[SM female writer’s tight practice scam]

Word Count: 10500 July’s magic is extremely hot, I just walked out of the high-speed rail waiting hall full of air-conditioned cool, and the shares were shot on your body, and I was angry with me.

“I think at the time, actually because of the impulse impulse, there is such a hot sky and quarrel?

The dead four eyes! I bite my teeth and secretly clenched my fists. Equipped with red nail polish’s beautiful nails, smashed into the palm, as if the poke is not my palm, but the disgusting four eyes.

I have already appreciated the weather forecast before I came to the magic, and I know that the maximum temperature of the magic volume in these days is up to 40 degrees Celsius, and I deliberately wear it. I wore a piece of white sleeveless t-shirt, and the shoulder strap was hanged on my narrow and smooth shoulders, and the black and shoulders short hair happened to be bent. Snow white skin; the neckline of the T-shirt is just right, you can see the skin of the chest, the skin, the middle deep cleansing and the small half-fence, but if it is unclear, it is not clear; the hem of the T-shirt is slightly I have some pleats, tightened in the waist, just outline the layered waist curve. I wore a piece of blue cowboy hot pants in the hip, and the length exceeded the roots of the thigh, and two finished white legs were completely exposed. It is worth mentioning that the original height has 176 cm, I specially selected the black high heel of sandals of 8 cm, showing the delicacy of the nail polish. Although such a high shoe, I force me to always keep the head of the chest, but I think that I can press the dead four eyes on the height. Hey!

Even though this dress makes me a sexy figure, it is a failure in this way, but in order to cool it in order to cool. The skin of the large piece is directly exposed to strong heat waves, just a few seconds from the protection of the air conditioner, my forehead has been oozing from the thick sweat, and the sweat is wet.

I hurriedly returned the waiting hall. After re-feeling the cool breath of the air conditioner, I was secretly self-sufficient: I finally was comfortable, but sweat is so much, I am afraid that I have to replenish makeup. When I bowed out of your hand, I went out of your hand from your hand, and I didn’t intend to sweep the chest. I saw the T-shirt of the chest was soaked, the wet clothes were tightly attached to the towering breast. Although the material of the T-shirt itself is not transparent, the whole contour shape of the rice white bra is completely passed through the moisture of the sweat, and even faintly see the pink.

What is the difference between me and the naked / body? I heard the noisy voice around him, it seems to be pointing to me, saying “watching this unshirimose woman” cloud. My face burned red, my heart gave the dead four eye, I was so late, and I was so late, and the lady was so wolf. I knew that the devil was hot, I won’t provoke because of his arrival, specializing in the high-speed rail to go to the magic.

That is what happened before weeks …

I am an ordinary female white-collar worker, working from the Bachelor of Science, working in the branch of the family state banks in Suhang. Two years of nine and fifth, it is also a daily consumption. Since my appearance is in the school or the unit belongs to the top, naturally, there is no shortage of pursuit, but I don’t have one can see it, but I have no boyfriend in more than 20 years. The work of state-owned banks is not too tired. I have a big amount of idle time after I am under the weekend. Different from the psychic girl, my biggest interest in my leisure is to write some articles about bundling, and secretly published this ID in a community. If I want to be her face, I can say that I am a beautiful woman. Of course, in order to reduce harassment, in the gender of the community and QQ, I fill in the male. So, whether there is anyone around me or the community, I don’t know the existence of such a beautiful writer.

This day, I just sent a 10,000-character chapter section of the article to the community. I sat in front of the computer, and the headphones listened to music, and I wanted to see what feedback from everyone.

“The author is too powerful!”

“Good text support!”

“thank you, owner!”

Looking at the full screen of praise, I can’t help but look up. Anyway, the room lives, I am personal, I don’t care about the risk of light and sleep, and I will have a bran leg, and the legs are treated as music.

I also feel that I am very powerful, see this sentence “I am a female special police, how can I feel it? “, Showing the extent of the female special police in the heart of the female special police. I don’t have a beautiful woman who coexists! When I was secretly, I was so uncomfortable, and the words I didn’t have to be refreshed, jumped into my sight. The content of the comment is very long, but it is only angered me from the beginning of the beginning: “The author is completely burn!”

“After the female special police is hanging, the weight of its own weight is completely reflected in the rope.”

“The description of the rope and the knotted” is completely wrong. “

“The brutal feelings of the strap are not reflected.”

“In short, although the author is very striking, it can be seen that it is a thorough outgoing line! It is not really exposed to the rope art! It is speculated that the author does not find the female M, which can only rely on YY waste. “

It is quite uncomfortable when he is booming, and it is quite uncomfortable, especially the entire comments are full of provocative tone. I have seen it for the words of the praise. I have experienced such a difficult attack?

Although I did not have a real bundle of others, I usually secretly sneaked to play, I have played, but I have never seen a pig run yet? Do I have fewer views of the video and pictures of the community? I am so provocative, I want to see how powerful.

I am a little excited, I have opened his ID – glasses. The post 空 荡,,, 栏 栏. 清 清Feelings, is he provocative me?

I took an angry to hit the keyboard, and I sent him a private letter with my hand: “Say I am a pull, I am afraid it is just the keyboard party that I will typing online.” Venting the heart Angry, my mood is a bit calm, but I have no mood and go to the community, and I am looking for the British TV drama on the Internet.

I don’t know how long it is, I am looking forward to what kind of traitor / feelings in this episode and male two, the penguins below the screen suddenly flashed.

“I am a goddess, ask you to add you as a friend!”

This guy actually chased my QQ, and I haven’t finished it? I can’t help but I am, this is not enough private letter, I want to tear the rhythm? Just when I was preparing to click refuse, suddenly ghost, I jumped out of my mind, “I am bored, I’m so hot, find a personal noisy, venting. It is better to accept it?”

After the things, I didn’t expect my expectations. I and the glasses have started from the authenticity of the article. It is not intense around the other party. Hey, 唉, debate. Of course, what is his mood? I don’t know, I am completely attitude towards the past.

“Said so much, you can’t still have a rope, you are going! Dead four eyes!” From the glasses brother’s word line, I speculateing that he did not tie the female M, so they were full of maliciously Such a paragraph, waiting to see what he has.

After a long time, I thought he was said to be twisted by me. He is full of stretching a lazy waist. When you are ready to end this section, the penguin flashes again when I take the initiative. This content is very simple, but it is unexpected.

“Okay, on this weekend, in the weekend XX hotel, I booked a model, let’s come to the rope art, see who is a waste? The cost of the model is coming out, you just want to go to the devil. The train station came, and there is no need to spend money. What is it? “

Huh? I was stunned, and the mouse was preparing to pull the right hand. To be honest, I am used to Ibb. I used to only fight the gun, I haven’t encountered it when I “I’m going to haar”.

Is he true?

I should not hesitate to reject him without hesitation. And I don’t want to expose my true genders. I am not interested in the behavior of the bundled female M. I am very clear. In the SM video I have ever seen, I am more passionate about what kind of role that I have gone. .

Reject him.

Inti-my hands are not controlled in my mind, but my hands are itchy, my mind is coming, I can’t help but have a girl in the hotel in the hotel, the man is tightly bundled with a rope, and that helplessly desperate girl It seems to be me. My heart is screaming, I don’t consciously swallow saliva, and my heart is getting more and more hot. Until the shares seem to have liquids flowing out along the thighs, what did I just have happened? I actually had a reaction in the YY process. The strong shame made my face rolling, the spirit of the spirit, my ghosts made the gods played on the keyboard “” Who is afraid? “! I actually promised? It’s just looking for someone to make a noise. The girl runs to the weekend to go to the ground and a man than the rope art? Can I still think of more ridiculous things than this? Just I ranted my brain, think about how to find a beautiful excuse, neither the face, when I rejected, the penguin is bright again. This content is the hotel’s book number, the ID card of the glasses and the agreement of the convention.

Forget it, go! It is not a rope art, and your grandmother is not afraid from Xiaoyao. See the photos on your ID card, this four eyes have a clear eyebrow show, thin thinness, and you can’t take me. So, under the hot head, I bought the weekend to the high-speed rail ticket from the Weekend …

It’s really a regret! Would you like me to buy a ticket to go back? Just when I was standing at the door of the station lobby, I suddenly saw a black preparation of a black Porsche, a man in a shirt. This man is thin, five ethnic Sens Wen Wen, with a pair of black-frame glasses.

Although the real person seems to have a lot more handsome than the photo, I still recognize this sullen look, I can’t help but go out, “Dead Four eyes?”

“Meng Ru Ju Shi?” The man seems to be very surprised, watching me up and down, and the stutter is not going to say, “Actually, actually?”

It’s been finished, I’m recognized, and the end of the end of the escape is blocked. I can only see the tricks. I calm my emotions, put it from the most standards of the teeth, “Yes. I am a dream, how?

Do I grow very strange? “

“No, no, no.” Glasses descended with the shameful expression, I am embarrassed to look at me, “Just I didn’t expect Meng Ru, so beautiful girl is so online, then …”

Oh, I watched the glasses for a long time, I didn’t say something, it turned out to be a pure brother. I can’t help but smile, “Is it a good, right?”

“Which, I didn’t think that Dream Ru is so beautiful.” Glasses seem to be a bit nervous, I said with me, my eyes are flowing through my head and feet.

Of course, I know what is the reason. After the glasses wear shoes, the height is only 172 cm, and my high foot is 176 cm, with 8 cm shoes … I thought I and the glasses were standing, this interesting height match, I I can’t help but launch, smiled and smiled and said that the shoulders of the glasses said to him, “Isn’t you set a room and a model? Let’s go to the hotel.”

“This, this, I thought you were a man.” The glasses didn’t have arrogant flames on the Internet, and I said that I was tempered, “I will be more than the bundle of binding, not, don’t be good?”

It is said that women are visual animals, this is not wrong. The real person of the glasses is more handsome than the ID card photo. It is a full piece of fresh meat. I am a lot of impression on him. I have forgotten it before and his quarrel. And look at him, the innocent look of me, the invisible look, is a very old man, I want to come to the provocative message from the time, just the mood is not good at the time? Thinking of this, I extended the right hand ten fingers cross grabbed his left hand, and he said, “I don’t care, my husband is not careless. I don’t think of men and women. I am afraid. ? “

And the previous provocation of the text, but the tone is brought into a brine and charming meaning. When the glasses suddenly worked, “that, that, that’s good, but … just hold your hand, don’t be good? Yes, you look, the sky is so hot, you have so much sweat, I have bottle of mineral water, Do you want to drink some? “

“Okay, thank you!” Looking at the glasses nervous and cute, I am not very embarrassed to continue to tune this innocent fresh meat. What’s more, I’m really thirsty, released my right hand, I took a mineral water bottle, and I drunk a clean. The taste of the water is slightly salty, is he deliberately added salt?

I didn’t expect this glasses or a careful man. I thought that this is a few eyes on the top and down, and I have a better impression on him.

I saw that I saw my eyes, it seems to be a bit nervous, I asked, “Dream, Dream Ru, what happened?” Hey, there is nothing to understand that there is more stones, I don’t want to shook the head. “Nothing, thank you. Your water, let’s go. “

Perhaps because I have a little too much to the glasses before, I didn’t talk in the car, just concentrate on the driver’s seat on the driver’s seat. I was sitting in the car of the car, the root seat belt was obliquely from my towering double-peak middle, I feel like being tied to the seat, which makes me a bit red heartbeat, I don’t know when I am. Say what is good. The whole car caught like this into a somewhat quiet.

It’s a bit hot, even if the car is air conditioning, it is still difficult to block my hot feelings. The original person is hot, the air-conditioned cool is forced, the whole body is contracted, there is no sweat, it feels like the heat of the whole body is locked in the body, and I am upset. I originally thought that the rest will be good, and I am natural and cold. Who knows, after resting, it will be like this, and the heart is very happy, as if there is a group of people in the heart, but there is no way to vent.

In such a bad mood, I feel uncomfortable, especially the seat belt before the Slascale, and the edge of the rough, with the vehicle’s travel, and make my breast swelling. , The milk / head is jumped, and it does begun itch in the deep legs. I want to take hands, but the car is too quiet, I am sitting next to the glasses, as long as a slight action is easily discovered. I can only get a legs, I don’t dare to move, and I work hard to make me embarrassed itching.

After arriving at the hotel, after the glasses, the glasses did finished the door to open the door, I quickly took off the high-heeled sandals on the feet and rushed into the room, I want to take a shower, to easily disclose this day. Fatigue and hard work.

“Glasses go to contact the model, I will take a shower first!” I left this sentence to the glasses, and the side of the bathroom was closed. Huh? Just when I was ready to lock, I found that the door lock in the bathroom didn’t seem to be broken. No matter how I twist the lock, I don’t move. This is still a four-star hotel, how can I don’t have to repair it? Forget it, take a bath, forgive that the glasses are not courageous to come in.

I hurriedly took off the high-heeled sandals and the already wet clothes. I quickly changed the slippers that came with the hotel, rushed into the bathtub. Unscrew the hot water, the bathroom quickly became fog, but my irritability in my heart was neither hot water, nor is it taken away by steam. The more the body is, the more hot, the towering double peak is on the hot water, and the strange pleasure stimulates my legs. In the hot air of the hazy, my face was hot, and the eyes were blocked. They only took the breasts, and the other handlessly to explore the mysterious garden of the legs.

“Amater ~” The strong stimulus from the private part makes my legs, and I will fall in the bathtub.

Shortly and sophisticated snorkeers make me a little awake. What am I doing? The glasses are still outside, I will not be heard by him? Will I be considered a woman who is sophisticated? A strong shame makes my face rose red, carefully probes, listening to the movement outside.

“Hey, ok, then this way.”

Glasses seem to call outside and people, did not pay attention to the voice of me, think of this, my heart is slightly relieved. After the scares were eliminated, the singularity before being suppressed, but the bathroom was bad soundproofed, and I was a little hesitant. Although the legs did not consciously returning, but never dared to carry out the movement.

It is probably because there is a sulking in your heart, but I can’t vent it. I just rinse it. It is dragging a tired legs to go out of the bathtub. Until I wiped my body and blowing my hair, I found out that because of this truth is too rushing, I actually forgot to carry the laundry. It’s really damn that it is not too much after coming to this city.

Just when I didn’t know how it was good, my line of sight moved to the closet of the fitting mirror. Ok is a four-star hotel, maybe there is any spare pajamas? Before I came to the wardrobe, I opened it, I couldn’t help but stop. The wardrobe is divided into two floors, and the upper layer is full of large and small bath towels. This is normal, nothing can be surprised; then the next level below the wardrobe is messy to visit all kinds of fun supplies: mouthful , Open the mouth, skin handcuffs, restraint, single gloves, restraint belts … and even two bundles combine the entire hemp rope.

What are this hotel? I did overriding the black leather in these sex supplies, just wearing this, how can I see people? At this time, I suddenly turned into the machine and picked the largest new bath towel from the wardrobe. I rely on the top of the bath towel, and I wrapped my body in the opposite circle, and I wrapped the two corners. At the end, I finally put it into the wandering of the armpits after the chest. In this way, the whole large towel turned immediately into a white-sleeveless jewely, at least before the existing clothes were dried, I didn’t have to worry about the danger. Going out of the bathroom, seeing glasses is sitting at the desk and operateing a laptop, seems to be in the browsing of the aging god. The phone is placed on the side of the desk, it seems that the phone is finished. When you think of the previous glasses, I made a ridiculous thing in the bathroom, and my face couldn’t help but red, as if I met the topic, “” glasses, what are you doing? “

“I am watching the article written.” The glasses sideways let the seats, I stood in his back and wrap, I saw the screen for the female special police articles I wrote.

“Take this, the real Japanese-style master is not so bundle … and this, the European-style and the elbow can be bound by the shoulders, it is easy to fall off … and this …”

He actually came again, I didn’t want to think about him and this lady, he was still endless! I am a feet, I am preparing to lose my temper, and suddenly the shoulder is robbed. My brain suddenly was 懵, what do he want to do?

“Right, look at this … and this is not true …” glasses don’t seem to realize what you have done, I am also giving me the article to pick up, as if just behavior is just no heart. I didn’t think about listening to him. I was handed over half of my glasses. When he spoke, the airflow was just against my earlobe, my mind is blank, and a strong man is not a red heartbeat. Know what you can do.

If you don’t want to find an excuse! “You still need more practical experience!” The voice of glasses came in the ear. I suddenly gave birth to the power of stock, and I pushed him on my arm, whispered, “Hey, the model found today? Let’s take a better than one, see who needs to increase experience ! “

The glasses don’t seem to be quite quite asking this, quite a little twist-knitted, “When I called, she said, she said, she didn’t come.”

It’s a waste! Thanks to this, I have been to the magic, and I have been so many sins. I am put a pigeon. “Don’t use any model what do you want to do?” I drop this sentence, I was so angry, and I was ready to go.

If you can’t prevent it, the glasses suddenly get together to hug me, then you will go to my ear, say, “Model, this is not there?”

I was hugged again. I still gave birth to a lot of merits, there is no strength, I can only be soft and soft to the chest of glasses. More embarrassed, because I didn’t wear a bra, after being hugged by him, the plump double peaks were directly in contact with towels, and the rough bath towels were rubbed with milk / head, itching my body bursts, I don’t know How to be good.

In this way, I don’t have any resistance, let his hands from my slim waist, ring to my chest. The sound of “brush”, the bow of the chest is unwrapped, the white bath towel wrapped in the body slipped into the ground, and the skin is bare in the air. The air-conditioned cool breeze, blows me hot skin, and the most sensitive privacy part of the woman is all exposed to the sight of the glasses.

“Just ask you, don’t do this!” I lowered my head. I kept whisper in my mouth, but even the strength of the silk couldn’t mention it. I like a lotus / head and naked in the air in front of him. Tash red skin is sold in my heart’s true idea.

After my wrist was pulled back, I still didn’t respond. Only the urgent breathing, the hands of the hand, the cold sweat and the slight shaking leg exposed my heart. The hemp rope is circled and wrapped in the wrist until the rope began to tighten it. In my mind, I had a consciousness of resistance, twisting my body, I want to break your wrist from the rope sleeve.

“Don’t move!” This is the voice of glasses.

It’s hard to consume it again, I still stand in the body, but I don’t even believe in the words I can’t believe even. “

God, what I’m saying! My reason tells me very clearly, in this strange city was tied up, I will face the One is what kind of situation. But I did not fear, no panic, no anxiety, but still in confusion also with One kind of excitement, even the tone of voice with a full pro-Italian. I never knew actually so shameless One a woman. “Oh, do not worry.” Glasses voice was gentle, almost One word One sentence said softly, “One is tightly tied to science, or else to harm the body, we must One tender point.”

Perhaps glasses, then really played a role, or perhaps I have resigned. My fate has been completely dominated by glasses, how can I do? Perhaps he really said to me as gentle as One point. Think of it, but I calmed down, closed his eyes, bowed his head, and then one voice does not say anything to let him wrap tied on my wrist.

Rope tied on the wrist was soon over, and then the glasses rope around my chest, my breasts wrapped around the upper part of the first two laps, behind my back to tie. Just when I thought the glasses will continue to bypass the rope from under the breast, I suddenly felt the whole body of the rope is tightened abruptly, Le meat slowly stuck in the rope above the breasts, bare upper arm to tighten the rope Le too muster. One rope to let loose, I will be forced to head and chest in an effort to collect arms inward, upward from the wrist to relieve pressure caused by rope.

Who would have thought the more I rely on his arms to the back, put the glasses rope behind closed tightly, until my shoulder was twisted as if broken One kind of pain, could not help but loudly Hutong, he stopped, mouth also recited, “One point since the wrist should be loose, then the rest of the course —– tied tightly point!”

My One could not move his arms, shoulders violently anti-twisting pain, upper chest and hemp has been completely stuck in the fat above the breast, almost completely disappeared in my sight. One cut has not yet finished, remove glasses and a new rope Article One, even from the previous first knot in the back of the One, then One side with a rope under my breasts wrapped up One side says ” chest rope course, with special emphasis on the girl’s chest, and chest rope original purpose was to just hold the position of the wrist, to ensure that neither the wrist moves up and down and can not move around. so in order to fix the wrist One set to be bundled chest, like a dream u write the kind of novel Ru bundle method is very easy to break. the most important thing is a girl’s breasts are thick upper and lower fat, then even if tied too tightly, it will not hinder the nerve and blood return. “

Well, I have used his body was surely felt. After the rope through the chest below the breast wrapped twice, and through the armpit, arms and upper body after a gap of tightening, the whole strand cable Le deep into the meat, the oppressed of my breasts again hold . My arm was lifted high up, firmly fixed in the back, the entire upper body One point can not move, just a little struggle, the breast will be a strong stimulus came only numb swollen finger can be a little pinch.

One just when I thought everything was over, his glasses still did not stop to explain and bundling. “In the dream Ru u novel, the protagonist is a woman One special police, this level of bundling may soon break out. So they would go tied on the wrist of Article One, then around the right shoulder, right shoulder ride next, after cleavage, through the rope under the breasts, then back to the left shoulder, back behind the rope tied to the wrist of course have to tie a rope around the waist, and finally the waist rope to pull around. You see like a rope in front of a sheep-shaped composition one and one a regular hexagonal pattern, the wrist can be completely fixed! this is the real shells bundle method, the regular hexagon you see the body at the lower abdomen, a lot like the tortoise tortoise-shell pattern? u wrote in the novel that are totally evil ways. “

I was tied up, the body was then one of hemp rope tied could not move, the brain One piece blank. Glasses say what had gone deaf. This is my virgin tied, in fact, tied to such a degree, in addition to beautiful behind tortoiseshell has no meaning, I would have even the entire upper body could not move the wrist in even before a little activity can now also be firmly firmly fixed in the back.

I opened my eyes to see, he was quietly before looking at the man. I do not know what the feelings to face him, not disgust, nor is Xiunao. Glasses gradually stopped understanding that we’ll just quietly watching, and then one sentence did not say that the whole room could hear me breathing shortness of breath sound.

After the eye for a long time, my eyes slowly blurred trance, after a long silence to say One of the first sentence, “glasses, u found no? I am now, no matter what u do, have been completely unable to resist NS.”

This sentence seems to open a switch, and the glasses tears will fade on his trousers, and the mouth is low in the ground. The hand of the back tied to the back of my back hurts, the breast milk is also crushed into two regiments by the glasses, but I have no call pain, but it is greatly twisted with the waist and hips. Wheeze. My face, chest, beat the attack at the same time, was smashed, sucked, was licking … I didn’t have long, my right leg was started, and I was warm and hard to touch me. Flower heart. “Fast, fast!” My spirit is completely lost, and the whole person completely caught the surroundings of the pleasure, I only unconsciously issued a rusty. The final impact is like the advent of the idea, and the severe pain is continuously transmitted from the lower body. My snoring slowly turned into the scream, and I was a rhythmic impact to send me. Wave rising climax …

After a long time, I woke up. I found that I was on the ground, and I still got the big mouth in the mouth, and the hands of the whole numbness were still tightly tightened, and the lower body was still hurt. The mixture who looks at the blood and white viscous liquid is still flowing out, I can’t help but sigh, my female body for more than 20 years is handed over to the man.

At this time, the glasses were also awake, and he was still on my breast, he suddenly jumped up, and he was still in the time when he gasped him.

“Cry? Don’t … don’t cry … I … I … I started to teach you some write materials, I didn’t expect, I didn’t expect … Sorry!”

Did I cry? I don’t know, maybe it’s a liquid that I feel itchy, it is really tears. But I don’t want to cry now. I want to say what I am now, I really can’t say it, I don’t have a word, and the sentence can express my current mood. For a long time, for a long time, the ghost gods, I turned over to sit on his chest, buried my face into his shoulder, whispered, “Do you not think that the material is, the more you?”

Table ending, finished.

Because the full text is imitating @ 的 大 的 的 写, a tribute, so I also divided the table.

The ending: It is already the next day, I am sitting on the Porsche Statuit Car, driving towards the Magic Railway Station. When the same time, the root seat belt is obliquely from my towering double-peak intermediate; and the previous difference is that my slim waist is also taken on the same belt, I will completely fix it. The position of the co-driver. My face is wearing a root mask, and the body is covered with a piece of men’s pullover. Two sleeves are inserted in pockets. They don’t seem to be special from the surface, but in this seemingly ordinary wear Another Qiankun. In the middle of the mask, you can see a semi-circular raised, inserted in the mouth of the pocket empty, and the middle of the head of the pullover drums into the seat on the coiled seat cushion …

Perhaps it is too tossing yesterday. I got up this morning. My lower body is very painful. Even walking is very difficult. The glasses have proposed to send me to the train station, just must dress up, wait until the station is unspeakable. I thought that the ridiculous and beautiful experience last night, I was red and agreed, let him toss.

According to reason, I have to say goodbye to my glasses, watching the trees and buildings of the left and right, and I should be a mood. However, faint, I suddenly felt some uneasy.

Although I trusted the glasses, I was tied to the seat, but the surrounding buildings seem to be a bit wrong. Porsche took a long time, according to this time, the car will open to the train station;

And feel the bumps of the road, this is a traffic condition that is completely unqualified with the Magical Internationalized Metropolis, which seems to hinted that the car has left the magic urban area! I started to struggle with force, and I called it in my mouth.

“Oh, it’s a stupid woman.” The glasses on the driver’s seat opened, and the tone was light and fluttered. He was completely different from the only one of the old people before. “In fact, I have already known that you are a woman, I have no What do you want to find a woman model. Remember the mineral water I gave you? My goal begins with 壹! “

I seem to have a lightning on the brain, I understand it. From the beginning, there is a bit salty mineral water, the so-called model description, inexplicably impulsive, and now the so-called “dress”, this cut is all his circle. I feel that I can’t do it, but I can only take it in helplessness and unknown fear, I don’t know which strange corner …

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