Although I am lying in bed in mid-April, I am not sleeping, and I habitually use mobile phones to log in to QQ. I look at the “gray head” character (not online QQ avatar is black and white), depressed! Serious depressed! There is no one who wants to find someone to chat. I still open the Tencent mobile website to take a look at the news. After I have a boring joke, I will go to the mobile phone qmoze, in a public, someone Q space, and the log of the system automatically recommended a signature photo,. Oops, it is a pleasure! One of the girls, or the hate shirt, the problem is on this photo. Which normal male will see such a photo in the morning?

The original “sin” desire started to pentium in my brain, the strength, it is absolutely not lost to XP! So I started my “sin” journey, the mobile phone picture switched to the QQ chat interface. Start searching to search for “prey” in the setting requirements in finding your friends. At first, I found a few messages sent by the past, such as Shen Dahai, think about it or went to sleep.

What? I will sleep in the kind of beast that is emitted in my bones? I don’t believe that the evil. Continue repeating the steps just now. Hahaha! Old days have an eye, I finally discovered a goal (my hostess), I clicked on the information and my requirements, and hurriedly sent a friend request. Waiting for a minute, there is a verification message to reply, and the heart is big! Darkness, the advancement of communication technology, that speed is quite fast! The slogan of “Science and Technology” is finally implemented! Have a good time! I should also thank China Mobile! Oh, nonsense does not say to the topic.

Send a message “Hello!” Soon that head smiles. In this way, we have learned to know each other. The specific chat content I don’t speak, “I am afraid that you have learned that the tricks will be mixed in the future, haha). By chatting, I know that she is a nurse in a hospital in our city, that day is just her duty. Asked how I didn’t take a break, I couldn’t sleep, so I talked about the topic of sleeping pills, saying that I would like some medicine to sleep. We talked about more than an hour on the same day, and the whole process was relatively pleasant. (This is a good foundation for me after a few days.) Later, she said that she had to rest, but I can easily put her down on this way? (With my past experience, there is definitely After the latter, I mobilized my brain like the XP system, took out the tricks that can search in the brain. Sure enough, she accompanied me ten minutes, but this is this short ten minutes to have the story later.

Friends may have doubts, how can I fix the good things behind it ten minutes? I can tell you very responsible: I got her number in this ten-minute period! It’s clear, not the QQ number is her mobile phone number! At this time, I have seen the dawn of Victory, take a closer look, rely on! It’s bright! Hurry and sleep!

I am awakening is already 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and the stomach is more hungry. I will find something to eat. The computer will start this is a big thing, and the QQ is watching last night (strictly means that the early morning is dawn) Talk of the little nurse. No (I like this to call her). So I sent her a message, asked her that she woke up. The information did not return to me. The psychology is anxious! But I understand that she can’t run. In fact, I am also very Will care about the human body, now the most beautiful idea is that she is sleeping, can’t let her wake her again. Otherwise, she is not a good result.

For a long time, she appeared on the line. Don’t say that I already leave a message in QQ. She has said, it is not very convenient to return information. So once again run XP, she is not online yet. I just thought about today and her theme. So everything was developed in the direction I expected, it was smooth. I am going to start the testism. Of course, I will not directly put me directly. The real intention tells her (maybe she guesses that it is also possible to pretend to be confused). My reason is to drink tea or come out, what seems very pure, but I have not succeeded. I didn’t agree. Disappointed ! Everyone should understand and experience my mood at the time? So I thought another way of trick (I really admired my own brain, I had to XP than XP, so that I can think of it instantly), she knows me Sleeping late at night, sometimes even sleep, so I have a reasons for the crown, let him help me to make a sleeping medicine! Don’t have to suspect that the hospital is definitely, and she will definitely get it, now the pharmacy is not allowed to sell of.

“I have relatives in my family at night —— Do you want tomorrow?” — this is what she said at the time. I got up from the computer chair! Too good! Everything is from Jane, Say there is a matter of thinking. Under your replenishment, I finally finally finalized the evening! On the evening, I found a way to let her send her photo (it should be exchanged). Long phase is general, It is relatively full, and the ear is short. Real everything will wait for tomorrow to see it. At night, she is busy at home. I only have a few messages. I have to go to the night, I will be able to have to go to the past, I started again. I have a theme that I met tomorrow and she met. Everything is properly, I started to Chen Xi. The next morning, I have been back and forth, I am active to send her back. In the afternoon, I didn’t call it directly ( First call), I was about to have dinner together. She said that I have been eating for dinner and drinking tea. Also, my psychology is laughing again – I have dinner, I want to think about it. , Will not let you take a good meal, my psychology is in a hurry.

At 8 o’clock, she came to a message. She was empty after ten minutes. She called me to wait for her to the entrance of a shopping mall (now I want to come to her in the entrance of the mall. Is it hints to let me enter? Hahaha). It is far away from my home. I am a little anxious. So I hurried to the road, all the way no electronic police red light is full. I have just arrived at the place. She just arrived. I have seen it before, and the photos are almost. The most conspicuous, the clearest thing is to be the breast in her chest, it should be said to be the full breast, maybe she also looks out that I am staring at her breasts, the face is brushing. Atmosphere A bit awkward. I pretended to ask her how to arrange it. After all, she is a woman, I can show me more respect for her opinion, I know relatively polite, and more people can also alleviate the embarrassing situation. “Just!” She Say! I will tell her that the lady can’t say “casual” man can’t say “no”. In fact, I am further trying to explore her! She laughs, why can’t I say this, I don’t answer. Directly and her go to the parking lot Going over. Atmosphere to the car, it becomes easy and pleasant. Because the open air car is black and my car stickers have a dark black sun visor, so the light in the car is particularly dim. At the same time, I also affirmed the car outside the car. The person wants to see what is in my car. It is impossible. Unless I look at the front of my head.

Now I have only her double breast in my brain. I said that the sky is good. I decided not to give up this rare opportunity. Slowly, I started talking to her, my eyes were close to her chest. And her reaction is also surprised! She said that she is tired, I am thinking about what to do, what do she mean? What is going on? At this time, it is to determine the experience in the past. Slightly sorting I have made my thoughts, I decided to get started! “What about my medicine?” I asked her, “Oh, in the bag” she said to take medicine. Just when this take medicine and her medicine, I hold her. The hand is. Her hand is directly reflected back, but I was caught again. “Do you want to do it?” She said. “You still don’t know what I want to hurry?” Oh, she is in dress. I can’t do so much, and the hand grabbed his mouth and started to go up. Kiss firm! At her borrow, she began to touch her, first started to the buttocks, let me enjoy enough!

At this time, the little nurse has also begun to have obvious physiological reactions, and it starts with me. My hand began to reach out in her underwear, and the teat was grabbed again, and she began a slight whisper in her mouth. Then I took another step, and put her clothes and bra all uncovered, and the little nurses didn’t know what they had already held my JJ. The technique was still stopped, I felt a burst of pleasure hit. . At the same time, I started to turn down the road to attack, and I simply took the little nurse’s pants. It is a secret to her secret zone, and her has already flowed it!

My hand is buckled in her inside to make a piston movement. “Help me lick the following, I like the feeling of being lick.” I am dizzy! I can’t see it, my friends, she is really enough to let me lick her B. After that, she immediately ran to the next position, I was in the spirit of all the people, I thought about it. So I also ran to the back, and I got a fierce, I was biting her tongue in her clitoris, and I only heard her 呻吟 and my mouth.

As my finger is inserted, the launch of the small nurse is getting bigger and bigger, and her butt is also crazy twisting, and finally she is holding my head, she has reached the climax.

Then I stuffed my JJ to the mouth of the small nurse, and her blowjobs felt very professional. In sucking in and spit out, do the piston movement, but also used the tongue on my glans in a circle, the feeling is really wonderful! Slowly, the little nurse licks my blind, and then directly licked the tongue to my anus, I gave a little. That kind of taste can’t be described, and there is a bit of meat, and it is excited. And my hand did not stop it once, always roaming in the body of the small nurse. Just when she licked my anus, I also insert my fingers into her ass. “Has hurt?” I asked. “Don’t hurt, how can it hurt? Have a pleasure.” I halo, the anal sex will come! “Then our anal practice.” I demanded. She is pleased to agree, take the initiative to put a posture, and I will put JJ into her anus. I was slow to enter and out. Until she was completely adapted to my JJ, I started thrilling. There is only her embarrassment and the impact of our meat and meat. My JJ smokes out of her vagina, I am going back in two holes. Suddenly there was a car, I was stopped, and I was shocked. I immediately stopped the action and observed the situation outside, but I haven’t moved for a long time. It is also an estimated to come here.

At this time, my JJ has been soft, the little nurses are very moving to put my JJ in the mouth, not a few hard. I pushed her head and faster and faster. Soon I felt my glazing hair, and a hot stream in the body was sprayed! The little nurse swallowed my semen, watching her ill, I feel really cool!

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