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About twenty years old, she is an ordinary to go to work, but there is an incompetent beauty and figure. In the fixed time every day, I can see the windows of my second floor, watching her from far away, and disappearing in the distant other, um! The face of the face and beautiful body, I am always looking at her back, my heart is excited, I can’t calm for a long time.

She always sags long hair, naturally, behind the back, straight to the waist, the white face with a touch of makeup, about 165 cm, high, with a pair of fine heels, tight skirts, Out of a pair of well-known legs, through the thin stockings, it is even more reluctant to use hands to knead, even with your mouth to suck, really think!

As usual, she passed my eyes. For her, I am a slight little person. I don’t have a movie star, and I don’t like the romantic lover in the novel plot. Maybe there is me in her impression, but that is like a meteor-like brushing her. Brain, there is no amount.

Sometimes it is almost rubbed, but she still looks at me, a few seconds, I always can’t help but stare at her back, how much she is looking forward to see me, really like a story. The male, like the heroine, but I am always disappointed, for her, I am crazy.

She should have no boyfriend, because I have never seen a man with her to enter, according to the next Apo, she is not the local person, only because of the work, I rented a small suite alone, usually she lives alone, occasionally I will bring a few female colleagues to go home, but very few. I heard that there are many people pursue, but they have never got her heart, huh! Think about it, the people who are as unfortunately like me.

It’s okay to do during the day, my mind is her shadow, I can’t help it, at night, I must have to succumb.

I cleaned up the small warehouse on the third floor, about the size of the top, enough to put a double bed. I am ready for a wooden chair standby. It is usually used in the ceiling. There are several buckles on the ceiling. At the beginning, the reason for the workers is convenient to hang some more light things. After the place is good, I will go downstairs to prepare some needs, decisive, etc. She got off work. Usually, she will only go home after seven o’clock. I guess she lives alone, so I will go home after dinner, maybe I will go shopping, buy things, girls!

In order to avoid acquaintances, I changed the trendy windbreaker, the collar can cover me half of the face, then wear a vice in sunglasses, the top hat, this should be very young people will recognize who I am.

I saw a watch, and the time is almost, I will prepare all the things in the hand bag, go to the corner of the alley, just wait for her. After the alley is underground parking lot, but there are very few car, the other end of the parking lot exit, just facing the back door of my house, it is very convenient.

She finally appeared, today seems to be less than normal, and the same figure, a short narrow skirt, beautiful legs, I recognize her at a glance, say goodbye to my colleagues, she goes alone alone This direction came over, my heartbeat began to accelerate, I didn’t know how to breathe, and I saw that she went closer to me, I am getting tight!

She walked around me like I didn’t see me. I deeply sucked a breath, turned it, three steps and did two steps, reach out from behind, she was scared to open the mouth. Called, but immediately was held by my hand, dragging her to the basement.

I put a white jet strip, bypass her lips, let her bite in the mouth, then tighten behind the neck, play a dead knot, so that she can’t open it.

She has been twisted, struggling, I have turned her hands behind, soon using a mahjone, I practiced this action several times, I used to use plastic rope, but because it is too easy to loosen. Use a hemp rope. After both hands bind, the remaining rope is pulled up, bypassing the upper and lower sides of her breasts, tie the arm with the body, and the rich double milky is immediately swelled. I took a short a little hemp rope, tied her feet and finally used a white cloth to let her eyes. I spent less than five minutes before and after, I took her hands and feet tied it, my eyes, mouth Both. And with a very large black nylon bag, she put her in, she still twisted, I took her up, went out of the stairs, and did not find it from home in the back door. Third floor warehouse.

I put her down, she still struggled, I am like a big thing, I think, I’m successful!

I took it down and looked at the stepped steps on the ground. I was excited about how to be good. I first tied her on the chair and let her take a break.

I solved the bag and took her out. At this time, I saw that she looks like today, she is wearing a long sleeve white tight dress, is a skirt, my favorite girl wearing a narrow dress, the whole body line In a list, there is no legacy, and the traces of the underwear are all visible, revealing the long legs, under a pair of beige transparent stockings, which is more attractive. The feet are wearing a pair of white silent sandals, followed by tall bypassing ankles, buckled with iron ring on the side, I took her on the wooden chair, let her sit, I took a longa The rope is fixed on the back of her body, and the feet are fixed on a crossbar under the chair so that she can’t move. Of course, the mouth, the eyes are tied, so I tied her. After that, I will struggle by her, go downstairs to prepare something, come and wait for my little girl. I will be better abused her, giving her the biggest pain and pleasure, and I also meet myself, I have a dream for a long time. As I went down the stairs, I didn’t know, my little brother began to be uneasy. He pied with pants. I feel that swelling is unbearable. I have a sure to take off the trousers, grab it out, I think it is like me, hurry up. Paste, um! Wait a minute, you must give you feel comfortable.

When I returned to the warehouse again, I only wear pieces of shirt and underwear, wearing a head cover, only revealing the binocular and mouth, so I could unlock the white cloth on her eyes, see her tears full of eyes, it turned out her water Wang Wang’s big eyes have been crying, and the tears of the two eyes are as if I am pleading me to unlock the hemp rope bundled on her hands. She continued to sway, from the deep throat, I know that she wants to talk, biting the white cloth strip biting in his mouth must make her very uncomfortable, that kind of feeling that I can’t call it, I So excited!

When I went to her, I used her hands to smash her brunette, along the cheeks, until the neck, I took the cloth stripe biting on her mouth, I took a dead knot, her head As soon as I got, I have a burst of snoring. I just like to make you pain, more hurt, I am more addicted, I like it? What is the mood? Ah! My hand stretched away from her neck, she has been shrinking, I don’t want to resist the resistance, but I still break through the heavy, touched her rich double milk, good slip touch, pinch the nipple, order I feel that I have never been satisfied.

I pulled the zipper behind her tights to unlock her white bra, because it was a shoulder strap, so I took it out to be lost, from front, I saw the nipple, I was bundled on the chest The rope, the turn is more sharp, I walked to her, sucking with a thin layer of mouth, slowly, mouth water and moisture her clothes, I took her short skirt until I saw it She was wrapped in a panties, I pulled her panties into the thighs, and her pants were tied by the strand, true sexy.

I solved the knot on the belt, I took it hard, now I can see her densely shameless private parts, my little brother is highly head, but I don’t want to go in so early, so I took out early. Just ready, one is an electric massage stick and the other is a mouthpiece. I solved the cloth strips on her mouth. She immediately called. I gave her a slap, put the mouth of the mouth into her mouth, pulled the belt to the neck back to the iron ring, her The saliva flows out from the small hole on the mouthpiece. Fortunately, I have prepared it, I really don’t listen.

In order to give you a little punishment, I will massage the stick into her small hole, turn on the power, hear the sound of the small motor, she began to twist the body, constantly emit, I pulled the younger brother out, it It’s great to be hard! I grabbed the little brother with hand, on her face, rubbed, swollen anxious to vent.

She also issued a burst of waves because of the massage stick, comfortable? My lovely little beauty.

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