, but I remember the key later. After all, the turning sun is too dangerous.”

“Know the sister, Mu Ge, I will go back first.” Said that Zhou Qiang turned and returned.

Zhou Qiang, who was separated, was a physical education teacher, came to his wife school for two years, one meter nine height, more than 180 pounds, a tendon, long and sunny. This shot saw that my wife’s clothes were not in the family, and the anger of a man jacket was also booked. He also had some faint uneasiness and doubt.

But she thinks that the wife usually supports me to support me and pays for the family, and she is born with the book. She is very passive with me in bed, and even marriage is only a posture in the bed for a few years, change The posture should be pleaded for a long time to obey the wife, as long as I see it, I really can’t find any reason to suspect her.

The wife saw that I was very happy. After the afternoon, I took a family after school, I went to eat the meal, and then accompany my son to the playground to play at night, the little guy has been laughing, and a family is happy. I haven’t arrived at the car in the car, and my wife’s first envoys were washed.

After I took a shower, I entered the bedroom and saw my wife had lying on the bed to cover the quilt. I got up my wife’s pajamas, and I stroked my wife’s fat hip and picked her towering breast. I kissed my wife’s ear pond from my wife’s ear pitch to smile. “Well! Yes, his wife turned into gentle catering my kiss twisted my body to respond to my caress, showing my tenderness like I have been intoxicated.

I habitually kiss the breasts of my wife. When I put the quilt, I was printed into the eye, and a picture of my surprise, my wife’s towering breasts rooted a red lady, like a rope, when I After aiming at his wife’s pussy, suddenly I feel that the mind is blank, I have a little bit of the old-fashioned bare, my wife, who is approximately the old-fashioned wife! The vaginal micro-trains can make the lip and the yin oil is greasy. I stayed in my head in my head, I don’t have any more than 3 months of my wife, why do you turn this.

The second chapter is caught there, I can’t move, my face is brow, and the meat stick doesn’t know how to be soft. I don’t know how long it took, my wife also found that I didn’t have the next step. I opened my eyes. I saw that I feel some of them wrong. “What happened, my husband is stupid.”

I should have a word “um! 妳 … What is this below?”

After the wife heard it, he sat up into my arms. “Oh, I am not going to practice yoga with Wu Si, every time I practice, I will scratch it inside, and sweating is more, it is not easy to do, Ask Wu Jie to do, she suggests that I will shave it, why don’t you like? I didn’t call me to shave it? “

The wife is shy, looking at me.

At this time, I have been surprising from the initial surprise. I am calm down and I will reply “Amount, not. Just a little surprised! How to make this like a chest …”

I haven’t finished it, my wife’s face brushed it, and my body stretched and bowed to my chest.

The wife’s panic movement was seen in the eyes, we were married for almost six years, rarely saw a panic like his wife, and there was such a situation to say that it is not in her expectations. After a few seconds, my wife looked at me and then calmly said that when I practiced yoga, my clothes chose to choose a little, it is strange ………

I have just read her eyes in my eyes, I seem to have read her painful self-blame and struggle. My heart is stinging. I don’t have a care of my heart. How can I call me to rest assured! “

When the wife listened to this, the look was relaxed, and then his wife suddenly asked “Lin, I will not forgive me if I am making mistakes.”

I looked at her a little tired face asked. “How did I suddenly ask this question?”

“Oh! Nothing just asked questions,” I have no idea to do with my wife, I have been sleeping down.

However, my heart is chaotic, my wife is constantly turning over, it is estimated that she is not asleep, and I don’t know how to fall asleep, I can’t help but appear in my dream. After a while, I made a wedding night. When we were in the same one, he stayed in the bed; for a while, the son was born, his wife was tired and happy; for a while, his wife is naked, and the snow is rich. The round hip is high, like a female dog, it is usually squatted in bed, and the eye is like a silk, and then a tall and strong man will help the wife flat belly and the bare white genitals. The other hand is kneading I think of treasures, but now I bundled the chest like a prisoner. And the man’s thick mince stick also gave a high rise, slowly exploring his wife’s pussy …

“Xiaomei doesn’t want” I wake up and the sky was already bright.

It is cool, but it is cold, but it is 9 o’clock. Sons and wife have already went to the kindergarten and go to work. I sat in the living room. I didn’t think of my wife. I saw everything in this time and everything I saw last night. He won’t be sure that his wife is outside. How can I look like this?

There should be such a thing from all angles! In terms of feelings, the wife and my feelings have always been very good, not to say that they are a respectful guest, but they have never been reddish, especially after their son is born, the wife relies on me. Due to life, I am not corrupted by the deputy director of the Public Security Bureau. I can give her two mother and children highlight the material life of most people, and my wife needs to be satisfied.

Last year, my wife had to go to get off work and then pick up my son is very inconvenient. I bought a BMW X1 to give her a contemporary tool, which we can say that we are not lacking. Due to the life of sexual life, I am often the same, but I’m so happy, how many years, the wife is not so keen to get married.

What is the reason for the whispering wife? She still cares about this home, what is her heart thinking about what is derailed? The more I want to be more afraid, and my wife who is married for a long time seems to become a stranger. And in order to adhere to the adults, I started to lie to me, I have to know that she has never said honest. The more I want to be angry, no matter what these things, I will tell the adults first. I didn’t let my wife who didn’t make my wife, I pretend that I didn’t find it, as far as performance is as usual. When the wife took a shower, she installed the eavesdropping software on her mobile phone. As long as there is a phone and SMS to enter me, you can listen, and you can even determine her location via your mobile phone.

When she went to work, the corners of the police in the house and her school were installed on the police, and they can see all the corners of the whole room and will automatically pass the information back to my office. . And in my office, I also facilitated my wife’s travel situation in order to catch the traitor in a timely manner. I have already said that I have already said that I have already said it through the bureau and training class, come back to work, and I will go to the graduation ceremony.

After doing everything, I arrived in a week. I told my home to go to the provincial city to continue to learn, my wife still took my son to the airport as usual, and constantly call me to pay attention to the body, remember to call every day, if there is a rest I came back to tell her in advance, she is good to pick me up.

Every time I sent me, I will say these words. I have heard it a whole warm and happiness. I sound it so much harsh, I am sneered, my heart is coming back: I will give you a good time to pick me up. I am afraid I am afraid. Suddenly came back to catch the bed.

The flight time is coming, and after you send their mother and son to leave, I am going back to the office.

Turn on the computer to turn on the monitor, seeing their mother and son, just arrived at home, the wife will take the son to take a shower with his son. The next morning, my wife sent my son to the kindergarten, I went to work, I didn’t go to work or practice yoga. After get off work, I went to my parents or my father’s father to eat and took my son home to sleep. It is normal for a few days, let me feel that I am too sensitive, is it my own.

For half a month, I will give up, and a wife who listens to the wife’s mobile phone called the mother-in-law phone to make me feel no white. “Mom, today you have help you at night, our school is doing things!”

“Ok, then pay attention to not too tired, rest early.”

What is the school, the general wife school will send a text message to send a text message, I also see it now, there is nothing wrong with today! I am afraid that I can’t help but want to go to the husband, I will have to look good for a while. Suddenly there is a unsophisticated hunch in my heart.

In a short while, I saw the wife returned to the school’s house and started to take off the clothes. I washed it. After the truth was married. I was also washed together. I also watched my wife was washed, but my wife was washed, never I think about it to take a careful bath in such a situation.

Looking at the wife to go to the bathroom, I quickly cut to the picture of the bathroom. I saw the wife’s light and scattered the long hair opened the flower head. The water “唰” was on the wife’s beautiful face; the wife was filled with the foam The head of the flower head is smashed, one inch one-inch will wash the foam to clean the white ruddy skin, from the neck to the beautiful shoulders to the towering breast, from the flat belly to the long legs.

After rinse the body, the wife looked at his body in his own body and then touched the bright pussy frown. At this time, I found that the wife’s bare white lower body has grown out of a layer of green black wool.

However, the scene of continuous appearance next moment made me excitement and surprised. I saw my wife found out my shaving geely razor, and then put the razor bubble on her yin, one foot in the bathtub Be careful from the small abdomen from the mirror, gradually and even two labips and the perineated and the anus are carefully cleaned up.

After shaving, the wife looked back and replied to the white bare pussy migraine and then shy smile. Suddenly, I think of what I think of, directly put the flower head to the place where I have just shaved, first is Yinhao , Then pull the lip to the clitoris, urethral mouth, vaginal port, and the anus are rinsed several times. I also touched it with your hand, it seems that there is no odor to start with a towel to wipe the body.

After wiped the body, the wife walked into the bedroom, sitting in front of the dressing table. First, blow the hair and blow it straight, then sprinkle my friend from the perfume brought back from France, and also spray it near the pussy and the anus. It is often almost almost a woman who does not make makeup. To tell the truth, it is very beautiful after a good makeup. The wife draws a good makeup opens the drawer under the wardrobe, takes out a box out, I am curious about what is installed, I will be directly after it is open. It is all underwear, but it is not the underwear that is usually wearing the lingerie in the AV movie. Wife picks up a purple almost transparent belly and a hidden tan pants put on ………

Seeing that I am shocked in front of the computer, I just gradually shrunk because the voyeurous wife’s shower began. Does this woman in front of me? Is my beautiful and elegant wife? I am more and more feeling that my wife is so strange, watching the careful preparation of my wife in the monitor, this is a woman who is eager to be loved by a man, a meticulous pressing man’s preference ready to serve Men’s sway! But the man is absolutely not me, I can only look at my wife like a turtle, and then send my wife to the man’s arms but I am unable to stop.

“Wife is really important for my wife, is it really important? Do you really need this carefully?

Even the odor and hair stadium are afraid that they are not happy. And I am doing a husband, I am not very willing to replace a posture in bed! why! Why is it! I am a husband! If you don’t have to retaliate, I have to kill the traitor. “The kind of sour and stinging in my heart make me almost unable to think about tears.

At this time, a ringtone woke me from pain, and I saw the eavesdropping tips of my mobile phone, and quickly listened.

“Meer is not good, I have arrived.” A man’s voice asked in the phone.

The wife spoiled: “Hey! This is anxious! Let’s wait!”

The man replied: “Go, I am waiting.”

I took a look at the monitor. At this time, my wife had a close painting, white silk shirt sleeve set of goose yellow knitted coat and colorful short skirt, sleeper, straight thigh wrapped in iron gray Sling stockings, black long hair shares on the shoulder. At this time, the wife of the wife appeared in the style of the elegant and elegant young woman, just because the painted makeup was more beautiful. And the shackles of the pets that have just been, almost have a good thing, and the appearance of the appearance will not know that the wife’s glamorous appearance, the lascivious dress.

Hanging a phone, the wife looks a little tight, it seems to be afraid of men, etc., just quickly pick up the package and mobile phone running to the shoe cabinet, picking a double black pointed high heel to wear a hurry. At this time, I quickly cut the computer to the traffic police camera at the door of the wife school, and I was slowly opened for a long time.

The wife’s car is slowly moving forward, and the open skewed, like an initiator. What happens to be a wife? Hurry to put the camera to the window, it is really a wife, but the wife looks strange. The face is flush, and the double hand is holding the steering wheel. The body is slightly trembled. Only one layer of thin sweat is slightly packed, and the obeys when I look at it, I seem to be pleading.

There is still someone in the car, I immediately pulled the camera, vaguely saw a person on the back seat, but because the reason is very vague, I can only see a shadow, I’m sure that is a trapezed. I just want to immediately rush to my wife’s car, drag the adults from the car, and see what I have, I can forth anything that my wife is so fascinated, no matter what to steal, I don’t hesitate to talk to him. Deceive your loved ones, and carefully carefully prepare for me.

The car finally entered a suburban hotel in the skewing advancement, it is a bit far away from me. I quickly get amused at the bus, go to my destination.

I wanted to crazy in the car, and my hand-died grabbed the steering wheel whispering exposed to traffic.

There is only one idea! quick! quick! I must grasp the traitor, hit the half-disabled, let him die, let him know that some things are not thinking.

I went to the hotel soon, I saw my wife’s car at the gate. I realized that I didn’t know where my wife was, I went to the lobby registration: “Trouble, the owner of BMW X1 is coming to find them, and I will say it. In which room, can I take me? “

At the leader of the waiter, I came to a room door, and I was angry, I didn’t pay attention to the surrounding environment at all, I just wanted to grab the traitor to retaliate. I have determined that I pushed the door, I went in. After entering, there is a stupid, a group of people who are quiet down, a group of people who are eating and drinking are watching me. I basically know that the people in this room is all my wife’s colleagues, but the wife is not.

I screamed for half a day, “I … I am looking for Zhuang Mei, I … I am her husband.”

At this time, Wu Wei stood up and explained “Xiaomei’s blind, the garden is going to go to me,” Go, I am going to go. “

I laughed with her, and then said to everyone with a few scenes and quit the room and Wu Wei to the garden. I can’t help but think that I misunderstood my wife. I don’t think there is a stealing situation in the room. It is impossible to say, is it too much, I think it is a bit relaxed here.

All the way speechless. I saw Wu Wei: “Xiaomei is in the yoga?”

She stopped and stared at me for a long time. “Well, Xiaomei said that she wants to keep my body because I like it.”

Go forward.

I heard this is a bit happy. It seems that my wife is indeed mine. I think that my wife is almost nothing to talk, I want to ask her wife to say that other men have been saying that other men have already come to the garden. .

The garden is not big but the trees are flourishing, quiet, is a good place to rest. He is far away to see the wife behind the wings, and the head is high as soon as you can’t sway.

Because the trees are mad covering, I feel that I don’t hurry to rush to there. At this time, I just listen to Wu Wei shouted “Zhuang Mei, my husband came to find it.”

After the head of his wife, the head was retracted, and immediately stood up, standing there, looked at me to ran to her.

I can’t talk around the wife, I seem to see that I have already ran to the exit of the opposite side, just want to chase it by my wife.

I glanced at her, my wife lowered.

I hurried from the side of the past, but I couldn’t see it. I turned it to carefully got the wife, the face of the redhead on the front of the head, a few messy long hair sticks on the face and neck, On a jacket of the top, the buckle only buckled 2 in the middle of the dress. It can easily see the near-transparent belly, a breast is also exposed from the air, and the skirt has been pulled to the thigh root to show the flower side of the stockings, and I can imagine how it is panic at the time.

The wife called the head like a scared small animal, “Old ……… husband, 妳 … What is … How come?”

I stared at her for a while, I only replied with a blunt tone: “How? I can’t come?”

The wife’s face brushed into a miserable, and he hurriedly contracted “Can …. Can you! Hey … When is it coming back?”

At this time, Wu Wei also came over, “Xiaomei! Why didn’t you change your clothes?”

Seeing me, Wu Wei explained a sentence: “Just Xiaomei fell, the clothes were stained, and there was not above this.”

The wife heard and hurriedly said that it is.

I am even more angry, just want to open the mouth, I will definitely know anything, otherwise it will not cover the wife, just shouting the sentence is also intentional in reminding what. It can be seen that this woman is good, and I will give me a dissident and me and the words I said on the road should also be deliberate.

At this time, I was calm. Since the adultells ran, I didn’t catch what the indeed handle, I didn’t mean it here, I am going to go, I will try to put it as usual.

“Oh! I am temporarily returning to a task of the bureau. I have seen the car here. I guess it. I am estimated that I will take a look at this.”

The wife asked carefully after hearing: “That … how long is it?”

I heard a burst of irritability: “I can’t go back, I have to go back to the provincial city at night.”

The wife immediately said: “How can I go back! My son wants you.”

I pusically think, I didn’t see my son several weeks, but I saw my wife like this. I baked hard in the anger. “Next! There is a chance. I will go first.” Turned. “Be careful in the road …” The wife’s advice came from behind.

Going back to the office, the more you want to feel depressed, just step, if it is Wu Wei ………

I thought that Wu Wei had a new clue. The school teacher is a school teacher. She must be a wife’s colleague, otherwise it is impossible to take the wife’s car to go to the hotel. But who is so many teachers, Wu Wei, will definitely know how to get the third chapter of Wu Wei to get the dark cloud to get the truth from Wu Wei to the truth of the wife and who is the attire? Although this woman is with his wife, the sister is a son’s driver, saying that her son, she likes this little guy, maybe I have no children, so he is like a biological.

The child also likes her, and I still listen to my wife half a joke in front of me. “Son like Wu Jie, I like Wu Jie, I really don’t know who is fuck?”

But the glamorous Wu Wei and I have no intersection. Only several times of contact is also visiting or eating with my son. In addition to the simple cold, there is basically no exchange, the question and answer It can be said that it is the first time that is broken.

And this woman is quite savvy from the room for helping me, the road is short-lived, and then take me to the garden to pretend to help me call my wife to give a warning, let the adults can leave calmly, and I will interrupt me later. The wife’s forced to ask and helped the wife to cover the truth of the clothes, and the partnership is deceived by people who know the truth.

If I am not prepared, I know that my wife is not the same as going out. I don’t think she is so careless about her wife, I am grateful. Such a heartbeat woman, if this is directly trade-off, she will definitely not say that it is quite passive.

This time, it can be said that it is completely failed, not only did not catch the evidence of the wife’s derail, not only to find the evidence of his wife. Even if the wife did not find that I have doubt her derail, I started to trace the truth, I believe that I am looking for her today just an accident.

But I know, Wu Wei’s savvy woman must have a good idea from the actions that I entered the near violence of the room. Otherwise, how can she be free to stand up to the person to stand up and give me a way of solving the way ………

I suddenly flashed a thought in my mind: How can this woman hide the truth of the wife, even if it is good to have a good relationship with his wife? Then there is only one possibility, she is because of the cause of the adults, everything they have done will conceal me, maybe she also participates in it …


I can’t help but be scared by this idea. If so, what role is Wu Wei played in it?

No matter how it is, after this matter, the wife and the adults have Wu Wei definitely alert. Whether it is to prevent me again, it is still more interested, the time and place of theft will definitely be more concealed. It seems that it will not progress in this thing for a while, in addition to waiting to wait for other ways.

I can’t help but feel annoyed and frustrated, sitting in front of the monitor. Revelling these years have loved each other with their wife, vowing to stay in a bit of dripping. Those fascinating memories have made me intoxicated, but now I have become the source of pain in my heart.

The juveniles have been blessed, and the career is successful. In just a few years, I sit in someone else’s position in someone else. The wife is gentle, and the goodness is envious; the birth of the son is even more happy. Family add a bit of interesting and concern.

However, it has suddenly been too sudden. For a short more than 3 months, the wife will betray me, betray this home, no matter what other men are mixed with others. It seems to have a falsehood that prove my incompetence and so many years of feelings, this is how I may not be angry.

In fact, what can they be arrested to get to him, how can he die? Anyway, the wood has become a boating thing, and I saw the wife who had returned home. I know that my wife’s body and mind is no longer alone.

Even if you find the evidence of your wife’s derail, what should I do later?

divorce! Then I watched the wife to put the man’s arms and smiled, the name was smooth, and the man was soaring that the woman was only lifted by my wife. I can even let my wife have been pregnant for him to brevize women, and I will replace my barely in my wife’s heart, and become his exclusive item. And I can only enjoy the despise and ridicule of the surrounding people with a loser, facing the man’s low-bowing waist and looks all the occurrences. Continue over! Some people say “The road to the woman’s heart through the vagina, the man gets a woman’s heart through the vagina.” Although the family still exists, I still have the only owner of my wife, but there is already someone else from the road to my wife. Wife is willing to dress up with the adequate dresses, and whether the man has conquered his wife’s vagina. So what about my wife’s heart? Do you still have this home, do you still have this husband who loves her? Even if the wife still loves me, how should I face her?

It is a deep guard who is deeply frustrated on the surface. Tears have long been rushing on the cheeks!

Looking at the monitor in the monitor, I have already went home to make my wife’s wife, and I walked up a few times a few times and then let it put down.

Finally, I still took it up, and the voice of my wife was anxious: “Hello, my husband? Is it?”

I am silent, I will answer: “Well, just get off at.”

Then he listened to his wife and said: “I am relieved, I have dinner, I have to pay attention to it …”

Listening to these hypocrisy, I can’t help but take three feet. I haven’t waited for her to say that she has been using a disgusting tone. “Ok, what else, no me hang.”

After saying that the phone is quiet, the wife seems to have no time to adapt to my change, I am in the eyes, then the red tears followed down, “My son … The son is being smashed in the school is not a child and others fight.”

After the wife didn’t finish it, I cried, and I said something and I hang up the phone.

Looking at the wife who curled the sobbing in bed, I can’t help but get a burst of embarrassment. Hurry and call my mother-in-law, and my son is exchanged for a while, I promised him to pick up with him tomorrow, give him some conditions such as buying toys, and hang his happiness.

Most of the cases of the police have had a number of people who have had a number of people who have had a number of parents in parents, resulting in crimes.

At this time, I also had a clear idea in my heart. For my son, I will continue to pass by a complete home. As for how, I looked at the wife who had been crying in the monitor, and my heart was in my heart and I was replaced by a saten pain.

Some of the weak thinking now, now just suspect that the wife is derailed, there is no real city, it is not necessary, for this family’s complete simplicity, as long as she still loves me, I love this home to watch my son. Forgive her this time. In the future, I will take some more time to take her with her and my son. She will not think that the man will.

Thinking of these, there were some kinds of relaxing and some helplessness and a feeling that I can’t say. I found an excuse to call my wife on the next day: “Xiaomei! I will arrive at the afternoon, I will pick up my son.”

When the wife heard it, he asked very happy: “When is the husband, I will come back soon …”

In the afternoon, I got home with my son and cook together, with my son to watch TV. When I told my son and my wife, I will be happy with their mother and son, and my wife is happy.

“Dad is coming back, don’t like it, how to cry?” The son asked curiously.

The wife’s love touched his son’s face, and then some shy to pull my arm and said: “Silly children, Dad is rare so long at home, my mother doesn’t like, just just ash away.”

At night, my wife fell asleep after falling asleep, I saw that I seemed to fall asleep, I was afraid to bother to I gently go to bed, I will send a uniform breathing.

In fact, I just sleep just in order to avoid my wife, I am afraid of my wife! Although I have decided to forgive my wife’s unfaithful, I will think that when I saw my wife’s white bare bald, I should only belong to me. The place is now filled with others’ semen, there is a feeling of being betrayed anger and dirty feelings.

Time flies fleeting than a month, this month my wife and I seem to back to the past happy days. Wife has put up in the morning to do breakfast, we serve Yeliang after eating to go out to work in the afternoon to go home from get off work connected to his wife or son to the parents’ home for dinner, the evening turned down almost all entertainment by his side his wife and son. During his wife nor any unusual move, most of the time is not with me and my son was under surveillance, in addition to time to go home yoga Wu Wei, the beginning also go more, then gradually less the last ten or even a few days did not go in.

I have asked his wife how not to, his wife smiling, he replied “not before u people at home alone, desolate and boring Wu Jie will go to yoga, in fact, is looking for someone to talk to. Now u back son and u are what I have to do it! “

I hear his wife’s remarks about his wife feel very guilty and unfair, and perhaps his wife is simply not as I expected, really like everything she said but I often travel, entertainment, did not accompany her in the side, shaved pubic hair and marks on the breasts is really due to the result of yoga. And I was paranoid to investigate, track, monitor everything his wife, almost destroyed my happy home, my wife and I almost put pushed into the bottomless abyss, think of some guilt and fortunately Fortunately, Clearing the air business as usual.

All relieved that night, I deliberately waited wife after going to bed at her in his arms, one hand kneading my favorite wife’s breast in one hand upon his wife’s chin, gently said: “Wife, I a long time did not love you! “

His wife heard this click on the red face, white at me, his hands around my waist, head against my chest, began in front of me, close my eyes and shy.

Looked at his wife lashes and trembling slightly tender and beautiful lips, I can not help some shortness of breath. Bow to kiss up, wife responded with intense, two fierce tongue entwined, trying to get separated.

I stared at his wife’s Qiaolian embarrassed to see his wife pulled the quilt to cover his face, lying in bed crooning: “! Come, my husband.”

My wife heard the invitation issued immediately opened the quilt, gently ask on his wife’s finger painted Johnson milk in the small circle of areola wife, thumb and index finger and rub the nipple from time to time to stir up the pit size.

Only a few, I feel his wife’s nipples to hard up, his wife a pair of gigantic by my nipples squeezed together relatively, I suck a nipple sucking licking up the two issued a “Hsi …… Lek, pattering … … “the voice of the wife gradually into the state.

“My husband, ah …… ah, do not …… Do not lick, well …… so sorry.” Then his wife hand holding my head in one hand and anti-clutching pillows, eyes slightly open face flushing.

Touched her thigh leg from his wife, his wife’s habit legs folded, I put my hand tightly caught in the inside can not move. Kiss up gradually extend it to bite his wife’s ear lobe side blowing side and shoved his wife kicked his legs, bald pussy about before my eyes. Nearly two pink labia slightly apart, the middle trace has a milky white liquid flow perineum.

“Yeah! …… husband, do …… do not look.” Look and shielded his wife pleaded.

“Xiaomei good, reach the hands off, to her husband appreciate u hairless pussy.” I said, putting his wife’s hand away, carefully watching this bare hairless pussy and did not develop the same woman, wife only shame is no way to hand over his face.

Gently with your fingers to separate the two Rouchun, it has been at the top of the clitoris congestion and swelling to the size of soybean, hand pinch wife flew the whole body quivered.

“Do not do …… …… …… do not get that, the better …… Ma …… good acid.” Then a large share Yinye immediately flooded out, slowly flows through the perineum asshole wet sheets.

I can not help but to see such a scenario mouth scrape together up to catch her Yinye, forced to suck and hold that point.

“No fast …… …… …… do not stop to stop …… …… …… …… do …… suck that there shame ……

People die of shame. “

Before I tasted one taste, she is blushing hand to pull up my eyes blurred, around my neck and kiss constantly, but my cock already hard as iron also against the wife of James Xuekou constant friction over his wife’s Yin Ye.

“My husband loves …… …… …… of …… love you Mel.” Confused wife groaned, hand guided my hard cock entering her already rampant sexual secretion bare pussy.

Only when I inserted my wife, I was dramatically shaking. I turned a few times in a row, my wife waited tired with my lower abdomen, and my little mouth was tight. “Ah … ha ………………… … husband, too … too … fierce, slow … slow … some point. “The meat in the vagina is as constantly squeezing, absorbing my meat stick. Back ridge, “…

… 」」 I succumbed to a sigh of relief, and inserted his wife to stop.

I don’t know if I haven’t done it for a long time, I feel that today, I feel that today’s wife’s small hole is often tight, and I almost shot.

Slim, wait for the pleasure of the past and slowly check, the wife also combined with the body, and the wife came again with a climax, and the homework was tightly lifted, the meat stick was taken by his wife Squeeze a quick attack, I can’t help but shoot in my wife.

At this time, the wife also shed a happy tear.

“What happens, is my wife hurt?” I asked some hurricane.

The wife said, I didn’t say “no … no, just happy, I will have never touched me this time, I … I thought I was tired of me, don’t want me.” Said his wife’s tears Down.

“Little fool, how will husband do you want? Is this not just come back? Don’t think about it. Hey, I will feel distressed!” The tears of my wife will come, but I can’t help but I am glad that I am so important in my wife.

“Don’t leave me in the future, don’t you leave me? Husband.” The wife put my hand on her face and asked.

I couldn’t help but kissed her a few times, solemnly said: “I will never leave Zhuang Mei in this life.”

The wife saw the lips.

The fourth chapter of the tuning in the disc will be more loving in the day after the day, I am more loving during the day, and I am so cool at night, and the previous wife’s death does not agree to do, and the agreed, the consent, let me be cool. But the good looks not long after I go home for two months. When I went to work, I gave me a letter and a box. I said that I didn’t care too much. Generally, it’s all straight to it. In the trash can, because of the boring, it is torn, and the letter is seen. That is, this boring afternoon completely changed my life for my wife.

“Mu Director: Hello! Hehe I estimate that you are not good after reading this letter.

Time, isn’t there anything to be derailed? Why don’t you check it, or you will be a green tea turtle. The wife is doing the wife, how can you endure so happy? I still don’t know the true side of my wife Zhuangmei. If you want to understand the true face of the teacher, you must be interested in things in the box. “My God opened the box under the ghost, and” “in the mind is blown. A whispering and cut white lace cutting, a glass bottle in a glass bottle in a glass bottle, a variety of black curved hair, and a disc. A label is labeled on the disc, the name is menu, and time is less than a month after I go to the provincial city.

Is this related to his wife, I hurriedly put the disc in the computer. Time does not grow less than 1 hour, the screen is started at the beginning, it seems to be a study, but some different. The center of the room placed a single-circled high back skin sofa, and the sofa was very strange to have many rings in the top. The adult sex toys will appear on the shorter next to the sofa. The oblique opposite side of the sofa is played with a picture of the same picture in the camera, which is a camera synchronous TV.

After about 1 minute, the picture was opened and a high heels tapped the sound of the floor. One of the upper body in the picture, a color lace, half-transparent white hanging bunch, bunch of underwear, hands with a pair of equally materials colors, a white lace hollow Dingfin panties, the legs are also wearing a white sock and a pair White high heel shoes, except for these almost naked nothing.

This woman is a wife, the hair is a hairpin, and the face is painted on the face. Dressed with her will give people a feeling of noble, pure, down, unruly, but can’t afford any conflict.

I was confirmed that my wife was like being can’t breathe in the water. The world seems to be far away from me. I just want to know why my wife will appear in the picture.

The wife stands in front of the camera in front of the camera, holding the shoulder before the chest, put the lower body before the abdomen, poorly said behind: “Don’t … Don’t shoot, become? 妳 … All, just … “I have interrupted by a man’s voice.” I just didn’t do it now, I can’t do it. “

The wife continued to be pleaded: “I think it is really … it is too … too shy. In addition to this other, it is, do you?”

Just listening to the male voice, “Mei Sister is hurting, no shy, I have a big box there, hurry!”

The wife heard his face and went back and retired a few steps. “Don’t you say it?

The man is quiet, suddenly asked with a serious mouth: “Meiu, do you want to violate the will of the owner? Want to let the family and friends know what is what?”

The wife heard this sentence and then respectfully replied: “Mei … plum … do not dare”

After saying that the wife’s tears have already fallen, the man saw a wife and changed a tone. After the event, I watched the film that I took in the bed was not very “.” Watch I know that I am embarrassed to give you something, come to bring this. “

The man handed a black eye mask to his wife before going to the camera, indicating his wife.

I finally saw the man’s look, Zhou Qiang is the young sports teacher Zhou Qiang. But I am surprisingly not too big and painful, only some sorrow and sadness. The bottom is gradually rising, looking forward to the performance below the wife, because this is the wife in front of me, I have never revealed.

The wife smoked by the eyes, Zhou Qiang slammed his wife before going to the sofa, let his wife sit on the sofa, put his hands behind the brain, then quickly tied his wife hands to the back, looked The lower body said quietly in his wife’s ear, “Mei Sister, I will bundle it now?”

The wife heard the constant twisted body shook his head and pleading to try to escape.

“Hey! Now you can’t get it, as long as you bundle in front of you, this is noble in front of the outside, and I feel excited.”

Zhou Qiang said that he picked up a small hemp rope from the short machine, and it would be tied to the wife’s body. Two ropes spared two laps on the wife’s breasts and squeezed the wife itself from the white body underwear, so that the wife’s breasts appeared more firm, full. The feet were lamed into the m-shaped handrail on the armrest of the sofa, and the white hollow dating pants were also pulled aside, and the wife’s private part was exposed.

Zhou Qiang tied his wife to standing next to him, she would seem to feel that I didn’t have addiction. I took my wife’s eye mask. The wife who exposed to the light. I felt very suddenly, I didn’t react it for a long time, I saw it to see my opposite TV. Yourself. When you are, you will be red, your body is not twisted.

After a long wife looked at Zhou Qiang went to the neck roof of his wife, he smelled her body incense. He also deliberately made a micro-eyed, very intoxicated, exhaled hot air also sprayed his wife. The face “shy young woman’s taste is the most stimulating the man’s desire to be? Mei Jie.”

The wife saw Zhou Qiang’s vision, the heart could not help but sink. She quickly suppressed her full fear and pleading: “Fast … I will let me go, let me … let me do anything. Don’t … Don’t you do this? “

Zhou Qiang got a wife’s chin and gentle kissed the lips of his wife. Suddenly a nipple picked his wife, he took a few evil spirits: “Don’t urgently Mei, I will ask for a while I am playing with me. “

After taking a jumping egg, some liquids went to the wives of the wife, and the wife was struggling and scared: “No! Don’t, fast … I will take the one.”

Zhou Qiang did not care about his wife’s shouting or separate his wife’s slightly wet, and said, “” Mei Jie is hungry, so this is the following water, sticky is not too dirty. Or do I come to help the shaving? “

I didn’t wait for my wife to answer, I stood up and kissed my wife’s face. The switch turned and left.

After 3-4 minutes, the wife has been trendless, slightly, and the vaginal mouthpiece is a little bit of water. At this time, the Sweet Square is a hot water and some tools come in: “I said that Mei Sister has no sound, it has been hard to cool.” On the side of the slow, pulling his wife’s body, “Well … Ha, no … don’t. “

I know that my wife said that I didn’t shave it. Zhou Qiang deliberately said: “Women are really difficult to wait, start to push, don’t let go of it; now I am afraid, don’t like to take it out, don’t take it out. Know what you want. “

After taking the opening of the wife’s stockings, I pushed the jumping eggs that had already been pulled out, and the wife had just pushed. The wife’s eyes closed the eyebrows. It seems like a huge pain. .

Zhou Qiang, picking up the scissors, asked his wife: “Mei Sister, I started.”

The wife, I don’t know if it is in the pleasure of egg, I still have some kind of creating, I don’t have any opposition, Zhou Qiang bruises the buttage with scissors, ruthlessly rubbed back and forth near the wife’s pants, pull it. There are a few pour in the bottom of the trousers.

Zhou Qiang saw a smile: “Mei Jie is not very expected, have not started how much water is out. If it starts to cut it, I will not drown me.”

After told the wife’s eyes closed, there was no answer, so I pulled a few times again: “Is it! Mei Sister?”

“Yeah … ha! … is … is like this, don’t … Don’t … get it again.” The wife and sneaked.

“Open your eyes and see how I put a noble, pure young woman shaved like a young girl. Otherwise …! Hey! You know the consequences of Mei Jie.” Zhou Qiang commanded his wife.

The wife helpless opened his eyes and looked at Zhou Qiang cut his underwear. Although this underwear was not worn, it was not too much, but he was shy by a knife. Pull up a few curled hairs continue to use scissors, watching the wife’s nervous expression Zhou Qiang smiles. With a glass bottle and said: “There is no chance to grow in the future, and these will leave a commemoration.” After the beginning, I started a knife and cut it ………

I saw that the bottle in the box immediately took out and saw the one of the pictures. This is the hairy that the wife was cut by Zhou Qiang, and the pain and anger could not use the language described this bottle. But the meat stick can’t be controlled in the picture of the wife, the wife is bundled and the tuning.

The wife’s hairy in the picture is bitten in Zhou Qiang’s hands and gradually decreases. Zhou Qiang did not have any foresee of the scissors to pick up a can of the bubble sprayed in the genitals of his wife. This suddenly foam and apply it to the wife’s body dramatically.

“Hey … ah! Good … good cool … ah!” The wife said.

“嘿” Zhou Qiang stared two times, and he didn’t answer, and continued to apply it at his wife.

There are no bad abdomen, and the thigh is even in the yin and the farthed, and there is no white foam.

“Thorns … thorns …” On the razor, the razor is full of bubble, revealing the wife hidden under the white hair.

“People have a knife, I am a fish meat”, I can’t keep it in the last use of shame, but I can’t stop it, but I can’t stop it. The most privacy of the most mighty is the pendant and white girl. The pussy husband who exposed to the air had to look at it several times, but now I am not appreciated by the man who is not my husband in front of him. This intense to the ultimate shame makes his wife, while the interior of the vagina has also produced a strong strange pleasure.

The wife’s pleading is looking at Zhou Qiang, who is appreciating her masterpiece: “Yea … Ha, no …

… to be like this … Don’t … Don’t look, this … this place. “

Zhou Qiang did not seem to hear the wife’s pleadings, kneeling there, pulling out the eggs out on the ground, obsessed with his wife’s light bald, and pulling the clitoris with your fingers to form a pink fine seam;

At the time of the lips, I looked at the scenes of the vagina or, the mouth continued to swallow the mouth of the mouth. … “

Say it low, the big mouth of the mouth sucks.

“淅 …, 淅 淅 … … 啵”

The wife’s head is tall, and the body is constantly shaking in the man’s licking. In the scream of his wife, the man is mixed with the sound of the man, the sound of the pussy, and the man who muttered. Zhou Qiang’s fat tongue flexibly slid back and forth in his wife’s genitals, from time to time to fight the wife’s sensitive clitoris, from time to time, from time to time, the wife’s slightly opened vaginal port quickly penetrated.

In the constant rumor, the snoring of the wife is getting bigger and bigger, and it is more and more changing: “Oh …

… Yeah … ah … ha … ah … you have been here, ha … Yeah … Hey … no … don’t …


The wife’s body began to gradually change and there was no rule slightly, wearing a white high heel feet uphysquely tightened, and the pussy was constantly looking for something. Zhou Qiang saw his wife quickly gave a decisive depreciation of the wife’s yin, stopped the stimulation of his wife. He knows that this beautiful young woman is to be completely played by this beautiful young woman, so that she can firmly hold her lust, let her understand that her climax is controlled by himself, so this woman will not violate their will .

Zhou Qiang was stopped, the wife suddenly felt that it was uncomfortable, and the vaginal was constantly opened and the body and mind seem to be taken away. This kind of physical and mental, the feeling of playing makes his wife fall into a shameful and sad lust and rational suffering.

Since I first saw my wife, Zhou Qiang was fascinated by his wife’s elegant temperament, and the face of the beautiful face, that is, from the time, Zhou Qiang wants to conquer her, take her, and let her Be your own sex slave. Zhou Qiang knows that it is easy to tame his wife. Even if the drug and threat succumb, the heart will not bow, and it will only be more and more dishearted. If the wife will be willing to become his own play, let her sink in the sense of sensation, and completely disintegrate her. The heart of the defense train in the indulgence process, in the process of indulging, trust and worship.

Zhou Qiang realized that his sake of his childhood, but he could not easily gave his wife’s climax. He also needed constant humiliation and let his wife constantly in the edge of humiliation and climax, let his wife do not show the real lascivious side. The ultra-fierce climax brought about her very fierce climax is enough to make my wife forget the experience of humiliation, but I am really grateful to myself.

Waiting for his wife slightly, he said, and said with the wife and laughing and said to his wife: “Zhuang teacher, it is very uncomfortable!

Come to me to help you solve. “I said that I just wiped out from the short machine, I just wiped the egg,” Don’t … Don’t, I … I will obey, no … don’t use this evil thing. “

The wife saw the fear of the fear, but because the body was binding to the end of the body, it was painted in the yin, assinity and the interior of the vagina by Zhou Qiang.

After painting, Zhou Qiang in order to make the active ointment faster, put the jumper that I just threw on the ground, and gently caress my wife’s pussy: “Hey! How can I become evil? This is Good things, only painting, you will put down the mask of your high-yield, and expose the true and most sensuality. “

“No … is not, it is this thing I will … I will ………”

The wife has been interrupted yet, “” Because this is so lascivious? Hehe! Joke is just a general voyage, there is no first medicinal effect. “

When the wife stayed, Zhou Qiang saw the situation continued to ask: “If the role of the aphrodisiac, why didn’t you use a pleasure, will be almost a climax in my lichen, which is not in the bed after the drug effect. Continue to be crazy. I will have repeatedly go to bed, I think my husband will have not enjoyed the crazy who exhibited in my bed? “

The wife heard the right to turn his head to a painful closure. Zhou Qiang reached out and slowly wiped the tears on his face, and continued to stimulate his wife “Recognize Bai Zhuang Mei, you are a woman who is unfaithful to her husband, not with teacher, now I just face the original face. I have exposed it. “

At this time, I started to attack the egg and Zhou Qiang’s caress. The wife’s body flourished, the fragrant sweat dripped, slightly breathed, the wife came to the edge of the climax again, and the hand of Zhou Qiang was again. I left and extracted.

“Hey … …” The wife followed the disappointment of sigh. It was very close to the climax twice. Let his wife be ashamed and urgently under the psychological defense to start tattoo, start using a pleasant look Looking at Zhou Qiang. “Mei Sister, what happened, what do you want me?” Zhou Qiangming asked, while asking, put his finger on his wife’s nipple.

“Well … ah, strong to … Give me, I want ………” The wife in the role of the aphrodisiac, some blurred requests.

“Give you, give it to you! Say clearly, Mei Sister” Zhou Qiang deliberately asked, and picked up the egg on the clitoris of his wife.

“Um … ah, no … don’t … stop … Come.” The wife groaned with some mad.

“Ok, I will stop Mei.” Zhou Qiang deliberately said, and I took the hand again.

One emptiness is coming again in his wife, “Hey … no … isn’t it?”

“What kind of thing is! Don’t let me know how I know!” Zhou Qiang asked with his wife’s nipple.

“Please … please … let me climax.” The wife is forced to look at it.

“I really don’t know how to teach students, and the language teacher said that it will be unclear.” After that, I will take out a fake 阳 ‘s on the wife’s vagina. There is no friction.

“Well … ah, ask … Ask for a quick … hurry up!” Wen Zhouqiang put a small piece of small cuts in the vagina of the fake igle, stopped and continued to humiliate his wife.

“Mei Sister looks, it is this thing!” Zhou Qiang looked at the wife who closed his eyes with shame and asked the false rock.

The wife opened his eyes and aimed at the eyes, and closed his eyes closed red.

“Oh! Mary, who is going to use it!” Zhou Qiang asked forced to.

The current wife has begun to have some ideas under the shame and continuousness of the edge of the climax, starting with the sensation of the body to chase the feeling of the body, but it is too lustful discourse.

Zhou Qiang saw it once again knead his wife’s clitoris made his wife again, biting his wife’s earridge whispering: “Say it! Don’t say that you can’t get what you want, how long it is? I will take a problem. “

The wife finally put the ingredients in the brain and said that they were in the instinct. It usually heard it will blush. “Used, inserted … inserted me … my yin … vaginal.”

Zhou Qiang is stupid asked: “Vaginal? Is a small wave! Do not understand, reread!”

After the first time I said that it was so shy, I was completely letached: “Well … ah … use fake … Cock, plug …

After listening to the wife, I said that I said that I knew that I had a successful smile and grabbed the fake mask to start dramatically, and the side of the edge stimulated his wife: “Zhuang teacher, you will see you. The waves have flowed into my hands and bad? “

“Zhuang sister, my husband is inserted by my husk. It’s not sad. I’m replacing my husband sad, I found such a lasciful wife, …”

The wife has deeply caught the sensual pleasure, and suddenly the body began to puck slightly, and the feet also started to stretch it, Zhou Qiang hurried accelerated speed.

After inserting dozens, the wife’s head slammed backwards, and the eyes panned up, but the ass left the sofa pussy with fake chicken, the body was constantly convulsted for more than ten times, “Well …

… Ha, high … The climax is coming, you have to come out, hey … “

A urine is accompanied by the long scream of his wife, and it will gradually weaken the pussy on the sofa for a while.

“Mei Sister is really a hunger and thirst, excited to get up with incontinence. Is it extremely refreshing?” Zhou Qiang stroked his wife’s happiness loudly.

At this time, the wife seems to be immersed in the long rhyme of the climax, the body of the soft on the sofa is still slight twitching, the masher is rushing on the sofa in the sofa, and the eyes are looking at TV, a waters The micro-lip is flowed on the chest along the mouth. The high heels on a feet have already fallen on the ground, and the other is hanging on the wife’s foot. The film will stop here.

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