The fifth chapter collapsed the adults who were arrested. I sat on the chair in front of the screen. The film had already played over, but I also pinched the glass jar that was filled with a haired hair. The brain is blank, and the heart is empty. Is this my wife? The marriage was solemn, high, and cheerful, lovely wife at home.

However, it is not as good as a scorpion, and it is not as good as a small scorpion, with a small 7 or 8 years old, can be used as a unmarried man of her brother, in front of the camera lens, forcing shaving, obscene liability and other training.

In the mutual shame, I still don’t know how to make a shame, ask men to help myself with a false igle, and finally reach the climax I have never seen before this man is so metamorphosis, and cool to urine.

At this time, the shock of my heart has not been described in the language. Is it true like the letter? This is the most authentic side of the wife, just that the wife is deeply hidden in the high, and the mask of the mask. Next, now this man is just hidden his wife in the bottom of his heart, and the most exciting and most eager to explore it.

How is the usual wife hidden so good, even my husband who is a pillow is 6 or 7 years, there is no spot. I can’t help but hurt. It is said that the wife has been a fake for my wife for my wife. It is just to pretend to be happy, it seems that every day, I will ask my working time. It is only convenient to find time and Zhou Qiang.

And my performance in bed, I feel that because of the same, because I have been at home, I can’t mix with the adults of the husband. I think I can’t think about it. There is a feeling that is extremely crashing. I can’t hold my hands. I must go back to my wife and ask what is going on.

A stinging took me back from the crazy edge, it turned out that the bottle was crushed by me, looking at a few wives in the red liquid. I gradually calm down, my wife and I got married for so many years, I am very clear about her feelings to me, paying for this home, can’t be so casual, and other men go to bed;

Don’t say that you will make such a shameful thing.

Be sure is what the wife has a handle of Zhou Qiang, threatened by Zhou Qiang, and when the film starts, Zhou Qiang also threatens his wife. Otherwise, Si Wen, how to show this kind of sensuality in front of him. This shows that the wife is definitely a helplessness, this is definitely there is something hidden.

No matter what woman encountered this kind of thing, it is a two difficult choice. Open, it means that the adulteration of the trapee may be punished, but it will lose his own life and love, and the honorary sweeping in the eyes of others will not start; Concealing is to choose to make a family, husband, and his son have to be confused, but it is a non-loyal and betrayal of the lover.

For this family and take care of my face wife, the face wife will definitely choose the latter, you can imagine that the wife at the time must be very painful and helpless. I can’t figure out anything else to show my wife, so only more hurt my wife is already very fragile.

Now we must start from Zhou Qiang. The reason for the wife is forced to derailrate and those films don’t let him flow. I think that I immediately decided to find someone to grasp Zhouqiang and get a clear, see what this little is so mad.

Another man is awkward, he is afraid that the other husband knows is very hidden. He threatens the wife’s derail that I dare to shoot it into the film, I am not afraid that I will find a reason to find someone to kill him. Just picked up the phone but suddenly thought that if you fake others, it’s hard to keep the films won’t spread out, so I had to go to this kid.

I have found an executive secret mission to go out for a few days of excuse to say a colleague and home. I changed my clothes and took a mini electric rod and put it in my pocket. I went to Zhou Qiang. Because I was afraid of being discovered by others to get a school, the school has already studied, and I listen to the wife has left, Zhou Qiang lives in school.

I knocked the door of Zhouqiang, I listened to someone in the door to open the door. The door opened, Zhou Qiang’s unfair face with a smile “Hey! It is Mu Ge! Looking for me!” Zhou Qiang’s tone seems to show all kinds of disdain and ridicule.

Thinking of on the weekly elevation, the lovely wife is because of this man’s defamation, betrayed me, betrayed the family, couldn’t help but attack, and I didn’t answer the fierce on his face, and then rushed up.

Zhou Qiang is not a way to react, I have been put on my face in my face, and I stretched my hand to my mouth. It is full of blood, and I will flush it over, twisted together.

Since Zhou Qiang is a sports teacher, height is a few years older than my young; although I am a policeman but it is a civilian, it is a matter of this two years, and it is too lazy every day. Soon, I was in the wind in this fight, and some exhausted horn couldn’t stand.

Hurry and take out the electric bars in your pocket to open it in Zhou Qiang. This kid saw a flash, I rushed two steps in front of it, I didn’t stop it. I didn’t stop the army. I took the electric bars in my hands and reached my hand. touch.

A touch of electric shock came from the waist. The brain lost the perception after a giant maneumer, but people were awake, and the whole body was weak and soft in the ground.

Zhou Qiang saw that I was on the ground, and the electric rod was removed. For me, I spit a sight, maybe it hurt to the corner of the mouth, reached out and touched a breath, and then rushed to me, I slammed me.

“Mother’s forced, dead hybrids, dare to play me, furture the old man kick you a former ….” Zhou Qiang kicked, I tried to avoid it. But just touched by the electric bods, don’t say that hiding, it is thinking that there is no hand to stop, and you can only play by Zhou Qiang.

After a while, I feel that I have been tired for a long time. I still have enough to vent it, or because I can’t resist the dodge, I don’t mean, I finally stopped my beating.

Hurry and ran to the door, I looked at the quick turn of the door. I moved the chair and sat in front of me. I got some cigarettes in my mouth. One hand took my face slanting. I said, “Mu Ge is quite ! If the brother will be two times, today I can’t plant it in your hands. “At this time, I was anxious and I didn’t want to spit a spit. “Hey! Take it on the bar! I see you have a lot!” After mentioning my hair is a fierce fan to my face, I’m a dozen my ear scorpion, my eyes take the gold star, and I will stop me. Throwing on the ground, seeing that I was somewhat wilting on the ground, it seems that I didn’t know how to use my foot on my face on my face.

“Mad! Why isn’t you mad, are you not coming to play Laozi? Get up, Laozi stands here in this, let you play.

“After saying a gap, I spit in my face” I am! ” . “I heard it and angry and glared at him.

There is a few slap in the world, “How can I still not accept the gas, my mother still looks, Laozi let you see it.” When I got up the electric rod, I went to my body, a burst of mens, with a painful pain from my lower body. It came, I was like a dehydrated shrimp, and the bows fell up. Since the whole body muscles are tight under the action of the current, the mouth is big, but the mouth can not be called, and the mouth can only be issued “Oh … huh …” The breath, the martyrower is moving in the mouth of the mouth Everywhere.

I don’t know how long it may be a few seconds, it may be a few minutes, Zhou Qiang finally removed the electric rod, and I seem to go back to the world when the electric rod moved. The muscles of the whole body are relaxed by the height tight, and the body is still evacuated. After a temporary, suddenly, from the thigh root, a damp heat is sent.

But when I reacted, it was late, urinary water has soaked the pants on the ground to form a small amount of water.

I am … actually, it is so unbearable, and the incontinence of the face of the adventures. I have risen red, I don’t know if it is an angry, still afraid, all kinds of emotions are set together.

I didn’t dare to face Zhou Qiang ridiculed my eyes. I wanted to avoid it, but the whole body is still soft but I can’t do it. I have to choose my head to turn my head tightly.

Zhou Qiang saw the laughter and then laughed, and he didn’t pick up the air. “Ha … ha … cough … cough, hey! Laugh … laugh at me. Ha … Ha … … Mu Director, you are too … it’s too strong, just … only two times you … you actually have a urine. The director of the television is actually diapers that it is called two times. “Zhou Qiang adjusted When you breathe, you will continue to humiliate the “mother forced, you are more than 30 years old, how can you have a child like a child, how did you get this director, wouldn’t you give you a super-level egg to buy your buttock? ! “Said Zhou Qiang is a laughter.

After laughing for a while, Zhou Qiang saw that I closed my eyes didn’t respond. Remove me to a chair, the hands of the hands and rear on the back of the chair, and start to bundle it. After tie, pull the eyelids to fix the upper and lower rubber cloth, now I can’t just be closed, but I can’t close my eyes.

Then, Zhouqiang turned to another room, took out a pink Ms. Pearo, which was filled with dry secretion, and a pair of tip-filled white spots, and walked to my smile and said ” !

This is your wife Zhuang Mei has a special buy to seduce me, give me a feet, I will worry about her, how is the sexy not Zhuang Mei did not wear it? I think Mu Ge will definitely like it? “Let’s take my mouth into my mouth, then use the tape to seal my mouth. After being sealed, I carefully check it again. When I move my punch, I’m playing in my belly. Identify me only Can emit a low “…”, only to shoot my face in front of me, how about it, this is your wife and my foxes, there is a brother, I am shooting in your wife. How about the fine water? The vessel has a good taste. “The taste of Sangtu is immediately filled with my mouth.

I can’t calm down, I want to use my head to hit him. I saw that Zhou Qiang took the chair and pretended to pretend to be concerned. “Don’t be excited, Mu Ge! You see how good you are for you, I know you I haven’t tasted your wife’s prostitution yet, I have found these expired to try it. I have a chance to taste fresh. “Zhou Qiang said that I suddenly realized my face” Oh! You see I have a record, how can you have a diaper? How can we take your lawless wife, our Zhuang teacher droves the water! But nothing, this is not a brother, I must When you move your wife to spray, give you a good taste. I said how I can’t get it in two days, the sister is not the warow, crying, I want to fuck her to itch. Every time I have painted my waist. It turned out that Mu Ge, my kidney is not satisfied. I can’t help the sister. I have a favorite brother, I like it, and I will help you to do it. “After I finished Zhou Qiang, I can’t help but be big. In the mouth, “… …” is called, the body keeps shaking wants to break free. Zhou Qiang fierce stepped on my chest, stepped on it.

“Don’t be excited …” See me still can’t struggle, shake, Zhou Qiang took out the electric rod to my lower body, sweat, urine, and then spray it again; this moment I think it is interrupted The wild dog of the spine can only be lying on the back of the chair, “calling … call”, and even if you want to stand the strength and courage of the two eyes.

“Mom, you are all fucking goods like your wife. I don’t listen, I don’t want to use some means. I will be hired by me. Your wife is fed by me. But the words come back to you and Your wife is really a perfect match. You are actively looking for the door to get into urine, and your wife is active asking me to be in the climax inconventive. Hey! Hey! “Zhou Qiang looked at me smile.

I wanted to turn my head to one side. Zhou Qiang saw his face and got down, and grabbed my hair turned my face to his face. “Why don’t you want to listen now, isn’t it always in front?

I almost caught Laozi in the garden that day, I was hard to be hard, I thought it was mad. Fortunately, your wife smartly knows her body to lure me, comfort me with his mouth, talented for a few days. Thinking of on his mother’s gas, your fucking criticizes. “I have finished grabbing the electric rod and the lower body is still a slap.

Urine is incontinent. The people thoroughly slammed on the chair, and the lower body twitching, came to a burst of hot stinging. At this time, Zhou Qiang gently gave me a gentle saying that he was wrinkled. “Now you are very honest! Staying for Laozi, otherwise putting you below the test sausage, let you can’t live again with your wife. “I don’t know if I have been shameful for the disabled, or the happeak of the lower body and the fear of the threat to him, I am afraid, yet, hurry up. Zhou Qiang sat down nodded out “You said that you are guilty, you will take a few more you will be obedient, how do you stay in? Otherwise, let you come. Hey! I just said where I said, Mom I have forgotten by you. “After the miles, I thought it was, then I asked me.” How do you know that I do your wife? That day you haven’t seen it! ” Why did he suddenly ask me this, is that the film is not he sent to me, who is sending it to me? I caught my thoughts.

Seeing that I didn’t react, Zhou Qiang was also afrained and then photographed my shoulders smile. “Do you want to guess, but don’t take a look at you, you must know how I will take you Wife is getting up! “When he said, he looked at me.

Is this one of my purposes today! I don’t know how to take it. I have a little bit, Zhou Qiang smiled and smiled. “Oh! I know that you will be able to know this today, but said that your wife is really a waves, just started to pay for a long time. The force is dried in, but it can be later …

… “said that Zhou Qiang seems to fall into memories, no matter what I just said, I am very serious, but I think about how to get out. But with Zhou Qiang’s The sound of the sound is coming, but it can’t think of other things in my mind. It is just a chance to face with its description. Chapter VI, the wife who struggled in the lust, Zhou Qiang Ganggang has graduated from the university. The school became a wife’s colleague. Zhou Qiang, who has just graduated to participate in the first day, and the beautiful face, high-picked figure, and a high-quality, married, S., noble young woman temperament Deeply dumped. Because Zhou Qiang’s appearance is sunshine, the body is strong, the character is more straightforward, and the work is not long and the students around them are mixed. In order to achieve the purpose of approaching the wife, there is always a meaningless wife in front of the wife, what is the big thing I also robbed it. After a while, my wife also agreed with this young person, I think Zhou Qiang is good.

Over time, Zhou Qiang and his wife are gradually practiced, and Zhou Qiang’s understanding of his wife is more and more.

When he knew that his wife had married and born, and had an enviable family and his husband’s husband, the heart of his wife was light.

Plus the wife is very careful to him, and the families who are afraid of destroying others are cleaned by others, and they simply let the death of the wife as a sister. The wife is also happy to have a man in my business or not at home, there is a default.

However, the good scene is not long, and there is Zhou Qiang met with my wife shopping with my wife. I know from my wife’s introduction, when I was a wife’s husband, Zhou Qiang had some blue-white faces although it was full of performance, but the heart was turning me into a fragment on the spot.

On the night, I was full of angry Zhou Qiang lying on the bed, I couldn’t sleep, as long as I closed my eyes, I would appear in front of my father, I think of my own two years, I almost boring. Industry, if there is Wi Hao help, you may have only work in society.

And the enemy is a full family, the officialdom is proud, but also has such a heartless wife.

This is too unfair, the heart is incomparable, and the Zhou Qiang, who is in the anger, the fire that has already extinguished his wife, and the fire is over. I was still unable to revenge. Now I have given a chance to send the hateful wife to myself.

When you swear to take your wife from me, become a play on yourself. Let me taste the taste of this wonderful humiliation, to report the shame of the father. By the way, the happy family smoke, and let me feel the pain of the family and the son.

I was very doubtful, I was not a criminal police, I can say that the gun has not touched a few times. I can’t help but ask him what is going on, is it wrong, but my mouth is blocked can only send “… …”, Zhou Qiang heard me, smiling, patted my face After making a move, I got some cigarettes and continue to say.

Zhou Qiang, which is determined, has begun a series of preparations, first understand the hobby and habits of the wife around the wife and the students, and find out where all the attention is, the name of the brother is going to turn in front of his wife in front of his wife; When I don’t live around my wife, I ran to my home like a male master and my wife to do my family. Even the reason for helping to see my sister, I got my wife to recognize, the wife’s help, the wife, the wife moved to the house next door.

The gradual wife is getting more and more trusting Zhou Qiang, and it is completely asked as a relatives. Finally, when I developed to my wife, I would like to go to talk to him, or when I encounter difficulties when I live and work, I don’t want to find him help.

However, his wife did not find this seemingly care for her, respecting her appearance of the boy, but his dark heart is how to dominate everything, completely play with her body, destroy her family; use yourself Dacted to his revenge.

Time flies, a few months have passed, Zhou Qiang and his wife’s relationship is getting better and better. Wife does not know that the size is not to ask him regardless of the big things, and respect the recommendations he given. Thoughts and extremely dependence on life, let the wife gradually accepted the man’s care and care in the subconscious, and did not exclude very enjoyable enjoyment. Finally let Zhou Qiang have a considerable position in her heart, and treat him as a husband.

Because his wife brought up to be loyal to her husband and family, and constraints on the identity and moral values, so the wife is not unaware of the problem, but deep inside his wife really eager to have a man to care to take care of myself, I had a husband wife is the best choice, but due to my busy work does not understand his wife’s needs, but also travel frequently absent wife. Plus take advantage of this period of Zhou Qiang, since this alternative is that all sorts of things my husband to complete, attentive to his wife’s performance gradually come to rely on from him. And my heart has always insisted considered self-deception from people, except in the blood, and the siblings have no real difference between any of them, as long as this has been to maintain good relations both siblings can be to care for people, not He will betray her husband and family. So his wife began to take the initiative to accept the care and concern from Zhou Qiang, and that there is nothing wrong with that.

But I wonder if this idea but let herself deeper and deeper, and later when his wife noticed right when already no longer withdraw, and then the wife did not expect when she has this idea, it’s inevitable Zhou doomed prisoners later become the plaything of desire.

Get along with his wife Zhou Qiang also long aware of this psychological wife, and gradually began tentatively from their wives.

Just pretend not careful accounting wife a little cheap verbally or physically, even if only to persuade his wife found themselves in the heart, which is the younger brother of sister intimacy would not stop, just kidding him get angry white one even if the.

This is similar to his wife compromise and look almost like a baby, no doubt a great encouragement to Zhou. To the later Zhou Qiang is somewhat unscrupulous, when no outsiders often do not pay attention while his wife took his wife’s hand or direct arm around his wife’s waist, his wife will start a few times and some are not used to dodge, but over time and in under Zhou’s insistence he will not care, as long as you meet let him cuddle, even the presence of outsiders is not taboo, but rather the last meeting not to hug his wife will think less of what seems to be.

So next week’s acquiescence in his wife’s strong performance out of action and wife getting intimate behavior is ambiguous.

In unsuspecting outsiders even mistakenly believe that Zhou and his wife are a loving couple.

However, all seems in Zhou Qiang is their hard six months, you should get welfare, and everything indicates that his wife has been in the hearts and minds of their own destruction, but because of the face can not just pick out; now let his wife gestures the time is ripe to be harvested on their pay from the charming wife of the flesh.

When Zhou Qiang from his wife learned that I have to go out for half a year learning the message, Zhou decided to take the initiative and let his wife let go of the shackles of moral and family, faithful to her own heart of love for their own, resulting in his wife’s possession of his wife’s heart the flesh, and so when I came back six months later to become his wife has been completely plaything, to be his sex slaves, to enjoy, when the wife of dedication to serve the flesh, it is also possible wanton humiliation my enemy, let me try betrayed wife, family shattered, deep sorrow taste.

I left that afternoon Zhou wanted a reason to look for his wife, decided to invite her to dinner, after seeing his wife Zhou said: “Mui, get off work today, okay, I go there to eat.”

His wife heard smiled and asked, “how? Suddenly invited him to dinner, but also personally to do, is not a good thing ah!”

Zhou Qiang, scratched his head and said with a giggle, “No …… nothing, just to thank Mui this burst of care, the way to improve the look of life.”

Wife heard did not think I agreed.

After get off work wife phoned home to the parents and said loudly ask them to help answer it son, I go straight home and took a shower at home for a relaxed casual pieces, to the point of the meal directly next door pushed open Zhou virtual home the door cover.

Zhou entered the room looked too well-furnished house was very surprised, and somewhat different from the past. Sofa stuck on the coffee table in front of a bouquet of flowers, a cut-up fruit, very clean and tidy the house, did not look like a single man’s residence, on the dining room table has been laid out with a bottle of red wine and a few steaming dishes.

At his wife looked at it all the time, Zhou has been carrying out two bowl of soup on the table, pulled a chair at the table smiled at his wife said softly, “Mui, the first bowl of soup to drink special for you to do and then try my craft. “

His wife sat down on a chair reserved took the soup from the hands of Zhou frowned and stood for a long time did not move.

But my mind was to get the man in front of her husband and compare, Zhou Qiang, see his wife for a long time did not move carefully asked, “how is it! Mui this soup is not substandard appetite?”

The wife reacted and hurriedly responded. “No … no, just surprised that a big man will do this.” Said that he will taste the soup. After drinking, the wife is comfortable, “Well, I am so good, not bad.”

Zhou Qiang is busy in the hand, “there! It’s all, as long as Ms. Mi likes me to do every day.”

The wife heard a smile. “I dare to do every day, then your wife knows, I don’t blame me!

But the words come back, who married you in the future. “

Zhou Qiang quickly received “what I am doing, I can do my brother-in-law, Mei Jie, you are called happiness.”

The wife listened to Zhou Qiang, smiled and modesty “What happiness! Your brother-in-law is not home, and the figure can not see.”

Zhou Qiang listened to the words of his wife, and smiled and start greed more than a vegetable, Xuan Qiang frequently raised his wife, told his wife some praise, complimentary words, and won a cup of wife and drunk. A bottle of wine is gone, most of which entered the mouth of his wife.

After dinner, the wine is very average wife, it is already a bit drunk, Zhou Qiang has helped some waves to go to the sofa of the living room, one hand slowly slammed to his wife’s slim waist, let The wife is half relied on his shoulders; the other hand picks up a string of fruit to handed to his wife’s mouth, “Come to Mei, eat some fruit to solve the wine.”

At this time, the wife face is red, and the eyes are somewhat blur, the head is slightly leaning up, and the hair is scattered in Zhou Qiang’s chest. Although it is not aware of his own posture, it is not noticed in the role of alcohol.

Just enjoy the superiority of this man, care, admire, and suddenly rose a sense of indulgence that the husband who has brought himself from the man’s husband to himself.

But there are some scared, afraid that I can’t get back before, I am afraid to betray my lover and family. At this time, I have a little confused under the constant collision, and some are still a little expectation. Looking forward to the next movement of men.

The wife began to be affected by the desire under the atmosphere of love, and gradually started to open the small mouth, let Zhou Qiang fed the fruit into his mouth. A woman who has a piece of Zhouqi’s hand has a piece of fruit, and looks at Zhou Qiang 痴 痴 神 周 周 周 周 着 周. 周 着. 神.. If there is a blue breath, the silk is incense, and the face is placed on the face of the man.

Zhou Qiang couldn’t help but kiss his wife bowed to his wife’s red and attractive lips, and finally tasted his own lips. Zhou Qiang is very exciting, holding his wife’s floral waist, his wife’s towering breast is dead with a woman’s chest.

At this time, the wife governed by the desire, in Zhou Qiang’s kiss, a blank, what family, husband, responsibility, what morality, and etiquette began to gradually dissipate the man’s high kiss skills.

It’s just a slight resistance and struggle in my heart. Maybe it is my own feelings of this man, although it exceeds the general sisters, but far does not reach the point between the lover, or the first time by her husband. The people outside the man kiss the discomfort and shame, and mixed a inexplicable embarrassment and sad, so that the wife is a little confused, it will be close to the eyes, and the softness does not have any saying on the sofa. It seems that this can escape everything. Only some passive is signs from Zhouqiang.

I kissed the reaction of Zhou Qiang saw his wife was very satisfied, knowing to continue to move down. Not satisfied with just a simple kiss, reach out the tongue to start the wife’s lips to shake his wife’s closed scuba, and slowly explore the wife’s chest to start gently touch Kneading his wife’s breast.

Wife suffered a lot of pleasure in Zhou Qiang’s strokes, Zhou Qiang’s tongue is in the mouth of his wife, starting with his wife’s incense tongue, and the other hand is quietly moved to his wife’s lower abdomen Strip, the wife’s white tender skin, the wife will be slightly urgent in Zhou Qiang’s temporary.

Zhou Qiang knew that his wife had begun to emotion, and the hand of the lower abdomen gradually went to the wife’s big pants, but when I just touched my wife, my wife’s mind came to my husband and my son’s smile. The deep apology and guilty feeling made the wife instantly wakes up, earn Zhou Qiang’s arms, shrinks to the sofa, holding his own clothes, look is very complicated, looking at Zhou Qiang, there is embarrassment , Guilty, there are also a little love and disregard.

Zhouqiang, who was rushing on the fire, to these, reach out, go to pull his wife, and reached out and said “Ms. Sister, I have to see you, I have to see you very much … … “No waiting, Zhou Qiang said that his hand focked, he stood up.” Don’t … Don’t be a such thing, “said it will go back. The wife just closed the door of his house, and he sent Zhou Qiangqi knock on the door. “Mi Jie, I really like you, don’t you feel like you? ? “

At this time, the wife’s reason finally accounted for the upper peak, and thoroughly woke up from the confusedness of just now.

It’s a tenth year old, I am nearly ten years old, and a woman who has been married. I love my husband and child. I don’t want someone to destroy my family … “

When I said, I looked very anxious from the door to the door. I watched Zhou Qiang continued to say “… I don’t want to hurt you, I like you to treat you as the younger brother, can only It is the relationship between my brother, don’t like this, I don’t want to be like this, go back to sleep, forget this, don’t have any other ideas, I am still a good brother tomorrow. “

After that, I was quietly leaned on the door. After waiting for a while, I heard Zhou Qiang back, and the long comfortation, my heart was easy to put down. Recalling that the face of just now can’t help but red, I can’t help but feel comfort yourself.

“Fortunately, I wake up in time, almost … I almost …, oh, I am doing, my husband is so hard for this home, I will take a few days I almost do some men … I have to pay attention to others. It’s no longer like today, I have my husband and family, can’t be sorry for my husband and son. “

I thought that the wife was so eye-catching. After a while, I was so confusing and preparing to give me a call. I didn’t know when I was so wet, and I was very uncomfortable. Shaking your head and hurry to run to the bathroom.

Zhou Qiang returned to the place of stay. It is very difficult to see if it is very difficult to see, even some distorted, and a punch is in the sofa, I am anered in the heart, “I can fuck this woman, my stinky is at this time In my heart, I still have a man who is a man, my mother is not a good bid; it seems that I am a few months. “

Original Zhou Qiang is to start from the feelings, let the wife will go to bed, let his wife betray his husband from feelings and flesh, so that the way they embrace now seems to have no way.

Zhou Qiang had to consider using another method. I have a new program for a while. “Since you are toasting, I will give you a fine, I will get your body first, then directly taught, just let you Sinking in sensuality, and finally inseparable from my meat stick, there is no feeling of feelings, I can play you again to reach the purpose of revenge. “Zhou Qiang is very excited to look high. The pants, the constant improvement of the new plan in the mind, and I will start preparing for a while.

The next day, Zhou Qiang put anything did not happen, and sent a greetings and wives as usual. The wife also responded. It is only because Yesterday’s things Zhou Qiang clearly feel that the wife’s response is some preparation and perfunctory, and the heart is even more uncomfortable, decided to do it as soon as possible.

After seeing his wife went to work, quickly ran to the home to put forward a pack, took out the key that had already sneaked a good, opened his wife’s door, came to his wife’s home; first put a colorless and odorless with a slight fan Mixed, hypnosis, the nature of the syndrome is mixed into the wife’s milk powder, because Zhou Qiang has already understood that the wife is going to have a cup before going to bed every day.

Open the wardrobe with his wife’s bedroom and turned out the wife’s underwear, and carefully smeared an aphrodized ointment at the bottom of each panties. After blowing, carefully checked it, and did not have any differences when I took it out. The one by one is placed one by one, and then it is also applied to the bathroom to dry the wife is drying.

Finally, I took out some tools in my wife’s bedroom and some don’t pay attention to some hands and feet. After I saw it, I saw it several times. After I won’t be easily detected, I quickly returned to my home again, I just remembered it. The situation is determined that there is no omission, it will be relieved.

“Hai … really fucking, or if you want to have this charming young woman long-term, I am afraid that the woman turned to the face to come out to tell Laozi rape, and Laozi can force her last night. But this is the first to let her in these two After a spring medicine, I took a while, I took some thought to develop her meat, I was not afraid that she was not awkward, so she didn’t even be better to play. “

I think that Zhouqiang can’t help but laugh. “You are waiting for Laozi to grab your beloved wife, give you a big green hat on this turtle!” In order to achieve the purpose and canceled The wife’s preparation, like aware of his mistakes, Zhou Qiang is more diligent in front of his wife in the past two days, just like a simple little brother in front of his wife, it is no longer as previously The wife’s cheap and hugged his wife. The size of the sizes robbed his wife. Just occasionally looked at the eyes when watching his wife’s back, the greed of greed, indicating that his heart did not die at his wife. .

After a few days, the wife finally passed by Zhou Qiang’s camouflage, and thought Zhou Qiang had already slammed his own mindset, and she cited his position would not think about himself.

And you should not be so indifferent to guard against Zhou Qiang, after all, what happened in front is also indulgent, and there is a wrong place.

A few days, the wife’s preparation gradually became a clean net under Zhou Qiang’s camouflage, looked at Zhou Qiang asked for his busy figure, there was a sense of satisfaction; and Zhou Qiang relations quickly warmed recovery Like the past, after this thing, the wife was more concerned about Zhou Qiang, and the feelings between the two seemed to be more close.

However, since that day, the wife slowly discovered that she didn’t know, just like a whatever desire to be dissatisfied. The lower body often comes from a inexplicable desire and turmoil, it seems to have been in love with my husband for a long time. That feeling is like extremely desire for sexual love.

I was not too obvious for two days. I just saw the irritating lens or the picture, I would have a feeling that I want to be caress. I thought it was only the husband’s normal physical response; but the more serious, the more serious, as long as There is a man who has smelling them from the side of the kind of sweat on them, and there will be a burst of itch in the vagina.

Especially Zhou Zhouqiang is nothing to sway around his wife. After the sports class, the man’s dramatic sweat is even more smoked. If you touch him or touched his body, it Itching feeling is even more versatile, almost instantly reaching a strong pleasure of climax, accompanied by a lot of love, and Zhou Qiang is together, don’t have to be wet a few times.

It is even more unbearable at night. As long as you go to bed, you will have the scene and the husband’s scene. If you are very empty, you will be inserted by the meat stick. If you are determined, you must let your husband must put it down, satisfy his requirements and him. Unlike previous sense of sex, and gradually begins to do a spring dreams in taking satisfaction.

But the men who appear in the spring of the night are not their own husband. Most of them have been refused by themselves. Zhou Qiang, who is positioned as the younger brother. It is no longer a husband who is no longer my husband, but even the last bed. Zhou Qiang.

Several my wife woke up from the climax in the dream, I found that my white light thigh was dead, and one hand pinched her hard chest, but one hand was in the mouth of yours. Knead. The first time I face this situation, my hometown wife almost collapsed, I can’t believe that I am actually in my dreams.

The shameful wife is constantly in the heart, how can it be like this, although this time did not make love with her husband, but the time is not too long, and the situation did not have this situation;

When the wife recalls to the dream, it is shocked, not only doing such a dream, but also a man outside the husband, and this man is still a brother, is it really a sensuality, still in my heart? …… I like it in my heart …

I think that the wife doesn’t dare to think about it again, but I will constantly tell myself because I miss my husband. I will so, my husband is just a good one. After a few times, I wanted to tell me several times, but I didn’t speak because of the shame but I didn’t pay attention to the secrets hidden in my wife.

The first next time, Zhou Qiang is already a week, and Zhou Qiang is going to the wife room every two days. It has gradually increased the dose, so that the wife’s bath is getting more and more prosperous. Because living in the wife next door through the windows, the balcony, and the mirror that have been doing hands and feet, the wife can easily see the wife at home.

Through daily observation, Zhou Qiang is very satisfied, intend to let his wife can induce the next step in the next two days, as long as the success of the wife’s heart, then the wife will give him to ask for it.

After two days, my wife has been extremely exhausted because of this increasingly strong lust, my mind is extremely extremely exhausted. The spirit is also unbearable. When I am in class, it is also very frequent, but people are also slim, but I will use me. It is more obvious that the breath of the young woman is more obvious, and the students surrounded, and the students are better. Although a pair of eyes is slightly red, it is a pair of spring water eyes in Zhou Qiang’s eyes. I don’t feel that I have a little lust and a little struggle mixed mixed mixed. .

It can begin to carry out the next step, Zhou Qiang is darkly happy, but it is very touched by the wife, and the wife is very touched, and it relies more.

On the way, the wife went to the last class, I saw a book, picking up four times, there is no one around, because I have to go to class, I don’t want to put it more. I went to class to the bag. When the wife left, Zhou Qiang came out from the corner next to it, looked at the back of his wife and smiled, the little lamb has been hooked, Zhuang Mei waited for me to give you the meat world.

Chapter VI, helpless fall and forced to be free, there is no matter if the wife will go home, TV does not want to see that it is afraid to be stimulated to the body, and I want to find Zhou Qiang chat but some hesitate. Finally, I didn’t wear the underwear outside cover the black silk nightdress, soaked a cup of Zhou Qiang today’s deliberately added milk and ready to sleep.

Suddenly I saw the book on the table in the bed and the information I got in the afternoon, I got the past decision to see that the student fell on the road, and I will return to the students tomorrow. At this time, the wife found that this book is a few pages, the cover is a white paper, which seems to be a copy information, the wife is curious to open and see what.

Just opened the first page, a colorful male and female sex is printed into the eyes of his wife. The wife immediately stunned there, where is the student’s learning information of his wife, it is a self-printed yellow book. . The wife’s face became an angry, and immediately wanted to tear this book.

But after the first moment of picking up the book, I didn’t know how to stop again. Hold a book hesitated for a long time, be careful to sit on the table and start reading. This is a unpacking, the more you look at it, the more you look, the more you look.

This article describes a marriage number of stories that are derailed because of desires. In fact, from literature perspectives, this article is not very good; but in this attractive wife is reading, it is, The situation in all aspects of the honeymunications is similar to himself, and the hostess in the text is the plurality of sexual slaves of others in the case of their husband’s uninformed, in order to pursue sexual desires.

However, no matter what satisfied with the bed, the deepest thing in the heart of the hostess is still deeply loved by her husband. I don’t want to abandon the psychological description of the family, and the spirit of the mental derailment and the flesh-derailed novel view made by the end of the article. Deeply attracting his wife and also strongly impacting the morality and love concept of his wife, can’t calm down for a long time.

At this time, the wife’s mind is constantly emerged with the scene of her love, the son is happy, and the warmth of the family, but the previous few days in the past few days occurred in Zhou Qiangjia and in the dream in the dream and Zhou Qiang. Scenario, let his wife began to doubt themselves.

Is it true like a book? It is a desire of dissatisfaction. Otherwise, how can you have a happy family and a deep love husband, but it is still so hungry, I hope to get the body’s satisfaction; and there is still the dream of the shame, the distressed wife is gradually being affected by the content of the book, starting It is believed that his body seems to have begun to accept the man outside the husband, just in the heart to husband’s love and moral integrity constraints will lead to such pain.

If you really don’t know how to meet your own desire, this is how to choose, the wife thinks about gradually chaos in the mind, watching the erotic descriptions and sex pictures in the book. It is all over the body and hits the wife that the wife has already begun to confuse, so that the wife can’t think in normal thinking.

The wife who is sitting on the side will also start leaning on the back of the back, and the scenes of the fantasy are close to the fantasy. One hand can climb their own pairs of high-spirited double peaks, the other hand picks up The skirt begins to stroke your delicate petals.

A burst of fun gradually came to his wife, and his wife gradually lost himself in this wave of pleasant pleasure. … I am coming, ha … ah … um … “

And all of this is a clear and clear, and the heart is proud of it. It is only necessary to pass this book, and the psychic effect of the aphrodisiac, reduce the resistance of the wife’s heart; do not want to receive such an effect, A moment of a moment of wife arriving at the climax pulled down the electric gaw of the wife. The sudden darkness was shocked in the earth, and because the climax costled his wife’s strength, he did not stand up. From the small wife who is afraid of black, I don’t want to habitually call Zhou Qiang, I want to call him with myself.

Now, even my wife is unclear. When I have such a habit, I have been with my own side, playing with my husband, can let myself rely on the role.

I was still thinking about what reasons to enter the door. I heard the wife’s voice couldn’t help but gain. I immediately responded “how? Zhuang sister, I immediately came over” I entered my wife.

Go straight to the wife’s bedroom, looking at the wife’s clothes uncompletely sitting on the ground by mobile phone, the white skin is exposed in the air, and the black underwear is also pulled by a very low black hairy . Zhou Qiang hurriedly picked up his wife and put her on the bed.

The darkness of the darkness is like, the skin is inevitably rubbed together, and the wife who is very sensitive after Zhou Qiang is so strong that it is very sensitive to the climax. I can’t help but come out.

After putting his wife in bed, in order to avoid his wife’s suspicion and embarrassment, Zhou Qiang pretended to see how it is, the wife immediately sorted up his clothes immediately after he turned, just finished the good light, followed by Zhou Qiang, come in. Asked, “Zhuang Jie, just tripped, do you have a fall?”

Just because of the wife who didn’t feel it, I feel that the ankle seems to be hurt after Zhouqiang’s inquiry, and the eyebrows wrinkled, and the mouth of the mouth was scorned. It refers to the ankle to look at Zhou Qiang. Zhou Qiang saw that it was only a slight somewhat red and swollen is not serious, as long as it is dealing with it.

But it is very serious, “Well! It may be a soft tissue brown, a bit trouble. It is aware of ice and massage.” After finishing the refrigerator to the living room.

After a while, I took a towel with ice cubes and a cup of hot juice came in. I took the juice to my wife. “I will be a bit cold, you will be a bit hot.”

The wife did not doubt that he had drunk and looked at his wife to drink his specially added juice. Spring medicine, this kind of spring medicine is just like to take, that is, the little girl will estrus, let alone the young woman like the wife, and the consciousness is clear and very clear, but it is only losing certain judgment skills to men, and will not There is any sequelae, only think is your own physiological response.

Looking at the wife’s juice in the cup, Zhou Qiang began to use a towel wrapped with ice, cold, and a cold feeling from the feet. After a while, the aphrodisiac who had a drink began, and slightly thin sweat went the wife’s nose, the nipple had already quietly set up two small protrusions on the nightdrop.

Looking at the man who concentrated on the man, the body of a strong body, sniffing the unique taste of the man, so that the wife is like a small deer, dizzy.

At this time, Zhou Qiang at all, regardless of his wife, just constantly with ice towels and hot big hands alternately squeezing massage in the jade feet of his wife, the cold and cold alternation, and the thrill is in the man’s big hand as the tide. From the foot of the pussy, the depths of the people-sensitive pussy are almost let the wife come out.

This kind of pleasure has made his wife darently moved, afraid of being discovered by men, jokes themselves, thus causing unnecessary misunderstanding, I have to bite the teeth, I don’t send any sound, my legs are tightly clamped to prevent the vagina The fluid flowing out is outside the labia.

The wife’s desire is dissatisfied with hard and reluctant expression, and it has fallen in Zhou Qiang’s eyes. Just Zhou Qiang also felt that the pharmacodyne did not completely played a wife and did not reach the most wave, so I didn’t know how to continue with a massage for excuse, I would like to make my wife’s thoroughly lost in the ocean of desire. I exercise her own.

Knewing Zhou Qiang has gradually turned into a gently touch, and wait for his wife to adapt to the scope of strokes, from the ankle to the back to the toe finally go to the wife’s unhydrated calf and knee, like it is playing one Like the beautiful jade, put the wife’s jade foot in the hands and delicate play.

At Zhou Qiang Yan’s teasing, his wife is more hard, forehead, the neck, there is a lot of fragrant sweat, the body is also moving back and forth in Zhou Qiang’s touch, close to the mouth The sullen sound of “um … … … … …” I have played a little greasy, and the calculation time is also a role. I decided to enter today’s topic. I launched the last blow to completely tear my wife’s heart’s last shameless line, let the wife realize that I have originally Face.

The hands of men have gradually touched their wife clamping thighs, and they were separated by Zhou Qiang Ming’s means and the excuse of massage.

The man’s hand is constantly up and down in his wife’s thigh. Let his wife can’t help with the pleasure. If you can’t help but come out, “Hey … um … ah …” Zhou Qiang heard the wife’s depressed snoring Come up to speed up the steps, with the low to the wife from time to time, was wrapped in the panties.

The gradual wife’s laboraries are in a man who seems unintentional touch and teasing, and the slight open is swollen. The obscenities that are blocked in the vagina have gradually overflow. After a while, Zhou Qiang feels that the wife’s underwear has begun to wet, After reaching your hand, you are covered with the wife of your wife, and the fingers start slowly painting in the panties.

At this time, the wife’s ability is shocked to clamp the legs, pull Zhou Qiang is a big hand, and the look is complicated and pleaded. “Zhou Qiang you don’t … don’t stop this, fast … Stave, I … I have my husband , I … we can’t do this. “

Zhou Qiang heard a smile “Nothing, nothing, don’t think too much, anyway, your husband is not around, relaxing, you will like it.”

Zhou Qiang began to lure like a devil, and the wife who is going to be fired.

When I said, I was quickly dialing my wife’s underwear, and my wife’s delicate cavity was rude, and the big hand that was filled into the tenderness to the wife, “Zhuang Jie, you see this,” You are so wet, … Don’t be deceived, you must have a hard work, you must have you want it! “

The wife saw the eyes closed his eyes and turned his head to the side. It seems to be secretly used by the man. It is very shame and indignor. I…

… you don’t … don’t say, I just … just think about my husband. “

Zhou Qiang saw his wife gradually weakened in front of the evidence of just now, and continued to persuade “The body will not be lie, don’t think you have your husband, now I am by your side, I will not know. , And I will also bring you unexpected happiness. “

The wife heard the words and struggled to take the slender thighs, and quickly hide from the corners and weak pointers. “You … you are fast … I am going out, I … my husband is coming back.”

Wife is like this to scare the man before.

I don’t know if Zhou Qiang listened to anger, she will hug her wife in the corner of the bed. It is placed on his legs on his own legs. I pulled down my wife’s underwear, and my wife is full of enthusiasm. The ass is a few slaps.

“Hey … … …” The wife did not expect it to be treated by Zhou Qiang, although the heart is ashamed but the extremely sensitive body under the action of the aphrodisiac has produced an extreme pleasure with Zhou Qiang’s pat.

The pain on the butt, it seems that it is full of heat, and there is a burst of merits in the vagina. Let the wife can’t help but call it. Root.

Zhou Qiang saw his wife’s reaction, just laughed, “I still said that Mei Jie, you will really be lie, you will have a pleasure, it is really a surprises!”

The wife heard the language of men, they can’t help but have a red tear. At this time, Zhou Qiang saw that his wife was crying, but did not continue to beat it but started with his wife Fengrun’s hip, his wife Fengrun’s butthalled in Zhou Qiang’s hands were constantly posed in shape.

“Well … ah … um …” This extreme contrast brings a very different feeling, it seems that he is a misappropriation that is punished, and after admitted, it is comforted by adults. In this extreme contrast and aphrodisiac, it is an extremely different pleasure. The refusal of the mouth has turned into a breath and embarrassment of a sound.

I got a meeting with my wife and fell into the desire. Zhou Qiang hugged his wife and sat on his leg. One hand held his wife’s waist, put his wife in his arms and kissed his wife glamorous. The face, one hand opened the beam of the wife’s sleep, started to pinch the wife’s a pair of soft big tits, and the wife had already brought the wife’s hard nipple. “Ah … Zhuang sister, your big tits are soft.” Zhou Qiang contained his wife’s earlobe, vague praise.

With the role of spring medicine and Zhou Qiang’s exciting kneading, the pleasure came up in the breast, like the waves of the waves, a wave of continuous impact on the wife in the spring medicine; it is already very wet, vaginal, It is even more likely to secrete a lot of obscene water like the flood flood, completely wet the underwear.

The wife has a twisted legs, driving the already opened labians and swelling clitoris, which is constantly friction on the already wet underwear, and expect more pleasure. The hands on the wife’s waist are constantly moving, gradually starting to swim around the wives.

“Um … ah … no … don’t …” At this time, the pleasure of collapse of the pleasure of the pumping of Spring Drug and Zhou Qiang, I tried to earn Zhou Qiang’s embrace.

However, how can ZHIHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHTHOMENT have been quickly escaped from their own palms. Zhou Qiang is like a cat to catch the mouse, and the wife is struggling in his arms. The wife is in place, and it is like a punishment of a few pinches with his wife’s big tits.

The face of the face in his wife’s face, “Zhuang sister, you can’t run, I don’t hurry tonight, I will make you want to die.” Painting the wife’s already wet underwear, put the whole hand on the yin of his wife.

At this time, the whole body of the wife was wrapped by Zhou Qiang hot palms. He controlled, his wife began to keep his head in his arms. “Ah … good … good hot … um … ask … You … oh … ah … I’m letting me, like the people who are constantly pleasing to see their own men.

Zhou Qiang founded that his wife’s pleadings, the finger began to slowly act on the wife’s yin, a finger dialed his wife’s hypertrophic labi and swelling clitoris, and the other finger gradually in his wife’s vaginal mouth. Friction.

The wife’s constantly arched body wants to use the pussy to cater to the man’s big hand, but it can’t wait. At this time, the wife at this time, the wife has already fallen into the abyss of the lust, and the brain is only hopeful to get the man’s caress, there is a half-point shadow of her husband and family, any moral shame is brought by men. The shock of the thrill shock.

When the man’s finger entered his wife’s pussy, his wife hit a cold “um …

Ah … 」Gently, the body is constantly twisted with the drilling of the man’s finger, Zhou Qiang see the wife’s soothing like a reward wife, the finger in the vagina begins to be fierce activities.

“Ah … um … ah … Ha” With Zhou Qiang’s twitching, the wife’s lips have gradually issued a blush.

Zhou Qiang who heard the embarrassment was looked at the wife who had lost his self-giving abandoned his wife. He looked down on his wife’s delicate lips. The mouth is entangled in the mouth.

Ren Zhou Qiang sucking, licking his own incense tongue, while swallowing the smell of the smell of the man in the man, the wife’s initiative made Zhou Qiang very happy, kissing for a while, just in the wife, when the wife arrived at the man’s finger Zhou Qiang took the finger.

It has been extended to a somewhere of his wife, and the wife’s slightly lips, a drizzle slipped from his fingers to his wife’s mouth, his wife’s ability looked at his lips, a sour taste of Saotuo spread in his wife.

“Is there a sailing taste, only the most sectative body will secrete such a Sahase’s prostitute, Zhou Qiang begins to induce his wife in his wife’s ear, let the thinking of the confusing wife think that it is really a slogan.

After that, he stretched his fingers to his wife’s mouth. The fascinating wife was eager to look at Zhou Qiang, and even unknown begins to get Zhou Qiang’s fingers, and the tip of the tongue is still licking.

After his wife licks, Zhou Qiang put his wife on the bed, pulled up her injured, and slowly kissed her, gradually kissed the roots of the thigh. With some tangible beard and the gentle hot lips constantly stimulating his wife, let the wife have skyrockery in the middle of the vagina, “Ah … ha … don’t … don’t like this … … itchy … … “The wife’s voice is just that the genitals are covered by a warm and humid, and the labia is constantly absorbed. The clitoris is sucking up.

At the top of the two big tits, I was kneaded by a man in my fingertips. A moist tongue was soaring that the vaginal was deeply drilled. Let his wife gave birth to a man’s tongue to completely lick the deepest place. The pleasure, a head of the man who grabs the man is in his own, and the body is constantly catering to the man’s licking and absolute.

Just when the climax was coming, I sat up, “Um … don’t … Don’t stop” The wife hooks Zhou Qiang’s neck, trying to let the man continue to work.

“I just didn’t say it, how, now I don’t want to stop?” Zhou Qiang glanced at the wife of the silk. The wife is shy, and the head is shy.

Although the arrival of the climax, the wife did not dare to open the woman’s shame, and saw that the man had doubled more than the husband, and his husband was shame, and his wife was shame, staying there. Some expectations, It is also some fear.

When I saw my wife, I couldn’t help but I went to my wife’s crowd. I opened my wife that there was a little pink lip to enjoy the scenery inside, and used my own coarse glans to constantly in the labia of the wife. When the upper and lower slides, he hit his wife’s sensitive clitoris from time to time, but it did not insert it. Leading his wife’s peaceful and continuously urged “Ah … Ha, good … itchy, good … uncomfortable, fast … hurry up.”

Zhou Qiang heard the slight smile deliberately asked “What is it! Hao Jie, say it … Say ……

I will give you “Because Zhou Qiang knows that only thorough crushing the dignity of his wife, we can completely let his wife will become his play with his wife.

The wife is moving with Zhou Qiang’s sliding meat stick, “Hey … don’t … don’t like this, um … fast … hurry …”.

“No … is not the case, don’t say how do I know what you want. Holding his wife’s genus.

“Well … ah …” The wife was shaking by the hit. When he was hit by Zhou Qiang again, his wife gradually put down the only dignity, shameful to the man who went to the man, “gave it … I, hurry … hurry up. “

I heard the wife’s shameful invitation Zhou Qiang continued to ask. “What to use it quickly”

“Hey … with you … your penis …” said that his wife was screaming, let him pursue sensual pleasure, completely surrendered to Zhou Qiang.

“Is this” Zhou Qiangli’s little hand holding his own dick.

“It’s so big, it’s rough!” The wife touched it in an instant in my heart. The wife took the Zhou Qiang huge meat and gasped, blurred the blind eye, looking at Zhou Qiang, looking forward to the insertion of men.

At Zhou Qiang let his wife arrive at his own vaginal mouth, his wife knows that he has to be completely covered by this man, and suddenly inserted into the madwalk in an uneasy waiting.

I don’t know if the man is inserted. It is a happy or painful. The wife just felt that the vagina was filled, but his heart was suddenly lost, and it didn’t come back. The tears, with the man’s entry, fell to the bed.

Zhou Qiang just plugged in half, I felt like an end, I hit the tender meat of the vagina around two times and began to creep and squeezed my meat stick and let myself comfort.

Seeing the tears in the wife, Zhou Qiang knows what this is for, can’t help but smile, and no matter if the wife can adapt, it will start to flush.

The wife has already adapted to the small meat stick of her husband. Now he suddenly bes with such a thick meat stick so much, it ushered in a climax. At this time, the wife who has already completely released loudly said that he did not dare to say. .

“Ah … um … ha! Slow … slow, … good … big, … good … thick dick, um … it was hit, um … Yeah … fast … fast … I don’t know how to fuck, horses … I arrived, yeah … ha. I heard the slutty of the eaten wife’s mouth, Zhou Qiang excited, with a violent convulsion, wife is Zhou Qiang The strong thrust is reached the first climax. The uterus begins with continuous absorption, and the vaginal is constantly squeezing the Zhouqiang’s meat stick. At this time, Zhou Qiang is also cool to the vertices under the wrap of his wife vagina. Seeing his wife’s charming knowing that women have reached a climax. “So fast … … Zhuang Jie can’t see you often don’t have noble you … I really don’t do it! …

… My cock is much bigger than your husband … cool and uncomfortable … “Zhou Qiang looked at the wife who lost his god in the climax. I thought that I had to make her rest, let her constantly climax, will wear Under your own meat stick.

Just turning his wife in bed and prepared from behind, “Shu … Xiaolan, you are really tight, is it your husband is not useful, or … His things are too small … … Comfortable, no wonder you so much wonderful. “Zhou Qiang constantly humiliate his wife, and the whole meat stick has entered his wife’s body and started to push it.

It may be that there is no need to grasp the whole meat stick, and the front section of the glans and a small meat stick have entered a new world, enter the interior of the wife’s uterus, and hit the top of the uterus. .

This will let the wife support the body’s hands and will be grasped by a single dead. The low head is tall, and the body is not independent. The hips hit the hip of the man.

Send a unconscious 呻吟 “Ah … … top to the head … ah … um … will be ……

Chicken Bar … Operation … Luck … “In a dramatic jitter, gasping is soft and soft in bed.

Zhou Qiang is still unable to enjoy the wife’s active kit, the meat stick is deadly clamped by his wife’s vagina, the front end of the meat stick is very tightly in the uterus, like a hand, the glans is continuous in the womb The grinding is like being used by a woman. Two kinds of severe pleasure almost allowed Zhou Zeng.

I quickly took a sigh of breath, put the meat stick to the deepest, slowly resisting, one hand began to play his wife in the chest, the big tits, and one hand began to gestate the wife round hips. .

Side of the way, “I have a child … the young woman’s ass is the big soft, exercise … it is comfortable … I’ve been soaked in the sister.” I saw that I was immersive in the long tide, and there was no answer to the bed. Zhou Qiang accelerated the grinding of the meat stick. He gradually added the strength of the shot. Every time I took the wife’s rich butt, the snow-white hip meat followed the waves of the waves.

“Well … ah … don’t … don’t butt … good pain, ah … fast … hurry … Good … comfortable …” The feelings of the pain came upon by the uterus, let The wife can’t help but shake your own butt, catering to the man’s tapping.

When making love with her husband, because most of her shame is just in the bed with normal physical fitness, although it makes themselves satisfied, but never stimulate such a madness like today.

Wife doesn’t know why you will like this. I only know that I can cooperate with Zhou Qiang. It is not a motive … Is it very sensible? It’s just that it is too deep, I finally gave my wife to release my wife in Zhou Qiang. , Release your own sensuality.

“How to be a sister, do you have a very comfortable, it’s a sensual woman … … Clamping … It’s a comfortable. … Killing … you … Xiaoyu … big ass Xiao Sao … “The wife heard the words did not answer, just breathed a beautiful man, after a while, after Zhou Qiang felt the thrill of the shaft disappeared, pulling his wife and could not tell the points.

The gully of the glans is constantly improving on the wall of the wife, the huge scrotum is constantly impacting his wife’s clitoris, exciting wife wants to die. Turning the head to take the initiative to extend his lips and Zhou Qiang sick, blocking the sulfur in the man’s mouth. After a long time, the man’s caress and pumping the wife again came to the edge of the climax.

“Ah … ha … um …… … um … you have come … Ha, good … Sour … Sorassic wife with constant backwards, with Zhou Qiang’s throduction.

Zhou Qiang saw the wife’s surprises, slowed down, led the wife dissatisfied, “Ha … ah! Fast … hurry … Fuck me … so uncomfortable, um … ha … Have … It’s itch … itch is dead … fast … Yeah. ” Zhou Qiang has completely controls his wife’s body and desire, and it is not easy to add his wife who wants to burn and bust, and it is awkward.

“… um … um … Want … itch dead … um … old … husband … big … big cock, husband … um … ask … Ask you … fast … hurry up … Dry death … ah … your little prostitute … “

I heard my wife said that I was a prostitute, I finally called my husband. Zhou Qiang is happy, laughing “嘿 …

Xiao Sao, wife … I am bigger than Mulin’s cock … I don’t give a small cock in the future … I will give the big cock of my husband every day … Let you cool to the top every day. “It’s better to sell more .

A climax that has never been given before, and falls to his wife’s body, his wife is in a chaotic, “Ha … Xiaoxiang women … after … only … only give … big … big chicken husband … ……

No … don’t … Cockup husband … um … ah … fast … hurry up … you have to come … again …

Deep … Yeah … want … If you have urine … ah … “

Under the extremely pleasure, the wife’s eyes started to be white, and the whole body continued to twitched, the lower body is more dead, and Zhou Qiang’s thick meat stick, with the convulsions and burst of a shares from the uterus Yinjing is placed on a Zhou Qiang’s glans.

At this time, Zhou Qiang also reached the limit in his wife’s vaginal clamp, grinding, creeping, and sucking, struggling to speed up the speed and pumping, Zhou Qiang’s cock was bloated a lot and then used to top to his wife’s uterus.

The wife felt that the man had to shoot, and struggled to let the man picked out the cock in the uterus, and the asthma pleaded “Ah … ha … don’t … don’t shoot it inside, today … Today … no … … is not a safe period … um … ah … will … will … pregnant … “

Zhou Qiang heard his wife’s pleadings, knowing that today is a wife’s ovulation period, but also said “Don’t move …

Pick up … If you pregnant … I will give me a born … come down … Let Mulin give me … Care wild species … ……

Ah … come. “

Deadly grabbed his wife, once again to the depths of the uterus, the contraction of the scrotum is shrunk, and a lot of hot semen sprayed from Zhou Qiang’s body, constantly hit his wife’s ovaries and uterine walls. The hot wife is twitched again, and the Zhou Qiang’s cock has been put down. Once again, I will send my wife to a climax. The climax of a few times in a short time, bringing the dramatic pleasure to make my wife’s body’s strength There is no trace.

The muscles of the urethral mouth are open, the accumulated urine seems to be the flood of the deciscation, with the small abdomen and vagina can’t convocate, a shaped sprayed out, sprinkling the bed on the floor is everywhere.

After the wife’s climax, a blank, fainted in bed, with the long rhyme of the climax, the convulsions in the vagina have a breeze. A convulsive vagina seems to have a squeezed Strong semen, a little bit of sucking, Zhou Qiang, still standing, still standing.

“… 啵 …”, Zhou Qiang pulled out the cock in his wife’s body. Pick up the camera that morning at the table, looks at the content of the shot, and stroked the wife of the dizzy bed. The body, I don’t know how long it took, I suddenly wanted to shoot a few photos of a woman’s vagina hanging semen, but the open vagina had some crystal prostitute and urine, but did not overflow a little semen.

This makes Zhouqiang very strange. I really have a very clear amount that I have only shot has a small half of the tea cup. But now there is no trace, I will turn over the squid, Zhou Qiang is surprised to watch the wife some bulk belly.

Revereded that when he did a wife, he understood what happened. It turned out that his wife had a poor, the uterus and the inner wall of the vagina would be strong, and the uterine mouth was extremely tightened to make men in her sexual intercourse. There seems that there seems to be no mouth in the vagina that absorbs the meat stick, and the suction and sub-harbor have automatically tightened, so regardless of how many semen in the body of the wife, even if the semen has supported his wife’s stomach, it will not Leak one.

Zhou Qiang can not help clarify the situation of excited again, but would have to erect some weakness after ejaculation also hard cock up again, leaned over to look at his wife lying on the body, not just his wife’s sexual secretion dry again inserted into it moving up. In this case the wife Zhou Choucha finally sober him, feel him pressing a man, rubbed his eyes and saw how …… how is Zhou Qiang. “Wife immediately wanted to push himself Silue is Zhou Qiang.

But it is not a little effort, but like being manipulated their men in touch. Gradually get rid of the aphrodisiac and wake up the wife of mind emerges out just crazy scenes, where stunned “My God ……

Just what I’ve done. “

Zhou Qiang sober look at the suffering of the wife of her head, smiled proudly wanted to go to kiss his wife’s lips.

“Get out, do not touch me.” I do not know where they come from force wife crazy hands against the chest Zhou Qiang, loudly scold.

“How I did it just still beg you, now known as I do not touch you, let me speak to her husband even pretend to call a pure ah!” Then it’s very hard moving a few inserted in the body of his wife Roubang .

“Ah …… not …… not so …… ah ……” Zhou’s wife in the plug to get it down and soft, a little pain in the lower body came a sense of fulfillment to let his wife know just crazy not an illusion, it child can not help the tears streaming down.

Zhou began to see his wife like this to comfort, “You just are not very comfortable? …… we are adults,” such as Zhou did not finish, his wife cried in front of Zhou ‘roll, you get out, you are a beast or I tell you raped me. “then his wife just want to let just this tarnished his innocence, so that my family and betrayed her husband’s bastard disappear immediately.

“Sue me rape you, do you want me to help you recall just who took my own chickens Barcelona to Sao cunt Lane, who told me that her husband begged me to speak to her.” Said will open the tables the camera on.

His wife saw the picture of the bear himself, was shocked by his own lustful performance, a burst into tears up.

Zhou Qiang looked at his wife crying like not only did not comfort but also continue to threaten his wife, “If this thing, accidentally spread your husband and his co-workers there, or your son’s school there, and even put on the Internet. There you know what the consequences, “it said Zhou paused, looked at his wife glassy eyes and then said,” your husband will not put a woman’s Yin Jian, as is his love of his wife;? your son will you will not recognize this, let him in front of outsiders in lustful mother did not always their heads. “

“No …… you can not do this, I promise you do not sue you, let me ask you, good or bad.” Zhou took the frightened wife’s hand and prayed.

Zhou Qiang, nodded with satisfaction fell on his wife’s ear began to lure Road “and what is wrong with me, I can let you enjoy every day of just the kind of Yuxianyusi happy, and no one will know you just think about the kind of climax in addition to me, you get over it in your husband’s body? “As if to prove his words should be, said Zhou began thrusting up fast.

Lower body came the thrill of his wife, began to struggle pleasure to put off this evil, but was clinging tightly Zhou Qiang, “it is not very tart was great …… …… there are only a few feeling …… right. “said the interpolated dick deeper.

Then wave after wave of pleasure shot through the body from the vagina, so that his wife did not dare move, because Zhou dick inserted in your body is so strong, so hard, so the plug was comfortable, just a little movement, intense pleasure immediately attacked his wife’s body, so his wife can not help but want to straighten the body to cope with the idea of ​​a man thrusting a shame.

Her husband’s betrayal of guilt, shame mentality is almost tortured to death his wife, but that she still had such pleasure in Zhou Choucha, he really was a slut, as long as this man and manipulation are slight tease They can make their own produce extremely happy.

Under the impact of growing doubts his wife pleasure, find themselves if in addition to places other than thinking, in particular, has some body can not be separated in front of the man, when his wife began to dislike very own body, because your body so thirst will find yourself in such a helpless situation, but also hated his own weakness and weak-willed.

Silent sobbing, took a while to bring the thrill of the last rapid thrusts in Zhou Qiang, could not help but blurt Yinjiao side edge tears up “woo woo …… …… …… ah …… I do not …… ……so……

Woo …… ah …… too fast …… …… …… ah ah. “

This is hit by a woman who is hit to some of the gods. It seems to be a bit of recognition. Unless Zhou Qiang is shot again, or the man who is insects will stop inserting it because his tears will stop pushing. It is not sobbing, just The eyes are confused, and men who are constantly galloping on themselves. “Um … ah … you … you have to do … you will do it … um … … do it ……

Um … ah … horses … soon … um … roll … I … I just … When I didn’t have … the same. “

I don’t know if the man is still shooting faster, or to resist the needs of the body, the wife is desperately resistant to the thrill, making the Zhou Qiang’s cock, I originally wanted to blame the man, but I didn’t consciously. Brought out of the waters of the silk.

“Heat … The clip is really tight … um Zhuang sister … Is it going to be mad … Can’t be dying? … still want to be filled with the sterilization of the sperm … I want to give you husband. Hua is a wild species … huh, … only …

Twice? I am not like … Your husband … so incompetence, … how can it be … um! …… Really cool … Clean it again … “

Zhou Qiang felt strong squeezing from his wife’s vagina, and went to teeth a disadvantage to humiliate his wife and his wife’s heart.

After hearing his wife, he was there, and looked at Zhou Qiang and his face became awkward. Wife seems to have some understanding of Zhou Qiang wants, but I don’t dare to determine.

Zhou Qiang saw his wife’s pale face and gradually contracted vagina, and he couldn’t force his wife again. Otherwise, this woman is not crazy, it is to fight with himself. I changed the tactics immediately, gradually slowed down, and pulling the meat stick out, and I took it out every time I just get to my wife’s homework.

I was on my wife, and a pair of big hands gently knead his wife’s breast. The tongue swept away from his wife’s ear sloping, and this is not going to make a wife can’t get it. Empty, but apologize to the husband and fear of being humiliated again, it took several times to urge men to endure by his wife.

At this time, the wife is not called nor, just anxiously looking at Zhou Qiang, a very hidden slight twist body with a man’s integrity, only for more pleasure, but it is itching in men. Inserting the body produces extreme empty hunger, gradually wanted to get rid of the drumming of the thrill of being filled and strongly impacted.

A pair of jade arms smashed the ghosts to the waist of men, and they also began to speed up the frequency and amplitude of the body. Zhou Qiang saw the appetite of his wife has been hanging, just stopped and let the wife do not stop in their own meat sticks.

“Zhuang sister, I really like you, I will fall in love with you for the first time. I swear I will care about love you, I will not let you put you like you. In the heart, let me hurt you ………… “Zhou Qiang said that he is gentle in his wife’s ear, I have never said something to my wife, while the wife’s set is slightly unplugged Mince stick.

“No … no … Yes … um … I … my husband … is not like this … You don’t want to say! … ah … don’t … don’t pull … Pull out … Zhou Qiang While the meat sticks are constantly playing with their wife, hands are knead on their wife’s breasts, allocate their wife-sensitive nipples.

“Not this, how can it be … often is not around you …, but it doesn’t matter … You still have me ……

I found that I like you more and more … promise me … become a treasure of my hand … “

Zhou Qiang’s love words and caress a moment seemed to return to the girlhood. I found the feeling of love when I was married to her husband. But in the big hand of the wife and the cocks who have been changing by themselves, they pull their wives back to reality.

Revelling yourself and your husband for many years, but now naked and this make your own lost man with the most intimate contact, as well as the mood of your own shame, in the continuous collision of the sensation and reason, The wife finally collapsed.

“See you, tell me … you … how do you want to be …

The wife’s pain stopped and asked Zhou Qiang.

Zhou Qiang was silent for a while, and suddenly began to hold his wife as crazy. “No … I won’t … let go, it is difficult … I got you.” Zhou Qiang Some hoarse voice sounded in his wife.

“Usually, you are still the lady of the noble director, I just want to stay with you when you need me, you can also get satisfaction, if this is not, I can’t go. Then I only send the piece. Give everyone a look, when we all include your husband and son, don’t think about it. “Stop Zhou Qiang continued to say” But the sister, you can rest assured, as long as you promise me, your husband is in your side, I am Will not appear, do not destroy your family, … not I don’t want to have you, just don’t want to see the woman I like, know? “

At this time, the wife in the crash was caught. When I heard this sentence, I saw that I saw the light, my thinking was gradually calming. I think that I still have a film in Zhou Qiang. If I have been open, then my own fame is not tight, but the official of her husband will be destroyed once, even son will also be exhausted by others.

“No … don’t … I … I …” The wife doesn’t know what to do.

Zhou Qiang saw his wife still hesitating. “I really love you, Zhuang Jie, I really want you to stay with me, but I don’t want you to do it, as long as your husband is not there, be my woman, If someone will see the film, if you let others know, what benefits I have … “

In order to save your family, in order not to let himself because of the indulgence of desires and betrayal, hurt the husband’s future and son’s future, then only promise Zhou Qiang.

It seems to have a good excuse to find a good excuse, the wife is finally tone, and the heart is vividly expected and lost, a very strange feeling gradually occupying his wife’s thoughts.

The wife thought for a while, I said “You … You don’t lie to me …” Zhou Qiang heard his wife, he knew that his wife finally accepted himself in his convincing and threat.

I am happy to kiss my wife. Inserted in his wife’s vagina, immediately fiercely rubbed, when his wife said this sentence, his wife knows that his thoroughly lost his past.

The culprit caused this situation, but it is the customer’s own care and love and love, and can’t control it. If you don’t want to get the body, how can you cause this situation, everything is proved I have a sensuality, a self-violent feeling of illness.

I am not the woman who is worthy of her husband’s love, I will become a woman who is spit with a woman who is being spurred. It is just a woman who only knows the thrilling, unspeakable, unknorable.

“Ok … big … um … light … ah … tight, … um …” in Zhou Qiang powerful pumping, the wife who wants to pass, it is very exciting under the stimulation of derail, start Indulgerate.

One hand pulled Zhou Qiang’s big hand to pinch his own big tits in the chest, and a hand hook Zhou Qiang’s neck actively dedicated his own lips, and his body was horing, cooperative and convenient. Inserting, in the continuous chase of the pleasure, the deep future of the desire is indulged ……….

Listening to Zhou Qiang so detailed, I finally knew the reason for the wife’s derail, and the various doubts and guessing in my heart have been confirmed. Various feelings have come, there are hi, There are worries, self-blame, have regrets and painful tastes are different.

Hearing a wife throughout the process, in Zhou Qiang’s Pacific Pursuit and induce, the wife did not have any idea to betray this home. Perhaps occasionally struggled and confused after being moved by men, but all in a critical moment. Wake up.

Tropic to maintaining my position in her mind, until it is also the powerful role of the aphrodisiac, it is not possible to struggle to struggle for a long time, in the event of loss of reason, will be lost in the self-cultivation.

Helpless is forced to derail and be threatened by men, in order to protect families and lover are not insulting, they will continue to be entangled with Zhou Qiang, can say that the wife is not really intentionally wants to derail.

And Zhou Qiang has a husband and wife, and it has been taught so long, and it has become a wife of Zhou Qiang’s slaves. Whether I have changed, I am still so important in her heart;

And the current wife is getting used to sexual life, then what should I do with my wife’s sexual desire to address the relationship between our husband and wife? How can I guarantee that my wife will not be attracted by others?

The incomparable sorrow makes me fall into a deep self-blame. If you don’t work for yourself, I will take some time and energy on my wife, so how I am so easily approached by my wife, if I usually pay attention to it. The wife’s life will make Zhouqiang so easy successfully to implement later plans. All of this is not enough to care enough about his wife, and the most painful is that the disaster is still from the enemy of me. So what else is eligible to blame a wife? Woolen cloth?

I am caught in my own blame, regret and pain, suddenly decadent, weakly looked at the floor on the chair.

Zhou Qiang didn’t know when it has stopped, and the eyes have a look of a kind of victory, quietly appreciate me as a decadent appearance on the chair. I am very happy, what else is better than letting the wife of the enemy like a prostitute, and then look down on her husband and is exciting.

Looking at the enemy’s kindness, the heart of the enemy is also satisfied than the person who kills him, and a thrill of a generous newspaper has spread to the whole body, so that Zhouqiang caught in a huge joy.

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