Xiao’s confession (1) Stimulating first experience me call Xiaoqing. My height 163 body weight 47 triple is 32C, 24, 34, the body belongs to the kind of petite but very well. Although it is very beautiful, it is a cute, and I am very straight to the way. It seems that the chest is very very, the hips are special. At the age of sixteen, we lived at the top floor of an apartment. There are four people in my family, and Dad, Mom, my brother and me.

There is a top floor on our home, lives for three years of the year of about two, 30-year-old man, when I go home every day, they will always smoke at the stairway, and tell me some unbearable In the ear,, for example, “a big tits” or “small kinky violi”, I am directly related to them.

Listening Dad said that they have three usual work in the construction site, and they are inevitable all day, and they are the relatives of the landlord, and the management can’t manage, hate …

In fact, I don’t hate them so much, but when they call me Xiaoku, I will have an excitement, maybe because I am a bit good. And when they say my body, I am still very happy! Just I am also very afraid that they really do anything to me, I still don’t want to lose my virgin.

On Saturday, Dad was going to go to the next week. Mom was going out to travel with her friend, and my bad younger brother would stay in the family, but he actually stealing the classmates to live, the result I only have me alone. 9 o’clock in the evening, I am looking at TV, suddenly want to drink a drink, “If the dead brother is, you can call him to help me run.” Now I have to go.

Because the weather is good, I only wear a white T-shirt plus cowboy shorts, the T-shirt is very thin, my blue semi-cover bra is very clear, but I don’t care. I bought a can of black tea on the downstairs.

Just when I walked to the door, I suddenly felt that someone was watching me. I turned back, I turned out that the three men in the upstairs were sitting in the stairs. They saw me turning back, and I went to the head. I have an uneasy feel that opens the door.

Just when I opened the door, I heard a rush of footsteps. When I didn’t have time to open, there was a big hand to cover my mouth, and I held my upper body. The other person hugged my feet, I struggled while I was hugged by them. The person who covered my mouth said to the third person: “Hello! Auxiang, put the door!” The name is “Axiang”, when we all entered the door, the door is re-locked.

Then, they grabbed me into my room and lost me to the bed. I quickly retreated to the corner of the room and shouted: “What do you do ?!” The one who just hugged my thigh: “What?” He turned his head to the person who had just granted my mouth: “Hello! Daddy, what do we do?” I scared the big name: “Don’t … don’t come over!”

At this time they have taken the top. I observed, the most strong, the other two, but I have a minimum of one higher than me, I want to escape it is impossible, I decided to scare them first: “Hello ! I … my parents are waiting for them, you … You want to hurt me. “The name is Axiang:” Hey … come back? Waiting for them, you have long, don’t know how to grouped it several times. “I panicked when I got, my heart thought:” What to do, what should I do? “

Then, Jianzi came over to catch me, and dragged me on the bed, and how to struggle again. I was thrown into bed, they used three, and I cheered my hands with one hand and started to kiss me. I also used my tongue to fill it in my mouth. And his other hand opened my T-shirt and took my chest through the bra. I can’t stand this excitement, I caught my body, but they quickly made me.

I only took off my denim shorts and stroked my thigh in my thigh. Suddenly there was a cold liquid to be splashled in me. It turned out that Axiang will poured the black tea I just bought. I was full, and said: “Oh! How can you? I will help you clean it!” At this time, my bra has been taken off, under the wet shirt, my sharp nipple looks particularly obvious, Axiang opened my top, and I didn’t say that I didn’t say to suck me. The nipple “ㄚ !! … … No …” I can’t help but start.

I only hear my embarrassment, I laughed: “Hey! This little prostitute began to be excited. Next, there is a cool!”

He began to lick my private parts over the undergar. At this time, there were only underwear left, I clamped the thighs and wanted to stop his actions, but he used to separate my thighs and took off my underwear. “Ah! … …” I have given up the resistance, and the big drink is directly licked with my flesh, and I play my yuki with my hand.

I excitedly stopped out of prostitution, Qian Zai and Axiang took their big meat sticks out, and ordered me to help them bounce, they both the penis is so thick, I think at least fifteen cm, it is not I can put into the size of my mouth, I have to lick the thoughts, I will wipe them a hard and hot big meat stick, and I also use my hand to cover up, Axiang seems very comfortable: “Yes! That’s it .

At this time, I only said: “Good! I have a wet.” He took his underwear, and his oversized meat stick also played out, God! His penis really is the biggest in three people. I guess more than 18 centimeters, and it is rough. I am afraid of the feet, but he immediately grabbed me, and said: “Come on! Enjoy my” giant herma “!”

He slowly inserted his big meat stick into the delicate flower of the person. I just put it in half. I hurt: “Ah !!! Don’t … I can’t stand it!” His meat stick inserted into my little mouth and prevent me from being too loud. This way, I can only issue “… oh …”.

When you only put his penis completely in my small hole, I can’t make any sound. Then he started to twitch in my small hole, each time I took the only one glans in it, and then inserted, and slowly accelerated. He also said with a obscene tone: “Oh !!! I am very tight! Really cool!” Your mouth is also really small, I am so comfortable! “, Axiang grabbed my hand to help him pistol.

My mouth and petals were also miserable, and the body seems to be completely turned into the sexual organs of men, but they were extremely rude, but slowly pushed the peak of pleasure. The thick mask is frozed on my tongue, and the deep throat from time to time has brought me an unprecedented special feeling. There is a hot and hot steel rod in the small hole. The original pain in the vagina disappeared, and it is a burst of intense pleasure.

I couldn’t help but hurry the Auxiang’s meat stick, and he didn’t seem to be able to stand, shout: “Ah !! To shoot it !!”, and shoot a heat-fever in my face . Then I can’t stand my sucking. He quickly pulled a few times in my mouth, then took the penis, started to eat on my body, and his sequinity is much, and I am full of shot.

Only put my double-foot to the shoulders, hurry up my waist began to pump, I will call with his movements: “Hey !! … um … 唉! … ㄚ !!! “, Whenever he uses the strength to enter me, there is a strong thrill of stimulating me, he said:” How, Xiaoyu, I am so cool, I am so cool? “” “ㄚ! … so cool Big brother! Again …! “

When I was awkward in the climax, I only took me, I started the top of my hard, so that his penis was more deeply in-depth: “Ah … ah … ah !! … “My petals are contraction because of the climax, he is even more intense to pumping in my body, and Axiang will start excitement after hearing my lascivious call. He relocated his red penis with my little chrysanthemum: “Ah! … you …

What do you want to do … … Oh! … “but I am being felt by big madness, I can’t stop his next action.

He slipped into my tightly anus, and I felt a more intense than just being broken, and his penis was full of my rear hole. They began to have a quick twitch in my body, and they grabbed my hips. A Xiang strength kneaded my tits. “Don’t, … don’t!”

At the same time, my front and after, I was in a chair, “Ah! … don’t … don’t … 喔 !! … ask you …”. They didn’t have a twenty minute, then, they almost simultaneously plentifully “ah !! …”, I only feel that there are two hot streams into my body, I reached the second time. The climax.

When they took out from my body, the white turbines were flowing out from my front and rear holes. I just came to take over and took the hand now. He wants me to kneel down, then insert “… Yeah …” from my back, I am like a bodgy, and my two tits have been dry. At this time, the big passengers started in my room, and took out a hills from my wardrobe. I am in my own room, I have been dried by strangers, “Ah … ah … …”. Just playing my two men sit next to it, they still say some obscene words from time to time: “Small kinky, fast! Twist your waist! Do you usually walk?” “Hey! Jian Zai! People are not enough!” I have been dried, I can only send “… … …”. After I did a dozen minutes, I used to take it to me, and I will pull it out to shoot delicacy on my hip.

After they let me rest for a few minutes, I told me to put on my swimsuit: “Ah! This … What is this ?!”

They scrapped in my swimsuit, eight big caves, not only two tits were revealed, but the lower part was cut off and completely exposed my genitals. Big praisted to me: “Hey! How do we” transform “look good?” This kind of me, which can arouse the sexual desire of men than naked.

They came over and touched my skin directly through the holes of the swimsuit. I am excited, I am in their body, I am on their body, I am placed “um … ok … oh … 喔 … I … …… ……

No … … … ah … “. They picked me and brought me to the bathroom. My family’s bathroom is not big, four people go in, they start to put water in the bathtub, and wet me, start to apply the bath milk on me. Axiang said: “Just getting a whole body is a semen, let us help you clean!”

Then, the six men of them constantly stroked my body, and smashed a lot of bubbles. Their mouth also sucks in my sensitive “Oh … ah … you … ah … make your sister … ……

So comfortable … ah … “, they have to reverse my nipples with their hands, and some also allocated my labipings, and put the middle fingers into my vagina” There are three men to help you wash Thai bath, comfortable? ” “Oh … ah … so cool … Sister is still …”

They played my body for about ten minutes, Axiang took me up, standing on the wall, I was doing, “Ah … you are so big … make your sister … Hey … so cool … Ah … “” Xiaoyudu, like me? “” “Ah … Hi … I like it … Brother is doing … Ah … my sister … so cool …

… “, they started to turn into me. Whenever there is a person who is fast, it will take another person to take over.

They didn’t have ejaculation for an hour, but I have three consecutive climax three, four times.

At this time, Axiang suddenly said to me: “Come! Lying down!” I lie in my body. He sat in me and took his mince stick with my breasts, started to move before and after, he was squatting on me, 20 minutes, my breast was caught by him, then his movement is getting faster . Looking at his majestic body, I suddenly had a pleasure of conquered, as he brought me the thrill of breasts, I kept, yell, then he shot my semen. Yes.

Then I only put me and let me hit me. “Hey, let her do her, will not die.” “Will n’t! You see her cool, I still have to continue!” “Ah … sister … Sister is so cool … You put your sister … dry … Wow! Wow !! …” At this time, do my big, I hold me into the bathtub, force Will me go up, he is on the top, the water splash is all. I have not stopped up and down, I finally arrived the most pleasant “sister … ah … no … can’t … Sister … I have to lose” “Good! Xiaoyou, let’s go! Ah … “, Axiang and Jianzi have already played a pistol, just in my climax, they shoot a hot and more semen on me, and the big feet will also inject my enthusiasm into me. In the body, then I fainted.

I woke up in the morning, I found out that I was in bed, my body naked, I only felt full body pain. I quickly picked up my messy room, then my brother, dad, mom came back, I didn’t dare to mention this thing with them. Fortunately, that day is my safe period, or I will be injected with so many semen, I will be pregnant. After that, go home every day, they still sit in the stairway smoking, and then smile with me, a pair is “just a good time.” I returned to the room, recalling the encounter of that day, excited, I can’t help but start masturbating. (End) ******************************* Small color confession (2) Black sexual pair I have recently I often go to the church and I have met two black people there. They are 18 years old, and they are twins, brothers are Allen, the younger brother is a Ken. They come from the United States, because of school holiday, then just have relatives living here, so they ran to Taiwan to play.

I know them in an activity of a church, because of the age, I like the United States very much, so we talked. I can’t think of their Chinese, and they listen to them, they are both the school basketball school team, and it is no wonder that they have more than 180 cm, and they are very strong. Let’s talk about it, and at the same time, we also agree to go out to play with the holiday, as they are their tour guides.

In the first night of met them, I can’t sleep in bed, I can’t help but start masturbating. Ha ha! Maybe because my sister, I am very colored! And I used to be violent by foreigners, so I saw them, I have an inexplicable desire. I am lying on the bed, I started to reach the hand into the underwear, and I have a small yin nuclei “ah … ah ~~~”, I like masturbation, and I am very sensitive, as long as I gently touch, I will Began to be excited.

Whenever I score my fingers through my little labia, the back should feel Ma Ma, very comfortable. As long as you gently massage my yin, the thigh will can’t help but start twitching, I started to pick up my 32C breasts, fantasy that is Allen’s big hands playing with me. I put my index into my mouth, and the fantasy A Ken’s tongue was filled in my mouth. I started inserting the middle finger into the vagina “ah … 呦 …” and pumped it, slowly speed up.

I think they must be a bit of ourselves for me! Especially when I make some attractive moves. For example, I will bend and go to the lace. I will see that they are weird. I guess they must have seen anything, I wore a shirt at the time, and the above two buttons didn’t buckle, habits! Just … I can’t see it, I’m also said to be seen.

When I think of their kind of colored vision, I can’t help but start the whole body trembling “喔 … I … no … I can’t … ah! ~~~” Speed, the body is constantly twisting “… so comfortable … ah !! …”. I rubbed my own breast. I want to send myself to the most pleasant tide “Oh !! Oh … I have to lose … I have to lose … ah !!”, ah! Finally, the climax, the feeling of the whole body is very comfortable. And when I arrived at the climax, I felt that my kinky wet a whole piece, I also fell asleep.

I will often go out with Allen, Alan, Alan. I took them to some places where Taipei often went around. They not only often bought something I liked, even all of my spending, I paid, I like them! Just when they sometimes take the opportunity to eat my tofu, like hug me, touch my butt, just that they are foreigners! Many behaviors are very open, so even if they kiss my cheek, I will not mind.

Once I went to see the concert with Allen, I have been 12 o’clock at the end. I originally want to take a taxi to go home, but the relatives they sent are just nearby, so I invite me to live. I don’t want to be anyway, and we have a good time, I still don’t want to go home, so I called home, and I cheated my mother and said that I lived in a female classmate, and then I got to them.

After a 7-Eleven, A Ken suddenly proposed to play, we bought a few nights and a plate ready to play all night. But in their home, I have a feeling of being cheated, because their relatives are just not at home, “Don’t you deliberately?” I thought this in my heart, just see what they seem to be playing? The idea is not so much.

Then, we went to Allen’s room to play cards, we played the old two. Playing for a while, A Ken went to the kitchen to take a cup for everyone to put the drink, he came back, I said that I felt that there was something to gamble, and the result is fun. It is proposed to take a piece of clothes, Allen Say: “No, Xiao Yue is a girl …” I immediately interface: “Oh! I am afraid you! Let’s play, I am not afraid of you! Just getting off the underwear, you can no longer Take off! “” Allen saw that I didn’t oppose it, of course I agree. Hey-hey! Playing big old second but my specialty, I will so easy to let them see my underwear. When I played a few rounds, I proposed to take off the clothes to the end from the beginning, and I lost only one underwear.

Allen also had only pants, but I only took off your watch, socks with coat, huh, huh!

However, my wishful abacus seems to be wrong, because I know two very strong, but I first saw their naked, but although the meat sticks of A Ken were still erection, but under his trip Still very obvious. You think, there are two semi-naked, and the whole body is the muscles of male, sitting in front of me, where I can’t think about it. I started to feel red heartbeat, then the card has been mistaken, I lost two rounds, I lost my third round, I only lost shirts and jeans on my body, and then it is a bra. Allen is not forcing me. Take off, just smile next to me.

I think, take off! What are you afraid of! I started to unlock the upper button, and the hand is still shaking.

When I finished, I found out that they kept staring at my chest. After I took off, I feel natural, I will continue to play with them, I can’t think of it! After finishing, even underwear, I will take off the jeans, I will take off my face, I will be red to my ear. At this time, I saw that A Ken’s underwear was not only doubled, and Allen’s trousers also raised a small hill.

At this time, I said: “Ok … Ok! … all look at you …. I … I can … can I wear it?” Allen said: “Wait! Small color, the body is good, we want to look at it again.” What are you! Really, deliberately bullying people …, then, they even started to discuss my body. After a minute, I finally couldn’t stand it, I turned to take a dress. At this time, Ken suddenly fell into the bed and began kissing my face: “Ah! No! Don’t … you … Why do you want to do! … … “, then Allen also started to touch my thigh:” Small color, in fact, our brothers have long said, saying that this evening is to give an unforgettable night. “

“No … can’t … Sister, I am not ready … ah !!”, Allen suddenly reached his big hand into my underwear, rubbing me, I have long, excited and moist points: “Hey! Said that it is not prepared, even there is wet. “No … is not a … Sister … Hey! …”, the words have not yet been saying, A Ken kisses my little mouth, the tongue is not stopped Return. His tongue can reach into my throat, then he still sucks, I like this feeling! At the same time, his hand also licks my very flexible tits.

My underwear has long been pulled out for hard. Although my breast is not very big, it is not that I can master it, but the big hand of A Ken can hold them completely. My breast made him cheering, so that I have a thrilling pleasure “唔! …”, I am excited to cry. Allen’s palm covered my genitals, and the middle finger will not stop inserting my vagina. His middle finger is thick, and the plug is like a sexual intercourse. “Ah … ah … …”, Harmful people almost climax.

I was pressed on the bed by two thick blacks, just like a toy doll, let them play anything. In that case, there is a desire to be occupied. My hands have become a hug, my body began to cater to their kiss and caress, and the pleasure is more than masturbation. NS.

I finally reached the climax when I was inserting the third finger into my vague.

Then, they stood up and took off their pants with underwear. I heard that the black man is big, especially the reproductive organs, but I can’t think of them not only strong, even the penis is the same and long, I later useful feet, there are 20 cents, I am afraid again and excite . I would like to be inserted by them, let them send me a climax, but I am afraid that my little hole can’t bear it.

They put the two big meat sticks in front of me, Allen said: “Just finished the big old two, now please play our” big old two “!” I obeyed with both hands and taking them. Big meat stick, and testic, wipe them with a big talents like golf. A Ken made a comfortable snoring and encouraged my head. I have a glans to Allende, stimulate him with the tip of the tongue, I feel that his penis is beating, I deeply contain it into my throat, and use force sucking. He shouted and said: “Oh … Yes! That’s it. Small color, restrained power.” I turned around with their penis, and said, “Hmm …

… you … big bananas are good … delicious … “I rub with my little face, sometimes I deliberately bite, let them get a thrilling pleasure.

After about 20 minutes, I helped them pistol, and my hands were sore, they still didn’t shoot. They also have a little tired, starting with their hands quickly, and say: “Small color, fast Zhang Daduja pick our semen!” A Ken first shot. His semen has a lot of liquid, and it is filled with my mouth. The rest is left on my face, then Allen is also shot, he is like peeing, putting the hot semen in me. Body. I swallowed half, put the remaining semen on the body, and helped them to clean the remaining semen on the glans.

In a short while, their penis has been tied. Allen sat in bed, then Agu hugged me, I want to slowly sit down on the meat stick in Allen, Allen also helped my waist and paid his big old second to my vagina. . I am expecting to be excited. I want to enjoy the pleasure to give me a big meat stick. On the one hand, it is afraid. A Ken loves my breast, while I don’t want to be afraid, I will be very comfortable. I also know! But…….

At this time, Allen’s glans has brought my little hole. He began to hurry my waist, put his thick big meat stick into my small vagina, just put it into a glans, I think already card Living. He still does not give up, start with half-rotating slowly into my inside “Ah … don’t stuff it … This … good …

So comfortable … “

… “

Allen hugged my hips, then stood up, did it in the top way, “Wow !! ~~ This … This is the top … I … too … too cool … Oh! … … can’t … will die … will die … ah !! ~~ “, do it for a while, A Ken hugged me later:” Small color, is there a man who is played by a man? “呜 唔 … Ah … ah … um … have ah … “Allen stopped me, and separated my two buttons with hands, I tried to relax myself, let A Ken’s big elder two can enter me. The anus, but waited for him to completely inserted, I was also inserted by Allen’s big meat stick.

Then they continue to go to the top, and the speed is a quick slow “Oh!! ~~ This … oh … can’t … I will be died … ah … oh …”, My height is only 163. I am inserted by them. My feet can’t be touched. My weight makes me completely deep “ah !! ~~ You plug … Oh … Deep … ah … “Alu’s non-stop tongue kissed me, I and his tongue paused each other, A Ken also sold my neck and ear, I was in the pleasure of them, I think I feel The climax is followed, and there is no stop at all. It took about more than an hour, they took out in my body.

They have also wanted to continue to do it, but I saw that I have already played a pistol on my body. Finally, I fell asleep in their arms.

After that, I turned into the “gun friends” of them. They didn’t work almost two days, and they all ended the universities, and they didn’t care about the venue, sometimes in the quick food toilet. Got up. The most exciting time is in the dressing room of department stores. They take me to buy clothes. As a result, I rushed in when I changed my clothes, and they were doing me alone, and the other is outside, that time They gang raped me four times to stop.

There was a holiday for three consecutive days, A Ken suddenly rushed to me: “Small color, in a few days, our brothers have to go back to the United States, I have to give me a free banquet tonight in Taipei. Do you want to participate? “I thought it would be. On the night, I followed A Ken to his home, I found out that people participating in the banquet, in addition to their brothers, there are three blacks I don’t know, and only one of the six people is a woman! I found that I was played again, I don’t know if it is still excited, I started to shake the whole body. At this time, Allaun came over and said, “Don’t be nervous, we don’t swindle, 妳 is the protagonist of this banquet, will be the most memorable night tonight.”, Then the banquet begins. After we eat some things, A Ken took a bottle of wine. After he opened it, he suddenly took the wine on me: “Ah! … you …

what are you doing? “, Then the four people next to them began to come to me, they quickly put my clothes, and then continue to put the wine in me, regard my body as a” wine glass “, everyone began to suck me the wine on me.

I was soft by the whole body of them, and they also started to take off clothes, and some reached out and smashed my nipples and small points. I have never built so exciting experience, I began to scream: “Ah ~~~ … you …

This way ……… I …. No … ah! ! ~~! “, Then, they smashed my little hole with your mouth, two in playing my left and right breasts, and two black coarse meat sticks in front of me, I want to help them. I have left one of my hands, and I have a constant upper and lower, and they interact them with their big glans.

At this time, my three points were sucked, and my little hole was not going out of the long tits of A Ken, I couldn’t stand it, I called: “喔 ~~ … ah ~~~ … good … Sister … so cool … ah ~~~ … “, I will be sent to a climax by them. At this time, the two big meat sticks were set, suddenly stuffed into my little mouth: “Hey! ~~~ …” and start ejaculation. Their liquid volume, my mouth is not enough, they will put the remaining shot on my face, maybe I am a full of semen! The person who was absorbing my nipple couldn’t help but shot, and gave me some semen.

I will pick me up soon, and insert his black penis into my small hole. He let me sit on him and start me: “Ah ~~~ … ah … ah … so good … you are big …

Dry … The sister is so cool … “, and they will not let me let my little chrysanthemum. Then there is someone behind me, use his huge penis to go through my little chrysanthemum: “Ah !! ~~~ …”, I only feel that the lower body is filled, there is a pleasant feeling, and I also stuffed a big meat stick in my mouth, and both hands were helping two blacks, I never knew that my body can play with so many people.

Under such a sensual gesture, I am very faster, then insert my throat deep in my mouth, put the semen into my stomach. The man behind me then quickly pushed a few times, clamp my butt, and shot in my body, the two blacks next to me grabbed my hand quickly, and I have been getting sour. They will shoot delicates in my face and body separately.

Then, the person who did my hole stood up, pressed the semen on the ground, and began to pick it up in my body: “Ah !! ~~ … oh ~~ … again … “, He didn’t work for five minutes, then insert the meat stick and injected a hot semen into my uterus. I have been tired, but of course I will not let me.

After I took a break, they started to turn into my small holes, chrysanthemums and little mouths, the next time, they used all kinds of methods to play my body, and even brought me to the balcony and made it. I am tense and excited. And my body has more than two meat sticks at any time, and each person is at least three times, I am a man’s semen. After about three hours, Allen also played almost the same, sent his three friends, and then their brothers helped me wash the semen under the body, just hugged me to bed.

I woke up next morning, I saw them still sleeping, I started to set their meat sticks, and the result is played by me. Then they woke up at the same time, Allen said: “Small color, is it not enough for us?” , Ah!! ~~ “, the result, I was dried in the past.

On the last day, I sent them to the airport. I originally wanted to send a little bit of sensibility. As a result, they lie to the male toilet, and I didn’t change my three times. Just … I am already very like, huh, huh! (End) ********************************* Small color confession (3): Night of the pool The training of the “call …” The training of the swimming team is finally over. Today, because of the good conditions, practice more for a while, so I am leaving. After I changed the swimming suit in the locker room, I found that there is a backpack next to it. “咦?

Is it Lingling? Isn’t she left first? “I was thinking that when I suddenly heard a strange voice, I moved in the direction of the sound.

I have been going to the male bath, listen carefully, the voice is actually a girl’s snoring! Let me blush on the spot. I secretly opened the door, peeked from the door, God! Is Lingling? I saw that she was squatting on the wall, and there was a man behind her, who was caught her waist, and did her, this … What is going on?

I and Lingling are a high school swimming school. Lingling is a school flower in our school. It is not only white, and the face is beautiful. Um?

You said: Then I am? Oh … Xiao color, I’m of course not bad! Although there is a little bit, there is a full breast of the C cup, and the face is very cute, but Lingling is more temperament than me.

Whenever the community is active, those boys who are smashed by the swimming pool are almost all in order to see me and Lingling, but I belong to the little cute type of the big brother who likes to protect. There are several big brothers who have received me. Signs, so the same grade is not too dare to chase me, the love book I received is of course less than Lingling!

This summer vacation, the school wants us to participate in the swimming summer training camp held by XX University. It is responsible for guiding our two college students. They are called Xiaoli and Qiang brother. Small thunder’s body is thin, but there is also a six abdominal muscles. It is a swimming, the skin is dark, but it is a little short, but it is much larger than the little horse. It is a male model. (Also the type I like).

The players and swimming teams practiced from the afternoon, because Lingling lived far from my home, so we didn’t go home together. But recently Lingling often returns home, let me feel very wonderful, but today I was accidentally found, she didn’t go home directly, but in the male dress room fierce and man sex!

“Ah … ah !! ~~ again … more … 喔 喔 …” Listening to Lingling’s snoring, let me jump up with my face, even my friends, I don’t know if she is so sensual, that is The man behind her is … “唔 … ah … strong … strong brother … Good news … ah !!!”! ! I pulled the door again, and I used it behind her, and it was really coaching strong brother.

Strong Brother helped Lingling’s little waist, while the top of hard, on the side of the waist, from all kinds of directions into Lingling’s small points. He issued a breath and said, “Hai … call … Lingling, how?” I like the strong brother? “

“Then I will make you more cool …” A man came out from the corner, is … Small Thunder? ! He held a big meat stick that has already erected, turned over the head of Lingling, plugged the lingling’s mouth with the penis. Lingling satisfied, Xiaoli also began to come in her mouth.

At this time, Strong Brothers has been getting faster and faster. I guess he is fast, and I haven’t long working. He is “ah !!”, put all the men’s penis deep into the small hole, and twitched a few times Only the meat stick that is filled with water is discharged. Then Lingling squatted on the ground, concentrate on the small Leigh, after a while, Xiao Lei ejaculates in her mouth, and exposed a comfortable expression.

Then two men took the virtual Lingling, and started to take a shower. I quickly took the things and secretly left.

The next day, I came to the swimming pool. I saw Lingling and peace of practice. Yesterday didn’t seem to have happened, but I just as long as I saw her and coach, the lascivious picture was in front of my eyes , Make people red heartbeat. I decided to stay again this evening, see how it is.

I hid in the locker room, I have been waiting for seven or eight, and I secretly sneak it out. I close to the male locker room, and I heard Ling Lingshu’s bed: “Oh !! ~~ Ah … al喔 … “and a heavy breath. I opened the door, I saw that Xiaoli put Lingling on the ground, quickly entered her small hole, I looked at it, I feel that the whole body is hot.

At this time, someone suddenly hugged me from behind, and grabbed my mouth, “Hey! …” He took me and put the other hand into my clothes, and started my chest. Just when I want to struggle, his mouth kissed my little mouth, with the tongue to mix my hands in my mouth, and the hardship of my hands, let me move, I can only be invaded by him My little mouth. “Hey … um … 唔 …” He kissed the skills very well, not long, let me unobstructed, then he pushed me, starting to take off my clothes, I saw it clearly, he is strong brother.

I pushed his shoulders and said: “Um … ah … strong brother … don’t …” Ah … 看 … “He put his hand into my underwear, insert your fingers into my little hole” Ah! ~~ “” Slightly get a little, here is so wet … wait a big brother will make you cool Can’t do it … “

When he played, he took me into the locker room. At this time, Lingling sat on the small thunder, and he kept up and down. He said in Lingling: “Ling Ling, Tonight, we have new friends tonight. I saw me when I saw me, I was shocked, I wanted to leave from the man, but I was grabbed by Xiaolai, and I took the top.

“Small … small color … ah! … 妳 … how can you be here?” No … not this …

Oh! ! Don’t … “

Strong brother seems to be very excited by my kinky. He pressed me on the ground. When he didn’t say it, he put his thick penis into my small hole, “Ah! ~~ Good … good … 喔 ~ ~ “He smiled and said:” It is no longer a woman. No wonder is so lascivious. “He put my feet to the shoulders and started to do my little hole.

“Ah … 喔 … 好 … so cool …” “Ah !! …” The two girls have a sensuality called the entire locker room, and the two big men are like the game, and we will do it quickly. And Lingling seems to be faster, she called: “Hey !! … No … no … I … Sad extractive … ah … 要 … I … I am vented …”

She is unable to kneel in the little thunder, and Xiaolei helped her, let Ling Ling squatted, from behind, continue her.

At this time, Strong Brother hugged me, started from the top of the top, his meat stick deeply opened my heart, so I couldn’t help but squat: “Hey! ~~ Strong brother’s meat stick … Plug-in … good deep … 喔 … 」” 嗯 … 小 … … 妳 妳 好 好 … … … 吟 呻 呻 舒 呻 吟 吟 啊 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻 呻The accumulation is getting closer and closer to the vertices of the climax.

“Wow, ah …. Man … people have to lose … Ah … no … no, it’s … ah !!! ~~” I finally gave a lot of obscene, a burst of contraction, and Strong brother is also called: “Ah … 的 穴 吸 我 棒 棒 棒 … … 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放. 放 放 放. 放 放 放. 放.. 放 放

I have a set and swallow his semen in your mouth. Looking at him is still unfained expression, I think, this evening encounters may not be just this ………

Implicit … in the swimming pool … “Hi! Ling Ling … I asked, when did you start and coach them … What happened?” You can’t talk to others! “” Please, people are not given by them yesterday … how can I speak? “

Ling Ling, began to say: “Before a week, Xiaolei wants me to stay, say to teach me butterfly.

On that night, I only in the swimming pool. I exercised me myself, and he guided me on the shore. At this time, my feet suddenly started cramps, I drank a few water, then Xiaolan jumped down the water, put me Come up.

He began to help me massage my ankles, asked me if there is any uncomfortable, then he wants me to lying down, but his hand begins to restless, from my calf, thigh, I have been touched my hip, I I feel strange, but I didn’t say anything.

He slowly massaged from the waist to my back, let me feel very comfortable, all relaxed, after a while, when I am fascinated, he began to take my swimsuit, I think I climbed up, but was pressed by him. He pulled my half-length swimwear, and my chest was revealed, and he included his nipple.

Before this, I didn’t even have a self-comfort. Strong stimuli made me couldn’t help but screamed. I said that I don’t care about me, but I continue to care for my body. I want to push him, but at this time, someone came over to grab my hand, I turned my head, I saw that Qiang Ge made me, then, I will settle it by them … .. “So, I am willing to gang rape by them. It turned out to be such a sensual girl!” Lingling blush, said: “I am still not the same yesterday, but also called it than me! Their skills, I tried yesterday, starting from that day, they will leave every night, and they …

Make love. “I recalled that yesterday, I couldn’t help but blush.

At this time, Xiaoli came over and said a few words in Lingling’s ear. After he got, I said: “Lingling, what do he say?” “Hey … he … he wants to stay with me this evening.” “What! I … I want?”

I walked into the locker room with Lingling, Xiaolei wants us to put on the swimwear, then strong brother came over, hug Lingling, and the two began to care for each other and kissed. Xiaolei wants me to lie down, then took out a electric massager, he kneaded my full chest, and put the massage stick, rubbed my yin, stimulated my yuki.

I am so comfortable. At this time, Lingling and Qiang brother have already done it. Today, Lingling seems to be particularly excited, soon they arrived at the climax, and they kept breathing, maybe because I am next to it. Xiao Lei opened the power of the massage stick to the greatest, and only inserted my little hole, I couldn’t help but screamed, Xiao Ri said to me: “Small color, I am here to enjoy us how to play Ling Ling! “

I lay on the ground, I was played with a massage stick. I looked at Lingling to play 3P game. At this time, the strong brother hugged the Lingling kept dry, and Xiaoli was behind the Lingling, and the meat stick was aligned with Lingling. The chrysanthemum, slowly inserted, Ling Ling kept yet: “Ah !! ~~ Don’t this … 呜 … 喔 喔 …” But Xiaoli and Qiang Brother not only didn’t care, but also accelerated speed Not stopping in Lingling.

“Ah, ah! ~~ …” Lingling was lifted by the throne, didn’t take long for it, watching them, I was also playing climax by massage stick, but they haven’t let live, still holding her. Do not stop. “Ah …” finally, the two were shot in Lingling, and the Ling Ling of the vulnerability was still holding two people, turning turns to kiss them.

Then they put Lingling down, then walked over, extended half-softened meat sticks to me, I want to help them bounce, I started with my hand, and I licked their glans with the tongue. They are hard. Get up, I put the little thunder’s meat stick into my mouth and started to absorb force.

After strong brother, I pulled my massage stick in my small hole. My lascivious water was full, and the strong brother stuffed my massage stick into my chrysanthemum, and then insert his own penis into the small hole. I started to move. This feeling makes me as if I have been raped by three men, because the body’s excitement, I am comfortable to absorb the meat stick in the mouth, and the strong brother also plays my breasts with my hands.

I played with the scrotum that made a small thunder, and I settled his meat stick and tightly licked his glans. He finally couldn’t help but shoot in my mouth. I started to let the waves called: “Ah! Good news … 喔 … Strong brother … people’s small hole … Good … so cool … Ah !!” I have to shout all the happiness of the whole body, lascivious Skuman makes strong brother more hard to do it. “Ah … good news … you have to lose …” “Hey !! I …

I also have to go … “” Ah! ~~ “At the same time in my climax, strong brother also puts the meat stick into the small hole, and shoots a hot semen into my body, let me feel comfortable. past…….

I and Lingling lived like a sensuality, exciting a summer vacation, and then I have gradually lost contact with Qiang Ge, but … this is a memorable experience …

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