When the nurse is my own volunteer, I finally at me 19, I remember the moment I put on the nurse uniform. I am happy to cry, who knows later, I really cried.

The nurse’s work can be said to be very hard, more than night, and take care of the patient. Don’t divide men and women, what else should be done for them, even in size, and help.

I remember this time at night, the hospital came a group of patients, they were because of traffic accidents, everyone was hurt, lying on the bed, all night, one of them called A Chao, hands tied with a bandage In the middle of the night, I said that I have to be urinating, I took the urine to give him, but how did he don’t have a magic, I will take off his pants, take his things out, who knows me, it actually Hard up, although I am used to men and women, he is too big, I can’t hold it, I still see it in my hand, I am so wet. I am a virgin, actually so lascivious, I don’t know why, I have been holding it, I am not willing to let go, and A Chao seems to be very enjoyable, even in my hands, a former activity, like me Masturbation, his activities are more and more interesting, I don’t know, I also hold it, so he is ejaculation in my hand, it is staining my uniform. I don’t know if A Chao will tell his friends, the next night, and a few men who have entered the hospital, they have to be urinating, and the feet are free, I don’t have to treat them like A Chao, I saw the face of their disappointment, I didn’t feel funny, who was a disaster, which kind of this.

2 a week later, I and another female nurse, she called Jenny, a palm of her, 3 o’clock in the middle of the night, someone called a nurse, I went to see with Jenny, it turned out to be Achao, he said Smeir, because of the medicine, there is a sweat, sticky is very bad, so I and Jenny helped him to go to the toilet, preparing to worry about him. Take off his clothes, his east is hard to play out, I and Jenny saw that he is a small bowel black, and there is only something like a flashlight, it is frightened, and there is a look at each other. Red, and A Chao didn’t make sense, looked at us, I and Jenny began to worry, I went to him, I couldn’t encounter his things. I was a second time I saw, I didn’t feel big, but Jenny Different, she had a heart to touch it several times, and she is unclear twice, but when I turned to the towel, I steal, she actually played his big things with hands, and pinched The next few. At this time, two patients came in, they are all friends of A Chao, saying that we want to disturb patients, I want to distinguish, I saw Jenny, forgot to take back, her hand Still holding the big things of A Chao, under this situation, I am also in a dumb.

They said that they want to complain to the nurse, Jenni cried. They said that unless we look down on them, otherwise I have listened to it, I don’t want to take the door, but I will live for Jenny, she said that if I will go, she must tell the nurse. I also have a sexual harassment of patients! The class of people also came out and I was so embarrassed, and they were impatient and urged us. Jenny began to take off her clothes, uniforms, there is a apricot bust, white underwear and white stockings, she continues to go off, so soon naked, her breast is very large, the nipple is a large brown The lower body is lush, like a big inverted triangle, they turn to me, forced to help, I also start taking off the clothes, remove the uniform, my white bust and the rice trip exposed, but Why don’t I get off, they actually let go of me to let me, soon my little breasts and sparse lowerings, I will give them a list. My breast is just a small two regiment, the milk tip is a bit of pink, and the lower body is also a pink seam, sparse hair, completely covering.

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