The typhoon really swept away the Taiwan Strait. The Meteorological Bureau released the sea typhoon alert in the morning, and the plan from the sea, there was a problem, everyone was trapped in the hotel, all bored.

Although Penghu Sea is clouded, the monk is the sky, the Dong Taiwan is the wind and the sunny, the clouds are in the wind, the cloudless coast, and the white spray, Abin is sitting in the self-power number of the flower East, looking to the window View.

The relationship between the holiday, there are many people in the car, noisy, some sepage passengers even sit on the seat armor, Jiayu has frowned, simply slanting the body, relied on the bin, so as not to be People rude crowded.

Abbin sent away from the Hui Yucheng yesterday, I went back home and felt boring. I went to Jiayi to find her to talk about it. I don’t know why, the door under the apartment is opened, I didn’t have a lock. Apin directly climbed the four floors to knock the door. I can’t help but rush into his arms, hug it with him, then complain, blame him for so long, I haven’t come to her.

Apin hugged her high, she held the face of Abet, and he kept kiss. Abbin took her to the bedside, and the two stacked together, and Jia Yan quietly detained him, then said: “I miss you!”

Abin knows that she is telling the truth.

Jiayu lives in the emotional hypothesis, accidentally met the ordinary boys such as Apin, a lonely daughter heart, and more than a good friend as a good friend.

Abin made her nest in his arms, and Jia Yan silently listened to his heartbeat, and enjoy a rare afternoon.

Apin likes her long and bright hair. He gently used her hand softly, and Jia Yan got up and saw him for a while. Suddenly, “Abin, do you put a summer vacation?”


“Is there any time tomorrow? How is it to accompany me?” Jiasi said.



Abbin took a little consideration, I promised.

Jia Yu is very happy, immediately call the trustee for a few days in the store, and then changed clothes, pull the Abin to accompany her to the department store.

Abian thought she went to her women’s clothing or cosmetics. I didn’t expect that she didn’t look at it. She was in the men’s clothing, the shirt tie jacket leather parts, every other inquiry asking Abbin’s opinion, Paben saw her In the eyes of gentleness, ask: “Buy to your family?”

“My father.” Jiasi nodded.

Abin took her mind, I chose a few more stable models. The Jiayu stood held in his hand. The mouth took some uneasy, and the Bin lived in her waist. .

In the morning, Abin has a reason to go to Madao. It is necessary to go to the classmate to play for two or three days. Mom knew that he couldn’t close his holiday at home, and he went out to walk away. He only told him to be careful, there is no Ask more.

Abin packed a simple baggage, and took her into the street to Jiayu. Jia Yu didn’t know how to finish more early, etc. Deerus.

Jiayu filament powder, the straight hair combing to the waist is elegant, one sleeveless personal blouse semi-appearance, a cute navel, the short narrow skirt has a pair of legs is incomparable. From the passengers who started the car, I would like to look at her from time to time, and the train flew through the small township of one stop. She quietly put the head of the head in the Binhouses, and her eyes looked outside the window. Did you have a remote distance.

Abin saw that her long eyelashes couldn’t stay. He tightened her waist and asked softly: “Is it afraid?”

Jia Yu, buried his face into the Bobian chest, after a while, only raised his head, said: “I didn’t go home for more than three years.”

Abbin found countless contradictions in her eyes.

“Do you know? That day is Mother’s Day,” Jiasi said: “I didn’t tell Dad, I left, until now.”

Abbin was listening, she said: “I told you, do I read the specialty?”

Abin shakes his head.

“I graduated in that time, like today, I returned home from Taipei, I used to go home, my father broke the legs a few years ago, so I plan to take care of him with a nurse.”

“Later, didn’t you do a nurse?”

Jiayu smiled, smiled solely. “I have a postappy.” She said.

Jiayu’s hard swallowed water, Abin waited for her to say.

“She has a love.” Jiasi said.

The scene where the rapid movement in the window is changing, and the train will stop in the Deer.

“Today,” Jia Yu low, tone is very calm, as if it is the story of others: “She let him rape me.”

It may be that the train will be jumped, and the AP is like the giant fierce, and the face is full of face. It is hard to bite the lips.

Abbin was shocked because of the last sentence of Jiayu, and his heart suddenly suffered from the pain. He almost forgot how they came out of the Luki Station, in the afternoon, Long Taiwan’s sun, sun-taking him to hold the palm to shade. Jiayu was in a hurry to bargain, but the old half-day, the driver was very reluctant to help them put the baggage to put it in the back, and the two were sitting on the old Yulong diesel car, drumping out City Street.

Abin and Jiayu have not conversed again. The driver is self-blown and praised by his driving technology. The family of Jiayu is still far away. The wild chicken car will open nearly one and a half in the rugged mountains, and Jiayu guys guided the driver to stop on a small fork, and the driver helped them to put the baggage, Jia Wei The phone of the car, said that the return of him will call him in the next day. He quickly arrived on the car and found a business card to handed her, Jia Wei paid the car, and the driver was happy.

Abbin put the big bag to the shoulder, holding the hands of Jiayu, and transferred into the small fork. The mood of Jiayu is getting more and more nervous, and the little hand is cold, and in slight shock, Abin doesn’t live with both palms to help her, so steady her thoughts.

Just 10 minutes, I saw someone who had two or three households scattered, and a group of foraging chickens waters two of them with no speed, slamming the wings, a woman and two and three The little boy is washing something on the shake water well, turned around, and looked at them.


“Ah, you are .. 妳 是 珮?” The woman recognized her.

Jiayu said: “Yes, I am back.”

“He is back, he is back, hey, how can you come back now .. 妳 ..” Qingshui sighed: “It’s just a good time. Dad is in your home, you will take a look at him. “

“My father is in the garden ..?” Said.

“Xiaolong, you will accompany you sister.” Qingshui said.

The country named Xiaolong agreed to go to the way forward.

“In the garden ..?” Jiasi muttered once.

Jiasi, certainly know how his home is going, do not need a little boy to take it, but Xiaolong has grabbed it in front, but the Jiayu is late, until Abin whispered to her, she took the abethere, follow Before the little dragon, walk along the mud road. After a small turn, Jiayi refers to the view, and their home is not far away, the low old house.

Around the detour, it is already the garden of Jiazhak, and the gods of the garden will look at the farmland in the middle of the garden. The sun is bright, the insects, the Jiasi suddenly felt that the footsteps were like a thousand pounds Heavy, Xiaolong turned to another, and said: “Here, here ..”

This side of the weeds, biting a cat, sticking to the Bin’s trouser tube and Jiayu’s stockings, Xiaolong stopped in front, they followed the buds, the small dragon finger is a top, only to see a loess, Headed with a long and uneven green grass, a thin stone tablet was standing in the current, and the barters were full of faces. He looked at the name of the monument. The inquiry small word recorded the date, indicating that three, four A few months ago, Abin was sad, he thought that Jiazhao was crying, but Jia Yu was just standing there, and it did not move.

Xiaolong didn’t know when to leave, Apin put down the luggage, hugged the buddhist from the back, Jia Wei stared at the little nun, for a long time, only a little sighed, said: “Go!”

The two people walk along the original road, and the mood will be in the home, the sun suddenly hid into the clouds, and it has become cool around. Apin saw Xiaolong and the other two boys, looking at them in far away, giving a lively.

The family of Jiayu is very quiet. It seems that there is no one in the hall, and the Jiayu has entered the hall, he saw the father’s spiritual position. She silently got three pillars, worship in the context, then put the fragrance into the furnace, then Take the arrogant to the house, open the last small room, the air is filled with dust, Jia Yu looks at the familiar bed table and chairs, these days come to her, although it is not, the small room has not changed, She let Abong put their luggage in bed, and the two simple indoors sweep, and the sun has begun to have. Jiayu finds some cauligi materials in the refrigerator, go to the kitchen to prepare for dinner, Abin returns to the living room to sit down and watch TV. After a while, the door sounded the footsteps and came in a middle-aged woman in a white.

Apin is a bit surprising. The woman here is half-dark, this woman is fine, the eyebrows are clear, the nose is straight and high, the lips are thick, and the hair is semi-dyed into a purple red, age is about forty years old, the body is slightly release Fertilizer, wearing a clean, long-sleeved white shirt denim shorts, snow snow, the big legs, the feet are boarding a pair of sandals, the toenails are planted in red, the taste of the country is not, but there is a rude Sao strength.

The woman suddenly saw a strange man at home, there was a little stunned, standing on the door, I want to ask something, just a plate of jade, she is even surprised, 呐 说 说: “Small .. Small, 妳 .. 妳 back. “

Jia Yu is only obliquely, let her go, put down the plate and return to the kitchen. She is a bit restless, and the Abin is a little bit, and the Abin returns to the head. She considers a moment, ran into the next room of Jiayu, and close the door. Abbine is probably her and Jia珮 Father’s bedroom.

Jia Wei will do a good job, put a bowl of tablets, then sit in the living room with Abin, watch TV, eat dinner, then the woman will open the door and come out.

“Xiao Yu ..” she said.

“Eat.” Jiasi did not lift it.

“Xiaoyu .. I ..” she said.

“Sit down and eat.” Jia Yu insisted.

She had to sit on the side, and she took a vacant bowl. The heart is absent-minded. She looked at the cold expression, suddenly feeling very fearful, Jia Yu is only in the outside, looking at the dressed behave, obviously is not the childish ignorant little girl, she goes home, what is the purpose?

The woman’s meal is eaten, and it is easy to put down the tableware. She quickly picks up the disc dish disfuse, organize the table and chair, and the Jiayu is deliberately sitting against her, let her. Go busy.

The woman cleaned up the living room, went out of the living room, and gave out the door, but the Jia Wei shouted her: “Where do you want to go?”

“I .. I .. I don’t ..”

“Sit to the other side.” Jiayi pointed at the horrible empty chair.

The woman is smoothed, sitting in the designated position, the TV is playing a mess, her mood is also chaos. She wanted to slip out of the door, I went to find her goddess to discuss what to do. After Jiayu left home, they all thought she would never come back, and the father of Jiayu has passed, and she will let them want, who I know that she suddenly came back, she also took a man, she couldn’t help but panic, lost his claim.

Abin and Jiawei did not exist, the intimate hit together, when they were in private privacy, sometimes smiled, even the Jiasi lost her a cold eyes, she famed, such as a needle felt.

Abin and Jiayu kissed, she didn’t look, I didn’t look, they still kissed the sound, palm of the palm of the opponent, she was a bit troubles, and she stolen them with her eyes. They are getting more and more irritating, and their neck is lingering, the limbs are twisted, and the Jiayu deliberately sounds, and hugs in Aiben.

The woman saw the heart and jumping, the emotion was infected, the Jiayu snake is averaged, and it began to pinch and grab it on the Bocn pants. Apin naturally produced a volume change, and that places like a Umbrella is like, can’t still be jumped. Jiayu specially made a clear angle, teaching the woman, the woman’s majesty, the woman is sitting on the chair, the two legs are overlapped, the eyes flashes, the lips are dark It is obvious that the mood is quite influenced, and the Jiayu is aimed at her, and she observes the change in her look.

Jiayu is like performing the performance of the Bin, and the trousers are pulled down, the lotus refers to hook the underwear of Bin, and the next to the next, the big hi is jumped out, bravely and dent. . The woman really scared a big jump, the amazing size, one end green gluten, one end crystal is bright, this is a man? This is a superman! She is dead staring at the mask, and her eyes are blinking. Jiayu helped the big dick, picking the calm meat in Apin, stimulating the Abin rising more and longer and more straight, then gently squatting, making the dick half half half hide half a half Now, the woman is more confused in the gang root. Then she slowly set her meat stick, Abin had a happy oysters, the woman’s mood was in their caress, and the scorpion was smashed and anxious. Abbin’s cock seems to have a rich breath. And the constant encouragement is to tease her lust. She is not a criticism, she is just a prostitute, the inner desire fire, therefore it hits, the body is hot, the water source is flowing out.

Jiasi saw that she had a swing of her inner, she bowed his head, put the front half of the glans into the lips, the woman was swallowed, and a face was forward.

“Climbing over.” Jiasi said.

The woman looked at her is awkward, and there is no action.

“Come over!”

The woman did not dare to violate, volts on the floor, slowly climbed with the two people. When I climbed to the Aiben, Jiayu stretched her hair and grabbed her hair. He traged her to the legs of the Abin. Appeal opened his legs. People are surprised and happy, the glans rhodes have touched the gangs, and they have been hot and hard. She can’t help but send a chill, the heart of the deer hits a piece, and the table tennip pong rhythm is chaotic.

“Lite my boyfriend.” Jia Yu is still order.

The woman’s hypocritical twisted, only to open his mouth, use her thick lip to suck the Abin into the mouth, the Pen is surrounded by wet heat, comfortable, then the woman Sure enough, she would like to discuss the Apin, and they didn’t stop the cheeks. Apin is even more happy, the cock has skyrocketed, and the glans especially becomes like a halofan. He also holds the back of the woman right hand and put her down. Surprised, actually does not flash, let Abin’s total cocks into her throat, really to die.

Abbin is great, there is no opponent to swallow him, so the beauty is a bad, and he does not pity this woman, caught her head and keeps back and forth, put her mouth The little hole did, and the woman was very good, and it worked hard. After all, it was a flesh and blood, and it was tears in the eyes of Aibin. Abbin was in the hands of her mouth, and her mouth was more than twenty, she had some addict, and she left her to cough in his legs.

Behind Jiayu came to the woman, don’t pull the neckline of the woman, I took the left and right, and the woman was exclaimed. The buttons of the white shirt had shot down, revealing her blinking and full Fat milk, Zhengcao in the black half-shaped milk cup, black and white contrast clearly, the meat surface swing and keeps, she will cover the chest, but more dauted with a dairy ball more highly seductive.

“Abin,” Jiasi said: “You see this Sao beauty.”

Not waiting for Jiayi, Penbin is staring at the woman’s crisp. When the woman came home from the front of the Bin, Abin saw her chest circumference. When they walked, they will jump, now half naked in front of him, and it is true that the real material is rare. Jiayu seized the hands of the woman, the woman did not dare to resist, and half-pushed half will let her open his hand, and the Abin’s hand has been extended. It is full of kneading on her breasts. It is a good tasty. .

The woman has a few times, “Um 哼”, Abin feels interesting, I went to pinch her other breasts, she called again, it’s really stunned.

“Little hard, don’t hurt her,” Jia Wei said: “She can squander, pinch her a few.”

“Well .. Well ..” The woman is eye-catching to the Abin: “Take more me.”

A guest is not politely peeled with her cup, and both hands are directly on her meat ball, while squatting, she is pretty blush, star is half closed, Tao Taoran look.

Jia Wei is next to her, let her take her inside and outside, then to solve her shorts, then the woman is struggling to struggle, and the legacy is close to the legs, let the Jiayu take her hand, this woman Although the people have been old, it is really a wind, the big round butt is tightly black and transparent ultra-thin small panties, from behind, the underwear is not a quarter of her rich buttocks. First, Jiayi can’t see it, and the “” is playing on her hips, and the white-faced meat will float red handprints immediately. She doesn’t shout, just gently swaying the waist. , Jiayu had a glory that she was launched, and there was a sound of “唧”, Jia Wei will be lifted by her wet finger and take it to the Abin. “You look at this obscene woman, has been yaw to this point.” Jiayu disdain.

The woman also understood the woman, and the eyes of the eyes were low, and they got down. I didn’t know if it was happened or deliberate. I just contracted the Babin’s big dick into my mouth and deeply sucked. Apin has a visual, tactile with the triple enjoyment of the cock, could not help but bite the teeth and sigh.

Jiayu lifted the woman’s underwear, and then let it bounce back in her big powder hip, the woman stuffed the big mask, could not clear. Jia Yu saw that she was squatting on the ground, and struggled to include the Abin, hate more thanks, and surely “唰”, pulled the black sexy small panty down to her knee, her private secret door lost the barrier, naked naked Reprinted. I saw the thick and tangered big lips soup, like just a hot dog bread, with two wrinkles and shrink into a dark brown small lab, irregular flower, it is impatient. Zhang Xiaozuo, from the pink tender meat, there is a lot of waves, it is only a white tiger, Jia Yu “呸”, and it is anti-two palms, and hurts in her ass.

The woman’s fat buttocks are red, but she can’t help, but she looks at the Pets, the water’s eyes are beautiful, and it is great to have a big seduce. The soul, suddenly, but bitter sediment, Apin, see the Jiayu palm, I don’t know if it is two or three fingers that have been sent into her meat, one out Digging, the woman finally couldn’t help, spit up the chicken, “ah .. ..” The closed waves, the tend to distort the body.

Jia Wei refused her, continuing the thrust in his hand, she didn’t work forward, climbed from the Bin, and the guests poured her, she fell to the long chair, and she hung crred , One foot is put, “Oh .. Oh ..”, the more you call, the more you understand the honey from the grass. A hole in the hole, the hole is shaking and shaking.

Jiayu uses his hands to open the buttocks of the woman, and her nest is stupid. Abin turned around, and the big cock was straight, but I just got to violate her, but said: ” Waiting for one, etc.. “

Jia Yu took out a small rubber bag, it turned out to be a safety case, she was torn open, and she put it on the set, said: “Who knows that she is not clean.”

Apin waited for her to wear it, only gave the glans to the eye, the woman was accepted by him, and he was as screaming. He used to force it, and the whole root was straight.

Poor prostitute, although the Pak is not allowed to do, but there is no big cock to fight, the Abin guy is broken, and it is simply inserted to her heart, the woman is soft. The long name “喔 ..”, hard, and is very satisfied.

Abbin’s chicken bubbles in her point, I didn’t expect the forty-year-old woman to be so tight, and I didn’t live up to the birth of the heave. He pulled out, and he was so embarrassed, and a few people came back to the back and not regenerated, turned.

“Oh .. Oh .. Dry .. Oh .. Oh .. Good Deep .. So comfortable .. …… Dry to Heart .. … Kiss brother .. Oh. Oh .. Missing people .. Hey .. Hey .. Hey .. “

She keeps breathing, the body is on the chair, full of spring love. Jia Yu sat in front of her, left her hand grabbed her hair, pulled her face, and opened her back, and rewarded her two pot stickers. The sacred woman did not change color, and Jia Yu was playing hard, she was more rigging.

“Ah .. Xiao Wei .. .. .. .. .. .. Before playing .. Play so comfortable .. Oh .. Little brother .. Big chicken brother .. Drying .. Come .. .. hurry to do it……………………………………

When the Jiasi will take her, she pulls a high skirt, sitting in the chair, pulling a white underwear, put the head of the woman before her cute banyan, then the woman did not tried this The seeds, refused to meet the small points of Jiayu, and the dead life of the dead, the order said: “Lite my Jiayu.”

The woman reluctantly reached the tongue, thin and width, lames the honey of Jiayu, in fact, Jiayu is also a spring tide, and the woman eats the waves, just the original I don’t like it, she is just silently breathing alone. Abbin’s dicks came back and forth in the surrounding woman, killing, and one person stopped in the army, but he was tight by the woman. He rooted in the end, and his cervix was stimulated from time to time. Women are rare this good man, as long as possible, let the Abin plug in again, and the front is gentle, and the tongue is served with the tongue, and the roll picks the hook. I don’t dare to neglect.

Abin is beautiful, the woman stiffly his neck, whichew, crying, sticking.

“Oh .. 唔 .. Pops .. 唉 .. 亲 ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… It is necessary to sprinkled .. Oh .. Good comfort .. ah .. ah .. Spray .. Spray .. Hey .. Hey .. Spray .. “

After shouting, the sound is spoiled, and she and the Bin are not awkward.

“Ah .. Flying above .. .. ………………………………… ……………………………….. …

Then, the points were tightly contracted, and “嗤”, and the waves sprinkled with hot, and the guests were rampous, and they continued to give her a fatal blow. The woman was told, naturally forgot to eat Jiayu, the Jia was lazy, and she took her head, she was “唔 唔” to eat a small hole.

However, in a while, Abin once again inserted her a critical juncture. She called again. I can’t take into account the Jiayu. She gave a grief to Jiayu, like a puppy.

“Well .. Well .. Xiao Wei .. Xiao Wei .. Hey .. Sorry .. Oh .. Mom I am sorry .. .. .. ..”

Jiasi listened, the anger was rushed, and the will will fill a slap, and immediately flew out a slap, playing on the pretty face of the woman. Don’t do her! “

Abin horse should promise, and stopped, the woman is so embarrassed, holding the Jiayu’s leg, said: “For ….s .. I am a stinky dog ​​.. Xiao Wei .. Don’t let him stop .. Xiao Yu .. beg for .. Do you want him to do it .. “

The head of Jiayu “” goes, the Apin re-pumped, the woman is happy and grateful, immediately looks at Jiazi kisses, Jia Yu has gone, launching her standing, sitting behind the Benn Hold him, put the head on him.

Abin’s post-fashioned flesh is coming back, it is really enjoyable. It is really enjoyable. He is more hard, and of course, the woman is caught into the ear, and the whole living room is a cavity, and 靡 靡Call the bed sound.

“Ah .. ah .. Dear .. Dry daughter .. Oh .. Oh .. this time .. .. really .. Nothing is not dead .. .. .. Worse .. I have to vent it .. Well .. Well .. Weight .. One more .. ah .. Dry death. .. .. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

The woman’s love liquid is reversed by the Bin, and the strong and powerful, she has been in front of her, and the arrogant is so deep, but the waist rod has been weak and loching. The chair is straight.

“Ah .. ah .. It’s weak .. I have turned over .. Oh .. Oh .. Good brother .. Rao .. I am enough .. Well .. Well .. Don’t .. Well. I beg you .. ah .. Good little 珮 .. 妳 要 他 停 停 .. I .. I .. .. I’ve been dry .. .. 唔 .. “

“Where, you are too polite,” Jiasi said: “Abbin, this woman is still very much, don’t listen to her, continue her.”

Abin was not planned to stop. He plugged more quickly. The woman’s cavity was spascaping, and he was tight. He pulled out, a large lap mucosa was dragged out of the cock, slipped over him When the cock rod, it was very comfortable. He flew to shake his ass, and the woman was bitter.

“Hey .. 噢 .. good brother .. I can’t stand it .. God .. God .. I .. I have to come .. Oh .. Oh .. I really want to die .. ah .. Good的 哥 .. Dry dead little girl .. .. .. oh .. To come .. He is coming .. .. .. .. Held me .. ah .. .. “The woman said that the leaks, a few taps of warm water slap on the scriptime, deleted herself and wet reparing. She is happy, waiting for bliss, I finally can’t support it, my heart is scattered, I want to go to the chair, but I’m falling into the ground, lying on the front, rush, legs Meat white hairless, a beautiful woman, a beautiful woman, looks like to lose consciousness.

The woman falls down the bench, naturally separated, and expands long and full penis in half, showing that he is in the most exciting state, Jiayi pinch the top of the safety case, will Take away, then lying down to the original position of the woman, the Ambber holds the cock, and the small world of Jiayu, and quickly combined with her honey.

Lost the thin skin sleeve, plus Jiayu is so compact, Abin is crazy, he is full of pumping, Jiasi just watched for a long time, the emotions were cached very excited, she called the little On the side of the Bing Roked to her, two hands hugged his thick chest, and couldn’t call him in the Bin ear, telling him that she doesn’t have to bear it, she is already very high, asking him completely injecting her in vivo.

Abbin let go of emotions, and enjoying her with her, Abin sensitive glans is wrapped in the heart of Jiayu, and Jiayu has been squatted by Abin. The two do not take a rising situation. Let the joy continue to break out and then broke out. Finally, the two came to a critical juncture together, and the two legs hit the Bin’s waist, and the Bin took the dick to the inside, while the heart is a series of joys The physical response is not controlled, all the enthusiasm sprayed out, the semen waves are rushing each other, yin and yang, and the wonderful rest.

“Bing ..” Jiasi bites his ear.

Abin and Jiayu were tempered for a while, and they were sitting up, and the woman was already awake, leaning on the short while daring to move, and wait for the waiting. Abbin and Jiayu grass were put on clothes, and they went to the room, closed the door, no more movement.

A woman is a little, it seems to be a little inexplicable. It is nothing to do with a stranger. I haven’t been to be dizzy, but she shakes his head with a dream. I don’t want to dream. Only the tired meat, pick up the bra underwear, turn off the electric light TV, but also go back to your room.

Overnight, the Oriental just floating fish belly, the woman got out of the room, and saw Abin and Jiayu in the living room, opened a TV to watch the morning news, and the guests came out of the newspapers before one or two days.

“As early ..” she tried greeting.

Apin nodded, and Jiayu saw it.

“I .. I will go to breakfast.” She said he says himself.

After a few minutes, she took a small pot of hot porridge, a few cans, and robbed the banabble and Jiayu to take the bowl, and the Jiayu was not polite, and the dishes were slowly eaten. , Even the sword-like vision is aiming at her, she bowed, she also sailed half bowl porridge for her own.

With breakfast, the woman turned into a maid, and the diligent cleansing the tableware, holding the kitchen to clean, is really unparalleled, when she washed a tableware, come out of the living room, Abin and Jiazhen have gone. She stands for a while, 咦? I really don’t see it.

She bite his teeth, returned to the house, and the dress was replaced. The ghosts were explored first at the door. I didn’t see them, I rushed to go out, and the illiterate to the Garden of Jiazhan ran.

When she came to the garden, she turned around four, surrounded by silence, she went to the middle of the farmland, “Ye” push the door, and immediately turned “touch”.

“How is it so late?” A man’s voice said.

The entire farm is still spacious, and the short wall will be half-sealed in the hatchback. The inner room is full of tool debris. It is very disordered. The outer house is not far away from the door. It actually puts a soft and clean old bed. It is only a slightly cleaned, and a small small space is full, and there is a fan on the top beam.

The man who talks is comfortable in bed comfortably, and it should be a few years old than the woman.

The woman glanced at him and walked over to raise his feet. He was screaming in his calf. He screamed, and his anger said: “What is it?”

“You will only be here,” said the woman said: “The death of Jiayu is coming back, do you know?” The man smiled at him: “She is back? How? I can’t forget me, come back to me again. Play? “

“You don’t know if you die,” said the woman said: “She is back with a man.”

“What can I do?” The man does not think it is.

The woman didn’t dare to say that she had passed by Abin last night, but the man wants a man to think about the way, but she pulled her in bed, and both hands were touched in her body. The things of the 珮 have fallen endless, and the woman will move the woman again, so that he can be more cool.

At the unclear, the door of the agriculture is opened again, and the two are scared, and it is not someone else. It is Jiayi. She turned back to the door, slanting at the door, turning the head casually throwing a man, immediately style, let the man make a mess.

The woman is both embarrassed and nervous. Fortunately, she is the most worried about Abin, and it is slightly relieved.

“Hey, little baby,” man said: “I haven’t seen it for a long time, more and more beautiful.”

“Really? Where is it beautiful?” Jiayu smiled and laughed.

“The body is better, the body is more charming.” The man said.

The wonderful wonderful winding said: “Is it?”

Jiayu is wearing a white, sleeveless vest and short hot pants, the man is a dry heart jump, he puts the woman sitting up, the woman wants to stop him, but he is ruthlessly pushed. He walked to the front of Jiayu, and he touched her face and said: “Growing up, there is a big.”

“Do you want me?” Jia Hao smiled.

The woman listened to them in the side, and the heart was fashionable, she felt very bad, but said not to export. The man smashed the waist of Jiayu, saying: “I want to die, come, let me kiss.”

“Don’t ..” The woman jumped up and pulled his hand and stop him.

“What are you doing?” He said.

“Don’t touch her ..” The woman is pleading.

“Hey,” Jia Wei said: “Your woman is really annoying, I will count.”

“Don’t, don’t,” men anxious: “I am homing her.”

“Oh, that is not ..” Jiasi said: “You tie her tied it, don’t you tie me?”

The man can’t help but swallow the pig’s stall, turn the woman, the woman resists, the man is pressing her back to bed, and there are many spare materials in the agriculture, and they pick up two ropes from the ground. Hand giving a man, a seven hands of eight feet, tangled a woman’s hands on the rail grid on the bed. The woman is angry and angry, it is awkward, the man is in the heart, she is tight, seeing she really can’t break away, only the evil laugh and turn, I want to bubble.

He just returned to stand up, but found a thick young man in front of him. He has not figured out the situation. Abbin’s right fist has been hit by his soft abdomen, he hurts The sound, the eyes are very like copper bell, and the Api is not in love. The left elbow sweeps back and then hits his nose. The four people heard the nasal bone breaks, the man can’t help, One black, dizzy.

I don’t know how long it takes, he finally woke up, and found that he was still in the agriculture, both hands were all antiking, the mouth seals the cloth, the whole body is naked to the ground, the Jiazhu sat next to him, the ear is passed When he came up, he looked up, the woman was tied to the bed gate, but the set of foreign clothes was torn, and the comy is lying on her back, put her positively To the bed, a thigh bend bent behind the Bin butt, the underwear is also hung on the knee, the two keep swinging, it turns out that Abin is working next to her, she is therefore aromatic.

Abin deliberately puts this posture, that is, let the man look at the careful woman, the man is like it, the man is awkward, scared, and eight flavors. The woman who is looking at his own is a hilarious dick. It is a laughter, and the heart is getting sour, but there is a strange excitement. He listens to the woman’s full room to die, and call, high Reward, it is inevitably, he will not be impulsive.

“Well-waited, comfortable?” Asked with the border.

“Comfortable .. very comfortable .. Well ..” She said.

“Oh .. Oh ..” The woman is a bit difficult.

“Fast, say soon.” Apper reminds her, while doing a little more. “Ah .. ah .. I .. I am so comfortable .. Comfortable and dead .. I have to die .. ah .. .. I am so cool .. So cool ..”

“Do it with him with me, which is comfortable?”.

“You .. ah .. He is comfortable with you .. Of course it is .. And you are most comfortable .. Oh .. Oh ..” Woman said.

“Do you still have him later?” Abin asked again.

“No .. can’t .. Don’t do it with him .. Oh .. Oh .. Good brother .. I want you .. I want you to do it every day .. 唔 .. 唔 .. so comfortable .. Oh .. I .. I am going to .. .. .. I have to lose .. ah .. ah .. Brother .. Dry me .. Dry me .. Good .. Good.? “

“That is asking me to ask me.” Abbin said.

“Jiayu .. 珮 .. good sister .. Let him do it well ..?” The woman is really going to seek Jia.

“Hey,” Jia Yu turned to ask the man: “Your woman wants my boyfriend to do her, what do you say?”

His mouth is sticking with the tape, how can he say.

“Wow!” Jia Yu Holded his dick and said: “Your woman is being dried, can you see so hard?”

The Jiayu is geekly with his meat stick. Although he is not more than the AP, it is also very good. He was fostered in the small hand of Jiazhong, suddenly the face changed, the palm was a knife, and he took the next to the next, and he couldn’t spit the voice. In the throat, roll in the throat, the eyes were convex, and the pain of the ancestors spread throughout the body, and the limbs were swatched with the swing, and the soft twisted on the ground.

Jia Yan looked at him in a cold, “”, turned to see Abenian, the woman is stiff, the face is laughing and moving, the more you sing, the higher it, probably Have a climax.

“Unplug it, Abin.” Jiasi said.

“Ah .. ah .. No .. Don’t ..” The woman said panic.

Abin is under her grief, according to Jiayu’s instructions, the cock is broken, ready to cross the bed, the woman is hard to ask him to do more her, and the Apin is abandoned, and he left her climb. He stood in front of Jiayu, like last night, Bin is a safe sleeve, and the Jiayu took off his legs, and his legs came to him, and the tamped kissed on his glans.

The woman was tied to the bed and saw this, envy, there is still a saying that Bytoabin, who is not coming back, come back.

The man was too much. When I lifted my eyes, I also saw Jia Yu’s eating Aabin. She only understood that the original Abin is so brave and long, she is not reluctant, but I saw Jia Wei. Like, pain is only slightly reduced, and the color is gradually born.

Jiayi’s mouth sucking the Aabin, the charming autumn wave threw the man, deliberately made a spring descendant, the man is indulgent, igniting the fire of the bears, and looked at her.

Jiayu opened two knees, right hand to relieve the head buckle of shorts, then slow down, let the man Baba looked at the white and semi-transparent underwear inside, gradually exposed a small piece, if the hidden, the people think.

The man’s eyes leave her legs only thirty cm, and it can be a red silk, the throat is bonless.

Jia Yu knees his knees and lifted the little butt, and it was another scene. She bought his trousers, first pulled it, let the hip meat extruded out the shorts, I will lose the man, then gently peel, let the beautiful bending arc wrapped in the undergarment, the smoothness of the beautiful bending, Until the entire hips were successfully presented. She then kneeling near the legs of the man, took off the shorts, gave him a sucking meat bag once, the underwear could not cover the fat and beautiful, and after the flesh, it was simply a faint, man The brain returning, forgot the body, the cock is not autonomous, straight, and shakes a shake.

Apin standside, watching his ugly, cold, cold legs, one foot is in his key, he hurts heavier, painful, tears, tears full of face, tragic Mourning crying.

Abbin and Jiayu have appreciated his pain, face like a cold cream, there is no expression.

The woman is lying on the bed is that the sound does not dare to speak, and only the man’s irregular throat is left throughout the agriculture.

Because of this, they heard the footsteps and people sent out of the door, it seems that there are several people who are in the middle of the threshold, and the Abin has listened to a while, and the Jiayu exchanged an eye, they are very Put on your clothes. The woman is worried about, and Abin saw her not honest, tearing a piece of cloth, and took her in her mouth, the woman woven, only the peach blot, helpless Ren. Abin puts the woman in bed, Jiayi kicked the man’s clothing to the bed, Peni rose the man, dragging the inner interior of the debris, Jiayu followed, just hiding, farming The door is slowly pushed away. They quickly squatted to cover up with sundries, from the interlaced voids to see.

The door is finally opened, and the door stood in the door, and the boy who took the brain. It is a small dragon. It turned out that Xiaolong and his brother, and his brother, after I saw Jiazi yesterday afternoon, the three had been stealing the private presentation, talking about the good face, and exquisite body, and It is she brought back a boyfriend, is it a child with my boyfriend. Youthful little ghosts know, knowing half solutions between men and women, but hitting, Xiaolong has become a message authority because of their voices, and he painted the honey in their own way, according to he has learned Analysis, Jiayu and his boyfriend must be so this, this is like this, three people play the imagination, the heart is horses, and the soul is not equal.

This morning, Xiaolong saw Jiayi and Abin on the road to go to the garden, and then went to find another two, telling them that the brothers discussed for a long time, and finally decided to go to the garden. I can’t see some wonderful scenes, so the three people, the rear, careful sneak, the result of the garden is quiet, they will rely on the farm, guess Jiayu and boyfriend must hide inside .

When they came to the farm gates, Abin and Jiayu have already improved alert, and the three only heard a very low vague voice, and did not think about it. When it was a new birth, Xiaolong pushed it The door panel, unexpectedly, the door did not deduct, and a slit was spliced. He continued to push the door hard, and there is no movement inside. They have thought that there is no one in the air, but it is clear to hear the kind of voice outside the door, turned around, three people almost didn’t scream, it turned out that they saw a full woman tied On the bed, the clothes were teared, showing fatty breasts and bare private parts, the mouth posted a tape, and it was angry.

They did not enter the thing in the case of such things, and it is inevitable. After a few minutes, the little dragon was the most daring. He stepped by step by step, and the two brothers followed him. They went to the woman, and found that she was tied, without any resistance, Xiaolong thought about it. Think, after hesitation, I still reach out of the right hand, although I am a woman’s breast.

Xiaolong’s brother and Tang Ge should pay attention to his movements. See him touched a woman’s breast, five fingers, it seems that there is nothing dangerous, and it will reach out together, press in a soft body in a woman. The woman will take care of the idea to find the way, and the eyeball drops will be rotated. Later, the nipples stood hard in the three people, and the little dragons were more excited. She happily opened her eyes, simply Everything is.

Xiaolong three people did not touch anything because of the right hand, the left hand followed, and six young palms just took care of her chest, giving her never satisfied. It is Xiaolong leader, he vacated the private parts of the woman, and his two brothers found that he found another battlefield. The end of the rush, and the woman was tapping, the woman was excavated to the spring water.

“Really will flow the water.” Xiaolong’s brother identified the narrative of the woman.

Tang Ge also attached, only Xiaolong did not speak, he and his brothers played for a long time, of course, it has already approved who is half-naked woman, he is paying attention to watching the woman’s reaction, seeing her apricot apricot with spring, no It seems angry, anyway, I don’t do it, I will take off the pants, I plan to be a career.

His brothers also suddenly realized, followed by all of themselves, Xiaolong climbed to bed, and the first, he took the legs of the woman, and the hard cock was in the shackles of my heart. Hit a gas. The woman’s field is so big, and it is not easy to shake, and it is easy to be developed. Sure enough, Xiaolong will soon find the correct way, and it is not careful that it has fallen into a glans.

For Xiaolong, this is his first time inserting a genitals into an almoster body. The wonderful feelings and masturbation are really in the same day. It is too comfortable to be too comfortable. He will send it again. The sound sounds, there is no half-effort, it is completely inserted to the end of the woman.

For the woman, although Xiaolong has a size of people like AP, it is rich in young enthusiasm, from his hot rigid mask source to her. Abbin and Jiayu have been letting her, Xiaolong’s three people don’t have a good idea, but it must be really eager to do her. She is now the most needed, it is a good thing, she stands with a fat buttock, and Xiaolong is compact together.

Xiaolong discovered that the woman was welcome to his invasion. The big stone in the heart put a large half. He push the woman. Soft has very fun, the woman automatically lifted his feet, hook his thigh, Xiaolong Don’t teach, you will know how to get a driver, prove that there is instinctive organism.

Since the woman has been occupied by Xiaolong, his two brothers are not idle, one climbed over the bed, a stay in bed, busy in the woman, Xiaolong is not awkward, his lower body is not Stop, slightly flattering the arm, let his brother can also blook the woman’s lotus-like double milk, the woman is alive, the two eyes and semi-cranes, the moth is blocked, but the mouth is blocked, only There is “um .. Well ..” The use of humming to express joyful feelings.

Xiaolong entered out in the body of a woman, the smashing the chicken was smoked, the larger, the swell was very incomparable, the woman was full of water, and the two people intertwined is the chaos of the water. ” 」叽 地 地 地 是 是 是 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿

“Hey .. 唔 ..” The woman is satisfied.

Xiaolong really wants to listen to the woman is what is like a bed. He raises his hand to the corner of the cloth, it is torn off the cloth. His brother and Tang Ge are very nervous. Have a lot, but the woman opened his mouth, but it was just “.. 呦 ..” The high and low are not ink to “oh .. Oh ..” to express their encouragement.

Three boys have heard an unusual impulse, and the little dragon has worked hard. I can’t wait to interrupted the cock.

“Ah .. ah .. Xiaolong .. good Xiaolong .. Dry dead .. ah .. …………………….. ………………. So comfortable .. Oh .. Oh .. You do it .. Shu is uncomfortable .. Well .. Well .. “

“Oh .., so cool.” Xiaolong said.

“Really ..” The woman squatted: “Like .. A 婶.?”

Xiaolong didn’t force two and said: “Like.”

“Hey .. is right .. Oh ..” Women ask: “Xiaohu ..? AC ..? You don’t like it .. .. .. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… .Oh oh..”

“I like it, I like it!” The two people competed.

“We are three people,” Xiaolong butt shake very much: “I often take a shower.”

“Ah .. ah .. Good deep .. Good stick .. ..” The woman calls: “Original .. It turned out to be you .. Oh .. Oh .. I also think is your father .. Oh oh..”

“Dad is also there.” Xiaohu recalled.

“Oh .. Oh .. Good Xiaolong .. Good brother .. Fast .. Five .. Fast a little .. A, want to fly .. .. .. ………………………….. Yes .. Take me .. ah .. Small hole should be Dragon …………………………………………….. … Woman .. Don’t do it .. ….. “

Xiaolong is a person, where can she have to solve her soil, can’t help because she is mad, and fidaded mad.

“Oh .. God .. God .. Xiaolong .. You are so good .. 婶 .. 要 .. 要 完 .. I .. I .. I lost it .. I lost someone .. Ah .. .. Fusations .. ah .. .. Good Xiaolong .. “

She finally put all the desires all poured, and the white tiger points contracted, the waves were sprayed, and a small dragon also attracted a unpacking, the waist was sour, the horse is a loose, and the yang followed “Buib” As the cock, the gelatine is incident with the ejaculation of the woman.

“Oh .. Oh ..” Xiaolong shouted: “It’s so cool ..”

All of his waiting fluids were all discharged. He sat down behind bed. The Church Achun hit into his original position, ready to replace him, Xiaolong moved next to him, ACA promoted the positive cock, and fidelity Inserted, the woman immediately immediately dripped the volatile.

But although the AC is the largest, the body is the best, but it is only a silver sample wax gun, but only thirty, whispered, and taking a mess, it is paid. “Ah,” said the woman is dissatisfied: “AC, you are useless.”

ACHA is ashamed and angry, only have to go back, Xiaohu makes it up, learn two brothers to put the dick to the hole, women can’t help but feel comfortable, even the most itchy places are covered, the original little tiger is small The guy is big, and the whole root is all in the governor.

“Hey .. Kissing Xiaohu .. Beauty is dead .. I didn’t expect you .. Oh .. so long .. so big .. ………… .. .. Xiaohu .. is right …..

AC is looking at the cousin to see a woman, not willing to enter the treasure mountain, and the cock is stupid. He hits the woman’s chest neck and put the dick against her, the woman saw the dick and recoverive vitality. When you open your mouth in your mouth, you can’t stop it.

Abin and Jiayu looked at the living Spring Palace in the inner room.

The pain of the man also retired, seeing the woman’s performance in the outer house, the object of the intersection is actually a group of milk batheds, and the heart is burning, and the angry is inclusing to swim. Suddenly, he found that Jiayu’s hand explored on his light butt, and felt in the ass, he secretly called, but Jiayu really touched, she careped his egg bag, and went forward To his bleeding, a long-awaited meat, confirmed, and then touch his egg bag, and constantly touched.

Outside the woman is being forced to close the tiger, the cock of the AC is not going deep into her mouth, she is completely done, and the wairt is happy.

As a result, Yichang is still can’t do. He looked up with an exciting wolf. Looking in the eyes, as he is ejaculation, after all, he is young, although nothing, but the yang is very strong, fierce flies in the patient’s pharyngeal tube, she has no way, only one mouthful Swallow the belly.

Just as the 唏 唏 yes have not stopped, Xiao Ti is immediately low, but the buttocks are like a cylinder, and a woman will give a bitter, so easy to make the cock of the AC’s soft to smash down, women Talents have the opportunity to be high-spirited, but they are also exhausted, and they are pitiful.

The three things on the bed are crying because of the enjoyment of the flesh, and the hands of Jiayu still don’t care. He will be worse. It is painful, just at this time, the woman suddenly shouped from low.

“Oh .. Good tiger .. fast .. Fast .. Dry dead .. good tiger .. Big cock is a little tiger .. .. .. … .. ah .. Hey .. dead .. is dead .. ah .. ah .. Xiaohu .. 婶 婶 死 死 你 .. Dry dead people .. .. .. “

She is shameless, and the man hates tooth. It is also desirable to skyrocket, nowhere to vent. Jiayu is not late, when his dick is long and hot, the cruelty is a pinch, the man is horrible, and the red eye is blends, the end of the world is coming early, he feels that the scrotum will definitely be pinched and broken. Maybe it is already pulverized and blurred everywhere.

He is painful, but the woman and the boy are just calling at the climax. They can’t hear his weak breath. His neural is stretched into the edge of the collapse. Finally, the eyes turned and dizzy.

Jiayu said that he had a hatred, she guess, this man is a life, no matter how beautiful and moving women, I am afraid I dare not erect! When the woman in the outer room is busy, the boy is rushing to take the first to replace each other. She and the Bin have quietly pushed the small window of the intervented corner, with the climbing out of the farm.

Close the window panel, the two people and the chaos in the farm have been isolated. The gorgeous sun hangs on the top of the head. Jiayu is silent for a while, pulling the Bin again to the father’s grave, silly looking at the loess I murmured what I said, then she took the Abeti and went back to the home.

Back home, she and Abin began to pack the baggage, and the Abin dialped a call to the driver of the wild chicken car yesterday, and he transferred them at the small fork. The two are all organized, and the Jiayu station went to the Shenke Table. He said: “A dad, let’s go!”

Her father’s devout souls holding down, in a little bag, the Abington arm around her shoulder, brought large bags, go out together to the road yesterday to return the line to leave. When the dragons came home, the mother of dragons exposure alone on the leafy courtyard in front of the soil, and did not see the three boys, I am afraid, and the woman did devotion.

“阿珮,” Shimizu aunt asked: “u go?”

“Ah, water aunt, I ask u something, okay?” 嘉珮 said.

“what’s up.”

“I’ve heard of,” Shimizu aunt said: “He refused to eat or drink for several days, and then passed.”

嘉珮 after hearing did not say anything, she nodded with water aunt goodbye, and turned the road. Went to a small fork in the road, the car pheasant compliance, etc., where they sit in, start the vehicle, bouncing on the gravel road, 嘉珮 constantly whisper hello father to follow her. After the downhill much faster than a mountain, an hour, they returned to the train station.

Typhoon brought southwesterly flow have an effect in the beginning, the weather gets a little dark, a group happened to Taipei train is pitted, Abin paid the fare pheasant, quickly pulled 嘉珮 past the platform, the train rushed . He let 嘉珮 to find a seat to sit down, he actively look conductor replacement ticket, make their votes back, the car window has a scar marks a holding rain.

When Abin sit down, and 嘉珮 palms handshake, recall yesterday to drive anyway, how they could not imagine that such an outcome would be, 嘉珮 head against his arms, closed his eyes.

“U will come home to you?” Asked Abington.

嘉珮 open big eyes looking at her. Two days, she has been so resolute calm, not a shred of grief expressed, when the eyes are filled with tears sparkling pregnant.

“What is home?” She asked.

Abin can not answer.

The distant horizon sounded a cry muffled thunder, then rain Raining Cats play down 嘉珮 tears, and turned it into collections of crystal pearls, rolled over her cheeks bright red, dripping on my lapel. .

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